April 3, 2012

District of Columbia, Maryland, and Wisconsin Results Open Forum

  5:20 pm

The polls in our nation’s capitol and the State of Maryland close at 8:00pm EDT. That is less than two hours away.

The polls in Wisconsin close at 9:00pm EDT. That is a little more than two hours away.

Have at it in the comments.


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662 Responses to “District of Columbia, Maryland, and Wisconsin Results Open Forum”

  1. Jeff Y:

    Haha, thanks for combining them Mark. That was about to be really confusing…

  2. Rich:

    Here is Santorum after losing tonight…

  3. marK:

    Yes, I realized as soon as I did it that, hmmm, that won’t work, will it?

  4. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    Let’s go for a double digit devastating badger state victory, Mitt!

    On to PA to slay the whiny dragon!

  5. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Make sure you post the upcoming exit polls as soon as they’re out. Can’t wait to dig in.

  6. Gunlock Bill:

    CBS early exit polling,


  7. Boomer:

    The True Conservatives are leaving the ship.


    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  8. Dave:

    People who aren’t following the campaign simply won’t be aware that Santorum’s blatant distortions of Romney’s record are untrue. People blithely assume that things presented as facts on a tv screen have at least some truth in them. Many understand that there IS no truth in them….if they’ve been following the campaign.

    The others need a responsible media to sort out fact from fiction…..and there isn’t one.

  9. NY4Romney(Romney/Ryan 2012):

    I think Ron Paul will get more votes tonight then Newt will. Newt will drop out once Adelson is tired of wasting money.

  10. krissmith777:

    I predict a Romney triple win.



  11. John2:

    Hopefully Santorum will quit when he loses his home state at least.

  12. Florida Conservative:

    Well I hope Mitt can win Wisconsin by at least 10 or 12 points, I think that will put extreme pressure on Santorum to get out of this thing and the entire party uniting behind Romney to end this thing

  13. Smack1968:

    Santorum is not the problem.

    Santorum with his piggy bank war chest is not the problem.

    Team Obama and the Liberal Press is the problem.

    Team Mitt will need to hit Obama every week, every month with a simple message…..4 more years of Obama = USA Destruction.

  14. Greg:

    I suspect that the Dems will play havoc with Wisconsin and keep Romney’s victory to single digits. The Obama supporters are showing up at the polls for the recall, so they will be a force for santorum today.

  15. SixMom:

    13. Yep

  16. Osul:

    Obama supporters hoping for RS will keep WI in single digits. RS must be SO proud.

  17. andym:

    14. agree which is what makes me nervous. Washington post exit polls show 10% dems voted in the primary today and vast majority of them I am sure voted for Santo, this will make the race much closer than it should have been.

  18. Greg:

    16. Santorum reaches out to them for support.

  19. DrJeckyllAZ:

    14. Is there something on the ballot today in WI having to do with the recall? I thought the recall votes were going to be in May (Dem primary) and June (recall)??

  20. marK:


    So one of the top Southern Baptists, Richard Land, is telling Santorum that Wisconsin is your last chance. If you don’t win the Badger State then it’s time to start rallying around Romney.

    Ah, he’s just an establishment RINO not representative of true conservative evangelicals.

    *cough* *cough*

  21. Greg:

    17. If it is only 10%, then I feel better. I think Romney will win by double digits among Republicans.

  22. Boomer:


    How’s this?


    I mean granted, he didn’t call him a socialist Muslim but he has been hitting him hard daily.

  23. My Man Mitt 4 President:

    CNN Exit polls show democrat spoilers at work in WI.

  24. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Fox News says Mitt winning among Tea Partiers, Evangelicals, and Very Conservative voters in the contests today. Big news. Big.

  25. Heath:

    Heath’s preiction:

    Mittens 47%
    Tanty Santy 39%
    Paul 8%
    Newt 5%

  26. brs:


    10% is normal crossover in Wisconsin in an election with an uncontested other side

  27. My Man Mitt 4 President:

    26. It looks like 32% of those are for Santorum.

  28. brs:


    The unions tried to organize against Romney. They won’t win.

  29. Common Cents:


    If only 10% of the GOP Primary is registered Democrats, Santorum is toast. I would actually be willing to bet a huge chunk of that 10% is actually voting for Ron Paul.

  30. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Wisconsin Tea Partiers

    Romney – 52%
    Santorum – 33%

  31. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Late deciders in WI:

    Romney – 42%
    Santorum – 39%

  32. Civil politics:

    Super high turn out in my Wisconsin percent….mid term and general levels….I live on the outskirts of very conservative mainstream upper level income Waukeshau county

  33. Jennie:

    #2…Hilarious and perfectly fitting….LOL

  34. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    Late deciders…hmmm…Sunday school bounce? Romney should win by double digits if his holds.

  35. DrJeckyllAZ:

    CNN Wisconsin exits:

    Decided in last few days-

    Romney 51
    Santorum 38


    Romney 38
    Santorum 33

  36. Boomer:

    Wow. Rural voters only go for Santorum 37% to 35% for Romney.

    Not good for Captain Contraceptives.

  37. Greg:

    36. Not good at all.

  38. Greg:

    What is Spetrino saying? Somebody has to know….

  39. SGS:

    From the exit polls numbers shared here, it looks like the Republicans want to wrap up the primaries, and get behind one obvious front runner. Is this the mood rest of you are getting?

  40. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Wow, that’s very different than what Fox had.

  41. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Do you even know anything about Spetrino? Anything? Why do you believe him? What are his credentials?

  42. Jerald:

    Has Adam Graham stopped putting up the Baghdad Bob FFP or is he waiting until after Santorum’s crushing defeat today?

    After all, according to Santy “May looks good for us”…

  43. krissmith777:


    Who the hell cares?

  44. Jerald:

    35 minutes until the call DC and MD for Mitt…

  45. Susan:

    Final Spetrino numbers are….

    Mitt winning Maryland 49-34 over Santorum

    Mitt winning Wisconsin 46-42 over Santorum, with many Dem’s voting for Santorum..

    Let’s just say this is total crap and if true this race will go on for a long time!!

    Screw Spetrino!!!

  46. DrJeckyllAZ:

    43. This is an evening for rejoicing and revelling…don’t worry, be happy! :-)

  47. Florida Conservative:

    CNN’s Exit’s are looking good for Mitt!

  48. krissmith777:


    Yeah, I think it’s safe to predict Romney will do better than 4 points in WI.

  49. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Can someone who likes and believes Bill Spetrino tell me why they believe him? Tell me what qualifies him for your trust.

  50. krissmith777:


    Oh I’m happy alright. This will put one of the last few nails in the coffin in Santorum’s coffin.

  51. DrJeckyllAZ:

    47. Agreed…37 to 35 in rural voters is huge! This will be a good night…the Mitt hat trick!

  52. krissmith777:


    I gave Spetrino his chance because I didn’t know much about him. Well, he blew it in MSS. And he still says his Primary polls were accurate… What a riot!

  53. DrJeckyllAZ:

    50. And we all have permission to do some dancing on the grave… 😉

  54. Greg:

    Spetrino has rock-solid insider access to news anchors. The GUY is not to be DOUBTED!

  55. Florida Conservative:

    Where is a link to the CNN Exit Polling?

  56. krissmith777:



  57. krissmith777:


    Yeah…well if true, it sure did him a lot of good in his Illinois, Colorado and Mississippi polls. HA!

    The guy is a fraud.

  58. Massachusetts Conservative:


    They aren’t POLLS. He lies and says they are. They are not. They are numbers he puts on his site to get gullible people to go on his site. Show me evidence he does “polling,” and then I’ll believe you.

  59. krissmith777:


    The poll itself doesn’t seem to have been posted yet.

  60. SGS:

    Kris (50) We cannot keep the coffin shut when there is a vampire inside. Perhaps we should drive a stake through its heart, instead? If so, what would it be?

  61. Michael:

    My Predictions for MD/WI/DC

    Romney 53%
    Santorum 26%
    Paul 12%
    Gingrich 7%
    others 2%

    Romney 48%
    Santorum 34%
    Paul 10%
    Gingrich 7%
    others 1%

    Romney 68%
    Paul 21%
    Gingrich 11%

  62. Florida Conservative:


    If tha is the final outcome I will be very happy!

  63. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    Count Santobama’s stake in the heart is winning in PA and making him relive his embarrassing defeat.

    Let it be done.

  64. K.G.:

    #60: I dunno, but I wish someone could figure it out. It certainly isn’t honor or commonsense.

  65. Conservative Independent:

    Do not forget the exit polls do not include the early and absentee voters. Those should strongly favor Romney

  66. Jerald:

    CNN getting ready to report that Dems that are voting in WI are voting big time for Santorum.

    Oh joy…

  67. Dave:

    My best guess from the Exit polls: Mitt will win by 7 or 8 points in Wisconsin.

  68. Maverick1995:

    If you take the unmarried, married question from the CNN exits and compare that number to other similar states then you get 70% married voters compared to 30% unmarried voters, which would put Romney’s winning margin between 7-8 points.
    Apparently CNN did not ask that question in the 2008 Wisconsin exits.

  69. William:

    Well this totally sucks, Dem’s voting in HUGE numbers for Santorum in Wisconsin means Romney only wins by 6 or 7 points!! That means this race goes on even longer! Thanks to the Open Primaries!!
    Romney had to win by Double Digits tonight in Wisconsin to make a statement, now it looks like that’s not gonna happen!

  70. William:


    Not gonna be good enough! He needs to win by much much more than that!

  71. marK:

    Oh, I rather suspect that a big double digit loss among Republicans and a huge cross-over vote in favor of him is going to have some effect on Rick Santorum.

  72. Boomer:

    Exit poll after the first period:

    Saintly New York Rangers 4

    Heathen Philadelphia Flyers 0

  73. Massachusetts Conservative:


    What do you mean it will have an effect? Will it encourage him, discourage him? Personally, I think it will have no effect. He’s not dropping out unless he’s either in danger of losing PA, or he actually does.

  74. Ella Minnow:

    CNN exits: Santorum barely ahead of Romney among rural voters & those for whom a candidate’s religious beliefs matters a lot.

  75. kris smith:


    I meant to agree with you, for the record.

    (To the webmasters, sorry for posting under a slightly different name. For some reason krissmith777 cannot post anymore.)

  76. Michael:

    I still think a double digit win in WI for Mitt. Maybe not 14 like I said but 10, 11 points. Cross over dems will be about 8-10% of the voters and not all for Sanatorium.

  77. EDDY:

    69, it is all about delegates, it is winner take all.

  78. kris smith:

    Romney wins in MD

  79. Boomer:

    1 down

  80. Dave:

    Romney wins Maryland, with a probable 49%.

  81. kris smith:


    Romney wins in a wipe out in MD

  82. Ella Minnow:

    per FOX, Mitt won Maryland.

  83. kris smith:

    The full exit poll results:


  84. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    both Fox and CNN have called Maryland for Mitt.

  85. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Mitt wins <$50k in MD 40% to 33%.


  86. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Has DC been called yet?

  87. kris smith:


    Not yet.

  88. Dave:

    For voters who wanted the ability to beat Obama more than any other attribute, Romney wins 72% to 12%. Question: WHAT in the name of all that’s holy is that 12% thinking?!

  89. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Why not? Santorum is not even on the ballot in DC.

  90. kris smith:


    That they would rather have a symbolic candidate than one who can actually win?

  91. Dave:

    DC hasn’t been called because there was no Exit polling. Have to wait for the results.

  92. kris smith:


    Wolf Blitzer said it was because they have no Exit polls, so they are waiting for results.

  93. SGS:

    Dave – those 12% may think the same as Palin, that we need a Santa Claus, eh, I mean, “True Conservative” to beat Obama. Or maybe they are the Newties who have forgot that Newt was not the one who balanced the federal government budget. And let’s not forget we do have a few of Paulities who somehow got it in their head that Paul can beat anyone.

  94. la enchiladita:

    74. According to Sean Trende, those rural voters are largely democrats, accounting for the Santeria voters. Trende also suggested 49% for Mitt would “close the deal.” Come on, Wisconsin!


  95. Jerald:

    Can Romney win MD with over 50%?

  96. kris smith:

    Well, at least Jason is not here to taunt us.

    It’s……heaven. XD

  97. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Are all 3 primaries tonight WTAs?

  98. Jerald:

    #96 kris

    Yeah, it’s all going according to plan…LOL

  99. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    I’m keeping my fingers crossed on us having a troll free site tonight.

  100. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Only DC is.

    MD and WI are WTA by CD and the statewide winner also gets about half of the delegates WTA.

    Mitt will win DC and MD and get all the delegates in both states. In WI he will win the vast majority of delegates.

  101. Jonathan:

    Politico declares that Romney has won both DC and Maryland.


  102. kris smith:


    Understandable. We have been overconfident here before (Okay, I was overconfident) about Mississippi, and then we all remember how that turned out.

  103. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    When is the Moon having their primary or caucus? I project Newt should easily win that one. :)

  104. marK:


    I didn’t say it would be enough to cause him to drop out, but I think it will still have an effect on him. If nothing else, more people like Dr. Land (#7 and #20) are going to start getting on his case to do the right thing.

  105. marK:

    Santorum is running out of excuses to stay in except sheer bull-headed-ness

  106. Heil Preußen!:


    Willard “Flipromney” the crapweasel can’t even win 75% in his backyard state of Maryland. What a weak frontrunner!
    50% of the Republican party do not want milquetoast crapweasels like Willard!

