January 26, 2012

Race42012’s CNN/Republican Party of Florida Presidential Debate Open Forum

  6:30 pm

Here’s the teaser:

When it comes to debates, which have had an outsized effect on polls and on primary and election results, it was a role-reversal for Gingrich and Romney, and something that Gingrich needs to remedy Thursday night.

“Voters can smell fear and they can smell confidence. Newt has been displaying confidence, strength, even having fun in these debates. He needs to continue that. That’s the mark of a leader,” says Alex Castellanos, a GOP strategist and CNN contributor.

With five days to go until the primary, the CNN/Time/ORC poll indicates that a quarter of likely primary voters say they may change their mind on which candidate they are backing, which makes the debate a final chance for the candidates to reach a statewide audience, as well as viewers across the nation. The economy — and jobs in particular — the housing crisis, which is particularly acute in Florida, illegal immigration and health care reform are topics likely to be debated during the showdown.
But undecided voters might be tuned into more than just the issues.

“There is only a smidgeon of difference between Gingrich and Romney on issues. That means they are going to draw differences on personal qualities and character: Who is the stronger leader? Who is a flawed vessel for the nation’s hopes and fears?” added Castellanos, who was a top media adviser for Romney’s 2008 nomination bid but who is not taking sides this cycle.

“Voters don’t know what tests a president will face, but they do know he’ll be tested. When picking a president, how a leader reacts under pressure is more important than issues. Romney should not appear stressed or uncertain on the attack. He needs to display confidence and be a joyous warrior, like Gingrich.”
Gingrich’s campaign was left for dead after early stumbles in May and June, but he came back and soared to front-runner status in polling in late November and early December. But he faltered again, with poor showings in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, before mounting a second comeback in South Carolina.
That made Romney’s path to the nomination a lot tougher now that it was a week ago.

“Romney must think these debates are ‘The Night of Living Dead,’ ” Castellanos said. “Newt Gingrich keeps rising from the grave every few weeks to challenge him. And every time he does, he’s a little harder to dispatch. Wooden stakes and silver bullets don’t seem to stop Gingrich. He keeps coming back.”

Need to watch the debate online? Watch it on CNN.com/Live or CNN’s mobile apps.

And as always… Have at it in the comments!


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983 Responses to “Race42012’s CNN/Republican Party of Florida Presidential Debate Open Forum”

  1. MarqueG:

    I’m here to claim the first place prize.

  2. Anybody but NEWT:

    What is it?

  3. Smack1968:

    I’m here to claim the Booby prize

  4. Grover71:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for an Elian Gonzalez question. Wouldn’t it be cool if he actually came out and asked the question!

  5. greg:

    is this like on Tuesday the end of the road for santurom even thought he says he going to the next sates in February Minnesota and Colorado?

  6. SixMom:

    I’m here to watch Newtron get booed.

  7. MarqueG:

    2. Gotta win it to find out.

  8. Ozzy:

    I’m here to claim the “I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the debate” prize.

  9. greg:

    is this likely on Tuesday the end of the road for santurom even thought he says he going to the next sates in February Minnesota and Colorado?

  10. Grover71:

    This debate could really come down to turnout. I have a feeling it is going to be loud for everyone so whoever has the most supporters in attendance has a good shot at winning.

  11. MarqueG:

    I figure we’ll learn that Newt supported Reagan’s wish for a lunar colony while Romney was still supporting some Democrat plan for a subsea base station. Take that, Mitt!

  12. Max Twain:

    Luis Fortuño for Mitt tomorrow, nice get to continue Florida momentum.

  13. aspire:

    Newt Gingrich’s campaign admitted Wednesday night the former House speaker was inaccurate when he claimed his team offered several witnesses to ABC News to refute statements made by Gingrich’s second wife in a controversial interview aired last week.




  14. Sean:

    This might end up being more enteratining than the Super Bowl.

  15. aspire:

    Watch for Newt to make an attack based on the Damon Corporation.

  16. aspire:

    I expect Newton Jr. to act offended at least twice during this debate.

  17. Heil Preußen!:

    I always wanted the first place prize.


  18. greg:

    is this thing over come Tuesday night?

  19. MarqueG:

    9. Nah. He’s been running a shoestring campaign all along, and his rationale is that Newt and Mitt will knock each other out, leaving him as the last NonRom standing. Word is he’s already planning to campaign in later states, including caucus contests. As long as he’s got enough money to travel, he’ll go on.

  20. aspire:

    If Newton Jr didn’t offer any witnesses to back up his story about the “open marriage” incidence, then his whole reason for getting so offended was a complete farce.

    In essence, he won South Carolina via a huge lie.

  21. MarqueG:

    Luis Fortuño for Mitt tomorrow

    Yeah, but the voting isn’t ’til Tuesday. Take that, Mitt!

  22. Boomer:

    I’d like to see Romney come out with a full throated defense of free market capitalism and tell Newt he seems to be running as Obama’s surrogate and using all of his class warfare attacks and ask him why?

    Clearly outline the terms of the debate and who is defending which position.

  23. Grover71:

    First Question Predictions…..

    I predict, “Speaker Gingrich, on your moon colony would Barney Frank be able to marry his boyfrined?”

  24. MarqueG:

    I’d like to see Romney come out with a full throated defense of free market capitalism

    He desperately needs to do this, with extra emphasis on the full-throated. He could double my confidence in him from 1 to 2 on a 100-point scale. Significant, as statisticians will attest.

  25. Sean:

    With the rowdy crowd outside might as well have ESPN college gameday there.

  26. mitch:

    New NBC/Wall St Journal poll out

    Gingrich up 37-28 nationally. In two man race in the south up 65-28. All about mormonism. If Romney was a catholic this race would be over.

    Then the general election and the pollster compares gingrich to goldwater and he will take down the flotilla.

    Obama 55 Newt 37 Obama 49 Romney 43

    This number is the most shocking number I have ever seen in a presidential race.

    Among Women: Obama 69 Newt 21

    Obama doesn’t deserve to be so lucky to run against Gingrich. When will the party wake up?


    Gingrich particularly struggles with women and independents. Women say they would vote for Obama over Gingrich by a wide 69-21 percent gap, far wider than the 54-38 percent difference by which Obama beats Romney.

    With independents, Gingrich gets just 28 percent against Obama, who wins with 52 percent. By contrast, Obama narrowly edges Romney with independents, 44 percent to 36 percent.

    Asked if the candidate has “high personal standards that set the proper tone for the country,” Romney gets a 67 percent positive score, Gingrich checks in at 32 percent

  27. Matthew E. Miller:

    Luis Fortuno is a nice get. He’s an interesting politician. But I’m still awfully skeptical of the Veep trial balloons he’s gotten. Puerto Rico is more remote from issues of national importance than Alaska is. And we know how that turned out…If Mitt’s really considering Fortuno (and I assume he wouldn’t have been floated so many times if he wasn’t a possibility) he needs to spend months beforehand getting him quietly briefed.

  28. MarqueG:

    I’m guessing there’ll be questions about Reagan, but maybe not to Newt right out of the gate.

  29. alaska jake:

    I like Fortuno for VP.

  30. Matthew E. Miller:

    69 to 21 with Women? Epic. Absolutely EPIC. My mom watched the last debate. She’s a moderate Republican. Afterwards she said to me, “Newt’s just creepy. There’s just something off about him”. He’ll probably lock down the pseudo-conservative creep vote in a general election. So there’s that.

  31. Smack1968:

    SMACKDADDY’s Prediction for tonight GOP Debate:

    Quite simple.



  32. barktwiggs:

    Perhaps contraceptives on the moon will be the debate theme tonight?

  33. Boomer:

    Ouch. CNN spends the last few minutes of the debate smacking Newt down on the Marianne issue.

    Not a good lead in for Newt.

  34. mitch:

    Yet the NBC poll shows that even though Newt is down 69-21 among women republicans by two to one that mention electability favor gingrich.

    Of course because Newt got the better end with juan williams independents will flock to him in the 3 debates with no crowd reactions with jim leher as the moderator.

    Three myths I have been seeing on conservative sites: The media isn’t scared of gingrich, Pelosi isn’t scared of gingrich, and debates won’t make gingrich electable.

  35. Thunder (Romney the next presiden of the US):

    Smack1968 Says:
    January 26th, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    SMACKDADDY’s Prediction for tonight GOP Debate:

    Quite simple.


    That is an easy prediction

  36. Matthew E. Miller:

    Watching Newt walk on beside that guy with, what is it, a bathrobe or something, gives this the feel of a prize fight.

  37. Ozzy:


    Lunar Colony or SubSea Station? Basically, you just mentioned the evil plans for World domination of two James Bond villains. Hugo Drax from Moonraker and Karl Stromberg from The Spy who loved Me.

  38. Matthew Kilburn:

    It will be a godsend when this race is over, just to put the Ron Paul hooligans out of business.

    End the fed? Go back to a Gold standard? Sure….if you want a complete industrial depression and high double-digit unemployment because we can’t export anything.

  39. MarqueG:

    Any bets on how many dead presidents apart from Reagan that Newt will muster tonight? Which ones?

    Newt Gingrich. The baloney is anything but pious.

  40. Grover71:

    I would totally Gingrich my wife for Erin Burnett

  41. Smack1968:


    Those are the only predictions that I can make….and possibly come close to being correct.

    The easy ones……in this dang cycle.

  42. MarqueG:

    40. You’re out. Too naughty.

  43. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Link for streaming anyone?

  44. Boomer:

    If we ever get a candidate named Chad, the Florida primary will be epic.

  45. barktwiggs:


  46. Matthew Kilburn:

    This could be the FINAL debate, not just the most important one…

  47. OhioRepub:

    Come on, Romney! Don’t back down and don’t let Newt win!

  48. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Romney needs to be tough and hit Gingrich again.

  49. Smack1968:

    Matthew Kilburn,

    The more and more I listen to Rand Paul the more and more I believe he will take over the Ron Paul movement. Rand is more clever in the words he chooses…..but I think Rand’s ideology is becoming pretty dang close to Ron’s.

    So……I think we have about 30 more years of this….


  50. Massachusetts Conservative:

    I heard CNN has medics on site in case of an on-stage brawl.

  51. Boomer:

    Actually, make that an Asian/White mixd race guy named Chad Hung.

  52. Matthew E. Miller:

    Nervous but less so than I’ve been lately. At least I know Mitt’s no longer fencing politely.

  53. brs:

    Crowd booing newt?

  54. barktwiggs:

    Newt looks almost as big as Barney Frank!

  55. MarqueG:

    I’m thinking that if Mitt wins handily on Tuesday, there will be no more debates on national TV.

  56. Grover71:

    See, Newt is to the left of Mitt!

  57. Matthew E. Miller:

    How awkward would it be if they had to debate in front of the podiums?

  58. brs:

    Anyone else getting a choppy feed?

  59. JWR:

    Were they just booing Newt as he entered?!!!

  60. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Crowd booing newt?”

    Could have been….could also have been his name.

  61. MarqueG:

    Rick Santorum is huge!

  62. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney and Santorum always quietly mouth the national anthem.

  63. Freedom for William Wallace:

    57. That is funny!

  64. Grover71:

    Newt was responsible for the flag still being there

  65. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Why doe Newt always refuse to sing the National Anthem?

  66. SixMom:

    romney is so cute singing along.

  67. jaaron:

    Play ball!!!!

  68. Ozzy:

    50 Mass Con,

    I say is there is a brawl, just let it go. I got Mitt beating Newt by submission.

  69. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Who thinks the media is going to call this for Newt no matter what happens because they want to keep this thing going?

  70. Boomer:

    Rick’s mom was a coal miner too.

  71. barktwiggs:

    Well, I know at least one Floridian who’ll vote for Santorum.

  72. HowardB:

    Rick gets the Mom vote.

  73. THe "king" has no Rings:

    I’m Ray and I’m thrilled to be here on Race42012 tonight from commenting live from Kentucky.

  74. brs:

    I cant tell because my directv feed for cnn is choppy for video and audio

  75. aspire:

    I’m Gingrich…pander…pander…pander.

  76. Boomer:

    Mitt friendly crowd.

  77. Heil Preußen!:

    Santorum looks just like his mom!

  78. Ozzy:

    Go Mitt!!!!

    Go Newt!!!!

    Go Rick!!!!

    Go Ron!!!!

    Go Wolf!!!!

    There! I covered all bases. 😀

  79. Matthew Kilburn:

    Well, Romney has a healthy cheering section…

  80. blue:

    Santourm won the debate with his mom, everybody can go home now

  81. JWR:

    Site of the next nuclear carrier battlegroup? Pander some?

  82. barktwiggs:

    Wolf piggy backing the question?

  83. Smack1968:

    My wife left today for New York, she will be gone for 10 days.

    Just me, my dog, and my 6 pack….and a GOP debate.

    Life is grand.

  84. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Wolf to Santorum: “Attack Romney”

    Santorum to Wolf: “No.”

  85. aspire:

    81 I’m Newt Gingrich, and I’ll buy your vote with government money.

  86. Matthew E. Miller:

    Goodness, those Catholics go on having kids forever. Santorum’s only 53. If his Mom’s 93, then she had him when she was 40. No wonder he’s so pro-life. Most non-religious folk would have aborted at that age (or simply practiced contraception, thus making pregnancy virtually impossible).

  87. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Do you have Life Alert?

  88. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Is there a “legal” way to steal somebody’s Social Security number?

  89. Matthew E. Miller:

    Santorum sounds frazzled/unfocused.

  90. Conservative Gladiator:

    Santorum adopts Romney’s stance. Good for him.

  91. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Although I don’t agree with Santorum on everything and he is my second choice, I think he is a good man and has been pretty fair throughout this whole process.

  92. aspire:

    83 6 pack? 6? Come on, you can tell us the truth.


    Oh you B word!
    Illegal Immigration to start the debate! Are they serious with this plant?

    My friend just ran to get the bourbon “This is gonna be a long night”

  94. Smack1968:

    Massachusetts Conservative,

    Nope, and I can’t reach my cell phone either…so this could be my last day.

    What a way to go out….satisfied.

  95. Boomer:

    Newt flip flops in 1 day. Impressive.

  96. aspire:

    Gingrich’s plan seems so crazy.

  97. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Newt says send all illegals to the moon to start his moon colony.

  98. barktwiggs:

    Another Newt pander idea!

  99. Kavon W. Nikrad:

    Do you have Life Alert?

    Epic! Comment of the day…

  100. Massachusetts Conservative:


    You don’t have a 6-pack! You probably have a beer gut!

    (and a keg)

  101. blue:

    boring…unc/nc state hoops might win out

  102. Massachusetts Conservative:


    LOL thanks Kavon

  103. Brett. H.:

    This whole self-deportation idea doesn’t really seem like it will work. Does Romney not realize how long it takes to immigrate to the country, especially if they are sent to the back of the line?

  104. Ozzy:

    I think this crowd will not be as Pro-Newt as Gingrich hopes. I sense the crowd from the cheers and applause are more Pro-Mitt and Pro-Paul.

  105. Smack1968:


    Yep…that’s all I got tonight. When I wrote it I knew there would be disbelievers out there in RACE42012 land.

  106. John2:


    young newt

  107. aspire:

    Romney killed that one.

  108. aspire:

    105 LOL, I was kidding anyway.

  109. Freedom for William Wallace:

    103. If you have no work and no gov, benefits they will go home.

  110. OSUPhantom:

    No reaction from the audience to Romney’s answer?

  111. blue:

    fight time

  112. Conservative Gladiator:

    Where’s Newt looking?

  113. Boomer:

    People are self-deporting today because there are no jobs. They all whiffed.

  114. aspire:

    Newt, you lied. How do you respond?

  115. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Noot, he wasn’t suggesting deportation, you jerk.

  116. Ozzy:

    Paul always turns immigration into a smacktalk against Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  117. Kavon W. Nikrad:

    Um.. Yeah… Can we please not encourage Smack to drink himself to death tonight? We’ve already had too many close calls this cycle…

  118. asparagus:

    Newt lying about Romney again. Now grandstand and play for applause. You suck.

  119. Freedom for William Wallace:

    The liar Gingrich starting it now…grandmother…church sanctuary…blah, blah, blah.

  120. Massachusetts Conservative:

    GO MITT!

  121. aspire:

    Shame on you Gingrich!

  122. barktwiggs:

    GO MITT! Good Rubio name drop!

  123. Ozzy:

    Good job by Mitt to mention Marco Rubio.

  124. brs:

    Wood. Shed. On. Newt

  125. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney killing Newt.

  126. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Mitt just won the debate.

  127. Matthew Kilburn:

    line of the night?

  128. OhioRepub:


  129. aspire:

    Oops, Gingrich is wishing there was no audience now.

  130. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Mitt taking it to him. Go baby!

  131. Ozzy:

    Mitt owned Newt on that.

  132. Conservative Gladiator:

    Get him MITT!!!

  133. OSUPhantom:

    I think Romney just destroyed Gingrich.

