January 26, 2012

Race42012’s CNN/Republican Party of Florida Presidential Debate Open Forum Going Live at 7:30pm EST

  10:36 am

Race42012’s CNN/Republican Party of Florida Presidential Debate Open Forum will go live at 7:30pm EST. The debate can be watched online at CNN Politics.



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Literally......whether this nomination fight is over, or continues on.......will be decided, I think, tonight.


Given the volatility of the electorate, and the fact that Newt is getting Craiged a second time, Santorum could possibly emerge as the last RomNot standing if he has a lights out performance, and skewers the Newt.

Trouble is, Newt will be allowed to play the part of Arsenio Hall tonight, whoopin' it up with the crowd.


It sounds like the Romney attacks have gotten under Newt’s skin a little. This is not good, if he appears genuinely angry that will turn people off.

I hope he can be firm but smiling tonight. Use humor Newt!

You can say you are upset about distortions of your record, but don’t show it.

To win in politics you need to use verbal jiu jitsu. Parry and deflect attacks and use your opponents momentum to make him look bad.

This is going to be the big test to see if Newt has the political chops needed to win this thing.



You also conveyed that sense of being on the threshold of some pivotal event 150 years ago.


Newt will come out swinging tonight harder than anything we've experienced thus far in the race. Why? Because he knows tonight is more or less his last chance to keep this thing going.

Romney is up by around 8 points in Florida. If Romney wins Florida, then the next eight states are all his. Gingrich suffers greatly heading into Super Tuesday, where he wins two out of ten states (three out of ten at the most), and he will be kaput.

So Gingrich's goal tonight is to take Romney down no matter the cost. Newt has been backed into a corner with no other options remaining. It will either be really entertaining or really ugly tonight.


Which Lincoln speech are you referring to, MWS??


I would love a moderator to ask if he has ever been diagnoised with a mental issue and what meds he takes to control his mood disorders.

Oh, and are there going to be cheering crowds so Newt can do his "Hitler:he circus clown" act and whip up the crowds into fits of hatred again?

It be really entertaining to see Newt debate himself... he changed positions like three times yesterday and was forced to pull two lying ads.

Someone should get him a TV show.


3. Oh man, what distortions... he didn't go far enough to talk about the disgrace of the Newt Speakership... and didn't even touch on the bribery.


7. Do you have mental issues?

good grief.

No one tops Mitt in changing positions... except the ones he should change ...ahem... RomneyCare/Obamacare


If all Newt can throw at Mitt is off-shore or overseas bank accounts, he will fail. The Bain stuff has been discredited, the tax forms have been released, and most people have figured out that Mitt is a Conservative and not a Moderate.

If he invents something, or re-hashes something tired, Mitt will have 4 days to rebut it. Romney should keep or expand his lead tonight.


#7 Petunia,

There is just one question I want Newt to be asked and I keep harping on it. I want to hear this: "Mr. Speaker, who will you be voting for in your home state of Virginia's primary?"

I'd just love to hear his answer. As we all know, because of Newt's ineptitude he isn't on the ballot and Virginia doesn't allow write-in votes in primaries. Newt considers citizenship highly important so he can’t simply not show up to vote; no good Republican would do that and certainly no person who doesn’t vote should be considered for the presidency so Newt's pretty much got to vote.



Not necessarily any one in particular, but your first inaugural certainly carried that sense.


Ci2Eye: Actually that's a very interesting question. They should ask him if he's going to vote in that primary or not.


#9 Tele,

I think Petunia refers to the notion outlined in this and other articles that Newt may suffer from hypomania. Whether or not that is the case, nobody knows but the theory is out there and it is why I think Newt needs to immediately release all his medical records.




Speaking of flip flopping, have you seen the old quotes and video Drudge has linked about Newt and Reagan?

Seems Newt wasn't such a fan of the Gipper. Makes Romney's "I was an independent during Reagan/Bush" seem pretty mild.