    Sorry, I was channeling my inner Harold.

  107. Jonathan:


    People have stayed in for less.

  108. kris smith:

    Santorum today:

    “We’ve done a great job of taking the seven loaves and fishes and turning them into 11 state wins.”

    Is it just me, or is his implying a comparison to Jesus Christ??

  109. marK:


    Gee, didn’t Huckabee use that analogy four years ago?

  110. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    On the stubborn-o-meter/bullhead-o-meter, who rates more stubborn & bullheaded in your opinion, Newt or Santorum?

  111. kris smith:


    Of course. Newt would be the only one voting. XD

  112. kris smith:


    IF he did, I don’t remember.

  113. marK:


    I would say Santorum. Newt has seen the hand-writing on the wall and is acting accordingly. He has toned things way down and has been focusing almost exclusively on Obama.

    Santorum, on the other hand, …

  114. Jonathan:


    That’s easy, it’s Santorum. Gingrich has at least given up the delusion that he’s going to be the nominee. Now he says his goal is to “try and influence the platform.” Santorum still thinks that he has a shot at actually winning the nomination.

  115. marK:


    I am pretty sure Huck used it right after the Ames straw poll.

  116. Boomer:

    Mitt, do it.

  117. Boomer:

    Give him the Ivan Drago.

  118. Machtyn:

    88. Those 12% are disillusioned Santorum and Paul supporters.

    The biggest news to me in WI is that rural voters are essentially even on exit polling between Santorum (37%) and Romney (35%).

  119. kris smith:

    Just noticed this by looking at the CNN Exit poll

    Among the “Very Conservative” in MD, Romney and Santorum are tied at 40%.

    Among the “Somewhat Conservative,” Romney wins 59% to 25%.

    Among the “moderate to liberal,’ Romneu wins 48% to 21%

  120. Keith Price:

    I would think any Santorum supporter paying attention will see the Dem vote in WI as a bad sign for Rick.

  121. kris smith:


    In 2007/08, I spent most of my time in Mexico…which is probably why I didn’t hear of it.

  122. kris smith:


    I would to, but remember….they did not see it that way in Michigan. >>

  123. marK:

    108.Kris::Santorum today:

    “We’ve done a great job of taking the seven loaves and fishes and turning them into 11 state wins.”

    Well I can quote scripture, too:

    “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

  124. MarqueG:

    Mitt is off the charts on the stubborn-o-meter and bullheaded-o-meter. But unlike his rivals, for Mitt it has paid off.

  125. marK:


    Yes, but this makes two contests where that happened. It is going to be far more obvious to everyone this time around.

  126. kris smith:


    True, that.

  127. marK:


    If that be so, then how do you explain him dropping out in 2008 as soon as it became obvious he wasn’t going to win?

  128. Jonathan:

    Wow these votes are slow coming in. There are 13 Republicans in the District of Columbia, it can’t possibly take this long to count so few votes.

  129. Boomer:


    Seems like he is off the charts on beating all the not Romney-o-meters, too.

    Gloating? Why yes, thank you very much.

  130. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Keep in mind, I don’t think this will end until April 24. It’s not over yet. As Stallone said in the Rocky movies, “Nothing is over!!!” Mitt needs to score the KO blow in PA on Santorum. Then, Romney Balboa can focus on his fight with Obama Creed.

  131. kris smith:


    Lol, it’s supposed to be inneficient. It’s the government, for God’s sake. XD

  132. kris smith:


    It so happens April 24 is my birthday. Santorum losing on PA would be the perfect B-day gift. 😛

  133. MarqueG:

    127. MarK, it didn’t pay off for him last time, and he dropped out long after some around here were asking him to stop burning through his kids inheritance. Remember? Or did I fail to shout loudly enough?

    It’s always worth being stubborn when you wind up winning. Only in that case, the stubbornness attribute gets rewritten as perseverance.

  134. Massachusetts Conservative:


    I think he was being sarcastic.

  135. Jonathan:

    Well, President Obama has officially clinched the Democratic nomination tonight with his wins in MD, DC and soon to be WI.

  136. la enchiladita:

    118. As I stated above, per Sean Trende, the WI rural voters are heavily democrap.

  137. MarqueG:

    Gloating? Why yes, thank you very much.

    That’s just awful. Mainly because I don’t have a preferred winning candidate to gloat for.

    Whatever. The main thing is being able to laugh gloatingly in the face of proggies if Mitt ousts him in November. Unity at last: a state rarely achieved outside of death.

  138. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    How did Obama beat Vermin Supreme for the nomination? 😀

  139. RHH:

    Santorum will say they broke the 25% mark, that will make a good night for him.

    If you’re not first, you’re last in this case.

  140. marK:

    If Mitt continues to trail Obama in the national polls, the pressure is going to build on Santorum to drop out sooner than later. And the pressure is not going to be exclusively coming from “party elders” and the so-called establishment. It’s going to come from concerned grass-root conservatives, too. Dr. Land is just one of many voices that will start calling for a halt in the intra-party squabbles. He is going to find it increasingly hard to ignore those.

    I am not making any predictions, but let’s just say I would not be surprised to see Rick drop out about a week maybe two from today.

  141. Jonathan:


    Vermin Supreme’s pro-tooth brushing platform alienated the majority of Democrats.

  142. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    “Unity at last: a state rarely achieved outside of death.”

    I don’t know about that. I’ve seen some divisiveness among dead people. :)

  143. kris smith:



    Looking good.


  144. Ollie:


    Romney Balboa vs Obama Creed. That’s actually pretty good. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to a split decision

  145. All in 4 Mitt:

    Wow, Santorum is hell bent on staying in. This guys… What to do with him!!

  146. RHH:

    I hate the “we got outspent” excuse. Raise more money if you don’t want to be outspent!

  147. Jonathan:

    Now Santorum’s campaign spokeslady on CNN is now saying that Texas is the next big contest after Pennsylvania. If his campaign seriously believes that they will be still in the race by the Texas Primary (May 29th) then they are as delusional as their candidate.

  148. R42012 groupie:

    He will not drop out before penn

  149. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Santorum amazes me. I’ve never seen a politician try to destroy his political career as much as Santorum. With Newt, I cut him some slack since he is at the end of his long political career. But, Santorum is young and could’ve had a future, but, he’s angered and alienated so many GOPers, I can’t see him going anywhere were he to run at a future election year. Palin has a more prosperous future than Santorum.

  150. kris smith:


    Texas will be irrelevant by then…

  151. marK:

    Good Grief, It’s been nearly an hour and NOT ONE DC precinct has reported. I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised at the inefficiency, it being Washington D.C. and all.

  152. Jonathan:


    The good news is that Rick Santorum will be irrelevant way before Texas.

  153. kris smith:

    The Fox News exit poll makes Wisconsin look like Romney wins 45% to 33.5%

    In that case, Romney will over perform tonight!

  154. All in 4 Mitt:

    As much as I can’t stand Palin, I am inclined to agree with u.

  155. kris smith:


    I dare say he’s irrelevant now.

  156. William:


    As long as he wins by 10 points or more, he will have a great great night in terms of expectations! If that Fox News Exit Poll is the final number then it will be a great night, and the race will be called before 9:30pm

  157. Boomer:


    Its not unusual at all for a challenger to trail an incumbent President at this point in the polls, even one who is particularly competent. Reagan trailed Carter badly most of the race, pretty much up until the last debate which was a disaster for Carter.

    In fact, Romney is in a very strong position for a challenger. He has a chance to really finish strong, particularly with a candidate who is as tone deaf (despite what his cheerleaders in the msm say) as Obama. He is doubling down on the stupid with his attacks on the Supreme Court and those of us who actually fund the other 50% of the country, the taxpayers.

  158. All in 4 Mitt:

    Did Romney ever campaign in maryland or DC?

  159. Maverick1995:

    149. I really don’t think Santorum has a political career beyond the primaries. What does he have to lose? If Romney loses to Obama conservatives won’t say it was because Santorum stayed in the race and brought Romney down, they will say Romney was too moderate.

  160. marK:

    “Did Romney ever campaign in maryland or DC?”

    I am pretty sure he did campaign in Maryland. DC, I cannot speak for.

  161. Char:

    #97 & 100 FYI

    April 3 D.C. Winner take all 19 16 delegates are allocated to the winner of the district-wide vote. The other 3 delegates are the district’s RNC officials.
    April 3 Md. Winner take all 37 10 delegates are allocated to the winner of the statewide vote, and 24 delegates are awarded to the winner of each congressional district (3 per district). The other 3 delegates are the state’s RNC officials.
    April 3 Wis. Winner take all 42 15 delegates are awarded to the winner of the statewide vote. 24 delegates are awarded to the winner of each congressional district (3 per district). The other 3 delegates are the state’s RNC officials.

  162. Jonathan:


    He went to Maryland and John Bolton stumped for him in the state too. Former Governor Bob Ehrlich is Romney’s top surrogate in the state, and he helped lock up the state for Governor Romney.

  163. All in 4 Mitt:

    Exit polls show taht 12% of voters are democrats and 31% are independents. Wow if Romney wins inspite of the opposition I will say Kudos and here we come PA.

  164. Jerald:

    OK, here we go for WI…

    Go Mitt!!!

  165. Florida Conservative:

    Yes Romney campaigned in both Maryland and Washington D.C.

  166. marK:

    WI Polls Closed!

  167. All in 4 Mitt:

    Nice!! Thanks 160 and 162.

  168. Jonathan:

    CNN’s Exit Poll:

    Romney- 43%
    Santorum- 35%
    Paul- 11%
    Gingrich- 6%

  169. kris smith:

    CNN exit poll similar to Fox’s.

  170. All in 4 Mitt:

    Wisconsin exit Romney 43% Santorum 35% (cnn)

  171. JMan:

    137 MarqueG- any candidate better be stubborn. YOu have to push through.

  172. Florida Conservative:

    Fox Exit Poll had Romney +11? CNN +7? Which to believe?

  173. la enchiladita:

    Okey dokey, polls are closed in the Land O’Cheese.

  174. marK:


    The voting results. That’s the only one that matters.

  175. Jonathan:


    Let’s compromise at say Romney +9. That’s good enough for me.

  176. MarqueG:

    Now Santorum’s campaign spokeslady on CNN is now saying that Texas is the next big contest after Pennsylvania. If his campaign seriously believes that they will be still in the race by the Texas Primary (May 29th) then they are as delusional as their candidate.

    Are you really surprised by this considering the source? It’s just basic spin. Why would a candidate go out and announce the date when his defeats are decisive in advance? You’ve got to keep your troops motivated, after all.

    Expecting anything different would be akin to Obama begging the Taliban for negotiations while confirming a firm date for withdrawal. Normally, you wouldn’t want to demoralize your own troops while energizing your adversary.

  177. kris smith:


    Perhaps CNN. Their sample is larger, so perhaps more representative. BUT Fox is still crunching the numeros. So they may still agree in the end.

  178. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Where’s John King? I’m not too crazy about Tom Foreman.

  179. marK:


    Superb comment! Take a bow!

  180. Boomer:

    And there goes DC

  181. aspire:

    Seems like most people think the race is over if Romney sweeps tonight. Some in the media seem to want us to believe Santorum is still in the game if he wins Pennsylvania.

  182. Jonathan:

    Fox News calls D.C. for Mitt Romney!

  183. Jerald:

    CNN’s Internet feed is really lousy today…

  184. kris smith:


    I agree. More used to King.

  185. Char:

    Why aren’t there any numbers for DC?

  186. kris smith:

    CNN calls DC for Romney

  187. Jonathan:

    CNN has also called the District of Columbia for Mitt Romney. 2 for 2 so far.

  188. Dave:

    Romney has won D.C. It didn’t take long.

  189. Char:

    TY, 188

  190. Ollie:


    wholeheartedly agree, well put.

  191. kris smith:


    There are:


  192. marK:

    Maryland is R/S 53/37 with 4% reporting.

    So Mitt is doubling Rick and has a majority to boot.

  193. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Wow, Sarah Palin just said Romney IS the nominee on Hannity right now.

  194. Boomer:

    I can’t take Hannity and Palin together. It’s a cornucopia of stupid.

  195. MarqueG:

    But, Santorum is young and could’ve had a future, but, he’s angered and alienated so many GOPers, I can’t see him going anywhere were he to run at a future election year.

    Yeah, well. Pat Buchanan challenged HW all the way to the convention in 1992, and was resoundingly castigated for his divisiveness against a sitting Prez and head of the party. He seems to have done fine for himself careerwise. I’m not too worried about Santo’s future prospects. He’ll either be an opinionator on the fringe of the GOP/conservative movement. Or else he’ll go into lobbying.

  196. Char:

    thanks, Kris

  197. Jonathan:

    If I hear one more commentator orgasming over the Obama-Clinton contest in 2008, I’m going to be sick.

  198. kris smith:


    Just confirms what we already know: The race is over.

  199. Mittman:

    193 Well if sister Sarah says it, it must be true..Whew, I can finally breath a sigh of relief!!!

  200. marK:


    Wow, Sarah Palin just said Romney IS the nominee on Hannity right now.

    That is what I’ve been saying. More and more pressure is going to build on Santorum and it won’t be just coming from the “establishment”.