  134. april:

    I am too nervers to watch the debate, so I will just stay here and read comments.

  135. Smack1968:

    Throw that mud Newt!!!

    It can’t stick unless you throw it.

    Kind of like you can’t score unless you shoot.


  136. HowardB:

    Remind me to not get Mitt mad. Wow!!

  137. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Newt refuses to look at Romney. Romney looked right at Newt the whole time he spoke. Newt looking squeamish.

  138. Bobinator:

    Big time spanking!

  139. aspire:

    You just witnessed the end of the Gingrich campaign. Go write in your journals.

  140. asparagus:

    Busted Newt. Crawl back into your hole.

  141. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Newt’s rebuttle is not going to work. Throwing granma in there is not going to work.

  142. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney tore Newt to shreds, shreds, shreds.

  143. Irish Right:

    mitt is very prepared for this

  144. Ozzy:

    Mitt is owning this debate and the crowd is behind Mitt.

  145. aspire:

    It’s Gingrich’s crazy policies that are offensive and wrong.

  146. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Beautiful grandma reference by Romney!

  147. aspire:

    Laugh Gingrich off stage!

  148. no newt:

    “epitaph”…if this debate was still in SC nobody in the crowd would have known what the hell Mitt was talking about

  149. brs:

    11 million GRANDMAs WOODSHED!

  150. Ozzy:

    The crowd is so behind Mitt.

  151. THe "king" has no Rings:


    “Our problem is not 11 million Grandmothers”

    Romney Wins!!!!

  152. blue:

    newt got run over by a reindeer

  153. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Perfect! Not 11 million grandmas…Noot is so stupid!

  154. Irish Right:

    Holy crap. My wife said earlier that Mitt doesn’t do well on bitchslapping. She was wrong.

  155. asparagus:

    Language of the ghetto – Newtspeak

  156. Heil Preußen!:

    Grandmas are killing America.

  157. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Aaaarrrggghhhhh – Romney just stepped on a land mine in this commercial question.

  158. Brett. H.:

    109. Of course, what we need to do is remove the incentive for people to live here. But either way, there will always be a black market for labor from illegal immigrants. But the only person I see vehemently suggesting to eliminating aid to illegal immigrants in Ron Paul.

  159. Matthew Kilburn:

  160. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Mitt, you need to know which ads are yours and which are not. Come on, man.

  161. Boomer:

    Wow. So far this is the Romney this is Romney’s best debate.

  162. SixMom:

    #134 I’m with you,,,,can’t listen….just the comments.

  163. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Very happy we got off that “Language of the Ghetto” thing real quick.

  164. Smack1968:

    Watching Twitterverse…

    Mitt crushed Newt on Immigration.

    Mitt stumbles a bit on commerical question….approving..what not.

  165. Watchinitall:

    Mitt does have another gear! Used it early and then throttle back. So far way good for Mitt, Newt looks surprised, not in a happy way.

  166. Ozzy:

    Paul just stepped on it in trading with Cuba. Not while the Castros are there. And I’m Cuban-American.

  167. OhioRepub:

    New lied on stage again about his spanish ghetto line

  168. jaaron:

    Romney missed a big opportunity here to stick it to Newt. Newt called spanish the language of the ghetto. That is a fact.

  169. aspire:


    What bi-lingual education was Gingrich talking about if not Spanish?

  170. Conservative Gladiator:

    Newt doesn’t want to go after Romney again does he? Romney just pimpslapped Newt and he backed down.


    Oh my God!
    Were Ron Paul’s ears always that hairy!
    Its like he’s a hobbit

  172. Boomer:

    Go Santorum.

  173. Matthew Kilburn:

    “always promoting free trade”

    Thats why you vote against it so often?


    In any case, our free trade agreements need reworked. We can’t reasonably expect to end up better off trying to force those in this country to compete with those who work for a few dollars a day.

  174. Ozzy:

    Santorum is giving a good answer here.

  175. Strange But True:

    And if he wasn’t talking about Spanish, why did he apologize for the comment in Spanish??

  176. asparagus:

    Santorum trying too hard to be forceful. Sounds desperate.

  177. Conservative Gladiator:

    168 – Romney was being honest. If Romney had seen it he would have pimpslapped him on that too.

  178. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Romney missed a big opportunity here to stick it to Newt. Newt called spanish the language of the ghetto. That is a fact.”

    The media will pick that part up.

  179. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Who is Santorum going to endorse? What position does he want in a Romney administration?

    He just doesn’t seem to be running for real anymore.

  180. Massachusetts Conservative:

    It’s always Santorum vs. Paul, just like on Race42012 when it’s always Matthew Kilburn vs. Paul fans

  181. Matthew Kilburn:


    We’ve been “getting along” with China for three decades. How much more free are they today?

  182. Ozzy:

    Santorum just smacked Paul.

  183. Massachusetts Conservative:


    He’s running for VP.

  184. Hunter:

    What’s the point in this back-and-forth between Santorum and Paul?

  185. mike:

    166. “Paul just stepped on it in trading with Cuba. Not while the Castros are there. And I’m Cuban-American.”

    Only…reports are that he has 41% of the hispanic vote in FL….hmmmm…

  186. Conservative Gladiator:

    Santorum is trying really hard, isn’t he?

  187. Boomer:

    Santorum is getting a little scary manic. He gives good answers but he’s going a little over the top.

  188. Ian:

    Good answer by Santorum. A bit long winded but good

  189. HowardB:

    Wow, Romeny up from 74% before the debate to 82% right now to win on Intrade. Should have bought earlier this week…

  190. barktwiggs:

    Mitt was playing rather coy on that ghetto ad, hoping someone else will bring it up.

  191. Irish Right:

    That was unconscionable for CNN to do that

  192. asparagus:

    Freddie Mac smackdown time.

  193. Brett. H.:

    181. They are more free than Cuba is!

  194. Ozzy:

    If Wolf trying to sabotage Mitt?

  195. Conservative Gladiator:

    That’s right Romney ask if he said it. Obviously CNN isn’t going to check that one but they better.

  196. Sioux County:

    “Emotional” Santorum just seems so contrived. He’s better as a dispassionate wonk.

  197. Mark in PA:

    Which is worse, Newt lying about his “spanish is the language of the ghetto” quote, or Mitt saying that he wasn’t aware of the ad that has his voice at the end??

  198. Heil Preußen!:

    Santorum: Be wary of the environmental druggy terrorists.

  199. Strange But True:

    CNN giving Newt a little help. He needs it tonight.

  200. Hunter:

    Yeah, bad idea for Mitt to claim ignorance about the ad…

  201. Matthew Kilburn:

    The ad thing is a wash. Yes, Romney should know his own ads BUT…….Newt had to apologize for his remarks en espanol.

  202. Cincinnati Kid:

    Paul needs to really cut his ear hair…it is really bothering me…

  203. Brett. H.:

    And I wouldn’t necessarily say we “get along” with China, they’re just there to bail out our spending addiction by buying up our debt.

  204. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Noot’s lie, easily.

    Does the media care? No. They will hit Romney anyway.

  205. SixMom:

    Is there a way to block Newt’s smug face out?

  206. aspire:

    That Romney ad is a radio ad in Spanish.

  207. Kermit:

    178 – Yes, you’re right; Newt DID say that about Spanish and the ‘language of the ghetto.’ You can see it on youtube. But unfortunately the media will be against Mitt on this one. . . . since he didn’t know every dang ad he’s running. . . they’ll run this as “Mitt’s out of touch.” I hope I’m wrong. . . .

  208. barktwiggs:

    Newt loves his audience participation.

  209. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Raise your hand? Seriously???

  210. aspire:


  211. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Tomorrow the media will KILL Romney over that commercial thing – even though Gingrich said exactly what the commercial claims he said.

  212. Irish Right:

    This investment thing is a non-issue, or should be. I like the boos.

  213. aspire:

    Oh SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. MarqueG:

    Mitt’s trying to get up Newt’s nose and make him mad. Mitt is coming off mighty pissy himself in the process.

  215. barktwiggs:

    Right back at you Newt!

  216. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:


  217. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Wow, Mitt! Nice comeback!!!

  218. brs:


  219. Irish Right:

    WOW. What a comeback.

  220. Boomer:

    Back to you Mr. Speaker.

  221. OhioRepub:


  222. Sean:

    Newt jut got owned.

  223. Jerald:

    Newt just got FM and FF investments shoved back up his ….

  224. Boomer:

    Newt keeps stretching his neck as if his collar is too tight.

  225. Jerald:

    Note to Obama….Don’t piss off Mitt…

  226. aspire:

    Newt’s campaign just announced that he won’t be participating in any debates that allow the audience to participate. :)

  227. W.K.:

    Ha! Take that, Mr. Gingrich! Should do your own homework better before attacking Mitt.

  228. asparagus:

    Love Romney’s nod that his wealth dwarfs Newt’s.

  229. Conservative Gladiator:

    Romney is owning Newt.

  230. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Crowd just hated that attempt by Gingrich to get back at Romney.

  231. Boomer:

    Wait. Did Newt just call himself a tiny mouse?

  232. Jerald:

    …tiny mouse with a giant elephant…

    Got booed


  233. Sioux County:

    Wow. Mitt’s mood ring is no longer blue. And the upshot is that he’s obliterating Newt.

  234. Matthew Kilburn:

    The fact checkers are going to skewer Newt on this.

  235. asparagus:

    Newt with the history revision again. Newt was on record saying that if the space program were organized like Freddie Mac, we would be on Mars by now.

  236. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Mitt is easily winning the debate so far.

  237. THe "king" has no Rings:

    #236 +1

  238. Conservative Gladiator:

    ABR’s have totally underestimated Romney. You don’t create a billion dollar business being timid.

  239. Watchinitall:

    Newt the mouse.

  240. Freedom for William Wallace:

    This made me laugh…

    allahpundit Out: Mitt Romney as Robby the Robot. In: Mitt Romney as the Terminator?

  241. Watchinitall:

    But if he could be any animal, it’d be an elephant.

  242. barktwiggs:

    Santorum going for above the fray.

  243. OhioRepub:

    Amen, Santorum.

  244. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Santorum is taking the place of Perry as the stuttering idiot in these debates.

  245. jaxemer11:

    Whiney Santorum. He has been negative too.

  246. Conservative Gladiator:


  247. Matthew E. Miller:

    I just missed it…did Santorum just defend Romney making money?

  248. Matthew Kilburn:

    NOW Santorum speaks up? He should have done it four debates ago.

  249. Petunia:

    Really Newt says he’s the outsider and Romney is suposed to leave it alone?

  250. Irish Right:

    Santorum gets a bump fro knocking the two heads together 😉

  251. Watchinitall:

    Mitt. No more mister nice guy.

  252. Jerald:

    Moon base coming up….Going to be fun!

  253. mike:

    Huge for Santorum

  254. MarqueG:

    Great Santo smackdown!

    If I were a Rombot, I’d be throwing CNN under the bus for setting Santo up like that just before a commercial break.

  255. Cincinnati Kid:

    Santorum has looked the best so far…

  256. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Coming up after this commercial break: “Newt and his moon colony!” Can not wait.

  257. Mark in PA:

    Newt just shook his head, thinking “Hey Rick, I didn’t know you decided to come!”

  258. Anybody but NEWT:

    Awesome line Santorum!!!!!

  259. Conservative Gladiator:

    This is awesome. Career politician vs. Private sector baron. I’ll take the latter thanks.

  260. jaxemer11:

    Romney with a masterful takedown of the mutual fund issue

  261. Boomer:

    Go Rick! Every vote for Santorum is a vote taken from Newt.

  262. Petunia:

    Yes he defended Romney but said Newt Lobbying was fine too.

    Newt said people who made money off Freddie should go to jail. He said he was an outsider!

    How in the world is Romney talking about the lies and hypocrisy of Newt Ginrich… not to mention the complete disreguard for the American people’s money?

    That burns me up. This is why he is irrelevant.

  263. aspire:

    I love Gingrich’s response saying he can invest in Fannie & Freddie because he’s not as rich as Romney, but Romney’s blind trust can’t buy their bonds because he is rich.

    Nice socialist message Gingrich.

  264. jaxemer11:

    I hope Rick gets a bump for that “pious bologna”. The better Rick does, the more likely Romney wins.

  265. Irish Right:

    And where will Rum get the votes he just earned from that? :0 NEWTERS!

  266. OhioRepub:

    Great answer by Rick. Thank you. Romney’s “Force Rebound” on Newt was the highlight of the night.

  267. Conservative Gladiator:

    Santorum is grandstanding. He’ll get his if he becomes somebody in this race. If anything he weakens Gingrich.

  268. Watchinitall:

    Uh oh. Somebody did their homoework . . . not mcu question now about whether Mitt can stand up for capitalism. I think South Carolina might want a second chance . . .

  269. Franko:

    I just got here. Did I miss anything noteworthy?

  270. Petunia:

    I would rather have Santorum… and man of ethics than Newt… it is completely insulting to have to run against a slime bag like Newt.

  271. Brett. H.:

    Hey Matthew Kilburn please read this, this is how much more free China is today.
    But I guess your right, Cuba has it much better off.

  272. aspire:

    Santorum might as well have said Gingrich is scum, and Romney is successful, let’s move on.

  273. Metro:

    Time to start talking about the general election.

    I’m quite confident Mitt sits in the Oval Office next year.

  274. E-Dawg:



    Santorum running for VP lol

  275. Petunia:

    Gingrich is a complete big government communist.

  276. asparagus:

    Newt lecturing moderator. You brought it up!!!!!!! What a jerk!!!

  277. aspire:

    LOL, Gingrich is now trying to act offended by being asked about what HE made an issue.

  278. Petunia:

    Oh now Gingrich wants to back out of his own words again!!!!!!

  279. jaxemer11:

    263 – LOL … That makes no sense at all. Investing in GSE’s is safe and doesn’t yield very much. Rich people should avoiding GSEs.

  280. Massachusetts Conservative:


  281. no newt:

    shut up newt

  282. Boomer:

    Man Newt is doing horrible.

  283. aspire:


  284. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Newt is such a weasel.

  285. MarqueG:

    Mitt and Blitz tag-team!

    CNN can get back out from under the bus now.

  286. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Noot…let’s agree not to let me get punched in the face. Noot going after the debater. Nice punch Romney.

  287. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Imagine that, Newt attacks the media and Wolf is giving it back to him.

  288. Petunia:

    Is Newt gingrich even a capitalist at all?

  289. Jerald:

    Wouldn’t be nice…

    Mitt slapping up Newt again, again, again, and again

    Newt is a sadist…

  290. Irish Right:

    Mitt is doing a great job explaining this.

  291. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Take that you bastard Gingrich!!!!!!

  292. aspire:

    Did Romney secretly kill Newt and replace him with a a look-alike who he’s paying to lose this debate?

  293. asparagus:

    Slam dunk!!!!

  294. jaxemer11:

    Mitt owned Newt there.

  295. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Awesome answer by Mitt.

  296. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney having a stupendous, virtuoso performance.

  297. Hunter:

    Boom goes the dynamite.

  298. MarqueG:

    Well done defense of your past, Mitt.

  299. Jerald:

    Wolf is also bitchslapping Newt….

  300. OSUPhantom:

    Mitt Romney has had an AMAZING night!

  301. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Where have you been Mitt Freaking Romney??? He is awesome!!!

  302. aspire:

    HIDE NEWT! HIDE!!!!!

  303. Jerald:

    The audience is bitchslapping Newt…

  304. jaxemer11:

    Newt can’t even identify real problems. He just makes absurd generalized accusations about Mitt. What a scumbag!

  305. Micah:

    Newt is red and getting OWNED!

  306. Conservative Gladiator:


  307. aspire:

    Elect Gingrich, he’ll let Romney keep more of his money.

  308. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Newt looks like such a whiner.

  309. Irish Right:

    BOOM Shackalacka

  310. asparagus:

    Whack-a-Newt tonight. Its time for accountability.

  311. Petunia:

    Wolf is really getting revenge for John King… King got some but Wolf… is doing it great.

    I have never seen anyone who could make Newt answer like this.

  312. Watchinitall:

    Can Romney stand up in a debate against Obama when it really counts?

    Yes, he can.

  313. Massachusetts Conservative:

    At this rate, Romney easily wins Florida.

    Also, the Miami Herald is reporting that Luis Fortuno may be endorsing Romney tomorrow.

  314. Boomer:

    Ronald Reagan. Drink!

  315. jaxemer11:

    What a liar! He didn’t even answer the question. Mitt would be paying 0% under his plan, not 15%. He would still be paying less than most Americans under Newts plan.

    He is a liar! Liar! Liar!

  316. Petunia:

    Well well well… Gingrich is a terrible debater… when he is forced to answer questions… he is awful!!!!

  317. aspire:

    Wolf won’t back down like King did.

  318. asparagus:

    Nice comment Santy. “Good enough for Reagan”. I like that. Also sticks it to Newt who has been found backstabbing Reagan in the 80’s.

