February 12, 2012

Romney Bussed In College Students to CPAC

  8:19 pm

The Caucus reports:

Mr. Romney has struggled to win the allegiance of the most conservative Republicans, and made his strongest appeal yet to them in his speech to the conference on Friday. The Romney campaign also worked aggressively behind the scenes for a strong showing, including busing students from colleges along the Eastern Seaboard to show their support.

All within the rules of CPAC Straw Poll, but we’re kidding ourselves if we believe Romney’s straw poll win was the result of assuaging conservative leaders.



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Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

That's our Mitt!


Not at all surprising. I've read reports that Romney bussed BYU kids all the way to SC and FL to "show enthusiasm" for his staged events after those primaries. He failed to do so after the CO caucus (perhaps he was counting on the Mormon parishes to bring their own people to the Auraria campus in Denver) and all I heard on TV was that the CO groups were sparse and under-enthused.

Once again, this is more proof that the Romney campaign does not generate any sort of measurable enthusiasm among real conservatives. That spells trouble for the general election so let's hope Romney fails to get a majority of delegates and we end up with a brokered convention where a real conservative who can unite the party emerges, it's out only hope for victory in November.


better than dead folks voting...romney would offer the veep spot to santorum before any brokered convention happens. Now what happens if romney isn't in 1st place but nobody has the #'s, than that could result in total chaos since the concept of romney being a veep doesn't seem to fit.


Colorado - that's completely stupid to think that he would bus in BYU students from Utah, all the way to SC and FL. . . . really??? You believe that??? Wow.



The Florida Republican primary voters are very conservatives.

Here in Florida Romney just received over 775,000 votes so take a ride on that bus.

Give em severe hell Mitt!


I think it's so funny how people go to great lengths to come up with far-fetched reasons for Romney winning. Get over it. He won. Your guy lost!


Did Santorum leave Florida to do his taxes (that he has not yet produced) or was it because he wanted to fund raise or was it to campaign in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota or was is because his daughter was sick... Oh Santorum deals what ever cards he has as well, but nobody has more of a reputation for whining than Santorum.


Part of Romney's trouble at this stage in campaign is that the "mean" profile of his supporters is more educated, higher income. These people have a lot going on and are not generally into attending your typical rally. They don't mind shelling out $2500 for a "meet the candidate" event, but they are not going to sit around waiting for the candidate to drop by to give his standard stump speech. I know, I am one of them.


Santy is sure taking a long time to do his taxes


Once again, this is more proof that the Romney campaign does not generate any sort of measurable enthusiasm among real conservatives. That spells trouble for the general election so let’s hope Romney fails to get a majority of delegates and we end up with a brokered convention where a real conservative who can unite the party emerges, it’s out only hope for victory in November.

What do you call Santorum's Caucus wins in CO, MN, IA and MO? A handful of hardcore activists and Evangelical leader bussing-in/organizing to win. Santorum's Caucus wins are no more "organic" and realistic than Romney's CPAC win.

Three things win you elections in this country: Organization, organization, organization. Romney did it better in Maine and at CPAC.


This is more of a rumor than anything else. Cite chapter and verse....and don't make it up. I haven't seen anything credible....and this certainly isn't.


i read this and the the first thing that came to mind was that bitter beer face commercial

and if Santorum had won we would be hearing about how he walks on water and has all the momentum and is the awesomest politician since sliced bread.

that fact that Santy has to resort to calling it a rigged win shows just how much damage was done yesterday at CPAC.


If Santorum had done this, people would be crowing about how much he appeals to young people. Yet if Romney does it, somehow it's devious and underhanded. Got it.


The Santorum supporters are severely irritated after Romney's fantastic weekend.

I predict Michigan will be severely disappointing for them. Fifteen days.



Unemployed, populist losers waiting for a handout are more likely to support Santorum and Gingrich. That explains why Craig, Harold, etc have so much time to spam these boards all the time. Their entire life exists in their mom's basement.



CF- dont forget the emails in CO accusing Romney of not being Christian. ( and for the record i got one so i know it happened)

where is adam's contempt for that little ploy?


It's all a big Mormon plot, at least according to the ABR's. Sad, really.


Somebody who WAS trying to rig a straw poll was Santorum in the Iowa Straw Poll....and he still flopped.


When I watched Romney's CPAC address they scanned the audience every so often

and I saw mostly old people. Maybe youth in the back but none on camera. Just saying.


Santorum said today that Ron Paul won the CPAC several times by busing in people and that there was nothing wrong with that, NO ON SQUAWKED when Paul did it. CPAC people also did a nation wide poll which Romney also won.


16 CF,

I actually came up with a theory about how much these cranks like to belittle Mitt.

They get belittled in their daily lives, be it from a spouse, girlfriend, or more likely, parents and fellow students. So they come online and belittle Mitt and take great joy in it. It's their escape, their venting process of all that pent-up frustration in their real lives.


Yup, and half of the college students probably voted for Ron Paul.

Mitt still won any way you look at it. Politics is a game and if you play it smart you win...and with any game comes sportsmanship...something Newt and Santorum don't have.

Florida Conservative

I can't find the article to link it, but Donal Trump has told close friends and advisors that IF Romney does not win the Republican Nomination, he will run for President, he doesn't like Rick Santorum and recently went on a rant about how a guy who lost by 18 points in 2006 can even be within arms length of winning the nomination for president...

So there you go guys, if Rick is the nominee, it will be Trump 2012...nice


eddy- please dont appeal to reason and logic. the ABRs cant use that much brain power and survive in their current state


Santorum = Whiny baby.

This guy is unfit for the White House. Ever notice Romney whining when he lost Iowa, South Carolina or any of the recent Caucus states? Nope. He's been nothing but gracious in defeat.


"Romney Bussed In College Students to CPAC"

Perhaps so. But to be "fair and balanced" like our friends at Fox News, let it also be reported that there was quite an organized effort at getting students from the numerous Evangelical Christian colleges within a days drive of D.C. to CPAC, as has been the case for a number of years. I was told on Friday (by an ACU Board Member) that much of this was done on behalf of Santorum. So, again to be "fair and balanced" there was organizational push by both sides.


24 Trump said that on Greta


How do you think Santorum won Iowa, they bussed people to the polls. They all do it.



So you're alleging that Rick lied about his daughter being sick, just like Andrew Sullivan did about Trig.

Hello people?

He went home to do his taxes during a lull . His daughter got deathly ill, and once she was better he had to go back to the campaign. Now, he's getting everything finished.



I think their resentment has to do with feeling like they don't measure up to Romney. They see Romney, and the culture to which he belongs, as superior to themselves and have deep jealousy of it.

