April 4, 2012

Ryan Rising

  3:46 pm

So says WaPo’s Chris Cilliza:

While it’s clear that Ryan’s stint on the stump amounted to a sort of vice presidential tryout, it’s actually something that President Obama said in a speech on Tuesday in Washingtonthat convinced us that Ryan deserved to be in the top-tier of the veepstakes.

In what was a defining speech of his 2012 reelection campaign, Obama repeatedly called out Ryan and Republicans for their “laughable” approach to deficit reduction, describing the budget plan put forward by the Wisconsin Republican as a “Trojan horse”. Added Obama: “Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.”

Them’s fighting words. And, they make clear that a major part of Obama’s strategy heading toward November is to make Ryan — and the budget plans he has proposed in each of the last two years — famous or, more accurately, infamous. (Make sure to read Ezra Klein’s smart piece on Obama’s efforts to elevate Ryan.)

Knowing now that Obama is going to go all-out on the Ryan plan, it makes an increasing amount of sense for Romney to not only fully embrace the plan (as he has done) but to fully embrace the man too.

It’s not hard to imagine this thought in Romney headquarters this morning: You want to make the Ryan plan the centerpiece of this campaign? Fine. Game on. That’s a fight we want.

Here’s Ryan’s Romney introduction last night, which started the buzz.



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That's how we're going to win if we do. Point out Obama's dirty tactics to the American people. Make them notice what's really going on with Obama's campaign. He really does have nothing to run on. And he really is going to play nasty. And the American people will notice and make him pay a price if they believe that's what's happening this Fall.

Conservative Independent

Paul Ryan would be a great pick. Plus, he and Romney get along so well. Plus, he was able to help Mitt win the state of Wisconsin which will be an important factor in the general.


I don't know about Ryan, Romney would need to have quite the forgiving heart..


Some guy on Hugh Hewitt yesterday said that Rob Portman is very much liked and supported by many inside the Romney campaign. He seemed to be suggesting that he had some inside information.

Also earlier on Hugh Hewitt Michael Barone brought up Portman's name as the most logical choice from an electoral standpoint. He is very accomplished and highly respected. He won OH 57%-39% in 2010 which is probably the most important state this year. He may be somewhat vanilla, but he is hard to make much of an issue out of and that is what Obama desperately needs to do in this campaign so that it doesn't become about his record.

Romney/Portman 2012?


I agree with James from TX. Portman, from Hmilton County, Ohio, make a lot of sense. Not much sizzle though. Ready on day one though.


If MR goes younger generational then at this point I think Rubio brings more sizzle along with Florida. MR can embrace the Plan witout having the Man.

However best choice in my humble opinion is Portman. So much gravitus and day one ready. The Obama will have little attack fodder. Also Ohio is critical.



We need a woman on the ticket. Romney/Hasselbeck '12. "View to a Kill" is the campaign song.


I saw Romney and Ryan on Fox together, and they came across as a great team. They had great chemistry and really seemed to feed well off of eachother. Although I think Christie would be great, seeing him and Romney side by side just didn't seem to fit, whereas Ryan and Romney seem to both have that same analytical, no nonsense, business-like persona. Ryan almost seems like a young Mitt. IMHO and so far, Ryan looks to be a great pick for VP.


Although I very much like Ryan and would be enthused with his selection should he be tapped with the VP nomination, I am still thinking that OK Senator Tom Coburn would be a good choice, as well. As I said on a thread yesterday:

In regard to some of the VP speculation that has gone on, I’d like to throw a quick name into the ring: Tom Coburn. He’s conservative, he’s smart, he’s serious, and he’s pragmatic. He also would counter Mitt geographically, he can do a good job connecting with the more rugged-individualist conservatives of the mountain west as well as the traditional conservatives of the mid-west, and he has exposure on the national stage as well as in both public and private service. I know he has indicated his wishes to go back to Oklahoma and leave the political realm, but is there any possibility he may consider the position if asked?

I'll only add that Coburn has also been involved in the budget negotiation talks and, since he is older, may carry more "gravitas" than Ryan. But, honestly, I'd be happy with Ryan, Rubio, Christie, Daniels, Jeb, or Coburn.