  319. Jrcutler:

    Wolf eats the Newt!

  320. asparagus:

    Paul pandering to Occupy crowd. Boo!

  321. aspire:

    Paul struggled there.

  322. Boomer:

    One of Mitt’s handlers has got to tell him to stop looking at Paul as if he were a bug.

  323. Irish Right:

    Needless to say, Wolfie wasn’t going to lay down for Newters like his fellows did.

  324. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Santorum’s answer actually makes a lot of sense and may be the most honest tax plan of the 4 remaining candidates.

  325. econ grad stud:

    I wonder how much of Newt’s floater support moves to Santorum and Paul when he drops out.

  326. aspire:

    LOL, was that question necessary?

  327. Micah:

    When you take down the fake wall, Newt is soooooo weak!

  328. Petunia:

    I will be able to vote for Ron Paul… if there is a need for a third party.

  329. Conservative Gladiator:

    Wolf is only the moderator and as Romney said hey if your willing to talk about him out there you should stand by what you say here. It was beautiful. Does anyone doubt Romney’s warrior archetype?

  330. asparagus:

    Ron Paul on fire!!! HAHA.

  331. Irish Right:

    ROFL, go Ron.

  332. MarqueG:

    Blitz pimpin’ Paul! Go Wolfman! Ah-ooooo!!

  333. jaxemer11:

    Newt pandering to the Paul crowd.

  334. aspire:

    Oh crap, we’re going to find out about all of Gingrich’s STD’s.

  335. Watchinitall:

    Holy smoke. Revenge of the CNN! Newt might be sorry he demanded audience response tonight.

  336. Vin:

    Lol, nice work Ron Paul 😀

  337. Boomer:


  338. Petunia:

    I thought Mitt was really listening to Paul… like I was.

    I look forward to the mental records… good for you Wolf… and if there is anything missing newt… someone will tell on you!

  339. aspire:

    Uh, no. Not a good idea.

  340. jaxemer11:

    Romney got first space question. That is great for him. He can sound reasonable but ambitious while Newt looks like a fool.

  341. econ grad stud:

    I really like Paul.

  342. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Newt is clearly flustered. Stumbling like I have never seen him before.

  343. Petunia:

    335 YOu think?

  344. jaxemer11:

    Romney should have had a better space plan to answer this question.

  345. aspire:

    Uh oh. How is Newton going to answer this one?

  346. Petunia:

    I think Newt just changed the subject… again.

  347. asparagus:

    Sex in space!!!

  348. mike:

    stupid space question…Romney was better off giving a short answer…

  349. econ grad stud:

    Romney comes across better when he’s being a hardnosed jerk instead of his insincere attempts to be a friendly approachable bland guy.

  350. MarqueG:

    Mittttttttt!!!!!!! NOooooooo!!!!

    Wanna build houses here?! Instead of on the moon, okay. But still.

  351. jaxemer11:

    Newt is a space expert too? Is there anything he isn’t an expert on?

  352. asparagus:

    Space prostitution could pay for it all.

  353. MarqueG:

    Why do these sexists keep talking about manned spaceflight? Where’s the womaned spaceflight?

  354. Ian:

    344 I thiught that was a good answer by Mitt. What do you think he should have said?

  355. Petunia:

    jaxemer11 really? I thought it was very good.

    and sorry Newt we already went to the moon… so we did get there first… so what?

  356. Heil Preußen!:

    Gingrich: “I have been studying George Lucas and Isaac Asimov for years.”

  357. aspire:

    Nobody’s going to build a moon base that would cost a trillion dollars and be a constant drain of money with almost no return on investment for a “prize”.

  358. jaxemer11:

    “Obviously the next frontier is the final frontier.”

    You know Santo wanted to say that.

  359. Metro:

    #349: Fascinating. True.

  360. Petunia:

    Newt wants a moon colony for sex in space… that usually take both…

  361. Matthew Kilburn:

    Newt realizes we HAVE been to the moon, right?

    Or is he joining Paul in the conspiracy theorist’s club?

  362. jaxemer11:

    355 – It would have been better if it were more specific. But, Romney is obviously trying to avoid specifics.

  363. Micah:

    Newt looks like a chubby scared kid.

  364. Watchinitall:

    350. MG You caught that. Dang.

  365. jaaron:

    Newt’s pandering gets a smattering of applause. Newt is an idiot.

  366. THe "king" has no Rings:

    I thought space was the “Final Frontier”?

  367. MarqueG:

    Santo talks sense. Why does talking sense only come about of fringe desperation?

  368. aspire:

    Gingrich might as well say he’s going to build a drinking fountain in the middle of the desert.

  369. asparagus:

    Ron Paul on fire! Send Gingrich to the moon with a brothel to keep him entertained.

  370. econ grad stud:

    #353 Most woman are incapable of packing light enough to get a rocket off the ground?

  371. Petunia:

    Send Newt Newt Newt Newt Newt!!!!

    He almost said I think we should send Newt…

  372. Heil Preußen!:

    Santorum: “I will protect us from space terrorists like Osama bin Martian.”

  373. Micah:

    Man… is it just me or Newt really looking bad today?

  374. Boomer:

    Newt is getting seriously deflated tonight. The myth of Newt the debater is done. What else is there?

  375. jaxemer11:

    Paul is wrong. The money would not be there with private entrepreneurs.

  376. OSUPhantom:

    Newt Gingrich spends most of his time with his head up in space.

  377. jaaron:

    Thank you PAUL!!! Sent Newt to the moon, you know he’d love it.

  378. Watchinitall:

    350. Still, don’t think that will be the headline of the night.

  379. aspire:

    I believe there are some science experiments that need to be done in space.

  380. jaxemer11:

    Wolf handling Newt well tonight.

  381. SixMom:

    Yes Wolfe, don’t let him off

  382. jaxemer11:

    LOL … Now it is 90% private funded? Total bullcrap!

  383. Watchinitall:

    Newt is getting Blitzed. No candidate in the future had batter tick CNN off again. Here’s evidence of what goes around comes around, in technicolor spades.

  384. asparagus:

    Newt is rediculous. The tea party is soiling themselves by getting near this guy. Yeah Rick Santorum wants to look in your bedroom but he doesn’t want to drill a huge hole in the budget with social security gimmicks and moon bases.

  385. aspire:

    Not everything we need to do in science will pay back a company that pays for it.

  386. Massachusetts Conservative:

    LOL! Mitt!!!

  387. jaxemer11:

    Who is in favor of decline? Spending $1 Trillion on a moon colony will send us into decline.

  388. Vin:

    I’m questioning the common wisdom that Newt is a good debater. IMO, he apparently sucks when moderators hold him to answering the questions.

  389. Micah:

    Owned again!

  390. aspire:

    Ouch, Romney just slammed Gingrich for his pandering.

  391. Petunia:

    I love MItt… he likes to fire people who do stupid stuff with our money… that is great!

  392. Hunter:

    No point in Romney going negative here.

  393. jaxemer11:

    Romney owning Newt

  394. Ozzy:


    Klingons and The Borg are a huge threat to National Security.

  395. barktwiggs:

    Newt: Lunar ambitions? Or just Lunacy?

  396. Watchinitall:

    Wolf cutting off the clapping for Newt.

  397. asparagus:

    Ouch!!!! Romney just slammed Newt!

  398. aspire:

    Gingrich won’t be able to come back from that one.

  399. econ grad stud:

    Romney stop stepping into the “You’re Fired” pile of dog crap.

  400. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Smackdown 2!

  401. Irish Right:

    I think Mitt should have stayed away from that.

  402. OSUPhantom:

    Gingrich can kiss the nomination goodbye.

  403. mike:

    I am no Mitt fan, but he is dominating tonight.

  404. Jerald:

    Romney is just stomping Newt on his “state-oriented big promises”

  405. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Econ grad you’re fired!

  406. SixMom:

    Out of the park!!! Yes Mitt!

  407. jaxemer11:

    392 – There was a huge point. Newt is absurd!

  408. ROlshansky:

    Newt’s at his best when he specifies.

  409. aspire:

    Newt: We can do anything, spend any money, and balance the budget while cutting taxes.

  410. SixMom:

    Shut Newt up. Shut Newt up.

  411. asparagus:

    Oh he said “bigger”! This is the tea party candidate?

    Good luck tea partiers. Your Newt is going to increase spending like crazy. He’s not serious about it. He’s playing you!

  412. Matthew Kilburn:

    “I think Mitt should have stayed away from that.”

    I don’t think so. Its not necessarily what people want to hear, but its honest. And there are a LOT of people who will respect that.

  413. jaxemer11:

    Go Ron! Newt is a liar!

  414. Irish Right:

    Ron just smacked him as well

  415. Watchinitall:

    Romney is killing tonight. Killing. He’s going to have to ask for forgiveness for something after all.

  416. Matthew E. Miller:

    Mitt just needs to stay on his feet and he wins this debate.

  417. Jerald:

    Ouch, Paul now smacking down Newty on the “balanced budget” baloney…

  418. barktwiggs:

    Ron Paul makes a good stalking horse!

  419. aspire:

    There is one way Gingrich could privatize Social Security – invest in Bain Capital. :)

  420. Heil Preußen!:

    394. They hate us for our freedoms!

  421. Irish Right:

    You may be right, Matthew

  422. asparagus:

    Earmark Santorum doesn’t really have the credibility to talk about this. LOL.

  423. BD1:

    If this continues, is there any chance Mitt will somewhat fair commentary after the debate from the media?

  424. Sioux County:

    Only question now is if Romney rope-a=dopes during hour 2 to lock in his gains, or goes for more.

  425. brs:

    Grades so far

    Santorum- A
    Gingrich- A
    Romney- A-
    Newt- Not good. C-? D?

  426. Matthew Kilburn:

    Does the debate go until 9:30, or 10?


    We’re in an hour in. Is that the first mention of SOTU?

  428. Irish Right:

    ROFLMAO, brs

  429. aspire:

    When Ron Paul was growing up they didn’t have MRI’s, and most the medicines we have today. Nobody wants to go back to Ron Paul age medicine.

  430. jaaron:

    Trying not to judge, but why is she all glammed up if she can’t afford health insurance. Is she a dem plant?

  431. Massachusetts Conservative:

    The media is going to try to say Santorum won. Watch it happen.

    The pre-debate spin was a leading indicator of how the media was going to handle this. They want Mitt to either lose FL or barely win by a hair. They will try to downplay his performance.


    That woman’s unemployed… in that outfit? Shocking!

  433. Conservative Gladiator:

    So far Romney A, Santorum B+, Ron B+, Gingrich D (no substance).

  434. Massachusetts Conservative:



  435. aspire:

    425 Huh?

  436. asparagus:

    Somebody should ask her how much personal debt she has.

  437. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Romney – A
    Santorum – B+
    Paul – B
    Gingrich – C-

  438. Heil Preußen!:

    Romney gained small amounts of ground.
    Santorum gained small amounts of ground.
    Paul held ground.
    Gingrich lost major amounts of ground.

  439. Matthew Kilburn:

    “The media is going to try to say Santorum won. Watch it happen.”

    So? Let them. lol.


    “They want Mitt to either lose FL or barely win by a hair. They will try to downplay his performance.”

    Maybe so, but saying Santorum won will only help Romney. Because they certainly can’t say Newt did well.

  440. jaaron:

    432 – exactly, she looks way to glammed up for a person hard up, she doesn’t understand stage play.

  441. asparagus:

    Mitt is killing it!!!!! I’m getting goosebumps.

  442. Watchinitall:

    Nice pivot to Obama. Mittster!

  443. jaxemer11:

    The media will never say Romney won, but he did. He is killing in this debate. The election results will bear record of that. Newt is done in Florida. Romney needs to keep his foot on his throat until he drops out. He lost SC because he rested on his laurels.

  444. econ grad stud:

    Groundhog Day is my favorite movie. A philosophical comedy.

  445. Matthew Kilburn:

    “425 Huh?”

    It references the comment number.

  446. aspire:

    With Romney’s plan you don’t need health savings accounts – dummy.

  447. BD1:

    431. Yes you are probably right. And it is time for another candidate of the month

  448. SixMom:

    “Groundhog day all over again”

    Quote of the night…

  449. Massachusetts Conservative:

    RomneyCare is not government-run, Santorum. Shut your yap.

  450. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Wait a minute…didn’t Rick say to stop this kind of thing? :)

  451. aspire:

    445 Apparently Gingrich is doing better than Newt? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  452. Boomer:

    Santorum makes some good points but he needs some decaf.

  453. Vin:

    Am I the only guy here that actually appreciates Romney’s attempt at doing something with healthcare in Massachusetts?

  454. asparagus:

    Time to slap Santorum down for supporting an individual mandate in 1994. Hypocrite.

  455. barktwiggs:

    Mitt is forced to defend RomneyCare now…

  456. aspire:

    449 Santorum doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to health care.

  457. SixMom:

    Santorum twisting facts….he just can’t stop can he?

  458. Metro:

    Why does Mitt have to add the smarmy “thank you” after what would have been a strong close? Are his debate consultants too scared to tell him?

  459. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Newt just lied. He DID advocate federal mandates.

  460. Freedom for William Wallace:

    458. I really think this is why…he is a nerd and has done it his whole life.

  461. jaxemer11:

    What was he thinking saying he didn’t support a federal mandate? So easy to prove he is lying.

  462. aspire:

    Romney said Governor instead of President.

  463. Matthew Kilburn:

    Romney was kind enough not to knock down Santorum. He should have quit while he was ahead, now Rick sounds like he’s begging.

  464. RexJudge:

    87.4 . . . Mitt climbing intrade.

  465. Irish Right:

    He meant Gov, Aspire. He was saying that it would be working better if he was Gov.

  466. SixMom:


  467. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Newt just lied. He DID advocate federal mandates.”

    He also advocated something remarkable similar to Romneycare

  468. jaxemer11:

    Santorum is lying about Romneycare

  469. aspire:

    465 You sure?

  470. jaxemer11:

    Romney just owned Santorum

  471. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Why does Romney do things like that to himself. Don’t say crap like, “I make enough mistakes in what I say.” Will be mostly overlooked but dumb nonetheless.

  472. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Rick going over the top a bit here.

  473. Jonathan:

    Alright folks, I was out at a meeting tonight; anyone want to recap?

  474. aspire:

    LOL, Santorum is a spaz.

  475. ROlshansky:

    Santorum just OWNED Romney!!!

  476. Freedom for William Wallace:

    But smart for him to do so. Romney needs to fight it back.

  477. Ozzy:

    “Not worth getting angry about!” Good one, Mitt!

  478. Jerald:

    Santy trying to make “RomneyCare” his Waterloo….

  479. Metro:

    LOL, it’s not worth getting angry over.

  480. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Mitt handled that well.

  481. Cincinnati Kid:

    Santorum just killed Romney

  482. aspire:

    Santorum’s fan just applauded him.

  483. jaxemer11:

    Santorum is a LIAR! It is not the same.

  484. econ grad stud:

    Not worth getting angry about? Romney that was jerk move. I’m glad Santorum’s holding your feet to the fire on your hypocrisy on healthcare.

  485. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Rick Sant. looking rather stupid with his looks.

  486. Matthew E. Miller:

    Romney is continually disingenous about Romneycare and Santorum’s the first person to point it out. But not sure who won that exchange.

  487. Freedom for William Wallace:

    482. HAHAHAHA.

  488. jaxemer11:

    Santorum goes way overboard. He is getting desperate

  489. Metro:

    Jonathan, Mitt’s strongest debate ever. Owned Newt.

  490. aspire:

    LOL, crazy Paul is trying to say medical care was better when he was a kid.

  491. Matthew Kilburn:

    Someone needs to ask Paul what the average life expectancy was at the time he’s talking about.

  492. Ozzy:


    I say Romney won that exchange.

  493. asparagus:

    Santorum is an idiot. This debate is killing Newt and he wants to spend half the debate trying to take down Romney like Captain Ahab. You just ruined the narrative! You had a good debate, Gingrich looks like an idiot for most of the debate and you let him off the hook.

  494. Vin:

    Does anyone really believe that the healthcare situation can be remedied without some sort of government involvement. Earth to Ron Paul: It’s not 1950 anymore.

  495. Watchinitall:

    481. If Santorum takes a bite out of Mitt’s hide while Newt stands by silent, that’s just less attention on Newt, and Romney wins.

  496. Jonathan:


    Great to hear Metro. I’m going to a Romney rally tomorrow and it’ll be good to have the wind at his back.

    Romney’s going to win Florida; take that to the bank.

  497. Kavon W. Nikrad:

    Santorum’s facial expressions make him look like an idiot.

  498. Petunia:

    Newt is just creepy.

  499. no newt:

    medical care being “better” and ease of access which is what paul was referring to are different questions

  500. Watchinitall:

    Pay attention conservatives. Newt wants to fundamentally rethink everything. Come on folks. Get the clue here.

