March 19, 2012

Rick Santorum’s Economic Blunders

  4:22 pm

While campaigning in Illinois today, Rick Santorum let loose with a couple of unscripted sentences that his campaign is sure to regret for the foreseeable future. First came this made-for-TV soundbite this morning in Rockford:

“The issue in this race is not the economy.” – Rick Santorum, 3/19/12

Santorum said this sentence while making a point about government overreach in individual citizens’ lives. But for a candidate who loves to talk about the dangers of birth control and vows to crack down on people looking at porn, that sentence represents something entirely opposite his point.

And if that wasn’t enough ammunition for Romney and company to grab a hold of, Santorum inexplicably offered them this gem this afternoon:

“I don’t care what the unemployment rate is going to be. It doesn’t matter to me.” – Rick Santorum, 3/19/12

Here again, Santorum was attempting to make a point about how the focus of his campaign was on individual liberty — but this would be a pretty tone-deaf way of arguing his stance.

Much to Santorum’s dismay – and Romney’s glee – both of these gaffes play straight into the Governor’s current theme of attack against the Senator: accusing him of being an economic lightweight. The timing and quality of these gaffes reminded me of John Kerry’s famous “I did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it” line from the 2004 election. If the Romney campaign can find video or audio of these blunders, expect them to be featured in TV ads in the near future.

UPDATE: Here is the clip, as edited by the Romney campaign’s communications shop — meaning that they are probably working to get it into a commercial as we speak:



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The question is whether Rick will get asked about these comments all week, have comedians make jokes about them, etc.


Of course is not about economy or unemployment about Jesus, abortion, contraception, porn and Satan.


By dismissing the economy as the major issue, Santorum is making the same blunder that Barack Obama made after he was elected by dealing with healthcare. To Obama, healthcare was the issue, so he didn't give the economy and jobs the focus that was needed.

Romney focuses on the Economuy, unlike Obama and Santorum, which means that he has his priorities straight. That is why I am a Romney supporter.

Let Santorum fret about porn, non-marrital sex and gay marraige, and let Obama fret about healthcare. Romney is focusing his fretting on the issue that matters most.


THE ECONOMY is the #1 issue rick even if obama and you don't think so!


Classic Santy. He shares Newt's undisciplinced affinity for talking off the top of his head (meaning talking out of another oriface nowhere near the brain).


Buzzfeed seems to have something... (I can't watch on work computer.)

Despite being a Romney fan, I would like to see the quote in full context. I imagine it's not any face save from the cut quote, but I can at least get a sense of how badly he muffed it.

If you are going to speak off-the-cuff, without prepared remarks or teleprompters, be prepared to put your foot in your mouth. I should know, I've done this plenty of times.


I said it. Last night, #1 post of the "Erie -Santorum Edition" article, I think... Just how long would it be before Ricky loses his mind again? Turns out, it was only a few hours.

Hey everybody! Feeling good today, let's keep taking the battle to the liberals.


Santorum has also just went after Romney over Seamus the if that were an issue, and also on Bain....funny since he said before that he would not go after him on that because he "believes in the free market too." Can you say "flip flopper?"



My understanding is the context is that he thinks freedom is the real issue. Funny, since he doesn't believe in it.

Not Your Severely Constipated Romnot

So was this gaffe an "act of God?"


This is insane. I don't know how he explains this away. This is on the level of McCain's "the fundamentals of the economy are sound."

The bigger problem is that he actually believes this crap. He thinks moral issues are the primary threat to our nation. Moral decay is certainly a concern, but to make that the primary focus of your campaign when so many are suffering economically is pure insanity.


The dink is Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa rolled in to one.

Santo is Gaffe-tastic baby. Pure gold.


Romney has mis-spoken time and time again...and he will the rest of the campaign. Rick was making the point that the election is about government over reach, which it is. Romney makes the same point every day. That being said, Romney gets taken to task on every gaffe...Rick should and will get raked over the coals on this one...I'd be disapointed in Romney's. campaign if they didn't use this to it's full potential.


#10, Nope, is an act of Satan.


I hope these quotes make the rounds on the news networks, just like the "I don't care about the poor" comment from Romney. Sadly, I'm sure they won't give them nearly as much air time.


Easy target lets move on to Obama.


I personally prefer clips like this not to be used. It drives me crazy when they do it to Romney over "I like to fire people" and "Im not worried about poor people". Im sure if we listened to the full context of Santorurms speech its probably not what he meant either. Look I get its politics and thats the games both sides play but Id prefer neither side play it. Thing is if we complain about when its done to Romney then we have to also complain when its done to Santorum. Just trying to be objective in this type of sound bite politics.

glenn for president romney 2012

OOPS! He stepped into it that time...

Wow...right in time for Illinois, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. Man, what a horrible candidate.

"I am NOT an economic lightweight...I don't care what the unemployment rate is and it is NOT the #1 issue to voters (although every single poll has shown that to be true)."



I agree, but if Santorum really is signaling that the economy and unemployment rate are not priorities with him, he deserves to be smashed for it. One can very easily make the "freedom" and "individual liberty" pitch and still keep the economy and jobs in the forefront. You don't have to bury one to argue the other. In fact, they are related. So, I'd like to see exactly what Santorum said. What I've read thus far indicates that Santorum really isn't focused on these things.


Holy crap. That is as good as the "i like to fire people" but WAY worse. I don't care what the unemployment rate is. Really?!


When Rick's name and gaffes fade from our media and our attention....I'm going to shout for joy.


17# I agree we need to cut them slack in fairness; but when you hear santorum spend his air time ripping on Romney. Not on his record but on character assasination, and then finish the interviews with "That Mitt Romney does nothing positive he is just a million dollar meanie toward me" It makes me enjoy seeing santorum squirm a little.


Ricky is truly a dumb #$$. Can you imagine the electoral landslide defeat the Republicans would take in November if he were head of the ticket?


