March 21, 2012

Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney For President

  9:44 am

Game over

(CNN) – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday. Bush released the following statement:

“Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney on his win last night and to all the candidates for a hard fought, thoughtful debate and primary season. Primary elections have been held in thirty-four states, and now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our Party¹s nomination. We face huge challenges, and we need a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.”



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Bobby, Paul Ryan, it's time to get on board!


Not impressed with Jeb. Jumping on the bandwagon AFTER it becomes the winner. Where was he during all the fight?


Would love to see Jindal before Saturday, but that just won't happen. I look for him to endorse Mitt about this time next week.

I Cheated On My Wives For You America, newt



SOUNDS like Jeb is calling for this thing to wrap up and not to have this thing drag on....?


Someone should tell him that Florida voted over a month ago.



Very, very nice endorsement.


Future sec of HHS if romney gets elected


Well this should silence people calling for a Jew Bush nomination at the convention.


Red State and Freedom Works (The Tea Party company) both come to the same conclusion: Romney is the nominee.


I think Jeb's endorsement, and those of big names like him, matter more now than they would have. Romney was never in a position where his nomination was in Adam Graham's "mortal peril," so these endorsements didn't matter much.

Now, though, Romney's people can look less than selfish when they push the others to quit.

Matthew E. Miller

Jindal REALLY ought to endorse Romney now but won't, I suspect, because he has a big fight on his education agenda this week and A.) Can't afford the distraction that campaigning for Romney might make and B.) Doesn't want to annoy Republican legislators who may support one of the other candidates (he only has a narrow majority in both houses).


I suspect a lot of VIPs will start lining up to kiss the ring now. We've reached that inflection point.

Rick needed a LOT better showing last night to have a decent chance at denying Mitt a majority heading into the Convention.


IS this basically a press release to newt and Rick saying the primary party is OVER?

Thunder (Romney/Rubio 2012)

greg Says:

March 21st, 2012 at 10:11 am

IS this basically a press release to newt and Rick saying the primary party is OVER?


Yes, and expect more to come.

Thunder (Romney/Rubio 2012)

Jeb Bush for Secretary of State


When do they now now want this wrapped up by it seems to me jeb by doing this now the morning after the Illinois primary doesn't want this to drag on to downtown tampa....?


Awesome. Game, Set, Match. This is basically letting everyone know the "White Knight Theory" at the convention (Jeb being one up for consideration) is being de-bunked.

Time to gather round the nominee; we've got Obama to beat.

Matthew E. Miller

Jeb's press release seems kind of silly and presumptuous. Congrats for a "thoughtful debate and primary season"? I know lots of people love Jeb, me included, but...a guy who hasn't held office in 6 years and has never run for national office, comes in, after the only state in which he has serious influence has voted, and declares the primary over? Congratulates the losers- albeit losers who are still in the race- for a spirited fight? Jeb has A LOT less pull with Republican rank-in-file voters than some of his fans suppose. A Jindal endorsement would mean infinitely more to Romney right now.


I actually like the timing. It's 100% clear after last night Mitt is the nom. Jeb not only endorsed Mitt, but he endorsed the end of the primary. He's endorsed the END of SoCon dreams of "somebody else."

Jeb's endorsement now is much more effective than if it had been before FL, which Mitt won w/o the outright endorsements of Jeb or Rubio.

I suspect the Romney camp has been holding the endorsement for just such a time as this. Yes, more will come and Santorum will look like a petulant, anti-GOP, little snot for staying in.

It's time for Santy to pull up his big boy panties and do what Mitt did last time. Even tho McCain treated Mitt like crap in 2008, big boy Mitt, when he saw he couldn't win, rolled up his sleeves and went to work for McCain/Palin. Santorum needs to do the same (even tho he's the one that's treated Mitt like crap.)

We all need to grow up sometime.

#16: That works. Jeb would be a good member of the team.


This race is over and if the people of Louisiana vote with their heads they will put and end to the Santorum and Gingrich campaign.


Wow, what a profile in courage.

Since when did Jeb Bush become a kingmaker? His endorsement would have been nice in Florida, when we came within a whisker of possibly having Newt Gingrich be our nominee. Jeb was licking his lips at jumping into a contested Convention, he's no friend of Romney.

I hope Jeb understands he will NEVER be President, the GOP needs to move on from the Bush family.


Mitt is the man! This is HUGE! Steady as she goes... stay the course.


This is when a Bachmann/Huckabee endorsement matter the most.


Anybody else think that the "Etch-a-Sketch" line ranks among the stupidest things a communications adviser has ever said about a candidate & campaign? Way to go, reinforcing the exact issue that's dogged Romney throughout his presidential run(s.)


BY doing this the morning after the Illinois does this hint to Rick and newt to drop out by like end of the week??


#19: Yes, Bobby needs to get on board with Mitt too. I imagine he's experiencing quite a bit of pressure from the GOP. Like Santy said, Politics is a team sport, folks.

But Bobby and Little Ricky need to get aboard the Mitt Train--and bring as many folks as they can with them. All hands on deck to take out Barack.


This will lead to a fundraising boon for Romney.


#24: I agree. Both Huck and Bachmann have been VERY careful not to say anything negative about Mitt. They are not stupid and no doubt saw the handwriting on the wall a long time ago.

They are needed to help bring the Teavangelicals around to Mitt and get on board and begin fighting against Obama. Hard.

It's time to get over disappointments (we sure had them last time) and fight like fiends against the opposition, not each other.

IMO, last night's Hannity was seminal. Hannity, Perino and Varney gave Mitt's victory speech high praise and all three agreed it was time to end this thing and get on to the "main event." Indeed.


This moves Jeb to the short list for VP. The timing was excellent, making it clear the decision has been made. And, while probably NOT the VP, he will play an integral part of the new administration, holding a major post.

He belongs in the inner circle.



This will expedite an endorsement by Marco, who has long been a protege of Bush.


Wrap it up b


It's interesting timing and renders LA completely irrelevant. If Mitt does well in LA---well, good. If not. Who cares?

And Jindal's silence (if he doesn't endorse) pretty much renders him not part of the team. I say he has to at this point just to show good faith with the GOP.

Santy's only doing well on Intrade in one state: PA. And ties Mitt in WI.


Romney/Ryan 2012


It looks like the goal posts have been moved again. A piece in the Weekly Standard now says it will be over now if Romney wins in Pennsylvania:


seems to me jeb does not want this primary show to come to convention week in Tampa? and he wants it wrapped up NOW?