Misery loves company, and bringing him down makes themselves feel a little better about their own sorry life.


I guess Mitt also somehow rigged the national poll as well?

Is there no end to this conspiracy!?

Seriously guys, nobody cares.

Santorum didn't win because he's a leftest lunatic when it comes to fiscal policies... a fact he hides by being an insane social conservative.


Yeah, where are Santorum's taxes? He files himself on line.

Florida Conservative


Do you have a link to that? Thanks

I think that Donald Trump would appeal to some Repub's and some Dem's, but would appeal to ALOT of middle of the road voters, I also think he would poll well enough to be included in all of the debates, which should be interesting to say the least.


There's little doubt Trump will run an independent campaign if Santorum were to get the nomination. It really doesn't matter, because Santorum ISN'T going to get the nomination....and if, in some alternate universe, he DID.....he'd have ZERO chance of winning anyway.


So politics is sports for old people.. Let's hope when we get to the championship match GOP ends up in the white house or we all lose.




If you think winning 83% of Maine by 3 points (v. 30 points 2 years ago) and winning CPAC by a narrow margin is a big victory after Santorum's thumping in real votes on Tuesday, you're way off base and looking through rose colored glasses.


Romney won by two points and half the poll was done before Santorum's trifecta victory. And he "won" the poll with 26% of the vote within the margin of error. Mr. 26% amazes us again.


I don't think CPAC Straw Poll has ever been won without busing in supporters.

I find it absurd to think Mitt did anything wrong in doing so.

I also find it absurd that anyone would think Team Mitt did not bus anyone in to increase his chances of winning it.

I find this thread, and the need for this thread.....well....

absurd...in a word.


adam @30. of all the comments and points you pick that to highlight. wow dude you are off the reservation.

he didnt say that at all. he said things happen and you take the hand you are dealt.

get over the loss and get back to making a case for Santorum other than he isnt Mitt Romney.


I love how republicans are joining the dems to attack success



A leftist lunatic who received 7 "A" grades from the National Taxpayers Union, 3 B+ and 2 Bs during his service in the Senate? A leftist lunatic who opposed Mitt Romney's on Chicken Little TARP? A leftist who opposed mandates going back to 1994?

That's bologna. Rick Santorum's record is strongly fiscally conservative. Not perfect, but good enough.



Where have you been? Adam Graham has a penchant for posting absurd threads.


Adam I am NOT saying he lied about his daughter, but the lull you are talking about was Florida... and he did manage 20-30 campaign efforts during the lull.


Whoever fabricated the busing thing needs to be exposed for what they are.


34 Sorry no link but I watched it the night after he endorsed Mitt in Las Vegas.



A leftist who joined John Kerry in pushing and passing an affirmative-action style FEDERAL employer mandate.

A leftist who joined Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton in pushing a ban on M-rated video games.

A leftist who made tens of thousands off lobby fees from Wal-Mart.

A leftist voted most corrupt in Washington.

Santorum = Leftist.



Oh yes, that's the case for most of his detractors.

Have you ever noticed how all the supposed "true Conservatives" are NEVER, EVER, EVER attractive or abnormally wealthy?

Somehow, you just can't win with these folks if you look good in a suit and make a lot of money.


38 - My thoughts exactly. Why is this even a story? GET OVER IT ADAM!!!


LOL, this rumor is ridiculous.

CPAC also did a phone survey of conservatives all across the country and Romney won that too.

Romney may be popular among older conservatives, but among college students Ron Paul wins hands down. It's highly unlikely that a bus full of college students would break heavily for Romney.


2 - link please?



Exactly. Funny how these so-called "Conservatives" seem to hate rich people. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and even Rick Santorum joined in to attack Romney's his wealth in the private sector.

I guess it's okay to get rich as a lobbyist as Newt, Perry, and Santorum have done. But if you earn your money in the free market, you're the devil.


#7 Good point, Santorum said he was going home to do his taxes because they were on his computer at home. Where are they? I do think he meant his PA home not the VA home correct?


Santorum said he supported the minimum wage and would support raising it today. So much for RomNots crying about that anymore.

He did say he was against indexing it, which is idiotic and shows how little he has thought aout the issue. Indexing is better than random hikes every few years. If you index it, you never have to fight with Democrats over hiking it ever again.


41. Oh so he didnt support TARP but that somehow justifies his positions on government funding for Amtrak and raising the minimum wage?

He was so proud of that in 2006. I wonder why he doesnt run on it now?

how about in 2005 when he voted to expand prescription drug entitlements with his support of Medicare Part D, which is now a $7 Trillion unfunded liability?

OH! and speaking of bailouts how about when he voted to bailout the airline industry with Federal tax-dollars back in 2001?


OR when he voted to RAISE the debt ceiling 5 times.

oh yes he is a fiscal conservative. I can see your point now.



Voting against Right to Work, and voting FOR Davis Bacon isn't just "not perfect." He should be hanged.....at least in a rational universe. I mean that metaphorically, as in losing his last Pennsylvania race by 18 points....graphic enough.

This isn't counting his king of earmarks status, his voting for the Bridge to Nowhere, his statement turning his back on being a "deficit hawk", his opposition to Pat Toomey, in favor of Arlen Specter, and, indeed, his support for an abortive Arlen Specter for President campaign.

I'd go on, but I'm getting sick.


16. - a little peevish envy perhaps?


I hope Romney rents out the state's entire fleet of buses in Michigan this weekend to win, just to piss off Santorum, Newt and Adam Graham.


Get your taxes out there Ricky. Let's see you how you've made your money since you left the Senate.


52. I don't think he has a grandiose home on the moon with Gingrich yet?



Mark Levin spent his entire program bashing Romney over his remarks on raising the minimum wage the other day. Let me guess, we won't hear a peep from him now that his boy, Ricky supports it.

The blatant bigotry has become so transparent, nobody is fooled by it anymore. For these talk show hosts and their pals, "True Conservative" is code word for "True Christian". Everybody knows it.


41. - What does that ATU have to do with fiscal matters? You can support lower taxes and still spend like a liberal.


"Somebody who WAS trying to rig a straw poll was Santorum in the Iowa Straw Poll"

And what about the Iowa caucus?

It was very convenient to Santorum that hundreds of ballots went missing and couldn't be certified.

The results that were phoned in on the night of the caucus had Romney finishing first.



These career Washington employees "love" capitalism and business, they just prefer they stay out of the White House.