  201. All in 4 Mitt:

    Wow Palin must be hurting inside. No contested convention, no move to the White house for the Palin clan. Ouch!! Wonder how Jack is taking this.

  202. Ollie:

    disagree with this assumption that all the candidates became better over the tough primary. I think Santorum got worse. And Newt fell flat, even in the south. Just Palin defending this poisonous system of a primary we have. I dunno, I guess you could find some positives. But I truly believe Santo became a worse candidate.

  203. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Is Wisconsin gonna be like Ohio and Michigan where the rural areas come in first and it looks like Santorum is winning, and then the Urban/Surburban areas come in and Romney takes the lead and the win?

  204. Dave:

    CNN showing Romney at 600 delegates. It’s going higher, but it looks good.

  205. kris smith:

    Wisconsin numbers:


  206. Jennie:

    Are you all 100% sure Romney wins Wisconsin?

  207. aspire:

    If you were at a basketball game and the score at the half was let’s say 63 to 29, what would you think the chances of an upset are?

    I’m guessing the delegate count is going to be about 630 to 290 after today.

  208. Jonathan:

    Senator Santorum is making his “concession” speech.

  209. MarqueG:

    It’s not that Palin is plugged into some eternal cosmic truths as that the resistance to Romney is crumbling to dust.

  210. aspire:

    Here comes Mr Claim victory in defeat.

  211. My Man Mitt 4 President:

    Where is Jack to hear Romney is the nominee from Sarah Palin’s own words!

  212. JMan:

    lol Where’s Jack now… lol I want to shove Sarah words in his face.

  213. la enchiladita:

    Santorum wins Madison. Color me not surprised.

  214. RHH:

    Over/under 12.5 minutes?

  215. aspire:

    If it’s half-time, Santorum got beat down in the first half, and Romney’s more than half way to victory.

  216. Jonathan:

    Senator Santorum is clearly aiming for the Gingrich vote. His speech tonight is taking place in Mars Pennsylvania.

  217. Tennessean for Mitt:

    Palin just said Romney is the nominee??? Oh no. What is Jack going to do now ??? How can he go on ???

  218. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    yeah Santie, it’s halftime. But, you’re behind about about 10 touchdowns against Romney.

  219. RHH:

    There are only maybe 20 people in the room.

  220. Maverick1995:

    First results coming from Green Bay and Madison.

  221. Ollie:

    Where’s that one guy on here that worships Palin? His head must’ve exploded when she acknowledged Romney

  222. aspire:

    193 I guess Palin is better at math than Santorum.

  223. criggs:

    First returns from google at http://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/results/2012/gop-primary/wi , with a grand total of 0.3% reporting, show Santorum leading Romney in Wisconsin by 44% to 37%.

  224. Jennie:

    #203…That was my first thought when he began speaking. Still sounds like it…?

  225. la enchiladita:

    2% of vote in… dudes are tied now.

  226. Jonathan:

    10 precincts have reported in Wisconsin so nothing to see yet.

  227. Jerald:

    Santorum lying in his speech again.

    Nobody has sais “All the significant people have spoken”……what a jerk…

  228. OhioRepub:

    Someone on another website posted that Romney needs to carry a deficit clock around with him everywhere he goes and set in near him while he speaks so it can be seen. Can someone who’s connected into the Romney campaign pass this idea along?

  229. CalGTR:

    150. It will be irrelevant, and Romney will win anyway. Polls are close now, but as Mitt approaches the magic number and as it becomes more and more obvious that Mitt will indeed get to 1144 during the primary season (as if it’s in doubt now), folks will tire greatly at Santorum’s act, and his welcome will be completely worn out. I’m looking forward to seeing the polling in PA go towards Mitt over the next couple of weeks. Should be fun!

    And oh, by the way (and I know everyone here knows this), the general election has already begun.

  230. MarqueG:

    I, for one, feel that Mitt has gotten much better over the drawn-out primary. In televized interviews, he has struck me as more relaxed and less tense. Even with challenging interviewers like Megyn Kelly.

  231. Mittman:

    Ricky loves to hear his own voice.

  232. hamaca:

    Jack will still be convinced that she has it in the bag. This comment is just a ploy to keep everyone off guard and unsuspecting until she swoops in at the perfect moment at the convention, yanks the microphone away and delivers a speech that floors everyone into handing her the nomination.

    She has us right where she wants us. Sarah Palin. An unconventional campaign for unconventional times.

  233. aspire:

    Even Santorum’s supporters are telling him to “go”. Everyone now wants this guy out of the race. :)

  234. Tony "ARF":

    Polls are closed in Wisconsin.

    Is there a website with up-to-date results?

  235. Ollie:


    Dennis Miller coined that joke. He came up with it on OReilly a few weeks ago

  236. Jonathan:



  237. kris smith:


    And that, my friends, is sad.

  238. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    She said on Hannity, “There’s no question that Romney is the nominee.”

  239. aspire:

    The country was built on Pennsylvania – what? That comment was just dumb.

  240. la enchiladita:

    Tony, try this: http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/primaries/state/wi?hpt=hp_pc1

  241. Boomer:

    Conan Romney, what is best in life?

  242. Jack Bauer's Dad (finally on board with Mitt):

    232: LOL!

  243. Jennie:

    It doesn’t look good in WI right now.

  244. RHH:

    Santy pants has his raspy voice again. His preachy voice. Someone save me, I might throw something at the TV.

  245. aspire:

    We have to have clear contrasting colors? Is Santorum just stupid?

  246. All in 4 Mitt:

    Santorum never talks about the Economy. He is a cultural warrior, that’s all. Not enough buddy!!

  247. Jonathan:

    By the way, it was so gracious of Senator Santorum to congratulate Governor Romney for winning at least 2 primaries tonight…

  248. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    “An unconventional campaign for unconventional times.”

    Wasn’t that what Herman Cain was trying to do? Run an unconventional campaign?

  249. Bobinator:


  250. Tennessean for Mitt:

    Okay we’ve seen enough of Ricky. Cut him off like you usually do.

  251. la enchiladita:

    3% reporting: exact tie, 6,494 each. This looks good for a Romney surge, right?

  252. SGS:

    In Jack’s voice: Oh yes, Palin will be sitting in Oval Office coming January. She said Romney is the nominee only to catch him off guard with her sneaky attack from behind.

    Wait a minute, I think I sound too smart to be Jack. He won’t know what Oval Office is…

  253. aspire:

    Fox had a check mark by Santorum’s name for Michigan. It’s not the first time that’s happened. There was a check mark by Romney’s name for a state he lost.

  254. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Someone tell me when Wisconsin is called. I’m watching the Green Lantern on HBO.

  255. MarqueG:

    Wasn’t that what Herman Cain was trying to do? Run an unconventional campaign?

    Never mind Herman, that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. You?

  256. Mittman:

    Ohh he said etch a sketch …I laugh every time at that one…good one rick good one…

  257. RHH:

    Oh, please get his children off the stage. I feel bad for them.

  258. Jerald:

    Somebody needs to put Santorum out of his misery…

  259. Boomer:

    How did Santorum come from immigrant parents if his grandfather worked in the coal mines?

  260. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    Ungracious, lying, mischaracterizing, stubborn, egotistical…what other words can I use to describe Santobama and his speeches?

    He can’t let it go that he’s getting trounced….same tired rhetoric.

    “You know me…” He’s saying now…

    Yes, Rick. They know you. They also voted you OUT by 18%.

  261. Jonathan:

    “But you know me (here in Pennsylvania)”

    Of course they do Senator, that’s why they tossed you out of the Senate by 18 points.

  262. la enchiladita:

    Mitt tweets: “Big thanks to everyone in MD and DC – what a way to start the night. Excited for WI results to start coming in.”

  263. Jennie:

    Yeah…we know us…unfortunately!

  264. CalGTR:

    215. It’s hilarious. Let’s say these guys are racing each other in a 4000 meter run. Romney hits the 2000 meter mark, and Santorum declares “the race is only half over”. The problem is that Santorum hasn’t even hit the 1000 meter mark yet. He’s going to be lapped, but in his delirium he thinks that if he just keeps plugging along, he’ll prevail.

  265. Jerald:

    “…etched in steel, not an etch-a-sketch…”


  266. aspire:

    Santorum should write his own history book, it would be hilarious.

  267. JMan:

    I dont like Mitts numbers in Green Bay….

  268. aspire:


  269. Patrick Henry:

    Santorum really can’t give a speech. Hannity just cut him off…. for Fox calling Wisconsin.

  270. Jerald:

    So when it Santy going to get that plastic surgery to make him look more like Reagan?…

  271. All in 4 Mitt:

    Can Romney beat Santy in TX. I guess that is where Jeb and HW will help.

  272. Tony "ARF":

    Santie now beating Mitt by about 200.

    Any word on areas in WI that have yet to be counted and will tilt it toward Romney?

  273. Jonathan:

    Romney’s now pulled ahead in Wisconsin with 5% reporting in:

    Romney- 41%
    Santorum- 39%

  274. Jennie:

    Think Rick’s forgetting it’s about delegates. And this selfish man is doing nothing but continuing to divide the party. Shame on him.

  275. Boomer:

    Good God he is one sanctimonious, dishonest prick.

    Its a toss up right now who I dislike more, Obama or Santorum. And thats saying a lot.

  276. Massachusetts Conservative:

    LOL at Santorum comparing himself to Reagan. If Reagan were alive today, he’d hate Santorum. Santorum is a classless nutjob. Reagan was a classy, great guy with a lot of personality and dignity. Santorum wouldn’t even deserve to be able to shine Reagan’s shoes.

  277. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    I hate, by the way, that the media doesn’t call Santobama on his crap, just like they didn’t with Grinch.

    So, he can campaign in single states when there are 4-8 voting? Just PA? JUST TEXAS?

    That was quite possibly the worst speech I’ve heard…he’s NOT Reagan, not even close.

  278. RHH:

    Foxnews just called Wisconsin? A little early I think but I’ll take it.

  279. Tony "ARF":


    Santo up by about 500.

  280. Jonathan:

    Fox News has called WIsconsin for Mitt Romney. Nothing yet from CNN.

  281. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Newt is about a Moon colony. And Santorum is speaking from a place in PA called Mars. Coincidence? I think not.

  282. RHH:

    My bad, projected that Mitt will win, not called, just projection #samethingtome

  283. Tennessean for Mitt:

    Can someone dig Reagan up and get him to tell Santorum to get out !!!!! Maybe he’ll listen to him.

  284. aspire:

    …and now it becomes apparent why Santorum’s running. He’s hoping for a Romney loss so he can claim it’s time to run a “true conservative” (idiot), if we want to win.

  285. Jonathan:


    See #216,

  286. la enchiladita:

    273. Let the surge begin.

    278. Yeah, a bit early, but…

  287. JMan:

    The ONLY way Santorum is ahead right now in Madison HAS to be operation Hillarity.

  288. All in 4 Mitt:

    Palin wants Allan West for Veep.

  289. Ollie:

    HANNITY! Its over! Give it up man. Santo will not win/has lost. Join us in the real world.

  290. Tony "ARF":

    Mitt now beating Santie by 18 votes!

  291. aspire:

    Palin said Alan West would be a great VP pick.

  292. Tony "ARF":

    Mitt came from 500 votes behind to overtake Santie!

  293. aspire:

    CNN’s still waiting to call Wisconsin. I guess it’s their exit polls that are making the difference.

  294. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    Can’t hear anything on FNC…cable volume not working.

    Anything worthwhile from Hannity and Palin?

  295. Jennie:

    Santorum is the new Jim Jones serving hypnotic Kool-aid at his rallies.

  296. Tony "ARF":

    Mittb ahead by 150!!!!

  297. Jonathan:

    6% reporting in Wisconsin:

    Romney 11,520- 41%
    Santorum 11,367-40%

  298. Matthew E. Miller:

    Dane coming in for Santorum. So definitely some operation chaos going on. But Romney doing really well in Kenosha. About as well as McCain did 4 years ago, when he won statewide by 18%. So it looks like the Ryan endorsement really mattered.

  299. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Since I’m watching the Green Lantern, I feel like creating a Green Lantern oath for Mitt Romney.

    In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night.
    No delegate will escape Mitt Romney’s sight.
    For those who want a candidate who’s too far right.
    Just vote for Mitt Romney to restore America’s might!!!

  300. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Now I know why Jack keeps preaching Palin/West.

  301. criggs:

    240, La Enchiladita: Thanks muchly! Those are much better than google’s.

  302. Tony "ARF":

    Mitt now ahead by 500 votes!

  303. Tennessean for Mitt:

    Romney up by 30% in Milwaukee with 1% in.

  304. aspire:

    Even Wolf thinks Santorum’s running in hopes of 2016.

  305. Ollie:


    They went to talking about Obama’s criticism of Ryan’s plan. Saying Obama down to scare tactics cause he has nothing else, but Palin says American people smart enough to avoid getting scared to that degree again and Obama doesn’t give people credit

  306. Matthew E. Miller:

    Operation Hilarity I mean.

  307. Booyeah:

    “We need someone who understands the nature of freedom.”

    Right, Rick.


  308. Jonathan:

    CNN is calling WIsconsin for Romney. He swept all three.

  309. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    CNN just called WI for Mitt.

  310. Tony "ARF":

    Mitt now ahead by 600 votes with 8% reporting.

  311. Dave:

    Romney has won Wisconsin. 3 Strikes and Santorum is out.

