August 7, 2013

Poll Watch: UNH/WMUR New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary Survey

UNH/WMUR New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary Poll

  • Hillary Clinton 62% [61%] (63%)
  • Joe Biden 8% [7%] (10%)
  • Deval Patrick 5% [3%] (1%)
  • Cory Booker 2% [1%] (2%)
  • Andrew Cuomo 1% [3%] (5%)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand 0%
  • John Hickenlooper 0% [0%] (0%)
  • Evan Bayh 0% [1%] (1%)
  • Mark Warner 0% [2%] (0%)
  • Martin O’Malley 0% [0%] (0%)
  • Someone else 2% [2%] (1%)
  • Don’t know yet 19% [22%] (16%)

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net} 

  • Hillary Clinton 85% [88%] (87%) / 13% [5%] (7%) {+72%}
  • Deval Patrick 57% [51%] (52%) / 16% [23%] (22%) {+41%}
  • Joe Biden 61% [64%] (73%) / 30% [25%] (22%) {+31%}
  • Andrew Cuomo 41% [53%] (56%) / 19% [16%] (16%) {+22%}
  • Kirsten Gillibrand 19% / 7% {+12%}
  • Cory Booker 16% [22%] (31%) / 11% [10%] (11%) {+5%}  
  • Mark Warner 15% [18%] (14%) / 11% [18%] (14%) {+4%}
  • Martin O’Malley 8% [8%] (9%) / 5% [5%] (6%) {+3%}
  • John Hickenlooper 9% [9%] (8%) / 7% [10%] (7%) {+2%}
  • Evan Bayh 10% [15%] (20%) / 17% [15%] (7%) {-7%}

Survey of 190 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted July 18-29, 2013.  The margin of error is +/- 7.1 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted April 4-9, 2013 are in square brackets. Results from the poll conducted January 27 – February 3, 2013 are in parentheses.

-Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal

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13 Responses to “Poll Watch: UNH/WMUR New Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary Survey”

  1. DL210 Says:

    They only surveyed 190 people?

  2. Spud Says:

    Just for a moment I’d like you to consider this poll, and all the other dem primary polls, then imagine that Hillary doesn’t run. The idea, and what would happen to the dem primaries, makes me laugh. Hey, it’s possible too. She’s had a couple minor health bumps that made the news, so who knows how big they really are. Perhaps she’ll care for her health instead of a run.

  3. DL210 Says:

    2- What if Joe Biden were to win? I’d be so happy.

  4. Thomas Alan Says:


    She legitimately sounded happy to get out of politics when she left the State Department.

    Maybe she’ll be refreshed and ready to run when it’s time to announce 18 months from now. But I personally think it’s much more likely a long campaigned followed by 3 years in the White House before having to campaign again might be daunting to a woman who really doesn’t need to prove anything anymore.

    Hillary Clinton just isn’t a natural campaigner, and doesn’t thrive on the adulation and inside baseball strategery like her husband. She always been more driven by ambition and getting back at her enemies. I think that fire is fading. If you handed her the White House tomorrow, she’d obviously take it, but I rather think the process of getting there will look sour to her.

  5. Ryan60657 Says:

    NRO article — Give Snowden immunity and let him testify

    “One must therefore ask the conductors of the chorus chanting “Death to Snowden” why they prefer to have the analyst talking to Russia, Iran, and North Korea rather than to Congress. Is it because the NSA regards the holders of America’s purse strings as the greater threat? If so, it would appear that the agency’s leadership has misplaced its priorities.

    On the other hand, Snowden may be lying, or grossly exaggerating, in his accusations of deeply subversive anti-constitutional actions by the NSA. If so, he has done real harm to American freedom by chilling the public with unnecessary fear of a nonexistent panopticon state. Such falsehoods therefore need to be refuted. The NSA has issued denials. Unfortunately, however, because the agency previously lied to Congress and the public about the very existence of the domestic-spying program, those denials have no credibility. If the NSA is now being truthful, it needs to establish that by taking Snowden on in open confrontation.”

  6. Joe Says:


    Agreed. Whether she runs is at this point a complete tossup.

  7. Guy from Ohio Says:

    Cory Booker for President 2016

  8. Doug NYC GOP Says:

    She may well decide not to run and have to deal with cleaning up Obama’s messes. Facing re-election and running the risk of becoming the Dem version of GHWB may not be too appealing

  9. packeryman Says:

    The woman and her husband fought the far right for eight years ,while the GOP wasted over a hundred million taxpayers dollars. This was done to hold down Clinton’s power to pass legislation. This is the same factor that is what is happening with all these investigations that are going nowhere,. but it feeds the heads of the far right. They love it. But the the party is controlled by very radical people. The party has to fear Hillary, she will bring out the female, youth, and Latino vote in untold numbers. 2016 will be the turning point for the GOP, it will be their last chance to try to prove to the American public they are sane.Larger defeat than the right wing takeover of 1964 with Goldwater. All Americans have to say goodby to a party that continues to move so far right. Prime example: take a look at the loss of rights of the TX people under the RULE of the GOP. Over a million without healthcare!

  10. Spud Says:

    Texas is doing better than just about every state in the country, economically. Jobs are improving above average, businesses are moving there, people are prospering more than most places. So yeah, look at Texas.

  11. Guy from Ohio Says:

    9 You do know that its 95% impossible for a candidate in today’s political climate to break 400 electoral votes, much less pull a 1964, right?

  12. Stop The Bickering, Republicans!! Says:


    I honestly believe that if Santorum were the nominee, he would be our sitting president right now. Romney was the worst candidate from the get-go and he lost BECAUSE THE EVANGELICALS STAYED HOME! They would not have if Santorum was the nominee.

  13. packeryman Says:

    Run Santorum, or any flaming evangelical with an anti women rights ideology, an Romney’s loss will appear small. Remember, the nation does not follow the voting patterns of those of the “bible belt”.

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