January 19, 2012

Race42012’s CNN – South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate Open Forum

Here’s CNN’s teaser:

And then there were four.

The four major Republican presidential candidates face off Thursday night in the CNN-Southern Republican debate in Charleston, in the final showdown before Saturday’s crucial South Carolina primary.

— Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: He has been the frontrunner in the Palmetto State but four polls released over the last two days indicate his lead is just about gone.

— Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: Those same surveys indicate he is surging and is basically knotted up with Romney for the top spot. Gingrich on Thursday grabbed a major endorsement as Texas Gov. Rick Perry suspended his bid for the White House and backed Gingrich.

— Former Sen. Rick Santorum: He got a boost Thursday as the Iowa GOP released the final certified results from its January 3 caucuses, indicating that Santorum topped Romney by 34 votes. The initial results from the contest that kicked off the presidential primary and caucus calendar had Romney edging out Santorum by eight votes.

— Rep. Ron Paul of Texas: He had a solid third-place finish in Iowa and a strong second-place finish last week in New Hampshire, but according to political pundits Paul had somewhat of a difficult time at Monday night’s debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

With the stage down to four candidates, each man will get plenty of time to talk and to take on his rivals for the nomination.

Tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. ET for the CNN-Southern Republican Presidential Debate hosted by John King and follow it on Twitter at #CNNDebate. For real-time coverage of the South Carolina primary, go to CNNPolitics.com or to the CNN apps or CNN mobile web site.

And as always, have at it in the comments!

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1,017 Responses to “Race42012’s CNN – South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate Open Forum”

  1. Matthew E. Miller says:

    This will be the most fundamentally, profoundly, transformationally important debate in the history of western civilization.

  2. Thomas Alan says:


    Maybe Newt can get Juan Williams to throw him racially charged questions that only make sense to the hardcore liberal black establishment for another 5 minutes.

    I can’t believe Juan Williams is responsible for the race tightening again.

  3. MarqueG says:

    Uh-oh. Hosted by John “The Grunt” King…

  4. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “This will be the most fundamentally, profoundly, transformationally important debate in the history of western civilization.”

    …or it will produce a lot of fighting, no real bombshell, and will be overtaken by talk of the ABC interview.

  5. MarqueG says:

    Where’s MWS? I miss the running premonitory commentary. Who coulda foreseen that?

  6. Smack1968 says:

    January 19th, 2012,

    There will be pages written…..

  7. teledude says:

    I hope Mitt doesn’t get challenged and reverts to his stammering and stuttering….that never plays well on TV.

    Poor guy.

    He should skip some of these things…they’re so déclassé

  8. MarqueG says:

    John King question sampler:

    Governor Romney, Just For Men or Grecian Formula?

  9. MarqueG says:

    Senator Santorum, home fries or a baked potato?

  10. MarqueG says:

    Congressman Paul, Viagra or Levitra?

  11. Matt "MWS" says:

    I designate “ethics” and “tax return” to be the drinking cues tonight.

    Pace yourselves……

  12. Blake says:

    7 – I’d love you to produce a youtube link of some of that stammering and stuttering.

  13. Blake says:

    7 – But Palin! Now SHE was awesome thinking on her feet wasn’t she? Ya, that Palin, what a debater. She’s just biding her time…right Tele?

  14. Matt "MWS" says:

    I give it a 20% chance that Newt walks off the stage tonight.

  15. Matt "MWS" says:

    …..before the debate is over.

  16. Jonathan says:


    Ah crap. CNN has Wolf Blitzer, who easily takes the cake for best debate moderator and they go with the Grunter? I can only hope that CNN learned from their mistake in the first debate.

  17. teledude says:

    11. too late!

    I’m already half in the bag

  18. Matt "MWS" says:

    “Senator Santorum, Tridentine or Novus Ordo?”

  19. MarqueG says:

    Speaker Gingrich, Heidi Klum or Giselle Bundchen?

  20. Jonathan says:

    “Speaker Gingrich, open marriage or single life?”

  21. Riccardo says:

    Jeb Bush to endorse Mitt tomorrow…

    Bank on it!

  22. Wise Indie says:

    What has happened to the party of supposed family values?! The Republican party seems to be ran by utterly hypocritical “Christian” charlatans.

    ?But at least Dr. James Dobson, of Focus on The Family, stated last weekend during an evangelical gathering, that “Newt Gingrich’s wife, she was a mistress for eight years.” And he asked “Who do you want as your first lady?”

    Thanks Dr. Dobson, maybe there is hope for this party after all.

  23. Hungarian says:

    Does anyone know where i can watch the debate online?

  24. Matt "MWS" says:

    “Speaker Gingrich, 3rd time’s a charm, or 3 strikes and you’re out?”

  25. jaaron says:

    19 – lol

  26. Riccardo says:

    Question to Gov Romney, If you were to have had an illicit relationship with one of Newt’s three wives, which one would it be?

  27. Jonathan says:


    There have been as many rumors of Jeb endorsing Romney as there have been sightings of the Florida Skunk Ape.

  28. David says:

    If CNN had any balls, they’d simply ask Newt whether he believes there’s a fundamental difference between public and private morality. I’d just love to see him justify himself (and his hypocrisy)…

  29. Riccardo says:

    It’s tomorrow…trust me.

  30. teledude says:


    Blake!! Dude!!

    this is for you my man


    I’m just here to help (with apologies to Keith)

  31. Thomas Alan says:

    Maybe we should have more debates if someone drops out before each one.

  32. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    I would much rather watch Nightline than this debate.

  33. K.G. says:

    OK…it’s starting. Christians and lions–except in this case the “Christians” are the lions.

  34. OhioRepub says:

    Come on, Mitt. Give us reason to hope for a solid SC win!

  35. MarqueG says:

    Governor Romney, mandates or firing people?

  36. Jonathan says:

    Ah, a good ole’ over the top CNN opening.

  37. OhioRepub says:

    Is someone going to keep us updated on the ABC interview?

  38. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Moral or immoral? We will find out soon enough.

  39. aspire says:

    25% chance Santorum says “open marriage” today
    70% chance Santorum attacks Gingrich
    100% chance Santorum claims he “won” Iowa
    60% chance Romney asks Gingrich to release his ethics investigation
    98% chance Romney attacks Gingrich
    90% chance Gingrich mentions Perry’s endorsement
    99% chance Gingrich is confronted with the “open marriage” issue
    75% chance Gingrich doesn’t give a direct answer at first
    85% chance Gingrich complains about the questions
    98% chance teledude proclaims Gingrich the winner
    100% chance Gingrich attacks Romney

  40. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Newt Gingrich on the rise. We aren’t talking about his sex life.

  41. K.G. says:

    Newt Gingrich,

    13-year old janitors or mirrors on the moon?

  42. MarqueG says:

    28: Speaker Gingrich, public morality or private?

  43. Smack1968 says:

    Matt “MWS”

    Pace myself?

    Odd…never heard of that expression before.

  44. Jonathan says:

    The good news is that with only 4 candidates on the stage, we might actually get a little more substance out of them. You know, 90 second soundbites instead of 30 second soundbites.

  45. Henry Hubitt says:

    31.Thomas Alan Says:
    January 19th, 2012 at 6:59 pm
    Maybe we should have more debates if someone drops out before each one.

    Four more, to be exact. No, five, just to be sure.

  46. aspire says:

    The audience gets to ask questions. Some lady should get up and ask Gingrich if he has an open marriage, then wink at him.

  47. Conservative Independent says:

    Brian Ross on BOR right now

  48. Watchinitall says:

    Keep me up, I’m cooking dinner.

  49. Thomas Alan says:

    Newt looks like he gained a few between debates. That button isn’t holding.

  50. jaaron says:

    Newt is booed as he enters the stage.

  51. Matthew E. Miller says:

    My goodness, until this moment I never realized how heavy Newt is. He’s got to be pushing 260 and he’s not that tall.

  52. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    43. Newt has said that…typically it is when he is referring to mistresses.

  53. Conservative Independent says:

    #50 Why was he booed?

  54. MarqueG says:

    44. Well, at least it’s not Stephanopolous. Otherwise we get essay questions on banning contraceptives.

  55. Jonathan says:

    It is amazing how just a month ago, there were seven candidates on the stage and now we’re down to four. The process does work, slowly but surely.

  56. K.G. says:

    They are playing background music: Sounds like a game show; Survivor? Biggest Loser? All the aspects of a carnaval. It is kind of a freak show.

  57. Jared C says:

    I hope Romney destroys Newt tonight!! Go Mitt!

  58. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Newt looks wicked fat and is the only 1 of the 4 candidates NOT singing the national anthem right now

  59. K.G. says:

    #51: Newt is a big fat self-indulgent toad.

  60. Conservative Independent says:

    Ross said since they did a piece on Romney and the Caymann Islands they thought it was only fair to do one on Newt

  61. Matthew Kilburn says:

    only one minute to answer?

  62. Paul8148 says:

    was it boos or newts?

  63. aspire says:

    Right out of the gate.

  64. jaaron says:

    53 – just some in the crowd…probably don’t like him. crazy, i know.

  65. MarqueG says:

    39: Ding, ding, ding, ding!

  66. Matthew Kilburn says:

    whoops. Mitt was looking at the wrong camera.

  67. Conservative Independent says:

    Ross said this was also payback for what Newt did to Clinton while he was doing the same thing

  68. HowardB says:

    Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich don’t sing the national anthem. Romney and Santorum do. Anyone read anything into this?

  69. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    There goes Santy…Iowa win. HAHAHA.

  70. Paul8148 says:

    sounds like nice newt tonight…

  71. Wise Indie says:

    46. LOL! That would be great .

  72. Evil Conservative says:

    I’m Newt Gingrich and I’m Open to new ideas… and other things

  73. aspire says:

    I’m Newt Gingrich, I’m a sex addi… I mean I’m from Georgia, so vote for the Southern candidate.

  74. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I’m Noot Gingrich. I like to sleep with multiple women that aren’t my wife.

  75. jaaron says:

    Santorum – did you hear, i won iowa? did you hear?

  76. Jared C says:

    I’m Newt Gingrich and I am a blowhard who cheats on my wife, and my intellect is 2nd to none

  77. Conservative Independent says:

    Doctors told Newt not to put Marianne under stress after MS diagnosis then Newt tells her he is going to divorce her

  78. Jonathan says:

    Romney should make a joke about the Iowa results; it’ll make him more likeable.

  79. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “character attack” sounds too much like “character assassination”

    Which would imply it was false…

  80. Jared C says:

    BAM!!! Here comes Marianne!!

  81. Irish Right says:

    What an unmitigated ass

  82. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    South Carolinians are sick bastards.

  83. Jonathan says:

    Really Newt? It’s the media’s fault? CNN didn’t make you cheat on your wife Mr. Speaker. Your overcharged libido did that.

  84. Thomas Alan says:

    So much for Newt just asking questions to “get it out in the open” before the primaries are over.

  85. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Listen to all of the immoral losers. What is wrong with the people in this country? I am appauled by you Noot.

  86. LV says:

    Decent? The fake anger always works, even with his wives.

  87. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    The applause is sickening.

    It shows Newt is going to win SC.

    Damn it.

  88. K.G. says:

    Vicious nature of the process? Seriously, after Newt’s PAC vicious bag of lies about Bain. Close to dispicable?

  89. aspire says:

    That’s some pious bologna!

  90. Irish Right says:

    I think he will lose points calling this dispicable

  91. Jared C says:

    But not every person in there has cheated twice on their wives

  92. Wise Indie says:

    Well, Gingrich’s followers are certainly there; applauding him for reputing a valid question about his past.

  93. Watchinitall says:

    The professor and Marriane . . .

  94. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Newt just won this freaking debate. Thanks CNN and you stupid head up your ass South Carolinians.

  95. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Hit him back John!

  96. MarqueG says:

    Whoah! Gingrich starts with anger. It’s ungracious.

  97. K.G. says:

    Dumb of CNN to open the debate with this. Just teed it up for Newt. Wah!

  98. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Newt just won South Carolina.

  99. ClassyMitt says:

    So…Is the case closed?

  100. MarqueG says:

    91. Watchin’ LOL!

  101. aspire says:

    So far:
    100% chance Santorum claims he “won” Iowa
    99% chance Gingrich is confronted with the “open marriage” issue
    75% chance Gingrich doesn’t give a direct answer at first
    85% chance Gingrich complains about the questions

  102. Jared C says:

    What’s most disgusting is the fact that we are even forced to have this discussion because Newter couldn’t keep it in his pants. How can he expect to protect the sanctity of marriage when he clearly doesn’t respect it at all.

  103. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    I hear booing in the audience. Am I wrong?

  104. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    The people of SC are complete losers! It is an issue!

  105. Smack1968 says:

    Hanging curveball for Newt right out of the gate.

    These Moderators in these last couple of debates are doing Newt such a great favor.

    If I was a Mitt, Paul or Santorum supporter I would be pissed at these Mods

  106. Conservative Independent says:

    Newt is not the victim here although the people of SC who are giving him a standing vocation think he is It’s sick

  107. John Mark says:

    Newt Gingrich worrying about this trash discouraging decent people from running. Yes, decent people always have to worry about one of their ex-wives who they profusely cheated on ratting on them…

  108. aspire says:

    If he doesn’t mention Gingrich’s name, Gingrich doesn’t get to respond.

  109. Sojourner Truth says:

    OMG Newt just KILLED that!

    F*ck yeah! YES YES YES!!!!

  110. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Good answer, Mitt!

  111. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    #cnndebate #hannity #tcot #gop #talkmaster Newt sounds very arrogant but also very combative. It will not wear well. People will think

  112. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Awesome point.

  113. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Wow Mitt! That really may have helped you there.

  114. Irish Right says:

    Great answer by Romney

  115. OhioRepub says:

    Did Newt already win the debate? Sheesh. I hate South Carolina.

  116. opey says:

    Sojourner Truth Says:
    January 19th, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    OMG Newt just KILLED that!

    F*ck yeah! YES YES YES!!!!

    watch it.

  117. MarqueG says:

    Newt is off-base in his sanctimoniousness. He was going after Clinton for the very actions he was perpetrating. It’s the ultimate in hypocrisy.

  118. Sojourner Truth says:

    Newt just made it so that NONE of the other candidates DARED to pile on.

  119. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I guess Romney thinks the media will do the work hitting Gingrich. It is an issue!

  120. Smack1968 says:

    Good answer Mitt..started strong.

  121. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Hey look, Sojourner for Satan is here to cheer on Newt.

  122. Irish Right says:

    Newt, a hypocrite???? When did this happen?

  123. Sojourner Truth says:

    119 – Yes. 1 of 118 comments on Romney42012 cheered on Newt.

    Deal with it.

  124. K.G. says:

    #117: There are so many issues with Newt; can’t take them on in the debate. That’s why Mitt has money to run ads.

  125. Brett H. says:

    Go Ron!

  126. jaaron says:

    This is BS, why do they give him such a pass?? Hit him with the hypocrisy. Newt you attacked clinton for an affair, but now you say it is not an issue???

  127. Matthew E. Miller says:


    No, no that was two decades ago. Since then, conservatives have become hipper about these things. They’re all about swinging now.

  128. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Romney played this great.

    First he spoke about his family and marriage in the opening statement BEFORE it became an issue and reconfirmed his solid image as an impeccable family man.

    Then he avoids the mud and shows class by not addressing the scandal.

    Smooooooooooooooooth and smart.

  129. Conservative Independent says:

    Newt is a slimebag. He walked out on one wife with cancer and left her penniless and then walks out on the other after she has diagnosed with MS

  130. MarqueG says:

    Fundamentally, radically… Drink!

  131. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    125 Sad but true.

  132. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Fundementaly …about ports.

  133. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Newt just made it so that NONE of the other candidates DARED to pile on.”

    Exactly. And it was absolutely pathetic. If not for the audience being there, one of the other candidates could have completely skewered it.

    Everything about Gingrich suggests he is a philandering, hyper-sexual hypocrite who is completely incapable of self control or commitment.

    Not. Qualified.

  134. K.G. says:

    Newt: “fundamentally, radically” change….in this case the corp of engineers.

  135. Jonathan says:

    Newt just used frankly, fundamentally and radically in one sentence. Professor Newt comes to the fore.

  136. Evil Conservative says:

    Let me 15th that Newt just won the debate

  137. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    fundamentally radically…uh right Noot.

  138. aspire says:

    What a piece of crap. Gingrich asks for a pass on his past, and dishonestly attacks Romney’s business career.

  139. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Marianne isn’t there but she is very much there and likely doomed Newt’s candidacy
    2 minutes ago
    Dick Morris
    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Issue with ex wife is now over for the debate, but it hangs there all debate.

    I hope he’s right

  140. jrcutler says:

    It’s official

    I hate Gingrich.

  141. Conservative Independent says:

    Newt can be a slimebag but Mitt is not allowed to earn money and be successful

  142. Sojourner Truth says:

    131 – And none of the others had the gumption to say it to his face.

    Remember the last time that happened? ObamneyCare didn’t last long.

  143. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Sojourner for Satan, you missed the rich irony. You are doing Satan’s work by cheering on the serial adulterer who has gone to great lenghts to destroy the God institued sanctity of marriage.

  144. DaveG says:

    Newt Gingrich is a Narcissist. And I don’t mean that in a name-calling sort of way. I mean that in a clinical sort of way. If you read up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you’ll see that Newt fits it to a “t.”

  145. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    134. I don’t think so. I think it rattled him a little. Let’s see how he does from here.

  146. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Nice Mitt!

  147. John Mark says:

    There’s no reason for the candidates to trash Newt for his personal life on the stage; the media’s going to take care of that.

  148. Jonathan says:

    Romney mentions crony capitalism, the day after I mentioned it in my last post; I told you all his campaign monitors this site.

  149. MarqueG says:

    Looks like Santo is fading in debate time again commensurate with his SC poll numbers.

  150. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt home run!!!

  151. Conservative Independent says:

    Mitt doing better tonight. He acts like he practiced

  152. OhioRepub says:

    I’m amazed at how many people won’t clap for him.

  153. Jonathan says:

    Now that’s the Romney I want as a nominee.

  154. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Excellent answer on Bain.

  155. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt killing this answer! Take it to them Mitt!!!

  156. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:


  157. Conservative Independent says:

    Santo looks like he is going to cry

  158. MarqueG says:

    Romney’s in a much better shape starting off than he was in the Fox debate.

  159. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Remember that tomorrow’s coverage is going to be all on soundbites, particularly the ones the media cares about.

    Newt Gingrich won South Carolina as soon as he was asked about his marriage. That will be THE…. THE soundbite tomorrow. No matter how good Mitt does.

