February 22, 2012

Detroit News and Oakland Press Both Endorse Romney

  10:26 am

Two big gets for Team Romney in Michigan today. From the editorials this morning:

Detroit News

State Republicans should go to the polls Tuesday with two missions: Pick a presidential candidate capable of leading this nation to prosperity and stability and choose a nominee who will give the GOP a fighting chance of defeating President Barack Obama this fall. On both counts, Mitt Romney is the best choice in the Michigan primary.

On leadership, the Michigan native and former Massachusetts governor has the strongest resume of the four remaining Republican candidates. He has not only successfully run a state, but also has deep experience in turning around private companies. America today is the ultimate turnaround project.

Romney has a refreshing free market vision for restoring the nation’s prosperity. He sees a return to our entrepreneurial roots, freeing individuals to reach for their dreams, take risks and strive for gain with minimal government encumbrances…

Santorum, Gingrich and Paul are challenging Romney on the Michigan ballot next Tuesday. But those Republicans are delusional if they think either Santorum or Gingrich can prevail in the fall against Obama…

Mitt Romney stands alone among the Republican primary field as the candidate capable of winning the White House, and more importantly, of leading the nation to a prosperous future.

Oakland Press

Of the four candidates — Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul — we believe Romney is far and away the best candidate, and not just because he is a hometown favorite…

In recent months, Romney has proved to be a diligent and tireless campaigner during his quest for the presidency. He has also demonstrated resilience in the face of the adversity and surprises that have cropped up during what has been a surprisingly bruising campaign. Long ago, he showed that he understands economics and has a talent for organization, which will stand him in good stead should he occupy the Oval Office…

Romney, however, appears to have the experience and temperament required to serve in the nation’s very highest office.



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>>Santorum, Gingrich and Paul are challenging Romney on the Michigan ballot next Tuesday. But those Republicans are delusional if they think either Santorum or Gingrich can prevail in the fall against Obama…



Darn right. Santorum is kind of an opportunist too, not unlike Gingrich, sad to say.


Even with all the smoke and mirrors thrown at Romney, from all directions, these newspapers got thru the garbage and GOT IT RIGHT.


These aren't just the 2 biggest newspaper endorsements in the state....they're also enthusiastic. They say the same stuff many of us have been saying for a long time. He's got the organization, the understanding of economics, the sole ability to beat Obama, the turnaround skills gained from massive executive experience, etc.




Carl Levin blasting romney on bailout. Could be another signal for dems to vote against romney just like daily kos told them to. In the comments on this story alone dems in michigan are saying they are raiding the primary to hurt romney. This could be a BIG factor that doesn't show up in the polling until late as the unions and dem officials mobilize against romney. In michigan you aren't registered by party. Obama and his allies are going all in to knock romney out in michigan.

Rush Limbaugh always says they will tell you who they fear.


I'm surprised the Free Press didn't come out with one today as well.



Tides are turning in Michigan very quickly!


#2 Liz.........you've got it right. St. Rick........IS...........an opportunist, saying what pleases the ears of listeners as well as "swiping" some of Mitt's lines/points during the past number of months.

I used to think Saintorum would be great in a Romney administration. I TOTALLY do not because he IS an opportunist! THAT is more important than the Soul of America!


3. 4. Exactly.

The even point it out: "He has also demonstrated resilience in the face of the adversity and surprises that have cropped up during what has been a surprisingly bruising campaign."

That he can take the hits, barbs, and razor cuts from both the Left, Right, and Evangelical positions and still be on top is just amazing. And he's done that without complaint, whining, or folding. He regroups his team and marches on.


For all the complaint about the lack of enthusiasm for the candidates this cycle, I am no longer seeing that lack.

Of course, I've always been enthusiastic for my candidate. I've also noticed a number of enthusiastic anti-support for my candidate. That doesn't translate for enthusiasm for any particular candidate, though, and usually fails in its aim.

For that reason, I believe Romney gave his American Century speech, and several of his victory speeches (NH, FL) are uniting in nature and promote true hope of economic recovery and righting this ship.

Firecracker (Romney/ West/ Christie/ Huckabee/ Rand Paul)

I also heard that the Kalamazoo Gazette endorsed Romney today.


I read the Kalamazoo Gazette editorial, and it was good, calling Mitt the only viable choice for Republicans, etc. It's a paper with a circulation of 47,000, which is good.

The Detroit News and the Oakland Press are the great gets, though.


Every little bit helps.

I tend to think the race in Michigan is going to break decisively in Mitt's direction, but if it turns into a squeaker, these endorsements help at the margins.


At least with these endorements there is something positive about Mitt. Now, if they can be heard through the otherwise overwhelmingly negative maelstrom...

Tweet and retweet, people.


The bad news for the other candidates is that Romney thrives on adversity. When things are easy, he tends to get bored and distracted. I expect him to do well in the debate tonight.


Nice to see some good news. Hopefully Romney has a good debate and takes back control of this thing. If he can win both MI and AZ(two swing states to many) it will give him legitimacy and momentum heading into Super Tuesday. If he could have just tried in CO and MN this race could have been a lot easier. Mitt gets CO close loss in MN, Santo still gets MO the way he did. Romney would have been in much better shape.


#16 Interesting thought. That may be a reason to drag this out some, but the benefits may not outweigh the costs.

And I would think taking the full and concerted fussilade from Team Obama would provide enough focusing adversity.


17 For sure. However, winners don't cry or whine over spilt milk. They regroup and soldier on. Demonstrates fortitude, and it's a good vetting process to see how Romney handles things when they don't go his way.

Anybody remember him blaming anybody else? Weren't there a couple of weeks where he ran around complaining about the Iowa "recount"? Nope. Didn't happen. That's Obama's modus operandi, as well some of his GOP rivals, but you don't get that from Romney.

Leadership. It's not exciting, but it will (eventually) get the job done.


Good debate tonight and Romney surges in MI with a big win


Who even reads newspapers anymore? I only read R4'12.


Just browsing on Google

Thanks for the info.

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