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June 21, 2013

Rubio Talks Immigration Reform on FOX News

  12:42 am


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8 Responses to “Rubio Talks Immigration Reform on FOX News”

  1. MarqueG

    Marco’s sheer fraudulence is impressive. Having learned nothing from the 2006 abandonment of the GOP for selling out to special interests, Rubio is championing a “fix” to a bad bill with billion-dollar handouts to everyone under the sun.

    Well, that’s not quite true. The handouts are primarily to dedicated left-wing political organizations. The amendment that he praises still hasn’t been written as of today, but it is certain to include several clauses designed to buy off any wobbly Republican Senators.

    Shame on you, Marco!

  2. HowDumbIsTheGOP?

    The growing rejection of this guy gives me some glimmer of hope for the GOP. I still can’t figure out what motivates his supporters…although, my guess is that its purely superficial and that they don’t really know much about him…

  3. C

    It will destroy my family values if I’m not allowed to destroy Latino families through deportation!!!!

  4. C

    So now Republicans are turning a deficit-slashing immigration reform bill into a jobs bill that Fox News is supporting?

  5. C

    In other news, Rep. Issa is launching an investigation into how Obama tricked 62 Republicans into voting against their own farm bill http://fb.me/FleEMBx8

    Good times!

  6. C

    I bet John Boehner is at home drinking and smoking and looking at retirement lake house and boat brochures in the dark

  7. C

    John Boehner is basically MacGruber

  8. packeryman

    #5, Issa is re-enforcing Jindal’s statement about the GOP “the stupid party”, you can’t go into investigations with a pre concieved opinion of the outcome and make a public statement as to the effect. It this guy a complete idiot? He makes the party look very foolish. He needs to acknowledge to the public of wrong doing and conclude his hearings / apoligize to the American public for misuse of taxpayers funds. The same thing was done against Clinton (over 100 million trying to get rid of him ) now he is the leader of the party and fund raiser. This kind of activity does not bring more under the party umbrella, just the opposite.

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