I highly respect Jeb Bush. I think he handled this perfectly. There was no need for him to get down in the mud during the FL primary in Jan. That's not where he has positioned himself. I don't think he has ever had any intentions whatsoever of becoming a nominee in a brokered convention, nor was such a convention ever even a possibility. Jeb has stated many times over that he has no intention of running for president. He knows about the Bush name issue and understands and respects that -too bad because he would make a great president. Now is a great time to be the adult in the party and put this nomination battle to rest without losing any respect that many have for him.


There have been so many really good people who have endorsed Mitt, both inside and outside of politics. His endorsers are truly stellar individuals. We have the makings of a really strong, good, conservative team--and Mitt's just the man to lead it.

All hands on deck; we have work to do.


Bump up the RINO count by one... 😉


SO does this kinda put newt and rick in a position they need to pack up soon? and When likely would soon have to be end of the week?


#39: Too funny. Yup. RINOS for Romney. :-)


Who cares what Jeb Bush thinks? He is establishment plain and simple. I say let's keep it going. What's wrong with a debate?



Funny how your kind fine behind people who claim to be anti-establishment....because by running for office, they are making a statement that they want to be part of the establishment.

Which is why I don't buy all this "pious bolony" if you will about the evil establishment.


#42: The debate is done. Make friends with reality. The debate has moved on to Obama vs. a united, angry, "resolute" GOP.


Franklin....Sarah ain't running. Not now. Not in Tampa. Get a grip...

My Man Mitt 4 President

42. Of course you do.


Better late than never, Jebster.


Sara and Rush have just been rendered irrelevant--maybe for life. They've been slamming Mitt for months; they fought hard against him. He's won without them--inspite of them.

They are old, tarnished, nasty, self-serving know-nothing has beens. Yuck! A new day has dawned; a new team has formed. A bright, courageous, clean coalition of conservative winners is emerging.

Mark DeMoss, Robert Bork, Darrell Issa, John Bolton, Jan Brewer, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Hayley, Pam Bondi, Bob McConnell, John Thune, Chris Christie, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Donald Trump, Jeff Flake, Jeff Sessions, Rick Snyder, Mark Kirk, Bill Haslam, Quayle Jr., Eric Cantor, Marsha Blackburn, Roy Blunt, Aaron Schock, Gov. Fortuno, Phil Bryant, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul.

Goodness gracious. What an embarrassment of riches.

Limbaugh, Santorum, Gingrich and Palin: Go suck your thumbs. The train left the station and you weren't on it.

Matthew E. Miller


There are a couple of things to consider here. First, how does a Jindal endorsement- now- affect his usefulness as a potential VP? Someone pointed out last night, quite rightly, that Jindal might make a better VP for Romney if he DOESN'T endorse before the primary. Most of the people who have endorsed Romney have become, to the grassroots, RINO shills for eternity. So the question is, has the grassroots reached the point where Romney's nomination seems so inevitable that they won't resent anyone who makes it slightly more inevitable? That's a tough question. Romney wins Louisiana and the primary may be well and truly over. Actually over. The other candidates dropping out over. If the grassroots still really thinks that a brokered convention/Santorum nomination is possible, then a Jindal endorsement could really hurt Jindal's usefulness on the bottom of the ticket.

Remember, Romney may need to pick someone with unimpeachable grassroots cred. Who's left in that category if Jindal becomes a RINO traitor? Maybe only Rubio. And I'm really starting to doubt that Rubio's even a serious possibility. Every interview he gives, someone asks him- and every time his denials are more emphatic. If he was willing to accept the spot, I can't figure out why he wouldn't at least soften his denial. He has nothing to lose by doing so. He's not up for re-election for 4 years. Nobody in Florida is going resent him, 4 years from now, because he seemed mildly open to becoming VP in 2012. Everyone else has softened their denials. Ryan has. Christie has. And Christie actually has something to lose by not seeming totally focused on his current job. He's facing a tough re-election bid next year. And listen to Romney. Like a year ago, he'd mentioned Rubio, prominently, as a possible VP. Just gushing about him. Haven't heard Rubio mentioned since, outside of that dust-up in Florida. He didn't even name Rubio when asked of the most interesting Hispanic leader (he said Sandoval). Plus, he's been really playing up the executive angle. I have to think that Rubio has pulled what Jindal pulled in '08. They sent him some feelers and he said "no thanks folks. Look elsewhere". So maybe Romney will need an unsullied Jindal, come August, if it turns out he's having trouble consolidating the base.

But even if we've reached a point where the base would forgive a Jindal endorsement, is it worth the risk for Romney? He knows he's going to be the nominee. His rivals no longer even have the capacity to slow his march down. Would it be nice to get things over with now? Sure. But we're entering the stage of the campaign where Newt and Santorum accede to reality. They'll continue on for awhile, especially Santorum. But it no longer makes much sense to launch withering attacks on Romney. Sure, neither is in a good position to bargain. But they might at least get something out of Romney (he might help with their campaign debt, for instance) if they start playing nicely. And probably a positive primary, where Romney keeps winning, and can focus on Obama, is probably as good as an officially ended primary, from Romney's perspective. He gets to build organizations in important states and he gets more press than he would during the typical spring lull of a campaign. So a Jindal endorsement, while nice, carries with it some risks that maybe aren't worth it.

Plus, like I said, Jindal's pursuing an important agenda this week. He probably doesn't have a huge number of votes to spare. If even a few Republicans, who lean towards Gingrich or Santorum, decide to balk at a Romney endorsement, he could experience a humiliating defeat.


Jeb Bush,Chris Christie, only two who could be the whiteknight are on Mitt's side, now is the time for all the Republicans to coelse behind Mitt and beat Obama.


I'm amazed at the sentiment of some to dismiss Jeb as "too late to the party." He's here now, let's welcome him in. As KG stated, Jeb’s endorsement now is much more effective than if it had been before FL, which Mitt won w/o the outright endorsements of Jeb or Rubio. It's effectiveness now is a statement of the entire race.


#49: OK, MEM, you've convinced me. You could be right. As I said above, a LA win for Mitt isn't necessary. Ergo, a Jindal endorsement isn't necessary.

And you're right. The "grassroots" is a great, big fat problem. Everyone who endorses Mitt, tho formerly loved by the grassroots, immediantely becomes hated via the endorsement.

