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July 12, 2013

Poll Watch: PPP (D) Iowa 2016 Presidential Survey

  1:06 am

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 43%
  • Chris Christie (R) 36%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 49%
  • Paul Ryan (R) 40%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 48%
  • Rand Paul (R) 37%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 35%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 50%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 36%


Among Men
  • Chris Christie (R) 43%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 38%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 46%
  • Paul Ryan (R) 45%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 45%
  • Rand Paul (R) 42%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 45%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 41%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 42%

Among Women

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
  • Chris Christie (R) 31%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 52%
  • Paul Ryan (R) 36%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 51%
  • Rand Paul (R) 33%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 49%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 30%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 53%
  • Jeb Bush (R) 31%

Survey of 668 registered Iowa voters was conducted July 5-7, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 3.8 percentage points. Party ID: 38% Democrat;37% Republican; 25% Independent/Other.  Political ideology: 32%Moderate; 21% Somewhat conservative; 19% Somewhat liberal18% Very conservative; 9% Very liberal.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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33 Responses to “Poll Watch: PPP (D) Iowa 2016 Presidential Survey”

  1. Jerald

    Oh boy, the women sure love Hillary (or they think it’s their turn to make history).

    Seriously, if Hillary runs, who on the GOP side is going to want to be the sacrificial goat?

  2. MarqueG

    Let us analyze the significance of this poll using the perspicacious words of a great international leader: “What difference, at this point, does it make?!”

  3. mac

    First thought upon looking at this poll: Condi. She might be the only Hillary antedote.

    Christie’s brash east coast style would likely cement Hillary’s victory in Iowa and might even turn NC, GA and AR blue.

  4. Yan

    3. What indications has Condoleeza Rice made that she would be interested in running? What qualifications does she have beyond being a woman who was connected to politics?

  5. RichTex

    4. Yan,

    Your first question is legitimate.
    Your second one is not.

  6. Ryan60657

    1. “Seriously, if Hillary runs, who on the GOP side is going to want to be the sacrificial goat?”

    I think Rand Paul may run, even if he sees zero chance of winning. I think he may believe (as I do) that engaging the public in a thoughtful discourse about the role of Government — and the benefits of Limited Government — will be beneficial for the country, as well as for the future of the Republican Party.

    Remember, his dad kept running and running, in spite of not having any chance of winning. Ron thought the platform was a valuable one to advance the cause of individual liberty and less government.

  7. Jerald

    #6, True, but the premise there is that Rand would be running to get a platform, not win the GOP nomination or the general election.

    That makes him a side story from the beginning, a story which will not change no matter who the DEM nominee is.

    The question is, it that how Rand wants to do it, or will he be more inclinded to make a serious run for the prize?

  8. FloridaSunshine

    Wow–Hillary is a force. Repubs are in trouble if the closest competitor is still 7 points behind in IA. Also, Christie loses to Hillary in The Garden State. 2016 for the GOP is reminding me of the 1964 Presidential Election thus far.

  9. Fredo


    You may disagree with Yan, but the second question is also legitimate.

    By any historical standard, Condi would be an unusual candidate w/r/t qualifications, considering she’s never, to my knowledge, held an elected office at any level of government. Has that been true of any U.S. President since Washington?

  10. C

    Rejected 2016 GOP Slogans:

    ~~~Lazy poor moochers, homos, baby makers, queers, anchor babies, welfare queens, & colored people now welcome!~~~

    ~~~Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be deported~~~

    ~~~A Whiter Female Shade Of Pale~~~

  11. C

    BREAKING: Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano is resigning to go indoctrinate the youth at the University of California system

  12. C

    Drudge had so much fun pointing out the Secretary of Homeland Security was a woman.

  13. Tim

    Q-poll has Clinton leading Christie by just 6, 46-40. That’s with 100% name ID and a huge media hype machine pumping her up every day. Christie actually leads Clinton in the favorability gap by 10, and is 2-to-1 favorable vs unfavorable.

    Christie had held Clinton under 50% in every poll taken this year and leads her on favorability already with 3 years to go. Clinton’s problem is that she is universally known, there is no room for growth. Like 2008, she has only one direction to go in.

  14. RichTex

    9. Fredo,

    I’m not saying it would’nt be unusual. I’m saying that by any reasonable standard her qualifications are not nebulous. She was Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and is an accomplished academician and public policy scholar. Thus, I maintain that asking what her qualifications are besides being a “woman connected to politics” is not legitimate question.