Went to the Romney event today at U of C. It was nice! Very orderly, a good mix of students, faculty and others. Small event, maybe about 200 people. Full capacity of the venue. They had to turn away people lining outside who hadn't RSVPed but just showed up.

Romney gave some kudos to Milton Friedman, and talked a little about why two countries that border each other may have drastically different economic trajectories. He said the critical element was culture and a culture of gov't intrusion.

He called out for young people to support him, saying people of his generation are going to die and pass the debt and unfinished business to them, and that we can't do what Democrats do which is to rack up more debt and leave it to the young to solve.

One question to him was about the poverty in the South Side of Chicago and how his policies might address that. He spent a lot of time on education, saying that what we need isn't smaller classrooms and more gadgetry (South Koreans have huge class sizes), but better teachers from the top of the class not from the bottom of the barrel. He said the Teachers Unions today are only focused on the tenured teachers and their pensions and that we must reward good teachers with good starting pay and fire bad teachers, and that the current K-12 tenure system is insane. He mentioned how wealthier families can switch school districts or send their kids to private schools, but the poor in the South Side don't have much options.


I don't think the Lord wants Rick in the WH.


Please let this end and shut him up.... maybe the Palin family and the Santorum family can start up a commune together in which all children are home schooled, cut off the internet, ban contraception, pray 24-7 and only allow English speakers to join.


The more complete quote is here:

We need a candidate who's going to be a fighter for freedom. Who's going to get up and make that the central theme in this race because it is the central theme in this race. I don't care what the unemployment rate's going to be. Doesn't matter to me. My campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates. It's something more foundational that's going on. We have one nominee who says he wants to run the economy. What kind of conservative says that the president runs the economy? What conservative says I'm the guy, because of my economic experience, that can create jobs? I don't know. We conservatives generally think that government doesn't create jobs. That what government does is create an atmosphere for jobs to be created in the private sector.

Then his attempt at a clean up:

Of course I care about the unemployment rate, I want the unemployment rate to go down, but I'm saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up and down, our candidacy's about something that transcends that. It's about freedom. It's not about, you know, Gov. Romney's idea that he's going to fix the economy, which is something that of course we as Republicans don't believe that presidents fix the economy. We believe that we try to do things to create an atmosphere for the economy to fix itself.


Santorum knows Romney is doing well because of his free market experience and his promotion of free market principles. He cannot compete with Mitt on the economy, so he is downplaying it.

As bad as these Santorum quotes may sound, I believe it is Santorum's strategy to change the subject from the economy to the issues that seem to be Santorum strong points.



They should have a reality TV show together: Conservative Swap.


24 - I love that. Romney clearly gets it on education. I think it is a key issue that often gets overlooked. It is the civil rights issue of our generation.


#29 Hilarious


29... LOL....I am still laughing.


-something that of course we as Republicans don’t believe that presidents fix the economy.-

They do in an election year. They move mountains, they save the people.

How can anyone think Mitt is a worse politician than this guy?


30.... Yes and we need to keep the testing and accountability in NCLB and continue to get rid of bad teachers and retain and reward good teachers. Pay quality teachers more and get rid of the teacher unions! They have major damage to the educational system in the US.

Conservative Independent

#24 Are you going to the Election Party tomorrow evening in Schaumburg? My husband and I already rsvp'd that we are coming. My husband says he doesn't want to miss this opportunity to see the next President give a speech in person. It's good to read that you felt the same way that I did after seeing Romney in Vernon Hills. One of the big reasons that I am supporting Romney is that he understands economics. Listening to him speak yesterday, confirmed to my husband and myself that he should be President. He also spoke about education and the teachers union yesterday. I have a feeling that he pretty much gets the same questions and all these events.

I absolutely cringed when I saw the clips of Santorum saying the economy doesn't matter and that Romney doesn't believe in freedom. I really am getting to the point that I think the media is just propping him up to make the GOP look foolish. The man is an unqualified joke. I can't wait until I never have to see him again when I turn on the local news. What is wrong with people voting for him because they won't vote for a Mormon?


24-- many thanks haner.

What about his physical presence? Did he emanate energy, or exhaustion? Joy or sadness?


I am running for president and i don't care what the unemployment rate is and i don't care what gdp ticket growth is!!

Now there is a winning ticket! What an idiot.


I'm just amazed all of this is coming out now. Where was this a week before Michigan? Had Santorum won in Michigan, at the very least we would have been looking at a brokered Convention, with a VERY high likelihood at Santorum being our nominee.

Romney has by far the best campaign operation, but they REALLY dropped the ball with respect to oppositional research.

The stuff that has just come out in the last few days would have probably sunk Santorum a long time ago.



I really am getting to the point that I think the media is just propping him up to make the GOP look foolish. The man is an unqualified joke. I can’t wait until I never have to see him again when I turn on the local news.

Amen to that.

I made the mistake of listening to Rush this a.m. (Mr. K.G. turned it on.) Once again Rush was praising Santy ("Right on; right on; right on;) and bashing Mitt's PAC for bashing the other candidates. Rush was back on his: "This is why the other candidates hated Mitt the last time." "It's not the PAC money; it's the evil (Mitt) candidate."

It all came from a McCain interview where he once again said it was an evil campaign this time. Too funny coming from the guy who had NO problem being a total vile punk to Mitt last time.

Shoot me if I ever listen to Rush again. What a fool and a tool.



And he makes the claim he's not anti-Romney. If I said what I really thought about that, I'd probably get banned.



I think the best description is "someone who clearly has his head on straight." He definitely did not seem exhausted when he went through the crowd shaking hands. He's very energetic when he talks, I took some photos of him during the speech and now I get why there are some goofy news pictures of Romney making funny faces, they are freeze shots while he's talking. He makes big mouth movements that look hilarious when you pause them. He's actually not goofy or mean looking at all in person. Very normal and affable.

Conservative Independent

#39 I don't understand how telling the truth about someone's record is bashing them. Rush is complaining that Romney has a real actual organized campaign. What does he think Obama will do to his beloved Saint Santorum?