  501. jaxemer11:

    486 – What is he disingenuous about? Don’t throw crap like that around without something to back it up. Mitt is right.

  502. Will Walworth:

    #484 Romney is a hypocrite for supporting state’s rights under the 10th Amendment? You employ very odd logic.

  503. Dave:

    Romney: A
    Santorum: C
    Paul: C
    Gingrich: D

    Gingrich would score higher, but he lied earlier in the debate when he said he never characterized Spanish as the language of the ghetto.

    All else can be forgiven.

  504. Ozzy:

    Mitt and Newt both want Marco as a VP.

  505. no newt:

    491 again, that’s not what he was referencing

  506. Massachusetts Conservative:



  507. Petunia:

    Rick Santorum said he would not allow the people of Florida to decide if they wanted a mandate. he would tell them that they couldn’t… he would be a dictator.

  508. aspire:

    IMHO, the Hispanic community cares what you can do for their family.

  509. RegularJoe:

    Oh Romney I want to like you but you make it so hard.

  510. jaxemer11:

    Romney really shouldn’t have prolonged the Santorum exchange though. Should have just said Santorum was wrong and left it at that. Santorum looked like a fool though, ranting like that.

  511. asparagus:

    Santorum does look angry when he is attacking. Romney was right. The most optimistic candidate almost always wins Presidential races. When Santorum attacks, he looks angry like a chihuahau.

  512. econ grad stud:

    #494 I think the healthcare situation is primarily there because of government involvement. Romney’s problem is that in Massachusetts he expnaded the role of government in people’s personal lives in medical issues. A lot of insurance plans were drove out of existence by the mandates in Romneycare.

    I wish Romney would just admit he made a mistake by expanding government and reducing personal liberty.

  513. Thomas Alan:

    Think Newt will want to swap on the who’s best first lady question?

  514. Ozzy:

    What?? Paul doesn’t know Hispanics. We are the fiestiest bunch of people. We love a good fight. :)

  515. Matthew E. Miller:


    Maybe. Santorum gets too testy and obviously angry and was about to explode in that exchange. I don’t think that plays well. And Mitt didn’t really stumble on his answers, which helps. But Santorum clearly won the substance. It’s pretty breathtaking to me that Mitt’s manage to throw out that head-scratcher “My plan only dealt with 8% of the people while Obama’s dealt with 100%” about 8 zillion times and not really be challenged on it til now.

  516. Matthew Kilburn:

    I actually think Santorum is doing better than C. I think the media will either end up calling him the winner, or the runner up.


    “Mitt and Newt both want Marco as a VP.”

    Considering him anyway…but I think I’d rather see McDonnell on the ticket.

  517. jaaron:

    I swear I have watched this Rick vs Mitt on healthcare at every debate. Rick needs new material. Seriously, annoying.

  518. MarqueG:

    A wind is breaking at Romney’s back tonight. Malodorous, I’m afraid.

  519. barktwiggs:

    Best 1st Lady? Well, she would take care of the Whitehouse because her home-wrecking days are over.

  520. aspire:

    512 Nonsense.

  521. asparagus:

    I think Newt was exposed tonight as a big spender who wants to build lunar colonies. Mitt’s attack on him showing him pandering to every state he visits was devestating.

  522. OHIO JOE:

    “If Romney was a catholic this race would be over.” Yes, he’d be out by now.

  523. jaxemer11:

    503 – Newt has told several bald faced lies tonight. Including that he never advocated a federal healthcare mandate. So easy to prove that wrong.

  524. Cincinnati Kid:

    Grades so far….
    Santorum A-
    Romney B
    Paul C
    Gingrich D

  525. Ozzy:

    512, Econ Grad Stud,

    I think I’ll let Mass Con, if he’s around right now, who happens to live in Massachussetts respond to you. Mass Con, are you around?

  526. aspire:

    If Newt cheated on his wife again and she divorced him, would she get the East Wing?

  527. MarqueG:

    Three-man pile-on to Newt tonight. Four if you add Ron Paul.

  528. Boomer:


    It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to understand the Constitution and the difference between the rights of a state and the rights of the federal government. Clearly, Santorum doesn’t either.

    Oh wait, he defended his vote against a federal right to work law because the people in his state love unions so I guess he only sometimes doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  529. Vin:

    #512 When the law requires us to pay for the uninsured who show up bleeding in the ER, how can you deal with that kind of scenario?

    Whether we admit it or not, healthcare is a de facto right in this country. And when one uninsured individual can easily rack up tens of thousands of cost at the state’s expense, we have to find a better way of dealing with it.

  530. Will Walworth:

    #512 The citizens of the State of Massachusetts made that decision. Why would you have the government deny them that right? If they don’t like it, they can change it. It’s none of your freaking business–or Santorum’s.

  531. jaxemer11:

    515 – Nonsense. Go back and look at Romneycare. It is nowhere near what conservative ideologues have made it out to be.

  532. econ grad stud:

    If Romney keeps defending his Romneycare monstrosity I doubt I can vote for him. There’s no way I can trust someone who promotes such statist intervention in people’s personal medical care.

    I’d probably vote for Romney in the general if he’d admit his horrible mistake in attacking personal liberty in Massachusetts.

  533. MarqueG:

    Santo’s doing well. In case Newt melts down totally. Folks may tire of the vainglorious baloney and prefer someone truly pious.

  534. Micah:

    Is Craig for Newt passed out drunk right now?

  535. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Do we know who would be the first lady if Newt won?

  536. SixMom:


    That was gloriously funny,

  537. aspire:

    532 Who cares.

  538. Will Walworth:

    Take your little vote, Econ Grad Student, and go home. No one cares.

  539. THe "king" has no Rings:

    I know believe that CNN has every intention of tearing Newt apart after the way he owned John King in SC. This First Lady question has all the makings of the edge of a tall cliff.

  540. K.G.:

    #532 We already have statist intervention and we’ve had it since 1986 and Reagan’s EMTALA. Nobody but Paul is suggesting we should do away with it and kick people to the curb if they can’t pay.

  541. Thomas Alan:


    Actually, that would still mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about since he doesn’t understand the concept of representative form of government.

  542. Conservative Gladiator:

    515 – All Romney needs to say to Santorum the next time is look Rick are you going to take away the power of states to find ways to save money for its state? You obviously have a problem with mandates. What power would you give states to take care of their poor? If Rick says anything outside of that then Romney can say, you are wrong. The 10th amendment gives the states the rights to make its own policies that can work for the people of that state. If the people don’t want it they can vote it out. They haven’t voted it out yet or even against it.

  543. econ grad stud:

    #530 If Democrat’s in Massachusetts want less freedom I’d prefer a Democrat reduce their personal freedom’s not a Republican.

    When a Republican attacks liberty it only makes it easier for liberals to take more freedoms.

  544. BD1:

    Can’t watch right now…anyone attacking Obama, or his empty SOTU speech? Or do we keep just beating on each other?

  545. MarqueG:

    Go back and look at Romneycare. It is nowhere near what conservative ideologues have made it out to be.

    Absolutely right! It’s even worse. In fact, it would have caused Mass to go totally broke by now if Mittens hadn’t had Kennedy to get the feds to fund it through federal Medicare.

  546. Kermit:

    534 – I noticed in another thread that Craig for Newt is now Craig for Romney. . . . his comment was “Im all in.”

  547. asparagus:

    Romney busted Santorum over how many people were free riding by saying that 98% of the people have health insurance. Its such a rediculous argument that you wouldn’t want to have health insurance. How are you going to pay for a huge operation you haven’t saved for? Answer: Pass the buck to the taxpayer. There are no easy solutions to this mess. Everyone should recognize this and give Gov. Romney a pass.

  548. aspire:

    Gingrich likes the ladies. :)

  549. Massachusetts Conservative:

    What 3 wives Newt?

  550. jaxemer11:

    Dumb question, but Romney comes with an AMAZING answer.

  551. Matthew Kilburn:

    “I think the healthcare situation is primarily there because of government involvement.”

    I think this is a big misconception on our side. A long time ago on here, we were having a debate on this, and someone brought up the point that, when President Eisenhower had his heart attack, he got morphine and bed rest. And that was basically the best care they could give you. If you lived, you lived. If you died, you died. Thankfully, Ike lived.

    Today, there is simply so much more medicine that we can give people, its bound to be more expensive.

  552. jaxemer11:

    Music education?

  553. Jared C:

    Romney is doing well tonight. This will be hard for Newt to recover.

  554. MarqueG:

    Yikes! Newt mentions the “other three wives” of the other fellas! Someone call the police…

  555. Micah:

    Newt: “Might wife isnt any better than the other 3 candidates wives”

  556. Matthew Kilburn:

    “What 3 wives Newt?”

    That was exactly my first thought.

    Newt gingich: as many wives as the rest of the field, combined.

  557. asparagus:

    Imagine Monica Lewinsky as a First Lady. That’s Callista. A six year affair? No class.

  558. aspire:

    Ann Romney

  559. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Calista knows how to massage votes.

  560. B:

    “all 3 wives would be great”


  561. Ozzy:

    No one applauded for Callista. They all cheered for Ann.

  562. blue:

    Wolf should ask about first dogs, no cats allowed in the white house

  563. Boomer:


    Democrats were pushing for single payer and had the votes. I live here. I didn’t want that so I really don’t give a damn what you would prefer.

  564. kirkha:

    #535 – Wahaa! ROTFLOL!!!

  565. SixMom:

    Why isn’t his wife there?

  566. Petunia:

    I was out… did Newt really say his wife was not any better than the others?

    One woman is interchangeable with another… nothing special…

  567. Fredo:

    Economy Grad Stud!!! Good to see you again. Agreed on Mitts weak MassCare answer. Hes still my first choice right now, but Imo Ricks winning this debate.

  568. econ grad stud:

    I can’t believe we’re about to have two candidates in the general who oppose personal freedom when it comes to healthcare.

    You have to get healthcare as a penalty for breathing. I think our forefathers would have dumped Romneycare-mandated insurance in the Boston Harbor.

  569. Ozzy:

    Bella? Is Santorum a Twilight fan?

  570. Matthew E. Miller:

    Know how you can tell Newt’s not a conservative? He’s not a procreator. 7 kids for Santorum. 5 for Romney. 5 for Paul. Only 2 for Newt. Come on Newt, there’s still time. Prove your bona-fides!

  571. Kermit:

    558 – AWESOME youtube!

  572. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Santorum talks too long.

  573. Micah:

    Santorum — GIVE IT A BREAK!!!

  574. jaxemer11:

    Newt wants to hang out with his wife? What an odd answer. Makes you wonder if she is just he poster wife. Has he moved on sexually?

  575. asparagus:

    Children are not born good? What a Catholic thing to say! Good grief!

  576. SixMom:

    A book on manners?

  577. Vin:

    @Matthew Kilburn, I agree that it’s a big misconception. I don’t doubt that the gov’t has done things that have increased healthcare costs, but the fact is that so long as we as a nation insist on the best treatment available (and why shouldn’t we?), it’s gonna cost us a fortune.

  578. Petunia:

    So you are a totalitarian too… you would dicatate what people can vote for… great.

  579. Ozzy:


    I disagree. Mitt’s owning this debate.

  580. JoeMich4Mitt:

    Wow. Mitt has been *owning* this debate! And all-around great debate tonight for all, very well-run debate, lots of content. Loving it.

  581. Jerald:

    527.MarqueG Says:
    January 26th, 2012 at 8:20 pm
    Three-man pile-on to Newt tonight. Four if you add Ron Paul.

    LOL….How true…

  582. Sioux County:

    Romney – A- (not knowing about his own commercial hurts)
    Paul – B+ – One of his best debates
    Santorum – B – Forced, but solid
    Newt – D – I’m not sure what he’s done well tonight.

  583. Heil Preußen!:

    Santorum: “I married Jesus.”

  584. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Olympics…blah blah blah…

  585. MarqueG:

    Know how you can tell Newt’s not a conservative? He’s not a procreator.

    Some folks are such dedicated elected politicians that they create their own voters. Imagine that.

  586. Ozzy:


    Mass Con, I’m glad you’re here. Can you give Econ Grad an explanation on how Romneycare is not what he claims it to be? Please!

  587. asparagus:

    Mitt you need a better answer on conservatism! I can help! Call me!

  588. Dave:

    I should have mentioned that Gingrich also lied about supporting a Federal Mandate. He did. I didn’t.

  589. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Romney needs to do better with this answer…dodging pretty visible.

  590. econ grad stud:

    #564 If Romney supports liberty and freedom he ought to point out he was just doing damage control and thinks Romneycare was a bad plan but all he could salvage.

    When defends Romneycare, Romney attacks our personal freedoms.

    My freedom is not worth whatever money Romney care might save. My freedom is not for sale. Romney I suppose thinks freedom ought to be negotiable when its too costly.

  591. John Mark:


    What restricts people’s liberty is the the threat of going bankrupt because of lack of health insurance or poor health insurance. Government’s intervention is not what’s hurting real families when it comes to healthcare, regardless of cute libertarian ideas and blowhard talk-show hosts.

  592. Will Walworth:

    Amazing to read these supposedly conservative posters who despise the 10th Amendment and would deny the citizens of Massachusetts the right to make a state decision relating to health care. You may think it’s stupid, but it’s their sovereign right to enact health laws that citizens of other states might think are stupid! That’s the genius of the 10th Amendment. It allow states to find their own way on such matters. Leave them alone!

  593. MarqueG:

    Newt’s getting paranoid now. Not good, Newtie.

  594. jaxemer11:

    Romney attack machine? Time for some righteous indignation from Mitt on that. Total disgusting bullcrap. He has nothing to back that up

  595. Thomas Alan:

    Know how you can tell Newt’s not a conservative? He’s not a procreator. 7 kids for Santorum. 5 for Romney. 5 for Paul. Only 2 for Newt. Come on Newt, there’s still time. Prove your bona-fides!

    Eh, it just means that Newt’s a faster learner.

  596. aspire:

    Here it comes….

  597. Kavon W. Nikrad:

    Newt puts on the tinfoil hat. Makes him sound desperate.

  598. Petunia:

    That was before he became a national disgrace. And only had one divorce.

  599. Matthew Kilburn:

    “He’s more mature”

    ….than me.

  600. asparagus:

    I recognize you Newt. Now go away.

  601. Vin:

    econ grad stud:

    Explain to me why you think that requiring all drivers to have auto insurance is a good idea.

  602. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Romney needs to hit back HARD!!!

  603. aspire:

    Here it comes…

  604. Matthew Kilburn:

    Yeah, earth to newt:

    There was no GOP primary in ’92.

  605. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Noot in 1986 on Reagan, bashing him.

  606. aspire:

    Oh, Romney didn’t mention all the criticisms Gingrich made of Reagan – too bad.

  607. aspire:

    604 You trying to contact Gingrich’s moon base?

  608. Freedom for William Wallace:

    602. OK…maybe getting past it and letting the ads/people coming out against Noot do the work.

  609. Jonathan:

    Cuba question. As long as they all bash Castro and say “Libertad para Cuba” they’ll be fine.

  610. Conservative Gladiator:

    606 – It’s not a battle worth fighting. Everyone who is a Gingrich conservative have been blinded by thinking that he is Reagan.

  611. Irish Right:

    I think there have been enough mentions of Newt bashing Reagan that Mitt didn’t need to reinforce it.

  612. jaaron:

    Romney is playing Mr. Nice guy again, endearing, but he needs to keep it at newt. Newt is a dangerous, viscious animal. Destroy it, Mitt!! Put it out of it’s misery.

  613. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Oh, Romney didn’t mention all the criticisms Gingrich made of Reagan – too bad.”

    There’s a reason you don’t run up the score.

  614. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Has Romney sewn up the nomination tonight?

  615. Micah:

    Lol, Ron Paul is funny tonight.

  616. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Econ Grad Stud,

    My health care is the same one I had 8 years ago. My co-pays are the same as always. Massachusetts is one of the best economic states in the country. We are #1 in health care COVERAGE and QUALITY. Best hospitals in the nation. It’s working. I disagree with mandates, but we can’t argue that it’s working.

    And there’s no sane person who thinks Romney likes Obamacare and will not repeal it. His plan to repeal and replace it is the most comprehensive plan of anyone and it’s free market based, and has no mandates.

  617. aspire:

    613 You’re probably right.

  618. SixMom:

    Um, did Santorum really say anything…..I fell asleep. He is so full of himself

  619. Micah:

    Yea, Romney has increased his lead tonight barring some major blunder.

  620. Heil Preußen!:

    Santorum: “We need to to stop Cuban-Space-Muslims.”

  621. Matthew E. Miller:


    No, that was smart of Mitt. He’s learned a lot since ’08. In ’08, he attacked people on issues where he was vulnerable. This time he just lets his surrogates do it. Which makes him seem more sincere. Bringing up all of Newt’s old quotes would have just given Gingrich a chance for outrageous indignation he’s so good at. There’s no sense in taking an unnecessary risk at this stage in a debate Gingrich has almost tanked.

