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June 15, 2013

Poll Watch: Gallup National Survey on Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

  1:14 am

Gallup National Poll on Potential 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

  • Chris Christie 52% / 20% {+32%}
  • Marco Rubio 37% / 22% {+15%}
  • Paul Ryan 40% / 32% {+8%}
  • Ted Cruz 24% / 18% {+6%}
  • Rand Paul 34% / 29% {+5%}

Among Democrats/Dem-Leaning Independents

  • Chris Christie 54% / 17% {+37%}
  • Marco Rubio 21% / 34% {-13%}
  • Ted Cruz 11% / 29% {-18%}
  • Rand Paul 16% / 45% {-29%}
  • Paul Ryan 17% / 53% {-36%}

Among Republicans/GOP-Leaning Independents

  • Paul Ryan 69% / 12% {+57%}
  • Marco Rubio 58% / 11% {+47%}
  • Rand Paul 56% / 13% {+43%}
  • Ted Cruz 40% / 8% {+32%}
  • Chris Christie 53% / 25% {+28%}

National survey of 1,529 adults was conducted June 1-4, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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21 Responses to “Poll Watch: Gallup National Survey on Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates”

  1. DP from flanders

    So christie is more popular with democrats then with republicans…
    that shows…

  2. Enrique

    Please refer to my comments in the below Colorado Poll post.

  3. Enrique


    Given that Christie’s positions are mainstream conservative positions (Capitalism, anti-union, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, etc), I would consider that pretty damn impressive.

    Christie’s bad acts have been procedural, not substantive.

  4. Jonathan

    Rubio’s huge favorable numbers show that the talk-radio wing of the Party is very good at making noise, but don’t come in big numbers. Sure they can howl and scream and yell about “Rubio’s amnesty” and all of that nonsense, but regular Republicans still like the guy.

    The talk-radio wing of the party ranted and raved about how terrible John McCain was, and he still won the nomination. They turned on Mitt Romney for 2012 and he still won the nomination. Despite what folks in both the mainstream media and the talk-radio media want everyone to believe, regular Republicans don’t snap to attention whenever Rush Limbaugh or his ilk start yelling.

  5. Enrique


    The talk radio wing has been building Rubio up for years.

    The talk radio wing basically propelled Rubio, the tea party candidate, over Charlie Crist in the Florida primary,

    The talk radio wing has talked about immigration (including legitimate perils about increasing the votes of a low skilled demographic which tends to vote democrat, frankly, which you should not dismiss so easily), but the talk radio wing has NOT attached that criticism specifically to Rubio. At least not nearly as much as they have praised Rubio for years and years. And when Rubio goes on those shows, they always treat him with great respect and legitimacy.

    Talk radio is responsible for Rubio’s popularity,

    As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a jackass.

  6. Enrique

    And just because there did not exist a charismatic conservative candidate personality in either 2008 or 2012, that unfortuitous circumstance is NOT the fault of talk radio.

    You really doubt that a charismatic conservative personality non-Romney candidate would have beat Romney? You’re desperate.

  7. Enrique

    And you’re wrong.

  8. greg

    let’s face it it’s christie or rubio the rest are nice people but have a snowballs chance vs the hillary Clinton political machine that is if’s it’s even hillary…. cause i could see Los angles mayor or Maryland Governor give hillary opposition in the primaries .

  9. Firecracker

    Antonio Villarigosa is going nowhere. He found himself virtually homeless and broke when his mayorship ended. He would be a laughing stock to the nation. But then again, Barack Obama was elected — TWICE!

  10. Enrique

    Villarigosa’s finest moment was his worst moment. He presided over the democrat convention vote to un-expel “God” from the democrat platform. He was clueless when the crowd clearly objected to democrats being associated with “God.”

    It was both shocking and funny at the same time.

  11. Enrique


  12. MarqueG

    4. Your case is actually pretty weak, Jonathan, and Enrique hits closer to the mark. The talk jocks have been big on Rubio, and while they didn’t like McCain or Romney in the respective primaries they won, they fell mostly in line during the general election campaign. I don’t recall any of the A-List talkers saying to vote for O or abstain.