Adam, Santorum's vote on Medicare part D cost the US taxpayers more than anything that Romney could have ever done in MA. Give me the 10th amendment gut over the big government conservative guy any day of the week.


Santorum calls Romney "desperate". LOL. Romney's beating him in delegates 2 to 1 and Mitt's desperate!!??


I just don't like Dick Santorum. Maybe it's the sour grapes look he always has on his face. Man he's a whinner.


"So you’re alleging that Rick lied about his daughter being sick, just like Andrew Sullivan did about Trig." Yes some Romneyites (not all) have no class and no shame.


So, basically, what we're saying, is that Santorum can only win where nobody else really tries (and that includes CO). Yeah, because THAT'S really going to get him very far in the general.


Why is it so hard for Romney supporters to admit that their candidate of choice does not generate enthusiasm among the conservative base? I know it's easier to just blast everyone who doesn't support Romney as a bigoted, uneducated rube - even though that's totally untrue - but doesn't intellectual honesty count for something?

Sooner or later the Romney campaign and its supporters will need to square themselves with the fact that Romney, if he avoids a brokered convention, will be the least-popular nominee with the shallowest level of support of any GOP candidate in the modern era.


Of course he bussed people in. That is how you win straw polls. It has happened in every single straw poll for the last four years (at least).

The fact that Santorum was too poor or too incompetent to win the straw poll says something about him. If he wasn't going to try, he should have said so before the poll was taken. He can't whine after the fact and expect to be taken seriously.


Some students came from SVU and the "alleged BYU students" were intern students in Washington D.C. Romney camp did not pay for bus, accoding to Andrea SAul, spokesperson for Romney.


Get a life people - stop trying to explain away any kind of enthusiasm people have for Romney. It IS there so DEAL WITH IT!! SHEESH!!!


"The results that were phoned in on the night of the caucus had Romney finishing first." Well he ended up losing Iowa anyway just like he might end up losing Maine.


Unfortunately, the developments SINCE Tuesday have only further convinced me that it was folly for the Romney campaign not to blitz Colorado and win there.

If Romney had won Colorado, the night would have been a split decision, and Romney could have pointed out he did exactly what he set out to do. He would have still won CPAC, and won Maine by an even larger margin. He'd probably still be ahead in Michigan, and Arizona, and might even have been able to skip the next debate.


Santorum also indicated how he would respond to several likely lines of attack. In his 2006 Senate race, which he lost, Santorum ran an ad highlighting the work he did with Democrats when he was a Pennsylvania senator, including with senator and now secretary of state Hillary Clinton. He ran another ad highlighting his efforts to raise the minimum wage and fund Amtrak. Santorum recently criticized Romney for a proposal that would tie the minimum wage to inflation.


Santorum's a flip-flopping chameleon. He ran his 2006 Senate campaign from the far liberal left.


67. protesteth too much? Hello - he did win the CPAC. If Santy won, there would be no grumblings. A little two-sided are we not?


59 - Of course we won't. National Review barely said anything aout it in their summary of his criticisms of Romney for today.



If Romney is so unpopular, why has he won more votes, by far, than anyone else this election?



Wishful thinking.

The only outstanding county is Washington County, which only has about 195 votes. That means for Ron Paul to win, he'd have to receive every single vote in that county. Good luck hoping for that to break for Paul, not gonna happen Joey.



Couldn't disagree with you more. Moments of high inflation would cause higher indexing of the minimum wage which would cause a deadly cycle of depressing the creation of entry level jobs. I never thought I would find a policy in which I disagree with Mitt Romney more than his MASS CARE...but here it is.

There is not one GOP elected official in the House or Senate that voted for this when Obama wanted it pass when he became President.

This issue is a big loser for Mitt Romney in the GOP nomination race.


The truth is that straw polls should be completely meaningless ... But so should primaries in states with low turnout that mean absolutely nothing (see Missouri).

If Santorum wants people to ignore the CPAC straw poll, he should also be telling people to ignore the Missouri straw poll. At least all four major candidates were on the ballot at CPAC.


I'm not convinced Mitt is conservative." --Sarah Palin. And I would add... "But I support Newt because when he called Paul Ryan's plan 'right wing social engineering' and cheated on his wives and lobbied for FreddieMac and sat on the couch with Pelosi I KNEW he was a TRUE conservative." Erick Erickson is just as smart at Palin.


CF #59 - I use the term "true conservative" all the time and I use it to refer to those in favor of drastically limited government. And I'm an agnostic. What do you say to that?

I know your boy Romney is NOT in favor of limited government, he's in favor of "compassionate conservatism" (or whatever the big-government Republicans are calling it now), but let's not make it a religious issue.


77 - That is just utter nonsense. Every two or three year Dems want to raise the minimum wage, and when they do, they do it by more than the rate of inflation. They usually end p getting their way, because fighting the minimum wage is not a popular position for Republicans.

What you are talking about is exacerbated if we continue to handle things the way Santorum wants to. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that raising the minimum wage a lot is worse than raising it a little.



Primaries can stay, get rid of Caucuses and pointless straw polls. The entire momentum of the race should not shift based on 5,000 voters in an insignificant state. Santorum seems to love it only works in his favor, and whines like a baby when it doesn't.


How did Santorum go from 4% to winner almost overnight in Iowa? Don't you think that there was some 'rigging' going on among Evangelical networks before Iowa? To suggest that Mitt Romney has this incredible advantage in this race simply because of his money is absurd. He has after all worked for that organization and fundraising. Santorum has campaigned in Evangelical churches and relied on them for his organization and support. That's a pretty big advantage also I would say. He has taken advantage of an entire voting block that will take anyone but Romney. He just happened to be the last guy standing.



Can you point to ANY evidence where Romney pushed big government?

MassCare was an EMPLOYER/MARKET driven program requiring people to have PRIVATE Health Insurance. Try educating yourself about the facts instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh's talking points.


69. LOL ... I used to be one of those BYU students. There are never more than about 25 of them there at a time. Less during Winter semester. What a pathetic excuse. Romney won because he had 25 people in the city of Washington that were predisposed to liking him?


And it's not like there aren't people from Christian colleges across the country interning in Washington. They are predisposed to vote for Santorum.

Just another example of Mitt being held to a different standard because of his religion. Now Mormon votes at CPAC don't count like everyone elses? Do you know how conservative BYU students are? I imagine a good number of them actually voted for someone other than Mitt.


Wow...I heard he bussed in 775,000 people into florida also.

and 125,000 into New Hampshire

and 80,000 into Iowa

and 30,000 into Nevada

and 5,500 into Maine

etc. etc. etc. etc.

