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December 17, 2013

Poll Watch: Quinnipiac Iowa 2016 Presidential Survey

  9:40 am

  • Chris Christie (R) 45% [41%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 40% [41%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 45% (46%)
  • Rand Paul (R) 44% (42%)
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 48%
  • Ted Cruz (R) 41%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 40%
Among Independents
  • Chris Christie (R) 44% [37%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 35% [36%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 43% (38%)
  • Rand Paul (R) 40% (44%)
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
  • Ted Cruz (R) 33%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 43%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 37%
Among Moderates

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 49%
  • Chris Christie (R) 40%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 59%
  • Rand Paul (R) 29%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 62%
  • Ted Cruz (R) 25%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 59%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 28%

Among Men

  • Chris Christie (R) 51% [45%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 30% [35%]
  • Rand Paul (R) 53% (49%)
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 34% (39%)
  • Ted Cruz (R) 48%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 38%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 49%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 35%
Among Women
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 49% [47%]
  • Chris Christie (R) 39% [37%]
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 56% (53%)
  • Rand Paul (R) 35% (34%)
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 57%
  • Ted Cruz (R) 34%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 57%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 33%

Do you think Chris Christie would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 46%
  • No 30%

Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 53%
  • No 42%

Do you think Rand Paul would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 38%
  • No 42%

Do you think Jeb Bush would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 36%
  • No 47%

Do you think Ted Cruz would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 28%
  • No 42%

Do you think Joe Biden would make a good President or not?

  • Yes 29%
  • No 62%
Survey of 1,617 registered voters was conducted December 10-15, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 2.4 percentage points.  Party ID: 28% [27%] Republican; 27% [29%] Democrat; 40% [40%] Independent; 4% [4%] Other/Don’t know. Ideology: 41% Moderate; 39% Conservative; 16% Liberal.  Gender: 52% [51%] Female; 48% [49%] Male.  Race: 92% [93%] White; 2% [3%] Black; 2% [1%] Hispanic; 3% [4%] Other/Don’t know.  Results from the poll conducted July 15-17, 2013 are in square brackets. Results from the poll conducted May 15-21, 2013 are in parentheses.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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14 Responses to “Poll Watch: Quinnipiac Iowa 2016 Presidential Survey”

  1. Ryan60657

    Comparing failures of Obama’s second term with the failures of Bush’s second term:

    …and the future of each party:

    “For all the legitimate yapping about internecine battles within the GOP, at least the Republicans have a pulse and a bench of people jockeying for power, status, and the future of the party. Where is the next generation of Democratic leaders? The vice-president is not just a joke but at the twilight of a career; Hilary Clinton represents a bridge to the past, not a superhighway to the future. And that’s about it. There are no Democratic governors with much to tout and the congressional folks are with ancient or invisible. In a Young Republicans poll of Millennials of all political persuasions, the only name under-30 Dems tossed out was Cory Booker, who is now a do-nothing senator from New Jersey.”

  2. ct gop

    It seems like a major component of any Hilary! campaign is the inevitability factor. People just assume “nobody can beat her so why not climb aboard?”. It worked when she ran for US Senate from New York but failed in her 2008 presidential campaign. Things seemed to fall apart quickly in 2008 when her nomination ceased to be viewed as a done deal. Remember all those pledged super delegates that withdrew their support and the media turning on Bill by suggesting his statements were racist?

    I wonder if the wheels will come of the inevitability meme bus sooner this time around.

  3. no newt

    no sure whats more surprising, christie ahead or rand so close

  4. GS

    I’m surprised jerseyguy isn’t here to explain why this poll is actually bad for Christie.

  5. Dave in AZ

    Rand is neck and neck with Hillary in Iowa.
    I feel bad for Slow Joe 62% don’t think he would be a good president.

  6. Heath

    HRC is the inevitable NOMINEE, not PRESIDENT.

    12 YEARS in power for one party is very rare.

  7. shuges

    Christie ahead once again

  8. Joe Hanna

    Her numbers are very high. High enough is enuf areas such that there is **NOWHERE** for her numbers to go but down. They cant go higher

  9. jersey guy

    4. There’s no denying that the polls 3 years out look good for Christie. That doesn’t make him any more conservative or a reason we should nominate him.

  10. GS

    I never claimed he was conservative. I do think he’s the only one that I would be confident about beating Hillary, but you’re right that that’s not a reason to nominate him. Although if the polls continue to look good for him and lackluster for everyone else, wouldn’t that be a pretty good reason to nominate him?

  11. Damani

    Dont believe repubs are ahead in Iowa. I learned my lesson from the last presidential elections, some states aren’t that close, IA is no longer a toss up state, it’s lean dem.

  12. GS

    It depends on the candidate. If it’s Hillary, it’s definitely a toss-up. She finished third there in 2008 IIRC. She’s very beatable there.

  13. shuges

    Most conservative that can win as Reagan would say. That’s clearly Chris Christie.

  14. packeryman

    Christie is the only GOP candidate on the issues that will appeal to majority of Americans.He will draw Independents and Moderates that would have gone to Hillary had the GOP ran a far right candidate. You guys think you were ahead in polls after the ACA glitch, but that is being repaired(won’t be an issue). The right wing agenda to end SS/Medicare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, women’s rights, ministries rights, labors rights, while increasing the incomes of the 1%, corporations,etc. Get real.

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