What gives with Ryan's eyes? They seem vampire-ish, but blue, like he is a vegan vampire, only dines on animal blood. His eyes should be darker given his dark hair.

la enchiladita

Enough with letting Ryan upstage Romney. He needed Ryan for the WI primary and that should be enough. Nominating Ryan for veep and making his budget the centerpiece issue would be to fall into a deadly trap over which Dems are salivating. The ticket would lose all possibility of appealing to the independents they need to win, who perceive entitlement cuts as "out of touch" with average Americans. And not all Republicans want to go full-out libertarian either.

Anyway, I don't recall that Romney has "fully embraced" Ryan's budget. He may respect some parts of it but I don't think there is a full embrace there. He said what was politic. I think Mitt is a lot smarter and more pragmatic on the issue than Ryan.


I like Rubio, but he is too green. There is too much risk there. I think it is Portman or Ryan.


What exactly has Paul Ryan accomplished before becoming Budget Chairman?

He's voted for every single big government Republican program: No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, Export-Import Bank, TSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, raising debt ceiling multiple times, extension of unemployment insurance, etc.

Why do we keep supporting Republicans who don't adhere to Republican principles?

I hope everyone understands that Paul Ryan's budget will cut $94 billion in the first year. Even if his budget miraculously passes the Senate and gets signed by the President, a $94 billion cut will not change the course of history. If some people want to argue incrementalism, I can kind of agree but don't act like Paul Ryan's budget will save our country.

RayinRI (Romney / Rubio or Ryan)

Sorry if this has been posted but everyone should listen to Mitt's speech today, Belts Obama hard! Expect this for the GE.

Go get him Mitt!!



EW, the problem when you say "Why do we keep supporting Repubs who don't adhere to GOP principles", those principles aren't defined. Who defines them? Who is authorized to define them? This is especially problematic when those principles evolve quickly (e.g. pre-2008, the individual mandate for healthcare was a solid GOP idea, now it belongs to radical dems).

Similarly, the extreme right wingers or tea partiers if you will, refer to all regular GOPers as RINO's, but in reality it is the other way around. The establishment and the majority defines who the party is, not the fringe. So one might say folks are CINO's (Conservatives), but GOP is defined by the GOP, not the fringe who wish there was a more right-wing party than the GOP.


He has been my top pick for a few weeks now. Although at that time I didn't think Romney would choose him. I still have my doubts.

The job numbers are down for this month as well as the stock market.

Look out...


Also EW, when you say:

"I hope everyone understands that Paul Ryan’s budget will cut $94 billion in the first year. Even if his budget miraculously passes the Senate and gets signed by the President, a $94 billion cut will not change the course of history. If some people want to argue incrementalism, I can kind of agree but don’t act like Paul Ryan’s budget will save our country."

What is a better, realistic, solution? That is the problem. There really aren't any. Sure one can throw out all the pie-in-the-sky type ideas for cutting the deficit, but the reality is that 4/5ths of Americans would hate them and they would never make them through the legislative hurdles.



Ok, disregard that question in my post. Would you defend these programs - No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, Export-Import Bank, TSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, raising debt ceiling multiple times, extension of unemployment insurance?

Rick Santorum has already said he regrets voting for No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D. Do you think Paul Ryan will admit those were mistakes too or would he defend those programs?


Swint - Why do you talk like Paul Ryan's budget is a realistic solution? It will not pass the Senate and will not be signed by the President.


Romney/Ryan. Wow. An unbelievable duo. Brains and common sense in the White House.

Do we realize how unique a Presidency a Romney Presidency will be?

A businessman and CEO in the whitehouse. The first time in years.

Obama: Community Organizer

Bush: Son of a President quasi-businessman, compassionate conservative, war hawk.

Clinton: Lawyer/politician of the worst kind

Bush: Self-made Oil family. Not super-business savvy (but closest we got for a long time)

Reagan: Actor, with good instincts, but no businessman

Carter: Peanut farmer

It's been a long time since the white house had a CEO


I have to love it when there's more discussion on who Romney's VP will be, and how the Romney/Obama race will play out than there is about the race between Romney and... who's that guy?

la enchiladita

I have a better solution. The only way the public can get behind any budget proposals from Congress that include cuts would be if the sponsor first proposes a severe pay cut for all Congress members. I'm not talking about a token pay freeze for a year or two; I'm talking about a permanent pay CUT. Also, the congressional pension system needs to be stringently revamped.

Look. Congress has become the enemy of the People. They have a lot to do to restore credibility. Ryan is not selling credibility. Both sides of the aisle are out of touch.


