March 26, 2013

Race 4 2016 Headlines and Essential Reads

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68 Responses to “Race 4 2016 Headlines and Essential Reads”

  1. Dutchie

    Today, SCOTUS did not appear eager, at all, to judge the Proposition 8 case on its merits. Interesting development, although not totally unexpected.

    I despise the media btw, for already trying to divide the GOP into two camps (Rubio vs. Paul). Like Biden will just forfeit the nomination to Clinton… Yet no one is writing about that. Instead they just keep praising Hillary. And not because of her achievements, no, they just keep on repeating how popular she is and with that they create an aura of invincability. At least we know the media will love her about as much as they do Obama.

  2. eric

    Paul and Rubio appeal to distinctly different parts of a party. A party that is presently searching for a national identity and is being pulled in at least two different directions which happen to be at least somewhat represented by Paul and Rubio. The media is more than anything interested in searching for narratives they can easily sell. This shoe even kind of fits.

    Clinton and Biden on the other hand really can’t be sold as representing different pulls from their party. On top of that, the polling at this point shows her running away from the field with ease.

  3. eric

    1 Also, I saw very little scotus coverage today. Why do you way that the court doesn’t appear eager to judge the case on its merits?

  4. Rombot

    Huckabee: Evangelicals Will Leave If GOP Backs Gay Marriage

    Of course, they will to the Dems delight

    Damn Dems are playing chess while we play tidlywinks

  5. eric

    The dems are not playing chess, they are farming. They won the culture war from the inside out. Culture now supports gay marriage, pot, etc at high and increasing levels. They’ve made a long play and won. Truly the only thing stopping them in the next 30 years is the potential for socons to leave the GOP. Most millennials are really only dem voters because they loathe social conservatism. Putting them in play threatens the future of democrat majorities.

  6. Rombot

    Rove: I Could See GOP’s 2016 Candidate Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

    Karl’s pretty much an atheist, so why would he care about the Bible?

  7. Rombot

    “Most millennials are really only dem voters because they loathe social conservatism”

    100% wrong

  8. Spud

    Where would the evangelicals go? Just stop voting? Perhaps. It’s all just wild and pointless speculation till we hear from scotus.

    I think calling it a state’s rights issue is the likely outcome. Better to get the federal government out of the marriage business altogether.

  9. blues

    I am getting pretty sick of the pro gay marriage spin and the smug attitude these supporters constantly spout. I would like any pro gay marriage supporter to tell me why a brother and sister can’t get married? To deny it would be setting some standards or restrictions on marriage. How about these restriction, a marriage is between a non-related man and women?

  10. eric

    Sorry, most millennials outside of the vast and underpopulated states loathe social conservatism. This isn’t my idea that I’ve come up with. Look up “millennials” and “social conservatism”. There is mountains of evidence on this. Please don’t cherry pick something from a socon site which contradicts it. Look at the overwhelming evidence. Many of them are open to ficon ideas but find it easier to argue those points in the democrat party than to argue socon issues in the GOP. It will either regionalize this party to the point of irrelevance or it will go away. Seems like the former is most likely.

  11. Guy from Ohio

    I’m waiting for Kilburn to show up and worry about how were not making enough children, and explain how the government shouldn’t approve of any family that doesn’t make children.

  12. Rombot

    It’s because they loathe fiscal austerity and the GOP’s one trick pony of cut cut cut taxes for billionaires

    At least that’s what they tell me around campuses

    Have you seen their student loans? The young are spendaholics, the complete opposite of what your Rands, Cruzs, Ryans, and Boehners now preach

    We’ve been checkmated

    Reagan, where art thou??????

  13. Gordon

    Romney was my political passion for 5 years…lost. Gay Marriage was my pet issue for a decade…lost. Hillary Clinton is going to be President 4 years from now…a loss for us all. It’s high time for me to get out of the game of even caring or worrying about this stuff…clearly I hang my hat on losers.