Gheesh, seriously trying to keep an open mind here for you Non-Romneys.

Show me the path for Santorum to win an I will consider joining up.

No one has shown me a credible one yet.

Until then Santorum=Fox News= Sarah Palin=Whiner's=Obama 4 more years


If winning 'straw polls' is a game, then I'm glad I've chosen the candidate who knows how to play that game and GET IT DONE. I want a president who is going to do the same thing for me. GET IT DONE. Not some blow-hards like Noot and Sant who can't even get themselves on the freaking ballots in several states, and who whine all the way to mama when things don't go their way.

BTW Ricky. . .. get your taxes in, boyfriend. . . . enquiring minds and all that. . . .


77 - How is it a loser for Romney, but not Santorum?





"Of course he bussed people in."

Of course? The head of CPAC said that none of the campaigns had bought large blocks of thickets this year.

If this rumor was true, Santorum would have made the accusation instead of resorting to hyperbole.


As long as they don't bus in housewives Rick should be fine, they should be at home watching the kids.


80 - Utter nonsense


This is just one reason why I love supporting Romney. When santorum or someone else does something good we can compliment them. We dont feel threatened. Then when Romney wins or does something good we can sit back and be entertained by all the cries of conspiracy by those against him. Why is it that this pattern just keeps repeating itself.

By the way congrats to Ron Paul for second in the recent caucus.


Isn't this the same site that claimed Google had pre-announced and subsequently rigged the results in Maine?

Fast Ricky Santorum for Whiner in Chief..

Hail to the Chief

The Whiner in Chief.


"Busing in students is like man on child, man on dog" - Rick Santorum


I heard Santorum bussed in a bunch of kids wearing sweater vests on a short bus. Any word on this. IS it true?



You do realize that no one agrees with Mitt on this issue in the Conservative Movement...not one.

But yet it's utter nonsense?

It's at time like this I question the route Mitt would actually take us as President. Mitt agrees with Obama and the far lefties on this issue...U.S commerce is against......but yet Romney must be correct on this issue?

Mitt is wrong.....horribly wrong on this issue.


I heard Santorum spat on the kids from GOProud, is that true?


91 - Well there may not have literally brought busses, but his campaign surely helped get his supporters there. They would be stupid not to.


84 CF - you're making this too easy. How about RomneyCare? How about raising fees?

How about refusing (or simply being unable) to put forth any proposals for real, significant, far-reaching, conservative reform on the tax code, federal spending and entitlements. Romney honestly had a chance to get me on his side this year but he dropped the ball so many times it's not even funny. His policy proposals are weak and designed around good politics, not good policy.

For the record, my dislike of Romney does equate to support for Santorum or Gingrich. I caucused on Tuesday and, begrudgingly, supported Ron Paul despite my vehement disagreements with him on foreign policy/national security issues. I was elected a delegate to my county and Colorado state conventions and under no circumstances will sign on to support Romney in said events; I just cannot bring myself to do it, he's far too weak and far too big a coward. My caucus (and delegate) votes are not so much for Rep. Paul as they are anti-establishment. I've had enough with the GOP establishment and their friends in the "conservative" media.


99.. What nobody 5 years old does that nobody.


98 - Utter bullcrap. Do you agree with Santorum that the minimum wage is good and that it should be raised?


Did Ron Paul really win Maine?

Based on how the county voted in 2008, that seems unlikely. Just 113 votes total were cast in the county in 2008, and only 8 of those were for Mr. Paul. John McCain, instead, won the plurality.

In addition, Mr. Romney narrowly won the two counties, Hancock and Penobscot, that border Washington County to the west and which are probably the best demographic match for it — although Mr. Paul won sparsely-populated Aroostook County, which borders it to the north, where he took 81 votes to Mr. Romney’s 26.


In other words, no.


Allegedly tax records are coming this week.


Calling BS on this one. Proof or it didn't happen.


To all moronic Santorum dead-enders, this is what the election will be about if our party suicide's itself and nominates Mr. Man on Dog:




Smack, give me a freaking break.

Mitt said that because he overreacted to his "very poor" gaffe. Nothing more, nothing less. It was a desperate way to try to neutralize a gaffe.

Mitt said the same thing running for governor in MA, and he VETOED IT as governor, in the most liberal state in the east.

He doesn't believe in it, he opposed it as governor, and he would never do it as president.


when is out Michigan Poll for PPP


104. Jax, the minimum wage is one of the most pernicious evils we have to fight against. It should be abolished, NOT indexed to inflation for crying out loud.

You are proving an important point though, and that is many of Mitt's supporters do not believe in authentic conservative ideas, regardless of how they label themselves.


Mass Con,

Romney did win Maine 100%. When the GOP chair made the announcement he said all votes for the straw poll are in. He said the very few places that chose to caucus after Sat would not be conducting a straw poll, just state delegate elections. So the straw poll is complete and Romney won.

Firecracker (Romney/Christie)

You know what I find so hypocritical of the ABRs -- they decry any mention of the real existence of bigotry against the Mormons, refuse to acknowledge it exists, yet they make up fantastical stories that Romney buses students in from BYU in order for him to win in elections.

What BS!


110 - Good luck with that. That is the problem with you psychos. You live in this fairy land where you think anything that isn't entirely consistent with your ideology is evil and should never be accepted.

Don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good.


Teledude, there is nothing more conservative than being an advocate for the 10th amendment and there are only two candidates talking about devolving power away from the federal govt, Romney and Ron Paul.


Hey guys. Let's stop attacking one another. I've been following race42008/rightosphere/race42012 for a long time and this is really getting out of hand!! Kavon -- maybe you should intervene somehow... It's fine to debate the candidates positions but to hurl insults just shows how shallow and immature our party is becoming. Take the high road and stop the personal insults.

I understand passions can be stirred. I'm a Romney guy myself but in the end, we should all be unified with the same goal -- defeating Barack Obama. Attack the position, not the person.

In the end we don't know who is going to get the most popular support, but hopefully all of us will be able to get behind and support our eventual nominee. So be patient and respectful. Let's debate the issues, not petty politics.

I'll get off my soap box now...


110 - You need to stop making assumptions. I am absolutely against the minimum wage in all of its forms. I also know that there is ZERO chance that is going away anytime soon, and I also realize that there is ZERO chance that a Republican will get elected by running against the minimum wage.


The blogosphere, talk radio, and cable news have destroyed our sense of sanity. Both ideologies are not solving any of this nation's problems.


114. Not true.

Gingrich has already outlined a 10th amendment committee to be headed by 10th Amendment champion Rick Perry. He speaks all the time about returning power to the states and that citizens will have to get more involved as programs and power are returned to local control.