Willard Mittens Rombot

11. Exactly! That question to Nooot would finish him. Please, Please, Please Mitt, ask Nooot who he will be voting for in Virginia.


Newt on Mitt: "How can somebody run a campaign this dishonest and think he's going to have any credibility running for president?"

Smile Newt! Smile!


#10, Dave

Romney should not give Newt a chance to breath, he should go for the kill tonight. Mitt should not initiate the attacks, he should let Newt start the attack and then counter attack with facts and figures, once done counter attacking then begin a new attack with a new narrative in his response....Keep Newt on his heels and backing up, Newt will paint himself into a corner.

I like Kavon's line, "if you're explaining you're losing", In Newts case tonight it will be true.


11. Yes. Did Santorum get on the ballot or is it between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

Hasn't he been so inept that he is off the ballot in other upcoming states?

He should be asked to explain how a seasoned politician like him... smartest man in the room could fail to get on his own state's ballot.

That is an epic fail... and actually goes to my mental health question.

Is Newt Gingrich mentally stable? He can't even focus his brain enough to get on the ballot yet he is running for President? How does that work on major diplomatic missions... he just doesn't get the paper work done and we have one sided treaties?

I do hope he gets a moon question, because at a time like this... his science fiction fantasies are so CRAZY!

I think the man is completely bonkers.



The problem is Mitt's points keep getting found to be absolutely true.

So dishonesty is only on Newt's side... where he keeps having to pull ads and explain his lies...


9. Tele you are wrong. Mitt has changed on one issue. ONE. And it was in the right direction.

Newt changed on amnesty three times yesterday alone. And had to pull two false ads.

Newt Gingrich is everything you and other falsely accused Mitt of being... he is a two-faced... or three faced... or four... liar.


15. Matt, the Elliott Abrams hit piece is an over hyped misrepresentation of some policy differences and that's about it.

He is taking some quotes with no reference or context and painting a picture that supports the narrative the establishment has decided to use to smear Newt. Newt was a huge fan of Reagan.

Newt counters with Nancy Reagan praising him for carrying on Ronald Reagan's conservative agenda. So who ya gonna believe? Behind the scenes they had some differences? so what? How did the Contract with America vary from the policy ideas and ideology espoused by Reagan? It didn't.

To attempt to say Mitt is more of a Reaganite than Newt is sophomoric political disinformation.

The establishment hated Reagan. They hate Newt.

There is video of Ann Coulter saying if Romney is nominated he will definitely lose. Now she says he has to be the one. This is a game.


Rush hitting Newt hard this morning.

"I didn't know ANY of this stuff, and I was shocked when I heard it."


Conservative Independent

#19 I do, too. There is something wrong with Newt.

Conservative Independent

#23 Which stuff is Rush talking about


What are the rules for tonight's debate? Is audience participation allowed?


There will be cheerleaders tonight



Matt - This is also the last debate for some time. Newt has been staying alive on debates and free media. If he loses Florida the next few weeks will be owned by paid media and Newt just can't compete there.

This is the big enchilada.


I actually had not read that article... it should go virual.

I know some bi-polar people and I have nothing against them... but they should not be President.

Reading some of the notes Gingrich writes himself is very distrubing...

Teledude does this sound like a conservative to you? These are Newt's own notes to HIMSELF:

There are megalomaniacal mission statements like: “In order to renew American civilization we need new language to explain our new vision to arouse new human and financial resources to create a new party system so we can defeat the Democratic machine and transform American society into a more productive responsible, safe country …”

On one legal pad, Gingrich scribbled out his own "primary Mission."

—Advocate of civilization

—definer of civilization

—Teacher of the rules of civilization

—arouser of those who form civilization

—Organizer of the pro-civilization activists

—leader (possibly) of the civilizing forces.

Especially note the "definer" and "teacher" of RULES civilization points... and remember that he said yesterday that his infidelity made him more "normal" and more electable... than Mitt Romney.

Wow, he certainly has some conservative agenda there... defining "normal" behavior and the rules of civilization.


