September 15, 2012

Hillary Celebrates the End of Ramadan with the Libyans.

  11:12 am

From CNSNews:

( – At an event officials say was planned before the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S., Ali Aujali, celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the State Department on Thursday.

The Eid ul-Fitr reception was held almost a month after the official end of the month on Aug. 19, delayed, officials say, because of Clinton’s travel schedule.

“The date [of the reception] was set purely because of scheduling considerations, especially given lengthy travel abroad recently,” a State Department spokesman told via email.

The spokesman provided a copy of the Secretary’s schedule, showing that Thursday’s event was scheduled about 24 hours ahead of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

“Although I am many weeks overdue in saying it: Eid Mubarak,” Clinton said. “No matter how belated we are honoring Eid and the end of Ramadan, this is a cherished tradition here at the State Department.”

Words fail me.


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105 Responses to “Hillary Celebrates the End of Ramadan with the Libyans.”

  1. K.G.

    This is a cherished tradition here at the State Department.

    Wow! Hillary, just wow!

    How about making the First Amendment a cherished tradition here in America? In fact, there are so many aspects of the Obama administration that violate or ignore cherished American traditions it’s breathtaking.

  2. Sir David

    Thinking that Radical Muslims will be impressed with the State dept celebrating Rhamadan, is like thinking Hitler would’ve been impressed with us celebrating Oktoberfest. Think he still would’ve invaded Poland?

  3. Machtyn

    The event was scheduled 24 hours before the raid. But they knew about the raid 48 hours in advance. Hmmm.

  4. K.G.

    #3: And Politico wants to say that the “GOP foreign policy is in a muddle?” :-)

  5. Frozone

    You kill our people, but we still invite you to dinner? Is anyone in charge here?

    I used to be impressed with Hillary, but not so much this last week. One idiot move after another.

    Weakness invites aggression.

    Not everyday, and not for everything, but man, some days I miss Bush and his team. This is one.

  6. Kateshon

    “Colonel: Hillary Made Decision Not to Post Marines at Benghazi”

  7. K.G.

    #5: Frozone: You used to be impressed with Hillary? Why?

  8. Massachusetts Conservative

    Romney gains another point in Gallup, now only down 4. Obama approval down from +6 to +4.

  9. Massachusetts Conservative

    It’s abundantly clear that Abama’s bounce is now over. And as the immediate post-convention days roll off, he will be back to having a narrow lead or tie. And that’s going into the debates and final weeks. Among registered voters.

  10. corep

    good news on Gallup Mass Con.

    as for this idiocy of a foreign policy approach I can only say how pathetic we have become.

    in an effort to change the paradigm in the middle east we have now legitimized and enboldened the very elements that we once anathema to American Values.

    We espouse tolerance for all points of view and accept those not necessarily in accord with our own, but when we bend over backwards to appease a particular group well marginalizing another we cease to be the nation that the Founders created.

  11. gerry

    hillary under the bus

  12. Kateshon

    9 – OK, — I may be over-reacting, but I’ve sold the rest of my Obama at $6.65 in average in the last 24 hours.

    There is no way to know how this could affect the race. And it seems to me that the Race is more likely to go towards 55% Obama, than 75% Obama chance.

    This Middle East rioting won’t stop by apeasement and apologies. It just won’t.

    How on earth could that help Obama?

    Oh, and btw, Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay — meaning “State Department sent gay man to be ambassador to Libya”

    Whiles most Arabs men are sodomites (having been raped as child, and raping as adult), they are also homophobic: Homosexuals in the Muslim world are ostracized at best, executed at worst, which is sanctioned under sharia law.
    Stevens might have been naive about the potential danger he was placing himself in by accepting the position in Libya. But the State Depart. in charge of assignments should not have been.

  13. MarqueG

    Meh. This is pretty innocuous, unless she was doing it with the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR or something: the folks with the radical political Islamist agendas.

    Just wait till our first openly gay Sec’y of State sits in on the celebration. 😉

  14. MarqueG

    Oops! Hadn’t seen 12. before posting…

  15. Rick

    This is not new. The State Department has always celebrated Ramadan. You Republicans really need to take a chill pill.

  16. Rick


    Are you saying that gay men cannot serve their country? How bigoted are you?