  160. Matthew Kilburn says:

    If Newt comes off as too angry tonight, he’ll lose this debate.

  161. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Romney has some fire in his voice tonight. I love it.

  162. K.G. says:

    Mitt is dominating this thing. Talking about stuffing it down Obama’s throat….while Newt is defending…..well, as a lady, I better not go there.

  163. Jonathan says:

    Santorum does realize that pandering to the manufacturing shtick might work well in the Rust Belt, but won’t strike the same chord in Dixie.

  164. Jared C says:

    “Did I mention that I won Iowa?”

  165. K.G. says:

    Santorum a pale imitation of Mitt.

  166. DaveG says:

    Mitt doing better tonight. He acts like he practiced

    What happened to Mitt on Monday happens to Republicans all the time. Republicans have the tendency to forget that debates matter. There is something about the conservative temperament that leads Republicans to assume, “Gosh, people can’t be so superficial and ill informed that they’ll allow a single bad debate performance to sway their opinion dramatically!” Um, yes, people ARE that superficial and ill informed. Democrats get that. Republicans never will.

  167. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt had no choice but to act mad….It sounded practiced.

  168. Conservative Independent says:

    #157 I hope you are wrong. People will remember Nightline and women will dislike Newt

  169. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Newt Gingrich won South Carolina as soon as he was asked about his marriage.”

    Listening to casual observers on facebook….that answer didn’t come off well. And saying “its completely wrong” won’t thrill people.

    If they play his “you should be ashamed” answer, that was not a good moment. It got cheers, but its not a good soundbite.

  170. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    157. You are calling it too early MC.

  171. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Newt is a toad, always was and always will be. The fact he hides his wandering organ behnd a media attack, with that “pious, victemized baloney” just prooves he is the ultimate s- bag.

    Here’s a guy who can attack like a liberal, because basically he IS a Liberal.

  172. K.G. says:

    Mitt killed Newt’s gripe about Bain by “doing the math.” How stupid did Newt look?

  173. Krispy says:

    “Newt Gingrich won South Carolina as soon as he was asked about his marriage. That will be THE…. THE soundbite tomorrow. No matter how good Mitt does.”

    He wins the debate by being appalled and snarky about answering for his immorality? Really?

  174. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Bold or fold, brother.

    No one cares about safe declarations of conventional wisdom.

  175. MarqueG says:

    Paul started off fine, and then stooped to a shameless pander on the VA.

  176. Jonathan says:

    Good answer by Paul on the veterans issue, particularly with the issue of veteran’s health. (can’t believe I said that)

  177. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Unfortunately, yes.

  178. Metro says:

    Strange to see just 4 on the stage. Missed the last one.

  179. MarqueG says:

    I’m glad they’re down to four, and apparently working without rigid time limits.

  180. K.G. says:

    Santorum = Sant-bore-em. Just drones on. Not good.

  181. ClassyMitt says:

    Mitt has to start giving longer answers.

  182. Evil Conservative says:

    It’s about time Romney got some emotion in that answer!

    “Newt Gingrich is a Narcissist. And I don’t mean that in a name-calling sort of way. I mean that in a clinical sort of way. If you read up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you’ll see that Newt fits it to a “t.””

    While most of the traffic in DC has always been caused by the 18 wheelers used to haul the hundreds of elected egos around the capitol, Obama vs Gingrich would be the most-nakedly narcissistic pair of candidates America has ever seen – certainly in the last 50 years.

  183. Smack1968 says:

    Massachusetts Conservative,

    Comment 172#,


  184. OhioRepub says:

    Very good answer by Mitt. Best of both worlds.

  185. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Mass Con,


    God knows I love you think and support Romney as well as loving fighting shoulder to shoulder with you here and at Right Speak.

    But you have a tendancy to throw in the towel a little too soon.

    Fight tooth and nail till the last vote is counted and if we lose by even 1 vote in SC, concede nothing , kick ’em in the balls and attack in Florida.

  186. Jonathan says:

    State’s rights has always played well in South Carolina.

  187. Conservative Independent says:

    Newt better hope they don’t use the first exchange in sound bites. It will just remind people that he is a despicable slimebag. He’s not the hero in this. e

  188. Jeff Y says:

    How’s the debate so far? I’m just tuning in. Is Mitt doing better tonight?

  189. K.G. says:

    Mitt nails the veteran/states/build the navy question. Good in SC.

  190. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Throw in the towel?

    I’m in this to win, dude. Doesn’t mean I can’t call ’em like I see ’em.

  191. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt looking very strong tonight. Great answers and has a lot of energy!

  192. Conservative Independent says:

    ByronYork Gingrich tax return shows he paid $19,800 in alimony in 2010. http://t.co/BJSYKBpW

  193. Doug NYC GOP says:


    YES he is…strong and surefooted.

  194. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Thanks, Smack. I actually made that line myself!

  195. K.G. says:

    Newt is boring right now; getting off in the weeds. Mitt’s much stronger, using what he did in Mass. The only governor left in the stage.

  196. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Mitt won that exchange!

  197. Smack1968 says:

    Newt Gingrich released his Tax Returns just as the debate began.

    Newt trying to control the messaging war in the last 48 hours before voting.

    Good move.

  198. Sojourner Truth says:

    Well….if Newt does win, and it’s now established that Mitt LOST Iowa…

    This thing is going to go on for a while…

  199. jaaron says:

    186- much better.

  200. SixMom says:

    It’s interesting, I cannot stand listening to Newt now. He uses the same gimmicks, the same voice inflections, the same history lessons…..

    I’d rather listen to Santorum now. That’s saying something.

  201. DaveG says:

    Incidentally, my gut take on the Newt opener is that Newt will end up looking like a d-bag and that it will hurt him. Dick Morris had the same reaction, which means we’re probably wrong.

  202. K.G. says:

    Mitt got the first response on ObamaCare. Good for him. He gets the first stab at it.

  203. Conservative Independent says:

    #196 Nice try turning fiction into fact

  204. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt is on fire!!!

  205. K.G. says:

    Mitt’s has some good lines tonight.

  206. Jonathan says:

    Ah, substantive answers on important issues. That’s what I like.

  207. Sojourner Truth says:

    Dick “Hillary versus Rudy” Morris.

  208. Conservative Independent says:

    #199 Newt will look like a d-bag to women

  209. DaveG says:

    People on here may not get it, but Romney has the answer on health care that will appeal to swing voters. Saying “git gubmint out of the way” while shooting a pistol in the air won’t work.

  210. Smack1968 says:

    Massachusetts Conservative,



    I might have to steal that line for a promotion. I will give you a take…will talk later.

  211. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt is awesome tonight! Loving it!

  212. Jason Demarcus says:

    Mitt killing it! Very presidential tonight. Right now, it’s impossible to look at Gingrich right now and not think about his infidelity, his lying, his character (lack thereof). Mitt really looking very solid, confident, nimble, etc.

  213. K.G. says:

    Newt sounds very weak. Blathering. Mitt sounds strong, decisive.

  214. Florida Conservative says:

    COME ON MITT!!!!!


  215. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Romney is winning. Newt is so smart, but somehow it seems a sidebar to Romney’s focus on today

  216. Sojourner Truth says:

    That was great by Newt. Classic Newt.

  217. OhioRepub says:

    Good line from Newt.

  218. K.G. says:

    Good line from Newt on kiddie health insurance v. jobs. Elect “us.”

  219. Doug NYC GOP says:

    I think Newts lack of sensativity in the opening and being super – “Oh this all about me” may have played well live, but …. as they say in the NFL…upon further review….he’ll just look selfish

    He should have dismissed the story sadly and cast Marianne as a disgruntled and to be pitied ex…and then SHUT UP.

  220. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    I really wish Newt would stop trying to make jokes and actually talk real issues.

  221. Jason Demarcus says:

    Newt: “Elect us and your kids will be able to get jobs and move out of the house.” Good stuff and the crowd liked it.

  222. Jonathan says:

    Senator Santorum, Obamacare is not the biggest issue in the country. The sucky economy is the main issue.

  223. Irish Right says:

    Foolish departure by Santorum

  224. Conservative Independent says:

    Just because someone can come out with one liners doesn’t mean they should be President.

  225. K.G. says:

    Santorum going to back to attacking RomneyCare. Not smart. Romney has answers. Why is Rum attacking Mitt? He should be attacking Newt, his competition for now.

  226. SixMom says:

    I hate Santorum….there, I said it.

  227. Smack1968 says:

    Good line Newt…it worked.

  228. K.G. says:

    Oh, now Rum’s going after Newt on the individual mandate.

  229. Conservative Independent says:

    I have a feeling that some of Newt’s votes will go to Santo if he does well tonight.

  230. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I find it interesting that Santy wants to attack Romney. He knows he is not going to pick up any of his supporters right? Very interesting.

  231. Jonathan says:

    Santorum is making a big mistake. Romney and Newt are far more formidable debaters than he is; individually they’ll take him apart.

  232. Conservative Independent says:

    #224 I hate Newt more

  233. SixMom says:

    Great, I cringe when Santorum speaks, my skin crawls when Newt speaks and I only find mild amusement when Howdy Doody speaks.

    I may not be able to watch too many more debates.

    Shut him up…..please….hush Santorum

  234. ClassyMitt says:

    Santorum has been fighting for health care for 20 years with no results?

  235. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Santorum is working the right angle instead of attacking Bain like Newt. Just find it interesting.

  236. Evil Conservative says:

    Did that guy just say he’s from Tennessee?

  237. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    “There not wrong, but you’re right Romney…”

  238. Krispy says:

    C’mon Santorum, make eye contact with Romney…I dare ya.

  239. Brett H. says:

    232- typical rombot spin.

  240. Doug NYC GOP says:

    202: See that! We can still win this.

    My comments earliewr were posted with the greatest of respect.

    I have always found your comments and analysis to be sharp, factually accurate and insightful.

    I just hate to see you wobble and I’m trying to keep you pumped up.

  241. Smack1968 says:

    Finally someone opens fire on Romenycare!!

    Are you listening to this TPAW???


    My pace of drinking is now starting to increase to dull the pain that I’m in.

  242. Conservative Independent says:

    The people of Massachusetts like Romneycare. Santo and Newt are telling them that they don’t. Weird!

  243. SixMom says:

    Shred him, Mitt – shred him.

  244. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Good retort from Mitt!

  245. MarqueG says:

    Santo looks peevish against Mitt looking calm.

  246. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Nice comeback from Mitt on go be Gov of Mass. HAHA

  247. MarqueG says:

    239. Smacks, LOL!

  248. Smack1968 says:

    Romney: “The people of the state still favor [Romneycare] three-to-one.”

    GOP voters in Massachusetts are against Romneycare by 2 to 1.

  249. Irish Right says:

    Lincoln-Douglas style … DRINK

  250. K.G. says:

    Rum so stupid to take on Mitt/Newt at the same time. Now the two best debaters on the planet are going after Rum.

    Mitt’s line is great: If you want to go be gov of Mass, go do it.

  251. blue says:

    non-mitts cat fight

  252. Jonathan says:

    Two legislator’s debating usually bores people, since they get into the nitty-gritty of the legislative-sausage making that most people don’t care about.

  253. Conservative Independent says:

    I might have to use the mute button when Newt speaks. He is so annoying. Everything isn’t about him

  254. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    This is a much better debate than in the past.

  255. aspire says:

    I’m missing most of the debate, because I’m on a call, but is Santorum stupid?

  256. Jason Demarcus says:

    Newt getting hit hard on Obamacare so it ends up being a wash for Romney I believe. This is between Romney and Gingrich.

  257. SixMom says:

    Santorum please get laryngitis or something.

  258. Jonathan says:


    Is the Pope Catholic?

  259. asparagus says:

    Santorum looking like an ass again.

  260. asparagus says:

    Someone should ask Santorum how well Medicare Part D is working.

  261. Matthew Kilburn says:

    ….and what was the life expectancy in the 60s? The survival rates for the big-name diseases?

    Not remotely as good as they are now.

  262. Sojourner Truth says:

    Paul smacks Santorum on Medicare part D. Hahaha. Good stuff.

  263. K.G. says:

    Good to see Rum and Newt arguing. Mitt just standing above it all. I don’t think Rum gets anywhere with this.

  264. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Santorum looks angry. This has always been one of his biggest problems.

  265. jaaron says:

    Posted from Facebook:

    Evangelicals for Mitt
    Newt: The fact that CNN would choose to begin a debate with this tawdry question… I can think of nothing more despicable!

    My 13 year old daughter: Well, I can think of ONE thing more despicable…. actually being the one who’s having affairs on your wives.

  266. no newt says:

    259…availability of medical is a separate issue from med tech

  267. no newt says:

    …medical care..

  268. Jonathan says:

    I know Congressman Paul is a principled appeaser, but politically speaking, going after the troop levels in South Korea at a time of instability on the Peninsula is foolish.

  269. Paul8148 says:

    good god, realease the returns durning the debate

  270. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Oh yeah, the overseas card again.

    Does Paul really think that if we just walked away from the world, everything would be just fine? NOOOOOOO……..You have an emerging China and a reemerging Russia. Two countries, hostile to democracy, intent on reaching superpower status (again), and well known for bullying their democratic neighbors.

    And they are exactly who would gain from us withdrawing from the world.

  271. MarqueG says:

    Sheesh. Mr. Medical Doctor takes a question about government involvement in medical care straight to foreign military bases. I wish I’d made that up.

  272. DaveG says:

    They have to cut to break in order to bring out the podium for Mitch Daniels.

  273. mike says:

    I realize Paul will get very little if any cred ’round these parts….but, he just nailed it.

  274. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Santorum will take away enough votes from Newt to elect Romney
    1 minute ago

    Please let Dick Morris be right for once

  275. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  276. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Hard to call a clear winner right now – but it ain’t Newt.

  277. no newt says:

    yes he did

  278. aspire says:

    256 I’m serious. I’ve thought that Sanatorum is kind of a jerk, and a baby, but now I’m starting to think maybe he’s just stupid. So I’m wondering if other people think he’s a jerk/baby, or just stupid.

  279. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    He comes the Romney tax questions. I hope he is prepared tonight and in return is willing to go after Newt to release his ethics committee proceedings.

  280. K.G. says:

    #263: jaaron. Please remind your daughter than Newt abandoned HIS daughters when Jackie was 13, leaving them penniless and unable to pay the light bill. They had to go to the church for help. Ergo, Jackie at age 13 had to be the janitor of the church in order to pay bills her father wouldn’t pay.

    It’s one thing to cheat on your wife; quite another to abandon your children and leave them destitute.

  281. Willard Mittens Rombot says:

    Here comes the tax return BS. I hope Mitt bets $10,000 who paid the most taxes?

  282. Wisco says:

    That would be great if Mitch Daniels walked on stage!

  283. MarqueG says:

    I guess Smacks and Telly are having three-hour Lincoln-Douglas style drinks. I think I’ve joined them. Bottom’s up!

  284. Florida Conservative says:

    Oh crap!

    Here come the tax questions!

    Mitt needs to end this debate with a bang

  285. Evil Conservative says:

    CNN.com banner

    BREAKING NEWS – Mitt Romney responds to Bain criticism by saying,”capitalism works.”

    Light ’em up folks because we’re going down. What the hell are we teaching in schools? Anything?

  286. Jonathan says:

    On Newt’s self-righteous outrage, I think it would’ve been more effective if he hadn’t been self-righteously outraged at every other debate or moderator question. Newt getting angry at a moderator isn’t news; someone like Paul or Romney getting pissed at a moderator would be bigger news.

  287. Smack1968 says:




  288. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Santorum is scoring against Newt, dividing the anti Romney vote. So far, Romney will win SC

  289. mike says:

    275. Take off your RomGlasses, then you’ll see a bit clearer. He’s not a baby or stupid, he’s just a bit wrong.

  290. K.G. says:

    IMO Romney is the clear winner so far; no contest. Focused and fire. Best line: Take capitalism and stuff it down Obama’s throat.

  291. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt has 4 different expressions.Is that normal?

  292. Ozzy says:

    So far, Santorum has tried to pick fights with all three other candidates and has gotten bitchslapped by all three for it.

  293. Wise Indie says:

    Oooo, Newtie is getting ticked off

  294. Smack1968 says:


    Bottoms up.

  295. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Santorum mauls, mauls Newt.

  296. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Wow Santy is finally getting it. He needs to hammer Newt to be a contender.

  297. Jason Demarcus says:

    Santorum just destroyed Gingrich.

  298. K.G. says:

    They have Santorum and Newt fighting. This is what needs to happen. “Not cogent thoughts.” Amen. Finally calling Newt “grandiose” and “not cogent.”

    Rum’s “safe” and “solid.”

  299. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Good answer by Santorum

  300. Conservative Independent says:

    Santo is right about Newt being unstable

  301. Jason Demarcus says:

    Newt got absolutely killed by Santorum.

  302. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Wow…Noot just got owned!

  303. Jonathan says:

    Okay, who honestly would’ve thought that this foursome would be the last men standing in the Republican race?

  304. Matthew E. Miller says:

    “These are not cogent thoughts”. New man-crush on Santorum.

  305. Conservative Independent says:

    Is Newt going to tell everyone he was fired from being Speaker. It is all about him after all

  306. blue says:

    newt thinks he should have a monument to himself…

  307. SixMom says:

    Is Gingrich taking credit for all of that?

  308. no newt says:

    well someone had to do it…basically called him a nut case

  309. K.G. says:

    Whoa! Rum taking on the Newt disaster in the House. Santorum was there. Has creds. This is HUGE!!!!!!

  310. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    WOW Santorum!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

  311. Conservative Independent says:

    Santo is destroying Newt YEAH!

  312. blue says:

    holy pinata

  313. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    OUCH…Santy look at you go!

  314. Conservative Independent says:

    Newt is going to blow

  315. Ozzy says:

    Santorum is bitchslapping Newt.

  316. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s great that Santorum’s attacks have pretty much dove-tailed the last two Romney web ads with other folks who’ve served with Newt.

  317. Reed says:

    Does anyone else think that Newt looks both teary eyed and pale tonight?

  318. blue says:

    that reminds me of freddie T going off on huck in s car

  319. mike says:

    Dang….Newt….wicked attack, bro.

  320. Jeff Y says:

    Wow. Santorum is nailing Gingrich with his attacks. I think he’s doing a lot of damage.

  321. brs says:

    Santorum taking Newt to task here on ethics

  322. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I am speechless…holy crap.

  323. Conservative Independent says:

    Mitt is enjoying being a bystander

  324. K.G. says:

    #307: Santorum going after the truth about Newt. Way more damaging than anything Marianne could do.

  325. SixMom says:

    Ok, that was all right from Santorum.