  622. brs:

    Did Mitt hire a new debate team?

  623. well:

    i see jihadists under my bed every night. of course thats cuz i keep them there..

  624. asparagus:

    Mitt had an opportunity to smackdown Santorum tonight and he didn’t take it. Its because Santorum is not a serious opponent. If it came down to 1 on 1 Mitt vs. Santorum, it would be a landslide.

  625. Cincinnati Kid:

    Santorum keeps wining the Latino vote every time he speaks and is followed by Paul.

  626. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Romney did get Gingrich to admit he was conservative.

  627. econ grad stud:

    #601 Driving on public roads is a privilege not a right. If the state wants to add conditions to drive on public roads that’s fine.

    If the state wants to add conditions for just being alive that’s an attack on freedom.

    If you support Romneycare there’s no reason not to support the government forcing people to buy any product as a condition of being alive.

  628. aspire:

    616 There’s a lot of ways to measure a health care system. One that I found interesting is last I checked Mass had the lowest insurance premiums to median income in the entire US.

  629. RegularJoe:


    Because it protects people from others mistakes. The government should not have laws protecting one from oneself (ie insurance, seat belt laws)

  630. jaaron:

    I hate this about Mitt, he goes out of his way to be nice, and help out the others. Newt needs to go and Mitt needs to make it happen.

  631. aspire:

    630 It’s true. I read his staff tells him to not say stuff like, “Obama’s a nice guy but…”, but in true Romney style, he says it anyway.

  632. asparagus:

    627 Taxes are the same as mandates. The penalty for ignoring the mandate is losing your tax exemption, which is a way of taxing you. Government coerces you all the time to do things. There are seat belt laws that seem rediculous to me. They mandate me to buckle up or I get a ticket (tax). Its only irking you because Obama copied it on a Federal level. Nobody cared 4 years ago.

  633. jaaron:

    Interesting observation. I really think Mitt worked overtime to make sure that Newt wouldn’t get that much applause. Filled the place with Mitt supporters.

  634. Boomer:


    econ – Have you ever heard of EMTALA? Look it up. You have been under a healthcare mandate at the federal level since 1986 thanks to Ronald Reagan. All we are arguing about is whether you pay for it through taxes for everyone or everyone pays their own premiums. Thats a fact and its not up for debate.

  635. Vin:

    #601 You didn’t answer my question though. Is requiring all drivers to have auto insurance is a good idea?

  636. OhioRepub:

    630, Newt is done. No more need to go after him tonight.

  637. Vin:

    er, #627 You didn’t answer my question though. Is requiring all drivers to have auto insurance is a good idea?

  638. jaxemer11:

    Newt is so self-aggrandizing it is sickening

  639. Irish Right:

    Romney has been strong on this since before the last election.

  640. asparagus:

    There are mandates that restrict how my home is built. I suppose I could live under a bridge if I dont’ want to follow the code, but then there’s mandates against panhandling as well, so I guess you’re stuck. You might want to choose to conform to societies regulations, keep your house up to code and pay your medical bills. Sorry that offends you but tough. We taxpayers aren’t going to bail you out when you need a heart transplant.

  641. Ian:

    jaaron, there is a time and place to be forceful and attack dog and a time to be gracious. Its strategy. If you do nothing but attack, people get tired of that and start feeling sorry for the guy on the ground. There is a time and place

  642. brs:

    Newt launching rockets on Duval county from Brevard

  643. Matt "MWS":

    I’ve been at work, and the poker guys are about to come over.

    Being as objective as possible, how are they doing?

  644. asparagus:

    641 That is the Santorum strategy. Yip, yip, yip!

  645. Matthew E. Miller:

    econ grad stud,

    The problem- which no one wants to talk about- is the federal law that requires that everyone be provided emergency care. Yes, a mandate is an invasion of individual freedom. But a federal law which requires tax dollars to pay for health care is a tremendous affront to liberty as well. Or do you actually think that a single-payer system- which we effectively have now, on a small scale- is a more conservative, less offensive solution than one with private health care but an individual mandate?

  646. jaxemer11:

    630 – I am sad that there are people in the Republican party that think being polite is a negative.

  647. MarqueG:

    Government’s intervention is not what’s hurting real families when it comes to healthcare

    Except that it jacks up the costs by limiting flexibility, adding uncalled-for bureaucratic second-guessing, and raising the costs both treatments and insurance.

  648. John Mark:

    616, MassCon What you don’t understand is that if a program works, especially doing something like getting more people health-care, then by definition it’s something we should not be doing. A government program that expands access to health care means that the top .01% who get taxed at less than the middle class can no longer have the liberty to decide by the good graces of their charity whether or not people live or die, and clearly that is an infringement on their constitutional liberty. Romney’s clearly right in line with Karl Marx himself for having done anything to curb natural selection.

  649. aspire:

    IT’S A TRAP!!!!!

  650. aspire:

    Don’t take the bait!

  651. Vin:

    I am sad that there are people in the Republican party that think being polite is a negative.

    I think Romney understands that constantly calling Obama a socialist marxist evil-doer doesn’t score points with independents

  652. MarqueG:

    Being as objective as possible, how are they doing?

    The Habsburgers are losing badly to the Hohenzollerns. Badly.

  653. Boomer:

    And he’s endorsing Romney tomorrow, Rick.

    Not that great a friend.

  654. Ozzy:

    51st State? I would have to buy new flags.

  655. asparagus:

    50 is a nice round number. No Peurto Rico statehood without Moonbase statehood.

  656. aspire:

    Puerto Rico isn’t a state because they don’t want to be by a fairly small margin. Don’t answer that question or you offend nearly half the island.

  657. THe "king" has no Rings:


    In all seriousness, Mitt is killing it tonight. Paul hasn’t sounded too crazy. Santorum has sounded whiney but got in a good tiff with Romney over Romneycare. Newt has been attacked by all 4 men on the stage all night long and is floundering.

  658. Heil Preußen!:

    Pennsylvania: A hotbed of Puerto Rican immigrants.

  659. MarqueG:

    Have you ever heard of EMTALA?

    If EMTALA is the problem, why won’t Mitt argue for its repeal or reform? Low T?

  660. brs:


    Romney Sharp, but a step in the poopoo on question
    Santorum Good
    Paul Good

    Newt… not good. owned. Gonna ask for no booing in the next debate.

  661. Matt "MWS":


    “The Habsburgers are losing badly to the Hohenzollerns. Badly.”

    I don’t believe it. God takes care of His own.

  662. Matthew E. Miller:


    Objectively, Santorum has been the best, in the sense that he hasn’t been dinged and actually dinged people a couple times (really went after Mitt on Romneycare). But Romney massacred Newt several times early on and didn’t really come off any worse than Newt did in the Santorum attacks. So Romney effectively wins, big, I think.

  663. Ozzy:


    We can make Puerto Rico a state, as long as we find nine other Islands in the carribean to make states like St. Thomas.

  664. John Mark:

    652, lol.

  665. econ grad stud:

    #632 If Romney turned on his statism in Massachusetts I’d consider him in November. Until he begins to attack all healthcare mandates as a condition of breathing I’m going to actively support someone else who does. It’s not the government’s business if I have insurance or if I choose to pay as best I can out-of-pocket or if I choose to go without healthcare.

    #616 I’m glad you like it in your liberal state. I wish you’d not force your former Governor on me until he turns away from his hypocrisy on mandates.

  666. B:

    The moon will become a state before Puerto Rico

  667. jaaron:

    Jaxemer, it’s not a slam. I think because Mitt let off killing Newt after Iowa, that let him come back. Newt is so egotistical he will not go away. Newt looks retarded when attacked, he can’t take the heat.

  668. Boomer:


    Because it will NEVER be repealed.

  669. SixMom:

    What a gritch….evangelical much?

  670. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Mitt should have just said, “I agree with Ron Paul.”

  671. MarqueG:

    The problem- which no one wants to talk about- is the federal law that requires that everyone be provided emergency care. Yes, a mandate is an invasion of individual freedom. But a federal law which requires tax dollars to pay for health care is a tremendous affront to liberty as well.

    The resultant problem is that the burden on taxpayers for covering EMTALA is cheaper for individuals than the Romneycare mandate.

  672. Jerald:

    Grigrich doesn’t sound at all sincere about the religious question…the other three did….

  673. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Force him on you? What’s the problem? He’s not going to force a mandate on you, so you ought to quit whining and consider his dedication to lowering taxes, eliminating Obamacare, repealing regulations, building a border fence, keeping the military strong, caring for veterans, massive cuts in spending and a BBA, and much more.

  674. asparagus:

    You guys are all victims!!!!! You’re the majority but you’re a victim because you don’t get everything you want! You are sooo oppressed. Pander, pander, pander. Mitt called Newt on it tonight. This is another example.

  675. Jerald:

    Joan of Newt…Religious warrior…

  676. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Newt trying to attack the academia and judicial branch as a last ditch effort to maybe get a “C” tonight instead of the “D” he currently has.

  677. Petunia:

    Okay well this is sickening to listen… to such a man… who bragged just yesterday of his conquests of women and how “normal” that makes him…

    Gag gag gag… Oh my the hypocrisy!!!

  678. asparagus:

    665 Gingrich wants to mandate that you support his moonbase boondoggle. Don’t support it? Get taxed. Too bad.

  679. SixMom:

    Santorum….Blah, blah, blah, blah

    I’m fairly sure he likes to hear himself speak. He seems to keep trying for the home run. Oh, he just got it.

  680. OhioRepub:

    Governor of Puerto Rico to endorse Romney tomorrow.

  681. SixMom:

    Hey that was a good answer by Santorum,

  682. Ozzy:

    What do the candidates do during the break?

  683. THe "king" has no Rings:

    I think really has to go pee-pee; didn’t even wait for the cameras to turn off before he ran off stage.

  684. Boomer:

    >>The resultant problem is that the burden on taxpayers for covering EMTALA is cheaper for individuals than the Romneycare mandate.

    Nonsense. That is economic nonsense. The skyrocketing costs of Medicare and Medicaid and the fact that fewer and fewer doctors will work for the artificially engineered rated of government healthcare demonstrate this daily.

  685. Jonathan:

    Well, hearing what you all are saying about the whole debate, I’m feeling confident for Mitt. His campaign is still 50x’s as organized here than anyone else. Simply building the organization to compete statewide is essential to winning in Florida.

  686. aspire:

    Did 2 affairs Newt just lecture us on how to be a Christian?

  687. Matthew E. Miller:


    You may be right. You’re probably be right. But people who are outrageously outraged by health care mandates need to acknowledge that they quite cheerily condone (or entirely ignore) a lesser form of freedom-grabbing on the same issue. Question: are emergency room doctors allowed to reject a patient that they find out doesn’t have insurance? If not, then isn’t the government effectively enslaving emergency room doctors, for the few moments or hours the treatment of that patient requires?

  688. econ grad stud:

    #671 Bingo. It’s cheaper to pay the taxes to support free healthcare for the homeless, illegal aliens and criminals than it is to force everyone to get an expensive insurance plan.

    I’d have had to drop out of college if I’d had Romney as my Governor in college. I didn’t have any insurance until I got my job in the Army. Prior to that it was either paying for food, room, heat, or tuition. I had no money for insurance and the state said I made too much working to get assistance.

    I shudder to think what it would have been like if Romney was my Governor then putting his government imposed burdens on my life just like a liberal Democrat.

  689. Irish Right:

    allahpundit R”emind me again: Aside from his shots at Juan Williams and John King, what were Newt’s “great” debate moments?”

  690. aspire:

    682 Nintendo Wii

  691. Conservative Gladiator:

    677 – Right? This is what makes Newt so transparent. Romney won this thing hands down then Rick and then Ron. Gingrich has a lot explaining to do tomorrow. I also feel sorry for Obama if he has to go against Romney. The contrast is even sharper than it is between him and Gingrich. I love it…

  692. asparagus:

    Somebody check twitter for #statehood for moon or something like that. I am positive Twitter is blowing up over this.

  693. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Tomorrow’s soundbites:

    Romney on immigration hammering Noot.
    Romney on 11 million grandmothers.
    Romney not knowing his commercial/Noot lying about it.
    Santorum on RomneyCare.

  694. John Mark:

    It astonishes me to hear people talk about a law that a hospital provide emergency treatment as a bad thing. This Social Darwinism is why Republicans deserve to lose, the only question is whether Democrats deserve it more.

  695. Watchinitall:

    MWS. Newt has been schooled like you can’t even imagine. Romney came out on fire, blistering stuff. Worse, CNN and Wolf Blitzer had to have determined it was payback time. The first hour it was 4 on one. After tonight it is no longer safe to blast the media to score cheap points. Wolf is an accurate first name. John King, he’s got your back!

  696. kirkha:

    Why is it that Santorum, being a smart, astute, capable, competent and experiences individual, ALWAYS sounds like he’s whining instead of speaking with authority? It’s irritating to listen to his answers.
    Newt’s so fun to listen to. He’s eloquent. Too bad he’s such a kook and a creep!
    Ron’s such a good guy and his ideas are actually great for a country like Canada or Switzerland. Not the lone superpower in the world.
    Romney’s gotta be saying to himself, “What, that question again? How many… times… are we… gonna… revisit… this… dead HORSE!”

  697. aspire:

    688 You’re showing your ignorance on this issue. Stop now, and do a little research first.

  698. Jerald:


    Romney came to stomp on Newt tonight and has been landing a flurry of punches on him.

    Newt is punch drunk and hasn’t laid a glove on Romney yet.

    Romney still looks fresh and could go another 10 rounds.

    If Romney keeps this up until the 31st, Florida is his…

  699. SixMom:

    My favorite tweet so far:

    2052 GOP debate: “Frankly, the moon colonists are an invented people.” #CNNdebate

  700. CF:

    Puerto Rico Governor, Luis Fortuno, to endorse Romney tomorrow!!!


  701. OhioRepub:

    Romney A-, Santorum B+, Paul B+, Gingrich C-

  702. Vin:

    It’s cheaper to pay the taxes to support free healthcare for the homeless, illegal aliens and criminals than it is to force everyone to get an expensive insurance plan.

    I doubt that. You’re in essence claiming gov’t-provided healthcare (ie. funded by taxpayers) is less expensive than what the private industry can offer.

    Think preventative and maintenance care, as well.

  703. Matthew Kilburn:

    So, is this the last debate?

  704. jaxemer11:

    Newt: What bad debaters think a good debater looks like.

  705. Petunia:

    665 Romney did not make Massachusetts liberal.

    He made it more conservative… it was already statist… they wanted a single payer system… he offered a plan that kept private insurance and choice.

    You blame Romney because Massachusetts is liberal.

    But they have the right to be liberal. They want it that way. Majority rules in this country and that is what they vote for.

    Romney did the most any human can do to make the system as conservative as they would make it.

    He is proud of it because it is better than the single payer system they were going for before he came in.

    But you and other act like he went in to Texas and forced it down the throats of people who didn’t want it.

    That is not the situation. He convinced people to do it better.

    It is not at all happy with the results, but the people are. And if the government does the will of the people then it has done it’s job.

  706. Dave:

    I’ve read hundreds of comments on the thread and am appalled that some people are seriously out to lunch on RomneyCare. It passed 198 ti 2. It’s far more popular than most laws. It didn’t raise any taxes. It gave individuals a broader choice of Private options than they had had. Massachusetts has the highest level of private medical insurance in the nation. And it took less than 2% of the state budget. The rest are lies.

    Compare that to Texas, where 1 in 4 has NO private medical insurance.

  707. jaaron:

    688 – you’d have been covered under your parents coverage. Assuming you were younger when you went to college.

  708. hamaca:

    Matt “MWS”,

    See 273 and 489 for your objective assessment.

  709. Tim:

    Romney in a route.

  710. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    688, you would have had to drop out of college because you couldn’t afford insurance? What crappy school did you attend that didn’t provide you with insurance as part of your fees? I find that hard to believe. I’ve attended 4 different universities in 3 different states and they all provided me with health insurance.

  711. aspire:

    693 It’s a radio ad in Spanish. I doubt anybody’s going to really call Romney on not knowing about it during the debate.

  712. Jonathan:

    Why do the moderator’s try to ask some all encompassing end question when they could just say that it’s time for closing statements?

  713. Petunia:


    My gosh man you are so not in the know.

  714. Ozzy:

    Bernard McGirk made a good NFL analogy on the GOP candidates on Hannity.

    Santorum is Tim Tebow. Newt is Ben Roethlisberger. Paul is Bret Favre. And Mitt is Tom Brady.

  715. econ grad stud:

    #694 I agree with providing care in emergency situations for people who can’t afford it. If they can afford it the hospital can garnish their wages or sell their assets later. The only people who can really free ride are totally broke, homeless, or illegal immigrants.

    Romney took a blow torch to liberty when he could have handle things with much less of a government imposed burden on innocent citizens doing no harm to anyone.

  716. Jerald:


    Forgot to mention, the audience is also bitchslapping Newt…

  717. Watchinitall:

    Watch Wolf Blitzer step on the applause.