I believe the grassroots is nuts and destructive: all the more reason to try to win them over. If Jindal does that, great!!!

I really, really like what I know of Jindal. He's smart, humble, well-educated and experienced. I heard him speak at CPAC and was VERY impressed: quick, funny, warm, and extremely pointed against the teachers unions. And even more important, is in a really good position to be an attack dog against Obama, given Obama's poor performance in helping the Gulf.

So if Jindal keeping his powder dry helps the GOP cause, I'm all for it.

Mitt said some time ago that if nominated, he would be looking at GOP governors for VP. He wanted someone with executive experience. Jindal has that, plus legislative experience too. I think Jindal and Romney would be very simpatico: both smart and well-educated experienced executives.

Since Jindal's skin is darker than Obama's he can go after Obama w/o people screaming racist. I love Jindal as VP and I believe he would make a good POTUS himself.

Jindal endorsed Perry but in a low key way. Jindal has never said anything negative against Mitt that I know of. If Jindal can help with the grass roots, the South, conservatives, Teavangelicals and maybe others across the country, it's win/win.



You put together a nice list, but besides being incomplete, you put Rand Paul on it, who's father is running for the Presidency, and who has worked for dear old Dad.

Do you have a source?



While Jindal would be a good pick, the ONLY thing that would give him an edge for the job, would be his energy policy cred and his stories of Obama stifling oil development in Louisiana.

But that would be worth a lot.


Jeb Bush and Erik Erickson......... Rhino's :)


What is Rush gonna say now that a venerable bush is on the wagon?


This reinforces my criticism of Romney's speech last night. It was a perfect opportunity to make the pitch for the party to begin the process of healing. If he had done that then announced Jeb Bush's endorsement it would have seemed as if Bush responded to that call. And others would follow. Sort of like how some politicians see a movement and try to get in front to appear to be leading it.

Interesting byline, however. Bush has no immediate plans to campaign with Romney.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

VP - Paul Ryan

Chief of Staff - .....(this is the job Haley Barbour would have got if he hadnt pardoned a bunch of killers for no reason)

NSA - ???

Economic Council - Glenn Hubbard

Secretary of State - Robert Zoellick

Secretary of Treasury - John Taylor

Secretary of Defense - Joshua Bolten

Attorney General - Larry Thompson


#53: Sorry to mislead. I put Jindal, Rubio, Paul Ryan and Rand Paul on the list tho they haven't endorsed Mitt. I just meant they are part of the new, clean team. There are others too who will be great tho they haven't endorsed Mitt, ie. Susanah Martinez--and no doubt many others.

Rand, of course, supports his dad, but all know his dad won't be the nominee. Rand (and many other stars) will definitely be on the Mitt team if Mitt wins the POTUS. That was more my point.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Chair, PFIAB - Newt Gingrich

Secretary of Energy - Rick Santorum

Secretary of Labor - Michelle Bachmann

Secretary of Transportation - Tim Pawlenty

UN Ambassador - Joe Lieberman

Secretary of Homeland Security - Raymond Kelly


Funniest thing. I've seen people calling FreedomWorks sellouts for implicitly endorsing Romney. FreedomWorks have become the new RINO group. *sigh*

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

FEMA - Gen. Russel Honore (Ret)

NIA - Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret)

CIA - David Petraeus

Iran Envoy (when the time comes down the road) - Zalmay Khalilzad


I think some people may have underestimated how convinced the hard core conservatives feel about settling. I agree that Bush and McCain were terrible choices and I was always surprised that people voted for them. However, people keep voting strict ideology and then complain that Congress is locked up. Well, gee, I wonder why?


#35: Well, it should be over if Mitt wins in PA. That's the home state of all the other candidates. (Newt and Ron were born there, and Rick grew up there and represented the state in Congress for 16 years.)


#56: Ha! Rush will say this is just more prima facie evidence that Mitt is bed with the Evil Elite Establishment who don't want to save America but just go with the status quo.


Machtyn. Freedumb works is pumping more money into defeating Orrin Hatch, than they are to defeat Obama. I have little love nor trust of them at all. FW is just trying to stay viable, or their leadership might have to look for a real job come Nov.

Matthew E. Miller


I think Jindal's best recommendation is his absolutely gaudy numbers with urban and suburban voters. I've pointed this out in other threads but Jindal's '03 map looks as much like a Democratic map as a Republican one. In 2003- when he LOST- Jindal probably won half of white Democrats in New Orleans. Which doesn't happen. Ever. Even Obama almost certainly carried white Democrats in New Orleans. Lost them upstate, yeah, but not in New Orleans. So if Romney wants to double down on suburban/urban appeal, Jindal's an even better bet than McDonnell.


#61: FreedomWorks is moving to Mitt? Well, good. I'm a member and I've been emailing them ever since Matt Kibbe ran all over TV talking down Mitt early on. They keep asking for my money and I tell them my money's going to Mitt--and they should go for Mitt too since they have no alternative.

I'm glad they've come to their senses.


OK...Rush is taking credit for "nudging" Mitt to the right--as evidenced by Mitt's speech last night.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Deputy Chief of Staff - Pete Whener

NSA - John Negroponte

Deputy NSA - Stephen Kappes

Domestic Policy Council/Advisor - Yuval Levin


Now, according to Rush and Santy, Mitt's moving to the right, but "let's make sure he means it. It all depends on if he means it or not."

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Chief of Staff - Ed Gillespie

Deputy Chief of Staff (for Ops) - Matt Rhodes

Deputy Chief of Staff (for Policy) - Pete Whener

Counselor to the President - Eric Fehrnstrom

Cabinet Secretary - Beth Myers

VP Chief of Staff - Kevin Madden

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)


Matthew I thought you were freaked out the by the "creationism" problem for Jindal? I wasnt but I respected your observation on that front...


#72: Fehrnstrom just screwed up with Etcha-Sketch analogy. Not good.


I am warming to the idea of romney picking jindahl. it is very appealing. he satisfies the social conservatives but not in an in your face way that would damage the ticket in the general. it would be two incredibly talented pragmatic competent articulate outisder governors against to anit energy big government uanble to balance the budget senator obama.

like that idea. i would like a vp that truly could be the president. two very competent and capable governors who have balanced budgets and gotten stuff done would be awesome.