  326. Jason Demarcus says:

    Santorum going to get a bounce coming out of this debate. All good for Romney.

  327. DaveG says:

    My impression now is that the average voter won’t really “get” the details of all of this, as a lot of it seems inside baseball-ish, but the impression they will get will be that Newt is kinda sleazy, which is compounded by the personal issues that were revealed today.

  328. Smack1968 says:


    I love RACE42012!!

    Rum attacks Mitt:

    “Rum looks so angry tonight!”

    RuM attacks Newt:

    “Newt got killed by RUM!”
    “New man-crush on Santorum”

  329. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Newt was busy being a rebel. Just ask all the women he slept with…oh and his ex-wives as well.

  330. Heil Preußen! says:

    Newt: “I lead the fight against Republicans.”

  331. Ozzy says:

    Mitt is now bitchslapping Newt

  332. Conservative Independent says:

    Great answer Mitt about not being a DC insider

  333. blue says:

    nice comparison for romney being the outsider

  334. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt, good injection.

  335. asparagus says:

    What is Santorum doing? He is doing completely opposite the strategy I thought he would choose. If Romney wins, everybody loses. If Gingrich wins, you live to go nuclear on him another day. What is he thinking? I guess he’s tired of being the junior partner.

  336. Ozzy says:

    A “Yeah!!!!” for Mitt.

  337. Ozzy says:

    Mitt just owned Newt on the Reagan Diary

  338. OhioRepub says:


  339. Jason Demarcus says:

    Romney hitting it out of the park again.

  340. Conservative Independent says:

    Wow great response from Mitt about Reagan’s book not mentioning Newt

  341. JWR says:

    GOOD answer by Mitt about politicians claiming credit they don’t really deserve. Love it!

  342. SixMom says:

    Reagen did it, not you Newt….

  343. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    MITT GO!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

  344. aspire says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo. Romney just smacked Gingrich down.

  345. OhioRepub says:


  346. Ozzy says:

    Mitt is owning Newt and this debate.

  347. Jason Demarcus says:

    Yeah Mitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  348. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Romney played that great again.

  349. Irish Right says:

    Great points by Romney

  350. Jonathan says:

    Romney and Santorum have been nailing Newt’s ass to the wall in this section.

  351. blue says:

    tax man coming

  352. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Mass Con is now in his manic stage.

  353. JWR says:

    BAAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Love it!

  354. jaaron says:


  355. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Dang Mitt is on tonight. “I don’t remember ever thinking, thank goodness the government is there for me.” Awesome!

  356. Conservative Independent says:

    Why are Republicans trying to embarrass Mitt about being successful.

  357. Evil Conservative says:

    You have potentially the next PRESIDENT in front of you and you ask about tax returns!?!?

    ANd why is John King saying “quickly”? Let this stay organic.

  358. aspire says:

    353 Amen.

  359. Conservative Independent says:

    Good answer by Mitt about his wealth and the Dems attacking him for it. Taking a swipe at Newt for acting like a Democrat maybe?

  360. aspire says:

    What conflict of interest could Romney really have? The stock market?

  361. Conservative Independent says:

    #357 Tithing to his church?

  362. MarqueG says:

    Any guesses as to what clips come out of this debate? I doubt that squabbling over the importance of whose role in or out of Congress mattered will feature.

    Mitt stammering over releasing taxes or not looks like a target for frequent replay.

  363. Conservative Independent says:

    They are trying to make capitalism and success as something evil

  364. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Sufficient answer by Romney. I think that does the job. Turns it into a “this is what democrats do.” Very nice.

  365. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt should release the American Solutions records.

  366. Sojourner Truth says:

    Booing Mitt over not releasing multiple years?

  367. Thomas Alan says:

    I don’t get Romney’s reluctance, he’s gonna get killed here.

    This is totally self-inflicted wound.

  368. K.G. says:

    They are still talking about tax returns. Pleeeze.

  369. Smack1968 says:

    Romney has stuttered quite a bit tonight. He has been very strong in many of his answers. but his style (stuttering) is becoming a problem..IMO.

  370. MarqueG says:

    Yikes, Mitt attacked on taxes using his dad!

  371. Irish Right says:

    “I’m not going to apologize for being successful”

  372. Smack1968 says:

    Shorter Romney: You wanna see my tax returns? NOMINATE ME

  373. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    366. It would be nice if he didn’t stutter as much.

  374. Cincinnati Kid says:

    This tax release debate drives me nuts…If I were Mitt, I’d just say that I’ll release my tax returns when Obama releases his college grades…

  375. Jason Demarcus says:

    Mitt hitting it out of the park.

  376. aspire says:

    It looked like everyone applauded Romney on that.

  377. Evil Conservative says:

    I want to see a poll of how many people put “tax returns of the candidate” as even a top 10 issue, is it even 2%.
    This is so stupid!

  378. BD1 says:

    Newt should be asked to release his ethics violation file

  379. MarqueG says:

    Mitt should have killed this line of questioning on taxes days ago by getting that stuff out there forthwith. Sheesh. What a squalid front-runner…

  380. Conservative Independent says:

    Mitt had a very good answer on this.

  381. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    369. Bingo, and that is the way it has been done forever as far as I remember.

  382. K.G. says:

    The tax return issue teed it up for Mitt to talk about the war on success. Good move.

  383. Smack1968 says:

    Not good Mitt.

    That did not work.

  384. OhioRepub says:

    What time does Newt’s wife go on the air?

  385. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Romney is inspiring

  386. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Soundbites for tomorrow:

    Tax returns
    Santorum hammering Noot on ethics

  387. SixMom says:

    What Santorum is suggesting is unbelievably messy. Not practical.

  388. asparagus says:

    This tax return crap is a witch hunt. Its completely insulting.

  389. Conservative Independent says:

    #381 Nightline

  390. Sojourner Truth says:

    Mitt didn’t satisfy the audience with his tax return answers. That is an undeniable fact.

  391. K.G. says:

    #380: It works because the more they hound Mitt about the returns, the more he can say Obama will attack his success. He can turn it back on Obama.

  392. Jonathan says:

    Stop the flippin manufacturing pandering Santorum. We aren’t going to revert to the 1950’s steel-producing country that you want no matter how many tariffs you put into place and play favorites.

  393. aspire says:

    380 They showed the crowd. Everyone was applauding. Only a few jerks had a problem with Romney’s answer.

  394. MarqueG says:

    I want to see a poll of how many people put “tax returns of the candidate” as even a top 10 issue,

    Team Romney seems to miss the implications of that fact: His tax returns will not matter one iota once he releases them. That’s why it’s called “neutralizing the issue.”

  395. Florida Conservative says:


    Let’s just hope he is right and most SC voters agree with him!

  396. Matthew Kilburn says:

    The tax issue is effectively a dead horse….

    But I think Mitt could have given an even better answer:

    “I think the real question you need to ask is to my opponents – why are they using talking points right out of the liberal playbook?”

  397. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    380. Smack you are wrong my friend. Tax returns are a BS democrat argument to slam successful people.

  398. jaaron says:

    This tax thing is so dumb… Mitt should just say, it’s none of your business, I’ll release them in April, don’t worry about. 3/4 of the contenders haven’t released them either. Where’s the outrage, Mitt?? Don’t let them sandbag you on a stupid question.

  399. aspire says:

    389 Seriously.

  400. Smack1968 says:

    That was a terrible answer on what should be an easy question.

  401. K.G. says:

    #393: Good point.

  402. blue says:

    OK, not smart to take down the fbi website, whoever did that is f’d.

  403. aspire says:

    395 Yes, and why is ONLY ROMNEY being asked what he’ll release in the general election?

  404. asparagus says:

    Santorum is boring me with his tax code monkeying. Please God no more special industry breaks. “Incentives” are exactly whats wrong with the tax code.

  405. Thomas Alan says:

    Ugh. Romney just booted South Carolina.

    Mitt extended the race to Super Tuesday trying to stop a story that’s already happening. I don’t get it.

  406. Smack1968 says:

    On the Tax Return Question

    “EdMorrissey Wow, Romney is doing badly here. It’s lame”

  407. MarqueG says:

    Lovin’ Paul’s answer on why cheap goods from abroad are good. Not sure he enunciated it well enough.

  408. Matt "MWS" says:

    I’ve mostly been watching the Blues, but checked in on the debate at first intermission.

    I’d say Rum got the better of Newt when I was watching.

  409. K.G. says:

    #400 Because everyone knows he’s the only one who will make it to the GE?

  410. aspire says:

    Romney should have played a “Gingrich” and said, “How dare you ask me such a gotcha question you liberal fool!”

  411. Jonathan says:

    What the hell is Paul talking about? He started rambling about halfway through his answer into some kind of nonesense.

  412. Sojourner Truth says:

    Tax returns are a BS democrat argument to slam successful people.

    And attacks on Bain are supposedly “BS Democrat arguments”

    Why then is Newt climbing ahead of Mitt in South Carolina polling among REPUBLICANS?

  413. DaveG says:

    Down with SOPA!

  414. Evil Conservative says:

    Team Romney seems to miss the implications of that fact: His tax returns will not matter one iota once he releases them. That’s why it’s called “neutralizing the issue.”

    Who is advising him?

    I feel like this is McCain all over again where it’s a liberal Republican with his own bubble of advisors waiting for the other candidates to implode while he wins NH and Florida and maybe SC, then when it comes to getting on the attack against the Democrats he goes limp.

  415. blue says:

    thank you for getting to the topic

  416. Matt "MWS" says:

    Why isn’t Huntsman getting more questions?

    This is BS.

  417. no newt says:

    you’re a conservative newt?

  418. Jonathan says:

    I do wish people would actually read the SOPA bill before saying “it kills the Internet”. I don’t have an opinion on SOPA because I haven’t read it. Neither have 95% of the idiots who are complaining about SOPA.

  419. John Gustavsson says:

    Hey, funny fact: Sopa is swedish for “loser”. No, I’m not kidding. I’m Swedish as some of you may know, you can check it up. It comes from “sopor”, which means “trash”.

  420. Smack1968 says:

    “Mitt should just say, it’s none of your business, I’ll release them in April, don’t worry about”

    But that isn’t what Mitt is saying to the question of releasing his tax returns.

    Mitt’s answers is very weak politically and I have no ideawhy he can’t come up with an answer that says he will release them just like all nominated candidates do.

    But Mitt stumbles and stutters to a weak answer.


    I’m not the only one who is saying this in Twitter World.

  421. DaveG says:

    I want to be able to stream Lady Gaga on YouTube, dammit.

  422. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    403. Ed Morrissey is a freaking tool. Earlier today he was smooching all over Newts but defending him for being a filanderer. Sometimes you make so much sense and other times you are sooo out there.

  423. aspire says:

    Did you see how Gingrich so easily made that a partisan issue. I agree that it’s not a good law, but Gingrich doesn’t seem to know why.

  424. Matt "MWS" says:

    I’m back to watching hockey, since CNN is apparently hellbent on ignoring Huntsman and Pawlenty (they aren’t even getting face time).

    Has Newt taken credit for the Pyramids yet?

  425. Conservative Independent says:

    I doubt that anyone will vote or not vote for Mitt because of his tax returns.

  426. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I agree. I don’t actually know anything substantive about it.

  427. Evil Conservative says:

    I can’t believe how hard I am listening to this defense of internet freedom

  428. Matthew Kilburn says:

    I wish this party would stop beating up on the Unions. We’re sewing salt in our field. People are never going to go on the same kind of witch hunt towards unions. Unions help people to receive higher wages, and higher benefits….and if you don’t believe me, just look at what the Big 3 paid before they had to bring their wages down to compete with the “imports”.

  429. DaveG says:

    Santorum: “The Internet is not a free zone where anybody can do anything they want to do…” Santorum really dislike freedom. I mean, really dislikes it.

  430. aspire says:

    Wow, Santorum is stupid. Did he pay attention to the other peoples’ answers?

  431. DaveG says:

    Santorum got heckled when he attacked the idea of “anything goes.” Loved it.

  432. SixMom says:

    Santorum always sounds indignant.

    I’ve taught my children their whole lives that indignation is an inferior emotion. It really is.

  433. Jonathan says:

    Santorum should have someone monitoring his Wikipedia page. I have a feeling someone is going to hack into it and rip him a new one, electronically speaking.

  434. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I am not sure Santorum listened to everyone else’s answer.

  435. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  436. Cincinnati Kid says:

    This is soooo much better to have it down to 4 people…2 would be too few as it becomes a bit boring, but 4 seems just right with the right number of bombs being thrown…

  437. BD1 says:

    421 But the are treating Perry better

  438. DaveG says:

    Okay, this is the commercial break where Jerry Springer brings Marianne onto the stage.

  439. aspire says:

    430 You’re probably right. They ought to lock that one down right now.

  440. Jonathan says:


    The British trade unions nearly destroyed Great Britain. Margaret Thatcher knew how to deal with unions; she beat them to a bloody pulp.

  441. Sojourner Truth says:

    425 – GOP is completely stupid on the union issue. They don’t differentiate enough between public and private sector unions, and in their failure they alienate blue collar people who would be much more receptive to the party’s message on social issues.

  442. John Mark says:

    I feel sorry for Santorum making this long spill about the internet. The reprobate comedians are sure to go to that one first. I like political comedy, but they go way to far some times…and you can count on them doing it with Santorum talking about the internet.

  443. aspire says:

    434 True, this is one of Perry’s best debates. :)

  444. K.G. says:

    #431: I’m not sure anyone listened to Santorum’s answer. He’s so hard to listen to and figure out what he’s saying. I get adult onset ADD with him.

  445. Watchinitall says:

    Santorum needs someone to give him permission toi smile. Maybe pick a few topics and practice. The internet . . . smile . . . he would shock many voters into liking him.

  446. Jonathan says:

    That “popular vote” ad was stupid and factually incorrect. Of course the Founding Fathers wanted it; they put it into the damn Constitution.

  447. K.G. says:

    #440: Good one.

  448. MarqueG says:

    Santo gets credit for giving an honest, pander-free answer on SOPA, but it went over badly.

    The problem is that our copyright laws are totally insane. They drag on for three generations, fer Crikey! In an age where most text, audio, and video has become irrelevant after 48 hours or so. SOPA is a lame excuse to limit citation.

  449. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Now, about this SOPA business –

    I tend to agree the law is probably overreach. But its also fairly obvious that our current system is insufficient to prevent piracy, particularly that which originates from other countries. Since the people are based in other countries, we can’t go after the people. Since the content is based in other countries, we can’t go after the content itself.

    We need something other than SOPA – but in the end, we ARE going to have to go after the ACCESS to the pirated material.

  450. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Jonathan – that ad has been on during both commercial breaks and was the final commercial just before the debate started.

  451. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I’m with Santorum on this. I think it’s pretty crazy that I can easily, easily watch any movie or tv show I want to- just stream it- with absolutely no repercussions. Two conservative values are competing here: property rights and freedom. But of late conservatives have fetishized one (freedom) and been fairly indifferent to the other.

  452. no newt says:

    443…exactly the electoral college is the check against us, the people..and that’s legitimate

  453. Watchinitall says:

    421 MWS Looks like Newt has a limit of 1979 for taking credit for things. But once he gets to 1979, there aren’t many constraints.

  454. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “The British trade unions nearly destroyed Great Britain.”

    By threatening the government with freezing the nation to death during the winter because of a coal strike.


    Are you really going to argue that people who have little ability to bargain for their wages individually shouldn’t be allowed to collectively seek improvements in compensation?

  455. jaaron says:

    Smack – I know he didn’t. He SHOULD have. It’s a stupid question and he should have slammed it down. Weak answer. I agree, however, if people really won’t vote for Mitt because he won’t release his tax returns until April, then this country is doomed (I know, we already are doomed, but it will happen sooner than expected).

  456. Conservative Independent says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is gaining ground in South Carolina, but rival Mitt Romney still leads in the state by a 12-point margin and would beat the former lawmaker handily in a one-on-one race, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

  457. BD1 says:

    Annoying style aside, I think Santorum is doing pretty well. He will probably take some votes from Newt and Perry. This helps Mitt.

  458. aspire says:

    Gingrich blames his staff – what a tool

  459. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Great…stupid question.

  460. Doug NYC GOP says:

    South Carolinians are like a convention of Pavlov’s Dogs.

    They wildly applaude everytime the word FREEDOM is mentioned, not matter who says it.

  461. Jonathan says:


    Yeah, I just noticed that dumb graphic about “what would the Founders want?”

    If I had the time, I’d go back and explain the 4 elections where the loser of the popular vote and won the electoral college and prove, using historical awesomeness why the electoral college works.

  462. ClassyMitt says:

    No applause there for Newt.

  463. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Good answer Mitt!

  464. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  465. Florida Conservative says:




  466. aspire says:

    Santorum made no mistakes? What an idiot.

  467. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I mean, my God, Newt’s answer was ridiculous. He opposes the bill because he’s not too fond of left-wing businesses? That’s CLASSIC Newt. And it’s one of the many examples of his complete lack of conservative conviction. Unfortunately, from the reaction of the audience, very few rank-in-file Republicans have deep conservative conviction.

  468. Conservative Independent says:

    #457 Funniest comment of the evening

  469. asparagus says:

    I’m Rick! I wouldn’t change a thing because I’m always right!

  470. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Okay, so here’s the deal…

    Mitt did the best in this debate, by far.

    But the media is going to play 2 soundbites… Mitt talking about not releasing his old tax returns and Noot slamming CNN for the affair questions.

    So, in terms of media coverage, Noot won the debate……………………

    I hate the media and I hate the way debates are covered.

  471. Heil Preußen! says:

    With only four canditates, just think of all the wasted comedy.

    Bachmann: “I spent the last five years as a fake American.”
    Hunstman: “You can trust me. *creeper smile*”

    And what’s the third candidate there, uh, uh…

  472. OhioRepub says:

    Wow. Mr. Grumpy Pants gets some airtime on CNN.

  473. SixMom says:

    “I wouldn’t change a thing”

    OK big boy, no mistakes, huh? Boy aren’t you swell.

  474. Watchinitall says:

    Newt! Maybe those consultants had something when they suggested fundraising was a good idea and Greece was a bad idea.

  475. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Santorum just went American Idol. “I made it to the final four baby!”

  476. aspire says:

    454 I don’t think he’s going to take many votes from Perry at this point.

  477. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    So far Mitt and Rick have given great answers to this stupid questions while Newt threw up a dud.

    Ron being totally honest about being a better spokesperson for his libertarian beliefs.

    3 A+’s and 1 F

  478. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Mitt’s doing really well tonight. The tax issue is something that Romney wants to keep going to keep that narrative of Dems keeping the contrast between him and Obama.