  14. Rombot


    lol – the teenager’s out busy having unprotected sex

  15. Dutchie

    3 – Here is the reason (

    ” At the beginning of the argument, Cooper was only a sentence or two into his argument on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 before he was interrupted by the Chief Justice, who asked him to address the question that the Court had added to the proceedings: whether Cooper’s clients have a legal right – known as “standing” – to be in the case at all. Cooper then faced a barrage of questions from the Chief Justice and the Court’s four more liberal Justices which strongly suggested that, in their view, the proponents do not. Has the Court ever allowed proponents of ballot initiatives to defend the initiatives in court, asked Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? No, Cooper conceded, it had not. When Cooper emphasized that state law had assigned the responsibility to defend the initiative to the proponents, Justice Elena Kagan asked whether the state could assign that responsibility to any citizen, or only to the proponents. And Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked Cooper to explain what kind of injury – required for standing in federal courts – the proponents of Proposition 8 have suffered due to the failure by California officials to enforce the initiative.

  16. Gordon

    11. I have never heard Matt state anything even remotely close to that nonsense you’re spouting. I’m so sick of the Gay lobby throwing examples of heterosexual couples who choose not to have kids or couples that can’t have kids, as being valid reasons for Gay Marriage…what a crock. There are exceptions to EVERY NORM that has ever existed within any culture. Gay people can’t have sexual intercorse…THAT is a big difference between them and heterosexual couples. They can have orgasms and lots of sexual fun, but they don’t participate in SEX. Nature designed a penis and a vagina that when put together have a chance at creating life…thus, making the world go round. It is what it is. A rose will NEVER be a lily…sure they’re both flowers and they’re both pretty, but a rose will always be a rose. But a marriage won’t always be a marriage…it will continue to devolve and before you know it, we won’t even know what the hell a marriage is….unless somehow the gay marriage lobby can guarantee that marriage can survive a definition that isn’t even based on nature anymore, and is instead based upon a the number “two.” If biology can’t survive a definition, how in the hell is the number “two” going to survive?

  17. greg

    chistie or rubio the rest have a snowballs chance if it’s hillary lets get real folks lol!!

  18. greg

    but maybe bobby jindal i think he also could take on the hillary

  19. Rombot

    How generous! Hillary Clinton’s frequent gift to dignitaries: Her book

    Undoubtedly signed and dated with a clear whisper, “hey, you might wanna hang on to this one, it’ll be quite VALUABLE in three years”

  20. Rombot


    “two OR MORE wifes” -Brigham Young

  21. Rombot

    0r wives* = marriages all around the world by definition

  22. emma43

    2-I don’t see either Rubio or Rand being particularly strong on gay marriage. Rand because he is a libertarian and Rubio because, well, he doesn’t seem like the issue is that important to him.

    10-Unfortunately most millenials have had no education or understanding of religion, history, civics, philosophy, or critical thinking. And lets say they are not pro-church.

    12-Given how Reagan treated his children, especially the adopted one I am not a huge fan of his, but I will say this, the reason over three decades after his terms in office we don’t have sustainable change is because no one, from what I can tell including him though I was not alive during his presidency, took the time to educate the American people, both on the requirement for personal political environment (yes even after an 8 hour workday you have to drive people to the polls and run for the PTA because the dems do it and yes liberalism is just another name for a totalitarian agenda not the 19th century philosophy about no child labor)

    In a way they are the three legs of the stool:
    Rand-fiscal con
    Huckabee-social con

    I have to give props to Huckabee. I’m so not a fan of his and this isn’t my own personal mountain to stand on but he is willing to stand up for what he believes in. It could be bad news. Remember Ross Perot…

    I’m frequently not a fan of socons but the RNC is a bunch of fools if they think there will be no eventual backlash from the Evangelicals. Who do they think is gonna vote for them? Gonna cipher off some moderate Dems? To take a term from my fellow millenials. Lolz, lolz.