I listened to Rush for 20 years. Actually before that I was a very liberal (didn't know it) public school teacher wanting to save the world.

I don't know if I was stupid in admiring Rush or he's gone off the rails the last few years. Rush is now fighting tooth and toenail against the "evil establishment elites" (in the GOP) out to destroy the world.

All the while he was touting Rob Portman ("He's one of us, folks.") OK, good. We all like Rob Portman and Portman has, of course, endorsed Mitt. It's all so crazy.


Give em severe "It'don't matter to me" hell Mitt!


Full context:

Santorum: "I don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. My campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment and growth rates."

Clearly he's not expecting a lack of concern for the unemployed, but rather saying the success of his campaign doesn't depend on it. But hey, you're right it's a heck of a sound byte for Mitt to twist into an attack ad.


Meanwhile...the crowds keep growing!

My Prediction for Illinois tommorow...

Mitt 46%

Rick 29%

Newt 15%

Paul 10%


I heard today that Illinois weather was great today but that big storm is going to hit tomorrow. Anybody know anything about it? Will it affect the election? Are they totally tough in Illinois? Or are they like the people here in SoCal? One half inch of snow shut everything down in various locals here. People got stuck in 1/2 inch and left their cars on the side of the road. :-(


Since Rush is conservative, I hope he is anti-Romney. It seems that Romney is running a scorched earth policy in order to win. Considering that he needs a united party to win, he seems to be doing everything he can to prevent it.


After all the flack Romney got for "I'm not concerned about the very poor" and "I like being able to fire people"- both of which were out of context (the first one less so)- this deserves wall to wall coverage.


48 Franklin

Scorched earth? Romney mentioned Santorum 0 (ZERO) times in his speech today at Chicago. Perhaps neglect is now the new scorched earth.

Reality check, scorched earth is Newt's Bain documentary that totally threw the Republican platform under the bus.



We need a united party? I agree. That's why Santorum and Gingrich should both drop out, or the "scortched earth policy" as you call it will continue. Neither of them are not going to be the nominee anyway.


Many noted something similar...but this worse than all of Romneys in my book. We ALL knew Romney's was a GAFF...I think Santorum REALLY thinks this and believes this. As Romney says, Santorum IS INDEED AN ECONOMIC doubt!


48. What the heck are you talking about? Pointing out your opponents records and statements is "scorched earth". No ad hominems from Romney. Just Santorum's & Gingrich's own words and records.

The complete context doesn't really help him out any either. As I wrote in comment #309 here (, you cannot attack moral issues from the top down. They come from the bottom up. They can be supported and reinforced at the top, but they cannot be preached by the POTUS.


#46 - Florida Conservative...if you're right I'll find $10,000 for you....LOL...(o;


#50 Wizard: The video of this has been playing off and on all day. This could be as bad for the Panties as Wright was for Obama. Juan Williams just now saying that "if Santorum is the man of principle that he claims to be, he will renounce this 'pastor'".

And if Santorum were a man of principle, he would have renounced the pastor who called on Mitt to disavow his church.

But alas, the Panties is only a man of principle when it suits him. His entire campaign rests on getting the Teavangelical, wacking pastor vote; he can hardly disavow.

My Man Mitt 4 President

Welcome to the club Adam... they(you) do that to Romney all the time. By the way how did that Luis Fortuno endorsement in Puerto Rico work for Santorum.

Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012)

47, KG,

According to, a thunderstorm is gonna hit Chicago tonight around midnight, but, will be done by 9AM tommorrow.

My Man Mitt 4 President

50. That is one of the reasons it is not a good idea to campaign in a church, especially right after a preacher gives a fiery speech. FOX NEWS is actually dumping on Santorum today, what happened to all that Santy love?



In the article, Terry says:

“I don’t care what the liberals say, I don’t care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation,” Mr. Terry said.

As a history major, it really irks me when this claim is made. There were a lot of Christians among our founders, but to say "This country was founded as a Christian nation" is to exclude the many other important founders who were NOT Christian, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Ethan Allen, Thomas Paine, Philip Freneau, and many others. These men were deists, and therefore did not base their participation of the founding of the nation in Christianity.

George Washington was an Episcapalian, but he was also a Freemason.....which many Fundamentalist Christians today would say disqualify him as a Christian.



Didn't hurt Obama, won't hurt Santorum either.

There are enough crazy ass pastors around for people to give him a pass. Doesn't help that Santorum wears it on his sleeve though.

It's people like this pastor that makes me wish Santorum is the nominee so they can together be utterly repudiated. But the SCOTUS and Obamacare are at stake.


#50: That pastor is exactly what the middle and the left will use to prove the GOP are a bunch of crazed, ignorant religious zealots trying to turn America into a theocracy. This is exactly why Mitt has had to steer clear of them. They are nuts.

And wrong.

Nothing about Jesus in the founding documents. "Providence," "Hand of God," "Creator." "God and nature's God." But no "Jesus."


"The United States of America have exhibited, perhaps, the first example of governments erected on the simple principles of nature; and if men are now sufficiently enlightened to disabuse themselves of artifice, imposture, hypocrisy, and superstition, they will consider this event as an era in their history. Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or in America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity. It will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the influence of Heaven, more than those at work upon ships or houses, or laboring in merchandise or agriculture; it will forever be acknowledged that these governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses."

- John Adams, "A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America" (1787-88)


#62: It won't hurt Santorum in the primary because that's his base of support. It would hurt him in the general, but it won't because there's no way he will be our nom.

But the pastor's rant will hurt the GOP. The middle and the left will use this caca to paint us all with the same brush.

Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012)


Didn't you know, Fox News is a shill for Mitt Romney. That's what Santorum said. :)

glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012

45 - karma for all the "I'm not concerned about the poor" crap that TRicky Rick twisted for weeks.