  479. Florida Conservative says:

    I thought this was gonna be a 90 minute debate? It’s starting to drag on a bit…

  480. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “The problem is that our copyright laws are totally insane. They drag on for three generations, fer Crikey!”

    WELL…..sometimes this is a problem, sometimes it isn’t.

    For example, Mickey Mouse is still one of Disney’s biggest profit maker. As long as they continue to use him, market him, etc…..why should they have to worry about losing protection on him?

    At the same time, Some movie that was made half a century ago, that isn’t being sold anymore, etc. – why shouldn’t that go into the public domain?

    I would say, as long as the company continues to sell, use, or market the content, then they can keep the exclusive rights to it (laws would have to be slightly different for patents, in order to encourage innovation), but once its no longer really profitable for them to continue to sell it, then they should lose the copyright protection.

    Still needs some fine-tuning.

  481. Jeff Y says:

    Those of you that were asking about SOPA, here’s a video I found of someone trying to explain it. Granted, he’s opposed to it and has bias, but this was the best explanation I saw:


  482. aspire says:

    Santorum: “I made it to the final four”
    Paul: “So did I, it’s not that big a deal”

    Roemer: “Four?”

  483. SixMom says:

    Strategic having Newt going first on questions. Less bombast when you go first. Bombast that stays in memory is the last guy speaking.

  484. Matthew E. Miller says:

    This English as an official language business is the longest-running, most irrelevant gimmick in politics.

  485. OhioRepub says:

    Newt has basically stolen Romney’s answer on illegal immigration.

  486. mike says:

    479. Boo…get off the stage…shoulda quit while you’re ahead.

  487. Doug NYC GOP says:

    I think Romney has had a great night. If there was any bleeding I am sure it has been staunched and he may have brought a few folks back to the fold. I would not be surpised to see him rebound a little in the final polling.

    MassCon – you may be right in your assessment about tomorrows coverage, but that would be for the nation. Most SCer’s are wacthing and that is more important. they are making up their minds, and seeing a great Romney performance, as we are. So for the targeted audience, Saturday voters, Mitt is getting the job done.

  488. K.G. says:

    Goodness: Newt still droning own about immigration and his stupid draft boards. Newt: Brevity is the soul of wit!

  489. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Holy filibuster Newt. Please shut the man up!

  490. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Newt to the left…

  491. Jeff Y says:

    MassCon, I appreciate that Fox always has Dick Morris on after debates, and I usually agree with his analysis. I feel like he tries to be pretty unbiased in his analysis.

  492. Jonathan says:

    Newt is right about the visa issue; getting a vistor or worker visa is incredibly hard, and it does make coming here illegally look more attractive. There does need to be visa reform.

  493. jaaron says:

    Newt agrees with Mitt!!! Go back to their own country and apply. I know it’s more nuanced than that, but essentially, Newt has backed down.

  494. Florida Conservative says:

    I wonder if CNN will now go NUCLEAR on Newt since he called them out at the onset of the debate?

  495. John Mark says:

    Here goes the one issue where I like Newt, and dislike Romney. Why does Gingrich of all people have to be the one espousing the pro-family position on immigration?

  496. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Newt is giving amnesty period…

  497. Smack1968 says:

    Massachusetts Conservative is right again!


    Mitt’s Tax Return answer was brutal with it’s content and with it’s style (stammering).

    That is the storyline coming out of this Debate, IMO.

  498. asparagus says:

    Just answer the question Santy. Tired of your sob stories.

  499. aspire says:

    Santorum has to be stupid.

  500. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Santorum is a douche…

  501. OhioRepub says:

    Newt’s plan sounds “unpractical and undoable”. Who the heck is going to sponsor illegal immigrants? What local towns want to do the crap he just described? Give me a break.

  502. SixMom says:

    Santorum trying to evoke emotion.


  503. K.G. says:

    Now Santorum is attacking Newt and Mitt at the same time. Then they both get time to take turns attacking him. Hmmm……

  504. aspire says:

    499 yep.

  505. Jeff Y says:

    Wow. Santorum is really trying to take out Romney and Gingrich all at the same time. I give him major props for the effort.

  506. aspire says:

    499 You can’t attack others, then try and get emotional.

  507. asparagus says:

    There’s nothing anti-family about having people return to their home countries. They apply for residency, and probably get it if they have family here. But Mitt is right, you can’t put people who have come here illegally ahead of people who have followed the rules.

  508. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    If we believe PPP, 57% of SC voters watched the Fox debate.

    If we believe Republicans don’t watch CNN nearly as much, which is the case, probably less than 20% of SC voters saw this.

    The soundbites are the issue.

  509. mike says:

    This is getting old….ask Gingrich, ask Romney, ask Santorum so he can launch attacks, then have to give the mic back to the attacked and shut the old guy out. Why not just run him and his 20% out of the party. Why the circus show?

  510. K.G. says:

    Earth to Newt: any illegal who came here 25 years ago got amnesty under Reagan. Shows he doesn’t know his history.

  511. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Good argument by Santorum but Romney should be able to squash this one.

  512. Jonathan says:

    New idea; no live audience. It makes the candidates pander to them more and it takes up more time that could be used for other thing.

  513. Smack1968 says:

    Gingrich on illegal immigration: We make it too hard to come here legally, and too easy to come illegally.

    Great answer Newt!!

  514. Doug NYC GOP says:

    I’m on a bit of a DVR delay – But Romney aced that Do Over Question with the best laugh line of the night about winning 25 more Iowa votes.

    Then went classy by tacitly paying respect to his rivals.

    Very well played Mitt.

  515. John Mark says:

    And now Santorum promotes the least pro-family position on this issue, with Gingrich having the most pro family position. Oh the irony.

  516. aspire says:

    Can Santorum read?

  517. Conservative Gladiator says:

    494 – Cause that’s the one you and all the media will want.

  518. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “This English as an official language business is the longest-running, most irrelevant gimmick in politics.”

    I don’t think so. When you don’t expect people to learn English, as we don’t necessarily do right now; when we cater to those who do not……then we have a major problem.

  519. asparagus says:

    Santorum is such an ass. Keep smirking buddy.

  520. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Again, Romney answers well, but Newt can’t. Romney is so presidential

  521. John Mark says:

    509, Not to mention our audiences have essentially been a running ad for the DNC in what they cheer for and boo for.

  522. Evil Conservative says:

    Are we really talking about illegal immigration for 10 minutes!?

    Where does this poll in the top 10 issues of voters?

  523. Conservative Independent says:

    btw, the NYT is saying Romney did inherit money from his father. But, he gave that money to BYU and kept none of it for himself.

  524. Florida Conservative says:


    Keep giving us those updates from Dick, thanks.

  525. Conservative Gladiator says:

    whoa, I’m getting bored with Paul

  526. Smack1968 says:

    I wonder if Dick Morris still thinks Santorum ate into Newt’s support during this debate?

    I don’t think so.

  527. OhioRepub says:

    519, they hit this every time b/c they want to make sure hispanics get plenty of time to hear about it.

  528. Jonathan says:


    Yeah. Booing the gays and cheering capital punishment haven’t exactly imrpoved the image of the Republican Party in the eyes of the electorate.

  529. asparagus says:

    My niece’s husband returned to Mexico about 6 months ago, applied for residency and just now got approved to come here. He is very excited to come here legally. Its nice to have people get their residency the right way. Amnesty is no different than corporate bailouts. We keep rewarding people for bad decisions.

  530. no newt says:

    im not

  531. K.G. says:

    Paul is so right on this; you can’t make employeers the deciders of who’s legal. And get people off of welfare and do the jobs generally done by illegals.

  532. SixMom says:

    Really got to stop with the overseas spending takes care of all ills.

  533. Doug NYC GOP says:

    505 – They (GOP) may not watch CNN on a regular basis to get their news and analysis, BUT they will watch CNN to see a debate. Especially a highly charged and anticipated one such as this.

    Now I want to pivot to something we can both agree on…Newt is an odious, tawdry rodent.

  534. Conservative Independent says:

    #523 Yes he still thinks Santo won and will take away Newt’s support. I have been following his tweets during the entire debate

  535. OhioRepub says:

    Anyone else notice Newt’s “mischievous boy smile” whenever he’s caught doing something naughty?

  536. aspire says:

    How can anyone applaud that answer?

  537. asparagus says:

    Gingrich wriggling out of this. I don’t think its working.

  538. SixMom says:

    Panning a cameo of Callista across the camera is not helpful to Newt.

  539. Irish Right says:

    Newt being mega-snarky again.

  540. Evil Conservative says:

    Now we’re talking about abortion!?

    And he’s bringing up Herman Cain!

    This is so stupid!

  541. K.G. says:

    #530 Are actual newts retiles?

  542. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Newt looking like a fool.

  543. no newt says:

    it partially will address those ills, yes

  544. JWR says:

    I didn’t say “case closed”? That was a HUGE dodge – didn’t come across well at all.

  545. Irish Right says:

    I am SOOOOO glad he is answering this

  546. Smack1968 says:


    On the first day that I’m inaugurated, I’ll issue an order to the Justice Department to drop their lawsuits against the states.”

    Get those Tea Party Votes Newt!

    Conservative Independent,

    Good, Dick Morris is always wrong…always.

  547. mike says:

    He just called his own romneycare? Doesn’t he realize it’s an insult people use against him? lol…

  548. aspire says:

    Romney should have said, “I’m not sure how Newt Gingrich thinks he can attack me on my character?”

  549. Conservative Independent says:

    Mitt going after Newt- about time. Look at Newt’s face. He’s not happy

  550. Conservative Independent says:

    #543 Sabato thinks the same thing. I have been following him all evening, too

  551. aspire says:

    That’s just stupid.

  552. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    545. You are right. He should have made it more clear!

  553. DaveG says:

    This is all surplusage now. There have been way too many debates this cycle. The same topics are debated over and over. The few low information voters who are still undecided really need to get with the program.

  554. Jonathan says:

    And yet Senator Santorum, you endorsed Arlen Specter for President of the United States.

  555. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Romney’s answer is good. Very good answer. Eviscerates Newt. Very good rebuttal
    1 minute ago

  556. SixMom says:

    That’s a moot point Santorum.

  557. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Nice whisper into the microphone. What are we 8 years old Rick?

  558. Conservative Independent says:

    #545 Romney would never do that. Not his style

  559. aspire says:

    554 Seriously, what a child.

  560. James says:

    Newt gives the floor to Santorum so he can re-hydrate his large body mass

  561. asparagus says:

    Stupid answer by Rick Santorum. This is why Santorum is a terrible candidate. He is constantly insulting other candidates.

  562. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Thats a very odd look on Santorum’s face.

  563. asparagus says:

    Santorum smirk – so insulting.

  564. mike says:

    552. I think I just saw a glimpse of Dick Morris behind the podium shining Mitt’s shoes…

  565. Smack1968 says:

    Mitt used the phrase Romneycare?!!?

  566. aspire says:

    555 I know, he even likes to say Obama’s a “good guy” despite his campaign telling him not to.

  567. OhioRepub says:

    Too bad Mitt’s in SC, because anywhere else he would have gotten a thunderous applause.

  568. Jonathan says:

    Now Newt’s taking credit for the 2010 election victories? Of course he is.

  569. Conservative Gladiator says:

    562- People say it enough, right?

  570. Krispy says:

    Splitting hairs…wasting time.

  571. asparagus says:

    They forgot Ron Paul. LOL.

  572. alaska jake says:

    Hate askin this but I’m still at work and can’t read through 550 posts. . .is there a general consensus on how the candidates are doing at this point in the debate? Don’t need a full play-by-play, just an idea.

    I hate missing these things but the 4-hour time difference means I usually do.

  573. mike says:

    564. Yeah, that’s it. SC’s fault…

  574. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I guarantee you that when Romney said “this is not the time to be questioning someone’s integrity” he was debating whether or not to say “I’m surprised that Newt Gingrich is questioning my integrity” but decided to pull back and couldn’t think of anything better to say.

  575. Ozzy says:

    So far Paul is having a good debate cause foreign policy isn’t being mentioned.

  576. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt should have said, “Since when is it a bad thing to change your mind and come to the pro-life cause?”

  577. Thomas Alan says:

    Abortion is NOT a medical issue.

  578. Sojourner Truth says:

    I just saw a glimpse of Dick Morris behind the podium shining Mitt’s shoes…

    Yeah. While he was sucking on his toes…

  579. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Gingrich and Paul so go into a corner and have a 3 hour discussion…

  580. Matthew Kilburn says:

    While Paul is not necessarily wrong that the law changed to reflect existing views, he didn’t concede that Abortion significantly increased in the years following Roe.

    When you make something legal, when you make something easier, you increase its frequency.

  581. OhioRepub says:

    569, Romney’s having a good night. Santorum is attacking everyone. Newt is doing fine. Paul is Paul.

  582. aspire says:

    Wow, that was an unexpected answer from Paul.

  583. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    571. You could totally see it couldn’t you? I thought the same thing!

  584. K.G. says:

    IMO Mitt is owning the night.

  585. Watchinitall says:

    Santorum hitting Paul is a mistake. There are not votes there for you.

  586. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Abortion is NOT a medical issue.”

    well…….it can be.

  587. Sojourner Truth says:

    Hahahahaha. Paul calls Santorum “overly sensitive.”

  588. K.G. says:

    Paul calling Santorum “overly sensitive.” Love Paul.

  589. Ozzy says:

    So far if I had to rate to debate, It’d be 1. Mitt, 2. Newt, 3. Paul, 4. Santorum.

  590. SixMom says:

    Oh I get it, Santy is trying to pull the holier than thou.

  591. Jonathan says:

    Paul smacking down Santorum. I can’t believe I’m liking Ron Paul being in this race right now.

  592. brs says:


  593. asparagus says:

    Ron Paul owned Santorum. Rick didn’t need to respond and attack Ron Paul. What a tool!

  594. alaska jake says:

    578 Short and sweet. . .thanks.

  595. aspire says:

    586 yep.

  596. OhioRepub says:

    Paul just owned Santorum on that issue.

  597. Watchinitall says:

    Whoever you liked going into this is doing okay. All ties go to Romney.

  598. Conservative Gladiator says:


  599. aspire says:

    583 I missed that, who said it?

  600. OhioRepub says:

    1. mitt 2. newt. 3. paul 4. the froth-meister

  601. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    586. Ozzy I think you are off. 1. Mitt/Santorum, 3. Paul, 4. Newt.

  602. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt easily won with flying colors.

  603. SixMom says:

    Did you see that look on Santy’s face? Slap it. What snark!

  604. Conservative Independent says:

    #583 I almost said that, too, but didn’t want to get into a medical debate

  605. John Mark says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with Paul here, but he’s made a great argument.

  606. Conservative Gladiator says:

    newt underperformed and is frankly getting boring.

  607. jaaron says:

    Ron Paul: Santy is overly sensitive!!!! haahaha…couldn’t have said it better myself.

  608. K.G. says:

    Newt was flat. Some ol’ same ‘ol from Newt. Tired, old, fat, flat. Tawdry. Corrupt.

  609. asparagus says:

    “Sensitive Santorum” LOL

  610. Florida Conservative says:

    1. Romney

    2. Santorum

    3. Ron Paul

    4…. Gingrich, because he lost it IMO right from the first response

  611. Sojourner Truth says:

    Whoever you liked going into this is doing okay. All ties go to Romney.

    Well, no. Not if newt is really leading in SC as recent polling suggest.

  612. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Santorum hitting Paul is a mistake. There are not votes there for you.”

    No. But its a significant and important point to be made.

    So Paul wants to leave abortion to the states, because we leave other “acts of violence” to the states. But he ignores that other acts of violence can’t be taken across state lines the same way a pregnant woman can be. If Texas outlaws abortion, but California keeps it legal, you’ll end up with busloads of people traveling for a day for an abortion, all funded by Planned Parenthood.

  613. Watchinitall says:

    Santorum just seems permanently irritated. Elect me! I’ll still be irritated!

  614. Smack1968 says:

    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling

    Newt maintained his lead in our South Carolina polling today. Full results when the debate’s over
    46 minutes ago

  615. SixMom says:

    Mitt, Paul, Newt, ………………………………………………………………………………..perry, santy.

  616. Jonathan says:

    Can anyone explain to me the purpose of having these twitter questions pop up that the candidates aren’t even going to talk about? Are we supposed to create an alternate universe in our mind where those questions are asked or is it just to give someone at CNN a job?

  617. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Well, no. Not if newt is really leading in SC as recent polling suggest.”

    …except that was based on a good debate performance. Failing to sustain the positive momentum, IMO, particularly when Santorum was just as strong against Romney and when Newt is about to get blasted by his wife on ABC, is a loss.

  618. Ozzy says:


    I don’t know about your #2. IMO, Santorum has been bitchslapped by all three candidates tonight.

  619. Conservative Independent says:

    For Dick Morris fans

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    So far: Santorum won. Romney second and very strong. Ron Paul third. Newt lost.
    1 minute ago

  620. jaaron says:

    Santorum seriously needs to work on his facial expressions. Not presidential and “fundamentally” annoying.

  621. K.G. says:

    #616 Disagree with Morris. Mitt is the only plausible POTUS on the state.

  622. Watchinitall says:

    608. Ahhhh! A Potemkin Village admirer! I don’t care that much if Newt wins Sc. So what? Where does he go from there? Florida? If he loses, it’s really done. Maybe there are alternate universes. I’m not familiar with yours.

  623. aspire says:

    612 I have to agree, but only because Perry’s improved in this debate.

  624. mike says:

    616. Can Dick Morris possibly be taken seriously if he said Santorum won? Ridiculous…

  625. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Newt maintained his lead in our South Carolina polling today. Full results when the debate’s over”

    Doesn’t surprise me.

    Does anyone know if there will be polling tomorrow?

  626. jaaron says:

    616 – Dick morris is an idiot if he thinks Santorum won. He was incredibly nasty and paul put him in his place with that last bit.

  627. asparagus says:

    Rick Santorum doesn’t know when to pull his punches. He constantly attacks anyone and everyone. He has no strategy. He would make a terrible President, constantly responding to all criticism. Reminds me of Sarah Palin really but not as likeable.

    He has gone after Gingrich hard. If he had maintained that strategy there could be some soundbites the news could use, but instead there’s just a constant drone of unpresidential criticism. Overly sensitive indeed!

  628. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Newt is an ass…and no applauded hos 2010 answer because he did DIDDLY SQUAT to help.

    All but a few schekels he raised went to his own pack.

    This pig needs to gutted and dragged through the streets.

  629. aspire says:

    Trash Romney time.

