July 23, 2014

Poll Watch: PPP (D) Mississippi 2016 Republican Primary Survey

PPP (D) Mississippi 2016 GOP Primary Poll

  • Mike Huckabee 25%
  • Jeb Bush 16% (16%)
  • Ted Cruz 11% (19%)
  • Chris Christie 8% (17%)
  • Paul Ryan 6% (4%)
  • Rand Paul 6% (12%)
  • Marco Rubio 5% (8%)
  • Rick Santorum 3% (5%)
  • Scott Walker 2% (1%)
  • Someone else/Not sure 16% (10%)

Among Men

  • Mike Huckabee 22%
  • Jeb Bush 15% (15%)
  • Ted Cruz 13% (22%)
  • Chris Christie 10% (12%)
  • Paul Ryan 8% (3%)
  • Marco Rubio 8% (7%)
  • Rand Paul 5% (14%)
  • Rick Santorum 3% (4%)
  • Scott Walker 3% (2%)
  • Someone else/Not sure 14% (10%)

Among Women

  • Mike Huckabee 28%
  • Jeb Bush 18% (18%)
  • Ted Cruz 9% (17%)
  • Chris Christie 7% (23%)
  • Rand Paul 7% (10%)
  • Paul Ryan 4% (5%)
  • Marco Rubio 3% (9%)
  • Rick Santorum 2% (6%)
  • Scott Walker 1% (0%)
  • Someone else/Not sure 19% (10%)

Survey of 434 usual Republican primary voters was conducted July 10-13, 2014. The margin of error is +/- 4.7 percentage points. Political ideology: 44% (46%) Very conservative; 35% (33%) Somewhat conservative; 17% (15%) Moderate; 3% (4%) Somewhat liberal; 0% (3%) Very liberal. Results from the poll conducted November 15-17, 2013 are in parentheses.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal

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21 Responses to “Poll Watch: PPP (D) Mississippi 2016 Republican Primary Survey”

  1. Iowa says:

    Huckaboom again?

  2. GS says:

    TPers will be stunned to learn that Huckabee hurts Cruz the most.

  3. mikey says:

    Maybe they just prefer 59 yr old white three term Reagan-like governors. ~Ed Rollins

  4. Huckafan says:

    HUCKABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its the south, but that is a crazy lead. Has any GOP candidate in a state poll that included this many solid options (not leaving any of the big guys out) even made it to 20%? 25%! Love it.

  5. btp says:

    Poor Dave, the biggest hater of all will despise this poll. Cue the excuses..

  6. greg says:

    just heard on fox news on greta show that ted Cruz has a announcement tonight on hannitty at 10 pm? anyone else know anything?

  7. Jersey guy says:

    No Perry or Jindal? These southern governors would have polled well in MS.

  8. Willie says:

    6. He’s moving back to Canada? Or Cuba?

  9. Jersey guy says:

    Surprising that Huckabee takes away support from all the others besides Bush.

  10. Jersey guy says:

    8. Hehe. Cruz is more patriotic than the entire democrat party.

  11. Willie says:

    Lol @Jersey hyperbole.

  12. greg says:

    just heard on fox news on greta show that ted Cruz has a announcement tonight on hanitty at 10 pm? anyone else know anything? could it be a presidential exploratory announcement or too early still?

  13. Jersey guy says:

    12. It probably has to do with the FAA travel ban to Israel. Ted Cruz is correct in saying the FAA travel ban decision is a victory for Hamas/terror.

  14. LEE says:

    Didn’t a bomb go off near the airport?

  15. Joe Hanna says:

    Not surprising at all. I warned as much months ago when he started dropping hints about running. Given the size of the potential field and its conservative tilt he is a **HUGE** spoiler to Paul/Cruz/Santorum/Perry and basiclly hands IA and the nomination to the person who is labeled as the establishment winner

  16. LEE says:

    He does love Jeb and has said he will support him.

  17. JT says:

    So what was the big Cruz announcement ? Doesn’t seem to have made the News.

  18. blues says:

    I’d give Huckabee much better odds than Rand Paul.

  19. Ryan60657 says:

    I’d give Rand Paul much much better odds than Huckabee.

  20. LEE says:

    Mississippi wants a conservative REPUBLICAN.

  21. Doug NYC GOP says:

    #17 – It was nothing obviously. Just another little taste of Fox News opium for the Conservative Diatribe addicts so they tune.

    Nothing of any importance happens on Hannity’s show, which is why it was pushed back to 10 pm.

    The entire axis of the Talk Radio Trio/Fox News Talk is so stuck in the mud.


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