  15. C

    Yep, the two GOPers that the Tea Party can’t stand ARE our very best chance to take the presidency away from the Dems

    Christie/Rubio ’16

  16. Spud

    @13: Christie holding her under 50% is pretty meaningless. His positions make him completely incapable of getting out of the starting gate in the republican party. He would have a fair chance at the democrat nomination, however.

    I don’t think many of his supporters have done much, if any, research on his positions. Those will become known in the primary process, and that will be the end of him. If he wishes to continue a career in politics he’s better off not running for President and instead angling for a cabinet spot, or maybe going after a job as a Senator perhaps. He’s a non-starter nationally as a republican.

  17. Guy from Ohio

    16 Nobody would vote for Christie in the Democratic primary. Opposing same-sex marriage in the party in unacceptable.

  18. Ryan60657

    A very interesting summary of the research on when fetuses feel/perceive pain:

  19. Doug NYC GOP

    Been to Iowa many times to bike across the state and the people are wonderful and sweet…..

    But they are dumb as stumps when it comes to politics

  20. Tim


    Really dumb things to say, Christie is near the top of every 2016 poll, even ones in Iowa. He has 92% favorability among Republicans in his state and is more conservative than McCain or Romney ever were. Add in his charisma, media savvy, and everyman appeal, and its easy to see him getting the nomination.

    Anyone who doubts Christie can win a nomination that was just won by Willard the Mormon, pro-choice flip flopping, Obamacare inventor, is crazy.

  21. Tim

    When I read some of the “he’s got no chance” comments, its like some people here have never actually seen a GOP primary take place.

    Christie will shatter every GOP fundraising record and will enter the 2016 race with one of the highest net favorability/unfavorability ratings ever.

    He’s already 2-to-1 favorable. That’s unheard of, and it’s exactly what we need against the notoriously polarizing Hillary.

  22. Martha

    19. Doug. lol. It appears so.

  23. Ryan60657

    The Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that you can be fired for being “too hot”:

    Only in Iowa…

  24. Enrique

    Ryan 23,

    You’re a pompous dipshit and a hypocrite.

    You claim to be a “libertarian” and then you feign outrage when the government stays out of private business. Have you ever been to Hooters?

    You’re a jackass.

  25. Enrique


    Excellent comments.

  26. Enrique

    I still can’t get over a self-ploclaimed libertarian who thinks the government should be able to instruct private business on who they can or cannot fire.

    As if THAT is more offensive than the killing that occurs with an abortion.

    Ryan is bar-none the dumbest damn guy on here.

  27. Ryan60657

    I still love you Enrique.

    Even if you are an idiot.

  28. Enrique

    Ditch the libertian schtick and oppose abortion and I may come to respect you.

  29. Guy from Ohio

    26 And to think, I figured that would be me. P.S. I’m somewhat open-minded on the whole abortion issue, considering my political affiliation

  30. Enrique

    What can I say, it was a tie.

  31. Spud

    @17: Good point. I guess he can’t win nationally in either party, then.

    20: Your response to my statement that most people who support him haven’t bothered looking up his positions is that he’s popular? That doesn’t dispute anything. He’ll drop like a rock when people learn more about him.

    @21: Then, two months later, he’ll drop out. Kind of like Rick Perry, except the “duh” moment will come from the voters instead of him.

    I’ll support my statement a little more though with this link: http://www.conunderground.com/six-reasons-why-chris-christies-is-a-liberal-in-republican-drag/

  32. packeryman

    #21, you are right on point as to where Christie is in the political game. He could carry nearly total support of Moderates and Independents(remember how many have left the party and become Independents). He has better stats in ratings than Romney. He is by far the best of any candidates in the GOP field(just as was Romney).Changing the man will not change the outcome in 2016, only changing the platform will give the GOP a chance, and that will be next to none if Hillary is the Dem candidate. Now will the far right radicals try to sabotage his getting the nomination to install one of their guaranteed losers? If so lets hope it is done fast, so Christi can run on a third party ticket. If he could cut a great swath from the middle ,Dem’s that did not like Hillary, Moderates, Independents, Libertarians and all those who want to see the two party system end.Thirty seven/thirty eight percent should carry the day.Then it would not matter who the GOP ran, they would never pull 33+ percent considering a lot of the GOP vote is compromised of Moderates and Independents(but only when a Moderate is run on the GOP ticket)

  33. Yan

    31. I’m not necessarily for or against Christie, but that was an incredibly weak case against him.


    Are Iowans “dumb as stumps” because they disagree with you…because they reach different political conclusions as you…or because they rather stick to their principles, whether it wins elections or not, with a higher priority than you? I’ve hear that said many times about Southerners too, but it’s usually from NE urban folks who, in general, have a bit of a superiority complex…

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