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July 21, 2014

Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist Iowa 2016 Republican Caucus Survey

  10:45 am

NBC News/Marist Iowa 2016 GOP Caucus Poll 

  • Jeb Bush 12%
  • Rand Paul 12%
  • Paul Ryan 11%
  • Rick Santorum 9%
  • Chris Christie 8%
  • Rick Perry 7%
  • Ted Cruz 7%
  • Marco Rubio 7%
  • Scott Walker 5%
  • Bobby Jindal 1%
  • Undecided 20%

Survey of 558 registered Republican voters was conducted July 7-13, 2014.  The margin of error is +/- 4.1 percentage points.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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24 Responses to “Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist Iowa 2016 Republican Caucus Survey”

  1. mikey

    Liberal NBC really on the outs with Mike Huckabee. And we know why.

  2. SteveT

    It is an odd over site that Huck is not included. He seems to be showing more interest in running than Jeb lately.

  3. Ryan60657

    NBC’s MTP on Sunday agreed that Rand Paul is the frontrunner, but that huge effort will be made to take him down by the establishment of the Republican Party, particularly on his foreign policy perspectives (despite the fact that Rand is probably more in sync that the establishment with the majority of Americans in avoiding foreign intervention).

  4. Huckafan

    Anything to keep Huck off the radar is fine by me. The attacks only come stronger when there is a clear front runner….especially in Iowa Huck would have polled very well in this and the general poll previously posted.

  5. mike

    Could Huckabee not be polled because…..

    A. He’s a social conservative completely out of touch with modern voters
    B. He’s not even given clues that he’s planning to run
    C. He couldn’t raise more funds than my kids’ lemonade stand
    D. Oh, he wrote the forward to Akin’s book….that will do it

    Case closed. Huckabee will never be the nominee, and shouldn’t even be discussed beyond the historical insignificance of his 2008 run.

    For him to even be in the race drags the party down…

  6. uncdave

    Hope Romney decides to run again. He would be domination Clinton if he did.

  7. mike

    6. LOL….based on his last two crushing defeats, he would win this time.

    It gets funnier and funnier everytime you Rombots dream out loud….

  8. mac


    According to Gallup, being “completely out of touch with modern voters” makes Huckabee the 2nd most popular potential 2016 politican in the United States behind only Hillary.


  9. mike

    8. Not when they find out he and Todd Akin are buddies…in fact, it is for this reason that the establishment might fight harder to keep him off the list than they’re going to for Rand Paul.

    Nice guy….terrible choice for today’s world.

  10. mac

    His support for Akin isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret, he’s called Akin’s choice of words “stupid.”

    Regarding his being a “terrible choice for today’s world,” beyond being a nice guy, has it occurred to you that part of the reason he’s so well liked is due to his stand for traditional values? There are people who may disagree with him, but at least appreciate his consistency and the affable manner in which he communicates his views.

  11. mike

    10. I like that about him as well (all of it). But, his support for Akin is an albatross, and it’s a bit misleading to say such support is not a secret. It’s not kept secret actively and through purpose; rather, it’s a secret of omission. The Democrats won’t ignore it. He’ll be crucified for it and equated with the man Todd Akin himself. He won’t be able to smooth-talk his way out of supporting bad policy and extremists.

    He cannot win a general election with this reality in his past. In my mind, that move to support Akin effectively ended his political career (which was probably over anyway).

  12. James Madison

    Jeb’s favorability stinks in Iowa. He has a low ceiling.

  13. Ogrepete

    A certain (very vocal) minority of the GOP/Libertarian Conservative persuasion will vote for Rand Paul. If Rand is able to grow that vote much bigger than his dad did, I’d be very, very surprised.

    I think Rand has a very hard ceiling of about 8-12% nationwide in a GOP Primary. Of course, that’s his floor, too. 🙂 Those folks tend not to consider anyone else in a GOP Primary.

  14. Ogrepete

    I’d consider voting for Huckabee in a primary, despite his ill-treatment of my guy four years ago.

  15. Ogrepete

    Ummm – six/seven years ago, at this point.

  16. GS

    Comparing Hillary to Obama is silly. Obama is a pretty darn good politician. Hillary is bad. She’s probably even worse than Romney. Romney would have a MUCH better shot at beating Hillary than he did against Obama. There are also many other factors that would benefit Romney: Romney being right about just about everything, party fatigue, no incumbent President, etc.

  17. Jersey guy

    Mike. The fact that the country is turning away from traditional values is all the more reason to have a moral leader like Huckabee. You make it sound like Akin is some toxic figure that anyone associated with him is unelectable. Just remember it wasn’t that dumb comment that caused the firestorm, it was the hysterical media and the establishment GOP that made the trouble. Politicians make all kinds of dumb comments, like Biden and his one dumb comment was blown out of proportion compared to other gaffes. That is why I would be more inclined to vote for Huckabee. Although my favorite now is Jindal. Time for a fresh face.

  18. GS

    It was an idiotic comment that even Akin has said was worded poorly and he was made a fool of by Marc Lamont Hill.

  19. James Madison

    Rand has the highest favorables and hence the highest ceiling.

  20. hoot hootie

    I cannot believe that anybody would vote for Hillary Clinton, after suffering under Obama’s oppressive administration for too many years.
    Hillary would be no more than a female version of Obama.
    We are barely surviving from the way Obama has screwed up everything he has attempted to do. Both, Obama and Hillary, are in love with the Muslim Brotherhood. Especially Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi and his wife, who Hillary spent most of her time as Secretary of State with instead of doing what we were paying her to do. Some of you have not paid attention to her past sins in the White House. The death of Vince Foster, Travelgate, Whitewater, the Savings and Loan fiasco, her husband diddling with young interns in the oval office, lying to congress, and Hillary now blaming the young intern for the affair with Bill. How much more will it take for you to see through this crook. They don’t call Bill and Hill the Bonnie and Clyde of Little Rock for nothing. The news media would not tell us any of the facts about Barack Obama before we voted for him, so lets not make that mistake again, because the country has barely survived that man.

  21. centrist

    What are you smoking, hootie? I want some.

  22. Iowan Conservative

    From what I’ve seen, Rand Paul is the guy doing the legwork and organization building on the ground in Iowa for 2016 that Mitt Romney did in Iowa in 2008 and 2012, but he also has the excitement amongst Iowans that Huckabee had in 2008 and Santorum had in 2012. I think there’s a good chance Rand wins the 2016 Iowa caucuses and then goes on to win the New Hampshire primary. If he does that, I don’t see how anyone can stop his momentum. Barring Romney trying a third time, I think we are probably looking at our nominee, and his name is Rand.

  23. centrist

    As long as he keeps Huckabee from showing his face in IOWA, you’re probably right.

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