March 22, 2014

Poll Watch: Gravis Marketing/Human Events (R) Wisconsin 2014 Gubernatorial Survey

  4:00 am

Gravis Marketing/Human Events (R) Wisconsin 2014 Gubernatorial Poll

  • Scott Walker (R) 49%
  • Mary Burke (D) 44%
  • Unsure 7% 

Among Independents

  • Scott Walker (R) 47.4%
  • Mary Burke (D) 37.7%

Survey of 988 registered Wisconsin voters was conducted March 17, 2014. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points. Party ID: 37% Democrat; 33% Republican; 30% Independent/Other.

Inside the numbers:

The election for Governor appears to be following partisan lines with 82.5% of Democrats voters supporting Burke and 91.1% of Republican voters supporting Walker.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal



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Great poll for Walker. I'd really like to see some other polls show him pulling away from Burke. He's been a great governor for that state.


This is about what could be expected in the state. Republicans have been winning a string of elections by decent margins, but not great margins. It's been trending red, but it's not there yet. Wisconsin is doing well compared to Minnesota or Illinois, but the federal government is doing so much economic damage that Wisconsin isn't doing as well as it otherwise would, given Scott's intelligent management.

Walker should win this race, but it won't be a runaway.


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