You know what kills me, Adam? All his attacks, like Newt's before and after FL, are simple, exact echoes of the liberal left. Now TRicky Rick is going after Seamus on the roof, and Bain? Ugh...not entirely unexpected after robocallgate and whoring himself to the liberal union goons.

Ah, karma. Bites, doesn't it, TRiCKY RICK?



Ah, yes, karma. One of the reasons I believe there must be a God. 😛


#66: There is a growing list of reasons not to like the Panties. What a nasty little dork.



Yep, he is. And we all know what a dork is.....right?

Sorry. Having a moment. ><

My Man Mitt 4 President

Maybe it will not hurt Santorum's base, but having three or four distractions that he has to answer for is not going to help with those on the fence.


59.... truly amazing.... he is toast!



Episcopalian is mainline Protestant anyway. According to Santorum, has long left the world of Christianity. The only way to Heaven is to be like Santorum. Sounds like Hell to me.


41- thank you again, haner.


Ricky's political career is over!

glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012

Now they're reporting that pastor scandal where TRicky Rick nodded and applauded as he supported a bigot and exclusionary sermon?


What a bad week! Gets his Newt handed to him in PR after campaigning there 2 days ending in Spanish and shirtless gaffes, then turns around for economic and sermon scandals...only to get his Newt handed to him in a region where he is "undefeated" (Midwest...don't mention OH, MI because as we all know, he got outspent). :)

That spotlight is hot, isn't it TRicky Rick? Want to save some dignity? TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND DROP OUT LIKE THE BETTER CANDIDATE DIS FROM LAST CYCLE DID THEN...learn from the true conservative!

Ozzy(Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 2012)


Well, if Santorum was ever by any off chance to become the nominee or president, Santorum's nomination song or inauguration song should be ACDC's "Highway to Hell". 😀


The problem is....the same as the ABR problem that we've had all along. When the Teavangelicals find an ABR that people are jumping on board for, they jump on board too. It just doesn't matter their gaffes, their record, their nuttiness or inaptitude for office. If they are notMitt and the other Teavangelicals are voting for them, they will not budge.

Well, they finally did budge off of Cain and Newt, but now there's no one else to budge off to, so plan on them sticking with Santy come hell or high water.

It's a nightmare.



Rick applauded?

Uh, goodbye Ricky


There is certainly a portion of Sanatorium's base that thinks like that looney preacher, but the vast majority of Americans would be offended by such nonsense. And Santorum stood there and clapped.

It is shameful and he will have to answer for it. We don't even know that Obama was in the room for the Jeremiah Wright stuff. Santorum spoke immediately after these comments. He will be asked why he didn't repudiate them right then and there, and he won't have an answer.


I'm still baffled by Santorum's decision against competing in Illinois!




It is sad that it takes offensive comments about Muslims and Jews to get any attention. Pastors have been saying stuff like this about Mormons for the last year and we still have people on this board that refuse to admit that Romneys religion is a factor in the south.


#84: Will, my son has been asking why no one has gone to any of the anti-Mitt sermons and made a video? Or maybe the stuff isn't said over the Sunday pulpit but by more subtle means, emails, whisper campaign, etc.

Or maybe supporting Santorum is just the way their bigotry is taking them. It is odd, though, the Mitt's numbers in many state are good until Sunday.

And Mitt's religion is a problem everywhere--not just the South. Mainline Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims have NO problem with Mitt's religion. It's just this certain segment that has a hell-no attitude.


The only to get the ABRs to budge off of Santy is to convince them Santy has NO chance in hell to win the general. Maybe this applauding the pastor video will help them see the light.

OTOH, maybe his "principled and courageous" support of the pastor will just endear Rick to his base.


If Santorum wins Louisiana, then Wisconsin should become pivotal.

Romney is a lock for the nomination.

Yet Santorum losing Wisconsin should trigger many negative news cycles, no?


The real culprit here is Santorum's failure to use prepared remarks.



Wisconsin is not pivotal, nor will it become so. My calculations (which were VERY generous to Santorum) have Romney getting to 1263 delegates, even LOSING Wisconsin decisively and only winning 60 delegates in NY.


85 - I have seen videos. There was one that aired on CSPAN on the daybefore the Iowa Caucuses. Not a word about it in the media (Bachmann was there).


85 - I have seen video. In fact, there was an anti-Mormon sermon that was in CSPAN that Bachmann attended right before Iowa. Of course there was nothing about it in the media.

glenn for Mitt for POTUS 2012

A few brief points about how devastating this is (sorry, Adam, TRicky Rick is now a D.M.W.):

1. TRicky Rick was not just said to be present, he was RECORDED as being there

2. TRicky Rick was not just recorded, he gave a STANDING OVATION

3. TRicky Rick not only gave a standing ovation, he NODDED ON AGREEMENT

4. THIS BIGOTRY, scorn, disdain, exclusion, and fascism IS SANTORUM'S BASE! (so, like Obama, he can't just up and denounce it...he will then have no base...and he kind of has to because he was RECORDED as an ATTENDING SUPPORTER)

Obama can at least say that he wasn't present, he didn't support those things, etc. But Obama didn't have #1-3.

I fully expect TRicky Rick to say the following, "My principles are very different from the reverend's. But, once again, against my principles, I supported his vitriolic and bigot-filled sermon and took one for my racist, bigot-filled base and clapped....ugh, Mitt is outspending me again! Contraception! Squirrel! I hate gays and porn!"


The "Hell no - we won't vote for a Mo(rmon)" is a problem; just look at some of the nutty posters here - Ohio Joe, and a few others - what was that crazy woman the other night?? - who say they won't vote for Mitt cuz he's not 'Christian' in their eyes - and so they will just vote for themselves (I think that was OJ. . .wasn't it??) . . . so in that sense, it IS a problem.