  312. RHH:

    CNN just called it.

  313. Tennessean for Mitt:

    That guy just said Santorum is the nominee if he wins Penn. and Texas. Is he crazy???

  314. Romney for President:

    Did Hannity just say that Fox projects Mitt wins all three primary?

  315. Jennie:

    What the Santorum people forget…the states he can win are NOT winner take all. If Romney picks up less than 1/2 of those delegats, Romney STILL gets to 1144.

  316. Tony "ARF":


  317. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Both Fox and CNN has called all 3 for Mitt.

  318. Ollie:

    Hey Rick, in a free country I can watch porn. (just making a point, don’t want to offend anyone)

  319. Watchinitall:

    Great analysis by Santorum supporter. If Rick wins PA and TX he’ll be the nominee. A couple of proportional states and Rick wins. I guess delegates aren’t what I thought they were.

  320. Tony "ARF":

    Lead now trimmed back to 700.

  321. RHH:

    Hey, the Newt lady just gave props to Romney first thing. Nice gesture.

  322. aspire:

    Santorum’s stupid staffer just said that if Santorum wins Pennsylvania, and Texas he thinks he’ll be the nominee. What an idiot. New York has more delegates than Penn, and California has more delegates than Texas. I don’t think anyone thinks Santorum’s going to win 3 out of those 4 (or really even 2).

  323. Tony "ARF":


  324. Jonathan:


    In Santorum-land, delegates don’t matter when it comes to picking the Republican nominee.

  325. kris smith:

    Triple win!!

  326. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    Romney is now up in Dane County, and killing it in Kenosh. I just wonder what is up with Brown County, Romney should be leading there.

  327. aspire:

    The funny part of Santorum saying 1/2 the country hasn’t spoken yet, was that he didn’t mention that half the country has already rejected him.

  328. Patrick Henry:

    My 13 y.o. daughter, listening to Santorum says “Is his voice always that annoying? I can’t listen to him.” I think that was the first time she’s listened to one of his speeches.

  329. aspire:

    328 I’m just waiting for him to do a Dean-scream.

  330. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Let’s pretend Jack’s dream came true and Palin was the nominee and West was the VP. Does Florida election law allow someone to run for congress and VP at the same time?

  331. My Man Mitt 4 President:

    LOVE DRUDGE headline Picture of Santorum reads ‘Maybe enough delegates by 2016’ LOL

  332. Mittman:

    I used to love Sarah Palin and she literally makes me gag now. She may be the most self serving Media Hound out there at this point.

  333. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    Has anyone Drudge Report right now? If you haven’t go to it right now! PRICELESS!!!

  334. MarqueG:

    Santo’s spin aside, he’s got to win his former home state of Penn to remain viable. I’m pulling for Mitt to win there just to put a finer point on his foreseeable victory. If Santo loses PA and still stays in, the results afterwards will be nothing more than public embarrassment. Such things have happened in the past, even before proportional allocation. But to little effect.

  335. Patrick Henry:

    On Drudge, right now, a picture of Santorum with the headline “MAYBE ENOUGH DELEGATES, BY 2016?”

  336. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    A Santorum Roar’em?

  337. aspire:

    Paul Ryan should say, “who would have thought a rich guy like Romney would know how to sweep”?

  338. Massachusetts Conservative:

    I’m pretty surprised how close the race in WI is right now. I would have expected Mitt to do much better in Madison and Green Bay than he is. But maybe MEM is right, and the problem is Operation Hilarity. Either way, Rick continues to outperform his exit polls. I think he does this because exit pollsters would rather not bother go into the boonies and talk to the masses for a whole day.

  339. Matthew E. Miller:

    Nobody wants to hear Bob Ehrlich CNN. Cut to Ryan.

  340. Jonathan:

    The next Vice President of the United States, Paul Ryan is getting ready to introduce Governor Romney.

  341. aspire:

    335 Yep, it’s becoming obvious why Santorum’s running.

  342. My Man Mitt 4 President:


  343. Ollie:


    LOL maybe enough by then, hard to say

  344. Matt "MWS":

    I’m surprised Wisconsin is this close 7% in.

    I have to say, I’m heartened that so many SoCons are showing up in one of my favorite states.

    But I also have to say, this nomination needs to wrap up, post haste.

  345. Dave:

    Watching Paul Ryan on C-Span introducing Romney, and it is a great speech!

  346. DaveG:

    Santorum thinks that he’s Reagan, and that he’s going to be the frontrunner in 2016 by staying in and coming in a strong second and waiting for Mitt to lose. What he doesn’t realize is that even if Romney does lose in the fall, Santorum will be an asterisk in 2016. It will be like Pat Buchanan coming in second in 1996, only to poll at about 1 percent among Republicans in 2000. Buchanan was forced out of his own party and ran on the Reform ticket that year because Republicans wanted nothing to do with him. Santorum doesn’t realize that his brand of authoritarianism is at odds with American conservatism.

  347. Matthew E. Miller:

    Mass Con,

    Santorum killed with Dems in the exits (11%) of the electorate and with those who strongly disapprove of the tea-party. It’s pretty obviously operation hilarity. And Dems are in Madison and Green Bay.

  348. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Let me throw something hypothetical, if we lose 2012, and 2016 came down to between Santorum and Palin, which would you choose? Me, I’d go with Sarah over Santie.

  349. Jonathan:

    Governor Romney is declaring victory in Wisconsin.

  350. Patrick Henry:

    Don’t have CNN, argh. Missed Ryan’s introduction. Darn.

  351. Abe:


    It finally is happening. Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee and will have his shot at Obama. It should have been 4 years ago, but maybe NO ONE could have beat Obama 4 years ago.

    Maybe this time he can be beaten and I believe Mitt is the one to do it.

    Go Mitt Go!!!!

  352. Matthew E. Miller:


    I’d go with a bottle handful of Valium a day for the 6 months leading up to the primary.

  353. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    I wonder if Ryan introducing Romney is a pre-cursor to the future GOP ticket at Tampa.

  354. Matt "MWS":

    His name was invoked and so…… despite a few important differences with him, I am compelled to say, for the sake of loyalty…..

    Pat is the MAN!!!!!!

  355. Patrick Henry:

    345. C-SPAN! I always forget I have it… dangit.

  356. aspire:

    346 If Santorum wants to be the next nominee (should Obama win), he should get out and stump for Romney 24/7 in order to build relationships. I’m doubting he’ll do that.

  357. Conservative Independent:

    Romney is by himself on the stage. No family. He looks so Presidential. Notice the difference between his pleasing voice and listening to the grinning Santy.

  358. Ollie:

    Wow, I think they did let Mitt outta the box tonight

  359. Henry Hubitt:

    LBJ? MAJOR wince. I’m sure he just misspoke, but good golly.

  360. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    And when you sleepwalk to the voting booth to vote, do you hit the lever for Palin or Santorum?

  361. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    I think Santorum is going to win three CDs in Wisconsin. He’s cleaning up in Brown County and will win the two CDs in Western Wisconsin. Oh well, Santy only gets 9 delegates tonight.

  362. Jonathan:

    Romney has now pulled ahead in Dane County. Operation Hillarity failed even in Madison.

  363. MarqueG:

    Despite popular demand around here for Mitt to curb-stomp Santo, I have to credit Mitt for being affable with his rivals. For a while, Newt hated him so much that he never called to congratulate Mitt for his victories. And then they had the “secret” meeting a few weeks back that presumably was held specifically to be leaked to the press. The two buried the hatchet, and Newt has been cheerful about Mitt’s inevitability ever since.

    Mitt and Santo have supposedly telephoned to offer congrats the whole time, which is just plain gentlemanly good sportsmanship. And Santo, despite his speechifying rhetoric, has been on the conceding end for some time. Mitt has stopped punching downwards generally, and the two are still on speaking terms. This is good for party unity. And every last bit of that will be essential to reach the magical 270 in November.

  364. Matt "MWS":

    No surprise Rick is winning the rural northern counties, and Mitt the urban/exurban counties.

  365. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    WI has already been called for Romney.

  366. Conservative Independent:

    Mitt Romney is doing conspicuously well so far in Kenosha County, Wisc., where he leads Rick Santorum 53 percent to 30 percent so far with 15 percent of the vote reported.

    Kenosha County, which is often competitive in general and primary elections, is at the heart of Wisconsin’s First Congressional district, which is represented by Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan endorsed Mr. Romney late last week.

    – Nate Silver


  367. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney’s Illinois speech was much better.

  368. blue:

    351…c’mon now the kool aid romney supporters need a reality check. The best political thing to happen to mitt romney was losing the primary in 2008. THERE WAS ZERO CHANCE mitt romney would have beat obama in 2008….ditto zero chance a mccain/romney ticket would have beat obama in 2008…to think some romney supporters would believe otherwise is kinda scary.

  369. Tony "ARF":

    If Wisconsin is “Winner Take All Primary by Congressional District,” does that mean Mitt has to win every Congressional District to win all the delegates?

  370. ogrepete:

    Good point in #363 MarqueG

  371. Matt "MWS":



    Well said.

  372. Jose:

    I like this Romney speech, but I have no idea if the average voter does

  373. Massachusetts Conservative:

    For anyone who wants to track the results in real time, county by county:


  374. ogrepete:

    I also agree that Romney pulling the upset against a Democrat Tidal Wave in 2008 would have been nigh impossible. I don’t think it could have been done.

  375. Matt "MWS":


    “WI has already been called for Romney.”

    Really? I’m not watching TV, and just got online. The official tally is close, but I suppose that is a matter of who is reporting?

  376. Jonathan:

    This a purely general election speech. This is Romney the Republican nominee, not Romney the GOP fron-runner.

  377. Abe:

    368 – blue,

    I agree with you 100%.

    Go Mitt Go!!!!!

  378. Heath:

    Will this be close?

    Heath Says:
    April 3rd, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    Heath’s preiction:

    Mittens 47%
    Tanty Santy 39%
    Paul 8%
    Newt 5%

  379. Tony "ARF":

    8000 vote lead for Mitt!


  380. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    CNN and FoxNews has called all three primaries for Mitt. Romney sweeps tonight.

  381. Matt "MWS":

    If Romney had gotten the nomination in 2008, he would have as much relevance on the current political scene as Michael Dukakis.

  382. Patrick Henry:

    367. He does need some new material… He should use PA to bust out a new speech…

  383. aspire:

    “It’s a bit like saying you like an omelet, but you don’t like eggs” – lol.

  384. Matthew E. Miller:

    Yeah, Romney’s running ahead of McCain- thus far- in Ryan’s district. Given his numbers in the rest of the state, it’s quite possible that Ryan delivered the state to Romney.

  385. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Romney’s lead is steadily climbing as more counties in southeastern Wisconsin are reporting.

  386. Henry Hubitt:

    This speech is killing it.

  387. DaveG:

    Is this really going to go on for two more months? Who were the wise guys in the GOP establishment who thought it would be a good idea to have a lengthy primary season? Do we really want to go through another iteration of “Animals for Newt” between now and June, when Romney wins 1144 delegates by winning California?

  388. Jonathan:

    I have to disagree with Matthew. I think this is a better speech by Romney than his Illinois speech.

  389. Matt "MWS":

    Santorum now either needs to go 100% positive, or drop out.

    The scorched Earth attack ads need to stop.

  390. Conservative Independent:

    #384 That’s what a good VP candidate should do

  391. jdirksmith:

    Crazy that Fox news cut into both Santorum’s and Romney’s speech

  392. Conservative Independent:

    Ann Romney is not there by his side for the first time.

  393. aspire:

    In the escalating battle between the administration and the judiciary, a federal appeals court apparently is calling the president’s bluff — ordering the Justice Department to answer by Thursday whether the Obama Administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law, according to a lawyer who was in the courtroom.

    The order, by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, appears to be in direct response to the president’s comments yesterday about the Supreme Court’s review of the health care law. Mr. Obama all but threw down the gauntlet with the justices, saying he was “confident” the Court would not “take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

    I think this is a big deal.

  394. Conservative Independent:

    #391 I stopped watching FNC during the debates. Now, I only watch CNN

  395. Patrick Henry:

    391. (cspan 😉 )

    393. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Fox has been playing the audio of the judge giving the homework assignment.

  396. All in 4 Mitt:

    His speech is different from the ones delivered in Il and OH. It looks like he frames a new one every major cycle. I expect a new one in the works for PA.

  397. aspire:

    The federal appeals court is ordering the justice department to deliver a 3 pages single spaced opinion.

  398. Jonathan:

    This close Wisconsin margin is because Southeastern Wisconsin (Paul Ryan’s district) has less reported in. Milwaukee only has 4% reporting in. Romney’s margin will expand as that part of the state reports in.

  399. Florida Conservative:

    How many Delegates are at stake on April 24th?

    I’m also hearing that Romney’s team is going ALL IN on Pennsylvania, and I think he’s gonna win it

  400. aspire:

    Obama made a huge mistake with his statement about Obamacare.

  401. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    CNN really loves drama. They are only talking about Pennsylvania. No mention of New York or the other states on April 24, just PA.

  402. Boomer:

    Rangers sweep the season series with Philly and clinch best record in the eat.

    Romney sweeps the 3 states in play and further clowns Santorum.

    Life is good.

  403. Massachusetts Conservative:

    The current margin of 5 is going to at least increase to 8% and maybe more.

  404. Florida Conservative:

    This Is Great!!!!