    Given the fact that Roberts betrayed his oath of office with the healthcare decision, on this he will probably poll his DC buddies then write his opinion. After all he should have learned to only present ONE official position instead of two like last time. He’s a smart guy. He is the chief justice.

  23. emma43

    Is Romney trying to play kingmaker?

    When is Rubio going to step up on an issue and not just counter Paul. He seems to always play it safe and almost but not quite truly lead. I’m not totally against him and he might be cute but not seeing the leadership up to the level needed.

    I’ll be interested to see if another filibusterer is effective because the drone thing was pretty apolitical, this next one would be about an extremely polarizing issue, a much greater test for the tactic.

    7-Millenials support the left because they believe the left takes morally superior positions to that of the right.

  24. Nick In South Bend

    22. Emma. That was great! I am still “fairly” young (just turned 30) and my younger siblings and I are all surrounded by very, very liberal peers.

    I think SCOTUS will punt and leave the District Court opinion left in tact. It is just putting off a real decision until later. Basically, that will allow the two couples who brought suit to get married, and leave the larger issues for another time.

  25. Gordon

    20. Polygamy will be allowed and sanctioned by the government within twenty years. All that needs to happen is a bisexual to take his/her personal story before a judge about how unfair it is that he/she can’t marry a man and a woman…it is not his/her fault they were born equally attracted to both. Boom…polygamy is back. What grounds does a judge have to stand on to deny his equality plea? I can’t think of any…if biology and nature can’t cement a definition of a word in the courts eyes then they have no business laying a ruling down based upon an arbitrary number (2). Having Steve, Eve and Mary living next door to me doesn’t affect my marriage so why in the hell should I care. Soon we’ll have group marriages, swinger parties that cap the night off in a Vegas wedding chapel etc. etc.

    Gay marriage proponents are so smart and sophisticated though, so I’m sure they can guarantee that this will never happen right?

  26. Loose Era

    Unless I was gay and wanted to marry my partner, I cannot even imagine having gay marriage being “my pet issue” for a day, much less “a decade.” What an epic waste of time. It would be ironic if that dedication cost you a marriage or two…

    I LOL at these serial divorcers/adulterers who demonstrate repeatedly that holy sacrament of marriage is not nearly good enough for THEM, while spending their days and years bellowing that it is way too good for the GAYS.

    The tide has turned, inevitably. This issue is, or soon will be, over. The only question is how much long term damage it does to the Republican party. I’m gonna go with “a lot.”

  27. Gordon

    26. One wife…thanks. It certainly didn’t waste any of my time…a few posts here and there, which means you waste even more time than me because you’ve made hundreds more posts then me. I care about this issue because the thing that plagues society most, is the decline of the family. I believe the careless approach that society has taken in this debate will only add fuel to the fire in creating even more broken homes and individuals. But hey, at least we won’t be bigots!

  28. Tom

    I say let the evangelicals go. Good luck with that, Huck! I guess he wants to be even more irrelevant than he already is. That’ll be one of the best recruitment moves the GOP could make. Crazy socons leave = hordes of young voters come in. Some of you seem to have no idea just how many people wnant to vote GOP but refuse to because they are disgusted by the socons.

  29. Gordon

    I also think we need to legalize Prostitution in this country. Stop forcing young girls into the streets and into the dregs of society just because they want to make a living having sex. It’s their decision what they do with their bodies. We have condoms avialable now to help stop disease, so THAT concern should be off the table in deciding if Government has a role in permitting prostitution. The government can regulate the industry and even make some money off of it with a sales tax. Making a woman feel bad for making money with her body parts is SOOOO 20th century. How in the world is my life affected by some guy that wants to pay for some uncommited sex? How is my life affected by a girl who decides to make a living in that line of work? I wish these bible thumpers would get the government out of our private parts and stop legislating MORALITY!!!!

