January 10, 2012

Race42012’s New Hampshire Primary Results Open Forum

A this point, is it really only a matter of how much space Romney gets between himself and the #2 finisher?

Have at it in the comments!

  6:45 pm
New Hampshire Primary  
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1,127 Responses to “Race42012’s New Hampshire Primary Results Open Forum”

  1. Ozzy says:

    In everyone’s honest opinion, is it just important for Romney to just win or is it more important that he win big like a 15-20 point win to shut his critics and the ABR crowd up?

  2. M says:

    2016 will be a landslide for Rand Paul.

    Increase our numbers by +10%, and these primaries will be a lock.

  3. Ozzy says:


    The only thing Rand Paul will run for in 2016 is re-election of his Senate seat.

  4. Ozzy says:

    Is looks like Newt always seems to always come in fourth.

  5. Heath says:

    When Paul is your main rival the race is def over (it was over before Xmas but anyway).

    Just stay safe Mittens!

  6. Willard Mittens Rombot says:

    It’s a good day to be a Rombot. Newt/Perry! Newt/Perry! Seriously my hat is off to Rick Perry. How anyone that simple could dress them self and get out the door everyday is incredible.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Things aren’t looking good for Jon Huntsman. His vote in places like Concord needs to be higher if he wants a decent showing tonight.

  8. Matt "MWS" says:

    I remember 16 years ago, refreshing the computer every 8 seconds or so, at my brothers apartment, watching Pat Buchanan rock the political world with a shocking victory in New Hampshire.

  9. Thomas Alan says:

    They’ll be calling this as soon as the polls close.

  10. Florida Conservative says:

    So will Romney get to 40%? What do you guys think so far?

  11. Thunder says:

    Florida Conservative Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    So will Romney get to 40%? What do you guys think so far?
    High 30s

  12. Jeff Y says:

    Fox is showing Romney at 36% with 6% reporting. Paul 25, Huntsman 15.

  13. Thomas Alan says:


    You must have had dial-up in 1996. Impressive that you were able to refresh every 8 seconds.

  14. Jonathan says:

    CNN is still trying to find a way to spin this as some kind of disappointment for Romney because he isn’t dominating independents.

    I’m confused. If Republicans supposedly don’t like Romney but he wins them by a huge margin, what is the next media meme?

  15. John says:

    Paul will take second. He has big #’s in Huntsman’s base area.

  16. greg says:

    DO some candidates Campaign managers i wonder have there candidates reassess there candidates campaigns tonight?

  17. wdosmer says:

    i love how the tv pundits constantly remind me as a viewer that Ron Paul will not get the nomination…even as he is pulling in 25% of the NH vote and leading in numerous counties.

  18. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Paul will take second. He has big #’s in Huntsman’s base area.”


  19. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I hate them. Vile, evil creatures.

  20. Thomas Alan says:


    Huntsman is the only one even thinking about dropping out. He has nowhere to go after coming a distant 3rd today.

  21. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Yes, Paul is going to beat Huntsman… by a lot.

  22. Matt "MWS" says:

    Roemer trails Perry 0.4% to 0.7%

  23. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “i love how the tv pundits constantly remind me as a viewer that Ron Paul will not get the nomination”

    Because he won’t. Period. And this party will be far better off the day he drops out of the race and leaves Presidential politics for good.

  24. Matt "MWS" says:

    Thomas Alan,

    My brother did have dial up in 1996. And every 8 seconds might be an exaggeration, but it was frequent.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Romney has officially carried Manchester 37-25 for Ron Paul.

  26. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Go Paul go! Beat Huntsman like a drum.

  27. teledude says:

    This is the crap that makes people hate politics:

    Mitt Romney running ad in South Carolina falsely accusing Newt Gingrich of being pro abortion.

  28. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Fox calls it. Mitt wins.

  29. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    He needed to do better than that in Manchester to break 40 IMO.

  30. Jonathan says:


    Well Newt is running an ad in Florida that falsely says that he is pro-capitalism.

  31. Matt "MWS" says:

    Karger leads Bachmann by 17 votes, and Cain by 26.

  32. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Thomas Alan,

    Not so sure that it’s going to be a distant 3rd. I think it’ll tighten. One thing we saw in Iowa: in early results Paul was basically even with Romney and Santorum but he faded as results trickled in and then gained a little back late in the night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing happen here.

  33. Jonathan says:


    No they haven’t. None of the networks have called it yet.

  34. SixMom says:

    So far Santorum is finishing behind Gingrich and Huntsman and Perry isn’t even on the map. I think Santorum’s rise and fall may only span two weeks.

  35. Vin says:

    Is there a live Internet video feed anywhere showing results as they come in?

  36. K.G. says:

    #22 That might be how the entire night plays out: Mitt in the high 30’s, Paul in the mid 20’s. A good showing for both of them if it is.

    #14 Yes, everyone reminds how Paul won’t win. And yes, we Mitt supporters have to listen to them say Mitt probably win even tho everybody hates him and nobody will vote for him.

  37. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  38. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Romney 7832 36%
    Paul 5474 25%
    Huntsman 3504 16%
    Gingrich 2401 11%
    Santorum 2294 10%
    Perry 162 1%

    10% of Precints in

  39. Thomas Alan says:

    Brilliant strategy by Santorum. He does well in Iowa and then spends a week running around New Hampshire…to come in 5th.

  40. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Looks like Huntsman is sure to come in 3rd.

  41. Sir David says:

    The media will say anything less than a 20% win and Mitt really blew it.

    In reality, the real story is this: Who Lost New Hampshire.


    None of them top three finishers.

    How is Newt hanging on to his national numbers?

    Not a top three finisher in Iowa,
    Not a top three finisher in NH

    Why is he #2/3 nationally?

  42. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt wins

  43. Jonathan says:

    And Fox news has called it for Romney.

  44. aspire says:

    …and I’m Megyn Kelly. Mitt Romney won – I’m going home. I put in enough time in Iowa – later.

  45. Thomas Alan says:

    Yay…Mitt wins

  46. SixMom says:

    Looks like Romney is going to pull 35%. Paul is doing really, really well.

  47. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    #5 – I remember standing in a ball room in Manchester, NH singing and dancing and watching TV as Pat Buchanan rocked the US political world that very same night.

    CNN just calls it for Romney

  48. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Fingers crossed that Paul’s support level drops. 25% voting for that nut is embarrassing to this party.

  49. Matt "MWS" says:

    My predictions are crap.

    Romney and Rum are running way behind where I had them, and Paul way ahead.

  50. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN calls it for Romney too.

  51. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    29 – I agree that is likely. My opinion is Paul does better with students, etc. who vote early while Romney does better with those who vote after work. Just a guess.

  52. Ozzy says:

    Why are my comments not showing up at the end but towards the beginning of this thread?

  53. teledude says:

    It would be nice to see Santorum get a clue and drop out. Probably won’t happen though.

  54. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Talk radio – which has dumped him today to the curb.

    Noot is going to drop to 10% nationally very soon.

  55. wdosmer says:


    It is not their job to constantly bash one candidate because they do not agree with him. why not report the results instead of telling every voter not to vote for him because he is “unelectable”?

  56. Ozzy says:

    The last one was the first to show up at the end.

  57. wdosmer says:


    It is not their job to constantly bash one candidate because they do not agree with him. why not report the results instead of telling every voter not to vote for him because he is “unelectable”?

  58. K.G. says:

    11% of the vote and they have declared Mitt the winner. Paul the 2nd. Huntsman 3rd.

    Well, two Mormons and a libertarian go to SC with wind at their back.

  59. no newt says:

    go ron!…paul running stronger than expected…

  60. Jrcutler says:

    AP projected Romney the winner!

  61. Ozzy says:

    Romney was just projected the winner of New Hampshire.

  62. Greg says:

    Huntsman making a move at 17.2%

  63. Thomas Alan says:


    Well, that would be good for Mitt. If Paul fades a bit, Romney can inch up towards that magic “15 percent” number some have been saying he needs to have a good night.

    Pundit logic…don’t ask me.

  64. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Fortunately for Romney, Huntsman will be effectively knocked out (who pulls votes from the left) and Gingrich and Santorum will split the conservative vote on the right. Romney will will SC, unless Gingrich & Santorum voters can get behind one candidate.

  65. MarqueG says:

    Mitt will fire his message masseuses to celebrate. They really failed him. And it’s fun.

  66. Vin says:

    I was hoping Huntsman would do better. I suspect he may drop out with a 3rd place finish, especially if he ends up trailing Paul by a significant amount.

  67. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN NH exit polls:

    Romney 36
    Paul 23
    Huntsman 18
    Santorum 10
    Gingrich 10

  68. Ozzy says:

    Poor Newt can’t get out of fourth place. LOL

  69. aspire says:

    The race is over folks. Time to pull back on the negative rhetoric. Romney’s our nominee and Obama’s already running against him.

  70. ngthagg says:

    My standard for a Romney “win” is not a set percent, but his performance relative to other candidates: can he beat the next two combined? He’s close to that right now, but needs to improve by a couple points.

  71. jaxemer11 says:

    Are we seriously going to discuss the battle for fourth place in New Hampshire? Pathetic!

  72. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Paul underperformed exit polls in Iowa.

  73. Ozzy says:

    Although Mitt already was projected as the winner, he is still pulling ahead. He’s 3000 votes ahead of second place Paul and counting.

  74. jaxemer11 says:

    45% of Republicans for Romney in CNN poll. Hard to argue against that.

  75. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Among Repubs – CNN Exit polls

    Romney 45
    Paul 15
    Santorum 15
    Gingrich 12
    Huntsman 11
    Perry 1

  76. Boomer says:

    Wow. Romney got a huge 45% portion of the Republican vote. Nobody else over 15%.

  77. OhioRepub says:

    36% is basically a “good” win, but not a great win. I’d like to see Romney pushing 40% to end the night.

  78. Brett says:

    Just FYI:

    Fox News Live online just called it for Romney. In fact, they are calling the whole thing in this order:

    1. Romney 35 – 36%
    2. Paul 23 – 24%
    3. Huntsman 17 – 18%
    4. Gingrich 10 – 11%
    5. Santorum 9 – 10%
    6. Perry less than 1%

  79. no newt says:

    roemer vs perry now becomes the focus…..

  80. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Lol at Huntsman.

  81. K.G. says:

    #75 Only 11% of the votes in according to my radio. Maybe Mitt can bump it up a bit when the final is known.

  82. Jonathan says:

    If Roemer beats Perry in New Hampshire, do they finally invite him to the debates? My guess is probably not.

  83. teledude says:

    I am shocked Bachmann and Cain actually received votes. What’s up with that?

  84. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Romney won Concord w/ 100% reporting. Damn! Good news for Team Romney.

  85. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Perry’s star is shining bright…deep in the heart of Texas.

  86. teledude says:

    All the drama is between Newt and Santorum …who has 4th?

  87. Jonathan says:


    Protest votes perhaps?

  88. Jonathan says:

    Huntsman is climbing a bit; he’s at 18% now.

  89. K.G. says:

    I was hoping Gingrich would get below 10%. Wah!

  90. jaxemer11 says:

    Huntsman will drop put tomorrow. The big question is whether Newt or Santorum get to the 10% threshold for delegates.

  91. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “It is not their job to constantly bash one candidate because they do not agree with him.”

    Considering Ron Paul is an isolationist/non-interventionist/pacifist/anti-war kook, and has routinely criticized big banks and big business….I’d say many in the MSM agree more with Paul than they do most Republicans.

    But it is there job to report FACTS. And to any observer, even an objective one, it is very clear that Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination, will not win the Presidency, and generates a significant amount of his support from those who are probably going to vote for Obama no matter WHO wins when the general election rolls around.

  92. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    81, Perry voters who were confused at how to spell Perry.

  93. Greg says:

    Huntsman up to 18.3%

  94. K.G. says:

    #89: I’m hoping, hoping, hoping they do not!

  95. no newt says:

    Go Paul!

  96. Cincinnati Kid says:

    75 – 36% is not a good win. It shows that people moved against Romney in the last few days.

  97. jaxemer11 says:

    They are polling people on the acceptance speech? Really?

  98. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Just watch the southeastern towns coming in in Rockingham County.

    Romney is going to be pushing 40-45% in those towns.

    He’s at 41% in Portsmouth, despite Paul and Huntsman each getting 20%. In the smaller towns, Romney will be picking up Huntsman voters.

  99. Metro says:

    I love how the NYT results page has a countdown clock to the next update.

  100. Heath says:

    Where’s katcheon he said that Huntsman was going to run second for sure? Hope he didn’t lose his house!

    Does Huntsman endorse? I say Romney but not for months.

  101. K.G. says:

    #95 Fiddlesticks. Anybody with a brain knows he was going to drop a bit–especially considering all the last minute attacks.

  102. jaxemer11 says:

    I really don’t see why anyone would vote for Newt at this point. What is attractive about him?

  103. jaxemer11 says:

    Huntsman may drop out tonight.

  104. Metro says:

    Even better, the NYT auto-updates do you don’t have to refresh.

  105. greg says:

    IF NEWT / perry DO BAD tonight do they keep going?

  106. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Oh yes, almost forgot. Two cheers to Romney for making history with wins in Iowa and New Hampshire!

  107. Anthony Dalke says:

    I didn’t expect Paul to do this well. Hadn’t he recently polled in the upper teens?

  108. jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … huntsman sitting in front of a CNN camera watching results. “Breaking News!”

    What a tool!

  109. Thomas Guid says:

    Ron Paul! Let’s cut that spending once and for all.

  110. Anthony Dalke says:

    At the very least, Huntsman is one sharp-dressed man.

  111. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney ’12 is only beating Romney ’08 by 3, and trailing McCain ’08 by 2.

    Turnout seems to be running behind ’08, when the Democrats hogged the spotlight, and Republicans were considered down on enthusiasm.

  112. MarqueG says:

    Most people vote for Newt just to stick it to Jax, exit polls are showing.

  113. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Perry is not actively contesting this. Newt will go on until at least SC. Huntsman may drop out within the next couple days. Santorum will go on.

  114. aspire says:

    Huntsman is holding out. Fox called 2nd for Paul, but on CNN they seem to be respecting Huntsman’s desire to hold out and see how the votes come in.

  115. Heath says:

    Heath Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 7:18 pm
    Romney 38.7
    Paul 20.5
    Huntsman 18.7
    Santorum 10.1
    Gingrich 9.9
    Perry 1.4
    Other 0.7

    This will be close – just need Rick to take over Newt!

  116. Jonathan says:

    Belknap County doesn’t have anything reporting in yet.

    CNN has a camera in Huntsman’s hotel suite. The Governor seems to be feeling alright. The Huntsman campaign seems to be indicating that he won’t drop out of the race anytime soon.

  117. Anthony Dalke says:

    Speaking of Huntsman, how can he possibly think he stands a chance in South Carolina?

  118. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    CNN says Huntsman Campaign Manager Weaver says talk of them dropping out tonight is “bullshit.”