  718. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    I expect Santorum to peel off a few votes from Newt and Romney to peel off some more.

  719. Will Walworth:

    I don’t think Newt is going to get a surge out of this debate.

  720. Boomer:

    >>#671 Bingo. It’s cheaper to pay the taxes to support free healthcare for the homeless, illegal aliens and criminals than it is to force everyone to get an expensive insurance plan.

    Not bingo at all. Why would you limit it to homeless, illegals and criminals? Employer insurance would end tomorrow. We would be on single payer in a heart beat. Do you know who is the 3rd largest employer in the world? The NIH in the UK, a relatively tiny country with a single payer.

    You need to go back to grad school.

  721. Fredo:


    Biggest sound byte of the night by far: ObamaCare “nothing to angry about.”

  722. kirkha:

    Maggie and Robert… My granddad was a playa!

  723. aspire:

    Truly American Historic Wonderful

    I’m tired of Gingrich

  724. Dave:

    It’s frustrating that Mitt never mentions the 24 polls on national electability he’s beaten Obama in. There were only 29 of them last year. He’s tied right now in the last poll on the issue. He’s the only guy who CAN get elected.

    Too modest??

  725. Jonathan:


    Don’t say that! You could propel Santorum to victory if that meme gets out. Remember before Tebow was a Bronco, he was a Florida Gator.

  726. SixMom:

    #718 Agreed

  727. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Oh crap, everyone is saying fundamental now.

  728. Jerald:

    Yeah, Newt, but HOW can YOU do that?

  729. Matthew E. Miller:

    John Mark,

    I’m not personally opposed to the hospital emergency treatment law. But I also thought an individual mandate was an OK idea, relative to the mess of health-care we have, back when Romney first proposed. I think it’s silly for people to get outrageously outraged over new intrusions that outrageously strip freedom, given the massive extent to which government has already involved itself in everyday lives. Just start improving things. Just start stripping back government responsibilities. Nobody has the moral high-ground here.

  730. aspire:

    Why is Santorum attacking?

  731. Irish Right:

    Not what was said, Fredo, but that somehow doesn’t surprise me.

  732. Conservative Gladiator:

    Romney made the starkest contrast. He is the outsider…

    Santorum attacking rather than talking about himself.

  733. jaxemer11:

    Santorum didn’t say anything during the bailout debate. I would rather have someone that is wrong, than someone that ducks and hides.

  734. Kermit:

    Rick just can’t talk about his own selling points. . . . he’s gotta bash. . . .he looks so stupid. . . .

  735. Fredo:

    714 how is Paul Favre?

  736. kirkha:

    I’m so sick of Rick Santorum…

  737. Freedom for William Wallace:

    I thought this was supposed to be what you would bring to the table Rick. Flustering himself.

  738. SixMom:

    So Santorum spends his time ragging on the others… What a jerk.

  739. Conservative Gladiator:

    Santorum was doing well until now…too much bro.

  740. Jonathan:

    Senator Santorum GET OVER THE MANUFACTURING CRAP. We don’t manufacture in Florida; bending over backwards to appease the steel mills won’t win you a damn vote here.

  741. econ grad stud:

    #707 My parents had no insurance either. We were working so we made too much for Medicaid and didn’t make enough for what health insurance cost in Maryland.

    #710 Wow, that’s neat. No wonder college costs are skyrocketing now.

  742. Watchinitall:

    Santorum. If you looked older, sounded happier, sang the conservative song with joy instead of as a dirge, and hadn’t been totally blitzed in your last election, chasing you all the way from Washington to K-Street . . . then maybe . . .

  743. THe "king" has no Rings:


    Don’t worry about a Tebow analogy. Did you not see what Brady did to Tebow 2 Sundays ago? Mitt is Brady.

    Romney/Thomas 2012!!!!

  744. Ozzy:


    Cause he’s old and he’s usually in or out of the game.

  745. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Let’s hear the media spin

  746. Kermit:

    Rush and Hannity should be wetting their pants about right now, wondering how they’re going to defend Noot. Looks like he just got neutered. . .

  747. aspire:

    What a loser, to use his closing statement to bash the others. I would have extended the debate to let other respond if I was moderator.

  748. Ozzy:

    Mitt! Mitt! Huge Mitt chant!!

  749. Irish Right:

    LOL Cooper said he did have a new coach

  750. K.G.:

    Honestly………..Mitt’s closing speech was head and shoulders above of the others, ending with, “That’s how I’ll beat em.” (Obama.)

    I don’t know how they’ll spin it, but Mitt won it….except for the stupid thing about Spanish as a ghetto language, which newt absolutely said in his own words.

  751. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Wow, the crowd was just chanting “Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt”

    That’s a WIN.

  752. kirkha:

    #723 also, “fundamentally”

  753. Cincinnati Kid:

    Santorum will pick up the most voted after tonight…which will actually help Romney

  754. Ozzy:

    Audience participation came back to bite Newt in the rear.

  755. Jonathan:


    This is still Florida and Tebow is to Florida what Peyton Manning is to Indiana. Be careful when comparing Tebow to anyone other than your favorite candidate around here.

  756. aspire:

    Can anyone spin this as a Gingrich win?

  757. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    741, I started college in ’92 and my tuition and fees were less than 800/semester. Nice evasion though. You probably made that crap up about not being able to afford insurance.

  758. THe "king" has no Rings:

    #735 – Paul has been around forever just like Favre

    Did you all just hear Anderson Cooper said Romney did better because he now has a new debate coach?

  759. Conservative Gladiator:

    CNN – Gergen no clear winner…HA!

  760. Kermit:

    750 – there’s a youtube that shows Newt making the “ghetto language comment” . . .. Newt DID say that. . . .

  761. aspire:

    Okay, they had an audience today, and they’re still saying there’s no clear winner. Give me a break.

  762. brs:

    TOLD YOU MITT GOT A NEW DEBATE PREP TEAM!!! 400 comments ago!

  763. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Gergen says “No clear winner.”

    Now THAT is hilarious.

  764. Kavon W. Nikrad:

    So is this the last debate?

    If only there was a website that could tell us such things…

  765. Jonathan:

    David Gergen says Newt lost by not knocking out Romney and Romney won by not losing.

    And the greatest thing about this; no more debates for an entire month!

  766. Conservative Gladiator:

    760 – Romney let Newt drown himself on that one. I can see the commercials about what Newt DID actually say.

  767. Watchinitall:

    David Gergen, What on Earth?

  768. jaxemer11:

    756 – Erick Erickson will try

  769. Freedom for William Wallace:

    759. That means Mitt won but I just can’t say it.

  770. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Ari Fleisher tells the truth.

  771. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Well, I was born in Mass and bleed Patriot Blue and Gray – Brady beats Tebow every day that ends in “y”

  772. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Spinning” it for Mitt…if you can call it that.

  773. Conservative Gladiator:

    770 – Yes Romney was the alphadog…

  774. aspire:

    768 LOL – so true.

  775. Watchinitall:

    Rick Santorum is headed home to do his taxes. If he gets a bump from this it’ll be a mosquito bite.

  776. Mark in PA:

    Newt got owned by Mitt several times, and also by Ron and Rick for the whole first half of the debate. Even Wolf owned him!!!

    He spent the whole second half of the debate prefacing his answers with “Well, I agree with Mitt.”

    Worst debate by far for Newt this entire campaign.

  777. aspire:

    Don’t confuse whining with anger.

  778. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Ari Fleisher gets it right and Gergen is a stupid fool (am I allowed to call liberal political commentators bad names on this site?)

  779. John Mark:

    729, Yeah I’m really not a libertarian on economic issues at all. I’m sick of a Party that’s committed itself to the great priority of freeing struggling millionaires from the oppressive government.

  780. brs:

    Erick Liarson- Mitt did very poorly.

  781. jaxemer11:

    LOL … even Erickson can’t say Newt did well

  782. Thomas Alan:

    Romney winning the post-debate spin hands down.

  783. aspire:

    So that was a bad debate for Romney? Give me a break Erickson.

  784. Jerald:

    Eric Erikson is on…barf….

  785. Conservative Gladiator:

    Erickson – A DOUCHEBAG!

  786. MarqueG:

    It astonishes me to hear people talk about a law that a hospital provide emergency treatment as a bad thing. This Social Darwinism is why Republicans deserve to lose

    JM: Why do you assume that docs don’t take their Hippocratic Oath seriously? Do you think docs — and the predominantly religiously based hospitals before recent times — willfully turned dire cases away? Aren’t you studying for the clergy? Would you turn the needful away until the federal government forced you to help them?

    C’mon. You can do better than that lame argument.

  787. BD1:

    What did Ari Fleisher say?

  788. Anybody but NEWT:

    Santorum was desperate in his last answer.

  789. Watchinitall:

    E.E What a jokester. He gets paid to do this? What a joke!

  790. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Eric Erickson is a bigger more stupid fool than Gergen. Anyone who visits Erickson’s site needs their heads checked.

  791. K.G.:

    Ari F.: “Mitt was the alpha dog; Mitt was aggressive in a cool way. Newt needed a knock out punch and failed. Since the big mo is w/Mitt, Mitt won the night.”

    Santorum’s parting shot going negative on Mitt/Newt was an opportunity missed to really sell HIMSELF.

    Everybody agrees: Newt was flat.

  792. Boomer:

    Erickson looks like he just ate a lemon.

    After eating a five Grand Slam all you can eat at Denny’s.

    Sorry Erick, you lose.

  793. econ grad stud:

    There’s little doubt Romney is going to win Florida. I think Newt roused Romney from his bland consultant-fed persona. We got to see a more authentic Romney.

    In all honesty if Romney wins by enough and continues in the same tone he’ll probably force Newt out of the race.

    This debate showcased a drastically different Romney with fewer vulnerabilities (although he still has a tin ear on reaching out to downscale whites). He certainly needs to consider a VP who can blunt Romney’s vulnerabilities with downscale voters.

  794. Conservative Gladiator:

    789 – Can they hire me to push for Romney?

  795. Jerald:

    Replay of the Wolf smackdown on Newt…hahaha

  796. Michael:

    Romney won and won very big. I am anticipating a double-digit win on Tuesday night.

  797. Kermit:

    787 – he said Mitt had a great debate tonight.

  798. JoeMich4Mitt:

    Why the *heck* does CNN put Erick Erickson up there? That guy is completely biased. You don’t even have to ask him what he thinks, he hates Romney entirely.

  799. Watchinitall:

    Newt flat? Newt got flattened. Romney and Blitzer! As we say int he Army, Hoooaahhh!

  800. Watchinitall:

    Ari Fleisher is spot on.

  801. Conservative Gladiator:

    Rush and Hannity are sh****ing their pants.

  802. JoeMich4Mitt:

    HUGELY great performance by Mitt Romney tonight.

    Mitt: A-
    Ron: B+
    Rick: B
    Newt: C+

  803. Jerald:

    Now we are going to the “Ad Wars” highlights…

  804. K.G.:

    Mitt had a great night; Mitt knows it; he said it. It’s true. Clear, clean, powerful.

    Newt looked like a whiney blob next to Mitt.

  805. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Rush and Hannity are sh****ing their pants.”

    My schedule precludes me from listening to either of them, but Rush put his hand firmly on the ejection seat earlier today.

  806. Conservative Gladiator:

    801 – They’ll be pushing for Santorum and begging Romney for forgiveness. Rush will play the Santorum/Romney exchange and say how the we need that fire that Romney had on Gingrich to be directed at Obama and he doesn’t think he has – again stepping in it.

  807. Jerald:

    Newt has fallen to junk bond status on Intrade…

  808. Maverick1995:

    I’m for Santorum. My wife is for Gingrich and we are both biased, but we did agree on these ratings.
    A- Santorum
    B- Ron Paul
    C- Romney
    C- Gingrich

  809. Watchinitall:

    Best debate for Mitt by far on the night he had to be good he was awesome! Newt was a puddle on the floor.

  810. Thomas Alan:

    Ouch, that’s the first time I saw that clip of Newt trying to turn the question back against Wolf. He came off very bad there. Pawlentyesque.

    He thought he could play against the moderator again, but took the wrong angle, and Mitt nailed him.

  811. Irish Right:

    Mitt went all Ghostbusters on the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man

  812. K.G.:

    #801: Rush and Hannity have been spewing caca for the last six month. Maybe now it’s going to start coming out the right oriface.

    Obama needs to send somebody out for Depends too.

  813. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Fred Thompson shilling for Newt. HAHAHA…no one around him.

  814. Matthew E. Miller:

    If Newt had been hit as masterfully throughout the debate as he was in the first 15 minutes they would have had to cart him off on a stretcher.

  815. rightgal:

    To quote Teledude: I can’t stop smiling.

    Mitt Rocked!

  816. Freedom for William Wallace:

    Fred is a babbling fool. BTW…anyone seen Craig for Losers?

  817. K.G.:

    Best line: Our problem is not ll million grandmothers.

  818. Sarah from AK:

    If you didn’t like Newt before tonight, and I didn’t, you don’t like him any more after that. He is a smarmy, lying, bombastic, self-absorbed, hypocritical, smug, pander bear. A douche bag, if you will.

    I especially liked his “endorsement” of Callista, who plays the french horn, as First Lady. I guess he calls his johnson a french horn. Well she ain’t playin it tonight. Epic fail.

    ‘Rum kicked some butt….but, too little too late, and he could never win the GE anyway.

  819. K.G.:

    Somebody should tell Santorum that Pam Bondi, the FL AG spearheading the mandate challenge, has endorsed and is campaigning for Mitt.

  820. kirkha:

    JC Watts – “I want my trusts to be able to see!”
    What a goof…
    Noot surrogates really doing their best to spin…

  821. MarqueG:

    I’m sick of a Party that’s committed itself to the great priority of freeing struggling millionaires from the oppressive government.

    So you assume that if it’s a millionaire, it cannot suffer enough? Whether from “oppressive government” or whatnot?

    So the everyone should “suffer” more? Or just the “wealthy”? How do you define the terms in “scare quotes”?

  822. Reginald from Texas:

    My Gingrich supporting buddy just texted me to say he was embarassed by Newt tonight. Said that Romney dominated

  823. Vin:

    If it’s contrast from Obama we’re looking for, let’s nominate Bristol Palin. Nobody would ever confuse her with Obama on anything.

  824. econ grad stud:

    Well at this point Newt is truly done. I don’t see where he goes from here. Florida isn’t going to be close after this. There are going to be pressures for him to drop out before he even gets to Super Tuesday.

  825. John Mark:

    “JM: Why do you assume that docs don’t take their Hippocratic Oath seriously? Do you think docs — and the predominantly religiously based hospitals before recent times — willfully turned dire cases away? Aren’t you studying for the clergy? Would you turn the needful away until the federal government forced you to help them?
    C’mon. You can do better than that lame argument.”

    I hope most of them would not, but I am not so optimistic about human nature to think that there’s no possibility it could happen, the majority of people also wouldn’t murder someone just because it was legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pointless law.

  826. Matthew E. Miller:

    Newt used to say, apparently, that he just “melted” whenever he was in the presence of Clinton. Tonight, you could see him just melting during the immigration and Fannie exchanges.

  827. Watchinitall:

    Santorum looks better than he is because he’s an irrelevent factor headed home this weekend to do his taxes.

  828. Petunia:

    I do wish Romney could communicate the Romneycare better.

    The comparison shouldn’t be with Obamacare it should be with single payer Eurocare programs… that is what he stopped.

    And then would Obama have copied what Romney did? And would we have single payer?


    So Romney saved us from single payer.

    Okay that was off the top of my head… I think I have a point…

    I’m doing too many things right now to know for sure and can’t watch anymore TV… if there were only acouple of debates I would have more of a chance…

  829. Jack Bauer's Dad:

    Missed the debate, but sounds like newt got his rather large backside handed to him. Great to hear.

  830. barktwiggs:

    Newt! Please save mi abuela. Romney is coming to round her up Elian style and self-deport her to Cuba!

  831. aspire:

    Best part was when Gingrich said he was going to give Romney enough rope to hang himself, and the exchange ended in thunderous applause for Romney. :)

  832. Matthew Kilburn:

    Someone broke intrade:

    Romney to win FL: 92%
    Gingrich to win FL: 12.6%

  833. Boomer:

    Santorum did have a good debate but a good deal of that is because he is polling so poorly that nobody bothers to attack him. It is an entirely different position when you are just standing on the stage throwing punches without ever taking any.

    Still, I’m fine with him taking votes away from Newt.

  834. Henry Hubitt:

    Romeny beat Gingrich. Santorum did very well, but I doubt it matters.

  835. Matthew E. Miller:

    Santorum also benefited, as is always the case, from being irrelevant enough not to be worth going after. Mitt and Newt responded to his jabs but they ignored him otherwise. If you’re doing lots of punching, occasionally connecting, and your opponents aren’t hitting back, you’re going to do some damage.