No matter how much it is proven that Santorum is incapable of being the nomination, OR incapable of beating BHO, they just dig in deeper. Because truly - they DO believe, "A vote for Mitt is a vote for Satan." In their mind, they are doing "God's work" by preventing a Mo from being in office - even if it means the US goes down the tubes with a BHO reelection. I think you all saw it here a couple nights ago - and I'm sure many other times as well. . .. I think it was the Santorum/Porn thread the other night. . . .


I'm going long on Romney to win Wisconsin


39 - I listened to Rush too today and felt the same. I don't want to listen to him anymore - I have to find another Conservative Stn. where Mitt is at least treated with the same respect shown to the other GOP Candidates.



The talk show hosts I listen are unbiased....that is, they bash everyone. They have a show in Los Angeles.


45- 49 (MEM) said it all for me!


39. Amen to that, I was conflicted after his 'slut' remark and couldn't believe how crass he was (let us watch the videos online). But knowing we had to circle the wagons and fight in Nov on the turf we want, not on Axelrod talking points, we let him dodge a bullet.

I don't think Rush realizes how far off the reservation he is with lots of conservatives. He's going to step in it again after the election and it will be kaput for Rush.

He dodged a bullet this time and I am not sure if he knows he's used up all conservative goodwill.



I dealt with someone like that last night on Romney's Facebook page. When he said that voting for Romney was a "betrayal of Jesus Christ," I kept insisting that Jesus would vote for Romney.


35. Where in Schaumburg? My wife is dying to go!


I believe Don Meredith said it best


26. Bad idea uncdave, then they'd spawn and then as a race we could never undo what was done:)



Where in Schaumburg?

I have no idea. But I keep reading it "Scumbag." Yikes!


#102: Fig: Sadly, I believe this has already happened. That's why this race has been so insufferable.


8:30 PM

Mitt Romney

Hosting election night event

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, 1551 Thoreau Drive North, Schaumburg, Ill.


Unfortunately, it appears Romney will be going to Maryland on Wednesday instead of Louisiana.

4:00 PM

Mitt Romney

Hosting town hall at American Legion Post 109

1610 Old Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus, Md.



Depending on one's perspective, that may either be a good or bad idea. Maryland should be good for Romney, and I am skeptical that he will win in Luisiana. I think he won't.


KrisSmith - Jon and Ken are hilarious - can you figure out who they're voting for??? The DO bash everyone. . . .

I also quite like Michael Medved. . . . .



He was only down there by 4, and that was over a week ago.


#107 - #108 Yes, Jon and Ken. Yes, Michael Medved. ABR: Anybody But Rush.

There are a few people on FOX standing up for Mitt lately: Trump, Hume...hmmm....that's about it.


When it rains it pours for Rick Santorum.


96 - krissmith77 - Thank you so much - I will definitely tune in.


110 - I haven't watched in a little while, but O'Reilly is usually pretty fair to Mitt as well. Dennis Miller seems to be coming around.



Those churches are pretty scary down there.


What an out of the way spot. Talk about inability to connect! No subway near there.


#113: You are right. O'R defending Mitt right now against a psycho WOW (War on Women) nut. And yes, Dennis Miller said: "Mitt is a good man who would make a good president."

But Brett Baier was trying to make Mitt bad today. It's like they are soooooooo sad that Mitt looks inevitable. They cannot give it up.

The best was Trump on Greta last week, praising Mitt to the high heavens and beating the stuffin' out of Santorum. Greta could not get a word in edge-wise to diss Mitt or defend the Panties. All she could do was roll her eyes.


105. Danke!



Out of curiosity, have you listened to the John and Ken show?


104. Too true, from now on, and in homage to the Walking Dead, all Santo/Grich/Palin/Rush fans are Walkers (same basic level of mental function and a desire to only chew on Romney).


Yes, 640 on my dial. I live in San Diego. They are a little crazy and come on at the same time as Roger Hedgecock (I think; at least they did) and I like Roger since he comes up with lots of facts and figures.


#119: Too funny. It's odd. I used to like and agree with them but they have gone off into...yes....Walking Dead World.

Mitt Derangement Syndrome. The devil got their souls and as well as their brains.



I think Romney is sick of throwing millions at Southern states only to net one or two additional delegates.

He's probably come to the realization that neither the Left or Right Media is ever going to call the race for him until he gets to 1144.

I still think Louisiana would possibly be a TKO if he won, but it looks like the Romney campaign is tired of wasting money on Southern primaries.


121. Agree completely. Butt hey must see something within their market research that tells them to yak it irregardless of fact, but my goodness the Walkers are turning in to a whole new, bizarre strain of life on our side of the aisle

Conservative Independent

#100 Make sure you RSVP in case a lot of people show up. RSVP at or call (872)216-0293(leave a message with your name and how many are coming)

Doors Open at 6:30

Program begins at 8:30

My husband and I will be there. We will be the ones jumping up and down and cheering Romney


#123: Bizarre and disappointing. People let you down. Or maybe they just can't keep up the deception forever.

Conservative Independent

I have read all the comments on this blog and I am really so disappointed in Rick Santorum and the hate filled campaign he is running. What is he thinking? I hadn't heard about the pastor tirade with Santorum clapping.

I also don't blame if Mitt doesn't campaign much in La. I saw he would be there the day before the Primary for a fundraiser. It was the only thing I could find.

Even if it should rain in Illinois tomorrow, don't worry. A lot of the seniors have voted already. Chicagoans might be lazy when it comes to voting but we are hearty.

Conservative Independent

Does anyone know what Rick Santorum has been doing since he lost his Senate seat by 18 points. He has become a millionaire. Was he one of those in Congress who were doing insider trading? Nobody ever talks about this.


Today I was on the road driving and listened to Rush and hannity for the first time in months. I dont understand it. They were pushing santorum and putting down Romney. Not in open ways, but we all know when a talk show host, or news reporter is pushing for or against our guy. (These radio guys are going contrary to what they felt three years ago. Sometimes they say what we need in the white house, and what they think needs to be done and I want to scream at the radio "Have you even looked at Romney's record, or do you just record his insights and then try to regugitate them with your brand of anger and hype?"