  17. corep

    hey rick- would you celebrate it two days after the death of your ambassador with the very people who failed to protect him?

    thats the part that bugs us not that they celebrate it

    oh and hows that visit by Israels Prime minister to the White House going? oh yea Obama can see the muslim brotherhood leader but has to jet to Letterman so can see Netanyahu.

    Rick, you seem a reasonable person at least be honest enough to see the marginalizing of one side of the middle east equation and the bolstering of the more unstable and less predictable side that has transpired under this administration.

  18. corep


    rick what he is saying is that the state department should be wise enough to recognize potential risks when they assign people to their area of assignment.

    Would we send a jewish state department official to represent the US in Iran?

  19. Rick

    #6. I find it funny that the article holds Clinton, not the Libyan extremists, but Hillary Clinton responsible for the death of four Americans. You guys are desperate. Should I hold Bush responsible for the death of 3000 Americans on 9/11? Right, I didn’t think so.

  20. Massachusetts Conservative

    I wonder what happened to criggs

  21. K.G.

    Did anybody see Dannie Danon, speaker of the Knesset this a.m.? Eviscerated the Obama administration’s foreign policy–but very diplomatically, of course. He even mentioned Letterman–“with respect,” however. :-) :-) :-)

  22. uncdave

    Watch what is happening: 9/10-9/16

    Hottest Ad Markets for Romney and Obama according to MSNBC: I will anxious to see new public polls showing data in IA and NV. Seen one NV poll that is not public and it looks very good for Romney.

    1 Columbus OH Romney outspending Obama
    2 Des Moines IA Romney outspending Obama
    3 Richmond VA Romney slightly outspending Obama
    4 Norfolk VA Obama slightly outspending Romney
    5 Cleveland OH Obama outspending Romney by a large margin
    6 Raleigh NC Romney outspending Obama by by big margin and MSNBC says “expect the stealth withdrawl to begin post haste” by Obama team
    7 Tampa, FL Romney outspending Obama
    8 Toledo, OH Obama outspending Romney
    9 Reno, NV Romney outspending Obama by by big margin
    10 Las Vegas NV Romney outspending Obama by by big margin

  23. K.G.

    Rick, you chill. Nothing wrong with celebrating the end of Ramadan. Calling it a “cherished tradition” is a bit over the top–especially when this administration and indeed the entire left is oh-so-willing to throw real cherished American traditions under the bus.

    Both Hillary and Obama are affirmative action politicians. Both are entirely unprepared for the offices in which they “serve” and are couple of hypocritical baffoons.

  24. Kateshon

    19 – an actual leader assumes responsability.

    That means: to RESPOND to what is happening.

    It is not the same thing as being guilty.

    The Presidency is the highest office of the land: the Prez should respond to what is happening under his watch, especially when it involves American blood and American territory.

    He assumes responsability. And respond to questions. Not by scape-goating the ones who receive orders…

  25. Rick


    What difference does it make if the State Department observe Ramadan. Do you even know what Ramadan is?

    There is ALWAYS risk to Americans lives whether you are in the military or a civilian, whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, whether you are straight or gay. To say that someone should not serve their country because of who they are is a slap in the face to what we as Americans stand for.

  26. Rick


    And what cherished American traditions have the Obama Administration thrown under the bus?

    So should I hold Bush responsible for the 3000 people murdered on 9/11? How about the 4000 murdered in Iraq. The 2000 murdered in Afghanistan? It happened under his watch right? He sent our men and women in battle, right? I should hold him responsible for their death? Your answer is no and I know why.

  27. K.G.

    #24: Kate: THAT’s the big prob w/Obama. He cannot “assume responsiblity.” He never has in his entire life; he’s never led anything; the buck has never stopped with him; he has NO idea what to say or do so he stays mum and undecisive.

    Read all the insider books on this guy: He’s a little kid who’s always been taken care of and carried along. I imagine that when he and Michelle lived in an apartment, Michelle paid the bills, took out the trash and took care of business.

    What does he actually “do?” Besides play, party and campaign?

  28. uncdave

    8…My calculation of the 7-day tracking looks like Romney outpolled Obama again last night somewhere between 3-4 points with RV. That is shocking. I was expecting it to remain about the same based on Rasmussen polling last night. Romney must have had a little better than +4 night on Thursday night I had originally calculated…. my guess it was +5 on Thursday, The Gallup Tracking Poll did drop last Friday numbers where Obama had a very good day. This helped push the poll down another point. My guess it will probably stay at +4 tomorrow unless Romney has a unusual great polling night tonight which I doubt he will on a Saturday night and dropping next Saturday’s numbers should not impact Obama that much.