But we were talking about the minimum wage laws....so

nice try


118 - Which is why he advocated a federal healthcare mandate for 20 years, and cap and trade, right? Such a principled federalist there.


118. A "committee" well that is very un-Wa(r)shington like. Why do you need a federally appointed committee to discuss the 10th amendment? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? I guess coming from the ONLY candidate that has supported a FEDERAL health care mandate it makes more sense.


"when is out Michigan Poll for PPP"

Tomorrow. For all the good it will be worth.



I am by far the most conservative person on this site.

Actually on the internet.

Actually in the whole world.

And MItt is severely more Conservative than me.

So who gets to judge, who is most conservative?

Give us your list ranked in order of importance. I'll bet my criterion is different in order of importance.

What matters is that the list is the same, not the order.

In the end as Reagan Said, we have to be a "Big Tent" party or there will be no tent at all.



Gingrich has already outlined a 10th amendment committee to be headed by 10th Amendment champion Rick Perry.

Oh great. Sounds like another one of his gimmicks. His whole career has been focused on peddling gimmicks, particularly ones that benefit him at the moment he's pitching the gimmick.

You and I both know if Gingrich were president, there would be no such committee. And it doesn't exactly square with another gimmick he pitched, that he would abolish all the czars. What's the difference between a committee led by Rick Perry, an unelected decision-maker, and a czar?


120. You guys are trying to hard.

Give it up.

The group to be led by Rick Perry will manage the movement of power to the states, returning authority along with tax dollars.

Like I said,

Nice try


123 - Good catch. Newt is full of it.


124 - LOL ... you are such a clown


122. Don't really care about the labels.

It's the ideas on governance that are important to me.

There's your trouble.


I was looking at green papers today for OH. It is WTA per CD. They elect unbound delegates directly. You elect a slate of 3 delegate per CD and if your slate gets the most votes in that CD, then you get all 3 for that CD (WTA for CD only, not state). It also says the following:

"Presidential candidate Rick Santorum did NOT file a slate of delegate candidates in CDs 6, 9, and 13."

I looked up those CD. One is in the Cleveland area and the other 2 are more rural and on the PA border. They are blue collar areas and presumable areas that Santorum could do well in. So he just lost another 6-9 delegates.


123. Newt and Callista wrote a book on 10th amendment committees


124. If Rick is running this committee is he doing this as governor or as the big pharma guy?



That's a laugh. On Tuesday night, Romney supporters were minimizing Santorum's victory in real states. You had Max Twain comparing tea partiers to Nazis and subhumans. Romney supporters don't say, "Congratulations, good job. Santorum's landslide in two states Romney won in 2008 is a sign of how strong his campaign I'd."

Everyone here spins like tops, particularly the Romney backers. To pretend gracious virtue is absurd.


127. What have Newt or Santorum ever governed? And don't say a committee.


Why are we talking about Noot when he is dead in the water. Does anyone honestly think now that all his negatives have been outed and his supporters have moved en masse to Santorum that he will suddenly have a third rising?


131 -That is just total nonsense. There were plenty of people complimenting Rick. Did we pretend like it was the biggest upset in the history of the world? Of course not ... because it wasn't.


You guys are very comfortable with Mitt's indexing the minimum wage to inflation and fixing the holes he finds in the safety net...

that's just not what we're looking for at this time, I'm severely sorry to say.


Romney's Maine win was a total fraud. He "won" with 84% of the vote counted.


“...In Washington County – where Ron Paul was incredibly strong – the caucus was delayed until next week just so the votes wouldn’t be reported by the national media today.

“Of course, their excuse for the delay was ‘snow.’

“That’s right. A prediction of 3-4 inches – that turned into nothing more than a dusting - was enough for a local GOP official to postpone the caucuses just so the results wouldn’t be reported tonight.

“This is MAINE we’re talking about. The GIRL SCOUTS had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!

“And just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top.

“This is an outrage. But our campaign is in this race to win, and will stay in it to the very end..."


Oh, and assuming that Romney bussed in students, why exactly did Santorum not do that? Pretty dumb on his part given that this could have been another big win for him and not too hard to do. Maybe he just does not have the organization or resources.



If you don't care about labels then why do you keep using them?


Interesting that Smack ran away as soon as he was pressured to answer whether he agreed with Santorum's position on the minimum wage.

Figures. After railing against Mitt and pretending like his position on the minimum wage as the death of his campaign, he couldn't really defend Santorum anymore.


128. nice find, I believe the same is true about Gingrich in some states. not sure which ones.


Good for Romney. He plays to win. Santorum should have done the same thing.


What a bunch of crybabies.

Since when is providing supporters transportation so they can vote for you "rigging an election."? That's a normal part of campaigns.

Do the NotRomneys now think it's "cheating" to do that? Boy, I'm sure they're ready to go up against Obama in November.

Romney is no longer going to take ANY contest for granted until it's over. It's a shame he has to waste resources on dumb contests, but he's going to make sure to keep his boot on Santorum and Gingrich's throat until they concede or it's mathematically impossible for them to win.


Adam, I think Rick did great in those states and I congratulate him. It still does not undo the fact that he voted for Medicare Part D which is a 7 trillion dollar unfunded govt mandate as well as many other big federal government programs. The "aw shucks I shouldn't have voted for it" may work well when you are in a legislative body but when you actually have to sign something and assume responsibility for it is a much different matter.

Rick tries to explain away all his now unpopular votes using innuendo and nuance, yet Romney is crucified for not apologizing for something he did at the state level. Starting the think that the establishment people in this race are the ones that love their version of centralized govt.


Here is a great ad from Ricky:

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

In Missouri, where 5 times more people voted than in CO & MN combined, Romney lost 2-to-1 to Santorum.


138. Do you mean like 'Massachusetts Moderate?'

I just like the alteration.

I'm perfectly happy saying 'middle of the road, go along to get along, spineless squish'...

sometimes we use shorthand.

I was talking about conservative ideas... and indexing the minimum wage to inflation qualifies as - NOT.

if you know what I mean


Matthew Kilburn Says:

February 12th, 2012 at 9:56 pm

“when is out Michigan Poll for PPP”

Tomorrow. For all the good it will be worth.



I Do Not believe that any long time politician can fix Washington DC. They live it, breathe it and turn good solid citizens into politicians that feed at the GOVT trough. If they get defeated they feed off the people who want something at the trough. IF it can be fixed, it will be by someone who can fix it and leave it behind. Mitt Romney.