I heard huckabee and his comments were more objective, but it was still slanted. What suprised me the most was Huckabee's comments were slanted slightly in favor of Romney. Perhaps Huckabee is just being objective and in contrast it feels like he is slanted in favor of Romney.

I honestly dont get it!


#127 I believe he's made millions as a K Street lobbyist or....ahem...consultant.

He was a non-descript lawyer for 4 years after law school, went to the House, then the Senate, then to K Street. He was pro-choice in the beginning of his political career. So what does he have going for him?

He has a fresh-scrubbed face (sounds honest--like Newt sounds smart), home schools, has a special needs child, has out-spoken religiosity, doesn't look rich and is not a Mormon.


#128: I believe Huck has always slanted toward Mitt. (Huck's not stupid.) But neither has he had the cojones to come right out say support Mitt either. Support from Huck could help put this endless, mindless, dance to bed.

Conservative Independent

#129 To this day, Santy has never really been vetted.


128. Zeek - Is Huckabee worth listening to? One thing I miss from Rush's show that he's done almost none of in the last few years are the parody songs and ads. It's not nearly as much fun as it used to be.


McCain was destroyed when Democrats jumped on the issue of economy after the news that Lehman Brothers was bankrupted. Our economy remains very weak -- in fact, we are looking at the raising the debt ceiling AGAIN before the election, in along with many signs of second-dip recession. Why won't Democrats play the same game with Santorum as they did with McCain? No, we need a financial expert, and we know who this only player in this round is!


Louisiana is a waste of resources. It is fools gold just like MS and AL. Remember, not to many generations past, these are the people that fought for the right to enslave their fellow human beings. Just too many rednecks. And, of course, Rick doesn't want them to become educated. Who else would vote for him if not the poor, delusional, and uneducated?


#132: The anti-Mormon people listen to Huckabee. That's why a good word from Huck might help put this endless primary to an end. However, that is exactly why Huck will not say a word. Career over country.


I think Santorum's quote that he didn't care what the unemployment rate was is being taken out of context. People who dislike him are looking for "bloopers" because they want to validate their view of him as soneone who doesn't care about economic issues. Just as anti-Romney people were totally blind to Romney's "I'm not concerned about the poor" comment. He said that the poor have a safety net and that if there were holes in the net he'd fix them. What more COULD he have said to show concern? But it didn't matter. The Anti-Romneys wanted to see an out of touch rich guy who revealed indifference to others so they didn't care about context even when told about it. Both candidates are being treated unfairly. Anyone who speaks extemporaneously is going to say things that can sound horrible if taken out of context. Any candidate who seems to tightly wound and never speaks "casually" is going to accused of uptightness (Santorum) or of being slick and robotic (Romney)

So "Give 'em severe "I'm a candidate but I'm entitled to also be a human being hell, Mitt and Rick!"


Mitt Romney is not a conservative.

There is nothing conservative about Romneycare and healthcare mandates.

Romney supports global warming mandates. He kept Massachusetts in a regional cap and trade pact for 3 years before withdrawing. The Massachusetts version of the EPA put the same type of restrictions on oil and gas powered plants that Obama's EPA is putting on power plants. Romney supported them 100% He also stated "that coal and oil fired plants contribute significantly more air pollution than their gas fired counterparts, exacerbating acid rain and global warming".

Romney also gave state money to green energy companies just as Obama gave federal money to green energy companies. Romney didn't fare any better because some of the companies went bankrupt and the

rest cut workers.

Romney supports ethanol subsidies just like Obama does.

If I were Obama, I would run a ad by pointing out all the areas of agreement that Obama and Romney have had in the past and morph Romney into Obama. That ad would be entirely truthful.

There are issues with Bain Capital.

The fact that Bain was able to get federal bailout money does raise questions of crony capitalism. At one time he bragged about his insider connections.

In addition, Bain engaged in the old game of squeezing local and state officials into putting up taxpayer dollars as well as squeezing workers. They then proceeded to break the promises they made in getting money.



He's the nominee. Get the hell over it.



Of course Romney's a conservative. Rick Santorum said so:

He's only ceased being a conservative when it became politically adventageous to Santorum to claim he wasn't.

Again, Romney's the nominee.


What Rush and Hannity are most interested in is collecting a pay check at the end of the month. In order to have listeners they need something to talk about. So it is gold for them to have this conservative in-fighting go on as long as possible. Neither of them are interested in a quick and early end to the primary process. If Santorum were leading, they would be pushing Romney or Gingrich. They will favor the underdog to keep themselves fat and happy.



Reason to believe they are really pulling for an Obama win. It gives them something to whine about for the next four years.


Franklin, nobody cares if Romney meets your definition of conservative or not. What matters is who can fix the mess we are in. Obama can not! Santorm can not! Gingrich can not! Romney is the only chance we have of getting the bilge pumped out and the boat sailing again. Romney knows how to fix the economy and that alone will get him elected.



When Romney is the President, Rush and Sean will be all over him every time he sneezes. And the democrats who are blocking, stalling, undermining will give both of them plenty to talk about.


#70 -

Okay, I'll bite... What is a "dork"?



They'll fuss because Romney does not suck up to them.



Well, when I first had it explained to me, I was told it was a whales penis, though it's slang for "stupid"



Though looking it up, there is no mention of a whale.

Conservative Independent

On our local news, they said a downstate Newton delegate that could win 9 delegate seats, said if he wins he will hand them over to Santy. The local news is also telling everyone it will be a low turnout election. They decided this.

Conservative Independent

#148 This is in Illinois



They decided it alright. They decide everything. They always decide who will rise in the polls and be the "Not Romney" candidate.. I know I'm not the only one who caught on to that.


148. That's if he even wins, expect the long boring death rattle from dorks like Franklin who know everything about everything.


