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May 11, 2013

Poll Watch: Dartmouth Rockefeller Center New Hampshire 2016 Presidential Survey

  12:22 am

Dartmouth Rockefeller Center New Hampshire 2016 Presidential Poll

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 37.1%
  • Chris Christie (R) 32.3%
  • Unsure 30.6%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 44.3%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 33.2%
  • Unsure 22.5%
Among Independents 

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 37%
  • Chris Christie (R) 24%
  • Unsure 40%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 43%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 19%
  • Unsure 38%
Among Moderates
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 42%
  • Chris Christie (R) 21%
  • Unsure 37%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 51%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 19%
  • Unsure 30%

Among Men

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 36%
  • Chris Christie (R) 35%
  • Unsure 29%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 41%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 36%
  • Unsure 23%

Among Women 

  • Hillary Clinton (D) 38%
  • Chris Christie (R) 29%
  • Unsure 32%
  • Hillary Clinton (D) 48%
  • Marco Rubio (R) 30%
  • Unsure 22%

Survey of 433 registered voters was conducted April 22-25, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 4.7 percentage points. Party ID: 32.0% Republican; 26.5% Democrat; 40.1% Independent/Undeclared.

Data compilation and analysis courtesy of The Argo Journal


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18 Responses to “Poll Watch: Dartmouth Rockefeller Center New Hampshire 2016 Presidential Survey”

  1. James Madison

    Rand Paul dropped out? Lol.

  2. Thomas Alan

    Rather useless to have a poll with that big an undecided vote.

  3. Mr. Owl

    2. even with that high of an undecided vote, Hillary has Rubio statistically destroyed. even if you split the undecided votes 74% in his favor, she still wins. Christie at least has a chance.

  4. Smack1968

    Mr. Owl,

    So what is your point?

    Christie does better vs. Hillary in NH than Rubio….good……we got it.

    Christie will probably do better in that part of the region than other GOP candidates.

    Is that enough to nominate him?

    You guys are jumping on polls years out from an election to help decide who we should nominate?

    …against a Democrat candidate who is drowning in her own Benghazi Sh^t!!!????

    Good grief.

  5. Spud

    I have a hard time taking polls like this seriously. A Clinton vs poll, I get it, she’s so far ahead of anybody else dem side. But for the rep side they…skipped the number 1 polling contender? Shouldn’t they at least cover the top 3-4? Lame.

  6. emma43

    @ 1 Look who did the poll: Dartmouth “Rockefeller” Center; Rand Paul does not exist as a potential candidate to them.

  7. rex2012

    4. against a Democrat candidate who is drowning in her own Benghazi Sh^t!!!????

    if Benghazi isn’t doing much damage to Hillary Clinton now i find it hard to believe it will have much of impact in 2016

    4 years is a long time in politics

  8. Massachusetts Conservative


    Exactly, although I agree with Smack’s overall point.

  9. Smack1968

    “Benghazi” would not be included in this poll taken April 22-25.

    Benghazi is an incredible Scandal…incredible!

  10. Martha

    Obama and Hillary should both crawl under a rock over Benghazi. But they won’t because they have no shame, and are cold liars–and they don’t give a damn.

    I think they both may have miscalculated just how far the press will go to cover for them. Talk about audacity.

  11. Thomas Alan


    They weren’t completely wrong. The press covered for them long enough to get Obama re-elected. And held for another 6 months to make this an “old story”. CBS is currently marginalizing at least one of their top reporters for covering the story, calling it “advocacy”

    There’s one thing true about the talking points from the White House. We’ve really not learned much this week that we didn’t already know. You could have turned on the evil Fox News in October and learned the same stuff last October (actually, it’s probably the best investigative reporting Fox News has ever done and should have earned them a Pulitzer). We’ve just got the blatantly obvious, already confirmed scandal, confirmedered with greater detail and higher ranking whistleblowers.

    Pretty much every newspaper and network’s head should be fired for gross incompetence and political manipulation of the news.

  12. Martha

    Thomas, you’re right. And they will continue to cover for them. I don’t see anything changing.

  13. Spud

    @7: I post on Huffington Post regularly, trying to talk sense to liberals, with…limited success. Thus far this story isn’t damaging Clinton in the slightest. When Carney said republicans are trying to politicize the issue they swalllowed that whole and ran with it. It’s like a mantra to them, and it appears unbreakable thus far. Oh, that and blaming Bush.

  14. Mr. Owl

    4. If the GOP candidates are losing this bad whilst she is “drowning in her own Benghazi Sh^t” then the GOP is in grave trouble. also, we realize that there are three years to go, you are not a genius that discovered this before everyone else; we just like to interpret the current trend of polls and there’s no need to be an ***hole about it.

  15. Smack1968

    Mr. Owl,

    I don’t think you understand……this poll would not show the drowning of Clinton as the poll was taken 4/22-25.

    The Benghazi Sh^t is just now dragging Clinton down.

    Take a look at the next polls that come out…Clinton shiny coin will not be so shiny.

    Relax dude….I’m not being an ***hole about anything…just find it amusing you would make take this NH poll as a reason Christie would be a much better candidate than Rubio..which is the point you were trying to make…and I just ripped off your mask.

  16. rex2012

    15. this poll would not show the drowning of Clinton as the poll was taken 4/22-25.

    this is true but its important to point out that Obama approval has not been effect at all by The Benghazi Sh^t and his polls are based on daily tracking

    I will reserve judgement until I see Hillary Clinton latest poll numbers.

    after the polls are released we will know for sure if Benghazi is really damaging or if its just media hype

  17. Jerald

    For the media, covering Benghazi is not near as interesting as covering those real terrorists………….the Tea Party folks…

  18. DaveUSA

    Anyone who thinks Hilary won’t win, needs to wake up. She will win.

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