    The budding talk jockey revolt against this particular immigration reform effort has largely left Rubio unscathed, despite the fact that he’s been peddling some rather desperate verbal gymnastics to sell the bill that he has committed to.

    And I wouldn’t be too quick to give the bill too much faith. It may well pass the Senate and get rolled together with a House bill in conference committee. If it does, and still contains legalization before border security, there might be a significant second base uprising among white voters (the first one being 2006) who’ll feel betrayed by it. In its current form, the reform passes more authority to the executive branch, and doles out permanent government jobs to Dem-aligned multicultural pressure groups. You should take a look at the ObamaCare-sized proposal before you dismiss its critics as a bunch of intolerant cranks. The thing is worse than no reform at all. Even Bill Kristol dumped it on those grounds after at first endorsing it.

  13. MarqueG

    Oh, and beyond the radio talkers and Bill Kristol, opponents include folks like Senator Mike Lee, the Powerline trio, Glenn Reynolds, Byron York, David Frum (!), and ’60s New Democrat Mickey Kaus.

  14. Enrique

    Thanks Marque.

  15. Enrique

    My position on immigration is a nuanced one.

    I want immigration reform, but only if it is based on republican ideas.

    If the final bill is anything resembling the Senate Bill, then the talk radio wing is absolutely right, and I would personally vote against it.

    If we get immigration right, republicans will profit.

    If we get immigration wrong, it will destroy republicans.

    The devil is in the details.

  16. jersey guy

    4. In 08′ talk radio hosts were all out in trying to stop the pro choice front runner Giuliani that McCain slipped by the cracks. By the time McCain because viable with his win in NH they started trashing him and ginning up Romney. The problem was that Huckabee already won Iowa and had the religious right vote. That in turn had Romney Huckabee and Thompson all dividing the conservative vote which allowed McCain to squeak by in SC which propelled him to a win in Florida and then super Tuesday.
    In 2012 talk radio was against Romney,mainly because of obamacare but was as opposed to him like they were McCain. Unlike in 08′ talk radio hosts didn’t rally around a candidate. The support split between Santorum, Gingrich and Perry which allowed Romney to get by with establishment support, winning primaries with about 40% of the vote.
    Bottom line, talk radio and the conservative wing are only successful when they rally around one candidate and it’s a one on one. That’s how they were so successful in knocking out establishment candidates in primaries in the last 2 cycles.

  17. Spud

    @3: so Christie being as anti-gun as, say, Feinstein isn’t substantive?

    @8: Christie hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Presidency as a Republican. How many anti-2A Republicans have taken the white house in the last 30 years? 50? Here’s a hint: less than 1. I’d never vote for him.

  18. Pablo

    Jersey Guy, I agree with your comment. One on one, the “conservative” candidate usually wins, if he retrained in his rhetoric enough to win over donors. That is where the “conservative” candidates do themselves in. They go to great lengths to try to win over Rush Limbaugh´s audience but they don´t have any money because donors aren´t willing to give money to a candidate who won´t win the general election. So then they get bombed on the airwaves by the “moderate” candidate who has usually won over the donors. The folks that vote in primaries then become convinced that perhaps the “moderate” candidate is more “conservative” than the “conservative” candidate. Remember, Romney won because he had the money destroy his opposition and because his opposition was made up of a bunch of clowns.

  19. jersey guy

    18. Or because the losing RINO acts like a sore loser and doesn’t help the winning conservative nominee. The establishment also is the problem. Even if they do help it’s tepid. Examples – O’Donnell – DE Angle- NV Buck- CO Paladino-NY Miller- AK Murdouck – IN Akin – MO Bills- MN Smith -PA and a few others. All these candidates had their flaws, but that’s precisely why they needed all the help they could find.

  20. C

    Of course, the GOP loves Paul Ryan the most!

    The Ryan Plan cuts $20B from Food Stamps, affecting seniors and low-income working families w/children.

    But don’t ask why.

  21. Fredo

    The Ryan plan, otherwise known as the official GOP policy prescription for handling our L/T debt & entitlement problems.

    So C, your position is that the GOP is about heaping misery on “regular people” for the benefit of their corporate taskmasters.

    Which is a perfectly fine opinion for you to hold.

    Looking forward to watching you rinse & repeat it for the next 20 threads, too. Really adds to the discussion.

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