#19 Petunia: The VA ballot will just have Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman all sued to get on the ballot, but they lost both in the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals.

They don't accept write-ins for the presidential primary in VA, so Newt's only choices are to vote for Mitt, vote for Ron, cast a blank/spoiled ballot, or not vote at all.


I did enjoy it teledude.


Great link, teledude. Nice sense of humor on your part. One thing Herman was right about; we really do need to get a sense of humor.


So Newt has to choose between Mitt and Ron Paul... who will it be?

Oh that is too funny.

Yes, please ask that question and do not let him deflect it the moderator's bad tie!

Make him answer!


Yes, the infamous VA ballot, where hundreds of valid signatures were thrown out for not having the exact correct address on them...how many people filling out a petition might forget to put a zip code or apt. number down?

The state had never gone through the signatures like this until this year. In years past they accepted the signatures turned in. Newt turned in a couple hundred more than required, but the audit threw out about 400 signatures due to "incomplete addresses" and told him tough luck.

To me it is another sing of how the establishment is doing everything possible to elect Mitt.

Yet to Petunia it is another sign of Newt's mental illness. Got it.



Tele, you're going to be in for a shock. A video of Newt bashing Reagan in a speech to the House in 1986 has been brought to my attention. It is 6 hours long, but I am going to take the clips of the Reagan bashing out and upload them to YouTube for the world to see.

You will see them, Telly. It happened, and I have the video.

Come to this site in about 3 hours. I will post the upcoming YouTube link to the videos in question.


OH... I hope Paul doesn't beat Mitt... the Paul people will turn out in droves! Yikes!


The courts ruled that it was done the same way every time for years.

Newt couldn't be bothered with rules... they don't apply to someone so very smart.


I'm sure the day Newt read the rules was a non-manic day... and he couldn't focus.


#31 Petunia,

If you also read the very long PBS article which was done in the 90's and is linked in the Slate article, there are many things that should cause voters to pause and think carefully about whether Newt is the right choice. One event outlined that I recall was of Newt engaging in a sexual act in a car with his friend's wife. The car was parked on a driveway and his kids were playing nearby. I believe his wife at the time was in the house or its back yard. I thought that, if true, that exemplifed shockingly poor judgement. Of course it hasn't been proven but given Newt's admitted proclivity for affairs and "mistakes", I am inclined to believe it.


39. You lie!

Wouldn't you rather tell us all about Newt's homosexual adventures.

We know you've fantasized about the details, let's hear it!

Dish the real dirt girl!



Unfortunately CNN is allowing audiance applause, but no booing.

I hope Mitt keeps Newt on the ropes, but subtally, not directly. This is the closing argument and Mitt needs to stay positive and offer the final reason to vote for him, not merely reasons not to vote for Newt.




That was hilarious.

Conservative Independent

Mitt needs to have as many supporters as Newt does in the audience. If CNN is allowing a three ring circus, then they should all be part of it.


#36 Tele,

Come on, please. The "establishment" had nothing to do with that. The establishment couldn't have stopped Newt from getting on the ballot if they wanted to.

The fact of the matter is the Romney campaign showed up at Virginia polling places in August and November and as voters exited from casting their votes, they asked them to sign a petition to get Mitt on the ballot. By virtue of the fact that they were coming out of a voting place, they were very likely to be registered voters. The Romney people needed 10,000 votes but got over 16,000 and they then did random samples and knew what their disqualification rate would be thus knowing they'd secured enough votes. They also knew that their petition would not even be subject to scrutiny due to the fact that the state said all petitions with more than 15,000 signatures would be exempt from review. But, even if their petition had been reviewed, they knew, based on statistics, they were prepared.

Compare that to Newt who had to leave the campaign trail in Iowa and held signature rallies on the last few days before the signatures were due. He got signatures but not necessarily those of registered voters. He also reportedly had people in Walmart and Home Depot parking lots collecting signatures. He turned in about 11,000 signatures at the last minute without any review and because he failed to have 15,000 signatures, his petition was subject to review. Needless to say, he didn't make it. Enough signatures were disqualified for being not registered voters that he didn't make the cut. Reportedly several pages comprising 1,500 signatures appeared to have been signed by the same person.