  29. Nick

    Rick: From reading Kat’s post, I think he saying posting a gay man in Muslim country is dangerous.

    It is similar to posting a Jewish guy as ambassador to Iraq or Saudi.

    What is with you? Always have to find some thing negative.

  30. Kateshon

    Obama and Hillary are RESPONSIBLE for the security of the US diplomatic apparatus.

    When Al Qaeda flads are flying upon destroyed American Embassies, ex-seals are murdered, and an Ambassador is raped to death and paraded in the streets afterwards, Hillary and Obama have to RESPOND to that.

    Not by scapegoating a film-maker.

  31. Kateshon


    — ignorng intelligence warnings about ATTACKS TO COME

    — prohibiting security from carrying live ammo

  32. Rick


    It is ALWAYS dangerous posting Americans in a Muslim country. Discriminating because someone is different is simply reprehensible. It is not finding someone negative, it is good ole American common sense.

  33. Rick


    I could say the same about Bush. Ever heard of “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US.” But hindsight is always 20/20. I’m not here to fight old battles.

  34. Nick

    Kat: I also think you are generalizing Arabs in real negative way. Calling them sodomites is not correct. Folks from Montreal who really despise arabs as they are changing the culture of that city, but that should not give you right to call all Arabs sodomites. There are good Arabs and there are bad Arabs.

  35. K.G.

    #26: Yes! Bush needs to be held to account and take responsiblity. They ALL do; that’s why Barack and Hillary should not be given a pass and take responsibility.

    Except they don’t. They blame, shame, pass the buck, duck the truth to cover their incompentency. Hillary VOTED to support the Iraq war–so that’s on her head. Obama FOUGHT to escalate in Afghanistan. So that on HIS head.

    Obama gave the order to kills Obama, then against his own better sense took victory laps, spiked the football and bragged his silly head over it, including Biden going on and on and on re: Osama’s death, rubbing Islam’s nose in it and humiliating them over and over–even creating a bumper sticker over his death.

    And yet you have this silly little lying administration standing up and saying the blame for ALL of this current nightmare falls squarely at the feet of an obscure videographer. Not them.

  36. Frozone

    #25. Sometime you have to take a time out. This is one of those times. This administration is just weak sauce, and the world knows it.

  37. Kateshon

    25 – and failing to respond to the invasion of American soil, the murders of American people, and the destruction of American property — in the only language those animals understand: overwhelming force.

  38. Rick


    Kateshon, what would be your response to this crisis? I’m really curious.

  39. uncdave


  40. Kateshon

    34 – do you have any idea of what is going on in the muslim world, especially in Arabic country?

    — boys are raped, almost all of them, by grown men.
    — girls’ genitalia are destroyed — almost all of them

    This is incredibly brutal. This is hell on earth.

    — 38 – I’m no military man. Ask Allen West. That guy know better.

  41. Rick


    Oh, I never said I liked the Obama response. Frankly, I think he is being realist but soft. We are severely constrained in the Middle East for obvious reasons. We can’t tell people what to think or do in the ME and we can’t choose the leaders we work with. We have to be realistic in situations like thins. Republicans have never been realistic and Democrats don’t seem brave enough to take the tough stance.

  42. Nick

    #33: Rick. Have you lived in a Arab country or do you have Arab Friends?

    You think it is wise to post Japanese origin person as Ambassador to China or post Bobby Jindal as Ambassador to Pakistan.

    Look I am with you, that no one should be discriminated as we are all equals. All I am saying is, people are different in different countries. Kat is right that Arab folks have stigma against Gays, even though lot of royal men have Gay slaves.

    If some one knows the risk and willing to go there, I am with you. He or She should be allowed to serve the country, but host country on occasion might take offense to that.

  43. Kateshon

    Did you notice there are no women rioting?

    This is not a Green Movement, as it happened in Iran in 2009. I was all for the Green folks, which was a movement lead mostly by women.

  44. IndependentlyYours

    1. Here’s another cherished tradition taking place as we speak:

    (snip)The filmmaker allegedly behind the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” movie that has sparked a violent worldwide backlash was taken early Saturday morning to a “voluntary interview” with federal probation authorities, sheriff’s officials said.

    Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said deputies picked up Nakoula Basseley Nakoula at his Cerritos home on behalf of federal probation officials. He has not been arrested or detained, Whitmore said.