  630. Ozzy says:

    On Hannity, Cain’s endorsement went to The People. That’s right, The People of America got Cain’s endorsement.

  631. jaxemer11 says:

    How did Newt lose? I didn’t watch.

  632. Jason Demarcus says:


  633. Jonathan says:

    Dick Morris is on drugs if he thinks Santorum won tonight. He’s been torn apart by all three of his competitors tonight.

  634. aspire says:

    627 As a people, I didn’t ask for and reject Cain’s endorsement. :)

  635. Conservative Independent says:

    I only care if Santorum took several percentage points away from Newt. Hopefully, NIghtline will help in the process. I personally think Mitt won hands down

  636. Sojourner Truth says:

    Rick Santorum isn’t going to gain anything from tonight. That alone is good enough for Newt. Newt handled himself well. He has to feel good about his chances in SC.

  637. no newt says:


  638. Tommy R says:

    Morris: Newt needed a big night to innoculate himself agaisnt his ex wife’s interview. He didn’t do it and Newt was hurt by Santorum’s strong performance. Likely result: Romney wins and its over

  639. aspire says:

    Is Newt asking people to vote for Romney. He’s making a great argument for Romney.

  640. april says:

    DickMorrisTweetDick Morris

    #cnndebate #hannity #tcot #gop #talkmaster Romney will win in SC, then he will win in Fla, and Michigan and Nevada and will win it all

  641. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I thought Santorum did well with his arguments. He did get hit back by Romney on most of his arguments. I don’t think Newt toouched him at all. That is a win for Santorum.

  642. jaxemer11 says:

    Oh brother! Newts entire campaign has been based on Saul Alinsky tactics. What a fool!

  643. Conservative Independent says:

    DickMorrisTweet Dick Morris
    Newt needed a big night to innoculate himself agaisnt his ex wife’s interview. He didn’t do it

  644. K.G. says:

    Oh no. Newt’s going to win BO with a “series of debates.” Stupid. That’s all Newt has: debates. BO will never do it. Dumb.

  645. John Mark says:

    Every president of the opposing party is “The most dangerous in history” with every election being the “the most important event that has ever space-time continuum.”

  646. aspire says:

    641 That’s why Newt won Iowa. :)

  647. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    I love Romney’s closing argument right now.

  648. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt doing great with his answer. Inspiring!

  649. Florida Conservative says:



  650. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Santorum calls global warming a big issue of the day?

  651. K.G. says:

    Too bad Mitt was last. Primacy and regency.

    Santorum asking who the best person is to be POTUS? Might not be a good question to ask.

  652. Jonathan says:

    “Conviction conservative with a clear contrast”

    You don’t get extra votes for alliteration Senator Santorum.

    Oh, and you’re a douche.

  653. DaveG says:

    Romney wins SC but it will be a nailbiter. Newt a close second.

  654. aspire says:

    I’m starting to think Ron Paul is a more serious candidate than Santorum.

  655. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Rick is the only one to attack other candidates during his closing argument.

  656. Florida Conservative says:


    You don’t attack people in your closing argument.


  657. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Oh shut up Santorum! Romney won in a blue state.

  658. SixMom says:


    Whiny, me, me, me, me

    Which isn’t you, santy.

  659. jaaron says:

    Santorum can’t even deliver a closing statement without attacking others. Pathetic.

  660. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Santorum attacking in the closing argument. I retract my Santorum for 2nd place tonight. That is tacky and doesn’t inspire why people should vote for him.

  661. jaxemer11 says:

    Santorum has done a good job of hiding his real record. No one has taken him seriously enough to really look at it. He isn’t as “convicted” as he likes to pretend (except on social issues).

  662. K.G. says:

    #648: I mean “wasn’t last.” Now Rum droning on again.

  663. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    651 +1

  664. Heil Preußen! says:

    Santorum: “I am a Reagen Democrat.”

  665. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Santorum’s closing argument was very strong

  666. Keith Price says:

    OK, now were online can I watch the Mariann’s interview?

  667. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt kicked ass tonight. One soundbite stumble on the taxes, and the rest was gold.

    Newt was average tonight.

    Santorum was angry and unlikeable, but he did get good shots in at Mitt and Noot.

    Paul got ignored.

  668. K.G. says:

    There’s only ONE presidential person left in the race.

  669. Watchinitall says:

    I like Santorum, nice guy. He acts like he’s got poison oak and being irritated about it relieves it a little, but not much.

  670. Jonathan says:


    You can watch it on Nightline since it hasn’t aired yet.

  671. Florida Conservative says:

    Big lead for Romney, Gingrich has no time to catch up!


  672. Fuzzy says:

    Santorum did the most passionate beg job I’ve seen from a candidate. He really, really wants it.

  673. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Well, I thought Romney had the best night but not by a huge margin. Santorum really landed a few punches on Gingrich (“these are not cogent thoughts”) but also lost a few exchanges, especially by playing them out too long.

  674. aspire says:

    How can other people vouch for what Gingrich said to his 2nd wife?

  675. Keith Price says:

    Does Nightline stream?

  676. SixMom says:

    Who’s analyzing tonight’s debate online?

  677. Thomas Alan says:

    Were there friends in Newt’s bedroom every moment of the day? Otherwise, how would friends know?

  678. Fuzzy says:

    So did I miss anything? Seems like Ron Paul held it together a bit this time. He didn’t get nutty, did he?

  679. Frank says:

    24. Newt has been faithful to Callista only because he learned from the last wife that he cannot win the Presidency if he cheats on his wife.

    Newt’s current marriage will not last very long after Newt loses the nomination. Once he realizes his megalomaniac dream of being President is squashed, Newt will have no reason to be faithful to Callista.

  680. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    His wife must love him!

  681. Conservative Independent says:

    Iowa GOP chairman just declared Santorum winner of Iowa making Iowa look foolish and like they shouldn’t matter at all. With a race that close, and 8 precincts not counted, to declare a winner is ridiculous

  682. aspire says:

    674 Maybe Gingrich is that kinky?

  683. Fuzzy says:

    It’s true that it’s tough for Romney since he’s the only one constrained by the facts in these debates. But I think he’ll be glad later he didn’t feel at liberty to invent stuff just to get a temporary advantage or bit of applause.

  684. Smack1968 says:

    EdMorrissey Winners: Gingrich, Santorum, Paul. Romney fumbled the taxes question again, but otherwise did no harm

    I agree.

    The Tax question hurt Mitt tonight…again.

    Everything else was a wash..IMO.

  685. Conservative Independent says:

    Our local news is showing Newt’s first statement. BOO!

  686. Fuzzy says:

    677 Ughh. Excuse my double entendre whatever.

  687. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Smack I know you think Ed Morrissey is the stuff but this shows how ignorant he is. Newt won the debate. HAHAHAHAHA…this guy is a fraud!

  688. K.G. says:

    Why is Newt “faithful” to Callista? (1) He’s 68-years old (2) He’s fat and ugly (3) Callista never leaves his side.

  689. Conservative Independent says:

    How can anyone think Newt won? He didn’t.

  690. Irish Right says:

    Good God, is Gingrich an incredible egomaniac

  691. Ozzy says:

    Romney was the clear winner tonight. He bitchslapped both Newt and Rick tonight.

  692. Fuzzy says:

    So, Gingrich didn’t have a breakdown and lash out? I missed the first half.

  693. Fuzzy says:

    K.G., open marriage does not mean faithful.

  694. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “The Tax question hurt Mitt tonight…again.”

    I don’t think so. People will be tired of hearing of it. Even LIMBAUGH is defending Mitt on taxes.

    ’nuff said.

  695. John Mark says:

    Gingrich interview now: “I don’t know what stability is” a Super Pac ad design committee thanks you.

  696. K.G. says:

    #690: Yeah, but doesn’t “open marriage” mean someone has to want you?

  697. SixMom says:

    678. Yes, Iowa looks like a child. They couldn’t stand letting Romney win. Eight “missing” precincts, but somehow the recount is valid?

    How cornball.

    I hope the RNC does away with their caucus.

  698. Keith Price says:

    I think Rum helped himself and Rom by landing some good blows on Newt. Romney was strong handled all but the tax return questions very well.

  699. jaxemer11 says:

    Gingrich is a lying sack of something. I don’t believe a single word that comes out his mouth. He is a despicable human being. How anyone would support him is beyond me.

  700. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “but somehow the recount is valid?”

    Not exactly. Iowa said they couldn’t certify the results. They said it was effectively a split decision.

    Its the media that made noise over Santorum “winning”.

  701. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Tomorrow may be a light posting day for me… I have school from 8am to 6pm without a break. Sucks the day before the SC primary….

  702. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Gingrich and his indignant tirade in the beginning is what lost it for me not to mention he’s getting stale as all career politician’s do.

  703. Brett H. says:

    509- But by your logic what’s the point of banning it in the united states, could I not just go to Canada and get an abortion after its banned here?

  704. Fuzzy says:

    Good point. There’s always someone. Maybe that Jeanene Garofolo.

  705. K.G. says:

    Thank goodness Newt is done with his interview. Cannot stand to hear him. I turn off every program that has him. That means I don’t hear a lot of programs these days.

  706. Smack1968 says:

    BetsyMTP: RT @samyoungman: Boos when Romney says he doesn’t know how many yrs of returns he’ll release.”I’m not gonna apologize for being successful

    DomenicoNBC: Romney looks ashen when some in crowd yells, “All,” for him to release multiple years of taxes Retweet

    RichLowry: second debate in a row where romney has hurt himself on tax returns Retweet

    RichLowry: romney seems beaten down


    All Mitt needs to do is promise he will release his Tax Returns…all of them..when he becomes the GOP nominee.

    What is so hard about that?

    Mitt just lost another debate..IMO

  707. SixMom says:

    Tweet over at Twitter:

    Callista Gingrich: “I love these debates because they’re the only times I know for sure where Newt is.” #cnndebate #goodnight

  708. Fuzzy says:

    The U.S. should ban abortion because it’s anti-American to butcher your offspring. Or that of someone else.

  709. K.G. says:

    Santorum bashing Newt with the truth right now. Good on him.

  710. Conservative Gladiator says:

    703 – Nothing about Newt’s indignation huh?

  711. jaxemer11 says:

    Does anyone actually believe Newt’s ex wife is lying? Come on. The guy has a pattern of behavior and dishonesty. It is amazing that people are willing to just brush this off as some vast media conspiracy. They guy is a habitual liar.

  712. K.G. says:

    Now bashing Mitt.

  713. Thomas Alan says:

    Anyway, this Romney supporter is worried. That tax answer was awful. Maybe the worst answer anyone’s given not named Perry.

  714. Fuzzy says:

    Callista has got to speak up now. I’m wondering what type of gal she is. Anyone heard her say anything, ever?

  715. SixMom says:

    Another tweet:

    BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz
    I miss Rick Perry. This is like watching an episode of Friends with no Phoebe. #cnndebate

  716. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt is telling Mitt to release his tax returns because people should see if he’s hiding anything? That from a man who refuses to talk about the cruel way he treated his wives and children.

  717. Irish Right says:

    I don’t think most folks realize that our caucuses are nothing more than a beauty contest. Certified or not, it doesn’t affect delegates.

  718. MarqueG says:

    Damn. I was doing other stuff but listening to the debate, and now the thread has grown too much to read everything.

    Oh, well.

    Anyhoo, Mitt definitely returned to his prior debate performance. Otherwise, I can’t see a clear winner or loser.

  719. Florida Conservative says:


    He said in April they will be released, what the hell is the big deal???!!!

    This is a non issue, Romney dominated this debate and will win on Saturday!

  720. Matthew Kilburn says:

    The tax issue is not seriously going to hurt Romney…..and it certainly didn’t cost him tonight’s debate.

    If I had a dollar for everytime a few idiots heckled a candidate, I wouldn’t need to complete my degree.

    Gingrich will be hurt far more by his misplaced indignation.

  721. Conservative Gladiator says:

    709 – Let’s compare interviews between Santorum and Romney…

  722. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Mitt won the debate decisively.

    He lost out on one single question of negligible significance, but is the single issue the media seems to care about.

  723. aspire says:

    Santorum: “I’m not questioning [Romney’s] conviction on abortion”

  724. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    703. That is your opinion for sure. Let me guess…you think Newt won? Shocking!

  725. Fuzzy says:

    Eh, how bad could it be. As bad as your ex saying you wanted her to “share” you? Or you dumped her because being married to a case of MS was not appealing to you? Not that bad maybe?

  726. Conservative Gladiator says:

    717 – It should only hurt him with Dems but unfortunately we have some left wing conservatives…

  727. K.G. says:

    Mitt did win decisively. He’s the only plausible person for president on that stage. Will the naysayers say it? No. What do you expect?

  728. MarqueG says:

    710. Yeah, get that tax stuff out there and squash the discussion of it. If I were a Rombot, I wouldn’t be too concerned considering Mitt’s organizational advantage. It’s just a question as to how long the campaign goes on.

  729. aspire says:

    703 Multiple years isn’t good enough for you? You need to know how much he made as a teen?

  730. Matthew Kilburn says:

    For Reference people –

    Ron Paul didn’t plan to release his returns, and Santorum still hasn’t and said it will be a while.

    Unless you’re out to “get” Romney, there is no way you see significant harm coming from his answer.


    If I had to fault Romney for anything, it would be for a weak-kneed response to the SOPA question. He should have made a much stronger defense of intellectual property rights.

  731. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Yeah, I think it’s ludicrous that tax returns have become a major issue but Romney REALLY needed to have a more fluid answer. He should have just said, “yes, I’ll release 12 years of tax returns”. Even if he ends up reneging it’d at least kill the issue for now. I don’t understand it. But otherwise he was excellent. And it was at least a less awful answer than the one he gave last debate.

  732. Fuzzy says:

    So what’s the latest South Carolina poll? Some folks in that audience looked pretty interesting.

  733. Smack1968 says:

    fivethirtyeight Nate Silver
    Here are those much loved/hated debate grades: Santorum A-, Gingrich B+, Paul B-, Romney C.

  734. MarqueG says:

    Will the naysayers say it?

    Naysayers say, “Neigh!”

  735. mike says:

    719. “He lost out on one single question of negligible significance, but is the single issue the media seems to care about.”

    Just think about this statement. The fact that the media is focusing on it makes it an issue of significance…

  736. teledude says:

    Okay, these things are better when you at least start out sober…trying to sober up as they go on is really not easy.

    Not sure who did well or not reading through the comments….you guys might be somewhat…oh I don’t know…a little biased. (On Newt: let’s gut that pig and drag him through the streets. Really?)

    I think as with most of these things not much has changed by this debate. I only got to see parts of it, switching between this and American Idol (my wife insists she cannot miss it)

    I missed Newt’s opening remarks that drew some commentary…was it a good smack down that will play well in SC or too over the top?

    I saw part of Romney’s tax return answer, and what I saw seemed to go flat with the audience, but I couldn’t tell if he gave a satisfactory answer or not.

    I saw Paul get after Santorum pretty good…hopefully Santorum will drop even more…

  737. Sean says:

    I would say

    1. Mitt
    2. Ron Paul
    3. Santorum
    4. Gingrich

    in terms of debate performance.

  738. Fuzzy says:

    So if it’s an open marriage, he’s gotta be worried some of them are going to come forward, Cain style.

  739. SixMom says:

    Romney A-
    Gingrich C+
    Paul C
    Santorum D (for dunce and demeanor)

  740. Fuzzy says:

    Ron Paul was smooth today. With his little birdie arms.

  741. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Nate Silver is an ass.

  742. K.G. says:

    I liked Mitt’s answer: I’m honest; I pay my taxes honestly; I’m rich; the minute people see how rich, Obama will start attacking me for my success and using his devisive tactics and class warfare.

    Mitt’s returns will cause a big national discussion that we need to have. Mitt’s strategic to put it out there in April when nothing’s going on. Not in the blood bath brouhaha of the SC primary.

  743. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Buzz off, you know I was talking about how much I think it should matter.

  744. SixMom says:

    #735, yep, I already said that earlier today. Marianne will open the floodgates…just wait.

  745. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Romney said he’ll release them in April nuff said. I’m laughing at the indignation of Gingrich and how he dodged the question. Saying it’s false and then getting his friends involved is hilarious. I’m sure they would’ve gotten a standing O if Clinton did the same thing right? WRONG!!!!

  746. Florida Conservative says:


  747. teledude says:

    from Twitter:

    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling
    2nd choice of Santorum voters who say they might change their minds: Newt 45, Mitt 22

  748. K.G. says:

    #742: Mitt never lets the tail wag the dog.

  749. Smack1968 says:

    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling
    South Carolina through night 2: Gingrich 35, Romney 29, Paul/Santorum 15

    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling
    2nd choice of Santorum voters who say they might change their minds: Newt 45, Mitt 22:

  750. ClassyMitt says:

    FOX putting their spin on things.Was Bret Hume watching the same debate?

  751. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I can’t wait for the people to speak and put all of these loser pundits in thier place. Romney will be the nominee.

  752. jaxemer11 says:

    The tax issue is a perfect example of how absurd this race is getting. People have nothing else to slam him on so they have to invent a new standard to hold him to in order to make him look bad. Why would anyone expect him to release the tax returns in January? No one has their tax returns complete in January. It is all absurd and hypocritical.

  753. Fuzzy says:

    What, Gingrich denied the open marriage thing? I missed the first half. He denied?

  754. SixMom says:


    Of course the ABR voters are going to pick an alternate ABR….

    Har, Har, har

  755. Fuzzy says:

    Was it true Gingrich’s daughter had to work as a janitress because Newt wouldn’t pay child support?

  756. K.G. says:

    #750 Newt said everything Marianne is going to say is false. His friends and daughters will attest to it.

  757. MarqueG says:

    728 MEM:

    Mitt says he’ll release them in part once he’s done with them for the April deadline on the 2011 returns. That’s all well and good, but not for a political campaign. He should bullwhip his staffers and accountants into getting the forms out in public for immediate release. Once he does, no one will care what’s in them — at least not during the GOP primary. For the rest, he’s got ’til the summer to prep explanations that neutralize potential DNC/OFA attacks.

  758. Thomas Alan says:


    It was a nibbling issue 2 weeks ago. It was a minor irritant 1 week ago. It was minor headache Monday. Today, it’s gonna cost him points on the eve of a major primary.

    He should have just released them when the heat was low. No one would have cared.

  759. Fuzzy says:

    I’m thinnking how depressed I’d be to wake up and find out Newt & Callista is in the White House.

  760. K.G. says:

    Fuzzy: I’m sure it is: Jackie was (1) 13 when Newt left them destitute and they had to go to the church for help and (2) Was 13 when she was the janitor at the chur

  761. Fuzzy says:

    Romney shouldn’t release anything. He should have kept his yap shut on that and said it ain’t nobody’s business.