  119. Cincinnati Kid says:

    100 – he went down in poll numbers (from 43 to 37), showing that for every undecided he picked up, he lost even more people. If he gets 35% as is the current, number, that is a really poor closing argument and shows a real lack of enthusiasm…

  120. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN is now claiming that team Huntsman thinks they’ll do well in Florida because his wife is from the state. Pathetic.

  121. Sir David says:


    36% is not a good win?

    The indies flooded the place. Romney won 40% of Republicans. Those are they whom we should care about anyway.

    What about 10% for Noot? What about 9% for Santorum? Are those respectable losses?

    If the super bowl results were 35 to 10, would you say that was a respectable win?

  122. Heath says:

    My predictions 2 days ago.

  123. greg says:

    DO I DARE SAY / worry this thing could be over before super Tuesday march 6th?

  124. K.G. says:

    OMGoodness, my local conservative talk show host Roger is in NH right now, interview this Rick Tyler person, Newt’s 28th minute video guy. Roger, who’s had NO love for Mitt all year is calling Rick Tyler “Michael Moore” telling half the story.

    The video does NOT tell the good side of Bain: Stables, Dominos, etc. etc.

    Roger now calling the video OWS!!!! Rick Tyler cannot hold is own with Roger. Rick sounds like an idiot. What is it about Ricks these days????

  125. Anthony Dalke says:

    Piggybacking on what I said, McCain already endorsed Romney, and Lindsey Graham has virtually every incentive to follow suit. Where the heck can Huntsman pick up enough votes, aside from the coastal areas?

  126. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Pure, unadulterated delusional ego mongering.

  127. Eric says:

    CNN just said they talked to huntsman, and he’s staying in until at least florida…. RON PAUL 2012!

  128. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Most people vote for Newt just to stick it to Jax, exit polls are showing.”


  129. Anthony Dalke says:

    119 MEM,

    Bachmann herself hailed from Iowa. Look how well that turned out…

  130. no newt says:

    come on jon..here is your chance to concede to Paul

  131. Thomas Alan says:



  132. Boomer says:


    Perry may not be contesting it but it gets increasingly difficult to justify his campaign after his dismal finish in Iowa and now NH.

  133. Heath says:

    Mitt ha gone from “weak front runner” to possibly the first non-incumbent republican to win all 50 states?!

    Unlike Gore in 2000 against 7 or 8 opponents!

  134. MarqueG says:

    Wonder how close J-Hunt is to running out of cash? Any chance he gets any new donations from this showing? Even if SC is an open primary, there were reports today on big ad buys there from the Gingrich and Santorum PACs.

  135. Greg says:

    Most pundits are claiming that that the over-under is 36%. If Romney is in that neighborhhod, it is a success. The more urban areas, with larger voter populations are reporting late. maybe Romney will get to 36%

  136. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Romney/Rubio,Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio, Romney/Rubio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Jaxemer11 says:

    What a freaking tool! See CNN talking about Romney and run over to the reporter to interrupt them. What a classless move. He had CNN on right in front of him and new Sununu was speaking.

    Typical of Huntsman. He is a joke!

  138. Jonathan says:

    Huntsman is arguing electability, saying that Romney is hurting his own electability with the “fire people” thing.

    Sorry Governor, but that dog won’t hunt down in the South.

  139. Matt "MWS" says:

    Looking at the preliminary results, I’d have to conclude that having a suck@ss field depresses turnout.

  140. Ozzy says:


    Huntsman says that he is going to South Carolina and Florida.

  141. aspire says:

    Who is going to stay in the race after today? Huntsman doesn’t have another favorable state though he might think Florida. Gingrich has failed big in the first 2 states. Perry has failed big in the first 2 states. Santorum got 2nd in Iowa, but failed big in New Hampshire. Paul can claim a bronze and silver so we know he’s going to stay in, but who else?

  142. Heath says:

    Little Jonny will get 5% in SC and not much more in Florida.

    I hope he & Perry stay in so we can laugh at them more!

  143. Anthony Dalke says:


    I recently read an article that said Huntsman’s dad would kick in a lot more money to their superPAC, if only Jon Jr. would. However, he has a strong desire to “become his own man”, so he doesn’t want to do that.

  144. Thomas Alan says:

    LOL @ Kavon’s rational exuberance.

  145. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Anthony Dalke,

    Indeed. The idea that Jon Huntsman can do anything with a 3rd place finish, nearly 20 points behind Romney, is comical. Not even worth acknowledgment.

  146. Thomas Alan says:


    Well, it’s cute.

  147. Jaxemer11 says:

    120 – 45% of Republicans

  148. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Most pundits are claiming that that the over-under is 36%. If Romney is in that neighborhhod, it is a success.”


    McCain hit 37 against real competition.

  149. Lutie says:

    cnn has latest updates

  150. Jonathan says:

    Governor Sununu is ripping Huntsman apart. The New Hampshire Governor is a great attack dog. He and Christie are Romney’s biggest attack dogs.

  151. Ozzy says:

    135 Kavon,

    I still think the VP will be either Christie, Ryan, or Thune.

  152. Jaxemer11 says:

    @111 – LOL … probably true

  153. K.G. says:

    Roger laughing @ Rick Tyler now. Roger has been blasting the heck out Newt all day. He had an interview with Santorum today and Roger declared Rummy a “big government social conservative who touted LBJ” in the interview. According to Roger, Rummy is not fit for POTUS.

    This thing is going to start turning for Mitt; people are FINALLY coming to the realization that those of us who’ve supported Mitt all along have always known: Whatever problems there are w/Mitt, there is no one else. Period.

  154. greg says:

    HUNTSMAN says (tonight’s still early) right now they ”plan” to go to SC

  155. Brett H. says:

    Can we have an update on the prediction standings? I’m vying for top 15!

  156. Jaxemer11 says:

    Sununu laying the wood to Huntsman. What a classless move to cut Sununu off.

  157. Jrcutler says:

    I would like that!

  158. Metro says:

    #144: I think Huntsman’s strategy is to stay in until the electorate realizes one by one the other non-Mitts are not viable, and he becomes the anti-Mitt. There’s a tiny chance it could work.

  159. wdosmer says:


    you actually believe that Ron Paul supporters will vote for Obama? you don’t know anything about what motivates these people. the anti-war ones hate obama because he has done nothing but expand US intervention into foreign conflicts. the civil libertarians hate obama because of patriot act, “net-neutrality”, gun control, and a million other issues. the economic ones think obama is a total failure with bailouts and stimulus. the hard money ones want nothing to do with the dems (unless you mean andrew jackson who abolished an earlier version of the FED). the drug legalization ones hate obama because he has cracked down on states that want to do their own thing. ron paul supporters think obama is the devil.

    are you REALLY being honest in your rhetoric or are you just throwing bombs…?

  160. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    McCain got 40% among indys. Indys broke for Huntsman and Paul this time because they are far-left on war.

  161. Jaxemer11 says:

    139 – He’ll go to the debates but he won’t spend any money there. He is finished.

  162. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    CNN projects Huntsman in 3rd

  163. SGS says:

    Will we ever break 500 on this post?

  164. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney pacing 1600 less than he received in ’08.

    Was there a hurricane in New Hampshire today? Maybe a major earthquake? Alien invasion?

  165. aspire says:

    CNN finally called Ron Paul 2nd and Huntsman 3rd.

  166. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN just projected that Paul comes in second and Huntsman in 3rd.

  167. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Fox news is really playing this off as a huge win for Romney….expect Mitt to really climb in the next couple of days in the tracking polls.


    My VP3 list:

    – Rubio
    – McDonnell
    – DeMint

    Not necessarily in order.

  168. Jonathan says:

    CNN is now declaring that Paul will be 2nd and Huntsman will be in 3rd.

  169. Vin says:

    I recently read an article that said Huntsman’s dad would kick in a lot more money to their superPAC, if only Jon Jr. would. However, he has a strong desire to “become his own man”, so he doesn’t want to do that.

    My initial perception of Huntsman when he first ran for Gov here in Utah was that he was a little spoiled boy riding in on daddy’s money and standing in the community. I voted for his opponent. But Huntsman won, and turned out to be a pretty kick*** governor, and I’ve appreciated him ever since. But he’s definitely trying to avoid the perception that his dad’s buying him votes.

  170. Ozzy says:

    Ann Romney speaking

  171. Jonathan says:

    Ann Romney is on stage to introduce the Governor.

  172. Anthony Dalke says:


    I like Huntsman, and I’ve tried to maintain hope that he might catch fire, as MWS can attest, but I really don’t see how he has any viability this late in the game. Furthermore, although I’ve had to grit my teeth and look past his incessant negative campaigning, his new Bain/firing rhetoric has acted as the last straw for me.

  173. aspire says:

    Huntsman says he’s going on to South Carolina. LOL.

  174. Greg says:

    147. Better competition? Only 3 guys got double digits in New Hampshire in 2008. Mitt is going to improve upon his numbers from 2008.

  175. Cincinnati Kid says:

    I hate live polling of a speach! It is just stupid….

  176. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    There was a media character assassination – that could be it, hm?

  177. teledude says:

    157. The problem is…that’s everyone else’s strategy too.

  178. Jonathan says:

    Even if Huntsman wants to go on, South Carolina is a poor choice. He should hop-scotch down to Florida and make his stand here.

  179. Ozzy says:


    There’s only 20% of the vote is in. It’s still too early to know the final vote numbers.

  180. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    MWS, I told myself that tonight I wouldn’t LOL at you, but you’re really asking for it. So LOL at you and Huntsman.

  181. Greg says:

    Romney starting to climb again. Up to 35.8%

  182. Jaxemer11 says:

    163 – Pacing? What the hell does that even mean? The votes aren’t reported in a normally distributed way.

  183. Anthony Dalke says:


    Sure, you’re probably right, but with Romney now the most preferred option among GOP voters (as the polls today showed) and consistently sporting better favorability numbers than Huntsman, it would take a TON for a plurality of the party to swing toward J-Hunt.

  184. criggs says:

    177. Amen, amen, amen!!!!!

  185. aspire says:

    Anyone know what Ann Romney said would be her pet project as first lady in 2007?

  186. MarqueG says:

    157. Metro, I think that’s everyone’s strategy, but there’s a limit to how much they’re individually willing to burn through their personal funds to do so, differences in self-funding possibilities notwithstanding.

  187. Ozzy says:

    Ann Romney is gonna make such a great First Lady.

  188. Jonathan says:

    Here’s the Governor and winner of the 2012 New Hampshire primary.

  189. Riccardo says:

    This is the best order of finish imaginable. Romney couldnt have wished for a better order. Newt and Santorum are way down! paul and Hunst, neither of whom can wage long term viable war, are in 2nd and 3rd.

  190. aspire says:

    CNN is dialing the speeches with SC residents.

  191. Riccardo says:

    Tonight we made history!

  192. Vin says:

    Analyst Jones for NYT: interesting that Romney got as many votes fr strong conservs, evangelicals as Santorum. NH #exits #fitn

  193. Greg says:

    Matt MWS, we know you’re disppointed in your guy’s poor showing, and none of us could have really predicted that he would be such a distand 3rd behind Romney and Paul, so I know where you are coming from.

  194. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  195. Jaxemer11 says:

    The live voting of an acceptance speech is silly. Is he going to say something Republicans don’t like?

  196. Matt "MWS" says:

    The Democrats in ’08 kicked our @ss in Primary turnout. So far, we’re running behind our ’08 turnout, with no competition from the Democrats.

    It looks like it will be up to a technocratic, one term, self described “moderate” governor from Massachusetts to rally the troops this Fall.

  197. Metro says:

    Santy gaining on Newt.

  198. Jaxemer11 says:

    177 – He doesn’t have money to compete in the media intensive state of Florida.

  199. Matt "MWS" says:



  200. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    He’s winning, so he’s obviously the best to lead the party, no?

  201. Greg says:

    Only non-incumbent to win both Iowa and New Hampshire! Now that is a huge accomplishment. Romney doing things that have never been done before.

  202. Jaxemer11 says:

    If Huntsman can’t get over 15% in New Hampshire (where he lived the last 6 months), he isn’t going to win anywhere.

  203. Thunder says:

    Metro Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Santy gaining on Newt.
    I am pulling for Santy to beat Newt.

  204. Anthony Dalke says:

    Maybe now we’ll (rightfully) see more stories about the actual magnitude of Mitt winning the first two states.

  205. Ozzy says:

    Great line by Mitt

  206. Jonathan says:

    There’s a very loud woman in the audience who seems to want to give her own commentary to the Governor’s speech. She needs a bottle of shut the hell up.

  207. Jaxemer11 says:

    188 – Exactly right

  208. Ozzy says:

    How rowdy and angry will Newt be when he makes his concession speech?

  209. wdosmer says:

    sorry this was meant for M Kilburn…

    you actually believe that Ron Paul supporters will vote for Obama? you don’t know anything about what motivates these people. the anti-war ones hate obama because he has done nothing but expand US intervention into foreign conflicts. the civil libertarians hate obama because of patriot act, “net-neutrality”, gun control, and a million other issues. the economic ones think obama is a total failure with bailouts and stimulus. the hard money ones want nothing to do with the dems (unless you mean andrew jackson who abolished an earlier version of the FED). the drug legalization ones hate obama because he has cracked down on states that want to do their own thing. ron paul supporters think obama is the devil.

    are you REALLY being honest in your rhetoric or are you just throwing bombs…?

  210. Jaxemer11 says:

    195 – No we aren’t

  211. Thomas Alan says:

    This is why the pundits who said that a Romney win was “baked into the cake” were idiots. The pundits may have become jaded to the results because they live with it, but here Mitt is dominating tonight’s coverage with an unquestionably strong win. His “strong” opponents for S. Carolina are barely rating double digits.

    You can’t bake a positive news cycle into the cake. He’s getting it right now.

  212. Greg says:

    Santy less than 100 behind Newt….

  213. Ozzy says:

    Mitt’s got some great lines

  214. Jonathan says:

    This is one of Romney’s better speeches.

  215. Anthony Dalke says:


    Can we assume that the consultants will take that turnout as a suggestion Mitt should pick an especially base-friendly running mate?


    Will he listen to them, or will he go with someone who might re-draw the electoral map (Christie, for example) and challenge the conventional political wisdom?

  216. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Better competition?”

    Yes. McCain beat Romney, Huckabee, Paul, and Guiliani.

    Romney is beating Paul, Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry.

    It’s not even close. Paul, J-Hunt, Santorum and Perry don’t hold a candle to Romney, Huckabee, Paul, and Guiliani.

  217. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    139. You forgot the Dean scream. :)

  218. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt talking about the class warfare. GO MITT!!!

  219. Matt "MWS" says:


    Yes, I think Mitt’s consultants will tell him to pick someone who can rally the base.

  220. Thomas Alan says:

    Huh…Mitt slapping down the midgets on their Bain attacks.

  221. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt calls some opponents “desperate.”

  222. Jaxemer11 says:

    Turnout is not lower than four years ago. What are you talking about?

  223. econ grad stud says:

    I think it’s pretty clear Obama gets a second term if trends continue.

    Given that I hope Romney’s the nominee so we can start over fresh and not have him run again in 2016.