    Nakoula was whisked away by a waiting car about 12:25 a.m. Saturday, shrouded in a hat and white scarf covering his face. He wore a heavy winter coat and kept his hands in his pocket.

    (end snip)

    The media, who exercise THEIR 1st Amendment protection 24/7 have been hounding this man and his family since they tracked him down, camped outside the house, shining bright lights around the clock, jabbering away proudly; while, at the same time, we learned there are children inside the house and the family even removed the doorknob. They were probably tired of vulture attempts to invited themselves in. They were so frightened when the media first descended a few days ago, they ran inside and left their groceries in the car, as reported in chirpy tones by a reporterette. It’s just sickening, the witch hunt, and the ignorant repetition in the media — including WSJ!! — that mass rage-a-holic spree in the ME has anything to do with a youtube vid.

  45. Rick

    #43. Which is a good thing. It means this is not a popular movement, but an extremist movement fueled by the anger of unemployed young men. When women are involved you know things are serious.

  46. IndependentlyYours

    Doesn’t it seem to anyone else to be a stretch to “celebrate” a muslim holiday one month later? And to do so with “officials” of the country that murdered our diplomats? I thought Libya didn’t even have a government yet. This stinks. This is theatre, more messages from a very dangerous administration. And I must say Hillary has proven quite the whore.

  47. corep

    rick i know what ramadan is. It is a month of fasting whose main purpose is to help us reflect internally and to leave behind those habits that arent in harmony with the teaching of Islam

    but as usual you miss the point i was trying to make.

    let me be more clear-

    if someone who is responsible for your protection lets you down and someone in your “family” dies as a result. I am not sure the best practice would be sit down with them and celebrate the end of a period of time that is dedicating to leaving the bad habits that are not in harmony with islamic teachings. Kind of think murder ought to be in the list of those things left behind. By “celebatring the cherished tradition” you tacitly embrace the behaviour that led to the attacks in the first place- that being intolerance of all other religions and free speech which lays at the heart of the islamic tradition. LIke it or not that is Islams history. And unfortunately there exists much of that in the Christian past but for the most part christianity has moved beyond the aggressive violence of its past

  48. K.G.


    …fueled by the anger of unemployed young men

    Yup. With no jobs, few brains and lots of testosterone, hey! Let’s go riot. We don’t have anything better to do.

    My gripe with the state department is they don’t seem to understand the dangerous tinderbox in which these envoys live. No bullets? How is THAT realistic?

  49. corep


    would love to see that NV poll :)

  50. IndependentlyYours

    22. Are you saying that because oblame-a is outspending in Ohio and Virginia, that trend in those states favors Romney?

  51. PabloZed

    Should Romney have visited Poland after that country killed millions of jews?

  52. uncdave

    Ryan will campaign in Des Moines, IA Monday.

  53. uncdave

    49… wish I could share but I cannot.

  54. NY4Romney-Ryan


    This video was shown to me by a family member. One of the funnier things I have seen in a while. Shows the double standard of the media and popular perception(at least NY perception to many).


  55. Rick


    I live in NYC. I have many minority friends, including Arabs from Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Sudan. I even have a Persian friend from Iran.

    It has not stopped the US from appointing unlikely people to diplomatic posts. Just take a look at our recent appointments to Middle East countries. You will be surprised.

  56. Nick

    #45: Rick. You really are clueless about Middle East or Arab countries.

    You seem like a nice guy, but you believe in this politically correct American life.

    That is why I was against Iraq war from beginning because it is a losing cause and same with Obama’s humping arab leaders legs. Arabs only respect power, but that does not mean we have to wage wars, but you need to show you mean business and keep yourself out of their crap.

    Only leader who had it right was Reagan. Again I was a toddler then, but if you review Reagan strategy, he knew how to tackle middle east. Obama or Romney should follow Reagan mantra for Middle East. I have some qualms about Reagan on his Afghan policy and Contra, but rest he was amazing. One of the best.

  57. Kateshon


    He cannot “assume responsiblity.” He never has in his entire life; he’s never led anything; the buck has never stopped with him; he has NO idea what to say or do so he stays mum and undecisive.

    If Obama can’t assume responsability, does it not imply that he has no EFFECTIVE authority inside the Executive branch? — other than symbolic, for theatric purpose.