  762. Matthew Kilburn says:

    I’d give the debate to either Romney, or Santorum. Hard to say which one. Bad for Newt either way.

    Of course the media is shilling for Newt….not because they want him to be the nominee, but because they fear a quick end to the race more than anyone or anything.

  763. chad says:

    Who will Jindal endorse? I see a Romney Jindal ticket working out well…

    Mitts line about working harder for 34 votes shows he does have a sense of humor – should show it more often.

  764. jaxemer11 says:

    746 – Again. I have to ask. How do justify supporting such a scumbag of a person? You still havent answered that question.

  765. Fuzzy says:

    Cold blooded I think Newt is a people user.

  766. Jonathan says:


    Actually, I think it would be classy of the Romney’s to invite them to the White House for breakfast.

  767. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    SC poll…

    Romney still leads in the state by a 12-point margin and would beat the former lawmaker handily in a one-on-one race, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

    Asked if the contest came down to Romney and Gingrich, 54 percent of respondents said they would vote for the former Massachusetts governor, while 33 percent said they would back Gingrich.

    How do you like them apples. I guess the BS argument that if this was a 2 man race Noot would win is shot out of the water.

  768. Conservative Gladiator says:

    The sad thing is when conservative values are trumpeted by indignation over the press. Republicans are lost.

  769. Fuzzy says:

    Jindal? Why on earth would Romney pick a guy who backed Perry? That goes to basic intelligence.

  770. Thomas Alan says:


    Well he didn’t. Frankly, we knew he was gonna have to release those taxes from the moment it became an issue.

    Why fight the inevitable when it gets worse the longer you delay?

  771. Smack1968 says:

    @secupp: Thought Santorum won the debate. Mitt lost. Newt and Paul were predictable. Anyone else miss Perry?

  772. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “He should have just released them when the heat was low. No one would have cared.”

    No. He should release them when – or if – he is the nominee, when he has a very high chance of becoming President…which, he doesn’t, until he’s definitely cleared the first hurtle.

    Until then (and really, even then, but this isn’t the year to take the hit in the general election on it), there is no reason to allow 300 million americans to rifle through Mitt and Ann’s private finances.

  773. teledude says:

    750. Yes, his daughters released a statement (they are going to speak to this issue, Newt will not comment) and they say it did not happen.

    he said/she said with a bitter ugly and spiteful ex wife. who ya gonna trust?

  774. Fuzzy says:

    So Southerners don’t care that Newt and Santorum couldn’t get their act together and make it on the ballot in a few states? It bugs me. This is no game, novices.

  775. Matthew Kilburn says:



  776. Smack1968 says:

    KevinWGlass Uhhh…. Santorum A-, Newt B, Romney C+, Paul C+ #GUESS

    Mitt not getting good buzz off this debate.

  777. Fuzzy says:

    Obviously Newt was into “open marriages”. I’m just doubting he actually asked his wife to give him permission.

  778. K.G. says:

    #769: Reminds me of an old story where Ann and Mitt hosted a big party for media at the home in Park City. One “journalist” had to use the bathroom, found the Romney’s master bath and rifled around looking for their underwear. And with glee, found what she was looking for.

  779. aspire says:

    Knowing that Gingrich was going to give them pious bologna, they should have asked the question about his “open marriage” like this, “Everyone’s aware you’ve had multiple affairs, but is the newest allegation by your ex-wife, that you asked for an open marriage true?”

    Then he couldn’t dodge it without looking like a slime-ball.

  780. Tommy R says:

    Im sick of these pundits. I don’t care what they think. We’ll see what happens. Like I’ve said, Romney can’t win even when he does well.

  781. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “he said/she said with a bitter ugly and spiteful ex wife. who ya gonna trust?”

    Certainly not the one running around with his hands (and other appendages) down other women’s pants.


    How many parents do you know who make their children to their sex lives? Further, how many fathers do you know who would go to their STEPDAUGHTERS to say that he wants to screw other women besides the one he left their mother for?

  782. Smack1968 says:


    Good looking lady on with Hannity all the time..wears the glasses.

  783. Thomas Alan says:


    Well, now the date when he becomes nominee is (hopefully) gonna be right around April 15 instead of this time Saturday over it. So, mission accomplished I suppose.

  784. Matthew E. Miller says:

    We seem to have radically different polls in South Carolina. It can’t simultaneously be the case that Romney would beat Newt 54-33 in South Carolina, as Reuters claims, and also be the case that Newt is up 6 and would win half of Santorum’s second choice support. I mean, that’s like a 25 point gap, minimum. Someone is making seriously flawed assumptions. Either getting the electoral composition wrong or screening too heavily or too lightly.

  785. Fuzzy says:

    I’d take Santorum over Newt. How ’bout you guys? At least he’s moral, more or less. He doesn’t look like a big spender, either.

  786. SixMom says:

    773 Smack


    robertcobrien Robert C. O’Brien
    #Romney won #CNNDebate with his closing argument. He is at his best talking about America being the “shining city on a hill.” #mitt2012

  787. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    This is so awesome. Romney is in the drivers seat baby. He will win the nomination!

    SC poll…

    Romney still leads in the state by a 12-point margin and would beat the former lawmaker handily in a one-on-one race, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

    Asked if the contest came down to Romney and Gingrich, 54 percent of respondents said they would vote for the former Massachusetts governor, while 33 percent said they would back Gingrich.

  788. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Yeah…..you realize the media profits more from a long race, right? And that the only way they get a long race is if Romney loses on Saturday?

    If there was ever a conflict of interest….thats it.

    There’s a reason my TV is on mute until the ABC interview comes on.

  789. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    The Reuters poll was not a telephone poll… hint hint.

  790. SixMom says:

    Loved this tweet:

    q22q17 Brenda Rushforth
    Annoy a Liberal: Work Hard, Succeed, and Be Happy

  791. Fuzzy says:

    Not that I seriously believe Santorum would ever, ever be president. That, would be wild.

  792. K.G. says:

    #779: SECupp works for Glenn Beck, a big Santorum fan now that Bachmann’s out.

  793. Thunder says:

    Question for Newt supporters.

    What happens if Obama refuses to debate Newt??? And then hits him with a multi million dollar ad attack on his ethic record?

  794. Ozzy says:


    Nominees usually pick an opponents or someone who endorsed an opponent as their running mate. For example, Jack Kemp endorsed Steve Forbes over Bob Dole, yet Dole chose Kemp as his running mate. So, Mitt choosing Jindal as a running mate would not be out of the question.

  795. SixMom says:

    Last tweet.

    q22q17 Brenda Rushforth
    Government: Getting nothing done, expensively.

  796. Florida Conservative says:


    Get off of Hotair.com

    Romney won this debate hands down, and he will win SC hands down!

  797. Smack1968 says:

    Why doesn’t Mitt Romney have a pro-life litmus test for judges?

    The Democratic Presidents always have had them…their judges need to be pro-choice.

    I found Mitt’s answer in this debate in regards to his Governorship as not having a litmus test very troubling.

  798. independentthinker says:

    Newt is an angry dishonest man. I hate him more all the time. He would spend his 4 years in office attacking anyone who asked him a question about his affairs (I mean political and extramarital affairs). I dislike this guy more every time I listen to him. I think he is an evil man.

  799. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    For trial judges?

    Criminal judges?

    That’s what he was talking about, dumbass.

  800. Strange But True says:

    Newt the loser… Tonight he admitted “I think grandiose thoughts.”

    Google the word grandiose. Here is what you will get on the first page:

    Impressive or magnificent in appearance or style, esp. pretentiously so.
    Excessively grand or ambitious.

    Grandiosity is chiefly associated with narcissistic personality disorder, but also commonly features in manic or hypomanic episodes of bipolar disorder.

  801. Fuzzy says:

    Mitt ain’t that type, Ozzy. I appreciate your historical sidenote, but I don’t think it would happen. They typically don’t pick a guy that endorsed an opponent that dropped out way early. It would hardly be seen as an effort to bring two sides together.

  802. Ozzy says:


    Presidents tend to choose judges that are pro-life or pro-choice. Governors rarely do.

  803. Fuzzy says:

    797 He said that? He can barely reign his substantial self in.

  804. chad says:

    Ozzy, I think it will help unify party – has good tea party and indpendent cred, has diversity (not two white men), has geography, and two intellegent, accomplished, and thoughout people – that is if rubio will not be the vp.

  805. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Mitt is the best candidate up there. He is a conservative and is on his way to battle Obama. Can’t wait!!!

  806. teledude says:

    790. What happens if Obama refuses to debate Newt?

    Newt has addressed this.

    Like Lincoln did to Douglas, he would follow him around and shame him into it. Every appearance Obama makes, Newt will be there right after. relentless. Like a honey badger.

  807. Fuzzy says:

    Obama is not going to debate anyone. He’ll get a body double if he has to. There’s no one home in that stick man right now. He has checked. Out.

  808. Watchinitall says:

    I gave Newt credit on Monday. He wasn’t that good tonight. He needed to do something to assure women voters, and he didn’t do it.

  809. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    We don’t need to worry about whether or not Obama will debate Newt. Newt is not going to win. Romney will be debating Obama.

    Go Romney, destroy Obama!

  810. Fuzzy says:

    There is no such thing as a honey badger. Just because the beefier Huntsman girl used that word. It’s made up.

  811. Bill says:

    Media is desperate to manufacture a horse race, they did it with Santorum in IA, Huntsman in NH, and now with Newt in SC. They are bending over backwards to convince the Angle/Paladino brigade to nominate an anti-Mitt, because of course Romney leads Obama in 2 of the 3 latest polls and 5 of 6 key swing states.

    As for polls, the interview polls have Mitt up solidly, the robo polls with the high MOE have Newt slightly ahead.

  812. Ozzy says:

    Hey guys, which Erick do you think is more biased against Mitt, Bolling or Erickson? I go with Erickson.

  813. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Bolling WAS BEFORE. Erickson has been consistent.

  814. Fuzzy says:

    Ron Paul has turned my stomach on occasion. Newt does it now. Romney has never turned my stomach. And that’s the least of his good qualities.

  815. Strange But True says:

    800. Yes, Newt said “I think grandiose thoughts” in his response after being attacked by Rick Santorum for his lack of discipline and leadership.

  816. aspire says:

    794 Romney tried to move away from a partisan system which was screwing conservative judges.

    “Governor Mitt Romney today announced a non-partisan and merit-based process for nominating judges in Massachusetts, safeguarding the system from favoritism and politics and ensuring the highest caliber individuals are selected to sit on the bench.”

    Because of that, he was successful in nominating conservative judges at a higher portion than they existed in the pool of candidates. His judges were going to decide if criminals go to jail, so he tried to pick judges that would send criminals to jail. He wasn’t appointing anyone to the Supreme Court.

  817. Thunder says:

    teledude Says:
    January 19th, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    790. What happens if Obama refuses to debate Newt?

    Newt has addressed this.

    Like Lincoln did to Douglas, he would follow him around and shame him into it. Every appearance Obama makes, Newt will be there right after. relentless. Like a honey badger.
    That might have worked 150 years ago, but today with jets, it doesn’t make sense.

  818. Conservative Gladiator says:

    803 – Damn Obama will have to debate him then haha…thinking grandiose thoughts I see.

    Here is what Obama will do. Two debates and then Newt’s ethics investigations will “accidentally” leak its way into the press after which a new investigation will take place and Newt will spend months trying to avoid prison until the end of the election.

  819. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I can’t wait to see the look on that tool Erick Erickson’s face when Romney wins this thing.

  820. Fuzzy says:

    Erickson definitely has issues. He says it’s bigotry, but I think there’s something more. Jealousy maybe.

  821. Lux Veritas says:

    No winner in tonights debate. Newt and Mitt did nothing great or nothing damaging. Santorum seemed desperate and may have damaged himself going after Paul and then getting taken out by Paul at the end. It’s gonna be a nailbiter but I think Newt wins by a point!

  822. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “There is no such thing as a honey badger”

    Not exactly true….its a bit like a skunk:


  823. teledude says:

    807. OMG! Haven’t you seen this?


    yes there is a Honey Badger and if you watch this yuo will know all about them

  824. Fuzzy says:

    So, anyone want to bet whether or not more womenfolk come forward as to the open marriage thing?

  825. Fuzzy says:

    Yeah and Pooh Bear is real too.

  826. teledude says:

    Sorry, wrong link :

    Honey badger

  827. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Everyone is threatened by how smart Mitt is. That is why they hate him. Oh and he is rich too. Mitt is going to win this thing!

  828. Fuzzy says:

    I thought those Huntsman gals were lowgrade, grown women acting like that towards their own kinfolk. Don’t they have children? A little self-respect? Maybe go to college, get a j-o-b?

  829. Henry Hubitt says:

    Not the popular choice around here, but I liked what I saw from Santorum.

  830. teledude says:

    “That might have worked 150 years ago, but today with jets, it doesn’t make sense.”

    Actually, that would make it easier…wouldn’t it?

    um, yes, it would.

  831. Evil Conservative says:

    I am really excited for the Romney-Paul debates in March.

  832. Fuzzy says:

    824 Not everyone. Perry used to look at Romney and grin like a school kid after he put forth what he musta thot was a particularly good answer, and bob his head up and down waiting for approval. It was endearing. Paul respects Romney, so does Bachmann. Huntsman was raw jealousy.

  833. Fuzzy says:

    Santorum is nice if you’re not that into competence and professionalism. I like him OK.

  834. Fuzzy says:

    Gingrich is icky. Don’t think were going to have intern issues with him? Think again.

  835. Fuzzy says:

    So was the first half anygood? I’ll catch it later.

  836. Frank says:

    165.ClassyMitt Says:
    Newt had no choice but to act mad….It sounded practiced.

    “I will not put up with anyone besmirching my character.”
    (applause for the tough guy who is going to beat up Obama.)

  837. Henry Hubitt says:

    Newt’s ‘pester Obama’ plan is sillier than his plan for space streetlights.

    I wonder if Santorum was subconsciously thinking that he was auditioning for the role of Romney’s attack dog as veep. He won’t get it, but I liked his fire anyway.

  838. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I am including the blowhards on the radio and tv. Jealousy baby. Can’t wait for Mitt to be the nominee.

  839. aspire says:

    834 Gingrich’s complaining about the questions, which has been his strong point in the debate wouldn’t go over well in the general election. So when Gingrich loses the first few debates to Obama – then what?

  840. MarqueG says:

    I see that Mediaite is carrying Mitt receiving boos for his answer on releasing tax returns as a top story on the front page. I know it’s a liberal site, but it fits too much into the liberal meme that Mitt is deliberately ashamed of being rich and having “something” to hide.

    Hell, Mitt would be better off releasing those docs with criminal activity on them than continuing to try to explain delay. Reason 197,107,495,096,235,475 in an infinite series of why Mitt is a horribly bad politician.

  841. teledude says:

    Just found the clip I missed.

    Pure awesome


  842. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    One place Romney could have done better…? He should have used the “lets see what you have on your tax returns. The people should know now” crap and turned it on the unethical Newt. “If we need to have everything out on the table why don’t you go ahead and request the ethics committee notes be released. You owe it to the people. They need to see what Obama may use against you.”

    The Romney campaing needs to be hammering that hard up to Saturday. It should be made into an ad and plastered on SC TV.

  843. Watchinitall says:

    I think we watched the last debate of the Republican nomination. These are now repetitive, unenlightening exercises in gotcha, often moderated by biased journalists, chiefly benefiting the candidates who are running on the cheap and needing free media. Romney doesn’t need them anymore. Every other candidate is leeching off them.

  844. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I don’t think I’m even going to watch the Marianne Gingrich interview. I’d rather dream that it has something devastating. Too depressing otherwise. Damn tax return question spoiled an otherwise excellent debate.

  845. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Yes…Romney needs to put it on Newt to release the contents of the ethics committee. After that he needs to announce that he will be doing only one debate in each state.

  846. teledude says:

    More good news for Newt.

    Kateshon Tweeted he has bought Gingrich to win SC on Intrade. That dude is a money making machine.


  847. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    SC prediction:

    Gingrich – 37%
    Romney – 31%
    Paul – 16%
    Santorum – 14%
    others – 2%

  848. Watchinitall says:

    Seriously for any of you Gingrichites out there, where does he go after Saturday? If he wins it won’t matter because he didn’t prepare to go any further. He’ll have no money. He has hardly any endorsements. He isn’t that popular outside the South and he won’t survive long enough to even get to Super Tuesday. I’m just not seeing the scenario where he’s relevant beyond Saturday.

  849. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    I agree with MEM, Mitt should have just said he would release all the returns to kill the issue for the time being.

  850. aspire says:

    845 I know, and how well is he going to fare in a news cycle about his multiple affairs and open marriage.

  851. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Hang in there MEM. I agree he should have done better with the tax question but no matter what his debate performance was going to be labeled a fail by most of the talkers out there. I still think he wins SC and then destroys in FL.

  852. Matthew Kilburn says:

    We sure as hell better hope Romney wins saturday.

    Thats the only way this race ends before March.

  853. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “I agree with MEM, Mitt should have just said he would release all the returns to kill the issue for the time being.”

    Thats not a winning strategy, because it obligates him to release ALL THE RETURNS.

  854. aspire says:

    With how trashy Gingrich & Santorum have gotten with their attacks against Romney, I don’t think the argument that a longer nomination will help us beat Obama.

  855. aspire says:

    851 … holds water. (oops)

  856. Watchinitall says:

    MEM! We need you to look at all of these goofy polls of the last 36 hours and tell us which ones make sense, which ones up with the actual spread of the very conservative to liberal percentages in SC. We see these goofy numbers and can’t see who’s pegging it and who’s in the weeds.

  857. teledude says:

    Okay, this is just mean:


  858. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Romney said he’ll release the returns. Where’s the problem now…how many years back? Go after Gingrich’s ethics when he was speaker.

  859. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    And what’s the alternative? Say he’s not going to release all of them, and then actually not release all of them as he said?

    You don’t think that’s a losing issue? The Democrats will be asking why he didn’t release all of them all the way into November.

  860. lutie says:


  861. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    It’s on CNN NOW!

  862. Ozzy says:


    Right now on CNN

  863. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    856. Mass Con I think you are missing the point here. 3/4 haven’t released. If seeing what is behind the curtain is soooo important then why not demand Newt to release ethics hearing records? Mitt needs to go on offense and make this an issue in his favor. Gingrich using Democrat playbook, release taxes, anti free enterprise. Why won’t he let everyone see what the ethics committee found? Go on offense Mitt!