144. Classic Santorum



Spot on,

The so called establishment has always told us to ignore the man behind the curtain..and look the other way.

The truth is the opposite of what they are telling everyone, Fox, Rush,Santorum ,Palin (who sold out to Mccain) and Gingrich are the establishment.

Mitt is the outsider that they are afraid of whom they are calling the establishment because that is their very weakness.

In Polotics and Poker always try to convince your opponent that your weakness is your strength.


Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative Says:

February 12th, 2012 at 10:19 pm

In Missouri, where 5 times more people voted than in CO & MN combined, Romney lost 2-to-1 to Santorum.

In FL, Santorum lost 500,000 to Romney


144. Actually, Romney should just run that ad to get Rick's message out.


The real question is, why diddn't Newt or Rick bus their own supporters in?

It's because their campaigns are woefully under-organized.

In the Fall we're going up against what may be the most formidable political machine ever built. Our candidate needs to build a machine that can compete.

Driving aimlessly around on a bus ain't gonna cut it.

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling

Barring some big shift in tonight's calls Santorum will be up by 10-15 on the Michigan poll

ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling

Michigan GOP poll is still in the field, we will release it tomorrow


I agree Teledude lets go back to labels.

It will make it easier.

Man that Santorum is a liberal, big goverment, big spending, earmarking,back door deal making, Rhino, who doesn't have any executive experience and is fiscally squishy.

Now we are really getting somewhere.



Mitt has 1,185,000 nationally and Rick has 570,000, less than half.


More of Ricks greatest hits

Campaigning for Mitt in 2008

And promoting stuff he did with Boxer and Clinton

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative


Santorum didn't spend money or contest Florida.

He is and will Michigan...

Good times :)


It's not an issue whether or not Romney's campaign bussed people in or not. If you're going to show up to a straw poll you ought to bring some people with you, or at least encourage your supporters to come along. I doubt the other campaigns did absolutely nothing to try and win the straw poll.

The issue is Santorum saying he doesn't "fix" straw polls. I can guarantee you he tried his best at Ames, and if he keeps repeating this he'll be confronted with that fact.


Mitt Romney has an adorable wife who loves him, five sons that respect their father and plenty of grandchildren that love their grandfather "papa". He is a man of faith and donates more money than any of his competitors and either side of the aisle to charity. He has worked tirelessly at his last two jobs for free and he is richer than I could ever imagine being. He doesn't need the office of POTUS for his life to be complete of fulfilled, but I believe he cares about the United States of America. While some of his lines are overworked, he means what he says about love of the country. In fact if he loses I see him enjoying life to the fullest and unlike John Edwards he will return to the loving arms of his dear Ann.


lol. Romney pulled a Paul.


155. You'll get no argument from me on that

My voting is over until the general, and I am planning on supporting the nominee.

But I have my preferences and they are ideologically based.


Santorum will win Michigan??? Are you seriously?

Time will answer you question.

Newt havelead Mitt by 8% after Gingrich win SC.


162. I feel your pain brotha. We have tried Washington guys before. Lets give the business guy a shot at turning this mofo around.


146 How is indexing minimum wage to inflation NOT a conservative approach?

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

115.Ryan in CO Says:

February 12th, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Hey guys. Let’s stop attacking one another. I’ve been following race42008/rightosphere/race42012 for a long time and this is really getting out of hand!! Kavon — maybe you should intervene somehow… It’s fine to debate the candidates positions but to hurl insults just shows how shallow and immature our party is becoming. Take the high road and stop the personal insults.

I understand passions can be stirred. I’m a Romney guy myself but in the end, we should all be unified with the same goal — defeating Barack Obama. Attack the position, not the person.

In the end we don’t know who is going to get the most popular support, but hopefully all of us will be able to get behind and support our eventual nominee. So be patient and respectful. Let’s debate the issues, not petty politics.

I’ll get off my soap box now…


Nice post :)

I will support, konck on doors, phone bank, and shout out for whomever our nominee is in Tampa?

Will the hardcore Rombots who've infected this site do the same?

I highly doubt it.


In other news, Mitt does all he can to get the most votes in AZ, and MI.

You'd think the guy wants to win.


Santorum and Gingrich are hypocrites. Romney and Paul are principled. If you believe in Fortress America, vote Paul. If you believe the world requires a strong American presence, vote Romney.

They both believe in Laissez Faire Capitalism and in significantly cutting the size of the State. But I should put in a plug of Mitt's spectacular record as a hands on manager....it gives him an edge.


167. Amen. Case closed.


168. Well said. It is kind of telling that the Paul's and the Romney's have become close personal friends throughout this campaign.


167 Fortress America, I like that. It's a more accurate description than isolationist. I think the problem with Paul is he could never accomplish as much of what he wants to accomplish as Romney could, and Heaven help us if he did accomplish it all.


165 I'll be out of the country, so I won't be koncking on any doors for anyone - sorry. :)


164. Are you freaking kidding me?

The minimum wage is an evil statist invention that causes unemployment and hurts young and inexperienced workers. It harms the very people it's proponents "say" they are concerned about.

No conservative would consider automatically raising it every year by any amount, and putting it on autopilot like Romney suggested would be fiscal insanity, although it would probably get him a lot of moderate and liberal votes...that's the problem - good pandering politics that are harmful to our nation's economy...and you guys say he is so smart!

I just don't see it.

A 'conservative' approach would be to limit, lower, or abolish the minimum wage.

If you don't understand this...well, perhaps you're a victim of our public schools, but you do not grasp simple economics.

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

Politico: CPAC straw poll controversy http://politi.co/yLpiqt Romney's camp bought registrations to ensure victory at the straw poll

7 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Shameful! 😉

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative


Can you make phone calls then for Newt, Rick, or Willard after Tampa?


172 - Except that isn't true at all. Numerous studies have shown it has ZERO effect on employment levels


173. Conceptually the minimum wage is a philosophically flawed idea. Realistically, if you really think that anyone running for president or governing, for that matter, will campaign on eliminating the minimum wage you are delusional. Has Newt or Rick campaigned on eliminating the minimum wage? If not, why not? Are they ideologically opposed to it or do they know if they ran on that they would lose?

I would love to hear which candidate is for eliminating the minimum wage. (Insert cricket sounds here)

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative



172 Well, I do have a degree in business, but indexing the minimum wage to inflation would limit, lower, and eventually abolish the minimum wage in effect.

Take a look at this chart:

You see, minimum wage gets raised quicker than inflation, so we keep making the problem worse and worse. Not only that, but raising it in chunks causes an unstable business environment.