    Think about that: does it not imply that someone would have to confirm an order with someone who actually assume the responsability of it, who will respond by it if something goes wrong?

    Would it not contradict what you annd MarqueG were saying yesterday?

  58. Kateshon

    51.Fig Newton Says:
    September 15th, 2012 at 1:46 am
    43. Valerie. Jarrett = Baby Mama for Obama.

    Somebody has to burp him after feeds


  59. Rick


    But you make a mistake by clumping one billion Muslims into one stereotype because of the actions of thousands. Should I disregard the traditions of my Arab friends because of what is happening thousands of miles away? No. We are Americans. A land of multiculturalism and tolerance. We demonstrate to the rest of the world our values of tolerance and freedom because that is how our nation was started in the first place. I’m just like you. I see violent thugs in the streets and I say these men have no lives. They are terrorist. But I understand that there are people in their homes who do not want this. These are the people that listen when Clinton says they did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob.

  60. Will

    What is wrong with that? Surely you aren’t siggesting all Muslims are terrorists that want to kill is, because if you are you are ignorant and bigoted (and I mean that).

  61. uncdave

    Very interesting info here comparing 2004 election with this one with input from Adrian Gray who shared lots of Bush internal numbers during that election. You will like what you read if you are a poll junkie and a Romney voter.

  62. Kateshon

    60 —

    Islam is not a religion; it is a political system, and the spirit of inspiration behind it is
    completely satanic.
    Islam and the koran are completely satanic in the same sense that Marxism and “The Communist Manifesto” are satanic, and in the same sense that Nazism and “Mein Kampf” are satanic.

    Given that islam has persisted for 1400 years and now enslaves a quarter of the human population, it is clearly satan’s masterpiece.

  63. Rick

    #56. Reagan lived in a different world. You cannot simply superimpose Reagan’s Cold War strategy into today’s dynamic Middle East. It won’t work. We have been trying to achieve peace in the region for 70 years! Our policy in the ME was to work with the strongmen but that almost always ended in failure due to a decline in popular support. We saw an opportunity in the Arab Spring and decided to let the people choose their leaders and then we would work with whoever they elected. That strategy is being tested right now but we can’t expect everything to work 2 years into a democratic experiment. It took us 13 years to get our act together. There will always be a portion of the population that is fervently anti-American. I for one don’t think a strong handed approach will work given it hasn’t in the past. It doesn’t mean we lay back and see what happens. We need to be assertive, but we need to find the right balance of soft power and help build these new democracies. Whether you like who they elected or not.

  64. Rick


    Again, you still haven’t told me what you would do in Libya and Egypt. I’m genuinely curious.

  65. PabloZed

    64 – He would surrender. It is best to ignore that sociopath like most do.

  66. Will

    62 – Yes it is, and you are a bigot (but thatbis already well established here).

  67. K.G.

    #57: Kate, Well, yes, we DO see Obama signing executive orders, appointing czars, signing laws. So stuff is going on behind the scenes–and it’s not good stuff. It seems that stuff happens because of Valerie. People are on to it, accusing her of being Obama’s “mother.” She took umbrage that she “is not old enough to be Obama’s mother.” She did not, however, deny she was the power behind the throne.

    But when it comes to making true executive decisions of utmost political and geopolitical importance, accounts show Obama dithering, confused, absent, asking questions which reveal his shocking ignorance. People said, Oh, he’s completely inexperienced but smart enough to surround him with “experts” and they will tell him what to do.

    Of course, that won’t work if you’re sooooo inexperienced you have no clue about what the “experts” are telling you.

    Apparently Valerie’s pretty good at sliding in leftist policies under the radar. But when it comes to being the actual president, she’s as clueless as Obama. Or doesn’t give a rat’s behind.

  68. Kateshon

    64 – I’d make clear to the islamic people of the Middle East and Africa that:

    – If you violate American sovereignty with force of arms we will treat that as the armed invasion that it is. We will hunt you down and splatter your guts all over…

    — we are boosting research capacity to end our use of your oil…

    — if one more American dies, if our property is destroyed, if one more armed military action is taken against our people or property, you will be hunted down like dogs, and we will turn Mecca into glass.

    — we will not implement Sharia Law.

  69. rsdcllc

    @ Rick-#19,
    no, you should hold Bill Clinton responsible for 3000 dead americans.Hillary and Obama are responsible for the 4 dead americans. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that our people were not protected at all! If it was that unsafe, they should have been pulled out of Libya.