  864. ClassyMitt says:

    These commentators on CNN are embarrassing themselves. Bending over backward talking about what a terrible debate Mitt had. They should just come out and say they want a prolonged primary. And Erik Erickson should also be honest and say if Mitt won SC the traffic on his Red State site would drop 99.9%.

    I think these people want this thing to last awhile.

  865. Riccardo says:

    Newt’s PACs have dough. If he wins or finishes close second on Saturday, he’ll stay in for awhile…ugh.

  866. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I’m not missing the point.

    The issue damaging Mitt is the constant drum-beat of the news media for him to release them, and he continues to refuse to do so. That is the point.

    The voters become skeptical of his essential selling point – electability – if he seems to be hiding his tax returns.

    The voters do not care about his (excellent) reasons to hide them until April. They just don’t care and they don’t understand.

    People are stupid. The sooner you and everyone else realizes that, the easier it will be for you to understand these things.

  867. teledude says:

    Newt to win South Carolina is trading up very strongly at InTrade. Now over 60%, up from 40%, only 2 hours ago.

  868. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “I think these people want this thing to last awhile.”

    There’s no “think” about it. If they hadn’t repeatedly pumped and dumped the FTOMs, these debates wouldn’t even be necessary.

    But conventional wisdom can also be wrong…witness the $10k bet incident…and I don’t know how many undecideds really sit around listening to the talking heads.

  869. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Teledude, PLEASE, just promise us that if Romney wins the nomination, you will go away and leave the rest of us in peace.

  870. Ozzy says:

    If Mitt loses on Saturday, this could be the year that South Carolina ends up losing its so called streak of correctly predicting the GOP nominee.

  871. aspire says:

    Regarding the Gingrich “open marriage” issue. Why is it so hard to believe a man who built his life on affairs, wouldn’t have a discussion with his wife at some point about “looking the other way”? I have little doubt he told her to “mind her own business”, or “let him do what he wants”, or to “let things be”. Are we supposed to believe he was never confronted, or that he begged for forgiveness when confronted?

  872. Sojourner Truth says:

    If Newt survives tomorrow, he wins Saturday. If the vote were tomorrow, Newt would win.

  873. Sojourner Truth says:

    I don’t really care about the Marianne issue. Wasn’t she knowingly breaking up Newt’s first marriage.

    The woman isn’t as pure as the wind driven snow.

  874. Nancy says:

    Three boring men and one funny and nutty one. You gotta love Ron Paul , he brings laughter. Would not vote for him but I think he is funny. I think they were all losers tonight. Guess I am just bored to tears with these debates. We have had too many.

  875. Florida Conservative says:


    If the vote would have been on Tuesday, which it should have been, Romney would have won by double digits, but it wasn’t

    What’s your point?

  876. Conservative Gladiator says:

    873 – Nice justification. Spoken like a true Conservative.

  877. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “The woman isn’t as pure as the wind driven snow.”

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that. But what reason do we have to trust Newt?

  878. aspire says:

    I can’t believe Laura Ingram is defending Gingrich on his affairs. She’s written books about family values, I loved her book “Power to the People”, but I now think she’s a fraud. You can’t defend Gingrich’s behavior and be a family values person.

  879. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    863. Did you not read the rest of my post? The sooner people like you learn to read a full post the easier it will be for you to understand these things.

    Close your eyes MWS…my guess is he doesn’t want to release them until after SC because there is going to be a lot of donations shown to the LDS church on there. Let’s face it, Romney doesn’t want to battle the religion question in SC.

    If that isn’t the reason then he is too far into it now to capitulate and release them.

    Remember to breathe deep. It is all going to be alright.

  880. Sarah from AK says:

    I am pretty sure Obama will refuse to debate Newt, that no one will care, and that people will think Newt is acting strange, even for him, following Obama around, months after he lost the nomination to Mitt.

  881. Ozzy says:


    Niether is Newt. I’ve seen scorpions with more moral character than Gingrich.

  882. teledude says:

    866. Screw that!

    I like this place.

    Plus, Romney is my second choice, so if he wins I’ll be right with you.

    Trying to get you to comprehend the fallacies of some of your more misguided beliefs.

  883. Thomas Alan says:


    Yeah, but she knows where more bodies are buried than anyone else.

  884. aspire says:

    “Wasn’t she knowingly breaking up Newt’s first marriage.”

    I think that was Newt.

  885. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    867. I think Iowa proved that Intrade is worthless. It went back and forth all week, night, hour. Really good for nothing.

  886. Bill says:

    The fact that evangelicals would choose a cheater over a Mormon speaks volumes about the bigotry that runs wild in their circle.

  887. Florida Conservative says:


    Gingrich has said that getting a blowjob wasn’t the same as cheating on your wife b/c it didn’t

    involve actual Sex.

    He is a despicable man who Evangelcal Christians are about to vote for in large numbers in SC and

    they should be ashamed of themselves for voting for such a dispicable individual!

  888. aspire says:

    880 Well done.

  889. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Newt Gingrich will win SC, so get emotionally prepared fellow Romney supporters.

    On to Florida!!!

  890. Ozzy says:

    South Carolina likes to boast that they’ve correctly picked the GOP nominee since 1980. If Mitt loses on Saturday, they lose their streak.

  891. bumskyred says:

    Would have been cool to see Santy in a sweater vest – oh well, ya win some ya lose some

  892. bumskyred says:

    Now bring on Nightline and the SECOND Newt bust – more glorious than the first!

  893. aspire says:

    885 Wait, Intrade was indecisive on Iowa? How was it not predictive then? :)

  894. Florida Conservative says:

    Mass Conservative,

    This Florida Conservative doesn’t see it that way.

    Mitt will win SC!!

  895. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt is not the victim like he wants people to think he is..He’s a slug and a pig….If he has nothing to be ashamed of then let him answer some questions. The sooner the better.

  896. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Newt Gingrich will win SC, so get emotionally prepared fellow Romney supporters.
    On to Florida!!!”

    and a long. drawn out. race. that will hurt the eventual nominee, whoever it is.

  897. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    889. What a depressing life you must lead. I don’t know the last time I saw you post something positive. There is a very good chance Romney wins SC.

  898. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    893. LOL

  899. Sojourner Truth says:

    Nice justification. Spoken like a true Conservative.

    Who is justifying? Wrong is wrong. Rah rah rah. Moral majority and all.

    The women was 50 percent responsible for breaking up a marriage. She knew what she was getting into. So it’s hard to feel sympathy for her whining.

    I never defended Newt for what he did. All I am saying is that she is no better.

  900. Florida Conservative says:

    Romney will be coming to my state with a win in SC!!

  901. Tim says:


    It’s should be no surprise that Newt will put ego before party. He is the most self-absorbed piece of trash to ever walk the halls of Congress.

  902. Ozzy says:


    If Newt wins South Carolina, I expect two things. First, the state will have ended its streak of correctly picking the GOP nominee. And second, Teledude, Smack, SoJo, and even Craig for Newt will return to gloat all week.

    Of course, it’ll be a short lived celebration. Mitt will win Florida heavily and the next number of states,(Nevada, Maine,Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan) all favor Romney.

  903. Sean says:

    “Newt Gingrich will win SC, so get emotionally prepared fellow Romney supporters.”

    I feel a late comeback by Mitt is going to happen.

    Mitt 35
    Gingrich 30

    Women will probably break for Gov. Romney by a 3 to 1 margin.

  904. Matthew Kilburn says:

    I still don’t know who will win SC, and I couldn’t even give you a guess. I’d say its 50/50 right now. Romney had a bad couple days, I think he came off better than Newt tonight, and I think that he will have a not-that-great-a-day tomorrow.

    It could go either way.

    But If we want a quick end to this race – and we all should – Romney needs to pull it off.

  905. Tim says:

    I wonder what the ballpark number of women voters Newt will cost us in the general. Romney can close gender gap to single digits, already has. But Newt might lose women by 30-40-50%, we’re talking worse than 1964.

    And he’ll take a ton of Tea Party congressman with him, not to mention destroy Rehberg, Allen, Brown, Mack, and Heller’s chances.

    Newt is quite simply the candidate of mass destruction.

  906. teledude says:

    I’m not much of a gloater… more of a needler.


  907. Matthew Kilburn says:

    ” All I am saying is that she is no better.”

    She isn’t running for high office as a social conservative who led the charge against clinton….

  908. Tim says:

    Jenny Sanford trashed Newt tonight, maybe she endorses Mitt, and the women of SC bring some sanity back to the world.

  909. Sojourner Truth says:

    907 – And how long ago was Mitt’s marriage to this woman.

    Don’t you Rombots welcome radical makeovers?

  910. Conservative Gladiator says:

    899 – Newt is being given a pass and anyone with half a brain can see it. Rush and Hannity as his press secretary. And the circling of the wagons tonight. For pete’s sake just let the woman speak her mind and DEAL WITH IT. His indignant rant at the beginning of the debate and that indignant standing ovation was enough to make people who value character throw up in their mouths at it. Why not just say you don’t care about it or it’s fine? Why not admit that what you were crazy about when Clinton was doing as president doesn’t matter now? How inconsistent is that as conservatives? Conservatism is a lot different now, isn’t it?

  911. Sojourner Truth says:

    And second, Teledude, Smack, SoJo, and even Craig for Newt will return to gloat all week.

    Hahaha. What’s that like?

  912. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “And how long ago was Mitt’s marriage to this woman.”

    What the hell?

  913. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    911. I imagine it’s a lot like what hell would be like. :)

  914. Lindas says:

    If you listen to CNN debate coverage, you’d think Mitt had a horrible debate. Interesting spin compared to what I saw.

  915. ClassyMitt says:

    For what it’s worth, SC will be close, but I think Mitt WILL win. He had a very good debate tonight and he has the endorsements.

  916. Conservative Gladiator says:

    914 – Spin it’s all it is. If the regular person just watched and ignored the pundits changing the channel after which is what normal people do Romney did awesome. If you watched post coverage it’s a narrative that’s created.

  917. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “If you listen to CNN debate coverage, you’d think Mitt had a horrible debate. Interesting spin compared to what I saw.”

    And if I had to guess, I’d say they were probably ignoring Santorum?

    Its simple: The media exists to sell itself; the more news there is, the better they sell; little beats elections in terms of news sales; the longer this election goes, the better it is for the media; the only way this election goes long is if Mitt loses saturday.

  918. asparagus says:

    Daily Beast FB poll has Mitt in 2nd, right behind Ron Paul of course.

  919. asparagus says:

    Gingrich should be disqualified from office simply on his taste in women. Yuck!!

  920. teledude says:

    The truth is most people don’t watch these things, at least not closely. They will wait and listen for highlights and get the pundits take on who “won” or who did poorly.

    Saw this on Twitter…interesting

    Worth noting: Romney camp wouldn’t confirm that he’ll attend the Monday debate in Tampa

  921. aspire says:

    You know, I bet if Gingrich was good looking he’d be getting a lot more crap about his affairs and open marriage. I think it seems less real because it’s hard to imagine it being true, even the stuff he’s been caught doing.

  922. Common Cents says:

    I think overall, the debate helped Romney’s chances in South Carolina. Santorum really scored some choice hits against Gingrich and drew some blood. Newt’s response to his marriage allegations made him come off like a loose cannon, which was dovetailed nicely by Santorum later in the evening.

    Romney was solid and showed more emotion. He does though need to get the income tax issue off the table ASAP, biggest blunder of his campaign was not getting that out of the way early on.

    Had the affair issue not cropped up, Newt would have won SC. He still might, but I think Romney will take it by 5 points as late deciders will get an uneasy feeling. Regardless of SC,Mitt will win the nomination, it’s just now it could now go until Super Tuesday.

    And yes, we have Juan Williams to thank for putting Newt back in “contention” which just shows how stupid our Party truly is that a snappy comeback on whether kids should clean the cafeteria after school makes people turn a blind eye to the trainwreck that is Newt.

  923. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Worth noting: Romney camp wouldn’t confirm that he’ll attend the Monday debate in Tampa”

    If he wins SC, he may not have to. If he loses, he has no choice.

  924. teledude says:

    921. You may really have something.

    Newt looks “safe.”

    If he were tall and square jawed with nice dark hair like Mitt, with a fooling around, lady’s man reputation…he would be more of a scoundrel, a gigolo, a dog.

    Men would not trust him…but he might score higher with the womens…look how well Mitt does with them now.

  925. Conservative Gladiator says:

    921 – Watching Gingrich walk on the debate stage made me wonder, what the hell kind of woman Callista is? She must have some serious Daddy issues. Gingrich physically makes Chris Christie look like an Adonis.

  926. Riccardo says:

    We should not underestimate the phenomenon which 08 brought to SC. The So Cons may be so deeply split come Saturday, and with Paul taking a few votes, Mitt still eeeks this thing out.


  927. teledude says:

    This is kinda funny


  928. asparagus says:

    This is the worst interview ever. Nothing new here. I’ve lost faith in ABC and in Drudge. It doesn’t change the fact that Newt Gingrich is a disgusting person who should be kept far far away from the White House.

  929. teledude says:

    anyone want to give a play by play of the Marianne interview?

  930. teledude says:

    928. aha! that’s just what I thought.

    slimy attempt at yellow journalism. this is NO story. Old news.

  931. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “This is the worst interview ever. Nothing new here. I’ve lost faith in ABC and in Drudge. It doesn’t change the fact that Newt Gingrich is a disgusting person who should be kept far far away from the White House.”

    I thought it was fairly damning. New information? Well, yes – that he wanted an open marriage, that he wanted Calista for political help.

    But more than that, it strung everyone together that has only been seen in bits and pieces. It painted him as a scoundrel, and a hypocrite, and for all the daughters said, they never really denied it. Only said that he’s changed.

  932. Conservative Gladiator says:

    929 – Yeah, Gingrich is a morally inept douchebag.

  933. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Really Teledude, Newt’s behavior hasn’t given you second thoughts?

  934. ClassyMitt says:


    teledude..Great, There are too many debates and he doesn’t need them anyway. Look at the way Mitt’s treated by the post-debate commentators..and on top of that, why should he help Newt and Santorum. Without Mitt they get half the audience at best.

  935. asparagus says:

    What was so explosive about this interview? Other than Newt has terrible taste in women, and his daughters aren’t going to be challenging JonHuntsmangirls for any beauty contests, there was nothing terribly new. Drudge owes me an hour I stayed up waiting for this. Unless ABC had worse allegations they held back I am mad at Drudge.

  936. Watchinitall says:

    920. tele, if I were advising Mitt I’d say ditch the debates, go straight to the voters with your message. His opponents are now all free-riders, leeching off the debates for free media which they desparately need, and Mitt doesn’t. Make them irrelevant.

    Of course, gotta see who’s even left after Saturday. But I don’t see where starring as the pinata for the second stringers answering the exact same questions that have been asked at 17 debates already makes any sense. If Rick and Newt want to go toe to toe with Romney, make them go do the fundraising they haven’t done yet.

  937. Keith Price says:


    Wait, Intrade was indecisive on Iowa? How was it not predictive then?

    BOOM! Spot on, dude! :)

  938. Conservative Gladiator says:

    936 – Exactly…

  939. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “What was so explosive about this interview?”

    I think you are looking at this through the lens of a political junkie. Of course stringing it together isn’t news for US….but for your average joe, it very well may be. Not many people sit around watching CNN all day, or MSNBC, of FOX…and those who do were probably set in their candidate a while ago.

  940. Conservative Gladiator says:

    936 – Mitt should say if you want to be POTUS. Go earn it. I’m going to the people directly and so should you…

  941. teledude says:

    So…now that this damning piece of over hyped and sensationalized journalism has aired…will it alter the poll numbers?

    Will it cause people to bolt from Newt and vote for Romney or Santorum?

  942. asparagus says:

    939 Well she could have told us Newt is bipolar, or Newt leaves the toilet seat up, or Newt has to take Viagra to get it up, or something else just as interesting, but it was just sour grapes about getting burned by Callista. Old news. Everybody knows he cheated on her. If you only saw this, you wouldn’t think Newt was all that bad, maybe misunderstood, maybe a romantic.

  943. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Will it cause people to bolt from Newt and vote for Romney or Santorum?”

    Well if the superficial problem of Romney’s taxes hurt him, then I would say, yes, its very likely.

    But Santorum also had a good night, and if he drains even 3% away from Gingrich, that could be a game changer. Add in the newspaper endrosement, the skewering from Jenny Sanford, and the rest, and Newt could easily fall into second place by voting time, even if he was leading earlier today.

  944. Keith Price says:

    So, that was it??? Just an ex-wife rehashing the breakup? No confession? No bomb? No skeletons Newt hasn’t already admitted to? :(

  945. teledude says:

    Or will the true unfairness of this sleazy attack be viewed as just another example of character assassination and dirty politics that people are sick of…actually making Newt a somewhat sympathetic figure.

    Have they made him a martyr?

  946. asparagus says:

    941 The real question is whether Santorum did enough in the debate tonight to make this a 3 way race again (all apologies to RP). I think Santorum’s strategy of attacking everyone was rediculous and softened the blows he made to everyone. He ends up being a non-factor by beating up on everyone. And he looked angry and irritable. What a dummy!

  947. Common Cents says:


    Mitt should have drawn a line in the sand with something like 10 debates early on. If Mitt ends up winning SC, no more primary debates. Period.

    Let Santorum and Newt scream about it all they want. Mitt can say “we’ve done 17 debates, that’s enough for Americans to know where I stand.”

    The reason this primary has been so chaotic is there’s been WAYYYYY too many debates which powers ridiculous news cycles, with the media wanting to create drama.

  948. Watchinitall says:

    tele, how would we even know if it moved the electorate? The polls are all over the place, I can’t tell if Romney’s really 7 pts down or 12 points up. Who do you think has it right, and why?

  949. ClassyMitt says:

    Newt is huge and can barely walk or stand. If this primary goes the distance he might need an ECV to get around. I don’t want to sound mean, but he’s 68 yrs old and really out of shape. This is gonna be like running in a marathon.

  950. Conservative Gladiator says:

    944 – It’s a he said she said about an “open marriage”. I still don’t understand how conservatives let this slide. I remember all of the indignation over Clinton and his problems. Now in 2012, it’s Gingrich indignation is okay? Conservatism is not what it used to be.

  951. BD1 says:

    A good summary:

  952. asparagus says:

    945 How is this character assassination? This is all true stuff and most of it, we knew. We didn’t need the Gingrich girls to stick up for dad, as if they knew what went on in that relationship? Who carries on 6 year relationships? Who can lie that long? 6 years is a long time. Shows you what kind of pathological liar we are dealing with. ABC won’t tell us but its clear to me. He is a sociopath.