  224. Boomer says:

    Nice. Shot right across the bow of Newt and Perry.

  225. Jonathan says:

    The South Carolina crowd didn’t like the talk about putting free enterprise on trial.

  226. Riccardo says:

    Romney’s in tears…

  227. aspire says:

    Mitt can get away with giving a long speech because the results were decided so quickly.

  228. Thunder says:

    Matt “MWS” Says:

    It’s not even close. Paul, J-Hunt, Santorum and Perry don’t hold a candle to Romney, Huckabee, Paul, and Guiliani.
    true, but smart Republican knew better than take on Romney.

  229. Lutie says:

    So Paul is the only one who over performed

  230. Matthew E. Miller says:


    In Iowa, the same thing happened: lots of smaller precincts come in early and make projected turnout look lower than it will be. I have no idea if turnout will be up or down but we’re not going to have a very clear idea until we’re closer to 50% of precincts in.

  231. Anthony Dalke says:

    As someone who hasn’t endorsed Mitt outright but has still expressed cautious support for him, I can’t feel happier about the way his campaign has evolved in the last couple weeks.

    The more he adopts a positive, optimistic message centered on growth, opportunity, and free enterprise, the more comfortable I get.

  232. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Matt MWS, we know you’re disppointed in your guy’s poor showing, and none of us could have really predicted that he would be such a distand 3rd behind Romney and Paul, so I know where you are coming from.”

    Are you kidding? Huntsman is running way ahead of my prediction. I figured he’ll collapse after his 1.6% showing in Iowa.

  233. Greg says:

    Uh-oh, Huntsman back under 17%

  234. Heath says:

    Mitt is on fire! Epic speech.

  235. Thunder says:

    econ grad stud Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I think it’s pretty clear Obama gets a second term if trends continue
    I can see why your still in school and not working….. Romney will squash Obama

  236. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “The live voting of an acceptance speech is silly. Is he going to say something Republicans don’t like?”

    Yeah, every time he mentions Obama that line takes a huge hit.

  237. Independent CPA says:

    Huntsman camp just released the following: “Choi shek um pah ching wow poi nah song loo pow tee ling.”

  238. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney’s crying?


    Ghosts of Eugene McCarthy?

  239. Jaxemer11 says:

    The military talk will play well in South Carolina.

  240. Jonathan says:


    I don’t see any crying.

    And it was Ed Muskie who got all blubbery in NH.

  241. Thomas Alan says:


    Where do you see crying?

  242. econ grad stud says:

    #234 I’m working for the Army. I may be deployed to the sandbox as a civilian in a few months. My nickname is over 5 years old.

  243. Riccardo says:

    Talking like THE NOMINEE! This sends a message to a lot of people.

  244. Greg says:

    Wow, Santorum & Newt neck and neck….

  245. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Mitt’s eyes were shiny. No tears, no choking up, nothing.

  246. Riccardo says:

    I saw tears in his eyes…not “crying” in a classic way….

  247. Anthony Dalke says:

    If he did cry, it sure helped Hillary in NH. I think it would help Mitt, too, as it would humanize him.

  248. K.G. says:

    Good speech by Mitt right now.

  249. wdosmer says:


    Paul got 1/4 the vote even though he is “fringe”…even though all the important people have tried to convince voters he is unelectable…even though he is polling dead-even with obama right now…even though he is dangerous…

    imagine how well he would do if the establishment didn’t try everything conceivable to convince voters that he will never be president.

  250. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney now running 8000 votes behind his ’08 losing effort.

    He better hope MEM’s right.

  251. Jared C says:

    There was no crying.

  252. Greg says:

    Man, Romney can fire up a crowd, there is no doubt about that.

  253. Ozzy says:

    Mitt polling great with the South Carolina watchers on CNN.

  254. Boomer says:

    This ought to finally put to bed the notion that Romney won’t be tough enough on Obama.

  255. R42012 Groupie (Joe for Mitch) says:

    This speech is the model for Talahasse. Dont change a thing Mitt

  256. Jonathan says:


    I don’t think a man can get away with that nearly as much. Instead, he should punch someone to show passion. I nominated Newt Gingrich.

  257. teledude says:

    Better speech tonight by Mitt…he went ahead with the teleprompters.

  258. Jrcutler says:

    Very good speech by Romney!!!

  259. Matt "MWS" says:


    I knew you’d correct me if I was wrong. Thanks.

  260. GotAStewGoin says:

    Romney should have put one of his more photogenic sons behind him.

  261. Matthew E. Miller says:

    As I expected, Romney’s only picked up a few points in ’08 Romney counties but a lot of points in McCain counties. I really expect this margin to widen a bit.

  262. Metro says:

    I wonder why Paul has such a large lead in Alexandria? No college there. And it’s not the town the Free State Project people moved to.

  263. R42012 Groupie (Joe for Mitch) says:

    Not even 50% prec reporting. Who cares ????

  264. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Perhaps one of Mitt best speeches and best moments.

    Exciting start to casting out Obama.


  265. jarvis says:

    econ grad stud Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I think it’s pretty clear Obama gets a second term if trends continue.

    Given that I hope Romney’s the nominee so we can start over fresh and not have him run again in 2016.

    Either way, Romney will not run again in 2016. Do you subscribe to the Donna Brazil news letter?

  266. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Maybe people didn’t turn out because his win was a foregone conclusion anyway.

    Sounds likely.

  267. Anthony Dalke says:


    LOL! Maybe they can make punching an Occupy fool part of his stump speech!

  268. Greg says:

    Santorum just 68 votes behind Grinch

  269. Jonathan says:

    With John McCain (now on Fox) on Romney’s side I wouldn’t be very surprised to see Senator Graham hop on the Romney bandwagon soon. Better to get in now rather than after South Carolina.

  270. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney winning New Hampshire by one point more than Huck won Iowa.

    Just keeping things in perspective, less the lemonade flow too freely tonight.

  271. Greg says:

    21 votes separating Grinch and Santy now. Exciting dynamic

  272. greg says:

    Do I dare say this cold be OVER before Super Tuesday March 6th ?

  273. Irish Right says:

    I’d be quite surprised if DeMint doesn’t come out for Romney prior to the vote in SC

  274. greg says:

    Do I dare say this could be OVER before Super Tuesday March 6th ?

  275. Thomas Alan says:

    Ron Paul doing good likely means he doesn’t bolt for a 3rd party run. He’ll want to stay kosher with Republicans so that his people get to be at the convention.

  276. Greg says:

    The largest precincts have not delivered results yet…

  277. chad says:

    Romney Rubio or Romney Jindal

  278. Jaxemer11 says:

    265 – Exactly right … close races always have larger turnouts. MWS is just being his normal petulant self.

  279. Jonathan says:

    Ron Paul on CNN is trying to say it’s a two man race between him and Romney. The Massachusetts Governor can only hope.

  280. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Apparently Newt is planning to Rally with Clyburn….interesting strategy

  281. Matthew E. Miller says:

    He’s +11 in Coos, +13 in Grafton, +5 in Carroll, +9 in Sullivan, +5 in Merrimack, +9 in Stafford, +5 in Cheshire, +2 in Hillsborough, and +2 in Rockingham. Only the last 2 were Romney counties in ’08. Granted, most of the population is in those counties, but still I think he’ll add a point or two to the gap between Paul.

  282. barktwiggs says:

    Gingrich and Santorum neck and neck. Only 21 votes separate them at 25% of the votes so far.

  283. Metro says:

    Wow, Santorum DOMINATES Roxbury w/ 57%, Paul 16%, Romney 11%. Wonder what’s up with that.

  284. Matt "MWS" says:

    Romney now running more than 14,000 votes behind his ’08 total.

    To me, the only really interesting contest tonight is Romney ’08 vs. Romney ’12.

  285. Jaxemer11 says:

    271 – It was over a week ago.

  286. Jerald says:

    CNN says that half, HALF!, the voters today were independents and Romney still edged Paul with them will taking Republicans with 45%.

    There won’t be any independents in SC to jump in for Paul and Huntsman, so SC might turn out to be a better win for Romney than NH…

  287. MarqueG says:

    Nice speech. Mitt really made the TelePrompTer come alive for a change.

  288. Liz says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOo!!! Back to back wins. Fantastic speech. The new POTUS is taking it to that deadbeat we have now!!!

  289. K.G. says:

    Ha Ha: McCain saying: “Newt’s and Santorum’s poor showing is certainly surprising to me.”

    Political language is just great sometimes.

    Yeah, maybe Lindsey Graham joins in to help Mitt in SC. That will drive the Teavangelicals crazy–Mitt getting help from the Establishment. DeMint endorsed Mitt last time; I don’t if he has the cojones this time.

  290. Jaxemer11 says:

    283 – You are so absurd. Get over yourself already.

  291. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    We are waiting for about 100,000 votes between Hillsborough and Rockingham counties. These are the counties where Romney will get his margin.

    The other counties (save Merrimack) are small. Paul will pick up many towns there.

    However, Romney will get the votes where they matter. And these places have yet to report over 100,000 expected votes.

  292. Jonathan says:


    I don’t see any problems with introducing fighting to presidential campaigns. Taiwan has a fist-fight almost daily in their Parliament and they have a vibrant, healthy democracy.

  293. Matt "MWS" says:


    “MWS is just being his normal petulant self.”

    I’m pretty sure you learned that word from me.

  294. Liz says:

    I had to pull over so I could clap, whistle, and stomp my feet. A real American in the White House. Not a socialist bone in his body.

  295. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Hey MWS, Mitt’s win was a foregone conclusion. People didn’t feel the need to turn out.

  296. Liz says:

    Did you hear him woodshed Gingrich, Perry and Huntsman all in one sentence? He’s only just beginning to unleash. The dude is DISciplined.

  297. Jonathan says:


    South Carolina does allow independents to vote in the GOP primary. That’s one of the reasons they made a big deal of McCain’s win in Florida last time; it was the first closed primary of the race.

  298. Jaxemer11 says:

    292 – You would be arrogant enough to believe that.

  299. Matthew E. Miller says:

    John King just said “I’m making a projection that Romney’s margin will actually go up”.

  300. Liz says:

    I can already hear that huge economic engine rumbling…preparing to roar to life as soon as the last bit of deadwood is swept out of the White House. Love it.

  301. Florida Conservative says:

    Mass Conservative,

    Where do you think Romney and Paul will end up when all is said and done? 38 to 23?

  302. OregonConservative says:

    MWS: You’re kind of a glass-half-empty guy, aren’t you.

    Look at it this way: Romney’s now winning with more than twice the % margin that McCain beat him in ’08.

  303. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Londonderry just came in HUGE for Mitt. 46%.

    Mitt is going to get more than 35% statewide. Bank on it.

  304. Matthew Kilburn says:

    LMAO! Gotta love Brit Hume

    “Ron Paul has about as much chance as being nominated as RuPaul does!”


  305. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Sounds about right, although Paul may finish below 23.

  306. Jaxemer11 says:

    301 – He doesn’t “like” Romney … for no apparent reason.

  307. Jonathan says:

    CNN is showing that most of the Southeastern section of New Hampshire hasn’t come in yet and they expect Romney’s margin to creep up. 37%-38% is probably not an unreasonable number to predict as Romney’s final percentage.

  308. Anthony Dalke says:

    If McCain could win South Carolina, I don’t see how Romney can’t.

  309. no newt says:

    and luckily for the US..newt and santorum have the same 0 chance

  310. asparagus says:

    Congratulations to Mitt. Its a proud day for the asparagus family! We are very excited here.

  311. Jaxemer11 says:

    There are no positive ads that Newt can make. His only hope he has is finding something to blow up the whole field and hope he is the last one standing. He is the most egomaniacal politician of his generation. Perhaps of the last century. Anything goes if he can get ahead.

  312. K.G. says:

    #299: Liz: Pent up capital revving up for….tah…dah…capitalism. I know a bunch of people sitting on cash not knowing where to put it. Now would be a could time to figure that one out. Catch a wave….and you’re sittin’ on top of the world.

  313. DaveG says:

    Late to the game here, so I haven’t read any of the comments. All I see is 307, which indicates that people are questioning whether Romney can win South Carolina.

    This is absurd. Of COURSE Romney can win South Carolina. He probably will win South Carolina. At some point, we’ll all learn just how little most Americans care about what religion anyone is.

  314. Jonathan says:

    Mass Con:

    Any results from Keene yet? I really liked the town when I visited it. I ask more out of curiosity than anything else.

  315. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Hey MWS, Mitt’s win was a foregone conclusion. People didn’t feel the need to turn out.”

    Turnout in Iowa was only up 2.5% from ’08, and it can’t get much closer than that.

  316. asparagus says:

    307 McCain 33% + Romney 15% = 48%. If Romney can peel off 80% of the McCain voters, its over.

  317. Liz says:

    It was just so beautiful to hear all those values poured out all over the Airways…..American exceptionalism….loyalty to international friends, the Judeo Christian work ethic……ONE NATION UNDER GOD….sob…gasp.

  318. teledude says:

    307. McCain won the large military vote there. I don’t think Romney is as tight with that demographic.

  319. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Who do we want to come in 4th? Gingrich, or Santorum? Pick one and explain!

  320. MarqueG says:

    He doesn’t “like” Romney … for no apparent reason.

    Romney himself is apparent — and reason enough.

  321. Anthony Dalke says:


    Nobody on this thread has really questioned that, but John King just did. He kept talking about the evangelical and Tea Party contingencies in the Palmetto State.

  322. Matt "MWS" says:


    “You’re kind of a glass-half-empty guy, aren’t you.”

    Pretty much.

    Gotta go. Will check back.

  323. Jaxemer11 says:

    314 – Because it was a close race … moron.

  324. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    Brit Hume also highlighted that Newt is attacking Romney from the left and is a strategy that is not going to work. Good to hear him say that on Fox.

  325. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    The media does a pretty good hit-job, don’t you think?

  326. Metro says:

    #313: Jonathan, Keene is the town the Free State Project moved to. It will a Paul stronghold.

  327. Liz says:

    If Obama were smart he would set up some more goodies for the unemployed in order to take care of himself next year. Maybe some month long trips to Hawaii on a private jet….he won’t want the change in lifestyle to be too abrupt for his family.

  328. Jaxemer11 says:

    317 – You are a moron if that is what you think.

  329. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I wish I could see town-by-town results for ’08 but no site seems to have them. We’d have a much better idea if turnout was actually down.

  330. Jrcutler says:

    Santorum 4th to deflate Gingrich further!

  331. Anthony Dalke says:


    Sure, I thought about that, but if Graham endorses McCain and McCain campaigns in military areas with Romney, I’m sure it will help. The only other candidate who really does well with military voters is Paul.

  332. Jonathan says:


    Thanks, much abliged.

  333. Liz says:


  334. MarqueG says:

    Who do we want to come in 4th? Gingrich, or Santorum?

    Irrelevant. Neither will win the nomination. And Gingrich should have an advantage in SC and FL, which both could contest. If not, Santo will run out of money first.