I like Jindal.....there's not much to NOT like. But there are some major people who bring things to the table that Bobby doesn't....such as a previous endorsement for Romney, actually bringing in a state or two, and not having endorsed Perry.

My guess is that Mitt will have him on the list, then pick someone else.....but if he goes with Jindal, that will be fine with me.


#73: Creationism vs. Intelligent Design vs. just random whatever. Here we go again. The Dems would make it Contraception 2.0. Oh well.

Conservative Independent

One of the robocalls we got this week was from Barbara Bush asking us to please vote for her good friend, Mitt Romney. The Bush's have been behind Mitt all along. Maybe this is perfect timing for the Jeb Bush endorsement. Right before the La Primary.

Conservative Gladiator

74 - Who doesn't retool their strategy for a different campaign? Also, it's funny when not only is Romney's every word taken under a microscope, now it extends to everyone else. This is great. The beginning again of the call for exceptionalism out of individuals starting from the top. There will be a groundswell of this spreading around the country when Romney is President. People are tired of even their own complacency. Time for Americans to follow a leader that will help everyone take inventory of their own personal excellence. Or lack thereof.


I get Matthew's point about Jindal (he's been my Romney VP pick favorite since 2008) but I think withholding his endorsement would have been a much better strategy had he not already fumbled by endorsing Perry earlier.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Budget Director - John Cogan

US Trade Rep - Jon Huntsman Jr.

Secretary of Commerce (To help dismantle it) - Sen. Jon Kyl

(Paul Volcker's commission) - Judd Gregg/Alice Rivlin

WH Legal Counsel - Arthur Culvahouse

Dep WH Legal Counsel - Ben Ginsberg

VP NSA - Dan Senor


#79 I agree. But given how Mitt's had to fight against the flip/flop narrative, that was a bad, clueless way to put it. He could have just said, Mitt's message is going to appeal to everyone because it's right for America.


BOOM!! Gallup: Romney up by three-- Santy Panties- down three- Ten points lead!! Go MITT!!


Marco Rubio should be the VP nominee if not him then Gov.Susana Martinez(she has little time in office but she ain't Sarah Palin so she's fine).


Any recent polls coming from Louisana?


Let's not bash Jeb. He's great (I lived in FL, and would have preffered him to W. in the White house). I buy his stated reason for not endorsing before the FL primary: Proves that Romney could take it on his own. He did. Case closed.

Great, and well timed endorsement, aimed at the other candidates and their affilitated donors...


Mitt just beat bigots, Limbaugh, Levin and other nutcases over the head! Not to impressed with Jeb "Bandwaggon" Bush, however it's lights out for Ricky Bobby.


Mitt back to 37, Santy drops to 27 on Daily Gallup.

Six point Romney swing.

I'm thinking this week he finally hits 40%!!!!!!!

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Chair, SEC - Sheila Bair

Secretary of Education - Arne Duncan

Secretary of HHS - Bobby Jindal

Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Gen Jack Keane (Ret)

Secretary of HUD - .........

US Ambassador to Mexico - Jeb Bush

Independent CPA

Is Jeb Bush the fat lady?


#90...Nope....That's Sarah Palin....She'll come up to the stage pretty soon.


My question is this: Should Romney invest more in Louisana or is it a dead cause as indicated according to intrade? Intrade shows Romney leading in Wisconsin- should he shift toward Wisconsin and PA?

Matthew E. Miller


Politicians can't afford to harbor grudges. Had Santorum won Illinois and gone on to win Wisconsin and Delaware, we probably would have ended up with a Romney/Santorum ticket. As preposterous as that would have been. As much as Romney would have disliked it. Jindal's endorsements, or lack thereof, have no bearing on whether or not Romney ought to select him, and if Romney doesn't think so, he's less analytical than I'd have guessed. As others have pointed out, Jindal campaigned FOR Perry, not against Romney. I watched a few Perry/Jindal rallies and never once heard Jindal even allude to Romney. This is enough, again, to make Jindal's endorsement of Perry either irrelevant or a net-plus to Romney, by allowing Mitt to seem like he's bringing on someone from another wing of the party (thereby unifying it). Two of the things you believe Bobby "doesn't bring to the table" are of no consequence.

The third isn't. But its importance is overstated. McDonnell is the only potential VP who, from a sheer geographic standpoint, looks like a good fit. But Obama carried North Carolina by less than a percentage point. In a competitive election, what McDonnell adds to a Romney ticket in North Carolina can only be superfluous. That leaves Virginia. McDonnell helps in Virginia, no question. McDonnell probably assures that Romney doesn't fall below 219 electoral votes (the McCain map + North Carolina, Indiana, and Virginia). Nonetheless, the election is extremely unlikely to hinge on the outcome of Virginia. Looking at the map, and the competitive states, Romney almost certainly needs to win one of the states in the Southwest (otherwise he'd have to win every other state Bush carried in '04) which McCain lost, all of which are bluer than Virginia. McDonnell adds nothing of consequence here. His virtues as a VP are the disappearing act he'd perform after being selected. From an electoral standpoint, a dubious VP pick like Susana Martinez looks more helpful than a McDonnell selection.

Instead, Romney probably needs a VP who DOESN'T disappear after the convention. A VP who helps with fundraising; a VP who's something of human interest story; a VP who can add some of their own strengths to the ticket, in places outside of their immediate geographic base. That's Jindal, that's Ryan, that's Christie, or that's Rubio. None of them are anywhere near as risky as Palin was, but all of them would generate something like the excitement she inspired.

Matthew Kilburn


This is like buying a winning lottery ticket after the numbers have already been called. Where is the risk to Bush for endorsing Romney, the way Haley or Christie did? Where is the benefit to Romney for getting this endorsement?


Dave, not likely. Why, well in 2008 in the Fall conservatives stayed home. How do I know this, because while I know as well as the rest of the nation, Obama would have won no matter what, Obama would not of won, no matter what, had Republican Primary Voters more wisely nominated a Conservative Republican, instead of the moderate squish we sadly picked in Amnesty McCain. Republican Nominees do not lose hard core red states like Indiana or North Carolina, unless social conservatives are truly pissed off at the Nominee of the G.O.P.!!!

Did you know back on June 28th 2007, When you moderate Fools tried to push Amnesty down this nations throat (and that John McCain cast in the U.S. Senate) really pissed a lot of Conservatives off??