20 I think it's fair to say that Romney knows more about business and the economy than any president we've ever had. Partially because he knows more about the economy than we knew about the economy 40 years ago, but still.

la enchiladita

18. Not to mention that Ryan, along with other members of the Stupid Party, voted to extend the so-called "payroll tax cut" for another year, further depriving SS and Medicare of revenues. Everything I've seen him do so far is a mere political maneuver, nothing original.


I also really like Portman and can see his importance espcially because OH will be so important.


I like Ryan, he and Romney have a real synergy together, Paul is popular with both Tea Party and Establishment conservatives. He'd also likely carry Wisconsin and is unquestionably competent enough to be a Vice President.

Portman is a very logical choice, but this ticket needs some sizzle. Still, if you can put Ohio in the bag, you've won the election imo.

Rubio is still my first choice and it's clear the Democrats are most afraid of him. I would rank Paul Ryan though a close 2nd.


Romney/Ryan: Two wonkish upper midwesterners. Yeah, that's the ticket. *gag*

la enchiladita

14. This is a terrific presentation.

Firecracker (Romney / Ryan)

Has anyone heard this resolution/threat made by the Texas GOP Mitt Romney. They are basically threatening Romney that if he doesn't participate in the debate there, they are going to try to deny him delegates from the state and force a brokered convention. What the HELL is wrong with these people?



Why would the dude who railed against Washington go for a Congresstard?

Sorry, Ryan's smart, but rounding out the ticket with a guy from within the Beltway party hierarchy makes it cognitively dissonant instead of balanced.

Nevertheless, I'd hope the Romney camp does nothing to dissuade Obama and his media pals from investing a lot in the Romney/Ryan narrative.


28 -- Definitely worth checking out. That video gives me hope!

What a joke he has become.


The buzz today is that Romney is considering Condi Rice.

I think Ryan and Rubio are too young and inexperienced, especially Rubio.



I have the same coloring as Ryan - blue eyes, black hair. Mine comes from my Irish ancestors, and Ryan's last name is Ryan so it's safe to assume he has Irish ancestors too.


28. That should come as no surprise. The Law Lecturer in Chief would have to reach the end of his tape's infinite loop eventually. The time is now. This is the moment. (Oops!)



Its not the first time, either.

When the Danes are clowning on you, maybe its time to get some new material.


33- Ohhh, I would very much like Condi

la enchiladita

One last thought re veep: Jim DeMint.


30 -- I sent in a reply to the editor.

I would suggest everyone do the same.

This would only further damage our nominee.

Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012)

"Romney/Ryan: Two wonkish upper midwesterners. Yeah, that’s the ticket. *gag*"

First of all, Romney is not a midwesterner, he's a NorthEasterner. Secondly, what's wrong with Ryan. You've been openly critical of Romney. Now, you're openly critical of Ryan. Just who the hell do you want on the ticket??


37 Watching that made me fell embarrassed for Obama.


30 That's just horrible. The race will be either over, or practically over by the time they reach Texas (meaning the point at which Santorum couldn't possibly win), and Santorum will probably not be able to secure the 1144 delegates even if he won Texas and every state after it.


41. Romney strikes me much more like upper midwesterners that I've met than like northeasterners. Mitt is culturally much more like the folks in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota -- and for that matter, upstate New York, Erie PA, and the other Great Lakes fringe territory.

To your other point, it's just mild passing snark. Nothing to get all crooked up over.



Mitt should put a West Virginian on the ticket, and that would be marvelous!

Now who would it be...




How about LTC. Allen West? He brings in the south, the military, Tea Party, conservative, vets and black vote. Rubio was born her but his parents did not become citizens until years later. They have ties to Cuba. Jindal came here as a child.

Paul Ryan is young, smart and trusted. A woman would be great too.



Not Allen West. Way, way too much baggage. Plus his temperament would cause huge problems.


45. Pretty pointless search, I gather. Then again, we've only got a few dozen Republicans available in the state. Slim pickin's.


37 If Obama criticizes Romney's VP's experience then Romney should say he "punches above his weight class." That would be freaking hilarious.


49 To whom?


Actually, since Mitt has been talking executive experience and a career spent outside Washington, he should choose an accomplished governor with at least one term under his belt. He should choose a southerner to balance out the ticket geographically and to pay respect to a base that is suspicious of him.

That's right. I'm talkin' Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer III, baby!


#46 Lori: Bobby Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


HUGE crowd to see Mitt Romney at a rally in Pennsylvania…very nice!