    Just saw a Romney spokesman just say they will be spending “MILLIONS” in Pennsylvania!!


  405. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Love it!

  406. Matthew E. Miller:

    Santorum’s back in the lead in Dane.

  407. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    I miss John King and his map about how Romney will get the 1144 delegates.

  408. Jonathan:

    Chris Cillizza’s headline says it all


  409. blue:

    Wow, chuck todd talking about santy drop out…i actually think its better for romney to have him run through PA and have romney beat him in that state.

  410. Conservative Independent:

    #404 This will make Santy whine that it’s not fair. He’ll be pouting again.

  411. aspire:

    I hope Romney pulls off an upset in Pennsylvania. That would be the end. If Romney goes for Pennsylvania, it’s going to kill Santorum’s future in politics in Pennsylvania, and it’s going to get ugly.

  412. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Looks like Romney is going to win all of the delegates in Maryland. Not even the farthest west CD will go for Rick, as his lead in Garrett County is too small to make up for Mitt’s leads in the other counties in that district.

    Santorum’s only delegates tonight will be in Wisconsin. And it’s going to either be 6 or 9 delegates out of a total of 98 for the day.

  413. Tony "ARF":

    I read earlier that it is 3 delegates per district to the winner.

    Santorum STILL does not have any delegates according to CNN. I guess that means he has not won in any of the Congressional Districts (yet).

  414. aspire:

    412 So somewhere between 88 to 10 and 92-6?

  415. Matt "MWS":

    I’m sure many of you don’t remember, but Romney polled unusually bad in Wisconsin in ’09 and ’10, particularly against Huck, who routinely lead him by a decent margin.

    My point is that Mitt’ strong victory tonight in a state he never polled well in is a sign that the rank and file are ready to declare a winner.

  416. Matthew E. Miller:

    Waukesha (also in Ryan’s district) just started to come in and, while it’s early, he leads 61-28. No doubt about it. Ryan’s been money for Mitt.

  417. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    He won’t say it, maybe Sununu could :) but after tonight’s speech and Santobama’s line, “You know me” and Mitt’s tough campaign in PA coming, they should say, “PA knows Santorum, that’s why they kicked him out of office by 18%!!!” He supported Specter over Toomey. End it, Mitt!

  418. Dave:

    Pawlenty dressing down Blitzer and saying the race is over. He’s openly contemptuous of Santorum and Gingrich. Good job.

  419. aspire:

    407 It’s as if nobody wants to map out this race, because once you go to the map, it’s obvious the race is over.

  420. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    You think Ryan introducing Romney tonight might be a hint that Ryan might be the VP?

  421. Boomer:


    >>My point is that Mitt’ strong victory tonight in a state he never polled well in is a sign that the rank and file are ready to declare a winner.

    Some of us did know that. But I appreciate you noticing.

  422. Matthew E. Miller:


    Not only that, but he heavily carried Republicans, 51-37. If it weren’t for Dems, who are going for Santy 2 to 1, this would close to a Maryland level blowout. Bad news for Santy in PA.

  423. Joshua:

    #259 Boomer: There are, or at least were, coal mines in Italy too.

  424. Dave:

    Pawlenty would have been a good VP nominee, but he took his name out of contention in favor of others. I see him playing a major role in a Romney Administration.

  425. Can't Wait for Rubio's America (Romney/Jindal 2012) (Rubio/Ryan 2020):


    Attacking the Supreme court has never been a wise move historically, just ask FDR. His court packing scheme stopped the New Deal in its tracks. Obama’s comment regarding the unprecedentness of the Supreme court is Ludicrous and downright infuriating. Of course the supreme court has the power to strike down laws passed by congress. Thats the entire purpose of the Supreme court, its why we have a seperation of powers in the first place. Its to provide Checks and balances. The Supreme court striking down Obamacare would simply be the Court doing the job it was intended to do. Its the opposite of unprecedented, its the Supreme Court doing the job it was created to do.

    Not to Mention the SCOTUS’s approval rating is much higher than congresses and is equal to or greater than Obama’s
    I have a feeling this will come back to haunt Obama.

  426. Boomer:


    Check out Drudge.

  427. Conservative Independent:

    Ryan definitely helped Romney win Wisconsin. He would make a great VP for Romney who’s campaign slogan is to Restore America and get the US back on a financially sound track.

  428. Matt "MWS":


    I’m guessing Rick will be fielding a lot of unsolicited phone calls from party elders for the rest of the week.

    …party elders who weren’t returning his phone calls two months ago…..

  429. Boomer:


    True. But if you have listened to Santorum’s stump speech even once you would know that his grandfather worked the coal mines in PA.

    So you want to explain it now?

  430. blue:

    I’m sure pawlenty would get a cabinet job but i doubt he really took his name out of the veep stakes even if that is what he is saying right now.

  431. JMan:


    Good article on Team Obama’s plans if he is reelected. Not only are we talking about the Russia issue last week, they had Palestinian politicians saying the have been told by the Obama administration that he will back Palestinian statehood if reelected. And for you SOCONS out there, pretty sure Obama will be “evolving” on same sex marriage. His White HOuse website in 2009 even said they intend to get rid of DOMA. Expect more unilateral Executive Orders and attacking of the Judiciary. Obama has no respect for the Supreme Court as was evident this week.

    We cannot relect this guy. Santorum get out or stay in and focus your fire on Obama like Newt is now. Financially we are a house of cards and Obama is about to thow a big old Angry Bird at us. He doesnt care if it all falls apart.

  432. SixMom:

    HeHe….this all over the headlines and the San Francisco Chronicle….

    “Rick Santorum claimed Monday that “seven or eight of the California system of universities” don’t offer courses in American history.”

    Several large newspaper having a hay day with it – some headlines:

    “Rick Santorum: Don’t Know Much About History”

    “Rick Santorum Falsely Claims California Schools Don’t Teach American History”

    “Rachel Maddow uses UC Davis course catalog to rebut Santorum claim”

    “Rachel Maddow schools Rick Santorum on teaching history in CA”

    “Too Good to Check, Santorum Edition”

    I am so embarrassed this man is a Republican candidate and is getting so many votes from our party. What does this say about us? As if Palin didn’t already dig a deep enough hole!

  433. Matt "MWS":

    Pawlenty as Chief of Staff?

    eh, I’m guessing Mitt would pick someone he has more personal experience with. Probably someone in his campaign.

  434. Conservative Independent:

    #432 I agree with you. He is an embarrassment to the GOP. Of course, the Democrats won with the class clown, Joe Biden.

  435. Patrick Henry:

    Greta is taking Wasserman-Schultz to task over the budget process…and beating her up over the Senate. Funny thing is they keep calling it the Romney budget.

    WS spins and lies about the Democrat budget and the Ryan / “Romney” budget. Total falsehoods and misrepresentations… Why can’t even FOX call them out?

  436. JMan:

    424 Pawlenty has cabinet position easily in a Romney adminstration. He’s exactly the type of competent figure that Mitt will bring in.

  437. SixMom:

    Get a load of the picture of Santorum and the caption over at drudge….


  438. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    I don’t see how what Santorum says is Palin’s fault.

  439. Matt "MWS":


    Come come, now. Everyone gets bad info from their speechwriters every now and then. In 2008, Mitt left a Cuban American audience in awkward silence during the ’08 campaign when he ended his speech with a little Spanish lingo, that was Castro’s well known revolutionary slogan.

  440. Tony "ARF":

    422. MEM,

    If Dems are going 2 to 1 for Mitt, can we assume Mitt will take 1/3 of the Democrat vote in the GE?

  441. Conservative Independent:

    Delegate Scoreboard: Romney 76, Santorum 0

    – Nate Silver

  442. SixMom:

    Palin started the bonehead reputation, i.e. Couric interview and SNL…

  443. RHH:

    I just checked the dictionary and under sore loser it says: Rick Santorum … weird

  444. Tony "ARF":

    I mean 2 to 1 for Santy

  445. aspire:

    Soon Romney’s going to be closer to the 1144 he needs, than Santorum is going to be to catching up. In fact I think it’s fair to say Santorum will never reach the number of delegates Romney has right now.

  446. Matt "MWS":

    Romney is destroying Rick in Ryan’s district.

  447. SixMom:

    439. So a foreign language the Mittness doesn’t speak, compared to a language where Captain Contraceptive was fully aware of every word?

    Yeah, there’s mistakes, but Santy had more choice and say in that one.

  448. Boomer:

    What was it, less than 4 months ago when Newt said that if you look at the polls it was clear he was the nominee?

    Is anyone even talking about Newt anymore as anything but a bad joke?

    Yea, we can come together later. I’m going to enjoy dancing on a few graves for a while.

  449. Ollie:

    on twitter:

    Santorum has won the State of denial.

  450. Tony "ARF":

    Will Santy get any delegates in WI?

    Has he won any of the Congressional Districts?

  451. Jerald:

    Well, Santy will be able to claim that he won more counties again…

  452. SixMom:

    449. That is funny.

  453. Tony "ARF":

    451. But did he win any Congressional Districts?

  454. Arizona:

    What a great night !!!

  455. Matt "MWS":


    I suppose we can say that Rick knows as much about the California state university system as Mitt knows about Cuban history.

  456. Arizona:

    Santy in Mars .
    Newt the moon…

  457. SixMom:

    I’ve hardly heard hide nor tail of Newtron. No newspaper…nada. It won’t be long before Santy will have to find someone else’s hot mic somewhere if he’s going to get anyone to listen to him.

  458. Boomer:


    See if you can tell the difference to US voters between current events in CA and Cuba history.

  459. SixMom:

    455. Fair enough. Me still thinks Rick’s gaffe is larger. It was a much simpler fact to check and understand beforehand.

  460. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    “Palin started the bonehead reputation, i.e. Couric interview and SNL”

    Doesn’t it pre-date Palin? Going back to Quayle, and maybe even further back to Agnew or even Nixon under Ike.

  461. Tim:

    Cue Bagdad Adam to argue for continued primary….3…2…1….

  462. Patrick Henry:

    457. He was on Hannity this afternoon. He talked about how Romney is the likely nominee, but he wasn’t getting out. Then he said that he and Santorum were “putting together the conservative agenda” for the fight against Obama and that they’re willing to have Romney join them. He tried to make it sound like he was leading the campaign against Obama even if Romney was the nominee.

    It was actually pretty funny.

  463. Ollie:

    Obama is already backtracking on the Supreme Court shakedown incident. This is beyond dumb in an election year. The arrogance and narcissism of this guy is unreal. He forgets he is not a dictator with absolute power. Whatever comes of it, KUDOS to the judge that had the balls to say it, and give homework, lol.

  464. SixMom:

    462. So sorry to miss such a brilliant narrative!

  465. Conservative Independent:

    Considering the number of Democrats who voted for Santorum, it’s amazing that Romney pulled this off in Wisconsin. It looks a lot closer than I would have liked.

  466. aspire:

    Seems to me like Santorum couldn’t get to 1144 without winning New York, California, or Utah. That’s how desperate it’s gotten.

  467. SixMom:

    463. Yes!! That was so dang sweet…. Obama is imploding.

  468. Matt "MWS":



    Good sense of history. Nixon made the famous “Checkers” speech to justify his place on the Republican ticket. The Humphrey campaign made an ad that had an offstage person just laughing at the notion of a Vice President Agnew, and everyone over 35 (and nerds under that age) now what happened to Quayle.

  469. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Santorum is counting on the Canada primary to put him over the top. 😀

  470. NY4Romney(Romney/Ryan 2012):

    Whats with the small margin of victory? Are we missing a lot of city/Ryan district votes or is something else going on? I was and still am hoping for 8+ win.

  471. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Looks like Santorum will win at least 3 CDs in Wisconsin and maybe 4. 9 or 12 for him.

  472. Civil politics:

    Waukeshau county is not Ryan’s district…..Sensenbrenner’s ….its one of the most Republican / conservative in the nation….high turnouts here tries to nullify Dane count in state elections.

  473. Florida Conservative:

    Still 65% left out there from Milwaukee, and Racine is only 20% reporting and its going Big for Mitt, I think we’re looking at a 7 or 8 point win when all is said and done.

  474. Arizona:

    Looks like Santy will win none in Maryland as even the 2 CD not yet called
    are leaning Romney.

  475. I Cheated On My Wives For You America, newt:


    Jordan fades back, SWISH, and that’s the game!

  476. Mike F:

    471 – I had heard that Wisconsin was “winner take all,” is that not correct?

  477. Doug NYC GOP:

    462: The problem with htese two jokers is that they BOTH are former Fox News employees and get TONS of free airtime on Hannity’s radio and TV shows. Because of this exposure, they believe they ARE the influential movers within the party.

    Somebody needs to read the results of that Rassmussen poll with Romney picked as LEADER of the GOP

  478. Bags:

    Romney won the republican vote in WI 51-37. Tantorum voters must be so proud to join with Obama supporters in an attempt to help Obama win reelection.


  479. Boomer:


    Who cares? The race is over and the only who doesn’t get it is Santorum.

    He’s become a bad joke and things are going to get ugly for him in PA where Pat Toomey is waiting for some serious payback.

  480. James from TX:

    Satorum can have his more than expected delegates in WA state and his 9-12 in WI. It does not matter. Mitt will get to 1144 on June 5th the day of CA/NJ if he underperforms or overperforms either way. This is over. There is nothing Satorum or a bunch of tricky Dems can do about that.

