April 2, 2013

Race 4 2016 Headlines and Essential Reads

Please post your headlines and essential reads in the comments.

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26 Responses to “Race 4 2016 Headlines and Essential Reads”

  1. Rombot Says:

    Huckabee: We lost in 2012 because evangelicals didn’t support a more moderate nominee

    Huck with some tough love as Mitt shudders while reading this

  2. Kavon W. Nikrad Says:

    Some memebustin’ for you Rom…


  3. Rombot Says:

    From Kavon’s Los Angeles Times timely link:

    I am not advocating a two-tiered immigration system or second-class status — those who can become citizens and those who can never become citizens. Anyone who wants to become a naturalized citizen of the United States is welcome to apply. But Congress must not make it any easier for those who entered our country illegally to obtain citizenship. Those who qualify for the new guest worker and visa programs and desire citizenship would be placed at the end of the line behind others immigrating legally. It would be a travesty to treat those who violated our laws better than those who have patiently waited their turn to come to the United States the right way.

    America’s freedoms and opportunities draw people from every nation. Though we are under no obligation to accept everyone seeking to make a future for themselves here, to those who wish to come legally, we can provide a fair path.

    To those who are here illegally, we can offer a fair chance to redeem themselves. And to the American people we can offer a modern immigration system that will keep the United States strong, safe and free.

    Rep. Raúl Labrador, a Republican congressman representing Idaho’s 1st District, has been pursuing immigration reform since his election to Congress.

    Fair enough?

    Do it, Raúl!

  4. Rombot Says:


    That Huckabee is a dirty liar! Kick him out!

  5. Rombot Says:

    “If all of the evangelicals had showed up, it may have made a difference.” `Huck

    Riiiight. We can’t even get all of them to show up for church, much less to vote moderate

  6. eric Says:

    2 Of course they showed up. Give Rush, Hannity, etc credit there. They were right when they said they were seeing unprecedented enthusiasm among “the base”. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the base isn’t big enough anymore and pandering to that base scares off literally everyone else in the country.

  7. Rombot Says:


    Perhaps the Mikester was looking at these* and other CRUCIAL swing states

    Highlights of the exit polls on evangelical voters, compared to 2008:

    *Florida: Nearly identical to 2008.

    *Ohio: Slightly larger percentage of the electorate, and (against the trend in other states where evangelicals were surveyed) MORE supportive of Obama.

    *Colorado: No significant changes from 2008, though the evangelical makeup of the electorate was slightly up, and slightly LESS supportive of the Republican candidate.

    *Nevada: A higher percentage of evangelical voters in 2012, with considerably LESS support for Romney than McCain.


  8. Rombot Says:

    Of course, Huck thinks BOTH McCain and Romney are way toooo moderate compared to himself and Bush Jr.

    I wonder how they did with the evangelicals???

  9. Thomas Alan Says:


    Not to mention, Huckabee is actually to the left of Romney overall.

  10. Rombot Says:


    Looks like Bush and Romney EACH garnered 79% which was much better than McCain’s 73% AMONG WHITE BORN AGAIN EVANGELICALS

    Where Bush cleaned their clocks was among the OVERALL Protestant and Catholic voters

    Ironically, Bush also did much better with the Religiously Unaffiliated folks, too

  11. Rombot Says:


    LOL! You’re a funny guy, always making us laugh :)

  12. MarqueG Says:

    Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vermontistan) responds to Rubio’s admonishment to take it slow and hold committee hearings:

    “If any of the more junior Senators need time to get up to speed, I will look forward to them discussing their specific readiness problems with me directly and I will look forward to working with them as well,” Leahy wrote.


  13. Thomas Alan Says:


    Huckabee’s got big strains of economic populism. That, plus his squishiness on immigration puts him overall to the left of Romney.

  14. emma43 Says:

    Rubio here is your opportunity. Lead. Or not.

    The Dems increased their members substantially and have holdovers from the last “historic” election, the Reps did not.

  15. Rombot Says:


    If in comparison you think Huck is a moderate and Mitt is a conservative, you’re never going to figure out politics

    Your thinking brings us presidential candidates like

    Bush Sr

    What do they have in common? ALL squishy mushy moderate to the core losers is the correct answer

  16. Thomas Alan Says:

    Would you like to make an actual case for Huckabee being more conservative? Or do you plan on just being apoplectic in the face of my evidence?

    Funny, I recall hating McCain my entire adult life and smack around moderates who think they know better on a daily basis.

  17. Rombot Says:


    1. North Korea starts a war with South Korea: 10%

    2. Immigration reform passes: 40% chance

    3. A grand bargain is reached on the budget: 30% chance

    4. Odds that the following smartphones will do the most for their respective company’s long-term growth…
    … (A) the Apple 5S – 20%
    … (B) The Samsung Galaxy s4 – 20%
    … (C) Facebook Home – 60%

    5. Odds that Sarah Palin runs for president: 50/50. She won’t be able to play the role she wants to play in the national conversation without formally re-affiliating with the Republican Party, and my guess is she tests the waters, at the very least

    All seem right on the money

    I think more than less want to see immigration on the table for the 2014 House races (especially Bam) and even through 2016 (especially the Klinton Klan)

  18. Rombot Says:


    In other words, do I want to rip on possible current candidates today?

    No, that NEVER works which you’ll learn

    Unity going forward is my motto to defeat Hillary/Booker 2016

  19. Rombot Says:

    And to think just yesterday you were so Huckabee-like on social issues :)

  20. Rombot Says:

    Though 11 million hard working immigrants should now self-deport to south of the border, I gotta admit is pretty hard to beat on the right wingnut scale, for Pete’s sake ;)

  21. Rombot Says:


    Btw, speaking of Huckabee (who I’d give about a 20% chance of running) – indeed, Reagan was a fellow populist and a damn good one bringing aboard conservative Reagan Dems

  22. Martha Says:

    Rombot, Thomas is right. Overall, Huckabee is to the left of Mitt. That is why talk radio went nuts in 2007 when Huck got a little traction. Back then, conservatives preferred Mitt over Huck. (Except for the some of the religious right, and we know what they were thinking.)

  23. Rombot Says:

    Aunt Martha,

    You are as nutty and dead wrong as always about severely moderate Mittens

    But thanks for playing

  24. Rombot Says:

    Talk radio is dominated by multi divorced, druggies, and socon haters like Limbaugh

    Of course, they hate Huck

  25. Chris L. Says:

    Re Huckabee, Santorum, and the claim that Romney lost because he did not sufficiently animate Evangelicals reminds me of the claim by Robert Welch (founder of the John Birch Society) that Goldwater lost in ’64 because he was not conservative enough. Quasi single-issue “niche” ideologues, be they on the Left or the Right, usually claim that an election is lost because the candidate in question was not sufficiently devoted to the preferred niche ideology—objective data and analyses not withstanding.

  26. Neon Race 2 Says:

    […] /* */ /* */ Race42016.com […]

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