July 18, 2014

Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2014 Senatorial Survey

NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2014 Senate Poll

  • Jeanne Shaheen (D) 50%
  • Scott Brown (R) 42%
  • Other 1%
  • Undecided 6%

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

  • Jeanne Shaheen 52% / 39% {+13%}
  • Scott Brown 40% / 39% {+1%}

Survey of 1,342 registered voters was conducted July 7-13, 2014.  The margin of error is +/- 2.7 percentage points.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal

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7 Responses to “Poll Watch: NBC News/Marist New Hampshire 2014 Senatorial Survey”

  1. Dave says:

    Shaheen is the incumbent with 52% favorables and is already at 50% in this poll. Normally, one would assume she has it made in the shade, and that’s the consensus opinion.

    But, this is actually a very good poll for Brown. It signifies that he’s reducing her margin, and she’s now below her favorables. Scott is a very good campaigner and New Hampshire is a state tailored for personal persuasion.

    It’s still uphill, but it’s very possible.

  2. Heath says:


  3. vermont says:

    Brown is running out of states.

  4. vermont says:

    Baghdad Dave is a hoot.

  5. JT says:

    I think Gravis Marketing has Brown up six.

  6. Gordon says:

    I think Brown wins this seat…He closed strong in Massachusetts because of Obamacare and I think as long as the GOP stays united on their Obamacare message, he’ll close strong again. It will help if the insurance companies leak the impending rise on premiums before the election.

  7. Ogrepete says:

    It was never going to be easy in NH. :(

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