137. C'mon Frankie, enlighten us. Who of the remaining conservatives is the 'true conservative'?



Dork | Define Dork at

noun 1. Slang . a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others; a social misfit:

Conservative Independent

They also just informed everyone it's a close election. A Mitt Romney lead of 14-15 points is close. I will be so glad when this Primary is over. I am a little nervous about what went on downstate in the churches. The good thing is that Romney has drawn huge crowds no matter where he went in the state. He got booed in Peoria when some girl told him she wanted the government to pay for her birth control. Romney told her she needs to vote for someone else then. This was at Bradley University

Conservative Independent

#153 Dork is actually a kind name to call Saint Santy. I can think of several others that would get me banned here. My husband thinks that Santy spent high school being stuffed in lockers. That's probably why he won't let his kids near a school.


#152: "True conservative." An anti-Mitt, anti-Mormon from the right.

You could be a true conservative until you endorse Mitt. Then you automatically become among the hated Evil Elite Establishment and a Mormon-loving Massachusetts Mushy Moderate.


#155: Ha! They should have left Santy in the locker. Actually I read where he was a big drinker and loved to argue with everyone.

Conservative Independent

#156 It's amazing the things we have learned this election. I can honestly say I never knew about the Evangelical hatred for Mormons. I have always considered Mormons to be the kind neighbors who have a place of worship a mile from my house. I also never understood exactly what the word Conservative meant until this election. Silly me, I thought I was a conservative. I flunked the test though because I don't hate Mormons. I am appalled and disgusted about what has happened to the GOP thanks to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement that started out as a good thing until it was taken over by the social conservatives.

Conservative Independent

The True Conservative Mormon hating people in my district are telling voters to vote the popular vote for Saint Santy but to vote for Newton delegates. This is the email I was sent this evening:

"Here’s conservative recommendation for the presidential race: vote for Rick Santorum for president, then switch and vote for the Newt Gingrich delegates to the GOP convention in August. Why the split decision? If the goal is to gum up the works in the hope that there will be a contested convention – with a chance for a real conservative to get the nomination or at least have some influence, we need to employ this operation chaos technique. Santorum will continue to almost win lots of primaries, and Gingrich will continue articulate the big ideas most effectively. We the people will have our chance to occupy the media until Tampa in August."

Mitt Romney must feel like he is fighting a war from all sides.


158. That video of Santo with the nut preacher was over the top. At least Obama was never stupid enough to be caught on video on the same stage w Rev Wright when he turned on the hate.

You have my word, Illinois will come through big for Romney, you can sense a real fatigue with the whole process...and other than a few dinks like.....Franklin and Meth.... they just want to move on and keep our fire on the real target.

I predict Romney by 15 tomorrow in the great state of Illinois!!!!



Social misfit... That's Santorum for you.

Conservative Independent

#157 Santy has not had even one recommendation from anyone he went to high school with. This seems to be a pattern in his life. Nobody he has gone to school with or worked with has a kind word to say about the man. Our uncurious press has not even tried to find one person who knew him. There is something extremely unlikeable about him.

Conservative Independent

#160 Santy is spending tomorrow in Pennsylvania. His internals if he even does polling must show a big loss tomorrow.


#158: Well, you know I'm exaggerating some. But it's a truly sad thing.

I was a Don't Tread on Me flag carrying marcher at the DC Tea Party. My sister and I flew from CA to join people who wanted a return to the Constitution, fiscal sanity and an end to ObamaCare. Tea Partiers here in SoCal wanted order on the border.

But the Tea Party got hijacked by "true conservatives" who seemed to have lost their minds. I loved Sarah Palin in the beginning--not for POTUS--but as a good, honest spokesperson for conservatism. She has sold out along with the rest.

Career over country.

The anti-Mormon movement has always existed among certain religious elements for reasons we could discuss all night--primarily because the pastors realize that creating a common enemy creates group cohesion for them. Their anti-Mormon sermons are pretty virulent. Mormons will not be admitted to my local "Christian colleges." Mormon Cub Scouts held events at a local camp until "Christians" took it over and now the Mormon boys are not welcome. "Christian" megachurches refuse to joint-venture with Mormons on charitable and community projects or fighting for Prop 8.

But anti-Mormonism would not be an issue in politics if Mitt were not a candidate.

Last time we had one pastor with a big radio/TV audience who kept declaring: "A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Satan." We haven't heard that this time but I'm sure a lot of "Christians" feel that way. They have been convinced by their pastors and that's just the way it is.



All these anti-Romney people also want a Superman...who is far right and is not a Mormon.

In their quest to find Superman, they have exhausted their options....but there is one thing they have not considered:

It is that Superman does not really exist, and if he did, we really would not want him to be the head of the nation.. Power currupts, and here short video that makes the point really well...especially at the end:


#145 -

I had never heard that first definition before, but it certainly fits...


Instead of being nasty, why don't Romnney supporters simply act happy that their candidate is almost certain to be nominated? And as for Rick Santorum being unlikeable, well, possibly they're just projecting their dislike for socons onto him. What bothers a lot of people about Santorum is precisely the fact that he DOESN'T fit the stereotype of a socon. He's educated, non-Southern, not from a small town or farm, and not an evangelical Protestant. The appeal of American conservatism will always be somewhat limited if it is a movement identified with being Southern and evnagelical. In Rick they see the potential for social conservatism to broaden its appeal (not that they think Rick is the one who could do it, just that he's an example of the kind of citizen we'll see more of if it DOES broaden it's appeal.) It is this that causes them to see him as "sanctimonious" and to speculate that he was an unpopular nerd in high school. And how much of a "misfit" can a man be if he got elected to the US Senate, has a very successful family life, and is one of the two major candidates of his party for its presidential nomination? But to many liberals, "socon" equals loser, so we have to transform Rick into a nerd, a puritan, etc.....



Instead of being nasty, why don’t Romnney supporters simply act happy that their candidate is almost certain to be nominated?

We are happy about that. It's the constant desperation shown by many ABRs that gets us irritated.