  335. Florida Conservative says:

    Mass. Conservative,

    I would like Santorum to finish in 4th

    Because I see Gingrich as a bigger threat to Romney in SC and he would be limping in with a 4th in Iowa and 5th in New Hampshire.

  336. Boomer says:


    Santorum. Less overlap with Romney than Newt for voters. Very little money. His bump from Iowa is now gone but he arguably has more momentum still than Newt. He’s not a petulant d**k like Newt and isn’t as liable to damage Romney for the general.

  337. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Keene is my hometown, where my family is.

    Paul is going to do well there, you are right.

  338. Jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … Fox News trying to say that Romney isn’t meeting his 2008 numbers and failing.

  339. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Well here we go:

    Rank | Name | Total % Off
    1) Riccardo 5.3%
    2) T.C. Robinson 7.9%
    3) Aaron 9.1%
    4) Ryan60657 9.3%
    5) Michael 9.5%
    6) Heath 9.7%
    7) The “King” has no rings 10.3%
    8) Michael 10.3%
    9) JohnnyG 10.7%
    10) Nick Bradley 11.1%
    11) John 11.7%
    12) smack1968 11.9%
    13) GetReal 11.9%
    14) jaaron 12.5%
    15) Shane 12.7%
    16) Boomer 12.9%
    17) Simon 13.3%
    18) econ grad stud 13.3%
    19) Josiah Schmidt 13.3%
    20) TC 25 13.7%
    21) Alex Knepper 13.9%
    22) John Galt 14.1%
    23) aj rabin 14.3%
    24) mushroom 14.5%
    25) Still Hurting 14.5%
    26) WasAlso 14.5%
    27) Noelle 14.5%
    28) Simon 14.7%
    29) Dskinner 14.7%
    30) chickentrooper 14.9%
    31) Andy Mighty 14.9%
    32) Jarvis 15.1%
    33) Johnathan 15.3%
    34) Tim 15.3%
    35) Huckarubio 15.3%
    36) Anybody & Kitchen sink but Romney 15.5%
    37) Alaska Jake 15.9%
    38) jerald 15.9%
    39) rnst_p 15.9%
    40) jeremy 16.1%
    41) Primus 16.3%
    42) Dr J 16.3%
    43) Doug NYC GOP 16.5%
    44) Dave 16.7%
    45) Matthew E. Miller 16.9%
    46) corep 17.1%
    47) Brett H. 17.1%
    48) swint 17.2%
    49) Florida Conservative 17.3%
    50) Matthew Kilburn 17.3%
    51) Dave Gaultier 17.3%
    52) Massachusetts Conservative 17.3%
    53) Abe 17.3%
    54) RA 17.5%
    55) no newt 17.5%
    56) aspire 17.5%
    57) Andrew Ryan 17.9%
    58) Jeff Fuller 17.9%
    59) Ahowell 17.9%
    60) asparagus 17.9%
    61) Jeff Y 18.1%
    62) Jack Bauer’s Dad 18.3%
    63) Chris 18.9%
    64) Freedom for William Wallace 19.1%
    65) RegularJoe 19.3%
    66) Paul8148 20.1%
    67) Freddy Ardanza 20.1%
    68) Anybody but NEWT 20.3%
    69) Sean 20.5%
    70) GotAStewGoin 20.5%
    71) Omega 20.7%
    72) Teledude 20.7%
    73) Thunder 20.7%
    74) Adam Graham 22.1%
    75) Sean P 22.3%
    76) Jrcutler 22.3%
    77) davidg 22.3%
    78) Bloodshy 22.9%
    79) Joe C 23.1%
    80) G Buttersnaps 23.5%
    81) Matt Y 23.9%
    82) Jman 25.9%
    83) Hudson Valley Rep 26.9%
    84) OSUPhantom 30.3%
    85) Matt “MWS” 30.5%
    86) obamaisastatist 30.9%
    87) K.J 31.3%
    88) Jaxemer11 32.3%
    89) MarqueG 33.7%
    90) Lux Veritas 35.7%

  340. Liz says:

    He only freaked me out for a moment with that “I Believe” chant. But he morphed it into something much more acceptable and went on to max out the inspiration meter. Where was Frank Luntz on that speech?

  341. K.G. says:

    Jax: But he’s NOT getting ahead. He’s on auto self-destruct. Except he will be on every liberal talk show from now until the Second Coming, bashing Mitt. He might make some money, but he will NOT go down in the history books as a great American hero.

    It’s classic Newt: Brilliance followed by inevitable personal implosion. Very sick man.

  342. Liz says:

    Fox says who is failing?

  343. Brett says:

    Has the Republican party ever had a nominee that did not win either Iowa or New Hampshire?

  344. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Keene is a decent sized college town with a lot of low-income voters.

    Paul will come in 1st, with Mitt probably second. Huntsman will do well also.

  345. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “LOL … Fox News trying to say that Romney isn’t meeting his 2008 numbers and failing.”

    Fox has been pretty favorable tonight….

  346. Jared C says:

    Foxnews is a TOTAL FREAKING JOKE!!! They are trying to spin against Romney any way they can.

  347. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  348. Liz says:

    Time for Murdoch to be recycled into something more conservative.

  349. barktwiggs says:

    Lol! Rick Perry at .8%.

  350. Jared C says:

    343 – Nope.

  351. Liz says:

    Fox is probably hoping for some crony deal with Obama just turn it off. I have. Months ago.

  352. Liz says:

    Obama is wearing diapers. Little ol’ Alice in Wonderland parties will be his only escape from this reality.

  353. wdosmer says:


    (sorry about the CAPS lock…too lazy to go back and retype it)

  354. greg says:

    I think i going romney because I think he is the only one that has the ”check book” to compete with obama campaign come NOw- thru conventions and fall debate? am i wrong that’s what i ask?

  355. Jonathan says:

    Darn, Perry is beating Roemer by .4%. I’m disappointed

  356. Jonathan says:

    Now it’s Paul’s turn.

  357. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    I just flipped away from Fox so I missed that. Up to that point I thought they were actually, really ‘fair and balanced’ in their coverage of all the candidates. Better than Iowa coverage.

  358. Liz says:

    This would be a good time for a sincere, written apology from Craig for….idiot of the month. Big enough for it Craig? Well all act like it never happened.

  359. aspire says:

    Apparently Ron Paul was also elected president of New Hampshire today.

  360. Jerald says:

    #297 Jonathan

    Oh… :(

  361. K.G. says:

    The endless “Fox Hunt.” Killing themselves looking under rocks for SOMETHING negative to say about Mitt.

    Hannity was hilarious on radio today, saying something mildly favorable about Mitt–and then panicking, literally shaking in his boots: “I’m not in favor of anybody–I’m not in favor of Mitt. I’m just making this one little ittle bitty point. Don’t anybody get the wrong idea I’m saying something nice about Mitt.”

  362. Jaxemer11 says:

    @342 – They went to the map to compare his 2008 and 2012 totals, suggesting he wasn’t doing much better. Then when they looked at the updated numbers he was doing much better.

    Interesting that MWS left at the same time.

  363. teledude says:

    typical night. Mitts wins big…jax can’t help himself from calling everyone a “moron” despite me telling him that just reflects poorly on his upbringing.

    Poor jax…what will you do if your Mittness actually loses one of these contests?

  364. Matthew E. Miller says:


    I really don’t think turnout is down. I finally found town-by-town results from ’08 (http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2008/nh/nh_primary_gop_results_by_town/) and, in Londonberry, for instance, it seems like roughly 5100 turned out in ’08 while roughly 5300 turned out this time. In Manchester, in ’08, I’m getting about 14,625. This time, I’m getting about 15531. Concord ’08 I’m getting 6241. Concord ’12 I’m getting 6788. So, as I said, I just think the smaller stuff comes in more quickly.

  365. no newt says:

    359..yes he was

  366. Jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … Ron Paul slamming the Union Leader. LOL!!!

  367. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Now it’s Paul’s turn.”

    And this is why, on the eighth day, God created the mute button…

  368. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Romney up to 37%

    Ron Paul just slammed the NH Union Leader – LMAO.

  369. Liz says:

    Greg, once you pull that lever it matters not what your motivation was. Go for it. Romney’s not the only one that knows how to raise money. Perry does. Problem is, that’s where Perry’s skill set ends.

  370. aspire says:

    358 That make me think maybe “Craig of the month” would be nicer than “Craig for idiots”, which I’ve never really liked.

  371. Jonathan says:

    Ron Paul thanked the Union Leader for not endorsing him. I never pictured him with much of a sense of humor.

  372. asparagus says:

    lol @ new hampshire union leader. Ron Paul is hilarious.

  373. Metro says:

    #363: jax has resigned himself to a life of celibacy. Frustration and loneliness would make you mean, too.

  374. no newt says:

    and for others the volume up bottom

  375. Lutie says:

    look paul is my second choice he will create bipartisanship like never before Democrats and Republicans will come together just to override all his vetoes.

  376. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Up to 37% with 35% in – the RCP avaerage BTW

  377. asparagus says:

    So how far back do you have to finish in this contest to lose your posting privileges? I’m counting on that “golden triangle” to get me back in the game.

  378. Jaxemer11 says:

    364 – It is not down. CNN said it was projected to be up. MWS just has to have something to whine about so he made that one up.

  379. aspire says:

    LOL, Paul equates dangerous to our national security to dangerous to the status quo.

  380. Jaxemer11 says:

    The Union Leader is the big loser tonight. Their endorsement now means NOTHING.

  381. Riccardo says:

    Prediction thread…Thank you. I hope to narrow that gap a bit more before we’re through.

  382. aspire says:

    Paul is so happy. It makes me think if he actually WON New Hampshire he’d do the 6 flags dance.

  383. Jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … Obama only getting 80% of the Democrat vote.

  384. Boomer says:

    I’ll tell you what, I’d rather be at the Paul party tonight. Something tells me all those college kids are going to party hearty.

  385. K.G. says:

    Federal Reserve lecture now. It’s been a long day, Paul.

  386. aspire says:

    Paul’s drunk!

  387. Doug NYC GOP says:

    I heard 240K turned out in 2008. NH officials are projecting 250K this year. So turnout may be up.

    Also 2012 has a wider field. 2008 it was a 2 man race essentially.

    So the ankle biters need to show some reality, man up and just say congrats.

    It won’t kill you and may earn you some respect.

  388. Keith Price says:

    The SC Focus Group dialers are not liking Ron Paul’s speech very much.

  389. Jonathan says:

    Ron Paul’s comments are flat-lining in SC. Libertarian appeasement is not going to play well in military-loving South Carolina.

  390. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    If I can get Paul to fall to around 21% then I’ll be doing much better on the prediction front.

  391. Keith Price says:

    Paul got a short blip (mostly from women) for his line about bringing the military sons home.

  392. Cincinnati Kid says:

    391 – and that is amoung Republicans

  393. Jaxemer11 says:

    Romney won huge in the towns and cities close to Boston last time. Close to 50% in some of them. None of them have reported yet. His lead will increase.

  394. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Santy only 40 votes behind the Grinch

  395. Keith Price says:

    Another blip for Paul on the huge 1 Trillion cut

  396. aspire says:

    LOL, Paul says we shouldn’t send other countries money & we didn’t have to fight the Soviet Union because they bankrupted themselves by invading Afghanistan.

  397. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Do you think that if the Huntsman campaign did not fabricate the story about the web ad against his Chinese adopted kids (against Paul), the results would have been any different?

  398. Jonathan says:

    Paul’s speech is flucuating wildly. Romney’s never went into negative territory, Paul’s have gone up and down the whole time.

  399. Jaxemer11 says:

    Romney running ahead of his 2008 numbers in nearly every area. MWS’s meme is total bullcrap.

  400. OSUPhantom says:

    I need to get out of the betting game.

  401. Anthony Dalke says:


    To provide a dissenting opinion, Mark Sanford won twice with a distinctly libertarian platform and record, and DeMint fares pretty well.

  402. Jonathan says:


    I’ve changed my mind, Paul’s got a great foreign policy; we won’t invade other countries, we’ll manipulate other countries into invading each other. Brilliant.

  403. Boomer says:

    Oh my God. Is Paul going to keep going all night? Dude, you came in 2nd. Wrap it up.

  404. Cincinnati Kid says:

    398 – Paul is “educating” people vs. trying to have a campaign slogan. He knows he is not going to win…that is not the point….He is setting up a run for Rand Paul in 4 years…

  405. Florida Conservative says:

    What are the odds that Romney will get to 40%? I’m hearing alot of the STRONG Romney areas have still yet to report?

  406. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Another comparison:

    In the small town of Stratford, there were 56 votes last time. Now there’s 73. Obviously, these are small samples but I’ve picked them pretty randomly and thus far they’ve all come up higher than ’08. But even Nate Silver has apparently bought the “turnout looks lower” line. I’d love to see him explain that.

  407. asparagus says:

    Those people are bored. After a while they start to wonder what happens when they turn their dials to the negative side.

  408. no newt says:


  409. Jaxemer11 says:

    I think Paul will do well in South Carolina, but not as well as he has done in New Hampshire. They are a different type of independent there. A lot more religious (though not as fundamentally evangelical as the small group of people that go to the caucuses in Iowa).

  410. Keith Price says:

    I think Ron Paul’s speech will help him going forward. He finally sounds sane and he’s got a few really good talking points.

  411. aspire says:

    402 If only that was what he was saying. He would have vetoed the spending that allowed Afghanistan to beat the Soviet Union.

  412. greg says:

    California’s PRIMARY is in June will they still have a say?

  413. asparagus says:

    Up to 38% now! I want to see a revised leaderboard!

  414. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    I must say, Paul is an infinitely better candidate since 2008. Anyone else notice?

  415. Anthony Dalke says:

    Those interested in gauging Romney’s performance may take interest in this resource:


  416. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Unlikely – but 38% or 39% is quite possible.

  417. Michael says:

    My prediction is coming out to be very strong tonight.

    I like Paul tonight too.

  418. Jaxemer11 says:

    406 – Or look at Kensington, in the southeast corner. Mitt has 271 votes compared to 160 in 2008. He lost the town in 2008 and won it big this time. The idea that he isn’t doing better this time is just blatantly false.

  419. Jonathan says:

    I think Paul took a shot of whiskey before coming on stage and it’s flipped his crazy switch into overdrive.

  420. no newt says:

    25% of us up here noticed

  421. I'm Such A Wussy Twerp, huntsman says:


  422. aspire says:

    419 I was starting to think I was the only one who thinks he’s had a few.

  423. Jaxemer11 says:

    2172 in Concord this time; 1577 in Concord in 2008. Mitt is blowing out his 2008 numbers.

  424. no newt says:

    seems liked the sc voters liked that stuff

  425. Anthony Dalke says:


    Absolutely, and he has run a much more effective (read: conventional) campaign this time ’round.

    Case in point: at the Ames Straw Poll, which I attended, he devoted nearly his entire speech to abortion. Could you imagine him doing that in ’08? Heck no!

  426. teledude says:

    Turn out may be down, but I say they’re lucky people still call themselves Republicans

  427. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Does someone want to explain to me how Romney has 38% of the male vote, 40% of the female vote, but only 37% of the overall vote?