Thanks for posting this. i really wanted to hear what Ryan was saying last night and CNN had Piers Morgan talking over the whole thing. Fox didn't even show the video.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

*** Breaking News ***

Tim Johnson NOT! running for re-election

s: http://www.politico.com

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)


Different Tim Johnson. NOt the democratic senator. Sorry :(. Thought we had another pickup oppty

Vladimir Putin

49 - I heard about that. I guess the implication is that Romney let's his wife figure out what is going on with women voters and reports to him (at least that is the interpretation I heard earlier today).


54 Did I see a couple of the Santorum kids in that pic? :)


58 I think it's more like as Ann Romney campaigns and speaks to women they're concerned about the economy and gas prices. Ann then tells Mitt. Mitt then mentioned it as a way of saying they have a platform that should be appealing to women.



Is Molly headed to Penn?

Is it accurate Santorum taking four days off for Easter Holiday? If so what are the implications?


SMACKDADDY nods his head in approval.

Romney/Ryan 2012!!

Can't Wait for Rubio's America (Romney/Ryan 2012) (Rubio/Paul 2020)

I changed my mind we need Ryan on the ticket. If Obama's going to challenge us, we need to accept that challenge. We need to go all in. We need to stand up for what we believe in and what we know is right. I don't care if we lose, we need to fight. No running away, no hiding from it. Complete full on embrace. Show them why our vison for this country is superior and fight for the principles that will get us there. That includes Ryan's budget first and foremost, and who better to help Romney make the arguement then the budgets architech himself.

This is a moment that defines our nation. Lets go for it. Send the inadept clown back to Chicago.


63 I'm not committed to anyone for VP particularly, but I was thinking picking Ryan might help define the issues in the race. If he picks Ryan, I would think the debate would be all about the budget and the economy.


Ryan looking like a top tier candidate here. Rubio not on my short list. Too green, too full of himself and he didn't pull for Romney when the chips were down....

Not enough dues paid yet by Rubio....but I'm sure he'll be ready in 8-10 years to sweep us all off our feet...


WaPo has another great article about the chemistry between Romney and Ryan sparking talk of a ticket.


And this is when Sherry Magner, the pharmacy clerk, decided who she thinks Romney should pick as his running mate.

“I thought the chemistry was really great between the two of them,” Magner, 61, said. “I was watching each one as the other spoke, and there was not only respect, but a smile they gave each other.”

Added Jeff Burns, 54, the boat parts supplier, who was also in the audience: “This election’s gonna turn on the economy and you’ve got two guys who know what it takes to fix the economy. You’re talking about a very successful businessman and the most knowledgeable congressman available.”

I still prefer Romney/Jindal but I understand the point about chemistry. Both of them seemed unusually good in all the rallies they did together. It's hard to see how or when Romney and Jindal could develop that chemistry. Romney's going to have no reason to campaign in Louisiana and Jindal's probably not quite prominent enough to start barnstorming the country with Romney. Somehow or another, Romney and Jindal are going to have to do a few rallies together, to see if they'd make a comfortable ticket. Another reason why Santy and Newt need to go. Jindal's not going to endorse until they're gone and therefore he won't be campaigning with Romney until they're gone. Still, I'd be ecstatic about Romney/Ryan. Not gonna lie.


I think Obama's grenade launch at Ryan's plan shows he and his people are most afraid of Ryan. Things are really picking up steam now. It will be interesting to see what Obama comes up with creatively over the next few months as he slings stuff at the wall in hopes he can attack, divide, and lie his way out of a defeat.


66. Furthermore, Jindal is definitely not playing his cards right:

Gingrich, Santorum to join Jindal in NY ahead of primary


Kentucky Wildcats 2012

I was watching 5 different shows on tv tonight including a bit on MSNBC where they seemed almost giddy at the chance Ryan might be on the ticket. Who can tell whether it is sincere, but it would be awfully strange if it looked like Obama picked Romney's vp (which is how it would be spun).



Of course they're giddy over it. They love class warfare and they think the American people are stupid. Being giddy doesn't mean they have a good reason to be. Probably just means they're stupid.


71, 69

Could also mean they are nervous. They know BHO cannot run on his economic record.


68. SixMom, why not? Jindal is the keynote speaker, and not responsible for inviting Newt and Rick. There is no one more qualified to be president in this country than Jindal. He absolutely deserves consideration in spite of endorsing Rick Perry early in the race. Jindal is someone I could wholeheartedly endorse for POTUS any day of the week. He is Romney's equal in many ways.