  481. Paul:

    Santorum is a traitor to his country.

  482. Mike F:

    I just checked and found reports that Wisconsin is WTA by Congressional District–if seen a number of reports that haven’t had that clear (and have actually inaccurately said that all 42 would go to the winning candidate.

  483. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    I’m waiting for an expecting Toomey to endorse Romney leading up to the PA primary. Maybe Gov. Corbett might endorse Mitt as well. Hopefuly Lt. Gov Cawley does also.

  484. Char:

    471, see 161 for explanation.

  485. SixMom:

    Santorum must be getting some gain out of all the continued publicity….or something. This just isn’t rational at this point.

  486. Char:

    476 see 161 which explains state-by-state breakdown

  487. Florida Conservative:


    Well Toomey and Corbett I believe have already said they will not endorse, but hopefully this will change things, hopefully they will be persuaded to endorse Mitt to help him lock up this thing and get Santorum out of the way.

  488. K.G.:

    We all knew Ronald Reagan and Santy/Panties is NO Ronald Reagan.

    Compare Mitt’s speech tonight w/Sant. Romney’s was all about America and how to save her; Rick’s was all about him being Reagan and Washington crossing the Delaware. And oh yeah, how he was a coal miner’s daughter.

  489. Ollie:

    All those people Santo drags up behind him on stage look like a horde of so-con zombies. Silly at this point in the game. Someone made a good point earlier about how Romney has done the opposite since assuming the one-true nominee mantle. All eyes on Mitt.

  490. SixMom:

    Well, life is GOOD. The Mittness struck again. Night all.

  491. SixMom:

    488. Coal miner’s daughter…..laughing so hard….

  492. Matthew E. Miller:

    civil politics,

    “Waukeshau county is not Ryan’s district…..Sensenbrenner’s ….its one of the most Republican / conservative in the nation….high turnouts here tries to nullify Dane count in state elections.”

    Muskego and parts of the bottom of Waukeshau are in Ryan’s district.

  493. Thomas Alan:


    Nixon’s problem in ’52 was a minor scandal. I don’t think Democrats ever dismissed him as a lightweight. Indeed, even the ones that have continued to loath him for the past 60 years often point to him as the most intelligent Republican president in the post-war era.

    Which he may well be.

  494. Tony "ARF":

    471. MassCon, what is your source for Santorum winng 3 CDs in Wisconsin?

  495. Can't Wait for Rubio's America (Romney/Jindal 2012) (Rubio/Ryan 2020):


    I believe both Rubio and Ryan both initally stated they would not endorse anyone. This race is over. If Toomey and Corbett know whats best for the party(which I believe they do)they will endorse

    I fully expect Toomey to endorse, it will be sweet to see Santorum relive his curbstomping, while Toomey gets his revenge, and if that doesn’t work we always have our secret weapon.

    Release the Christie!

  496. Thomas Alan:

    Fox re-running Mitt’s speach now.

  497. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Some have considered Palin as this generation’s Quayle or Nixon. It will be interesting to see if she fades like Quayle did or rebounds like Nixon did.

  498. K.G.:

    Yeah, but they keep cutting out Ryan’s introduction.

  499. K.G.:

    #497: Palin has more going for her as a media personality than the others. However, I don’t expect her to ever run for office again.

    Ozzy, I’m still mad at her for her dumb position on continuing the race when it’s obvious Mitt has won it and we NEED to use the resources to fight Obama, not each other. Mitt needs to be running ads against Obama, not keeping his foot on Santy’s panties.

  500. Ollie:

    Mitt gets more and more excited and comfortable the more and more obvious it gets that Santo is an afterthought. He’ll be a warrior by Nov.

  501. Conservative Independent:

    #499 Palin was part of the let’s have a contested convention crowd so that they could pick a true Conservative candidate. She has become irrelevant.

  502. Civil politics:

    Santorum will win three CDs…..he did well in brown county….packer land….brought him his third cd

  503. K.G.:

    #500: But he still needs to spend precious money to keep Santy at bay. It’s very annoying.

  504. Tony "ARF":

    Where can I find out if Santorum won any CDs in Wisconsin?

  505. K.G.:

    #501: I agree. Except Rush has 12 million listeners or something. And some people are still listening to Palin. Santy keeps going on because people keep voting for him. When this is finally over, Palin and Rush will be irrelevant. Right now they are just dividers not uniters. Stupid.

  506. Tony "ARF":

    502. What is your source?

  507. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    You guys keep calling her irrelevant yet she seems to have a following and it looks like the ratings on the Today show might prove she is still a viable force that people are glued to or want to watch.

  508. Thomas Alan:


    I don’t see the comparison and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it made before. Nixon, as much as he’s hated (and Palin doesn’t know what hatred is when put up against Nixon…modern writers STILL take potshots at him), was never dismissed as a lightweight. It didn’t happen.

    He legit scared Democrats because he was a smart, clever, nasty piece of work. Democrats are not scared of Palin. They just mock her.

  509. NY4Romney(Romney/Ryan 2012):

    Mitt could have really benefited from an Aaron Rodgers endorsement. Could have also used Clay Matthews to scare people into voting for Mitt.

  510. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    And Quayle? Feared or mocked?

  511. K.G.:

    The only people that are afraid of Palin are people like me: Hard-core conservative women who want desperately to beat Obama.

  512. Can't Wait for Rubio's America (Romney/Jindal 2012) (Rubio/Ryan 2020):


    As long as we’re talking about Nixion, I think of all the elections in America history 1960 is the one that would of been better if it was decided the other way, and it wouldn’t be just better for the Republican party.
    It would of been better for the Republican party, Nixion, Kennedy, and the country as a whole. No watergate, no kennedy assassination, no percieved weakness when it comes to dealing with communists,(Bay of Pigs)Perhaps better leadership and direction when it comes to dealing with Vietnam. After eight years of Nixion the democrats can have Kennedy for 1968-1976.

    Think about it you stop a Assassination, Watergate, the turmoil of the 60s as a whole,(or at least reduce it)and people’s general faith in Government remains high. Nixion gets a great spot in history and Kennedy actually earns his.

    Just something to think about

  513. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Tony “ARF,”

    We are basing this off of the results map compared to wikipedia’s congressional district map. There is a congressional district centered around Green Bay, and two in western Wisconsin. Santorum will win all three of those.

    There is a congressional district centered around Appleton and Fond Du Lac, and Santorum is likely to win there as well.

    However, Romney wins the vast majority of the delegates in Wisconsin, and also all of them in DC and MD.

    And by the way, if you look here: http://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/results and hover over Mississippi, Mitt appears to have won the delegate count there despite coming in third.

    Awesome news!

  514. Ollie:

    503 yeah but money is gonna pour in for Romney, big business, oil, you name it. Not even remotely worried about it.

  515. C-Span Viewer:

    I didn’t like that Romney kept talking about what business wants and needs, but said little about people.

  516. Matthew E. Miller:

    So Romney won more votes than McCain did 4 years ago. Turnout way up. Among Republicans it’s probably more even but the bulk of the non-Republican voters are independents, a good sign for the GOP.

  517. Florida Conservative:

    Now 43-37…..about to be 43-36…..still lots of Mitt counties out there with lots of precincts left to report

  518. Dave:

    I’ve been waiting to see Mitt’s margin in Wisconsin go over 4%. It’s obvious that that would happen, given when the race was called….but I had to wait until 81% of the precincts were in for Mitt to go up to 5%.

    He should go up some more.

  519. Boomer:


    >>You guys keep calling her irrelevant yet she seems to have a following and it looks like the ratings on the Today show might prove she is still a viable force that people are glued to or want to watch.

    You must have missed the segment where she really got into the cooking segment. With cue cards in hand. It was AWESOME!

    I’m in the camp who says she is still irrelevant.

  520. Tony "ARF":

    513. Thanks, MassCon!

  521. Florida Conservative:

    Looks like Dane County will go to Mitt afterall!

  522. Massachusetts Conservative:

    I just noticed something.

    Santorum is yet to win a primary north of the Mason-Dixon. Just caucuses there.

  523. brs:


    a lot of mischief voters.. dane county should have been a mitt blowout

  524. Florida Conservative:


    He’s about to go up 6 points and may go up to 7 or 8 when all is over

  525. Ollie:


    He wasn’t talking about what “Business” wants and needs, he was talking about the country needs businesses, and people need free-enterprise. Its pretty simple really. You’ve been conditioned to listen for handouts, not your fault.

  526. Florida Conservative:

    Waukesha and Racine counties are only 30 and 20% reporting and both are going for Mitt by 30 points! Look for Mitt’s margin to go way up once those start coming in

  527. brs:

    Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint against Romney and Ryan for buying votes with sub sandwiches today.

    Unreal. The exact wording was “trading votes for slices of ham, turkey, and cheese on a bread like roll”

  528. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    I’m not trying to push my luck here, but, aren’t we overdue for an Anti-Romney, Pro-Santorum comment about how Santorum is gonna dominate Pennsylvania and turn the primary around post from Adam?

  529. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Bret Baier’s panel just ripped Santorum to absolute shreds. I’m grinning!

  530. Thomas Alan:


    Quayle was mocked. They turned him into a joke.


    Yeah, Nixon would have made a fine president in 1960. He would have been an extension of Eisenhower’s presidency, he wouldn’t have bundled foreign policy like Kennedy and Johnson. Hell, the Cuban Missile Crisis would NEVER had happened. The social uproar of the 60s would have been limited to the civil rights movement, which Nixon probably would have shepherded almost as well as Johnson.

  531. Florida Conservative:

    Still 40% left in Milwaukee County and Mitt is up over 30 points there as well

  532. Tony "ARF":

    Romney got 1/3 of the Democratic vote, which means he will take lots of votes from Obama in the general, and since there will be very few Republicans voting for Obama, it will be a blowout in November.

  533. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    “Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint against Romney and Ryan for buying votes with sub sandwiches today.

    Unreal. The exact wording was “trading votes for slices of ham, turkey, and cheese on a bread like roll”

    The dem party is right. Mitt and Ryan should’ve bribed voters with hot dogs. :)

  534. Boomer:


    >>I just noticed something.
    Santorum is yet to win a primary north of the Mason-Dixon. Just caucuses there.

    You just noticed that Santorum has yet to win anything but caucuses or deep south evangelical races? Really?

    Its over.

  535. Jeff Y:

    529, What did they say MassCon?

  536. Massachusetts Conservative:


    No, what I noticed is that he hasn’t really won any tough primaries.

  537. glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012:

    529 – any specifics, links, etc.?

    I like the CNN analysis, but today their conservative side wasn’t too on their game, and Dona is turrible.

    Would like to hear FNC tear him up.

    Go, Mitt!!!

  538. Fig Newton:

    522. Santo is the epitome of my favorite southern phrase: all hat and no cattle!

    Pawlenty stuck the knife into Santo a few times on CNN tonight for fun.

    Loved the early contours of the Rom campaign and Obama being out of touch.

    Great night to be an American!

  539. Massachusetts Conservative:

    535, 537

    They were just saying that he’s killing our chances of beating Obama, and that he will drop out before Pennsylvania or otherwise blow his entire political career forever. They said he’s irrational.

  540. Ollie:

    Guess what I noticed. ZERO, I mean ZERO talk of Romney being “weak.” Things are picking up steam. And with the looming failure in the Supreme Court of obamacare, and Obama’s stupid stunt of lecturing the SCOTUS, the economy, gas/oil, on and on etc…Obama is in for a major contest. Believe it.

  541. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):

    Ryan on Foxnews now. I haven’t noticed until now but Ryan really has a big nose. It’s quite a schnoz on that face of his.

  542. Dave:

    Romney has won more than 70 delegates today, including all 16 in DC, all but 9, which haven’t been decided yet, in Maryland, and at least 30 in Wisconsin, with 22 to be determined. So, he should end up with more than 650, and that’s conservative.

  543. Conservative Independent:

    #513 Thanks That is awesome!

  544. Jeff Y:

    539, Good. That’s exactly what he needs to have drilled into his thick skull for the next three weeks.

  545. Tony "ARF":

    Is it confirmed that Santorum won 3 CDs in Wisconsin?

  546. Ollie:

    I think he wears it well tho, like Adrian Brody

  547. brs:

    Tony, I can confirm that from the map.

  548. Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012):


    Damn, the one time I turn away from Fox is the one time I should’ve been watching and listening.

  549. Joshua:

    I would like to see Mitt and his campaign staff now go a full 24 hours without saying something stupid that will detract from these victories. It seems like that has been happening way too often after Mitt’s victories and it needs to be avoided.

  550. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Fox News, especially Bret Baier and his panelists, have gone 100% behind Romney. They are on board, calling for Santorum to get out, and moving to general election mode. They even replayed Mitt’s speech. And they have Ryan on right now attacking Obama and pumping Mitt for like 15 minutes straight with no tough questions. Love it! It’s all over, folks! Let’s just make sure we lock down PA and then we’re into GE mode.

  551. Tony "ARF":

    547. Where do I find the map?

  552. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Ah, yes. I forgot about that.

  553. Ollie:


    Boy, have to agree with you there.

  554. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Here: http://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/results/2012/gop-primary/wi

    And compare it with this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin_Congressional_Districts

  555. kris smith:

    Well great night. 3/3 :)

  556. kris smith:


    When the Anti-Romney FNC calls for Santo to get out, the writing’s on the wall.