  428. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    Romney up to 38% with 41% of precints reporting

  429. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Is Paul still talking…? Good grief…

  430. Jaxemer11 says:

    414 – He is much better at his stump speech. He has improved in debates as well, but when he gets flustered he loses his ability to speak without slurring.

  431. Anthony Dalke says:

    LOL @ how closely Huntsman’s campaign signage resembles McCain’s, right down to the “Country First” slogan.

  432. K.G. says:

    #427 He lost the transgender vote?

  433. Jaxemer11 says:

    426 – It is not down.

  434. aspire says:

    427 Is that from exit surveys? Because a lot of RP supporters make it hard to tell. :)

  435. THe "king" has no Rings says:

    I was so gonna say what #432 just said.

    Oh well, down to 37% w/ 45% in.

  436. Jonathan says:


    No doubt about it. Although I will concede that at least some of the mountain has come to Mohammed.

  437. aspire says:

    429 Is that any way to talk about “President Paul”? 😉

  438. Cincinnati Kid says:

    I hate having New Hampshire so early where you do not have to be a party member to vote. With half of the votes from Independents, it is a moderate buffer to who should really elect. It is what screwed up Romney’s campaign last year and what is screwing up Santorum’s campaign this year.

  439. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Romney is dominating southern NH. LOOK at the new results coming in.

    Romney DOMINATING Nashua, Merrimack, Amherst, Mont Vernon, etc.

  440. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Because it was a close race … moron.”

    No need to name call. Your guy is winning, remember?

    2008 wasn’t that close in Iowa. Huck kicked Mitt’s arse. In fact, the margin was almost as large as Mitt’s tonight.

  441. econ grad stud says:

    Well improved things a bit. I did alright except I low-balled Romney and highballed Huntsman. I expected Huntsman to cut into the child of wealth, former Governor, Mormon, Establishment niche that Romney has going for him.

    I suspect if Huntsman had been given a few more days he’d have reached second place.

  442. Irish Right says:

    The next time someone suggests that Fox is in the tank for Romney, they need to be perma-banned for being terminally stupid.

  443. asparagus says:

    Fox News for some laughs! Juan Williams and Bill Kristol. Frieking geniuses!

  444. SGS says:

    Come on, Rum! Get ahead of Newt! You have been behind him all night. Just jump over him already! Go, Go, Go!!!

  445. Michael says:


  446. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    LOL. “terminally stupid.”

  447. Colorado Guy says:

    Disappointing but as-expected results. I guess the only silver-lining for conservatives is that Romney does not appear likely to top 40% and the story line coming out of NH will be that conservatives remain fractured in every way except for the fact that we’re opposed to Romney.

    I had something of an epiphany tonight – I finally understood why so many people I know (under-30 voters who are well-educated, well-informed and fundamentally conservative, i.e. in favor of limited government) support Congressman Ron Paul. Every other candidate is beholden to one or several establishment Republican groups be it Wall Street, the James Dobsons, the NY/DC establishment, etc.

    Will I support Paul? Not likely as a result thanks to his insane stances on foreign policy issues. That said, I have used my ballot as a protest vote before (e.g. voting for the Libertarian candidate in 2006 in CO-4 against Marylin Musgrave for whom I interned during college but with whom I disagreed on a whole host of issues) and I am not afraid to do it again. I am not going to vote for Romney. If Romney is the GOP nominee I will proudly and unapologeticly cast my ballot for a 3rd party nominee. I will do so not because I believe said 3rd party candidate (be it Paul, Johnson, or whomever) would make the best president but rather because I refuse to stomach the squishy, flip-flopping moderate that is Romney. This party and this country deserve better.

    Perhaps it is time for us true conservatives to form a 3rd party of our own, one that will be true to the limited government model upon which this movement was founded. The Republican party, as currently constituted, is obviously not interested in our votes. Let’s see how the GOP does in the absence of those who vote for limited government.

  448. Jonathan says:

    I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with CNN’s coverage throughout this campaign. They seem, dare I say it, pretty fair and balanced.

  449. Matt "MWS" says:

    Okay. We’re almost at 50% in.

    Mitt ’12 still trails Mitt ’08 by about 900, but he’s closed a lot of that gap.

  450. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Watch CNN, it’s way better.

  451. Sojourner Truth says:

    Wow. Turnout is down, down, down. 240k voters participated in the NH GOP primary in 2008. The way this is going, it’ll be less than 200k this time.

    And that’s with Paul bringing the Indies.

    And that’s with a non-competitive Dem primary.

    Mitt wins tonight, but it ain’t looking too good for GOP enthusiasm come November.

  452. Ozzy says:

    How many times do I have to explain to the Paul supporters that Rand Paul is no gonna for POTUS in 2016. First of all, if Romney beats Obama, Rand will not run in 2016. Secondly, even if by some chance Obama wins, Rand will still not run. In 2016, Rand will only be running for re-election of his Kentucky Senate seat.

  453. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Your straw arguments are amusing in a funny way, not an interesting way. Desperation? Yup.

  454. Jaxemer11 says:

    Looking at the exit polls … Romney would have been about where I projected him (48%) if there weren’t democrats voting for Paul in this race.

  455. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    447. nice try. Exit polling shows Romney winning the conservative vote. Keep them coming.

  456. greg says:

    was looking at the primary calendar and noticed California’s PRIMARY is in June will they still have a say?

  457. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Lol. You got anything interesting to say? Let’s see how turnout goes.

  458. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN just ripping the hell out of Huntsman’s ludicrous pretense that 3rd and 20% down was a “win”.

  459. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Nope. It will be over long before June.

  460. asparagus says:

    I watch CNN for analysis. I watch Fox News for laughs.

  461. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I was cheering.

  462. Jaxemer11 says:

    More than half of the people that voted were independent or Democrats. Romney would have gotten 50% if this were a closed primary.

  463. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Your straw arguments are amusing in a funny way”

  464. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Your straw arguments are amusing in a funny way”


  465. Sojourner Truth says:

    457 – Yeah. Let’s see how it goes. This pathetically weak field can’t even generate 2008-level turnout, even without a Messiah sucking all the oxygen from the room.

    You know, it’s kind of liberating to root against the Republican nominee.

  466. SoCalConserve says:

    This is a great night! When can we start talking about possible choices for VP? What do you all think of a Romney/Rand Paul? or Romney/Rubio? Romney/Christy?

  467. K.G. says:

    #442: Just listen to them (Fox) now. You would think Mitt was battling for fourth. His win means nothing. Not enough spread. He spent too many resources. He has a house here. And then Juan Willians is saying he “seemed angry at Obama and angry at other Republicans.” While Paul seemed “happy.” Yup, Paul is very happy.

    People are right; no Mormon can win the presidency. They are not “happy” enough.

  468. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Exit polls have him at 45% among Pubs. But your point stands.

  469. aspire says:


  470. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Is CNN streaming?

  471. greg says:

    459 Massachusetts Conservative when do you see this over if you had to guess??

  472. Matt "MWS" says:


    The fact that candidates aren’t dropping out like they should is another testament to how crappy the field is.

    The losers look around and say, “C’Mon, I can’t be as bad as that guy. I’ll stick around and see what happens.”

    Given the volatility of this race, I can’t say I blame them.

  473. Jonathan says:

    CNN is debating whether or not Romney should go all in in South Carolina. I say what the hell; go for it. It’s time to crush Newt in his home region of the country.

  474. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    By Super Tuesday.

  475. asparagus says:

    467 OK I’ll switch to Fox for laughs, but if CNN says something interesting I’d better read it here on Race. LOL.

  476. Jaxemer11 says:

    449 – Moron … look at the town by town results. Romney is killing his 2008 numbers:

    Here are the links:


    Don’t make a further fool of yourself by pushing this absurd meme. He is doing better across the board.

  477. K.G. says:

    Oh no, we have to listen to Sarah Palin. “It was very predictable that Mitt would do well since NH is ‘center left.’ ”

    Nice, Sarah.

  478. Boomer says:

    I’m all done with Sarah Palin. Why should I care what a half term governor from a state with a population the size of Worcester, MA thinks?

  479. Jonathan says:

    Governor Huntsman’s turn up now.

  480. Heath says:

    Go away MWS. Why post somewhere were everyone hates you?

  481. aspire says:

    3rd place is a ticket to ride? LOL.

  482. Jaxemer11 says:

    451 – Its not down at all. Don’t jump on the MWS bandwagon and make yourself into a fool.

  483. K.G. says:

    Sarah interrupted by Huntsman. Aughghgh! Talk about mixed emotions!!!!

  484. Joan says:

    Listening to Sarah Palin. The tea partiers are making themselves irrelevant. If they can’t honor free enterprise and conservative principles, they might as well go away.

  485. Jared C says:

    Huntsman is such an idiot. I love how he just makes crap up.

  486. aspire says:

    We got it done? LOL.

  487. Ryan60657 says:

    Sorry, was out, just joined. What’s happened so far?

  488. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Someone needs to remind huntsman he didn’t actually win…

  489. asparagus says:

    Huntsman sounds like he’s been sucking on helium.

  490. Jonathan says:

    Huntsman is very enthusiastic for a guy who’s probably met every single person who voted for him.

  491. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Huntsman is such a dork, LOL!

  492. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    479. I don’t hate MWS. He has a different opinion than I do. So what? Most of the time he expresses his opinions in a non-douchy way.

  493. Matthew E. Miller says:


    I still see no sign that turnout is down. It’s up in Concord. It’s up in Manchester. It’s up in Logonberry. It’s up in Franconia. Like 75% of the towns I’ve checked have the turnout up. I don’t see how turnout ends up being substantially down and I expect it’ll be up. The precinct percentage isn’t an accurate reflection of the overall vote because it doesn’t reflect where the votes are coming from.

  494. Metro says:

    Newt and Santy both drop below 10.0. Wow.

  495. aspire says:

    We had important conversations about putting this country first (right after China).

  496. Jared C says:

    “We are here 20% behind 1st place, and that means we won!!!!!”

  497. Ozzy says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Sarah Palin gets a bum rap among people here on this site.

  498. asparagus says:

    20 point loser

  499. Ryan60657 says:

    Is Jon Huntsman crowing about coming in third???

  500. Jaxemer11 says:

    472 – Another made up bullcrap argument by MWS.

  501. Jonathan says:


    Dorks need Presidential candidates too. After all, this is a representative democracy.

  502. Watchinitall says:

    I think Huntsman did well. His strategy of hotly pursuing the lapsed Mormon vote in NH was a little questionable . . .

  503. K.G. says:

    #493: Metro: Seriously? I truly hope they stay down. Can you make them stay down?

  504. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  505. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Men seem to think Huntsman is a tool. Go figure.

  506. Ozzy says:

    Yes, third place is great. Cause if I was in the Olympics, I’d rather win the Bronze than win the Gold. :)

  507. Metro says:

    Re my #283 on Roxbury, the numbers of all changed now. Someone must’ve made a typo.

  508. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Huntsman is going to square with our nation…he is finally going to admit he is a libera. Yay!

  509. Jaxemer11 says:

    The South Carolina polls don’t seem to like Huntsman.

  510. Jared C says:

    Correction – “21% behind 1st place”

  511. Matt "MWS" says:


    “More than half of the people that voted were independent or Democrats.”

    That means turnout among Republicans REALLY sucked.

    We’re pacing about 45,000 fewer Republican voters this time. Down about 31% from ’08. And our brand was in the toilet that year.

    Yikers. Thanks for making an embarrassing situation look worse.

  512. Doug NYC GOP says:

    Fox’s News Spin is asinine.

    Juan Williams: “It’s a disppointing night ofr Romney who was polling betweeen 36 and 40% = saying this while the total flashing on screen shows Romney at 37%/

    When challenged by Brett Bair on how this IS a great nioght for Romney, Juan looks like he just had an enema which went horribly arwy.

    Kristol is just ticked his protoge Palin never caught on. Spoiled Media brat who needs to pi$$ in everyones Corn Flakes when he doesn’t get his way.

    And then comes Sarah herself, parroting Papa Rupert’s Talking Points before Jon Huntsman ina benevolent move appreciated around the world, forced Fox to cut away, for his speech.

    Surprising myself by saying CNN has far superior coverage tonight and in Iowa as well.

  513. K.G. says:

    #501: Watch: Once again you have me howling.

  514. Jerald says:

    Huntsman’s speech is so bad I had to bail out…

  515. greg says:

    IS SC The last chance for the Perry’s / jon huntsmans ?

  516. Sojourner Truth says:

    481 – Haha. I know you think of Mitt as a sort of demi-god, but the numbers are the numbers, dude.

    And for those of you invested in a totally awesome ad-Mitt-istration, maybe you ought to temper your hopes.

    Turnout in NH in 2008 was pitiful on the GOP side. It looks to be even worse this year, in a year where Independents have no reason to bother with Democrat primaries.


  517. Abe says:


    (Just got here……what a night!!!)

  518. Florida Conservative says:

    Romney back up to 38% with 51% reporting

    He now has a 15 point lead over Ron Paul

  519. Ryan60657 says:

    very distracted tonight, watching NH returns, Blackhawks-CBJ game, and KSU-Baylor game…

  520. Jared C says:

    Is his term limits stance a new one? I have never heard him talk about it.

  521. Ozzy says:

    Can John McCain sue Jon Huntsman for campaign slogan infringement? Country First was McCain’s campaign slogan.

  522. Jaxemer11 says:

    I don’t hate MWS at all. I actually like him quite a bit. But when he gets on his condescending kick where he makes stuff up to sound authoritative (when he isn’t), he gets a little obnoxious.

  523. OSUPhantom says:

    I’m guessing Romney ends at about 39.5%

  524. John Mark says:

    “Huntsman is such a dork, LOL!”

    It just burns you up that Mitt can only get second place in that category, doesn’t it. Let’s admit he put in a strong effort though.

  525. Abe says:

    Perry-Newt-Sant in SC……aka DEATH-MATCH down South!!!!!

  526. Boomer says:


    >>Listening to Sarah Palin. The tea partiers are making themselves irrelevant. If they can’t honor free enterprise and conservative principles, they might as well go away.

    According to the exit polls, Romney won the tea party vote.

    So much for Sarah Palin.

  527. Colorado Guy says:

    #455 Freedom for William Wallace – I don’t give good gosh darn what the exit polling in a moderate state that allows independents and Democrats to vote in a Republican primary says.

    Argue all you want but those in favor of truly limited government voters are not inclined to vote for Romney. Will some? Sure. But even with a conservative rock star as his VP choice I do not think Romney will be able to close the deal with conservatives. Thus turnover in the general is reduced and, once Obama and the MSM are done with Romney, independents will break for Obama. Romney is a sure-fire loser. It’s time for true limited-government conservatives to begin looking down-ticket to stop Obama.

  528. Keith Price says:

    Huntsman failing miserably on the SC Focus Group dialers.

  529. Keith Price says:

    Ron Paul got way better dials than Huntsman.

  530. Jonathan says:


    I think so. This is the first time I’ve heard it too.