  30. Rombot

    FUN FACT: Rush Limbaugh, currently on his 4th divorce HATES GAY MARRIAGE (if the past two days listening to his show is any indication)

  31. Rombot


    Michael Reagan, the president’s adopted son adored his dad and still does

    He was born in Los Angeles, California, to Irene Flaugher (born 1916- died December 26, 1985), an unwed woman from Kentucky who became pregnant through a relationship with U.S. Army corporal John Bourgholtzer (died 1993). He was adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman shortly after his birth.
    Michael grew up with the Reagan family in Beverly Hills, California, and later nearby Pacific Palisades. He was sent to boarding school when he was six and spent a total of four days per month visiting his father and mother

    Yeah, his other two rebellious atheist and drug addicted kids, respectively are another story but I don’t believe the fact they both turned into flaming liberals is Reagan’s fault

  32. mac

    So true, we really need to stop standing in the way of freedom!

  33. Georgia Conservative

    I don’t think the GOP will embrace same-sex marriage I think they will just ignore it especially on the Federal level as many states have already banned it.

  34. Massachusetts Conservative


    “Is Romney trying to play kingmaker?”


  35. Ozzy

    “In a way they are the three legs of the stool:
    Rand-fiscal con
    Huckabee-social con”

    Are there any other type of cons in the GOP and what kind of “con” do you see yourselves as?

  36. Hunter

    The idea that young people will flock to the GOP if only the party would do away with social conservatism is right up there with Hispanics being “natural conservatives” who will guarantee Republican electoral landslides as soon as we embrace open borders.

  37. Jonathan

    After the Obamacare ruling last year, I’ve given up on trying to guess what the Justices will decide and the commentary about who asked what is a waste of time. Remember after oral arguments on Obamacare that everyone said the Solicitor General did a miserable job? Well, we saw how well that worked.

    Gay marriage is so far down on the political radar of what is actually important. Once we aren’t $16 trillion in debt, North Korea isn’t warmongering, Iran isn’t trying to develop a nuclear bomb, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are solvent and our education system works like it should, then let’s worry about other issues.

  38. Nick In South Bend

    I find it very sad that we have allowed so much of what was designed to be legislative authority to the federal court system. Not just this, but many decisions in the past 60 or 70 years.

  39. Georgia Conservative

    “Once we aren’t $16 trillion in debt, North Korea isn’t warmongering, Iran isn’t trying to develop a nuclear bomb, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are solvent and our education system works like it should, then let’s worry about other issues.”

    In an ideal world yes but considering we get hit over the head with lesser issues by the media, the opposing party and dumbasses in our own party that can’t keep their mouths shut we are stuck with this.

  40. Enrique


    How dare you say that gay marriage isn’t an important issue. It’s damn important.

    Gay marriage is the gateway drug to polygamy.

    We can and should oppose it.

  41. Guy from Ohio

    40 Nobody’s advocating polygamy…and the people that are have fortresses and make their wives live like women in the 1800’s. So please, spare us.

  42. Guy from Ohio

    40 And yes, you can oppose it! I beg you to! As the opposition’s numbers drop below 40%, you’re party will become illegitimate, making the world a better place!

  43. Jonathan


    What we need are candidates and an apparatus that is better at handling the media. I hate the liberal bias in the press as much as any Republican, but it is a reality that we have to deal with. What we need to do is be able to focus on what the voters are interested in and communicate our ideas to them in a positive way.

    Governor Bob McDonnell is the prime example of this approach working. When he ran in 2009, his Democratic opponent tried a proto-War on Women charge about McDonnell’s graduate thesis. Unlike with Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, the attack didn’t stick because McDonnell had been talking about jobs, the economy and transportation, the issues that Virginians cared most about. Even the high and mighty Washington Post , which obsessed over the thesis, couldn’t make a dent in McDonnell’s popularity and he won by 19 points in a purple state.

  44. Enrique

    People are so afraid to be called bigots, they will cave on anything.

    These people (liberals) are not your friends.

  45. Enrique

    Ohio guy,

    Learn your vs you’re. Idiot.