  836. Petunia:



    I am really scared about Michael Reagan. He is supporting Newt… and I did not know but I guess he is a Mormon hater and bashes Mormons and the Church all the time on his radio show.

    So Michael Reagan could be a problem… My whold world of people I respect has been decimated.

    There are so few honest conservatives in this country… they all hate Mormons enough to give up all their principles!

    Sorry we offend you so very much. But geez… get a grip!

    And poor Reagan… he didn’t raise any decent human beings at all. Right now I prefer the gay ballet dancer… he likes dogs and so do I.

  837. E-Dawg:


  838. Not Your Promiscuous Daddy:

    Santorum looked like he was going to have an anurism in many of his exchanges. I’m sure that will sell well with the tea partiers, but for non hotheads he came across as a spaz.

  839. E-Dawg:

    (sorry for caps) Romney’s campaign and life totally outlcasses Newt…

  840. econ grad stud:

    Oppressive government programs hurt the poor more than they aid them. Government programs shifted inner cities from working class neighborhoods to areas with war zones and without families.

  841. brs:

    Wow, didnt see Hilary stepping down.

  842. K.G.:

    AND…..there’s only ONE debate the entire month of February. Mitt leaves on a high. Ann works with at risk girls and Callista plays the French horn.

  843. Boomer:

    Wow. Nate Silver of 538 blog says:

    >> @fivethirtyeight: Could envision an outcome in Florida like Romney 45, Gingrich 25, Santorum 20, Paul 10

  844. John Mark:

    821 Marquue, you’re too clever with that statement or you’re lacking coherency, I’ll be generous and say it’s the first. Millionaires can suffer and be oppressed, but by definition they’re not suffering economically which is what I’m talking about, and find it hard to believe that with their army of lobbyists they’re being oppressed by the government. I don’t recall saying anything about people suffering more…

  845. Matthew Kilburn:

    ” Government programs shifted inner cities from working class neighborhoods to areas with war zones and without families.”

    Well, the automobile was responsible for that too…and yeah, racism played a part.

  846. Petunia:

    I am against oppressive government too.

    That is why we vote.

    And if people vote for something it is a dictator who says they can’t have what they vote for.

    So sometimes people want stupid stuff. If it is stupid enough it collaspes of it’s own stupidness… but until then no leader has teh right to tell people they can’t vote for what they want.

  847. Jonathan:

    Headlines like this “Gingrich challenges Wolf Blitzer, and fails” are not going to help Newt’s bash the media narrative.


  848. THe "king" has no Rings:

    David Gergen is a fucking idiot!!!

    Sorry for breaking the language rules on here.

  849. Matthew Kilburn:

    Romney only needed an extra 10% boost to hit 50% of the vote…..with this debate, if his team can continue to drill Newt for the next four days…

    ….I think we could see our first true majority win.

  850. Jonathan:


    I told you all to have faith in Florida. My state isn’t going to disappoint, even if I have to confuse a miilion seniors to do it.

  851. jaaron:

    Fred thompson said – Mitt agreed with newt on immigration. What the hell??? Mitt owned him and then said that Grandmas aren’t the issue, like Newt said. What is he smoking???

  852. Florida Conservative:

    Hey guys I just got back from the debate here in Jacksonville,FL! Thought Mitt had a GREAT night and we had a strong showing among Romney supporters there tonight!

    And in honor of Mass. Conservative, I started the chanting of Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! once the debate had ended and Romney started heading down towards our section, hope you guys were able to hear that!

    We did not want what happend in SC to happen here in Jax tonigh, and I think we accomplished that, but Romney had by far the best debate i’ve ever seen him do, and I’m glad I was able to be their to witness it!

  853. Florida Conservative:


    Your right, we have been saying this all along because we’ve known whats going on down here in our state, and tonight they got to see why! Keep up the good work

  854. Watchinitall:

    I think we are all agreed that Newt doesn’t recover from this. Not in FL, not anywhere. Nothing left for him to say or do. Nothing. His argument that he would be the best debater to take on Obama was completely destroyed.

  855. K.G.:

    #852 Thanks for being there and acting as our surrogate. The crowd for Mitt was terrific!

  856. MarqueG:

    I hope most of them would not, but I am not so optimistic about human nature to think that there’s no possibility it could happen, the majority of people also wouldn’t murder someone just because it was legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pointless law.

    Let’s not conflate very different concepts: Murder is the willful and targeted elimination of another; anyone can do that given the right instrument. Saving a life is the willful and targeted aid of another; folks who can do that need the right skills, tools, and talents.

    Sadly, if folks cannot be relied on to live by their oaths and beliefs, I’m not sure what difference laws are supposed to make, since the same people are the folks in government doing the enforcing. Why would you think that a person who cannot abide by oaths pledged to tradition or faith is suddenly made reliable by mandating laws? Even more worrisome, in the case of such a model person, why would an oath pledged to government be reliable whereas the same oath pledged to a tradition or God is believable?

    Are you saying that government regulation is more significantly reliable in the morals and ethics of an individual in its efficacy than religious belief and God? Why would someone honor the former and not the latter? Or vice-versa?

  857. John Mark:

    840, My Grandparents who spent a life of hard-work on the farm suffered through the oppression of a medicare/medicaid program that paid for life prolonging health care, SS and welfare also oppressed them by providing them with a dignified retirement. These oppressive programs must be ended yesterday.

  858. K.G.:

    CNN is mutilating Newt.

  859. aspire:

    I think that debate wraps things up. I don’t see any possible way for Gingrich to come back. He’ll probably be down 10%+ in the polls, he’s probably losing on votes already cast, he’s probably going to be outspent 2 to 1 in ads, the fact checking won’t be kind to him, and the story for the next few days will be that he lost the debate.

    Once he loses Florida he’ll lose the next 7 states, and nobody will take him serious anymore.

  860. Jonathan:

    I will say this on Newt’s behalf; he’s making Romney a better candidate by improving his debate skills. Romney ought to be really sharp against President Obama in the fall because he’s had to do over 20 debates just to get the nomination.

  861. BD1:

    Florida Conservative: thanks for being there and helping out the cause with the chant. I (and I’m sure others) would love to hear more about the debate. What was your overall read of the crowd there? etc.

  862. Romney/Rubio 2012!:

    I’m so happy Romney attacked tonight without smiling like he is prone to do; it often comes off as “bratish”.

    Today he was angry and focused. It worked beautifully. Man I still can’t believe he did it, even at points when Newt offered a truce, Mitt risked coming off as petty and came off as rightly offended that Newt would attack him in public and not have the guts to say it to his face.

    Dare I say it….Romney was Reaganesque tonight!

  863. Willard Mittens Rombot:

    Where’s teledufe?

  864. Massachusetts Conservative:



    I heard it, it was a clear moment as the debate was ending on CNN. They were putting the camera on the audience during it.

    NICE JOB!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    Was it fun?

  865. Max Twain:

    I’m not going to gloat tonight, well not much.

    I’ll simply leave you all with Gingrich’s debate performance as described by Chris Tucker:

  866. THe "king" has no Rings:

    Ari Fleisher confirming what I said earlier about Newt avoiding eye contact while attacking but Romney looking his opponent’s in the eyes every time.

  867. BD1:

    860. That will be Newt’s spin on Fox when they hire him back. He did all this for the benefit of the GOP and Romney. It was never about himself…..blah, blah, blah….

  868. Jonathan:

    Just saw the moment when Romney turned on Gingrich about his investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That was a great moment for Romney.

  869. Freedom for William Wallace:

    852. Nice job…I heard the Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! chant. Romney was awesome tonight for sure.

  870. K.G.:

    OMGoodness: CNN calling Newt “a one trick pony.” Brawling. Not even a good debater, just a brawler.

  871. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Hey Max, mind FPP’ing this? You have a chance to be the first blog to bring this clip (which I found and uploaded) to the public.

  872. Massachusetts Conservative:

    … besides the post I made on a pro-Romney blog, that is.

  873. Florida Conservative:


    Had a great time, was thinking of all your Romney guys on here when we were leading alot of the clapping and chants, we are very energized here in the sunshine state for Romney and I think it showed tonight, and Mitt helped alot to by his performance, and I can tell you right now, alot of people leaving the debate were pretty convinced that Mitt DOMINATED! Very great night and one I wont forget for a long time

  874. BD1:

    871. Yes this needs to be on front page

  875. John Mark:

    856, It’s about a society that protect the value of human living as the most precious gift, that transcends all else. The individual hospital is not more likely to be responsible than the government but if society makes both institutions responsible that’s just one more fallback to protect life.

  876. Matthew Kilburn:

    I wonder if Newt wishes he could take back those words about letting the audience respond…

  877. K.G.:

    Is FOX talking about the debate at all? On CNN, even Erik the Red, is commending Mitt.

    What a roller coaster ride. Kudos to Mitt for stepping up and “turning it around.”

  878. Massachusetts Conservative:


    I LOVE it! He gets what he deserves for whining!

  879. Jerald:

    860.Jonathan Says:
    January 26th, 2012 at 9:40 pm
    I will say this on Newt’s behalf; he’s making Romney a better candidate by improving his debate skills. Romney ought to be really sharp against President Obama in the fall because he’s had to do over 20 debates just to get the nomination.

    Yes, finally Romney is coming out of his corner.

    Also, Romney has been way too modest.
    It’s time to get specific about his record and skill set and promote them as big tools to turn the country around.

    We need to send him the memo “No Modesty!”

    …Well, not too much modesty anyway…

  880. A Newt is a frog, not a President:

    I am currently sitting in class, and I love reading all your comments!!

  881. K.G.:

    Donna Brazile is making me mad. Spouting the old flip/flop meme on Mitt w/o doing her homework.

  882. Florida Conservative:

    Intrade update….wow

    Mitt 92%

    Newt 9%

    Amazing what 5 days can do!

  883. aspire:

    881 She always says the same stupid liberal talking points. She doesn’t think for herself, and misquotes Romney from the debates. She’s completely worthless as an analysis.

  884. Matthew Kilburn:

    Romney surged so fast on intrade that the total value exceeded 100%….

  885. Boomer:

    I’m getting a kick out of people like Erickson now saying that Santorum is now in play.

    OK Erick, put Rick on the big stage and let’s go through his entire record. No more free rides.

  886. aspire:

    Intrade: Romney to win nomination: 87%

  887. Cincinnati Kid:

    It would be nice to see Santorum out perform Gingrich…and there is no way Romney breaks 50%…Newt’s votes will go to Rick..

  888. Jerald:

    No comments from Katechon

    He’s probably way to busy trying to adjust his positions to account for the stomping Romney gave Newt tonight…

  889. K.G.:

    Now CNN is saying the “Tea Party” is still going to go for some ABR: Newt or Santorum. Anybody.But.Romney. Can we just stick a fork in the ABR crap?

    There’s one debate in Feb. In the meantime who has money to run in the next primaries and caucuses? Mitt and Paul. I hope addled Adleson will pull back and put everybody out of their misery.

  890. aspire:

    To win nomination:

    Mitt Romney 87.0%
    Newt Gingrich 5.8%
    Ron Paul 3.1%
    Rick Santorum 2.1%
    Chris Christie 0.6%

  891. aspire:

    Even Erick Erickson is saying Romney will win Florida – it’s over.

  892. MarqueG:

    It’s about a society that protect the value of human living as the most precious gift, that transcends all else.

    Is this nebulous “society” you speak of just a nebula? Or does it have constituent parts known perhaps as “individuals”? Do you assume the whole to be more ethical and moral than its parts? Will the whole be more mercifully godly than its areligious components, too? What miracles.

    In sum: The Hippocratic Oath is a joke entered into med students after all those years and dollars committed to medical expertise. But put in place a federal law like EMTALA, and suddenly the same individuals will be willing to suffer near personal starvation in order to obey the law rather than laughing at their Oath or other personal and religious committments.

    This is the European model of faith. And there it has killed religious faith in Europe. The state is God because God is comparatively powerless. Let us worship at the altar of the real God instead.

  893. Jonathan:


    The CNN panel is unanimous that Romney is going to win the Florida primary. Yet they also think that everyone is going to stay in the race.

    The former is highly likely, the latter is more murky. I don’t think anyone is going to drop out the day after Florida, but it’s very hard for Santorum to justify going on. Gingrich will have a stronger case by coming in 2nd, but losing in a neighboring state will severely damage his campaign.

  894. Jerald:

    Mitt Momentum is roiling Intrade.

    This time it’s for real, the rout is on…

  895. Matthew E. Miller:

    Chris Christie 0.6%? Lol. Mitch Daniels is more likely to enter the race and blow everyone away with his tremendous charisma. Silly betters.

  896. BD1:

    OK finally catching up on dvr. Wolf actually did fine as a moderator. Better than most, many who were terrible including those from fox. What is being said on fox? I know dick morris is supposed to be on greta’s show to discuss the debate.

  897. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Are you less bearish on Romney than you were 3 hours ago?

  898. KS:

    Good riddance South Carolina!

  899. aspire:

    895 Daniels is also at .06%. I just added Christie to show that really low numbers are really zero’s on Intrade. Nobody’s willing to buy, so it can’t go lower.

  900. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Good riddance South Carolina!”

    Really is looking like a Speedbump, isn’t it?

  901. Sean:

    “Mitch Daniels is more likely to enter the race and blow everyone away with his tremendous charisma. Silly betters”

    Daniels didn’t impress the other night and, he has ties to the Bush administration so we probably don’t want to go there.

  902. Dr J:

    The race should still be interesting in Nevada to see how Romney does against Daddy gamblingbucks.

  903. aspire:

    South Carolina destroyed their unbeaten streak – on Gingrich. Worst part is choosing somebody from the South undermines any Southern Candidates win in South Carolina from now on. Iowa can at least claim that Romney basically tied there.

  904. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Who lost tonight? South Carolina.

  905. Matthew Kilburn:

    So does this end up being the final debate of the primary?

  906. Massachusetts Conservative:

    If Romney goes on to win Florida by 10+, he will win NV with a majority of the vote, Maine handily, and then CO and MN.

  907. SixMom:

    #904 Yep.

    Zero respect for South Carolinians.

    But I will say…actually someone already said it and I agree. Newtron making Mitt a better debater.

  908. Massachusetts Conservative:


    If Romney is way ahead by Feb 22, he will probably skip that debate. So, yes, probably.

  909. Jonathan:

    I would just like to point out that Florida has voted for the winner in every Republican primary since 1976, four years before South Carolina’s first primary.

  910. SixMom:

    #906 Mass Con

    What about Missouri?

  911. John Mark:

    892, If you’re convinced there is no possible way that a Dr. who swore the Hippocratic Oath would consider refusing medical treatment, then this law has no effect, and is just like the law against whale fishing in Nebraska – there’s no reason to care about it. If on the other hand it is possible that a Doctor somewhere at sometime might refuse emergency medical treatment, then do you think that this law will somehow make it more likely or that somehow it’s an injustice if a such a Doctor gets punished? If you really think there is no possibility of people breaking this law, then why are you so worked up over it, if what you say is true it’s just a meaningless piece of paper.

  912. Florida Conservative:

    I do think this is the final debate we will see, there is currently a debate scheduled and the end of February, and then another near the end of March, but if Romney keeps winning he should just simply stay away from them. And barring any big time endorsements coming out for Newt, Romney should win here in Florida by double digits, especially given the fact that his organization is so great down here and he has the big edge in absentee voting

  913. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Yes, absolutely. Noot isn’t even on the ballot there.

  914. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Florida Conservative, mind filling us in on your experience at the debate?

  915. SixMom:

    I still cannot stop laughing over the National Review Online magazine cover with Newt. Sorry the link is so long.


  916. Matthew E. Miller:

    That was such a nice debate to watch. I’ve been saying for months that Romney was a better debater than Newt and was perfectly capable of beating him- for the first time, he clearly did so (last debate Mitt was solid but not spectacular and in a few other debates, like the last SC debate, he was stronger overall but botched something big).

  917. SixMom:


    Not on the ballot…oh geez. That’s wild.

  918. Sean:

    Romney also brought in a new debate coach and it seems to be paying off for him.

  919. SixMom:

    CNN has highlights of all the best zinger moments from the debate. My husband and I loved watching several of Mitt over again. We’ve definitely seen a different Mitt tonight.


  920. georgie:

    anyone have a link to the debate?

  921. Matthew Kilburn:


    Thats a little better…

  922. SixMom:

    #6 By the way, I realized I got my wish!!! Newtron did get booed. It’s in one of the replay videos in the link posted in #919.

  923. Massachusetts Conservative:

    I want to inform you guys that Christie made a huge gaffe. He said he would rather people not be dying in the streets fighting over gay marriage, and just get it on the ballot.

    The “dying in the streets” gaffe is going to severely damage his chances of being VP. The liberal media (MSNBC) has picked it up and is running with it. Black Dems are furious at the remark.

  924. Sean:

    “The “dying in the streets” gaffe is going to severely damage his chances of being VP”

    What? I don’t even see how that is a gaffe. Much ado about nothing just like the comment Romney made about firing people.