  531. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    I wonder if Hunstman knows that yelling doesn’t make you a good speaker. “Bring the troops home from Assganistan ladies and gentlemen.”

  532. Riccardo says:

    Hunstman had a glass of wine before he came out….I’ve never heard him like this.

  533. Florida Conservative says:

    I still think when all is said and done Romney will end up with right at 40%

    But all and all a GREAT night for Romney!

  534. Keith Price says:

    Huntsman dials tanked as he talked about living 10,000 miles away.

  535. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Go away MWS. Why post somewhere were everyone hates you?”

    Jax loves me. I stick around for his sake.

    When you’re a father, you’ll understand……

  536. Jrcutler says:

    I don’t hate MWS for the record.

  537. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Huntsman – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  538. Jaxemer11 says:

    511 – Another bullcrap argument brought to you by MWS. Independents ALWAYS make up about a huge amount of the vote in New Hampshire.

    You lose one argument and have to stretch to come up with another made up one.

  539. Jonathan says:

    I don’t see a President on TV right now, but I do see a potential Secretary of State Jon Huntsman in a Romney Administration.

  540. K.G. says:

    If Romney gets 40% and Newt and Santorum stay under 10%?? That would be a fabulous night.

  541. asparagus says:

    Huntsman would make a great McCain. He just needs to spend the next four years getting shot down and tortured and learn some better jokes while he’s in that POW camp. When he comes back, he’ll be able to say “My friends” like the best of ’em.

  542. Jared C says:

    Huntsman: “I just have one thing to say about this Country – Nee-hau Ching woo pai tung.”

  543. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Huntsman….You think he would have had a better speach since this is his introduction to many people for the first time…wow, what a snoozer…

  544. John2 says:

    Its pretty clear Paul wants to clear the rest of the field with the kid glove treatment of Romney. Probably thinks that is the best way to get the most delegates to affect the GOP platform some.

  545. Ozzy says:


    Sarah Palin was thrusted into a situation she wasn’t ready and was unfairly destroyed by the liberal media for it in 08. Since then, she has been continuosly villified when she just wants to do the same thing that Romney wants to do, help this nation out as best as possible.

  546. Jaxemer11 says:

    MWS? Are you capable of admitting you were dead wrong? The links I gave you proved that your absurd argument that Mitt is doing worse than in 2008 is 100% wrong across the board. Are you man enough to admit it?

  547. Jerald says:

    I’d sware, the way Huntsman is wagging his head and finger and talking that he was a little tipsy…

  548. Matt "MWS" says:


    What did I make up?

    Other than refreshing results every 8 seconds in ’96, which, as Thomas Alan pointed out, would be tough with dial up….

    But that was just more of an exaggeration.

  549. Keith Price says:

    Jon touting the importance of campaigning county by county, shaking hands, vote by vote.

    How’s that going to work in the rest of the states, Jon?

  550. John Mark says:

    I don’t think turn-out numbers are necessarily indicative of enthusiasm for the General election, or are comparable to 08. In ’08 there was an actual race for the NH primary, this year they knew Romney was going to win by a good margin for some time.

  551. Jonathan says:

    If Huntsman’s SC response were a heart monitor, the patient would be dead by now.

  552. Matthew E. Miller says:


    I’m almost positive Nate Silver is wrong in this instance. It can’t be the case that 75% of the towns have higher turnout than ’08, including the major population centers, while overall turnout is down. Can’t be. True story.

  553. Rob SC says:

    Does Huntsman drink? He sounds like he’s had one or two…

  554. aspire says:

    541 LOL

  555. Jaxemer11 says:

    516 – LOL … so now that you know you will be proven wrong on turnout, you have to change your argument to 2008 having pathetic turnout. You really need some help.

  556. Matt "MWS" says:


    I missed those links. This thread has a lot of comments. What #?

  557. Ozzy says:

    That was the most pointless speech of the night so far.

  558. Colorado Guy says:

    The comments here say so much. No wonder this is a Romney site. Everyone here, or at least everyone here who is a Rombot, watches CNN and pokes fun at conservatives. Romney is going to lose to Obama worse than McCain did. Come 2016, I hope you all go caucus with the Democrats.

  559. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    MWS, I like you when you aren’t nit-picking Romney over ridiculous and/or irrelevant grievances.

    Stick to humor.

  560. aspire says:

    541 Huntsman: “Country First – it’s even better in its original mandarin”

  561. asparagus says:

    552 I think thats cough medicine. He sounds like he’s sick.

  562. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Romney could hit 40% still. There are many townships in the south that haven’t reported and the one’s that have reported so far are breaking heavily for Romney — like in the mid-45 percentages.

  563. Jonathan says:


    Just wait, St. Newt the Pompous is up next. He’ll make Huntsman’s speech look like the State of the Union.

  564. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “I don’t see a President on TV right now, but I do see a potential Secretary of State Jon Huntsman in a Romney Administration.”

    A SoS who is intimidated by foreign countries? Who opposes moves to level the playing field for our workers? Who looks a tyrannical, command economy nation that cheats and says WE’RE the ones with the problem? No.

  565. K.G. says:

    Oh gee, Brett Baier says we need to stay up and see who wins 4th.

  566. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Lots of people, myself included, like MWS. Romney supporters need to take some humble pills and recognize that non-Romney Republicans are bound to be rather irritable and ornery right now. Stop attacking people senselessly.

  567. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    526. Colorado…I am a conservative, a huge one. Don’t tell me Romney can’t win them over. You proclaiming that Romney is a “sure-fire loser” is a joke. I think you underestimate Romney and the anger people have for Obama.

  568. Riccardo says:

    Santorum has just passed Newt…this is FANTASTIC!

  569. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Does Huntsman drink? ”

    A Mormon, so not likely.

  570. Matt "MWS" says:


    Our turnout in ’08 was pathetic compared to the Democrats. Look it up. They produced more voters than us in SC, and they weren’t even competitive in SC (Obama won it by 2-1). According to you, that should have depressed their turnout.

  571. John2 says:

    Santorum slowly gaining on Newt..

  572. K.G. says:

    Newt’s up? Time to make a lot of noise making a frozen peach smoothie.

  573. Jaxemer11 says:

    548 – The argument that Mitt was doing worse than he did in 2008.

  574. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Unfortunately we Republicans are anxious to vote against Obama…we are not anxious to vote for anyone in particular…

    I think if someone like Christie or Rubio actually ran (who could excite all of us), the turnout numbers would be much different….

  575. SixMom says:

    Curious, does anyone know who was actually on the ballot and who was a write-in. Was Cain on the ballot? Or Bachmann?

  576. Matt "MWS" says:

    MEM’s exactly right. We’re just kicking down some chairs, and knocking down some tables.

  577. Ozzy says:

    Did Newt just fall into fifth place?

  578. Metro says:

    Riccardo, where are you getting your results? Ahead of NYT apparently.

  579. asparagus says:

    557 Don’t blame us. Fox News got Palin-ized and everybody on that network lost about 20 IQ points. At least CNN has Ari Fleischer and Paul Begala when he’s not shilling is a pretty shrewd analyst.

  580. Jared C says:

    Huntsman just pushed Newt further into irrelevancy. YES!!!!

  581. K.G. says:

    #568: Huntsman is a proud lapsed Mormon so who knows? But he sounded pretty stone cold sober to me.

  582. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:


  583. Jaxemer11 says:

    It is funny that RomNots are making the argument that record turnout in Iowa and close to it in New Hampshire is somehow a low turnout.

  584. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Lots of people, myself included, like MWS. Romney supporters need to take some humble pills and recognize that non-Romney Republicans are bound to be rather irritable and ornery right now. Stop attacking people senselessly.”

    I have nothing against MWS, and I’m not jumping on the attacking him bandwagon right now.

    But think back to all the crap Romney supporters have taken month after month after month about how Romney wasn’t going to win, didn’t have the support, had a low ceiling, wasn’t conservative. etc…..

    He just became the first Republican non-incumbent to win both Iowa and New Hampshire in the same year. He is leading in South Carolina. He’s leading in Florida. He is as well position to run the table as do anything else.

    It isn’t the Mitt supporters who need to take humble pie tonight.

  585. Sojourner Truth says:

    554 – Proven wrong? We’ll see what the numbers show. Silver says one thing. Miller says another.

    Seriously, dude. You lob personal insults more than just about anyone here. I’d be careful if I were you before diagnosing anyone else as in need of help.

    Especially with the skeletons in your closet.

  586. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    I love MWS like a brother and mourn for him that he is drowning in bitterness and cynicism. I pray for him often.

  587. Jonathan says:

    Huntsman has 2 delegates, so he’s now doubled Rudy’s total from 4 years ago…

    Now I’ve made myself sad.

  588. econ grad stud says:

    What’s odd to me is how unrepresentative this blog has become this cycle. Last time you didn’t have such an unusually skewed mix of supporters and comments.

    I bet 90% of the comments are Rombots as well as most of the FPP.

    That’s odd since at most somewhere between 20-30% of the GOP supports the man.

    Have most of the rest of the GOP been run off the blog or is their a lack of enthusiasm this time in the GOP?

  589. Jaxemer11 says:

    MWS – They are 476

    You can compare 2008 and 2012 town by town. He is doing much better across the board.

  590. Jaxemer11 says:

    Looks like Donna Brazille is being fed false talking points by SoJo and MWS.

  591. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Another bullcrap argument brought to you by MWS. Independents ALWAYS make up about a huge amount of the vote in New Hampshire.”

    Republicans were 61% of the NH Republican primary vote in ’08. I actually looked that up before I made that comment.

    You should really do the same before slinging all that mud around.

  592. Metro says:

    EGS, those of us here who didn’t like Mitt hoped for a viable candidate. But most of us recognize the ones running are not viable… hence Mitt.

  593. Anthony Dalke says:

    I’ll take it one step farther and say I REALLY like MWS. This place would gain a lot if we could emulate his intellectual honesty.

  594. Sojourner Truth says:

    587 – It’s that this board has become so infested with Rombottery that it’s become not even worthy of viewing except on nights of important debates or primary contests.

    True story.

  595. SixMom says:

    Wow, the race between Gingrich and Santorum is the only horse race tonight. Battling for 4th and 5th place. Maybe if Santorum passes Newt up, Newtron won’t be so nice to him anymore.

  596. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Jon Huntsman looks like Anthony Bourdain, only more arrogant.

  597. aspire says:

    587 Look at the endorsements that have come out this cycle.

  598. SixMom says:

    #593 Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  599. Jonathan says:

    An update on the numbers with 57% reporting in:


  600. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Maybe it’s because Mitt is winning?

  601. Jaxemer11 says:

    570 – Compared to the Democrats, yes. It wasn’t historically low.

  602. K.G. says:

    #587 It’s my feeling that the people @ Race are smarter than people on other blogs. It’s very obvious to people with a brain that Mitt was a better candidate than any of the ABRs. If there had been someone better than Mitt, we would have all jumped on board for him. We’re not wedded to Mitt–just the idea of nominating the best person available.

  603. Metro says:

    Mass Conn, why is the SW corner of NH so good for Huntsman?

  604. Sojourner Truth says:

    597 – Oh no. I’ll be back. And I’ll revel in every insult that gets leveled against the supposedly “electable” Romney by the left.

    It’s going to be fun.

  605. Anthony Dalke says:

    I’ll join Jonathan in arguing that Romney should go all-in for a knockout punch in South Carolina. He already leads the state polling, and he’ll probably get a little bounce once the stories about him becoming the first candidate to ever win the first two states gets legs. Furthermore, Newt and Perry don’t show any signs of dropping out, so they, along with Santorum, will dilute the vote enough to grant Mitt at least a plurality.

  606. Ozzy says:

    How angry will Newt be when he makes his speech?

  607. greg says:

    ARE NEWT AND RICK Santorum NOW must wins in the SC primary 21 January to even continue ?

  608. John Mark says:

    The boringness of this NH primary is illustrated by the fact that we’re amusing ourselves by discussing the merits of MWS…

  609. Matt "MWS" says:


    I’ve merely been extrapolating from the % of precincts reporting. Someone I missed #476, as it was lost in this ocean of sagacity.

    I crawl at your feet, and beg your forgiveness.

  610. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Exactly. People who support people like Gingrich, Santorum, Perry are generally less sophisticated when it comes to analysis. They are emotion voters.

  611. Anthony Dalke says:

    608 demonstrates another of MWS’s qualities I admire: his extensive vocabulary.

  612. Ozzy says:


    Am I to beleive that you would rather vote for Obama over Romney?

  613. greg says:

    ARE NEWT AND RICK Santorum ( and PERRY I for got to mention ) NOW must wins in the SC primary 21 January to even continue ?

  614. Irish Right says:

    Romney can’t help but go all in from here on out. The media won’t allow expectations for him to be held fown. They’ll go out of their way to artificially raise expectations.

  615. Jaxemer11 says:

    585 – CNN projects higher turnout. If you look at the raw numbers it is pretty obvious it will be higher. And yet, you immediately declare that it is lower turnout.

    You have NO room to talk with respect to insults. Frankly, I am surprised Kavon hasn’t blocked your I/P address yet.

  616. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Is there an argument AGAINST Romney competing in SC?

  617. Irish Right says:

    fown = down

  618. Ryan60657 says:

    doesn’t look like mitt’s going to break the 40% expectation tonight…

  619. Jaxemer11 says:

    588 – LOL … this blog is the most representative blog on the internet. Have you even seen the polls?

  620. Matt "MWS" says:

    John Mark,

    “The boringness of this NH primary is illustrated by the fact that we’re amusing ourselves by discussing the merits of MWS…”

    Indeed. What that going to mean if we’re doing the same thing this November?

  621. Boomer says:

    Somebody ought to tell Huntsman that the line after “I’ve got a ticket to ride” is “But she don’t care”.

  622. aspire says:

    People, if you want this race to become fun for you then track down some Ron Paul supporters – I’m sure that many of them think RP’s about to win.

  623. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    611 Ozzy, Sojourner for Satan has said that he would vote for Satan before he voted for Romney.

  624. Anthony Dalke says:


    I think the question concerns whether he should go full-bore for SC or pursue an Iowa-like strategy that doesn’t raise expectations too much.

  625. asparagus says:

    I will be boycotting Newt’s speech. He doesn’t deserve our attention. He ought to switch parties.

  626. Conservative In Actions Only says:

    MWS will at least try to make valid arguments. Guys like SoJo and Tele are another story though. I think they are the kind of people that get off on trying to make others angry. I get a kick out of their foolishness.

  627. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I don’t exactly blame Silver for not looking at the town-by-town breakdown, given how much of a blowout the race is, but again, I am looking town-by-town and they’re almost all up. More examples: Greenland (southeast). About 807 last time. About 868 this time. Amherst (south). About 3205 last time. About 3328 this time.

  628. Metro says:

    #618: LMAO. This blog is 90% Romney and he’s polling at 30%. What’s wrong with you, man?

  629. Colorado Guy says:

    556 Freedom for William Wallace – just look at the turnout numbers. Conservatives are depressed and dispirited. The base wants a true conservative but the only ones that are totally incompetent. Romney is the luckiest SOB on the planet.