  46. Thomas Alan

    After the Obamacare ruling last year, I’ve given up on trying to guess what the Justices will decide and the commentary about who asked what is a waste of time.

    Well, it’s safe to say that conservatives will be forever disappointed by their justices, while liberals will forever be secure in the knowledge that their justices will vote the way they want without question.

  47. Guy from Ohio

    45 The only thing you can address about my post is grammatical errors? I think that shows how pathetic some of you people are on the same-sex marriage issue. Also, just using the word “idiot” alone is a fragment, not a complete sentence.

  48. Enrique

    It only shows that you’re an unschooled caveman.

  49. Hunter

    41… If marriage is a right, then what kind of bigot would deny three (or more) people who love each other from having the same legal recognition as everyone else?

  50. Ozzy

    “It only shows that you’re an unschooled caveman.”

    I don’t think Guy is an unschooled caveman. If he was, he would be doing Geico commercials. :)

  51. Guy from Ohio

    50 Now that was funny 😀 and thank you for calling the person who is the valedictorian of their class a caveman, Enrique. That shows just how ridiculous you are.

  52. Enrique

    Clearly you’re not a valedictorian. You’re nothing.

  53. Guy from Ohio

    52 How do you know that?

  54. Massachusetts Conservative


    Haven’t you always downplayed the importance of formal education? Just saying.

    As for marriage, government should be out of the business of governing marriage in the first place. Marriage is a religious union, not a government-induced construct. If people want to get married, they already can. This political stuff is about whether government should define legal marriage and provide benefits for certain people over others. I say, government should neither define nor provide benefits for legal marriage for anybody. Government doesn’t make our society, the people do. If people are truly fit to marry, they will do so without government benefits and services.

  55. Enrique

    I haven’t downplayed it. I just haven’t up-played it. And I loathe those who use the term “educated” in a limited sense. Note I used the word “unschooled” not “uneducated.”

    Just saying.

    I disagree with the substance of your comment, but if your stance was what actually happened, I could live with that policy.

  56. JT

    If there is a gateway to polygamy, it’s adultery, not monogomous gay marriage. Take the log out of your eye.

  57. Enrique

    JT, your comment is not appropriate.

    I did not say anyone was going to hell for anything, so shut the fuck up.

    And, yes, the gateway is gay marriage. Tell a bisexual they cannot get married, jackass.

  58. Rombot

    Hunter Says:
    March 26th, 2013 at 10:33 pm
    41… If marriage is a right, then what kind of bigot would deny three (or more) people who love each other from having the same legal recognition as everyone else?


    Ding, ding ding..we have a winner!

  59. JT

    Shut up, he explained.

    Gay marriage is very rare and new but traditional holy marriage has been ravaged since the beginning of time by adultery. If you really wanted to protect it you would go after that. But you don’t. Even though it is in the Bible. In the “top ten” even.

    Nope your kind would rather bitch about the theoretical future damage caused by … What percentage of folks do you think choose to be gay? 2? Than the 50% or so of holy marriages that experience adultery. Why is that?

  60. Enrique

    You adultero-phobe! You’re a bigot!

  61. Enrique

    And yes, shut the fuck up is a proper response to your reprehensible log comment. So, yeah, shut the fuck up.

  62. JT

    Very persuasive.

  63. Enrique

    Your bisexual response is persuasive. Wait, you didn’t provide a response.

    Your smarmy little face needs a nice smacking around.

  64. JT

    “caveman” “shut the fuck up” “jackass” “bigot!” “shut the fuck up”

    You’re kind of a name caller, aren’t you? My mom taught me that people who can’t win a debate on the merits resort to name calling. She was right.

  65. JT

    Ooh! a threat of physical violence, on the internet. How original. Meet me behind the gym at 3 and I’ll show you!!!!!!!

  66. JT

    You can see my face? What kind of OS do you have?

  67. Enrique

    When you attack me with the unfair log comment, then you get what you deserve.

  68. Rombot

    You guys kiss your mom with that mouth? 😉

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