WELL IT DID! If you moderates ever got out of your circle and talked to conservatives, then you would know that we have NO INTENTION of helping Romney this cycle. Instead of giving out Nation Amnesty or attempting to, this time it’s not Senate Bill number 1639 for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that Grates Conservative Men and Women Like Myself, instead it is “Romney Care.”

While the Immigration Reform stayed a bill and did not mature into a law, it showed how much you liberal Republicans think just like the Democrats.

Conservatives will let Romney hang out to dry, in the Fall. We did it to McLame in 2008, and we will do it again to Romney.

Until you clowns give us a reason to vote, we will kink back and laugh at the parties liberal nominee Mitt Romney, go down again just like John McCain!

Leave it to wishful thinking in the R.N.C. to give all their support and resources to a liberal Republican in the North Eastern state of Massachusetts, to Lead the Republican Party. If you think we conservatives will vote for that shit Romney you fools are dreaming.

We will take another November loss and regroup in 2016.


Rush is predictably making is slow pivot today (after slamming Mitt yesterday): Thanks to Rush, Santorum and the long primary, Mitt is finally "saying the right things." "But does he mean it? That's the big question."

At some point Rush will determine that Mitt probably means it and will slowly begin to support to Mitt. At that point so will Palin. Hopefully they will bring their "grassroots" with them.


That Etha-sketch thing is a big gaffe. It was like telling voters that everything Romney said to gop voters was BS.


95 - You're trying to paint Romney as pro-Amnesty?

Good one.

Matthew E. Miller

Heck, Mitch Daniels looks like as good a pick as McDonnell. He'll guarantee Indiana (as blue as North Carolina was) and help in Ohio (as blue as Virginia was). That's 29 electoral votes versus McDonnell's 28. Plus, he'll probably be mildly more helpful in fundraising, and unifying the conservative commentariat. But Daniels never gets mentioned. Neither do Corbett or Toomey, who help in 3 plausibly competitive states which combine for 52 electoral votes. If we're judging strictly on electoral helpfulness, McDonnell looks less helpful than all sorts of people who aren't being mentioned, and no more helpful in the "big" picture.



There's a strong case to be made for Jindal, although you underestimate Mitt's value of trust....where a preivous endorsement would be a plus. Porter could bring Ohio, and delivered it in the Primary. McDonnell can deliver Virginia, and help a lot in North Carolina, where at least PPP has Obama currently ahead. Rubio or Bush could get Romney Florida.....which should be won anyway, but is important enough, that you don't want to take a chance with it. Christie MIGHT even be able to bring in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, although those 2 are less salient to the big picture.

Bobby offers a lot, but it's less tangible. Glad it's Mitt's decision and not mine.


#95: Jason:

Until you clowns give us a reason to vote, we will kink back and laugh at the parties liberal nominee Mitt Romney, go down again just like John McCain!

People like you are precisely what's wrong with this country. If you wanted someone other than Mitt, it was up to YOU to put forward a better candidate. You could not; don't blame other people for YOUR failure. That's a very liberal thing to do.

Amazing that you bring up immigration. Mitt was endorsed by Tancredo last time. I live on the border. Down here Mitt is a hero for being the strongest candidate for order on the border. He will lose some of the hispanic votes because of it.

So "kink" back, stay home and get ready for ObamaCare to be baked in the cake and more SCOTUS justices like VERY pro-abortion Ginsberg, Soto, and Kagan. And oh yeah, open borders and more law suits against Arizona!

You are a complete idiot and it grieves my soul that there might be more like you out there. Good hell!!!

Conservative Gladiator

97 - Little legs bro. Romney didn't say it. His staffer did. I'm sure Romney's not too happy he put it that way but it's not hard to say when you go into a GE it's going to be a different strategy and anyone can see that. I'm a conservative businessman and that isn't going to change.


Romney supported Sanctuary Cities as Gov.

Fox News reporter Carl Cameron, reports on Former Gov Mitt Romney on Sanctuary Cites in Massachusetts.

Yes he will lie and tell us what we want to hear, Thats a given but I look at actions, and actions speak louder than Campaign Lies!


103 - Not unilaterally cutting off state funds to a city is not the same as "supporting." Mitt took action as governor in other ways on this issue.



Anybody else think that the “Etch-a-Sketch” line ranks among the stupidest things a communications adviser has ever said about a candidate & campaign?

Yes, David, that was a HUGE mistake and couldn't have been delivered at a worse time. What was he thinking?

Matthew E. Miller


Portman might bring Ohio. It's tough to say. I'm undecided on the effect Senator's have on a ticket. They're generally a lot less high profile than Governor's. The evidence suggests that John Edwards added 3-4 points to the Kerry ticket in North Carolina and the states that bordered North Carolina. But, A.) Regional identity is more important in the South than anywhere else and B.) John Edwards had just waged an extended national primary, in which he finished second, cleaning up in the South. He was a great deal more prominent than an ordinary Senator. I tend to think Portman would be less likely to bring Ohio than McDonnell would to bring Virginia, and would have almost no affect on Pennsylvania.

And yeah, I'm glad its Romney's decision to make. I just hope his team is thinking about it analytically and methodically. I'd like to see some signs that he's laying the groundwork for any and all of the oft mentioned VP's.


GetReal Liberal

Liberal Republicans like 99% who post on this website, will always give Romney a pass on all his liberal Democrat like positions. That is a given.

Conservatives will not, and this is why he is not trusted by non excuse makers.


#107: The problem, Jason, is ALL of your candidates had liberal positions are one time or another? Huckabee? Santorum? Gingrich? You name it.

Nobody is a pure conservative. Not Reagan. Nobody. Romney has a large, strong team of conservatives behind him. Only you mouth-breathing know-nothings continue to hold out for what? Someone who doesn't exist.

You are delusional and dumb. I hope you are not Legion.

Matthew E. Miller

It looks to me like Biden added 7-10 points to Obama's haul in Delaware but had no impact at all in the states that border Delaware (NJ, PA, Maryland). But again, Biden was a Presidential Candidate and a much more prominent Senator than is Portman. I think he wouldn't be half as helpful. Adding 3-4 points in Ohio is worth something, and might be enough to tip the state to Romney, but seems pretty meager, given that he'd be viewed as an utterly conventional (and therefore irrelevant) VP elsewhere.


K.G. Wow you admitted though you're passive concession that Romney's a liberal on Sanctuary Cities,

this is too obvious even for you to ignore.

Good for you buddy.

