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July 21, 2014

Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2016 Republican Primary Survey

  2:49 pm

NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2016 GOP Primary Poll 

  • Rand Paul 14%
  • Chris Christie 13%
  • Jeb Bush 10%
  • Ted Cruz 9%
  • Paul Ryan 7%
  • Marco Rubio 7%
  • Scott Walker 6%
  • Rick Perry 5%
  • Bobby Jindal 4%
  • Rick Santorum 3%
  • Undecided 22%

Survey of 544 registered Republican primary voters was conducted July 7-13, 2014.  The margin of error is +/- 4.2 percentage points.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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22 Responses to “Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2016 Republican Primary Survey”

  1. Dave

    If either Christie or Bush doesn’t run, the one who does will get most of the other’s support. Jeb would be the better candidate, though.

  2. mike

    Good thing we have the establishment’s take on this poll.

    If either Paul or Curz doesn’t run, the one who does will get most of the other’s support. Paul would be the better candidate, though.


    Useless banter

  3. James Madison

    Rand has already won NH, unless Romney enters the race, then it would be competitive.

  4. btp1961


    I like Mike.

  5. GS

    I’m really not a fan of Bush, Christie, Paul, or Cruz, but Cruz is definitely the last on the list for me. There’s a reason why he does consistently the worst in all the polls. He’s easily the worst politician out of the 4, and he just comes off as weird.

  6. GS

    Let me clarify. I meant consistently the worst against Hillary.

  7. Dave


    If Mitt were to run, NH would be totally uncompetitive. Mitt would win it in a walk, as previous polling in the state has established.

  8. GS

    Yeah, I think Romney would win NH pretty comfortably over Rand.

  9. Jersey guy

    If Hillary doesn’t have a competitive primary than that helps Rand bc all the independents will be voting in the GOP primary. If someone like Warren runs and makes Iowa and NH competitive than that takes a lot of young and independents away from Paul. There’s a reason why Ron Paul did much better in 2012. He wasn’t competing with Obama for the youth vote in 2012.

  10. Gordon

    Had Christie not had Bridgegate I have to think he’d be separated from the pack and a clear frontrunner…maybe its good that he gets to fly under the radar leading up to the primary because all of the “True Conservatives” would already be in full panic mode bad mouthing the evil RINO. He needs to catch fire in the December of 15′ and hopefully ride off into the nomination. Im more convinced than ever that he is our ONLY shot at the WH and it would be best for him to catch fire late then have to endure being the dreaded Establishment RINO all the way through the process as Romney had to.

  11. Jersey guy

    10. We heard the same speech about McCain and Romney. Hopefully the voters won’t buy that rubbish and stand clear of the Jersey moderate. Plus if Christie is the GOPs only hope than this country is doomed. He’s not much better than Hillary.

  12. Matthew Kilburn

    God help us. The world is going to hell and we’ve got a leader in our primary who wants to hide under the bed.

  13. uncdave

    We need Mitt to run again.

  14. Mister Owl

    10. Your kidding right? Bridgegate and the following scandals exposed that Christie is one of the most corrupt individuals in government and you want him in the white house? He deserves to be in a maximum state prison for everything he’s done, not be given greater control of people’s lives.

  15. centrist

    Yeah, because that’s where we send traffic cone happy, Obama hugging, union busting politicians.

  16. James Madison

    7. the poll question showing Mitt ahead of Rand in NH was rigged:


  17. mike

    12. LOL…still trotting out the isolationist dig, eh? Let it go…it’s over…that straw-man has been knocked over, dragged through the coal, kicked around, and shot out your Wilsonian cannon into the oblivion of ignorance.

  18. hamaca

    Mike’s definition of “establishment” candidate: whoever is ahead if I don’t like them.

    Mike’s definition of “grassroots” candidate: anyone on the list who I like.

  19. Romney16

    Ham is with us.

  20. mike

    18. How do you get that from my post (assuming #2)? I was simply pointing out the folly of saying that if one candidate doesn’t run, his support automatically goes to another candidate and that candidate will then be the winner. Dave pointed it out for the establishment candidates, so I pointed it out for the “grassroots” candidates (whatever that means). It’s also a re-tread establishment strategy to ignore any non-establishment candidate’s successes and only talk about the establishment candidates…

  21. btp234

    It’s time for a moderate establishment person in the Whitehouse. Ask Baghdad Dave.

  22. dave2

    Christie refuses to support the republican running against Cuomo, Christie is a loser.

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