  70. K.G.

    We cannot kill every jihadi. We can protect our own people and property with a vengeance.

    The problem America has is her Left, for reasons we’ve discussed before, favors Islam over America/Israel.

  71. Kateshon

    66 – oh, the ad hominem attacks agains, you punk.

    The problem is not a lack of democracy. Nor poverty. The problem is islam.

    How could this be a religion when there is no grace but only the strict application of the Law?

    Islam is designed to stir up violence, aggression, war, terrorism, instability, injustice, slavery, hopelessness, suffering, despair and unnatural, needless death.

    All of those qualities are intrinsic, constitutive qualities of islam.

    It is a satanic POLITICAL system that was specifically created to be the Enemy’s response to Israel and Christ.

    Why do you think it feeds on rage and rape? On Jewish blood and Christian flesh?

    Serious question.

  72. rsdcllc

    Totally agree! They’re both media creations!

  73. K.G.

    I meant, America’s left favors Islam over America/Israel.

    Even tho the jihadis are filled with satanic hate, are hideous to gays and women, want to institute Sharia, which is antithetical to “cherished American traditions,” hate revered Hollywood, etc. etc., the Left loves them, bows to them, panders to them.

  74. uncdave

    If you are a poll junkie and want to understand more about party ID and why recent state polls by NBC/WJ are a joke… then read this.

  75. uncdave

    68… did you buy Romney in NV?

  76. Kateshon

    The islamic law does not recognize the dignity of human beings: it divides humanity between fidels and infidels. And there is no element of *grace* between ’em. None. Zero.

    That IS evil. Hence islam is not a redemptive religion, but a political system of slaves and masters.

  77. K.G.

    #76: It truly is a satanic religion: Holiness by force. We will either convert you, control you or kill you.

    Now, are there plenty of Muslims who just go about their business and don’t subscribe to this? You betcha? But the “good” Muslims are “bad” Muslims, if you get my drift.

  78. Kateshon

    75 – starting to build a position… i proceed incrementally…

  79. Islamic Kateshon

    Just because some Nazis have used violence as a way of advancing their cause does not mean that all Nazis are violent.

    To think so is bigoted and ignorant.

    Violence is a perversion of true Nazi philosophy. Most Nazis are peace-loving, and we should support and embrace them in our culture.

  80. uncdave

    nice crowd for Ryan last night in Harrisonburg VA

  81. Will

    71 – Nothing ad hominem about it. The evidence is quite clear that you are, in fact, a bigot.

  82. Will

    You people are ignorant. Educate yourselves, and stop reading anti-Islam blogs.

  83. Kateshon

    81/82 – You’re not responding to logic.

    Where is the element of grace is islam?

    And How could islam be a religion when its modus operandi is the strict application of a law dividing between fidels and non-fidels?

  84. Constitutional Conservative

    2.Sir David Says:
    Thinking that Radical Muslims will be impressed with the State dept celebrating Ramadan, is like thinking Hitler would’ve been impressed with us celebrating Oktoberfest. Think he still would’ve invaded Poland?

    Actually, Hitler brought that up in a little-known suicide note written immediately before he ingested poison in 1945.

    Hitler’s suicide note states, “I just found out that the Americans celebrate Oktoberfest. If I had known that before, I would have left the other countries alone. But now, look at what I have done . . . . If only I had known . . . . I hope they can forgive me.”

    I expect radical Muslims will have the same reaction when they find out the State dept celebrates Ramadan.

  85. Massachusetts Conservative

    Today is Super Saturday at Romney Victory offices all around the country. In Michigan alone, 70,000 calls were made just today as of 5 minutes ago.

  86. Wendilynn

    They are right, there is no way even 10 heavily armed men could have withstood the several 100 armed men that stormed that place. I think what bothers me the most about what happened to the Ambassador and his people is that they were MOVED from the embassy to protect their safety because the embassy was overrun and yet they were moved to a weaker home, with less security.

    That just has not made sense to me at all.

  87. Freddy Ardanza for Romney/Ryan

    82 (Will) is very hard to have a good imagen of muslin.

  88. Will

    83 – Because you are not logical.

  89. Will

    87 – Unless you actually look at facts, instead of rabid anti-Islam blogs.

  90. Kateshon

    89 – Again, you’re avoiding the question. Again, you’re not responding to logic:

    Where is the element of grace in islam?