    And, if you’re a “huge conservative” why are you supporting Romney? At best Romney is another Bush, 41 or 43 take your pick.

  630. Cincinnati Kid says:

    I think that there will be some major endorsements for Santorum now, which will effectively push Newt’s numbers lower and out of the race…

  631. Watchinitall says:

    Seriously, nobody does snark better on this site than MWS. Whether he’s tweaking Romney or whoever else, his high quality snark is worth the price of admission and then some.

    Don’t you people appreciate art when you see it? Great snark involves craft, subtlety, a probing mind, maybe some drinking, I don’t know.

    I would tell you all to leave him alone if it wasn’t so fun watching him effortlessly snarking it all into the dust.

    Quality snark you can’t find elsewhere. Rock on, MWS!!!

  632. SixMom says:

    #603 Go ahead and revel at the “level.” It’s a delusion anyone has the right to enjoy all to themselves.

  633. Jaxemer11 says:

    591 – And how many that voted this year merely changed from being Republicans to Independents? It is a petty argument that exemplifies your petulance tonight well.

    You are reaching. You have been proven wrong on several arguments and have to go for something as desperate as self-identified independent turnout.

  634. Doug NYC GOP says:

    In spite of his anti-Romney orneriness, I like MWS a GREAT deal.

    I like him so much I named him Offical Doomsayer.

    I await with great eagerness the day he pronounces Gingrich doomed.

    It would be the equivolent of the Rapture should he, on that very same day, say he wasendorsing Romney.

    I can only hope.

  635. Ozzy says:


    Do you or anyone else here know what SoJo’s beef is with Romney?

  636. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Somebody ought to tell Huntsman that the line after “I’ve got a ticket to ride” is “But she don’t care”.”


  637. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    MWS is good for snark. Apart from that, nada.

    But snark goes very far for me.

  638. Florida Conservative says:

    Romney Will Win South Carolina By Double Digits!!

    You heard it from Florida Conservative First!

  639. Watchinitall says:

    I have to give MEM and Marque G honorable mentions as well.

    Don’t want them to be discouraged.

  640. SGS says:

    Good! 59% reported in, and Newt, among the most known living politicians, could not even break 10%. He is done, done and DONE!!! Now, Newt, man up and quit while you are “ahead”.

  641. Jonathan says:

    Rick Santorum’s up.

  642. Jaxemer11 says:

    549 – LOL … now SoJo (of all freaking people) is crying about mean RomBots? LOL … this just keeps getting better and better.

  643. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Marque adds a lot as well.

  644. asparagus says:

    Drink when Santy mentions a dead family member.

  645. Jaxemer11 says:

    Oops … 642 was for 594.

  646. no newt says:

    643..so spot on

  647. aspire says:

    Gingrich’s going super negative in SC. This piece of garbage needs to get out of the race. He has 2 4th place finishes (or 4th & 5th), he has zero chance of winning, and he’s only working for Obama at this point.

  648. Sojourner Truth says:

    614 – Seriously dude. You whine and moan before you even bother to look.

    123k votes have been counted, and that’s 57 percent of precincts counted.

    If 123K = 57 % then the “raw numbers” suggest we’re on track for 215k turnout.

    That’s still less than 240k that turned out in 2008.

    And there’s no excuse for that since nothing is going on on the Dem side and Paul is ginning up Independents.

    Now, maybe Miller is right that there may be a higher number of voters in each individual precinct that will be counted later – but with 57 percent in, it’s reasonable to think that there won’t be that much of a skew.

    So yeah. It’s a pathetic showing. We lost in 2008 because we has a crappy candidate who couldn’t generate enthusiasm from his own partisans, in addition to not endearing himself to the center.

    And we’re doomed to repeat the same thing this year.

    I guess it’s good for me that I don’t care. In fact, I’d PREFER if Romney lost. I’m just interested in the pure politics at this point.

    And whine all you like about banning or what have you. This isn’t the only blog that discusses politics.

  649. asparagus says:

    Which one is his wife? The blonde or the young brunette? I’m thinking its the blonde. The brunette has his nose.

  650. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Are the Republican focus group voters asleep? The dial isn’t moving at all during this Santorum speech. Are they catatonic at the prospect of Romney’s nomination?

  651. Florida Conservative says:

    The SE part of the state has still yet to be reported, so Romney still has room to go up to at least 39%, depends on how strong those areas go for Romney

  652. Jonathan says:

    Santorum’s line for SC voters is telling us either 1.) He’s put them all to sleep or 2.) They decided to go grab a sandwich.

  653. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Great snark involves craft, subtlety, a probing mind, maybe some drinking, I don’t know.”

    Mostly drinking. It’s my secret weapon the Rombots have yet to discover (except Doug of course).

    Somehow, I doubt most of them ever will……..

  654. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    2 Counties where Mitt is running over 40% have less than 50% reported. Belknap and Rockingham.

  655. Jaxemer11 says:

    609 – And yet you were told repeatedly that was a stupid way to compare numbers.

    I accept your apology. Just don’t forget who your daddy is. 😉

  656. John Mark says:


    There’s a pretty simple explanation for that. This site’s commentators are largely former R4’08 junkies, who were enthusiastic supporters of 08 candidates and then it was Rudy, Romney, Huck, supporters. The only one that ran this time was Romney meaning that largest group that stayed were Romney supporters, and then there were the Rudy supporters who tended to gravitate toward Romney for obvious reasons. Since Romney is the only part of 08 that carried over into ’12, and this site was largely a ’12 site, it became all about Rombots vs. Romnots. The number of people who will enthusiastically support a candidate outnumber the people who have a strange obsessive opposition toward one candidate so the Rombots won out.

  657. greg says:

    ARE NEWT AND RICK Santorum ( and PERRY I for got to mention ) NOW must wins in the SC primary 21 January to even continue ?

  658. Jonathan says:

    MWS, you should now love Santorum; his grandfather fought for the Hapsburg Emperor in WWI.

  659. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    I don’t know which I want more — for Romney to break 40% or for Newt to take FIFTH PLACE.

  660. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    628. I am supporting Romney because he is the most viable conservative in the race. I never said I was clamoring for him to be the nominee at the start of all of this. I am not going to be one of those losers that cry about someone that I wanted not getting in the race. This is the field. In my opinion Romney is the most conservative of the bunch that I believe can beat Obama…and yes I am a huge conservative. I a hate Obama and would take any of the candidates over him. I happen to believe Romney would do the best job. Last point…you can’t say Romney will be at best another Bush. We just don’t know. He could turn out to be much better or much worse. I look at the skills he has and think they are a perfect fit for the time we are in.

  661. Liz says:

    So…how much did Ron Paul lose by and who was third?

  662. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Ozzy, Sojo is a true blue, dyed in the wool, Mormon hater. He has, in his various incarnations (Sojourner Truth, Adam XXXX, Monotheistic presidents only please) made hate filled comments about Mormons and Mormonism.

  663. The REAL Truth says:

    628 CO Guy

    Romney won big with “very conservative” voters, so your crap makes no sense. Gingrich was 4th among the very conservative voters

    and just for fun, Gingrich is officially Newtered……. 5th place LOL

  664. Liz says:

    Huntsman only drinks socially when he kabal’s with Obama as to how to derail Romney.

  665. greg says:

    I PREDICT This thing is wrapped up by super TUESDAY NIGHT MARCH 6th ! ?

  666. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Sojourner predictably continues to ignore the evidence that he’s wrong and that the votes that are in are not representative of the overall turnout. Do me a favor, eh, since you’ve studiously ignored all of the towns I’ve posted where turnout is up (picked entirely at random, based on which towns had completed vote totals). Look at this map:


    And compare it to the NYT map. And explain to me how turnout could be down 12%. If you still think the votes thus far in are representative…well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m fairly confident turnout will end up being at least 230k and possibly as high as 255k.

  667. Matt "MWS" says:


    This one’s for you………

    As anointed Doomsayer, we hereby declare, define, say and proclaim that Newt, Ricky P, and Jonny H are DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!

    Let any who would reject such doomsay be anathema!!

  668. aspire says:

    In one day Santorum goes from bragging about how much time he’s spent in New Hampshire to complaining about New Hampshire being Romney’s “back yard”.

  669. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    That analysis is deeply flawed.

    There are a lot of small precincts yet to report – no voters there.

    There are some precincts yet to report – lots of voters there.

    The bigger precincts are the ones remaining. Southeastern NH.

    Not all precincts are the same number of people, brother.

  670. Jonathan says:

    Classy speech by Senator Santorum.

  671. Jaxemer11 says:

    628 – Have you been to other blogs?

  672. RayinRI says:

    CNN has the best election coverage, I don’t even watch FOX on election nights anymore.

  673. Jaxemer11 says:

    628 – I would challenge you to go find a blog that is more representative of the conservative American public than this blog.

  674. Matt "MWS" says:


    “MWS, you should now love Santorum; his grandfather fought for the Hapsburg Emperor in WWI.”

    You don’t say?

    I’m sold.

  675. SixMom says:

    #627 LOL Political junkies predict and sense the eventual frontrunner well ahead of time and they’re the ones who even bother with blogs like this. Of course it’s 90% Romney. What’s wrong with you man?

  676. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Oh great, Newt GinGRINCH is up! He can go pound sand — the pathetic LOSER!!!

  677. aspire says:

    Oops, Gingrich interrupted Santorum.

  678. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Gosh, I’m going to be so happy if Santorum edges Newt. It’s looking good.

  679. Jared C says:

    Santorum was the only one to congratulate Romney on his victory. That’s classy.

  680. Jaxemer11 says:

    Santorum didn’t do too hot with the dial poll. About a 7 with women and a 6 with men across the board.

  681. Ryan1 says:

    647, I have no idea what the turnout to be but to calculate turnout by the % of precincts makes no sense. It’s like counting the people in alaska and NH and then multiplying it by 25 to get a the total number.

  682. Anthony Dalke says:

    CNN’s graphics and visuals are pretty…

  683. greg says:

    I PREDICT This thing is wrapped up by super TUESDAY NIGHT MARCH 6th VERY LATEST! ! ?

  684. Boomer says:


    Actually, McCain was basically tied with Obama right up until the economy melted down. Thats what turned the tide in Obama’s favor.

    Was Obama probably going to win anyway? Yea, probably. He practically had the msm anointing him as a Light Worker and had that historic first black president thing going for him.

    But I think you are badly mistaking the mood of the electorate if you don’t think Republicans and many Independents are going to be very motivated to get rid of Obama. We rarely have a candidate that everyone loves, practically never, but when the opposition is so repellent people usually rally.

    And Romney will run twice the race McCain did. Bank on it.

  685. Watchinitall says:

    652. MWS, Just think of how well we do in spite of our limitations.

  686. no newt says:

    they all congrats Mitt

  687. Sir David says:

    CNN keeps santo
    Fox skips to Newt.

    Looks like fox rewards their contributors.

  688. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Santorum is almost 300 votes over Newt! NICE! :-)

  689. Jaxemer11 says:

    648 – LOL … you just keep digging yourself a hole. In case you didn’t know, the % of precincts reporting is not the same thing as % of votes counted. I figured you were smarter than that.

  690. Jonathan says:


    Ron Paul congratulated Romney as well. He tried to turn it into something about him , but he did congratulate Romney as well.

  691. Ozzy says:

    Newt speaking

  692. asparagus says:

    And the boycott begins. Let me know when this bastard is done.

  693. Jared C says:

    Did Noot just attack Obama for attacking job creators????? SERIOUSLY?!?!?

  694. Jaxemer11 says:

    648 – Pathetic compared to what? Your made up standards that don’t mean a single thing?

  695. no newt says:

    German Chancellor Bismark speaks

  696. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Newt’s done! A pathetically short speech!

  697. Boomer says:


    >>Mostly drinking. It’s my secret weapon the Rombots have yet to discover (except Doug of course).

    The deuce you say!

    Some of us have to do more than our share to make up for all the Mormon teetotalers.

  698. Jonathan says:


    That’s an insult; I like Otto von Bismarck. He was a brilliant, ruthless politician.

  699. econ grad stud says:

    I predict Santorum, Gingrich, Perry and Paul all stay in past Super Tuesday. There’s no reason for any of them to pull out. Romney’s not getting a majority of the vote. Best to just stay in and hope something happens before the bulk of votes are cast.

    The primary calender removes a lot of the pressure to pull out for has-beens (Gingrich, Santorum) and never-wills (Perry, Paul).

    These folks literally have nothing to lose by drawing this out, raising their profiles, and harming Romney.

    My real question is whether Romney starts dodging debates at some point in the primary.

  700. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    666. MWS I knew it. Is it a coincidence your post landed on the number of the beast? I think not. :)

  701. aspire says:

    Newt: This book tour WILL go on to South Carolina.

  702. asparagus says:

    Newt is still on CNN. I am watching “New Firm Workout!” instead.

  703. Jonathan says:

    Newt said fundamental. Drink!

  704. K.G. says:

    #695: Fire: “Pathetically short…?” Blessedly short, I say.

  705. Ozzy says:


    So, you are saying that SoJo is a racist against Mormons? Does that mean he hates Huntsman too? And since he is a bigot against Mormons, why do we allow a bigot on this site?

  706. Matt "MWS" says:


    Indeed. If only you folks had something to lube the snark valve, I’d get beaten like a rented mule.

  707. Sojourner Truth says:

    665 – I readily admit that I simply extrapolated for votes already cast. You clearly looked more deeply at it than I did. Assume you’re right and I was wrong.

    What of it?

    You’re asserting 230-255K? In 2008 turnout was 240k. You think this is GOOD for Romney?

    Essentially you’re saying that GOP turnout is on par with 2008. And this is with Paul bringing Indepdents into out party’s primary. And this is with no competitive primary on the Democrat side.

    Even if you are exactly right on your numbers, there’s no way to spin it as good news.

    Conservatives have been railing against Obama for three years, they had Tea Party freakouts, they had enough enthusiasm to win a historic shift in the congress.

    And now, all of the candidates combined, with Romney leading the pack, are about to duplicate 2008’s lethargic GOP turnout.

    Obama’s got to be smiling.

  708. Abe says:

    I don’t know how “Mormon” Hunt really is……I know Mitt is a very active Mormon.

  709. Ozzy says:

    Rick Perry interview on Hannity.

  710. Jonathan says:

    Newt’s SC live audience is doing pretty well. Professor Newt plays far better than supervillan Newt.

  711. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Looks like this thread is on track to falling short of 1000 comments. Called it.

  712. Matt "MWS" says:


    “So, you are saying that SoJo is a racist against Mormons?”

    Mormons aren’t a race.

    But I think it’s fair to say SoJo has something about them stuck in his craw. Maybe two of them accidently ran over his puppy with their bikes.

  713. Jaxemer11 says:

    Newt pivoting his campaign approach for the 10 millionth time. Now he is a genius innovator capitalist. Probably what he should have started with. Moon bases and solar mirrors. That is the solution.

  714. Anthony Dalke says:

    Wait a minute, Newt likes the free enterprise system? Too bad it doesn’t work as well without private equity…

  715. asparagus says:

    Is it over? My wife is giving me the evil eye for watching the exercise infomercial.