The sneaky part of indexing it to inflation is as incomes naturally rise minimum wage would be in effect getting smaller and smaller. Eventually the minimum wage would be less than what the market required to hire just about anyone. The difference is indexing it to inflation rather than average income or living expenses. So if we did index it to inflation, we'd have made a huge strategic win.

Nobody's going to win on the platform of just getting rid of minimum wage.


178 - Exactly. Which is why Romney's position is more in line with conservatives than Santorum's. People with IQs as low as Smack, teledude, and Craig won't ever get that though.

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

Limiting the min wage is a great idea. Only a liberal would say no limits.


180 So a maximum-minimum wage? :)

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

Indexing it is a Massachusetts liberal type idea.


178 Sorry, that's the wrong graph.


176. I understand it is not politically viable to campaign on eliminating the minimum wage. I understand it won't happen and no candidate will campaign on that issue.

That is a far cry from advocating it be indexed to inflation to get automatic raises every year - that is INSANITY. Don't try to turn this around.

I was challenged on the issue and was explaining the conservative (or if you prefer, free market, small government) position.

The fact that the liberals have created this dependency mind set doesn't void reality. We would be better off without minimum wage laws.

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

Goodnight children :)


182 - So you would rather increase it more than inflation, like Santorum supports?


Romney is a liberal, look at this link, it provides all the proof that Romney lovers signing liberal socialist government mandates into law.


Oh and lets not forget from his busen in rombots to win the C.P.A.C. STRAW Poll that he is SEVERELY Pro Choice as is his anny wife.



Romney wants to ban all earmarks when he becomes President. Santorum, often referred to as the 'King of Earmarks', takes severe umbrage at that. Maybe that's what's pushing him over the edge.

Rick, you're about to get vetted. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!


184 - You were advocating the fantasy land version


Real Conservative, you act like a child too.


Santy is dancing on everything now. He reversed himself on TV today

on working women from his losing Senate run also. He said he was not

against working women nor that women belonged only in the home. It was

mentioned it was a issue in his senate run. He claimed not

to know where anyone thought he said the fems forced women to work.

Then when it was quoted from his book he wrote he claimed his wife

wrote that chapter and didn't know it was in his book...

Funny that is not what he said in his Senate run.


Just go to youtube and search Rick Santorum 2006 campaign videos. That will explain everything. If I was the Romney campaign I would just start replaying his own videos to avoid the "attack" issue.


After looking over some more charts, minimum wage tracks pretty close to inflation already, though it looks to me that overall it's growing a little faster. If we can take this issue away from Democrats though, and make the business environment more stable I think it's a win on both counts. Plus assuming we actually become more and more productive as a society as time goes on, if we index it to inflation, then eventually it will become meaningless.

If the original minimum wage was indexed to inflation I believe it would be less than $5.60 now. That would make it pretty much irrelevant when it came to hiring.


189 Janet, which of these is most offensive to you?

1) We do not allow insurance companies to drop people who develop illnesses

2) Our insurance is entirely portable

3) Virtually all of our citizens are insured

4) There is an individual responsibility for getting insurance


Just want to post this in the latest FPP: True Conservative exists very much like Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. There is NO TRUE CONSERVATIVE!!! There is only fiscal, social or defense conservative.

Even Founding Fathers argued with each other quite fiercely, so bad enough that they had to ask General Washington to come in to "supervise" them all. This was during the constitutional convention. They were going nowhere for months on end until Washington was bought in the room. Suddenly, they were able to come up with an amazing document the like which world has never seen. They were successful only because Washington had the wisdom and respect to direct the "discussions". Washington was able to help them see how they have more in common than different. But, different they were! Even Washington was not a true conservative. A true conservative DOES NOT EXIST!


Tele, you're going to love this ad.


196. Individual responsibility is not important to the "not-Romney" folks.


198. The "wrestling" ad is even better


198. I do love it!

It shows precisely why I do not support Rick Santorum.


200 Oh wrestling. I started watching that and thought Santorum did some sort of homoerotic video, so I just moved on.


201. Yeah, you just support vapid populist like Sarah Palin.


Real Conservative is Craig for loser


201 I thought it was funny after what we were just talking about.



Why is it so hard for Romney supporters to admit that their candidate of choice does not generate enthusiasm among the conservative base? I know it’s easier to just blast everyone who doesn’t support Romney as a bigoted, uneducated rube – even though that’s totally untrue – but doesn’t intellectual honesty count for something?

Sooner or later the Romney campaign and its supporters will need to square themselves with the fact that Romney, if he avoids a brokered convention, will be the least-popular nominee with the shallowest level of support of any GOP candidate in the modern era

OK: Let's admit it. Then what? The problem is the blood and circues crowd are looking for a candidate that rocks your socks off like Sarah did @ CPAC. Yes, yes, yes. Orgasmic enthusiasm. Crowds responded to Hitler like that too. And her disdain for Mitt is obvious. She never misses a chance to diss Mitt. So Sarah is an exciter and divider.

But then what? Then who? Sarah herself? Please. Self-serving, "servant-leader" Sarah ruined all her chances at being a leader by (1) Not being able to put a cogent sentence together in an interview (2) Leaving her post under fire (3) Not being willing to study up on real issues and present herself as a credible POTUS.

Sarah is a celebrity with an uncanny ability to give the kind of speech that rocks the roof off! Did she even write it herself? Oh, please, with that one too. If you want a POTUS that's a rock star at the teleprompter, we already have one of those.

BTW: Look up the word "enthusiasm." Not necessarily a good thing.


Make that to #68.


206. Well you should be very happy then K.G.

Romney certainly doesn't inspire "enthusiasm" on any level.

Not sure if you guys understand how politics works, but, oh well...

Reagan inspired enthusiasm...he was about the last one on our side...at least for me.

It's not an automatic disqualification and it would be nice to vote for someone instead of always voting for the lesser of two evils..


208 Yep, Reagan inspired enthusiasm.


Here you go K.G.

Check this out...tell us again how 'fat' she is


ugly women and effeminate men have real issues with her, understandable I guess...



Not sure if you guys understand how politics works, but, oh well…

Reagan inspired enthusiasm…he was about the last one on our side…at least for me.

Well, yeah, pretty much for me too. But Reagan is dead. And when you add it all the candidates on both sides of the aisle, who did excite? Gore, Kerry? Even Bill Clinton would not have won if it hadn't been for Perot.

Obama "excited," but it was all an illusion. And if you were to be totally honest, the Palin excited is illusory too. Like Hillary said of Barack: "What has he done but give a speech in 2004." It was true, except that Hillary hadn't even done that.