Conservative Gladiator

103 - how freaking desperate do you have to be? Carl Cameron from 2007? He was a hater then and is just as much one now.

105 - it was a surrogate/staffer.

You can't make commercials out of these that are effective in any way. Sure the staffer said the wrong thing but people will see the pettiness if they try to make some kind of hay about it. It's the same thing that happened when they tried to spin what Romney's strategists were saying before.

That Carl Cameron youtube is a HUGE reach in desperation and will go nowhere fast. All Romney has to do from this point forward is run the Santorum ENDORSING Romney in 2008 where no one puts words in his mouth for the rest of this cycle and it's over.



This is a congratulatory day for Mitt Romney, he will be the nominee, get over it!

My Man Mitt 4 President

Jason, let me be the first to invite you to join Mitt Romney on the march to the White House. We would love you to bring your passion for the GOP with you. We welcome your help and understand this will be a process for you, but he is a good guy, great wife and will be infinitely better than Obama. He wants religious freedom and I think you will be surprised at his math skills. WELCOME to the march to the White house.

Conservative Gladiator

This Jason guy is a joke. Go make a Romney hater blog and dig out every negative thing that was said by Foxnews, Rush, Levin, and all the other right media. Don't forget to post all of the things that Erick Erickson said as well as the MSM. Post all of the lies and vengeful things that Santorum and Gingrich have said about Romney during this cycle. I'm sure you'll have a good audience of hypocrites.


I think Jindal is a terrible VP pick, even though I think he has what it takes to be a good President.

A VP pick should come down to "who helps Romney win"

Louisiana will go Republican by about 10 points, it's not a swing state at all and Indian-Americans are an asterisk on the American electorate. Also, Jindal is not a great communicator, I consider him to be a very skilled technocrat. I see ZERO electoral aid with a Romney/Jindal ticket.

Also, Jindal has said some incredibly insulting things about Protestants. I understand that each denominations believes there's is right and others are wrong, but already having a Mormon at the top of the ticket, I'm afraid that could push the Evangelical base over the edge.

If you're going to go for a safe, competent pick, go for Governor McDonnell and you have Virginia in the bag. If I were Romney, I'd roll the dice and put Rubio on the ticket.


Florida Conservative And he will lose in the General because he will never carry Ohio, or Florida.

You liberals will see how right I am in 7 and a half more months.

I will have the last laugh. I mean did you liberal Democrat/Republican RINO's really think you could get away with a freaking liberal from Massachusetts???

This will be the Republican Parties November 6th on Tuesday's General Election night Quarter Backing, in analyzing why Romney was defeated by such a weak Obama.

They will say conservatives did not show up in 1976 to help Ford, 1992 to help Read my lying lips Bush Sr, Pro Choice Dole in 1996, and John McCain the Amnesty man in 2008. So that means maybe this only a moderate can win bull shit will stop being given so much attention. ITS ALL A MYTH.

I know this will be the talk on the Net Work News outlets if Romney goes down.

Conservative Independent

I have every confidence that Romney will make a smart business decision when picking his VP. He approaches everything in a logical, no nonsense matter looking at all sides.

Conservative Gladiator

116 - Dude you're a douchebag. Stop already. Your desperation is very unbecoming.


Conservative Independent, McCain tried this in picking Sarah Palin in 2008 in case you forgot and it did nothing to help Amnesty McCain.

Oh I forgot Sarah is hated by the social conservatives according to your unaware mindset.

To you a good conservative is a liberal V.P pick.

So the question is by who's standards are we judging a good smart pick? If its from your silly mind it will not excite social conservatives.


Someone give Jason a hug already....

Matthew E. Miller

Jindal has said nothing insulting about Protestants. Democrats in Louisiana tried that line, out of desperation in '07 and it got them precisely nowhere. Yes, Jindal has not done as well in the rural Protestant north and, in 2003, got creamed there. But by 2007 this was mostly cleared up and, in 2011, he was as strong in this area of the state as any Republican has ever been. Rubio's riskier, is also Catholic, and has ruled out being the VP about 8 zillion times.


Florida Conservative, I love you too just not you're liberal positions. I have no reason to hate you.

You will not get what you want in the fall election.

I say let's focus on the House and Senate the White House is already lost.

Conservative Independent

#119 McCain is a lifetime politician. Romney has a business person's head. McCain does not equal Romney. I have no idea what you are ranting about. Once again, you are making absolutely no sense. You have to be one of those liberal posters invading all the GOP sites.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Glad to see Pat Toomey mentioned here. For pure comfort level with Romney he is hard to beat. More conservative than Portman, able to help Romney in Penn, and will help the administration pass the budget/tax reform/entitlement reform plans in the Senate.

Conservative Independent

#121 I have to agree with you about Rubio. Paul Ryan has also said the same thing for the same reasons. Why is Rubio being a Catholic a problem? I don't see the connection.


....It's amazing how many super stars there are in the Republican party...That and along with the skills Romney has in recognizing individual abilities and strengths, a Romney administration could be one of the most successful in modern times.


The etch a sketch comment by Romney's communications director was devastating. I guarantee it will be incorporated into an ad this fall.

footage from Mitt's 2002 campaign where he says "I'm a moderate with progressive values"

***shake, shake, shake***

footage from 2008 where Mitt says he's the only 3 legged conservative in the race

***shake, shake, shake***

footage from 2012 where Mitt says we need a pragmatic conservative, and shies away from social issues.

The ad practically writes itself, and the Romney Campaign just handed Team Obama their metaphor. It's almost as bad as "Actually, I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it....."


I agree w a previous poster, the rubicon has now been crossed with Romney being the nom, and with that he sees he cannot sweep in at the convention and sweep up the easy nom, so why not sign on?

Glad he did the right thing for the wrong reasons, still a nice 'get' for Romney!


127. You are nuts. Pull up your pants bro, we can see your bias!

He was talking of having a different plan for each stage of the cycle. If they didn't constantly recalculate throughout the race you'd nail him for being too rigid and unresponsive to realities on the ground.

It was a nice comedy bit though!

Matthew E. Miller

Yeah, that etch a sketch comment seems fairly awful. It seems like every time Romney starts seeming like a decent choice, he (or his team) goes out and does something spectacularly stupid. Heck, Santorum could use that kind of ad to get back into the primary, if he could find the money to run it. It'd probably be more effective than the wind-surfing Bush ad.