My personal favorites are Ryan, Rubio, Christie, Jindal, Portman and maybe Daniels or McDonnell. Each have the capacity to be president, and each bring something to the ticket. But I don't really care who Mitt chooses. We are so fortunate to have so many qualified people available.


Asparagus is coming around to Romney/Ryan as well. If I can't have Elisabeth Hasselbeck as VP and Joy Behar as Court Jester, then I'm good with Ryan.


We keep talking about a VP for Romney, and there's no doubt Ryan belongs on the short list. The problem, as with Rubio, is that he has no executive experience....and that it's seriously unlikely as to whether he could assume the office, if it came to that.

Compare him to Portman, for a minute. Rob won in a landslide in Ohio, state wide, which is a nice contrast, given that Ryan won in a CD. You have a Senator, as opposed to a Congressman. Portman HAS chief executive experience, as well as budget experience as head of OMB. He also has foreign policy experience.

Both are policy wonks, and both are better than average politicians. Both endorsed Mitt and campaigned with him. Both probably made the difference for Mitt in their respective states, although Ohio is about twice the size of Wisconsin, and more crucial to the election.

They both belong on the short list, and either would make a good pick, but I'd go with Portman.


I just realized I posted this to the wrong thread, so I'm reposting here--with apologies.

Okay, I will preface this with the concession that I freely concede that these are “out there” VP names. But it doesn’t hurt to plumb the depths of the available GOP talent.

First “outside the box” option: Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Pros: He’s been vetted by a presidential campaign and is someone who would appeal to swing voters.

Cons: He’s Mormon, and the “Two Mormons” ticket could become a distracting subscript. And he doesn’t have the “sizzle” that folks on here have been talking about.

Second “outside the box” option: Mary Taylor

Pros: She is Lt. Governor in Ohio and is popular there. She won as part of Gov. Kasich’s run in 2010, and she was the only person to win a statewide Republican race in 2006. She is married and is a CPA (worked for Deloitte and Touche), and she has prior experience as a city council member, member of the Ohio General Assembly, and as Ohio State Auditor. She is a woman, and this could help with the gender gap in the swing states.

Cons: She is less experienced and less vetted than many other more high profile candidates.

Third “outside the box option: Jennifer Carroll

Pros: She is Lt. Governor in Florida, a swing state, and is popular there. She served as a state legislator from 2003 to 2010, and she is a veteran (Lietenant Commander) of the U.S. Navy. First African American and first woman to be Lt. Gov. in Florida. She is an African American woman, and this could help with the gender gap in the swing states. Look at her picture on Wikipedia…she is an impressive and striking person.

Cons: She was born in Tobago, so I’m not 100% sure of how that might impact her eligibility to run for Veep. She also is less experienced and less vetted than many other higher profile candidates.

Just thinking outside the box a bit for the heck of it…


I don't think Ryan would be the best politically (in fact, I think he's one of the worst choices politically), but there is a definite possibility that Romney has his business manager hat on and decides Ryan would make a great partner and give him the job.


Romney leading in Pennsylvania (PPP)


Have to say, the Daily Show's opening bit on Santorum's bad night was pretty funny. I muted the tv when Santo came on last night, didn't realize how awful and rambling his speech was.


79. Where can I find the video on the web, or can you post a link (I'm not the most savvy when it comes to web skills...)? Thanks-


76 - Great to think outside the box, but the national stage is just not the place to have a coming out party.



Jennifer Carroll isn't eligible. She's not a natural born citizen.


PublicPolicyPolling ? @ppppolls Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

Pennsylvania: Romney 42, Santorum 37, Paul 9, Gingrich 6:



I'm sorry I just watched it on tv at 10:00. Maybe they'll put a vid up, I'll look.


Like it or not , Mitt has tied himself to Ryan by endorsing his budget proposal. Doesn't matter if Ryan is on the ticket or not , Mitt will have to defend it.So, wouldn't it be logical to have on the ticket the one guy who can best fend off the attacks on the budget proposal?

Mitt and Ryan had great chemistry together and looked great as a campaign team. If Romney doesn't pick a Hispanic , a woman, or minority running mate, Ryan is my first pick among the white male crowd. He is smart, articulate, Mid Westener, youthful, expert on budget policy and an experienced legislator.


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