Now tell me how "the establishment" made that happen? It was ineptitude and it serves as a preview of the kind of president he might be.

Willard Mittens Rombot

36. The dog ate my homework. The sun was in my eyes. We all tried hard so we all get a trophy.



What did the courts find then?

They certainly found no reason to think anything untoward happened.

And... I concede I repeated a rumour on what Nancy knows... from a liberal site... I went over board. I am sorry.

But the question of what Nancy knows has been around awhile.

And the stories of Newt's adventures in sex are quite well documented... but not with men... but he does favor oral sex... and is of the opinion that it is not infidelity because it is not really sex... just like Clinton.

It is not that far... oh never mind.


Here is how they do ya

Video Of Newt Bashing Reagan Is Bogus

There’s a short excerpt of a 1988 C-SPAN video purportedly showing Newt Gingrich bashing Reagan when talking about how Bush, Sr. should run. As I suspected, it’s edited to give a false impression. What you don’t see is immediately after when Gingrich praises Reaganism and the Reagan platform. If you can’t watch it all, it begins at about 2:30 in to confirm it’s the same segment. It’s the minute or two afterward you also need to hear to understand that Newt wasn’t bashing Reagan at all.

He was merely saying, Bush isn’t Reagan and the GOP needs something new to sell. He even points out the Reagan landslide, saying Reagan’s platform won 48, or whatever states and was inclusive.

The full C-SPAN video is embedded at this link:


nice try


So teledude what do you think of Newt's plans for civilzation and he being the one to step up new rules for us all to follow?

Very conservative man I'd say/


Taht isn't what is being talked about... Mass Conserv is doing one from a speech all on his own... lets' wait for that one shall we?


And did you read Reagan's opinion of Newtie he wrote in his diary?

And that speech poor Nancy gave... that is why she doesn't endorse anymore... Newt was such a disgrace to her and all of us.



...they were silly to use that because after Reagan... Newt was for him... of course... it is before he had success that his real views are relevant... where he blames Reagan for "decline"... and so forth...

And it is a documented fact that he campaigned not for Reagan but for Rockafeller...

Newt lies like dog... you would think he wouldn't do so many that are so easy to expose...


Gingrich this morning is throwing everything at Romney in his anger – the wealth, the off-shore accounts, the ties to Goldman Sachs through investment, yada yada yada – he is furious at the assault he is taking in Florida. It is unknowable, of course, but it makes one wonder at how much of the “criticism coming out of the woodwork” on Gingrich at this point was asked for by the Romney camp versus being unsolicited.

I mean, does Gingrich believe that Bob Dole, Tom Delay, Elliott Abrams, Tom Coburn, and on and on and on – all these people who say what they are saying about his instability as a leader – are somehow on the Romney campain payroll?

Gingrich has only himself to blame for the fact, in addition to what we learned in the last 24 hours re: the Reagan criticism, etc., that we just learned:

* He completely lied about his campaign offering anyone to rebut the charges made by his ex-wife in the ABC news interview; (see link)


* He completely lied about ever being deposed in his divorce proceedings (twice) and “did not commit perjury” – he has made the claim of being deposed literally dozens of times. It never actually happened. It’s a bald-faced, out-and-out lie. (see link)


Unless these articles are totally bogus. Look, these are basic, simple facts. He will say he was mis-informed or throw his campaign staff, or lawyers, or ex-wife, or whoever, under the bus. But it makes you wonder if he has any relationship with the truth, whatsoever.


First question of the debate (to Gingrich):

People are calling you a liar and a scumbag. Would you like to comment?


Teledude....I think you're the last Gingrouch supporter out there. We can help you get through this with a healthy dose of reality in about 6 hours :)....GooooooooooooooooooooooRomneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

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