538 blog has updated its Illinois prediction to include the ARG poll, and Romney is now up to 97%...


167 and 168

Let me re-phrase myself. We Romney supporters are gung ho that Romney is on his way to being the nominee. In fact I am calling him the nominee right now. It is what the ABR crowd is doing that irritates and angers us: when Romney's religion is used against him, when Seamus (a stupid topic) is resorted to, when his experience in the economy (a strong asset) is attaked. That's what either angers or irritates us.



We will win Illinois, I'm sure of it. I just would like Romney to get a majority.

Well, I can dream at least.



And how much of a “misfit” can a man be if he got elected to the US Senate, has a very successful family life, and is one of the two major candidates of his party for its presidential nomination?

I don't know. You'd have to ask Ted Kennedy, who was a mistif, culturally backwards, and elected to the US senate.



Not to mention, Ted Kennedy also ran for president.

Then there is Al Franken, one of the biggest misfits in the Senate, elected in 2008.

Then there is my senator Barbara Boxer (in CA), a huge misfit, not to mention a do-nothing.


#172: Teddy Kennedy was an adulterer and a murderer. Santorum is a liar, a whiner and an undisciplined blatherer with no executive experience. I don't want either one as my POTUS.

Not everyone elected to the senate is qualified for the presidency. In fact, almost none of them are.

And Santorum is a dork: Only dorks allow themselves to be photographed sunbathing during a presidential campaign. Or applauding an out of control, screaming, bigoted, wrong-headed pastor.



Both thought of Ted Kennedy. ESP? :O Lol



Oh, never mind, you were responding to ME.


kriss: I was. It must be getting late--even here in PDT. :-)


Edit: Good grief am I ever sick of your B.S. Please take it somewhere else.-KWN


Santorum this Sunday:

"I believe the foundation of a strong society starts with the strong foundation of family. The threat of homosexuality and pornography is leading to the ‘sexualization’ of America. I know this because I’ve lived it. I’ve learned from my past addiction to porn.

Explains everything.


178, Mary. My dear, you are a bigot. Please go to a religion site to spew your bile, as on this site we discuss politics. Since you sound like a Santorum supporter, allow me to be the first to express my condolences about the thumping Santorum is about to receive in Illinois today...



I know I'm wasting my breath, but my, Mary, have you no shame? Do you even care that you are lying through your teeth about LDS doctrine? You are an incredibly dishonest individual. I've seen lie after lie posted by you. If by some chance you actually believe the filth that you post, you need to find a much, much better source for your Mormon information. How these supposedly Christian people justify their outrageously dishonest behavior in trying to tear down the LDS church is completely beyond me. Might I suggest that their blatantly dishonest tactics indicate that they are taking their marching orders from the wrong side. Lies and hate do not come from the Giver of all good.

To everyone else, sorry for continuing this religious stuff on what ought to be a secular site. I get tired of the nonsense from time to time. I'd love to ignore people like Mary, but I'm fearful that someone will read her supposed "facts" about Mormon doctrine and actually believe her. I guess most on this board are up to speed on her tactics.


178 - Mary -- And there you have it; the REAL reason why we Romney supporters are frustrated; bigots like yourself who refuse to vote for the most qualified presidential candidate in years - because of religion. You've lost all credibility. You have none! Your support for the 'Fake" Santorum is your business - but please don't' come on here and try to pedal it as honest. You have just proven, in your very last post - what a bigoted idiot you are. Now run along. . . . .


Ah Mary, as a LDS wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, aunt, neighbor, friend... We want to love you, but you sure make it difficult. I would allow your children to play with mine, but I fear you would not allow mine to play with with yours because we are a LDS family. And you know how evil we truly are.


I am the person who wrote post #167 and has posted several times in the past few months defending Rick Santorum (I've also mentioned Rudy Giuliani in a few posts.) My real first name is Mary. I don't know who the "Mary" of post 178 is, but I don't share her views of Mormonism. I'll go by "MaryK" from now on.

In fact in 2008 I voted for Romney in the NY primary instead of Huckabee even though I'm a social conservative first. I didn't like the anti-Mormon bias Huckabee was showing and felt that he crossed the line in several of his comments about Romney. The anti-Mormon bias evangelicals were showing in 2008 surprised me because Mormons tend to be socially conservative and work with evangelicals in the political Right. I totally oppose religious discrimination and see nothing wrong with a Mormon as president.

Why would evangelicals want to alientate Mormons? Do they have so many friends that they'd want to alienate a group of people who are, lets see - Christian, conservative, pro-free enterprise, and have large families. I mean DUH! Mormons should be out best friends.

I have a feeling this other "Mary" is someone trying to make me look bad. If she is a real person she should have let people know that she is not me, since her comments came shortly after mine.


I've been reading here for the past week and I'm going to jump in and join the conversation.

I'm a Catholic who lives in the South. I grew up in the South. And I grew up with Southern fundamentalists spouting lies about my faith and neighborhood kids telling me that Catholics killed Jesus. There is still a lot of anti-Catholic sentiment in the Southern Bible Belt - it was evident in the 2008 primary campaign.

It tells me much about the fundamentalist support of Santorum. They are willing to accept a Catholic because they hate Mormons more. When I saw the video of Santorum standing up and applauding that hate-rant - well, I'm willing to bet that if Santorum hadn't become their darling through the attrition of the GOP field, the preachers would be denouncing Catholics along with Buddhists, Muslims, and Mormons.

Why should I reward their intolerance?


I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog?s articles everyday along with a cup of coffee.


I get between 6 to 8 calls a day from this freak en number, it is very annoying. I don't answer blocked numbers or numbers with no information. Now that I searched the web and found out I'm not the only one, I don't feel so alone and at least now I know who it is! It's kinda like being stalked, they need to stop. I to will not be voting for this p.i.t.a. (pain in the a**)! Thanks for leaving feedback on this site, cause it's nice to be able to look something up and not be charged for it!!!

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