You probably didn't happen to notice that Mitt beat Obama by 3 in today's Galllup. Romney's the one guy who can beat Obama, and THAT will get us the Senate and keep the House.


VP pick needs to be considered a true conservative by the right wing, from a swing state (or will help carry one), popular, not polarizing to the broad R-party spectrum, and not a complete idiot.

This rules out:

Jeb - polarizing to R's reluctant to put another Bush on the ticket

Jindal - not from swing state

Palin - popular, but a polarizing idiot.

Nikki Haley - unpopular, lots of scandals, not from a swing state

Pawlenty - not from a swing state, not very popular (won re-election as gov by 1%)

Gingrich - fails all criteria

Santorum - won't help carry Pennsylvania

Bachman - won't carry a swing state, not very popular

Huntsman - not conservative enough (need someone to excite the base), would make a great Sec. of State.

Perry - uhhh....

This leaves:

Rubio - says he won't do it though




I'd love to see Rubio change his mind!


127-too bad their isn't a clip of him "shying away from social issues" this cycle. What would that even look like? Any statement that you can think of?

The left will not attack him for "shying away" fromsocial issues anyway. They will attack him for being too conservative.



If you think Team Obama isn't going to paint Mitt as a flip-flopper, you need to get your head out of the sand.

They will relentlessly compare what Mitt promised the voters of Massachusetts he would be (a moderate with progressive values) with how he later characterized his governance (as a conservative with conservative values).

So the etch a sketch metaphor isn't just about campaigning, but telling voters that you can't trust him to govern how he campaigned, based on his own testimony.



I'm not sure if they'd have a juicy quote from 2012, or just have to write the narrative (never mentions abortion at the Values Voters summit). I'm guessing they could come up with something, given how very different the tenor and tone of his '12 campaign is.


134. Of course they will paint him as a FFer, but the etch a sketch doesn't work for one huge reason, Fehnstrom said in not Rom, and except for OCD pol junkies lke us it won't matter to the public who have no idea or interest in Eric.

The battle will come down IMO to whether you feel Romney is more of a FFer than Obama is incompetent.

And in any battle framed like that Obama loses, because he cannot disprove the reality people see/feel in front of them; whereas the people that have hit Rom on FFing will be conservatives and independants, and I think they can make a decent argument that all the FFing is in the rightward/correct direction.

It's just next to impossible for Obama to disprove his his big, fat negative record.

So I ain't buying etch a sketch being that big. If Rom said it would have some traction, otherwise no.


About 2 months too late Jebster.


130. If I didn't ead your name on the post I'd think it was Bill Kristol himself.

All us Rombots will see lots and lots of Romnots morphing from openly supporting another candidate to Eeyore Bill Kristol thing.

So nice to see the resistance fading if not the cynicism :)


137. Heath, I agree that Jeb's endorsement is more of a "time to coalesce than it is strong support for Mitt. And, I agree that it would have taken more courage for Jeb to endorse 2 months ago.

But, I also agree that by NOT endorsing, it bolsters the notion that Mitt is strong, that he won on his own merits, not just piggybacking on Jeb's popularity.


fehnstrom's comment today was incredibly stupid, that is going to kill or severely hurt mitt's chancesm in the general. obama if he is smart takes the authenticity flip flop line of attack that his gop opponents wer enot smart enough to do.



"Fehnstrom said in not Rom, and except for OCD pol junkies lke us it won’t matter to the public who have no idea or interest in Eric."

Right. But they don't need to play the video, they just need the headline with breathless narrator intoning, "The Romney Campaign Says...."

And it leaves the impression that Mitt said it, thought it, etc...

And who knows, maybe he has. Maybe Fehnstrom was just using a metaphor that had been kicked around in strategy sessions.


I say it again, Romney is the best and strongest candidate not only to go against Obama but after Obama is gone. Romney loves our country, best idea and vision for our country future. He doesn't impose his belief on others but respect everyone's core belief to practice under the constitution. After listening his speech at UofC about economic freedom and his answer addressing education problem, I found that he is correct and he will work to reform both our education system and our economy. Education is one main component to our economy and success of our future. This should start from the ground up meaning grade school education. You can ask yourself a question, why people from overseas (poor countries)seem to succeed in our higher education without struggling much? The answer is because they have a concrete basic education from their grade school unlike the student in US. Please, voters take your blind folder out and think objectively. It is time to pick the best candidate to save our country.


Susana Martinez would be an interesting pick- what do u think.

Joe (Romney/Ryan/2012)

Fehnstrom is incredibly arrogant and you can see now that the flubs that show up are a direct result of his own lack of discipline. He has contempt for most conservatives and probably most politicians as well. Unfortunately he must realize no gives a rats a_s what he thinks and needs to just stick to the point in going public. Talk to Karen Hughes, Dan Bartlett or even Ed Gillespie. Help the candidates message or shut the f___ up.


Bring Kevin Madden aboard now. Eric Fehnstrom should not be doing TV going forward. He is not up to it and is out of his league.


In the words of the late Don Meredith:

Turn out the liiights, the party's o-ver.

All we need now is the same from Jindal, Bachmann, and Rubio to assert that this thing is done. Let's end this already and bring the united conservative storm against the Obamanation.



Rubio will change his mind if pressured by the party. My VP short list would be





I would say Jeb if his last name wasn't bush, he would be perfect.

My dream cabinet

VP- Rubio

SecState- Huntsman

AG- Bondi(FL)

I would work Jeb in there somewhere, not sure where though



I agree, I overlooked Ryan. I'd strongly consider him as well. Otherwise pick him for Sec. of Treasury. In an alternate reality I'd like to see Gov. Christy as Press Secretary.


141. This is like a bad marriage where one party is waiting to eviscerate the other over any words and it's just counterproductive to Santo Gingrich. They have nothing to say so Bonnie and Clyde both got etch a skethes today. What's next, miniature dogs in cages?

Pretty clear the Fehnstrom was talking tactics and pivoting for the general.

But my point stands that conservatives need to show some goodwill to the Rom camp.