    And how could islam be a religion when its modus operandi is the strict application of a law dividing between fidels and non-fidels?

  91. Constitutional Conservative

    If there is ever a symbol on public property implying that Christmas has something to do with Jesus Christ, the ACLU will immediately file suit because the Constitution says there can be no law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

    But when Obama says that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset,” it is no surprise that Hillary will make an exception for Islam and respect “an establishment of religion,” thus violating the Constitution.

  92. Freddy Ardanza for Romney/Ryan

    Will, I don’t read anti-Islam blogs but i read news about women getting killed by their parents for no being muslin enough, men convicted because they have become christians, people burning buildings, killing other people because someone offended a supposed prophet. Rational people don’t act like that, we christians (I’m catholic) don’t go everywhere making riots everytime someone make fun of Jesus Christ or the Pope or The Virgen Mary, I haven’t see any mormon making death threats to the creators of The Book of Mormon. We don’t act like animals.

  93. Kateshon

    92 – google ‘islam fgm*’

    warning: it is shocking, pure evil.

    Female genital mutilation*

  94. Will

    92 – No one is disputing that there aren’t radical Muslim’s.

  95. Will

    There have been plenty of atrocities done in the name of Christianity. That doesn’t justify painting the whole religion as “satanic”. Have any of you met any Muslims? Most of them are good, moral people.

  96. Kateshon

    95 – I did. I’ve traveled extensively in Kashmir.

    It’s not about the people, it’s about the political system.

    Fighting nazism was not a war against the German people, was it? It was a war aimed at exterminating this evil political system, and thus liberating those trapped inside of it.


    I can’t think of no “atrocities done in the name of Christianity”. Pray give us one example.

  97. Freddy Ardanza for Romney/Ryan

    Will, yes but those things were done in the middle age.

  98. PabloZed

    CNN did a story about the anti-muslim filmmaker. In a couple shots there was a poster of some kind with the words “Atlas Shrugged.”

    Is there an Ayn Rand connection here?

  99. Kateshon


    She seems to be a weird character. I don’t trust her fully.

    Ace had a couple of pretty damning posts about her during the primaries.

  100. Constitutional Conservative

    Will and Kateshon,

    I read just a few of the posts in your lengthy debate, and here is my take.

    There are many good and decent Muslims. I am sure Kat would agree to that if he has not already done so.

    The problem is that the Koran establishes parameters allowing for the violence that we see on a regular basis. Most people, including most Muslims, are not prone to violence, but those who are use the Koran to justify their acts in the same way that Christians used the Crusades and the Inquisitions to justify violence and killing people during the middle ages.

    The Egyptian people elected the Muslim Brotherhood to govern them knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto is: “Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

    Most Muslims want to live peaceful lives, but the imams and other leaders never call for Muslims to refrain from violence in their zeal to spread Islam. Just once, I would like to hear that a mullah or imam gave a sermon or said an Islamic prayer calling for Muslims to be peaceful and condemning those who are violent.

  101. Kateshon

    100 – yes, of course there are good people trapped into islam, as there were good folks in the Third Reich and in Soviet Union.

    Islam teaches that the only way that a person can be GUARANTEED of “paradise” is to die in jihad. Therefore, muslims will ALWAYS be in a state of war against someone, including other muslims. Because if there were total peace, there would be no sure means to achieve “salvation” according to muslim teaching.

    If muslims aren’t killing “infidels”, they turn on each other. This is already a proven fact, and has been for 1400 years. Sunni and Shia muslims have been at each other’s throats all along, and still are today.

    And because islam has no central authority, islam allows for every single self-ordained “imam” to be his own “pope” who can then alter, decide and concoct “doctrine”, and to also issue “fatwas” against any competing cleric, or entire groups of people.

    Islam has been designed to discourage unity, thus always fomenting and encouraging conflicts and wars within the caliphate itself.

  102. Will

    100 – You can say the same thing about the Old Testament.

  103. Will

    100 – There have been plenty of Muslin services on peace. Just because you haven’t heard them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  104. Kateshon

    102 – no you can’t.

    Besides, Christianity actually begins with the Incarnation, with the New Testament !!


    While you were talking about some vague “atrocities make in the name of Christianity” — WHICH ONES?

    Are you trolling or what?

  105. Kateshon

    103 – it does not matter. What matter is how islam operates.

    There were Nazi services of peace, too. So what?

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