Was James Madison "exciting?" Was Jefferson? Was Lincoln? JFK excited some people are we all know the only way he won was his father finaggling votes. Yes, I totally agree. It would be wonderful to vote FOR someone. But almost alreadys it's voting for the lesser of the evils. One exception in my lifetime--and FDR was my first president. (I wasn't old enought to vote for him.)

Maybe it's YOU guys that don't understand politics.


Ha! Make that "almost always."

Gee, Telly, if you're so in need of excitement, maybe you could find it in someone other than the president. Can't get a date?


Sarah Palin is everything that is wrong with the modern Republican Party. She revels in her ability to screech out various vague and glib statements that are riddled with populism and empty platitudes.

There is an anti-intellectual movement going on in our party and Palin is its figure head. Gone are the days of Hayek and Mises. Not only do they demonize the so called “intelligencia” in our party, but they celebrate their own stunning lack of insightfulness.

Sarah Palin and all of her followers are nothing more than a shallow echo-chamber regurgitating the same talking points over and over.

Palin is like a televangelist, perverting a philosophy that was created to save us all… just so she can line her own pockets.

Yes. I very much dislike Sarah Palin.


210 - well, she definitely has fat hair. Almost as bad as the Callista Gingrich helmet-head. And don't follow that old line started by Limbaugh that women don't like Sarah because she's cute, and they're not. It's so pathetic and patronizing; women don't like Sarah Palin because of what comes out of her mouth


Santorum only won Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri because he paid 22 visits to the states while ignoring Florida.

Mitt won CPAC because instead of visiting all the conservatives in various areas, he bussed them in to hear his very conservative views.

If Santorum did not make 22 visits to Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, he would not have won the caucuses in those states.

To quote Adam - We’re kidding ourselves if we believe Santorum’s three state win was the result of assuaging conservative leaders.


This post is a fake out, a spin and a lie.

CPAC isn't the first time Mitt has won with conservatives and Adam very well knows it.

Mitt has 600k more votes cast for him than Santorum and whole lot of them are conservatives and Adam knows it.

No what Adam is doing here is keeping the meme of Romney not connecting with conservatives because that's all Santorum's got to win this election.

Santorum knows he doesn't have the resume to go up against Romney.

Santorum knows he doesn't have the leadership background to go up against Romney.

Santorum knows he can't man up to Romney strength in organization and conservative pedigree of endorsements.

So Santorum has to keep that precious media made up meme....he floated the sleazy cheap shot that Romney even paid for votes.....what an utter lack of class and character from Santorum.

America doesn't need a enraged,indignant anrgy petulant and whiny person like Santorum leading this country.

What a pathetic display today from Santorum, no grace.

BTW, if I were Romney I wouldn't attack Santorum, I would just play the clips of Santorum telling everyone in 2008 that Romney is a true conservative. Just run it over and over and over.


"I don't rig straw polls" Translation: I don't have the organization or finances to campaign, so I'm gong to cast everything Mitt does in a negative light.


I heard Romney paid 3,000 supporters last year to uproot themselves from Utah and move to Maine so they could qualify as residents and support him in the caucuses, and that he's now working to bus in liberal Mormons and all their wives from Canada and Mexico so they can cheat and support him in the remaining southern border and northern tier state primaries. But true conservatives are on to his desperate and fundamentally dishonest schemes. There will be a brokered convention where Mushy Massachusetts Moderate Mittzilla can be defeated and the one true conservative that all of America longs for wins out. I'm talkin' Sarah Palin, you betcha. I also heard there is a team working with Palin to help her master some three and four syllable words for her acceptance speech. Now if they could just fix that annoying wink.



Males of the species who find Palin attractive need to engage the world outside their caves a little more often.


# 210

Scene: Tampa FL, brokered convention, delegates standing, cheering, hooting. Presiding official: “Attention delegates! Apparently, the Palin supporters are struggling with the ballot machines. Let’s do this instead. If you support Palin, raise the knuckles of one hand. Either hand. Uh, I said ‘hand.’ Thank you. Oops. I see that many of you just toppled over. Tell you what. Just lie there quietly until we can find and count you.”


Another carrying water for Santorum post from Adam... sky is blue.. water is wet..


Evangelicals are funny.


Mark Levin spent his entire program bashing Romney over his remarks on raising the minimum wage the other day. Let me guess, we won’t hear a peep from him now that his boy, Ricky supports it.

The blatant bigotry has become so transparent, nobody is fooled by it anymore. For these talk show hosts and their pals, “True Conservative” is code word for “True Christian”. Everybody knows it.

Mark Levin is Jewish so I don't think religion has much to do with. LDS doctrine has been very pro-Jewish always. I think Santorum has just managed to grab the conservative position among some people with his more aggressive rhetoric.


#57 just made me literally lol. Good idea!!


Hmmmm - I was called a liar when I said Romney bussed students in. I don't expect an apology from Rombots; I am just pleased the truth is out.




I just hope that when Mitt wins the Republican nominee and is fighting to remove the "CHOSEN ONE" from office, the bigoted ones will vote for American and not their prejudices.


Is anyone surprised by this? santorum would have done the same thing if he had any hint of an organiztion. this is more proof that romney is best to take on obama.

santorum is kididng himself if he thinks he is charismatic enough to take obama on without the money and organziation it takes. he is no movement candidate. he woudl get trashed.



I hope....the bigoted ones will vote for America and not their prejudices.

I wouldn't count on it. NOTHING about the ABRs behavior would give us any hope that would happen. Oh, they give lip service, but they are in a world of hate led by the Revenge of the Rejects, Levin, Limbaugh, Palin and Murdock, who feel disrespected and dismissed by the Northeast Intelligent Elite Establishment.

They will continue to nurse their wounds, excite and divide, and whip up the discontent of the crazy conservatives looking for some phantom white knight--America be damned.

Palin said it best: "We will not sit on the back of the bus anymore." We will destroy America before we sit on the back of the bus.

Real (I'm talkin' SEVERELY!) Conservative

Newsflash to Rombot Nation:

The rest of the country are not bigots for disliking Willard, the Massachusetts Liberal (or Moderate) :)

That is all. Carry on my wayward sons.


I hope Mitt just bused the college students, instead of bussing them.


5. "The Florida Republican primary voters are very conservatives."

Now, that's simply the most uninformed statement I've yet read on this Romney site...

I'm not Mitt-fan...in fact, I hate the candidate (I'm sure he's a good guy) so much I'll vote for Obama...but, what's really wrong with bussing people in? Nothing...elections are won by the best marketer in shallow America, so guess who has marketed the best?

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