April 5, 2012

Poll Analysis: Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll

  9:22 am

The Rasmussen daily tracking numbers are out:

(vs. Obama) Obama Candidate Candidate Lead
Romney 45 47 2
Santorum 46 44 -2
Gingrich n/a n/a n/a
Paul n/a n/a n/a

Mitt Romney dropped a percentage point against Obama. He now only leads the president by two ppts.

Rick Santorum rose a point against the president. He now only trails Obama by two ppts and trails Romney against the president by 4.

Rick seems to have settle right around 5 ppts behind Romney. He hasn’t been greater than +/- 3ppts from that value for a full month now. To be exact, the last time he was outside that range was March 5th when he was a mere 1 ppt behind Romney.




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Hmm, maybe people get what a sham threatening the SCOTUS is after all?


Jobless claims fall to 4 year low. We really do have a resilient economy.



#2 Wonder why not a five-year low or a 6, 8 or 10 year low? Oh yeah, because you can't go back that far and still have the numbers look good by comparison.

Jobless claims fell by 6,000.......SIX THOUSAND

Go MSM go!!! Obama is now fabulous, right?

My Man Mitt 4 President

I just watched two short video's on the Obama/ Hillary campaign. Interesting to say the least .. Watch both! http://thecompetentconservative.com/hillary-supporters-untold-obama-horror-stories/


1 That was ridiculous, Obama might as well have said, "how dare they defy me".


6. Well, one reason is that Rasmussen is the only poll on that list that bothers to whittle the numbers down to "likely" voters. The rest are "registered voters". Polls based on "likely" voters are more accurate than those based on "registered" voters. We'll get better polling as time goes by. Polls don't mean much of anything at this point anyway, and that goes for the one that shows Romney ahead as well.


I want to believe

But I don't

All the other polls have Romney losing badly (esp among Independents)

He's got my vote, but this poll only reinforces the notion that Rassmussen leads right (or at best has a failed methodology of robocall-surveys on only landlines)



He just answered you, dummy! Registered polls are worth crap but are cheap to produce.Rasmussen does likely voter polling which is much more accurate. This will be a low turnout election. Romney probably will win because his voters are more reliable.

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