  557. Keith Price:

    I love reading all your comments. Congrats to Mitt.

    Rick Santorum? Good bye. You ARE the weakest link!

  558. Keith Price:

    CNN projecting 12 IL delegates for Rick.

  559. Keith Price:

    74,000 Illinoians actually voted for NEWT??? WHHHHAAAAATTTT?

  560. Joshua:

    #554 MassCon: The Wikipedia article has the map for the previous districts of WI, not the current districts created after the 2010 Census.

  561. Keith Price:

    I sure hope someone puts together a video of all of Obama’s attacks on liberty. All together in a single 1 to 3 minutes video would very possibly shock the world.

    I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but I’m finding it hard to not to believe that Obama is actually trying to destroy America.

    Maybe he’s not really a US Citizen. Maybe his time with communists rubbed off on him. Maybe his time in that radical church really did cause him to burn with hatred against White America.

    I’m actually finding it hard to believe there’s any other explanation for the things he’s done.

  562. kris smith:


    Well…hardly matters now…with Romney’s prohibitive lead.

  563. Massachusetts Conservative:

    It looks like there’s a strong likelihood that Mitt takes 50% of the vote in Maryland. The only four counties which have not reported the final 11% of statewide precincts happen to be Mitt’s 3 strongest counties and another of his decent ones. I did some basic estimation and 50% appears likely.

  564. kris smith:


    Been a while since I saw that show. I miss it.

  565. Florida Conservative:


    What do you think the final WI numbers will look like? Its still Santorum by 4 but there are still strong Mitt counties in the southeast with a ton of precincts left to report?

  566. Irish Right:

    Guys & Gals –

    Before we get all excited about Ryan doing such a great job of delivering his CD, you need to understand that Romney was always going to run away with that CD. Kenosha is where his dad relocated American Motors to, from Detroit. Kenosha (and Racine, for that matter) county was always going to go big for Romney.

    Having said that, I do like the energy Romney and Ryan seem to give each other.

  567. Ollie:


    His scolding of the Supreme Court showed how he thinks of himself as a dictator. A so-called constitutional scholar that has such disdain and lack of understanding of the history and purpose of the tricameral system? Amazing.

    G’night all. Big wins.

  568. Florida Conservative:

    Now back to 43-37 in Wisconsin

  569. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Mitt’s margin is about 5 right now, and it’s probably going to end up at 6 or so.

  570. K.G.:


    Maybe he’s not really a US Citizen. Maybe his time with communists rubbed off on him. Maybe his time in that radical church really did cause him to burn with hatred against White America.

    I’m actually finding it hard to believe there’s any other explanation for the things he’s done.

    Mr. K.G. said that too–until I reminded him that Hillary Clinton, born a Methodist in Illinois and a former Goldwater Girl pretty much has the exact same mindset as Obama.

    To someone on our side of the aisle, Obama seems foreign, anti-American–but he’s just your typical proud progressive, marxist-leaning liberal Democrat. Hillary proudly called herself a “progressive in the early 20th century tradition.” It was those early American progressives that inspired both the communists and the nazis.

  571. Florida Conservative:

    30,000 vote lead now, Romney strongholds starting to come in now in southeast wisconsin

  572. Matthew E. Miller:

    21% of voters disapproved of Walker’s job performance and these folks went 36-19 for Santy (another 29% went for Paul). More than 7% of Santorum’s support comes from this crowd- almost certainly all Operation Hilarity people.

  573. Thomas Alan:


    Eyeballing it, it should have no problem rising to 7, and might well get to 8%. Near as I can tell, almost all the counties left are heavy for Romney.

  574. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Everyone turn Fox News on if you can. They’re replaying Mitt’s speech AGAIN, and you will get to personally witness the panel ripping Santorum to shreds after, and watch Paul Ryan on fire supporting Mitt and attacking Obama.

  575. G:

    Here’s a chart showing the relationship between the performance of Mitt Romney and how it correlates to the percentage of the voting population made up of Evangelical voters. Data from CNN.com

    Romney has not lost a state where the Republican electorate has a minority of Evangelical voters and he has not won a state where the majority of voters were Evangelical.


  576. Arizona:

    I love Maryland… Its official Romney won all 8 CD and all
    37 delegates…

  577. K.G.:

    I’m curious to know how many NON-evangelicals actually vote for Santorum. Any? People marvel that Mitt gets the Catholic vote. It’s probably because Catholics have never been taught to vote against Mormons. They just ignorantly vote for the best person.

    I remember having dinner in 2007 with some Jewish business acquaintances from Boston who loved Mitt and wanted him to be POTUS. We said he can probably never be elected. A bunch of evangelical Christians won’t vote for him.

    They thought we were insane.

    Sarah Palin tonight on FOX keeps reassuring us that “everybody” will be on board with the “winner.” Well, Mitt is obviously the winner; get on board already.

  578. Dave:

    Check out Drudge. I love the picture of Santorum looking less than leadership material, with the big headline underneath that says “Maybe by 2016, enough delegates? This is the lead, and they have a re-cap of Mitt’s speech up there as well.

  579. K.G.:

    Krauthammer saying the general election began tonight. Somebody better get Santorum to watch FOX.

  580. Florida Conservative:

    Still 43-37 in Wisconsin for Mitt…..looks like a 6 point victory in the end, to bad the dem’s voted in masse for Santorum or it would have been alot worse, looks like PPP hit Wisconsin right on the head

  581. K.G.:

    Gene Simmons of Kiss fame endorsed Mitt today–even though he voted for Obama in 2008:

    Simmons was a supporter of the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration.[7] He supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, writing on his website: “I’m ashamed to be surrounded by people calling themselves liberal who are, in my opinion, spitting on the graves of brave American soldiers who gave their life to fight a war that wasn’t theirs…in a country they’ve never been to… simply to liberate the people therein”.[8] In a follow-up, Simmons explained his position and wrote about his love and support for the United States: “I wasn’t born here. But I have a love for this country and its people that knows no bounds. I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II, when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away… and rescued my mother from the Nazi German concentration camps. She is alive and I am alive because of America. And, if you have a problem with America, you have a problem with me”.

  582. Arizona:

    I see Wisconsin is now 27-6 in Delegates…
    With 3 CD still undecided

    Maryland 37-0
    DC 16-0

  583. MTM:

    romney won nothing! on to the next contest! romney must win his home state of pennsylvania or hes in real trouble! /sarcasem

  584. Arizona:

    Romney what a weak candidate with all the money still not at 1144….

  585. K.G.:

    Everyone but Rush and Palin believe Santy staying in is hurting our chances w/Obama. Even Richard Land is saying, Enough already. Get behind Mitt.

  586. Arizona:

    The polls for April 24th will be interesting after tonight!!

  587. K.G.:

    #584: Yup, this is just half time. Washington still has to cross the Delaware and Ronald Reagan win in 1976. Oh, wait. Reagan LOST in 1976.

    Oh well.

  588. Arizona:

    Can’t wait to hear Santy on the night of the 24th explain
    were just entering the 4th quarter.

  589. Florida Conservative:

    Yea Rasmussen should have a Pennsylvania Poll out either Thursday or Friday and it will scare the Hell out of Little Ricky I’m sure

  590. Arizona:

    Funny how Santy talks like PA is the only election that night
    when New York and three others will also be going on. Heck even
    if Santy won a close one in PA he would be blown out in the 5 state

  591. Thomas Alan:

    Love that line about how the only time Republicans have defeated an incumbent Dem in the past hundred years was Reagan and it was the one time we’ve nominated a conservative.

    Goldwater fans just loving the history lesson.

  592. Florida Conservative:

    Well it looks like Romney will only end up winning by 4 lousy points, thanks to the Dems! Thank god Mitt did well with Republicans or he may have lost this state with Operation Hilarity

  593. rightgal:

    It’s over. Time to move to the general.

  594. Will:

    I think MEM and MWS and other critics of Mitt’s political skills have spent too much time in Aaron Sorkin land. That was a bad speech tonight? Compared too what? John McCain? Bob dole? The Bushes?

    Romney is the best Republican nominee since Reagan, and it isn’t close. Take out Reagan and he is the best since Ike. I don’t know how any swing voter listening to his speech tonight could come away without being remindedof how incompetent Obama has been and with a resolve to vote against him.

    It is time to stop the silly suggestion that Mitt is some awful candidate that is doomed to defeat in November. It is nonsense. Who would have been better? Time to put away the foolishness and put our efforts into defeating Obama.

  595. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Reagan didn’t win because he was conservative, he won because he was Reagan. The fact that he was conservative was basically beside the point.

  596. Matthew E. Miller:

    Hilarious hearing these conservatives on the Fox panel basically saying, “hey, Santorum’s young. He should get out now, to preserve his brand and make another run”. When clearly not a one of them believes it. That’s the problem here. We’re in a bizarro-land where everything Santorum says has no basis in reality and major Republicans are forced to say equally absurd things to try to convince him to get out. It’s like we’re inventing a new arithmetic. Santorum says: 11 + 4= fgh36sa* GOP establishmentarians try various derivations. Yes, but: 42 + 11= shc84cjdl? No? How ’bout 32 – 9= ah27d1@^^xxsgbda39783

    Here are some of my suggestions for arguments GOP establishmentarians could make to Santorum, which he might find persuasive:

    1. You should get out, Rick. If you do, you’ll be well-positioned to succeed King Louis XV and prevent the French Revolution.

    2. You should get out, Rick. It turns out that your face is quite the aphrodisiac and your presence on television is driving contraception sales through the roof.

    3. You should get out, Rick. We can send you back to the grassy knoll. You know what to do.

    4. You should get out, Rick. Your grandfather needs your help at the coal-mine.

  597. rightgal:

    587. in 76, no gop would have won. Nixion had just been impeached not too long before that and it was very fresh in everyone’s mind. It’s not honest of Santorum to compare that race with this one. Oh wait. Were talking Santorum, who has issues with honesty.

  598. Arizona:

    Santy’s women manager is something else also.
    On CNN tonight said if we win PA and Texas
    on to the nomination with a straight face.

  599. Will:

    591 – Reagan didn’t win because he was a conservative. He won because Carter was incompetent and because of his optimistic American exceptionalism message. If anyone is following in Reagan’s footsteps with their approach, it is Mitt. Reagan was not an angry ideologue like Sanatorium.

  600. Massachusetts Conservative:


    So what if Rick doesn’t get the memo? What happens in the coverage of the race dictates to a large extent what happens in the race. Get the media calling for Rick to drop out, and voters will feel his cause is hopeless and it’s time to take it to Obama.

  601. K.G.:

    #599: Yup, Mitt’s speech was entirely Reaganesque. Mitt struggles because he’s not as charming as Reagan. (Who is?). If you’re going to be an actor, talk show host or politician, it truly helps to be Irish, Southern or African American.

  602. Will:

    596 – Yep. Sanatorium has burned all his bridges … foolishly. He has nothing to lose by staying in the race. The idea that he might be the nominee in 2016 is laughable.

  603. K.G.:

    At this point Santy needs to put on his big boy panties and head for the sanatorium. He’s nuttier than Newt.

  604. Will:

    601 – you are right that Romney has weaknesses as a campaigner, but it is hard to say that are more significant than the weaknesses of anyone else we have nominated since Reagan. Romney is a good candidate. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about his chances.

  605. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    592 — Romney will win by 5 lousy points.

  606. Massachusetts Conservative:


    It will be by 6, but yeah a bigger margin would have felt better. Remember, about 2 or 3 of Rick’s percentage points are from Democratic crossover voters. Mitt won Tea Partiers and tied among Evangelicals. I’ll take it any day.

  607. Thomas Alan:


    Actually, 1976 was winnable. In fact, Ford came incredibly close to winning. The last several weeks of his campaign were probably the best closing that any candidate has ever had. If he hadn’t messed up on Poland during the debate, or if the election had been held only a week later, Ford may well have won.

    That mistake aside, Ford was actually ran a strong general campaign and was able to nail Carter for his inexperience.

  608. Micah:

    I really, really, hope Mitt wins Pennsylvania and destroys Santorums life long career in politics. I once thought I wouldnt find anyone I despised more than Newt until this prick named Rick showed up. He’s like a neighbor that stopped in and is annoying as hell and just won’t get the hint it’s time to leave. Time to kick his ass out.

  609. Teemu:

    Well it looks like Romney will only end up winning by 4 lousy points, thanks to the Dems!

    Romney leading by 4.8, when you take more accurate percentages.

    Also Waukesha county, that had Republican turnout of over 45k even in 2008, when the primary turnout was 410k total, the primary turnout is already 710k for this year and raising.

    Romney is leading in Waukesha by 30 points at the moment, just 18.5k votes in this far, in 2008 the turnout there was 45k, slightly less than in Milwaukee county that year, so I think the turnout in Waukesha could be between 60k-80k, at worst it should be at least 50k, those precincts coming in should increase Romney’s lead. Also 3% of Milwaukee precincts still unreported.

  610. Tony "ARF":


    Siena Poll 2/26-2/29 (230 RV) Romney-38; Santorum-23; Romney +15

    Quinnipiac 2/8-2/13 (399 RV) Romney-32; Santorum-20; Romney +12


    LA Times/USC 3/14-3/19 Romney-42; Santorum-23; Romney +19

    Rasmussen Reports 3/12-3/12 Romney-43; Santorum-23; Romney +20

  611. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    609 — I also looked at the numbers and I think you are right. At this moment I think there are 50,000 outstanding votes in Waukesha, if voter turnout from Dane, Washington, Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee are any indication. If that is true Romney could increase his lead by at 25,000 votes. I think the remaining precincts in Waukesha are from the larger more populated precincts.