Guy Benson nailed it at Townhall and shows why we conservatives need to quit jumping like puppies for every kibbles and bit some dork with a keyboard throws at us:)

"A final point on soulless flip-floppery: To a large extent, this criticism can also be used against Barack Obama, whose public image and "principles" have long been dictated by political expediency.  The man who was a hardcore Leftist organizer and sharp-elbowed Southside pol transformed himself into a post-partisan healer for public consumption in 2008.  Since then, he's reversed himself on a long string of issues, from public financing of elections, to healthcare mandates, to taxing employer-provided insurance, to closing Gitmo, to raising the debt ceiling, to hiking taxes on families earning less than $250K, to hiring lobbyists, to "unprecedented" transparency, to the mortal threat of SuperPACs.  Hell, the guy's entire 2008 image has been exposed as a fraud, forcing his team to run a 2012 race based on turning out their base and eviscerating their opponent.  Remember, Obama offered up an epic "Etch-A-Sketch" admission of his own when he wrote his (second!) autobiography, The Audacity of Hope:


"I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."

That's not a defense of Romney, but it is an indictment on Obama -- the man liberals plan to paint as the paragon of consistency compared to his Republican rival."

And that is why this is a small ball issue and won't move past the incestuous Con talker circles.


140. Because Obama's a model of consistency? C'mon man. You have better than that!

Matthew E. Miller

This etch a sketch comment is a disaster. I give up. I surrender. This process has, repeatedly, had me on the verge of a mental breakdown. Time to let go. Barack Obama is clearly some sort of wizard.


150. Take heart! Obama is no wizard and NO need to ever give up.

Romney didn't say it, so at worst he fires the guy. Nobody cares what Newt says, and out of Santo's mouth, I don't care about unemployment this week. Now which is worse?

Exactly, and we aren't even talking about Santo's gaffe two days later.

We have gotten way too good at cut at cutting up each others candidates that we sometimes lose perspective.

We have lots from Obama' mouth and pen to hang around his neck. This is a non gaffe gaffe again.

Matthew E. Miller

It's not even clear that Ryan's budget will get out of committee. Because "conservatives" are using the "it's not good enough" cover. Seriously. It's as if a group of demigods sat in a room 2 years ago and planned a series of events designed to destroy the conservative movement. It's as if we've been wandering around the pages of the Onion for 2 years. Make it stop. Anyone. Please.

Matthew E. Miller

I think we may be headed into a period reminiscent of the 30s, where conservatism is practically never heard from again.


152. That's a great point. The "very conservatives" are ruining the party. They're letting their view of Perfect get in the way of the Very Good.

This, btw, is one of Ron Paul's biggest weakness. He refuses to support anything that isn't exactly what he "knows" to be right.


153. MEM, if Mitt manages to win the White House, I think you'll see a much wider acceptance of conservatism because Mitt's version will be "REASONABLE, DOABLE, and will get POSITIVE RESULTS.

He'll also find ways to get the other side involved and on board.

We have a very divided country and there's just no way extreme right or extreme left will be allowed to govern -- at least for long. The middle is where a third of our country wants us to be and both of the other thirds can live with it because it's not too far from their own ideals.

But, we need someone in Office who can actually get results so people can see our principles WORK!

Matthew E. Miller

But look, if Ryan's budget fails to pass, that's on him. The conservative movement needed a leader. It needed a unifier. He had the chance to be that leader. He was almost certainly the ONLY one with a chance to be that leader. He passed it up. Now people are going their own way, driven by their own petty interests. Totally expected. My critique isn't of "very conservatives" specifically. I'm simply flabbergasted, flummoxed, bedrugged and bedraggled. That circumstances have conspired in this preposterous fashion. It's almost enough to convince me that conservatism really is wrong. That divine providence has its thumb on the scale and we're on the wrong side. Or maybe the world really is ending this year and God has decided to have a nice laugh as the curtain closes.


Etch a Sketch gaffe was a doozey. All over the news and already in ads. It will now be a metaphor for Romney along with flip-flops.

And any attempt by Romney to walk back any positions will now be amplified and held up by the media as having been forecast.

Romney is just not a closer. He's going to stumble and bumble across the finish line.


My take on the Etch-a-Sketch debacle as a whole-hearted Romney supporter. The first thought is that this was a terrible, inexcusable gaffe. I have been sick to my stomach ever since I heard about it. The guy who said it should not be allowed on camera again; what an ignorant and amateurish choice of words. It is frankly the kind of thing I would expect out of Santorum's bush-league campaign staff. The second thought is that it has the potential, if it doesn't go away within a few days, of becoming an enduring characature of the (false) narrative that Mitt's positions are fungible. The third is that things usually seem worse, at the moment, than they actually are. I am placing my faith in that truth, that things usually seem worse (often far worse) than they really are, and that this will pass. But if we are still reading about it and hearing about it on a daily basis over the weekend, then that is not a good sign. That is especially true if the talking heads try to turn a loss in LA into a "conservative backlash" about the "Etch-a-Sketch" gaffe. I'm a true believer, and I am very hopeful that this will not end up being as big a deal as it has the potential to be. Having said that, it would be very nice to have a big win one night and then have at least 24 hours go by without some unforced error being committed by the campaign. If you'll recall, it was the morning after a big primary win that Mitt went on the air on CNN and made the "not concerned about the very poor" comment. That set the campain back at least a week. The campaign needs to become increasingly disciplined and polished, so that the unforced errors don't keep cropping up. I personally believe Romney is the best by far of any of the people who have been part of the Republican field for 2012, and I think he will govern as a conservative and be a great president. But as a supporter, I have to say that I am getting weary of these karate kicks to the stomach when undisciplined comments are made--usually to a liberal interviewer or on a liberal media outlet. Can we not be better prepared to run the gauntlet of liberal interviewers if we are going to agree to appear on their shows? I had to get that off my chest. I hope this will all be long forgotten in a few days. Onward and upward-


157. That was NOT Romney's blunder. And, whether he stumbles, bumbles, or crawls across the finish line doesn't matter. It only matters that he DOES cross it. And, he's the only one who can.


158. Great points, Doc. May I introduce you to the ENTER KEY on your keyboard? It's the one just to the right of the apostrophe.

It will make your long posts much more readable and enjoyable. Please become familiar with it.

But, I mean it: Great points. It was just very hard to read.


160 -

My apologies. I will endeavor to make the ENTER key my friend from now on...


In response to Etch A Sketch flap, Romney insists the "issues I'm running on will be exactly the same."

Romney: "I'm running as a conservative Republican, I was a conservative Republican governor, I'll be running as a conservative Republican nominee.... The policies and positions are the same."

Claims Fehrnstrom was referring to organizational differences between the nominating race and the general.

Read more:

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