October 10, 2013

Poll Watch: University of North Florida 2014 Gubernatorial Poll

UNF Florida 2014 Gubernatorial Poll

  • Charlie Crist (D) 44%
  • Rick Scott (R) 40%
  • Other 2%
  • Undecided 14%
  • Rick Scott (R) 43%
  • Nan Rich (D) 28%
  • Other 2%
  • Undecided 27% 
Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Rick Scott’s job performance?

  • Approve 49%
  • Disapprove 42%

Survey of 526 registered Florida voters was conducted September 30 – October 8, 2013.  The margin of error is +/- 4.27 percentage points.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal

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13 Responses to “Poll Watch: University of North Florida 2014 Gubernatorial Poll”

  1. GS Says:

    The reports of Rick Scott’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Like I said before, this is very winnable, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he ends up beating Crist…because he’s running against Crist.

  2. Massachusetts Conservative Says:

    This poll contradicts everything we’ve seen up to this point. I do not believe it is accurate.

  3. packeryman Says:

    Why would anybody support Scott, a guy that was heavily involved with medicare fraud, except far right wing nuts? Lunatic tea baggers etc.)

  4. RD4Romney Says:

    GOP DROPS FROM 28% yesterday to 24% favorability today, both all-time lows.

    Stay the course says Ted Cruz.

  5. RD4Romney Says:

    University of North Florida??? Outlier.


  6. RD4Romney Says:

    Did Scott go to school there or something?

  7. FloridaSunshine Says:

    Trust me, Scott will get 40%. That number is accurate in the poll, but Crist will get 51 to 56% of the final vote. Floridians here are “just not into” Scott. Zero people skills and he even annoyed the business community. Scott is done.

  8. Stop The Bickering, Republicans!! Says:

    Why isn’t Sink running again? She had a lot of republicans voting for her last time.

  9. RD4Romney Says:


    She sucked.

  10. Ozzy Says:


    On the flipside of that, why would anyone support Charlie Crist, a man who has proven to have no loyalty to anyone but himself.

  11. packeryman Says:

    #10, he’s the best of the two and will win.

  12. Ozzy Says:


    Then, have pity for Florida if Crist becomes governor again.

  13. Thomas Alan Says:

    I wouldn’t count Scott out. But, yeah, not looking good.

    As for the poll. Any doubt that it’s bunk gets flushed down the toilet with their claim that Scott has a 49% approval rating.

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