  612. Florida Conservative:


    What the heck is taking so long? I’m on Poliico’s website and they are at 96.6…I want to stay up to see what the final spread is but I’m getting very sleepy, come on Waukesha!

  613. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    Waukesha seems to have a history of taking forever to report results. In other news, I think Romney will win CD6 (Oshkosh, Fond du Lac) narrowly, but it all depends the margin in Watertown in northern Jefferson County. Since Romney won that county by over 1100 votes and he needs to close a 200 vote deficit, I think he will win the CD6. Barely. 3 CDs for Santy, 9 delegates. 5 CDs for Romney. 33 delegates.

  614. Teemu:


    Romney won Ozaukee by 7.2k votes, that brings CD6 easily to him.

  615. criggs:

    Well, Wisconsin was pretty embarassing: a 4-point Romney win in a state where polling showed him anywhere from 7 to 10 points ahead. Not very impressive.

    Earlier in this thread, I predicted a narrow Romney win in Wisconsin today followed by a narrow win for Santorum in Pennsylvania on April 24th. Well, I was right about Wisconsin (though it was even narrower than the ten-point win I expected), and I expect I am right about Pennsylvania.

    Which means this no-offense, all-defense, marathon tennis match continues, with neither candidate having yet succeeded in breaking the other guy’s serve.

    As has been remarked ad nauseam, there are a string of Santorum-friendly primaries coming up in May. However, one of those Santorum-friendly primaries appears to be slipping from Santorum’s grasp, and that is North Carolina on May 8th. Take a look at the last three surveys listed for the state at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/nc/north_carolina_republican_presidential_primary-1769.html . Taken together, here’s the CPSR picture, with trend indications when compared to the two previous PPP surveys from 2/29-3/1 and 3/8-11:

    NORTH CAROLINA Composite 3/16-3/29 Final
    1. Romney 25.9-31
    1. Santorum 29-31.4
    3. Paul 8.9-15
    4. Gingrich 14.9-18.4 -1.2-12.9
    5. DK 11.6-12.1

    (While Paul and Gingrich’s CPSRs overlap, Gingrich’s downward trend puts him behind Paul in terms of momentum, I think.)

    That’s right: Romney and Santorum are TIED in North Carolina, a state where, by rights, Romney should not be competitive. Might this finally be the state we’ve been waiting for, the contest where one of the candidates finally breaks the other guy’s serve on his home turf? Stay tuned.

  616. criggs:

    612, Florida Conservative: If you take a look at the CNN site recommend by La Enchilidata at http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/primaries/state/wi?refresh=1 , you will see 99% of the vote for Wisconsin.

  617. Florida Conservative:


    Romney won huge among Republicans in Wisconsn, Penn will be a closed primary…Romney won among just about all demographics in Wisconsin, if not for the Dem’s crossover votes then Romney wins Wisconsin by 13 or 14 points…simple as that

  618. Micah:


    1. Romney will end out winning with about a 6 pt advantage over Santorum when it’s all said and done.
    2. The unions made a huge push the last few days in nthe open primary to vote Santorum.

    Dont make something out of nothing.

  619. Massachusetts Conservative:


    It’s going to be a 6-point win. See here: http://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/results/2012/gop-primary/wi

    Right now, it’s 5 points. However, Waukesha has yet to report half of its precincts, including all of its largest suburban and urban precincts. Romney’s margin is currently 5 points and will increase to 6 when it’s all said and done.

    Also, Santorum has routinely outperformed his polling.

    Also, Santorum received a 2-3 point benefit from mischief-driven Democrat crossover voters.

    Romney won among Republicans by 14 percentage points, according to the exit polls. It’s also the first time he cracked 50% among Tea Partiers. He also tied among Evangelicals.

    Anyway you look at it, this was an impressive win. A game-changer.

  620. Teemu:

    This congressional redistricting plan, only one that has passed Wisconsin legislature, and which survived the lawsuits that were determined in March, has Ozaukee in CD-6, so Romney takes it easily.


  621. Teemu:

    Based on 2010 senatorial election results, Washington County is by far the closest county to Waukesha when it comes to turnout and on the percentage they voted for Republican candidate. Washington county turnout doubled from 2008 Republican primary turnout. Romney is leading in Waukesha by 31 points at the moment, just 18.5k votes in this far, in 2008 the turnout there was 45k, if it had similar turnout boost than Washington County, we could expect 90k votes total turnout. I think Waukesha county turnout will by 70k-90k.

  622. Teemu:

    What the heck is taking so long? I’m on Poliico’s website and they are at 96.6…I want to stay up to see what the final spread is but I’m getting very sleepy, come on Waukesha!

    At least they should have counted enough of the votes that the results would be rounded 43-37 in the morning shows results boards, not 42-38 like they round at the moment. 😀

    More accurate results show it to be 42.5-37.6 at the momen

  623. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    614 — Ozaukee County is part of CD5, not CD6.

  624. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    620 — Whoops! I didn’t realize they redistricted the CDs.

  625. mitch:

    Here are pictures of Waukesha board of elections office.

    Total incompetence:


  626. Teemu:


    It was redistricted to cd 6


  627. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Worse than Nevada’s slow counting?

  628. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    Thanks for the info Teemu — yes, Romney easily won CD6.

  629. Massachusetts Conservative:

    If Waukesha ends up with 90,000 turnout and the percentages hold in that county, Romney could end up with 44% and Rick with 36%. That’s a difference from 5% lead.

  630. mitch:

    Found out the problem in waukesha on the brookfield patch site.

    Last election brookfield results were left off election night and the race flipped for a local race. So now all the municipal clerks have to drive the downloaded vote packs to the county office before they can be doublechecked and go online.

    They posted the results up and have the media counting the results to find out about local races. So because there was a problem with the last election they make the problem worse.

    Imagine if this had been a tight race you would have had wolf blitzer having an exclusive phone interview with someone from waukesha.

    Hope they post the results tonight so I don’t have to hear the libs drone on about a four point win instead of a six point win.

  631. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    OMG!! Waukesha seriously needs to upgrade their system of counting votes. How embarrassing. I think Romney will increase his lead by 25,000 to 30,000 votes once these incompetent boobs deliver the results.

  632. jdirksmith:


    Actually Nixon was never impeached. The only Presidents to be impeached are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. However it is still widely believed and taught that Nixon was impeached. He resigned thus making Ford the only President never to be elected.

  633. jdirksmith:

    oops meant 597.

  634. mitch:

    Waukesha county clerk is the same person who last election didn’t press save for the broofield results in the state supreme court election which gave prosser 8,000 more votes.

    Now she has come up with a system of no results reported from municipalities to the media and she will double check them all after they are delivered and will release the results when permissable. When permissible might be thursday.

    This clerk takes the cake.

    I heard howard fineman and eugene robinson mock rommney for only winning by 4 percent.

    Now we will get the morning joe take.

  635. criggs:

    The CNN site at http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/primaries/state/wi?refresh=1 is reporting 99% of the results in, and the margin remains at 4 points.

  636. criggs:

    635. Never mind; you were absolutely right. CNN has its head up its you-know-what. Those are the same numbers as Google is reporting. CNN and Google disagree about what percentage of the vote they represent, 97.5% or 99%, but it’s the same totals. And you’re right: The margin is 4.9, not 4.

  637. Teemu:

    Google is precincts reporting, based on the 2008 and 2012 primary turnouts, and general Republican percentage, Waukesha turnout will 70k-90k. So the total vote in is somewhere between 91-94% at the moment.

  638. Tony "ARF":


    Romney is going to win the primary and then trounce Obama in November. Nothing else matters.

  639. mitch:

    In 2008 Waukesha had roughly 43k for the primary and milwaukee had roughly 44k.

    In 2012 Milwaukee has roughly 86k So if Waukesha fit the same pattern it would mean 84k.

    So far Waukesha has 18K votes in for a possible 84K and polls closed 6 hours ago. Every other county has almost all their votes in.

    This clerk is a disgrace.

  640. mitch:


    Latest results posted. This is the twitter handle of the clerk.

    Up to 61,000 Romney 38 k santorum 17k a gain of 21 k from 6k. Net 15k gain.

    A lot of zeroes still on the spreadsheet which I will post including the city of waukesha.

  641. mitch:


    Latest results posted. This is the twitter handle of the clerk.


  642. mitch:


  643. mitch:

    I think the AP person went to bed as none of the sites are updating the new votes.

  644. Teemu:


    Yeah, just saw that.

    Also quickly counted cities/townships that had all their precincts showing 0. They were 30% of Waukesha county population, then some areas had individual precincts at zero.

    Even with all these zeros, the total votes counted in Republican presidential primary were already closer to 62k in that document. So the turnout is going to be in 80k-90k range I think.

  645. Teemu:

    Romney is also doing better in the newer results percentage wise 61.74-28.44 with 61.6k in compared to 60.4-29.2 with 18.5k in. If we take the 61.7-28.4 ratio and the eventual turnout is in Waukesha county is in 80k-90k range, based on those assumptions I calculated new totals to total vote, and Santorum’s and Romney’s vote. Total vote 789k, Romney’s vote 349k, Santorum’s vote 291k.

    In percentages.

  646. Teemu:

    That would be

    Romney 44.2
    Santorum 36.9

    Romney could afford to lose 0.7 points, and as long as Santy doesn’t gain over 0.5 points, the rounded numbers favored by most of media would be 44-37, 7 point victory.

  647. mitch:

    AP won’t post the results until after the morning shows. A complete disgrace.

  648. DrJeckyllAZ:

    538. LOL! :-)

  649. DrJeckyllAZ:

    640. Thanks!

  650. Teemu:


    Latest Waukesha county results have all precincts in, which will further increase Romney’s lead. Romney wins Wisconsin by over 7 points.

    44.1 – 36.9

  651. Dr J:

    615- You are discounting the Sunday effect in North Carolina, which we also saw in Mississippi. Santorum will have no trouble in NC, Ken, WV, Ark or Tex and probably Neb. I’m not so sure about SD, but I think Romney will sweep the rest. But if the pattern holds, Romney should take Pa. This will not knock Santorum out though. He knows he has the evangelical vote and he will continue to doggedly pursue whatever crazy vision he has for himself. It will still take until June 5 for Romney to break 1142.

  652. Jerald:

    My tally of the score from Tuesday.
    Wisconsin: Romney beats Santorum 44% to 37% and takes 5 CD to Santy’s 3 for a delegate split of Romney 33, Santy 9.

    Total delegate wins from the day.
    Romney: 89
    Santy: 9

    New total delegate count based on CNN numbers
    Romney: 657
    Santy: 273

  653. Jerald:

    Dr J

    This month and in May many of the Caucus states have their state conventions where they do the realy delegate picking.

    Currently, Romney is over performing his straw poll results and Santorum is under performing his, so most likely the delegate math will continue to worsen for Santorum even before the next primaries on April 24.

    By the time we get to May, Mitt might just be trotting around the bases after hitting a grand slam…

  654. Vladimir Putin:

    Romney gave one of his best speeches last night – if he were talking to the local chamber of commerice. By my count, he did not mention students, seniors, medicare, social security, Iran or Afghanistan. He did talk about business and what he would do for corporations.

    Wall Street was cheering. Main Street was puzzled.

  655. Michael:

    Hey Vlad, quit your whining and realize Romney is the only hope we have

  656. zeek:

    654 I am a middle income father of 6 children, a christian, conservative,a 30 year voting republican. I am not Wall street, though I have a 401k in wall street. I am main street and I have been cheering a long time for Romney. You sir are the only one that puzzels me.

  657. Michael:

    amen 656. thank you

  658. Mark in PA:

    No. Putin clearly would rather have Obama (as would all the Russians). The only thing that puzzles me is why he’s even here.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Vladie.

  659. Jerald:


    Same here (1 less kid though). I just love how these ABR people try so hard to convince the rest of us that everybody is like them and hates Romney.

    Funny how Romney manages to win the popular vote and the delegates and the states anyway…

  660. Mark in PA:

    Congrats to team Romney!!

    The Primary is all but over. Short of Romney getting shot or hit by a bus, this thing is done and done. Santorum said it was just half time, but this is a game of make-it take-it, and Romney is hitting far more shots than Rick. And like Kentucky vs Kansas, they can now just dribble around and not do much and still win with a commanding lead. The game is all over except for the formalities.

    All Rick has left is PA, and does it really even matter if he wins here or not?? Winning PA, even decisively, won’t do a thing to stop Mitt from getting to 1144. So why why why is this guy still in… all but being Obama’s #1 surrogate at this point in continuing to damage our nominee? Does he really think he’s going to become the heir apparant? The VP choice, which WON’T be him, will assume that role instantly. And we have a very deep bench filled with people who didn’t lose their last race by 18 pts.

  661. C-Span Viewer:

    654- I did notice he talked a lot about business, but didn’t realize he missed all those other issues. But it was just one speech and maybe that was his theme.

  662. My Man Mitt 4 President:

    Even the democrats that voted for Santorum couldn’t stop the Romney train. Bring it Mitt, Bring it!!

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