  953. Sean says:

    Oh stop with the “Newt is the victim” stuff. How can you sit there and defend a person who goes out and preaches about family values but lacks them in his own personal life? Gingrich would be the height of hypocrisy and I can already see the Obama machine running ads on how while Gingrich was leading the Clinton impeachment proceedings he was secretely cheating on his wife with a staffer.

  954. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Or will the true unfairness of this sleazy attack be viewed as just another example of character assassination and dirty politics that people are sick of…actually making Newt a somewhat sympathetic figure.”

    Nice try, but Newt will NEVER be a Sympathetic figure. He’s a cheat, a scoundrel, a womanizer, a hypocrite, and a fraud.


    #946 –

    Actually, Attacking everyone might be a good strategy. True, there probably isn’t much to be gained from attacking Ron Paul (particularly considering he really isn’t going anywhere in the polls), but its three-fold:

    1) Attacking Mitt strongly makes Rick look like a strong candidate
    2) Attacking Gingrich puts Newt into greater question, making people hesitant to support him
    3) Attacking both of them lumps them together, and hurts Newt further by making Santorum appear more different than Romney.

  955. teledude says:

    Everyone on Twitter is complaining that they feel ripped off. comparing it to Al Capone’s Vault.

    Nothing “juicy” in it at all. Over hyped.

    don’t you feel silly now?

  956. Keith Price says:

    BTW, the debate question about the interview was a gift and Newt was a jerk about it. This crap was all over the news and CNN gave Newt a chance to respond to millions of voters.

    It was not despicable. If there was a bunch of lies about ME, I’d appreciate the chance to respond to the voters.

    That said, Newt probably thinks so, too, but needed to answer the way he did to put it to rest.

  957. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Oh, and Teledude,

    You’re conceding, then, that the tax stuff with Romney is also character assassination?

  958. aspire says:

    946 Yep, he was dumb. He should have gone after Gingrich hoping for a 2nd place finish in South Carolina. He should have said, “wait Gingrich, are you telling us you didn’t have an open marriage. That you didn’t sleep around while you were married?”

    How would Gingrich have defended himself? Would he say he cheated but that’s not an open marriage? Would he say he had an open marriage, but didn’t ask his wife for permission first?

  959. K.G. says:

    Mitt’s playing strip tease with the tax returns. Dumb pundits say he should release them or answer more strongly or whatever. Mitt’s not dumb; he knows his wealth will be an issue. I was perplexed when Andrea Mitchell asked him in NH and he gave a squirrley answer. He gave a squirrley answer in both these debates even tho people have been screaming at him to release the returns or give a firm answer.

    Makes you wonder. The Mitt campaign do nothing haphazard or lame; they are always calculated. Mitt’s generating all kind of interest in the returns; people like Rush are defending him; people are getting used to the idea he has $200 million; that he pays 15%. That he gives to the church.

    When they finally come out in April, there will be nothing much to get excited about. He’s stringing people along so he can make the case that Obama criticizes success, promotes class warfare, divides people.

    They are playing the media, the Dems and the people. You watch.

  960. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “don’t you feel silly now?”

    No. I feel angry, and enraged, that there are enough Republicans willing to vote for Newt, who is clearly the absolute scum of the Earth, that could push him over the top to victory in South Carolina, and force a longer, more dragged out race that will only help Obama in the end.

  961. teledude says:

    I feel sorry for the old boy.

    I’d be mortified if ABC gave my ex wife an hour to dish dirt on me.

    Maybe you guys don’t get the dynamics of a divorce. Especially a bitter one.

    this ain’t bean bag…but it may be a little more intense than politics…

  962. aspire says:

    956 Newt’s a cheater though. When confronted he’s probably learned to act outraged to cover his true emotions.

    What I wonder is how he gets away acting pious and acting like nobody has the right to question if it’s true when he has a long history of affairs.

  963. K.G. says:

    Classic Newt: First, we are supposed to forgive him because he’s been “very upfront and frank” about his sins. But now he says they are all lies.

    Like they say: Newt it all over the map.

  964. asparagus says:

    Well that interview isn’t going to sink Newt. We need to get Chris Christie down to South Carolina to bail Mitt out again one more time. It worked in Iowa.

  965. Watchinitall says:

    947. The race for the nomination is like a decathlon, and Newt’s fans are so excited that he’s great at the high jump that they are ignoring all the other events going on. Fundraising? Stinks! Endorsements? Stinks. Organization? Stinks. Ground game? Stinks. Honestly, without the debates, what claim to relevance does Newt have? Once South Carolina votes, where does he go, and does he do? FL? With what money?

    No more debates. Rick, Newt, and Paul can go write the hitch-hikers’ guide to political campaigns for President. Time for Romney to make them pay their way.

  966. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Maybe you guys don’t get the dynamics of a divorce. Especially a bitter one.”


    What exactly is it about Gingrich’s personal life that suggests to you his desire for an “open marriage” is so implausible? The first divorce? The fooling around while the first divorce was still ongoing? The second divorce? The affair while impeaching Clinton? The fact that Castilla is so much younger?

  967. Conservative Gladiator says:

    966 – This is the kind of passion we should have about the conservative value of marriage.

  968. teledude says:

    “You’re conceding, then, that the tax stuff with Romney is also character assassination?”


    Obama is going to run a class war campaign. He’s already started. If there is anything to hide in Mitt’s tax returns that might be embarrassing or problematic, it needs to come out NOW, not right before the election.

    I actually think Mitt may be setting everyone up. (this is my hope)

    He has executed his campaign near flawlessly. Strategically brilliant in my view. Hopefully he is using this tax thing as a trap, drawing everyone in , making them clamor for them…and then… boom! when he releases them we find he gives tons of money to charity and lives on a frugal amount while funding philanthropic causes around the world and he really is a hero.

  969. asparagus says:

    On JIimmy Kimmel, Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich: “You dirty dog!”

  970. K.G. says:

    #965: I agree. Mitt can just bow out of future debates. What? Paul, Santorum and Gingrich can debate. Santorum can score more points on Newt’s being erratic (as opposed to erotic, which is a nasty thought.)?

    If Mitt were not in the debate, would anybody even listen? Would it be like the Trump non-debate?

  971. Sean says:

    I think teledude should change to teldelusional.

  972. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “If there is anything to hide in Mitt’s tax returns”

    I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the Cayman Islands Crap, where they run a front-page story about how he’s parking millions there, write a big long article, and then down at the bottom say “by the way, this is all legal and doesn’t provide a way around US taxes.”

  973. Conservative Gladiator says:

    Herman Cain – Mr Irrelevant.

  974. Sean says:

    Tele we already know that Mitt gives alot of money to his church. Not sure where else he gives money to but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he did give to several causes.

  975. Titan says:

    -926 drugs are bad, stay off of them. Ron paul will not be in 4th. Obviously this a pro-Romney park. Between Romney being asked and STILL adamant about not releasing taxes until April. Newt with the ex wife and wanting to have an open relationship and Santorum just being a lost soul who will be next to go, but NOTHING about Paul and I feel he won tonight I feel bad for you underestimating Paul.

  976. K.G. says:

    #972: But the more they talk about it and the more they make the point it’s perfectly legal and rational, the more people get used to the idea. If the returns were made public with no preparation, they would say, Holy Caca, and go screaming into the night. This way it gets talked about, explained, understood.

    People get innoculated. Kinda like the Bain video. It’s out there. It’s been debunked. The people in the video have refuted it. Now when Obama gets down to this fight, everybody says, Asked and answered; old news. It’s all a lie.

  977. teledude says:

    From Twitter

    fivethirtyeight Nate Silver
    Doesn’t feel to me like there was enough new material in the Nightline interview to reverse Gingrich’s momentum.

    what did I say?

    It’s foolhardy to doubt me

  978. asparagus says:


    I am hoping for an Iowa-style recount that bumps me up to 1000. Anyways I’m too tired to wait for that sweet 1000th post.

  979. teledude says:

    from Twitter

    Kateshon Political Trader
    Diametric post-debate reversal : Gingrich is now a 63% favorite, to Romney’s 37% chance

  980. K.G. says:

    #977: True enough, but it’s surprising in talking to people out here in CA how many didn’t really know any of this stuff about Newt. Seriously. It puts it all into the public conscience and it cannot help him. Erratic. Immoral. Corrupt. Deceitful. Undisciplined.

    Not words you would use to describe the ideal POTUS.

  981. asparagus says:

    “Newt puts the hippo in hypocrite.” Jimmy Kimmel

  982. Matthew Kilburn says:

    If Romney wins on Saturday, even narrowly, He will basically have swept the first three contests (yes, I know he didn’t win Iowa – but the results there are so murky as to be irrelevant). SC has been painted as the Romnot’s last stand, and many politicos have said that if Mitt comes out ahead, the other candidates need to pack their bags and go home, throwing full loyalty and support to Mitt. If Romney wins on Saturday, he will win convincingly in Florida, and the race will be over. He can bow out of the debates, than the other candidates for a hard fought race, and start tailoring the 2012 campaign for the general as it suits him.

    If he loses Saturday, he probably still has the best shot at winning the nomination…possibly the only shot (he’s still 80% to win the nomination on intrade), but its not certain yet. He’ll have to attend the debates, and, though he’ll likely win in Florida, and may even still win big, it will be closer than otherwise. Santorum will drop out, and it essentially becomes a two-man race. Romney probably still has a big advantage, but Gingrich can dog him, pulling second in every contest. Gingrich would get a money boost from an SC win, and would be able to continue the race until probably Super Tuesday, when he could concede (say – after Mitt won Ohio or something) that the delegate math is simply not there to catch up.

    So, yeah, Romney will probably still be our nominee…………..but if he loses tomorrow, it easily adds another 5-6 weeks to the contest.

  983. Matthew Kilburn says:

    None of the information was really THAT new….not to us.

    but like I said, it painted the whole picture, to people who don’t get on and read Politico and RCP every morning.

    ….and whether you think Romney had a good night (like me) or a bad one (MassCon), Santorum certainly did well. That hurts Newt too.

  984. Craig for Newt Gingrich/Marco Rubio says:

    SC + FL = Newt’s our nom :)

  985. teledude says:

    984. Ha!

  986. Watchinitall says:

    982. not seeing it that way. Newt has played it out. Florida will finish him. He may squeek out a win in SC, but he won’t get enough money, the voting started there last week and Mitt was ready. Newt wasn’t. Florida won’t be close, regardless of Saturday’s vote.

    And Romney can take call the debates what they are after tonight: Political welfare for fundraising cheats.

  987. K.G. says:

    Rummy made real points against Newt: erratic, driven from office by the GOP, grandiose. I doubt it sunk in to the people much though. They seems pretty resistent–even tho Mitt’s been running those ads from Jim Talent and Susan Molinari.

  988. asparagus says:

    986 What about skipping FL? Is it possible?

  989. Watchinitall says:

    988. What do you mean? The debate? Yeah. Romney hasn’t agreed to do any debates in Florida. Honestly, what does Gingrich do wihtout that cheap crutch?

  990. econ grad stud says:

    #970 If Romney’s not at a debate I don’t think we’ve lost much. Romney only fails to be boring when he’s angry and flustered. I’m surprised he hasn’t put himself to sleep with his debating style.

  991. Sean says:

    “SC + FL = Newt’s our nom”

    Keep telling yourself that Craig for losers. February calendar favors Romney far more than it does Gingrich.

  992. asparagus says:

    989 I am talking about Santoruma and Gingrich skipping the Florida debates and campaigning in Florida in order to raise money/organize. This would only happen if Gingrich should win. Paul is already skipping the Florida primary, so it would be a good opportunity for Mitt to duck out of the debate. They won’t hold a debate with only Gingrich and Santorum.

    Pulling out of Florida would diminish impact of Mitt win in Florida.

  993. jaaron says:

    1000 – y’all can hit it.

  994. jaaron says:

    Fine, I will do it myself.

  995. teledude says:

    Did you guys check out Newt’s tax returns?


  996. Watchinitall says:

    What I see is Newt and Rick running campaigns that are woefully short of what’s needed beyond SC. If everyone but Mitt skips FL, it’s lights out, and, since neither Newt nor Rick stand a chance there, it pretty much is lights out right now. South Carolina is interesting, but where does it go from there? I don’t see any opening for Newt even if he wins SC. Money isn’t going to pour in in time for him to do much. Mitt can tell him to pound sand if he whines for debates. And Santorum is going nowhere. Kind of a wimpy ending to it all, but there it is.

  997. K.G. says:

    Newt’s life blood is the debates. W/o debates he’s got nuttin’. It would do my heart good just to see him denied.

    IMO Mitt did great tonight; the only one who looked even reasonably presidential but the pundits are dissing on him. Nothing to be gained for Mitt to debate. He has plenty to money to run ads; just do it already and quit giving the pygmies free air time.

  998. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    984 — Oh God! He’s BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

  999. teledude says:

    Newt will start following Mitt around Florida, shaming him for not debating. He will follow him everywhere he goes.

  1000. teledude says:

    if you know what I mean

  1001. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Did anyone see the NBC/Marist Poll showing Romney leading by 5% post Monday’s debate and the Politico polls showing Romney leading by 7% post Monday’s debate?

    Here’s hoping this will all be over by Saturday. I cannot take any more of the EVIL MR. NEWT GINGRINCH!

  1002. K.G. says:

    #999: No doubt he will. Newt is nutz. Debating for him is an obsession. Actually it’s the only thing he knows how to do (although I thought it was pretty flat and boring tonight.)

    Mitt may just have to call the men in the little white coats and haul Newt off to where he belongs.

  1003. Watchinitall says:

    999. Mitt will shame Newt, asking why he had time to go on a cruise in Greece but not get on the ballot in Virginia. He runs around getting in on brain lectures, doesn’do the hard work of fundraising. Newt is so special he doesn’t need to be conventional, so he can just pretend he is possessed of such virtue that the mundane hard behind the scenes labor is below him. And the public needs to see how completely exposed he would be without free media. The great debater is a one trick pony.

  1004. K.G. says:

    I kind of like it: Newt in a straight-jacket, screaming: Just 8 more Lincoln:Douglas Debates!!!!!!!!!

    And then Newt debating mental hospital patients: Debates w/Inmates. It could be a (un)reality show.

  1005. GetReal says:

    Craig showed up just in time to save us from Newt. Thank you, Craig. You almost let him get away with it.

  1006. Sarah from AK says:

    Matt – Bingo. do not get the she’s just bitter bit. It’s like a murderer claiming at his sentencing that the victim’s family wants him to get the chair cause they’re just “bitter” about the whole murder thing. Their jaundiced view is not worth considering, right?

  1007. Joshua says:

    I don’t see how Mitt can skip any debates until the race gets down to two candidates or he clinches the nomination. The debates have been getting good ratings (I mean by the standards of cable news), so if Newt, Rick, and Ron are still willing to show up, the debates will still be held. And you can bet that the moderator would ask a question such as “Do you think that Gov. Romney’s failure to show up at this debate is based more in arrogance or more in fear?” And it would be open season on Mitt, with the moderator and other candidates all bashing him for not being there.

    If Mitt clinches the nomination, then he can skip the rest of the debates if he chooses (if indeed any are still held). And if he is left with only one opponent, he can skip the rest of the debates because they won’t be held if only one candidate shows up.

  1008. Jeff Y says:

    I’m torn. I want South Carolina to lose their streak of choosing the nominee, but I want Mitt to win on Saturday (which I do think he’ll pull off, MassCon). Kind of like I wanted Mitt to win Iowa, but part of me wanted Ron Paul to win.

  1009. K.G. says:

    Poor Marianne. She has probably misculculated the voters. She no doubt believed that once people knew the real Newt, they wouldn’t vote for him. I believe they know well enough; it just doesn’t matter. These are the same people that stuck with Cain in spite of all his gaffes, “jokes” and stupid statement.

    It’s the same ABR crowd. They would vote for Satan over Romney. (But not for Santorum, it seems.)

  1010. K.S. says:

    My favorite line in the debate is when Mitt mentions Newt appears only once in an obscure mention in the Reagan diary. And it includes him spouting off another big idea that Reagan dismisses. Newt talks like he and Reagan arm in arm ushered in the conservative era.

  1011. Jeff Y says:

    I reaffirm my conviction that Mitt will win in South Carolina. Why do I feel the need to reaffirm it? Craig is back to put the final nail in Gingrich’s coffin.

  1012. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    1008 — Do you really think Romney can win the nomination even if he loses SC? I think he can, but part of me is worried that he won’t if he loses SC.

    Then I remember there’s the February caucuses and primaries: NV, CO, MI, AZ, ME, MN, and WA — all of which are Mitt (non-bigotted) states.

  1013. K.G. says:

    #1011: Thank goodness. With that settled, I’m off to bed.

  1014. K.G. says:

    #1012: Sadly there are many bigots in those states. Well see.

  1015. Gordon says:

    Great night one and all…thanks for the thoughts. Mitt had a great night and I believe he is controlling his own press on this tax issue…KG nailed it. That “maybe” tonight was well thought out…manage your own negatives of being out of touch…it’s actually a great strategy, risky, but will end up benefiting him in the long run. The major news tomorrow will still be Marianne, even though the interview sucked…the story is not going to just die because Newt said it should…the tax issue will be old news by Monday.

    The biggest win tonight was having Santorum go after Newt for being erratic…”Erratic” is the word that will become synonymous with Newt Gingrich over the course of the rest of the campaign…that narrative WILL eventually take hold with the voters. Newt will win SC on Saturday, and then ALL of the focus goes back on him…the negative attacks weren’t the only thing that took Newt down…this narrative started to take hold right along side the “negative attacks” and it wasn’t until ALL the focus went squarely back to Mitt that Newt was able to reestablish himself as the only candidate to take down Romney…he just had to be Comrade Gingrich for a few days and lead the charge. Newt’s performance in debates start to have less and less charm when the voters are constantly reminded that Newt likes to talk to us like ten year old kids and that he has the ability to solve every problem.

    A Newt win in SC, is not the worst thing for Romney…Newt’s head will be so big that he’ll start floating right on out the Primary…

  1016. J-Mac says:

    1. Paul – never took a real blow
    2. Mitt – one bad soundbite
    3. Newt – because Santorum hit it right on him basically being a bit of a mad man – grandiose – whatever you call it

    Not Ranked: Rick Santorum – horrible. I’ve disliked him since day 1, but my goodness I wanted to give him a face massage tonight I thought it might get stuck in that horrible angry smirk

  1017. Cnn Gop Debate – giroz.net says:

    […] race42012.com/2012/01/19/race42012s-cnn-south-carolina-gop-presidential-debate-open-forum – ver Do You Want to See Gary Johnson in the CNN Republican Candidate … … being excluded […]

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