  925. SixMom:

    #923 That’s lost on me. Was he really trying to use a racial slur?

  926. K.G.:

    #919 Six Mom: Newt’s done. He’s been able to withstand adulteries, mental illness, FBI investigations, and ethics violations. He cannot survive the magazine cover. It fits right into the Newt is nuts narrative.

  927. Massachusetts Conservative:


    Maybe it will turn out to be insignificant in the general. I guess the question is, “does it confirm an existing negative narrative?”

  928. SixMom:

    You know what is so funny? I cannot find Santorum’s romp on “Romneycare” anywhere in the news or post debate commentaries. No one hardly mentioning it.

  929. Massachusetts Conservative:


    I donno. The libs on MSNBC are outraged. But then again, that’s their M.O.

  930. K.G.:

    #923: What does this have to do with race? Obviously these people were not in L.A. where the SWAT team was called to protect the LDS temple from angry gay mobs storming the gates after the Prop 8 wars.

    What does this have to do with black Dems?

  931. Kermit:

    Maybe Rubio will get his balls out of his mama’s purse now and endorse Mitt, and sew this thing up. No sense playing both sides of the line between Mitt and Newt, now that Newt’s been neutered. . . A Romney/Rubio ticket would be awesome.

  932. I Cheated On My Wives For You America, newt:


  933. SixMom:

    Analysis from “The Daily Beast”

    “Final ruling: Newt lost ground, Rick was eloquent but ineffectual, and Ron Paul was Ron Paul. Which means Mitt won this round by default.”

  934. SixMom:

    #931 Sorry, but I object. Rubio didn’t have the courage to stand up when he was needed most. Romney sewed this up mostly without his endorsement. I don’t think Rubio deserves a nod for VP.

  935. jaaron:

    929 – Yeah, I don’t see how that is bad. Maybe because it equates gay rights to black rights? But I thought that was the liberal argument? Don’t get it, but I don’t play the victim card to much either like the libtards.

  936. K.G.:

    Yeah, Kermit, now that the tide has turned, it’s safe for Marco jump on board and put the last few nails in Newt’s FL coffin. Rubio had to come out and defend Mitt TWICE from Newt’s lies. Mitt worked like a dog to get Rubio elected.

    Newt has a bad habit of resurrecting from the dead and CNN is saying that there is still a desire for Somebody Not Romney. It’s time to put this dumb idea to rest and get Mitt elected. Do it, Marco. Do it. Teamwork!

  937. Dr J:

    I think Mitt will pick Tim Pawlenty. A solid conservative who up until now has done a better job at defending Mitt than Mitt himself. It might seem like a bad idea not to pick someone from the South, but South Carolina gets the blame for that.

  938. Matthew Kilburn:

    Pawlenty, unfortunately, is a weak politician.

    Look for the VP to go to Rubio or McDonnell. Considering the loyalty of the later, I would give it to him.

  939. K.G.:

    #937: SC should be forced to leave the Union. Give statehood to Puerto Rico and the Moon and give SC the boot.

  940. Maryanne:

    Florida Conservative – thank you so much!! I missed the debate live, but taped it so I’ll watch it with pleasure later. Will sleep well tonight. Just pray that everything will stay positive for Mitt until election day and win handsomely with Santourm taking votes from the dreaded Gingrich.

  941. K.G.:

    Mitt kind of tipped his hand a while back when asked the question of the VP. The named ONLY governors. He wants someone with leadership experience.

    McDonnell’s looking good. Loyal and good.

  942. josh4viceprez:

    Newt hopes he still carried that ice bucket around.

  943. K.G.:

    I was listening to O’Reilly interview Bachmann tonight. O’Reilly for the life of him, simply cannot figure out why “Republicans are attacking Newt.” Bachmann claims they always attack the front-runner; that’s why each person rises and drops.

    Aughghghghghg!!!! How dumb can those two be? I sent Bill an email explaining what WE all know here: Newt is nuts, complete with the Slate link.

    And how stupid is Bachmann. Every ABR (except her, who was knocked off by Perry’s announcement) was riding high with the primary voters, soaring over Mitt, until they fell of their own weight. No Republicans took them down; they just couldn’t cut it.

    I’m waiting for the defeated also-rans to claim they fell because the GOP Establishment took them out because they wanted Mitt. Newt’s already making those claims. In his case it’s probably true. No GOP in the know wants Newt as nom.

  944. HomeBiz2:

    Does anyone have a link to rewatch the debate?

  945. Henry Hubitt:

    Next time Mitt talks about his blind trust, I hope he explains it a little for the average voter. Explain that congressmen and so-called public servants often get rich off their service with sweetheart investment deals and insider information. Say that when he went into public service, he wanted to avoid all that. So he turned over all his investments to what’s called a blind trust, where he wouldn’t make the investment decisions or know what the money was invested in.

  946. Kermit:

    SixMom – yes perhaps Rubio doesn’t “deserve” the veep, but he did defend Romney against Newt a couple times on the ads yesterday. . . . and I’m sure Mitt would forgive him for not coming out in support early on. But I think Mitt does need someone to bring something “new” and exciting. . . . and I think Rubio does that. Time will tell, but I’d be happy with most people he chooses – as long as Mitt was on the top of the ticket!

  947. Katechon:

    Newt is done !!

    You can bet the moon on it !!

  948. Petunia:

    I am really worried about the Reagan endorsement… and they are playing a video of Nancy saying the torch passed… but the torch had no followers after Newt dropped it and the flame went out! The impeachment and the reprimand put out the torch… and the affair.

    I am worried that it could bring Newt back… of course if we can keep his own words sounding in people’s ears…

    But, how popular is Reagan in Florida? I loved Reagan, but Michael and Nancy are just people… And honestly I get tired of hearing Reagan this and Reagan that… it sort of be nice to make a break…

  949. Titan:

    I live in south east Florida and it appears to be overwhelmingly Ron Paul. South west seems to lean toward newt Gingrich. Not sure about elsewhere. Other than Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando, there’s no other big cities to be won. Broward and Miami have the most people.

  950. Katechon:

    Stewart : Newt wanna quit the earth for a younger planet !!

  951. Petunia:

    No one earns the VP… it is given because of demographics. And hurt feelings… it is the only thing to bring the parts of the party together.

    But I have never seen the kind of hate against anyone like against Mitt. And everytime someone backs him they automatically lose the support of the haters… so who in the world could reach those people?

    Demint? But he certainly didn’t bring SC… how much clout does anyone have?

    I like Bachmann. But she was pretty disavowed by the end.

    Maybe Santorum. Those evangelicals in Texas picked him… would he heal the rifts… these rifts are about much more than politics.

    Maybe Huckabee? Would he heal wounds? He really isn’t that conservative… neither is Santorum really…

    It isn’t about conservative at all… it’s about religion. Maybe Huckabee.

    Arkansas is the south right?

  952. Common Cents:

    Romney and Santorum both won, which works even more in Mitt’s favor.

    Romney shattered the ridiculous myth that Newt “conquers all” in the debates. Romney once AGAIN wiped the floor with him, Newt looked pathetic up there.

    Also, Romney should NOT do another primary debate after this. Period.
    Win Florida, and let Newt flounder for the next month because it’s over and NO MORE LIFELINES!

  953. ClassyMitt:


    I think Newt aught to take Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Kristal with him to help colonize the moon.

  954. Katechon:

    Don’t worry Petunia dear, Mitt is the nominee.

    Mitt Nomney

  955. georgie:

    954 – Mitt Nomney!!! hahahah good good good

  956. georgie:

    friends and peeps…debate link anywhere? me needy!!!

  957. Petunia:

    What VP pick would please Erick Ericksen he has been rabidly anti-Mormon. Who would make him happy.

    Huckabee would have to give up his cushy job… but VPs get rich afterward so he’d be set.

    OOoooo what about the dunce of the year Rick Perry?

  958. Common Cents:

    I agree that Rubio “doesn’t deserve the VP slot” for his cowardice. I mean really, you couldn’t endorse Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich? I could understand if there were truly viable contenders left, but that’s just being spineless. His stock REALLY went down in my book. Jeb Bush is a straight up snake, conservatives would be wise to keep the Bush family out of the GOP for good.

    That being said, politics isn’t fair and Rubio is the strongest VP pick on Earth. I’m less interested in settling scores than I am winning elections. Democrats will be terrified as they see a key demographic up for grabs with a Romney/Rubio ticket.

  959. Arkansas Yankee:

    931, 934, and 936 leave Rubio alone. Romney needs to win this on his own.

  960. Arkansas Yankee:


  961. K.G.:

    No. No. No. Romney, when asked about VP, was clear. He’s going for a governor. He listed ONLY governors; says he want somebody with leadership/executive experience. Jindal might have been on the top of the list, but he endorsed Perry. I say McDonnell.

    Although Mitt’s the type that would go w/Jindal if he thought he was the best. Mitt’s not vindictive or thin-skinned.

  962. georgie:

    Here it is!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Shd0S6gaLs

  963. Jerald:

    I detect a fundamentally transformational and grandiose downward trend in the trajectory of the Speaker’s inherit ability to reinvent his heroic and substantially patriotic service to his country and the conservative movement and to bloviate on his truly enormous impact on the direction of the country and the world as a whole due to the recent and inexplicable ability of GOP voters to accurately and unequivocally determine exceptionally enormous quantities of bovine excrement when they see it…

    With that, good night everyone… 8)

  964. Ozzy:

    Let me see if I got this straight. Marco Rubio is a coward for not endorsing Mitt? Look I support Mitt in this race as much as anyone, but, if Marco wants to stay neutral and let the best man win, that’s his perogative. Nothing cowardice about it. I think Marco is a great human being, a fine senator, and a proud representative of the Cuban-American people. If Marco doesn’t want to endorse, fine, niether Romney nor Gingrich are putting a gun to his head, forcing him to do so.

  965. Ozzy:

    961 KG,

    Romney has mentioned there are about fifteen people on his list of VP choices. I’m sure they are all not governors. I’m sure some senators and maybe some reps are there too. Personally, my choice for a Romney VP, if not Rubio, would be Paul Ryan.

  966. Common Cents:


    That’s a dumb rationale for someone not to endorse, and I don’t believe for one minute that is the reason why Rubio stayed out. He stayed out because he was scared people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity might not like him for making the right call.

    Florida looked like it was going to be a close race, and everybody knew Newt would be a trainwreck if he somehow slipped through. Rubio is a coward, plain and simple.

    I will remember this when he decides to run for President.

  967. independentthinker:

    Anyone have the latest intrade numbers?

  968. georgie:

    so…a great headline for the moon topic…

    “Newt Moons America”

  969. K.G.:

    #965: The last time Mitt discussed VP’s (within the last two weeks) he mentioned ONLY governors–was very explicit to mention ONLY governors, saying he wanted someone with executive experience. I say he tipped his hand there. He was very specific about it.

    In the end he may choose a legislator; but that’s not what he said. But anything can change on a dime. I guess we’ll see.

  970. K.G.:

    Rubio coming out and defending Mitt against Newt’s TWO lies was good support for Mitt–and Mitt was able to use Rubio’s against Newt in the debate with great effect.

    It’s one thing to get an endorsement–and quite another to have someone who has endorsed you come out and call your opponent a liar on two different occasions.

    Newt is a liar; he doesn’t even know when he’s lying. He just opens his mouth, and “stuff” falls out.

  971. Jaxemer11:

    933 – Stuff like that irritates me. Mitt always wins “by default”. What a bunch of hogwash! He is a very good debater. He won because he was the best one on the stage.

  972. Jaxemer11:

    945 – He should do a commercial explaining that for the general election. It would help to quash some of the angst people have over his wealth.

  973. Arkansas Yankee:

    966 You are some kind of a fool. When Romney wins this, he is going to need the likes of Rubio to help encourage a fair number of conservatives who really dislike Romney to come out and vote. He will be more effective at that, if he does not make a pre primary endorsement.

  974. Jaxemer11:

    966 – You are right, but that is fine. Look what the Teavangelicals have done to Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, bot Tea Party heros a few months ago. Romney didn’t need the Rubio endorsement, and we need strong and good leader like Rubio who can still rally the base. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitt was alright with Rubio not endorsing him.

    Right now, endorsing Mitt means you are a RINO to a certain portion of the moronic Republican voter base. It makes no sense at all, but that is the way it is.

  975. packeryman:

    This is great, Romney has wiped up the floor with Newt again. Newt has no defense for influence peddling, to much documentation and too many people know about it(Imagine the data the Dem’s have on Newt,they can probably produce an individual that would testify in court of some shady deal). If ever nominated the party elders are afraid of a Nov. surprise. After Romney takes the FL primary and Newt is not on the VA ballot, why are these fools still voting for this corrupt, pompous egotistical Washington Insider. We know one thing he knows how to use the revolving doors from his office on K Street. It looks like the flat earth folks(tea baggers and self righteous religious fanatics)will end up having to vote for Romney. He is the only candidate that can carry most of the Independents(needed for the GOP to win)

  976. K.G.:

    #974: Sadly, you are right. The Teavangelicals have morphed into a real problem child.

  977. Ozzy:


    Right now, it’s a moot point. I’m sure all Mitt is concentrating on right now is winning the nomination and wrapping up this race before he start thinking about a running mate. I’m sure he’ll start his Veepstakes after he is officially the nominee.

  978. Jman:

    Great day here in Naples, Italy! Sounds like Romney was the man at the debate last night! FL has brought back sanity to the race.

  979. Gordon:

    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Mitt was in on Jeb’s and Rubio’s decision not to endorse…My gut tells me Mitt has been building this case against Moonbeam for a long, long time. Aren’t we all happy that Mitt waited until tonight to unload his best argument against his tax issues/class envy attacks…Mitt played his tax issue perfectly in SC…Damn Mitt is really smart. I’ve seen comments from people here and all over the web impressed with Romney tonight who have always been skeptical, to say the least. He came as close as he ever has to having a “moment”…the entire tone of the debate and the impact of it is a “moment” in and of itself. Ginormous night for Romney.

    Santorum was fantastic tonight too…his attack on Romneycare was brutal, but obviously Romneycare isn’t going to take down Mitt…it would have done that a long time ago. But great night for Santorum.

    Moonbeam is dead…God help us all if he’s not.

  980. Independent CPA:

    Just finished watching the debate on my dvr. Mitt won this debate, and this shows he can breathe fire. That’s a good sign when going up against Obama. Wolf didn’t back down, either. I think Wolf was tired of Newt bashing the media. Maybe Sarah Palin was right when she said that it will strengthen the eventual candidate if he has to fight and claw his way to the nomination. “Stil sharpeens stil.”

  981. SixMom:

    #957 Petunia et. al.

    Excuse me….maybe this is wrong. And I’m fine with differing opinions because I’m not sold on my own.


    I think it’s been proven we don’t need to appease the more radical, activist evangelicals and so cons. Their reign of demand and terror and bigotry is over.

    Evangelicals are not in a position to command attention or their way or be appeased. I mean SC chose moon man. Who is going to pay attention to them now? The Presidency can be won without SC. So Cons and the like just made themselves obsolete by their own show of a grave lack of judgmenst. Rush and others showing how weak their own influence has become.

    I hope Mitt makes a really professional, wise pick for VP. For whatever strategic reasons he deems best.

  982. packeryman:

    I’m with SixMom on non appeasement of the self righteous bible thumping religious fanatics and or tea baggers. Look what happened when the radical right hijacked the party in 1964 from Rockefeller Republicans. The GOP had the Goldwater defeat of 1964. Newt would bring about a similar defeat, lose control of the House and lose seats in the Senate(why do you think we had a surge of old guard Republicans come out against Newt yesterday?). You ask how can that be? due to the fact most Independents will not vote for Newt or Santorum(Ron Paul is different, some would vote for him if he ran third party).Most will support Romney(the GOP needs that vote to win).No matter how much propaganda the far right AM radio shock jocks rally against Romney, moderate Republicans and Independents, most Americans are in the middle of the political spectrum. They are not far right or left. Romney is the only candidate that has a chance of beating Obama. Those on the right who only listen to and converse with those of like mind right wing ideology are not aware of the growing movement and motivation the Democrat’s have.Some of the radical governor’s overplayed their hands and will end up being removed,Ohio Wisconsin etc. This has stimulated the Dem’s nationwide.They will get the majority of the Black, Hispanic, Labor, Gay, Female, (most Independents if GOP nominates Newt)and those voters who don’t like the antics of the tea baggers and the chaos they have created in the House, my way or the highway,no compromise crowd. They have proven they cannot govern, our government was not meant to work without compromise.They will go to the poll in 2012 em mass to vote out all Republican candidates. This will not be an easy election as was 2010 when they stayed home. They are aware they let the inmates takeover the institution.Romney’s VP should not be anyone from the “flat earth folks”(that is the above two groups mentioned) the Independents will run( a lot will vote Dem) if the VP candidate is of far right political ideology.

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