  716. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Perry is such an ass!

  717. Romney/Rubio 2012! says:

    Great victory for Mitt tonight. Last summer nobody, including me, would’ve dared predict he’d win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

    He might be even to take SC. There’s a good possibility he won’t, because almost every candidate has faced a set back towards the nomination, but even if he doesn’t, I think he’ll win FL convincingly and it’ll be over by that time, if not earlier in SC.

  718. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    Mitt above 38%, Newt back in 4th.

  719. Watchinitall says:

    Callista looks 1st Lady-ish, until she turns sideways, then she reminds me of the national bird.

  720. Jaxemer11 says:

    707 – What of it? You just trashed everyone for saying you were wrong. That is what of it.

    Go to hell!!

  721. Matt "MWS" says:

    According to the CNN exit poll, 61% of the ’08 voters were Republican in our primary.

    This year, it’s 49%. Overall turnout will have to be significantly higher to have more Republicans voting this year, than in ’08.

  722. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    You can blame low turnout on Mitt only if he gets less votes than he did in 2008. Otherwise, it’s the field.

  723. K.G. says:

    #715 There’s a reason he’s @ 1%. The mystery, I guess, is that even 1% vote for him.

  724. Anthony Dalke says:

    Classic Newt: brilliant when on (like right now) but too undisciplined to remain that way.

  725. Ozzy says:

    710 MassCon,

    If you, I and a few more pull in about 50 or so more posts, we can pull off the 1000 comments mark. :)

  726. Jonathan says:

    Okay whoever said that Newt gave a short speech was fibbing.

  727. Jared C says:

    704 – So, you are saying that SoJo is a racist against Mormons? Does that mean he hates Huntsman too? And since he is a bigot against Mormons, why do we allow a bigot on this site?

    I seemed to sense a bigoted tone in almost every post SoJo put up. He seemed incapable of looking at Romney through anything other that a slanted view which seemed firmly rooted in a bias against Mormons

  728. Watchinitall says:

    705. MWS Where’s my Nyquil?!

  729. SixMom says:

    #706 Another fairy tale. Obama is not smiling. Romney worries him senseless…

  730. asparagus says:

    Wow Perry has aged.

  731. Ryan60657 says:

    when is the next Kilburn update on the predictions?

  732. Matthew E. Miller says:


    In ’04, Democratic turnout was pathetic. 215k. No Republican primary. Competitive primaries on both sides just tend to drive higher turnout for each side. There are more ads on the airwaves, more awareness of the campaign, more excitement, etc.

    Good to see Newt is outraged by people attacking job creators. Or something.

  733. Keith Price says:

    No congrats to Mitt from Newt.
    I don’t think I heard one from Jon, either.

  734. asparagus says:

    Perry has no idea what he is talking about.

  735. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Mitt got 45% among Pubs. Don’t blame him for not bringing Pubs out. Blame the lack of decent Conservative alternatives.

    The 2nd and 3rd finishers are based on anti-war independents and social liberals. It’s no shock Republicans didn’t turn out.

  736. aspire says:

    It’s hard to tell how stupid or full of crap Perry is. I know he’s full of crap, but I also know he’s really stupid. He’s a tough nut to crack.

  737. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  738. Jaxemer11 says:

    Still no reports from the area closest to Boston.

  739. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Is anyone listening to Perry shoot his mouth off on Hannity. If Romney’s history in Bain Capital is SO agregious, why was it never mentioned ONCE during the debates?

  740. asparagus says:

    Did Newt Gingrich secretly switch parties in an attempt to take Obama’s delegates? He didn’t come in 5th people, he came in 1st on the Democrat side.

  741. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    735. Save a prezel for the gas jets.

  742. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Additionally, John Kerry- like Mitt- was from Massachusetts. And carried NH in the fall, one of the few states he flipped. And yet, turnout was low in the primary.

  743. greg says:

    just asking this to learn more about this primary process COULD this PRIMARY process even go past super Tuesday?

  744. Jonathan says:

    By the way, CNN has previews of The Iron Lady as some of their commercial breaks. Can’t wait to see that movie.

  745. Colorado Guy says:

    #659 Freedom for William Wallace – go ahead and vote for and support the candidate of your choice, this is America after all.

    That said, I vote on principle, my principle, not on the principle of the “least worst who can win.” Mitt Romney is not a conservative; he’s at best a status-quo Republican. If you want to just vote for just whomever is better than Obama, why not vote for your local dog-catcher as he/she would be better than Obama. For me, it doesn’t end with “better than Obama.”

    Go ahead and settle for Romney if you want.

  746. Jaxemer11 says:

    721 – Lots of Republicans became Independents over the last four years. How do you account for that fact?

  747. Thomas Alan says:

    New Hampshire results so far:

    Romney = 38%
    Huntsman + Santorum + Newt + Perry = 38%

  748. Romney/Rubio 2012! says:

    732- That’s b/c they don’t have any class. Santorum has been my second choice for a long time for good reason. The guy is classy, intelligent, and sticks to his strong conservative principles.

  749. Matt "MWS" says:


    I’m still mad at Bismarck for instigating the Austro-Prussian War, but I respect the fact that he didn’t push into Vienna after Kronnigsburg, which he probably could have done.

    The man was truly brilliant.

    Where are the Metternichs and Bismarcks when we need them?

  750. K.G. says:

    Perry has joined Newt’s dark side, “Mitt, icking bones clean.” “Vulture capitalism vs. venture capitalism?” Do any of these people understand squat! About business OR politics. Everybody’s right: It’s an extremely weak field. Cull the herd. Now!

    #721: Why would people come out in droves when the winner has been known for months?

  751. John Mark says:

    “628 – I would challenge you to go find a blog that is more representative of the conservative American public than this blog.”

    I really doubt that proposition Jax. I wish the conservative electorate was more like this blog in some ways. But this blog is mostly a collection of ideological misfits. We have a strong number of moderate pragmatists, who would vote for a candidate like Romney because they actually like him best as opposed to the many who are voting for him because of electability, we have a lot more Mormons then the general population, a good deal more Ayn Randian anarcho-libertarians, more classical Burkean conservatives, and populist or compassionate conservatism when compassion seems about as popular as leprosy in today’s GOP… This is definitely a more diverse blog then you’ll find elsewhere, but that doesn’t make it representative.

  752. Ozzy says:

    711 Matt,

    It’s still bigotry. As if someone was a bigot against Christians,or christian sects like Cahtolics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, or if someone is bigoted against Jews, Muslims, etc. It is an unwelcomed religious bigotry.

  753. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Lots of Republicans became Independents over the last four years.”

    In national polls, Republican ID is up vs. ’08.

  754. The REAL Truth says:

    Newt in 5th………can you picture me rolling on the floor laughing my butt off.

  755. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    744. Colorado. Sorry guy, stupid argument. Mitt is conservative. He is the best candidate in the current field. I will vote for who I want and that is a conservative Mitt Romney.

  756. Jonathan says:


    “Where are the Metternichs and Bismarcks when we need them?”

    Blogging on political websites.

  757. Jaxemer11 says:

    Newt thinks he can pivot back to being a hard core capitalist conservative and no one will notice. I doubt we here much about Bain from him again.

  758. Jaxemer11 says:

    Romney is a “weak frontrunner”? What the hell does that even mean at this point? He is more likely to win 50 states than lose the nomination. How is that a “weak frontrunner”?

  759. Not Your Crazy Daddy says:

    Matt, I’m sorry that I LOL’ed at you earlier. Best wishes to you.

  760. econ grad stud says:

    I work with a mild mannered Mormon whose name is literally Orrin Hatch. However he’s a young Southerner not an elderly Senator.

    I suppose he’s like Huntsman because he goes gambling (several times a year), doesn’t drink caffeine or alcohol, doesn’t cuss, doesn’t often go to church and lives with his fiance. He doesn’t seem to mind when we drink after work when traveling. Convenient designated driver.

  761. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “when is the next Kilburn update on the predictions?”


  762. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    See #734.

  763. greg says:

    hey all, just asking this to learn more about this primary process COULD this PRIMARY process even go past super Tuesday?

  764. Sojourner Truth says:

    Jax – your constant state of aggrevation is probably due to the fact that you’re denying impulses you can’t control. I feel for you man. A little bit. I really do.

    Even if I turn out to be slightly off – my point still stands. 2008 numbers were SUCKY turnout numbers for the GOP. Miller thinks we’ll duplicate them. Those were the numbers that translated to a 7-point national loss.

    Go ahead. Declare victory. But there’s little reason based on tonight that it will be a victory in a battle and not a war.

    Sort of like what happened to John McCain in 2008.

  765. Jaxemer11 says:

    751 – i never said it was representative. I said it was the MOST representative. Do you know of another site that matches up with the polls better than this one?

  766. Dave says:


    1. Mitt will get pretty close, if not over 40%….which is remarkable considering it’s an open Primary.

    2. Mitt timed his acceptance speech to reach a maximum number of people in SC….and it’s the best speech I’ve ever heard him give.

    3. While Mitt held his own among Independents and Dems, a LOT of them voted for Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. They would not do as well in closed Primaries.

    4. We do not know the cumulative effect of the anti-Bain smear in SC….but my sense is that Mitt will come out on top, and that his electability will be increased.

    5. The big losers: Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum.

    6. Huntsman does NOT have a ticket to ride…..and SC is CLOSED.

    7. Romney will win SC.

  767. Matt "MWS" says:


    No worries. God bless.

  768. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Blogging on political websites.”


    Damn this internet! It wastes all the best talent………

  769. John Mark says:

    764, I haven’t made a detailed study of the issue.

  770. Jaxemer11 says:

    764 – You are a disgusting human being. Go to hell!!!

  771. Jaxemer11 says:

    764 – Sucky compared to what? Name the years that Republicans had higher turnout in their primary. You can’t because you don’t have a CLUE what you are talking about.

    You are pure hate and not worth paying attention to.

  772. Matthew Kilburn says:

    So, how does Obama only win 81.8% of the primary vote on the Democratic side?

  773. econ grad stud says:

    #764 Ricochet seems to. Of course it’s a pay site but it doesn’t have the trolls or flames you see on free blogs.

  774. Metro says:

    Newt and Santy now down to 9.7, with Santy ahead.

  775. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Self-hating? Come on, man, we love you!

  776. Jonathan says:

    Santorum is now up by 26 votes over Gingrich.

  777. Metro says:

    Correction Newt just bumped up to 9.8.

  778. Metro says:

    Truth hurts, jax.

  779. Matt "MWS" says:

    Santorum leads Newt by 26.

    Karger leads Bachmann by 11.

  780. aspire says:

    In the next debate I want Romney to say, “Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, you’ve been saying some very wrong things about my record at Bain Capital without ever talking to anyone who has ever worked there. So I’m going to donate just enough money to each of your campaigns to cover a plane ticket for you to fly to Boston and talk to Bain Capital. Paul, sorry in this case honesty doesn’t pay.

  781. Jonathan says:


    There were a ton of fringe candidates on the ballot. And New Hampshire is notoriously ornery; they’ll vote against someone just because they can.

  782. Jaxemer11 says:

    778 – The truth? LOL

  783. New Roughrider says:

    First of all, I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments this evening.
    Second, I think they can all be summarized as follows:
    (1) Romney’s gonna be the nominee
    (2) However, in order to win in November, he needs to not only to reassure conservatives, but to get them fired up.

  784. Matt "MWS" says:

    Gary Johnson leads Herman Cain by 12.


  785. Metro says:

    LOL, James Vestermark, qualified for the ballot…. and got one vote. In this case, I that vote is not exactly anonymous.

  786. Arkansas Yankee says:

    Well Newt and Perry have hurt Romney for a November run with there attack on American Free Enterprise. They have both struck at the very heart of the Republican Party. I cannot help but say they are jerks.


  787. Romney/Rubio 2012! says:

    784 lol

  788. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    765 – Dave, very good summary.

  789. Matt "MWS" says:


    “First of all, I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments this evening.
    Second, I think they can all be summarized as follows:
    (1) Romney’s gonna be the nominee
    (2) However, in order to win in November, he needs to not only to reassure conservatives, but to get them fired up.”

    And don’t forget
    (3) that MWS is a butthole.

  790. Jonathan says:


    But how many votes did Vermin Supreme get?

  791. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    788. LOL!

  792. Matt "MWS" says:

    Was the Vampire Dude on the ballot?

    Is that who you’re talking about, Metro?

  793. Jared C says:

    It’s obvious that Hannity and Luntz hate each other. Hilarious!

  794. Ozzy says:


    If Mitt wins all the delegates needed for the nomination, why do we need a brokered convention?

  795. Sojourner Truth says:

    770 – Strawman argument. We’re talking about primaries FROM CYCLE TO CYCLE, not whether or not we beat the Democrats in any given cycle. And just like the overall popular vote totals, the idea is that primary participation ought to INCREASE each cycle.

    In the eight years between 2000 and 2008, Republicans basically flat-lined in their turnout in NH primary at 240K while Democrats went from 150K to 280K.

    We’re on par to match the losing turnout that the GOP put forth in 2008 this year in NH. That’s not a recipe for success.

  796. Romney/Rubio 2012! says:

    What is Luntz saying? Does he have a focus group from SC?

  797. econ grad stud says:

    #785 I think the Rombots fail to see how the Bain attack is seriously weakening Romney. Romney has to get tons of white blue collar types excited for him to win. A few negatives ads quoting Republican and Democrats and pounding Bain will make Romney’s business record a liability instead of an asset.

    It’s as if Romney is showing us in advance that he’ll be swift-boated just like Kerry was.

  798. Dave says:

    Turnout was great….when you consider that EVERYONE in the state knew Mitt was going to win….and win BIG.

  799. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    So what’s your point? We should nominate one of the losers instead of Romney?

    Or are you just saying we’re going to lose no matter what?

  800. Boomer says:

    Somebody from the RNC needs to get ahold of Newt and Perry and tell them to back off with the leftwing attacks. Team Obama has got to be laughing their asses off with these two bozos doing their work for them.

  801. Florida Conservative says:

    Mass Conservative,

    Its 38 to 23 right now with 75 reporting, is that where you think it will end up being or does Romney gain somemore?

  802. Jaxemer11 says:

    I can’t wait until Romney is president and all this moron pundits who say he is a weak frontrunner that can’t win become irrelevant. It is time for a changing of the guard. The current pundits really leave a lot to be desired in the intelligence department.

  803. John Mark says:

    So can we all agree that this was a boring primary and talk about the Broncos. :-)

  804. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Wouldn’t you hate to be SoJo’s dog. That poor thing must get kicked at least a few times a night. So much rage in that guy.

  805. Thomas Alan says:

    Romney just passed the 15% margin that we were told would be the benchmark for a “big win”.

  806. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    788. One thing we got going for us is Obama fires up conservative and independents who want a change. Yes, Romney needs to do what he can to fire them/us up. I thought his speech tonight was very good and I just saw somewhere that Jim Demint also liked what Romney said tonight. Here we go, here is the link. Demint predicts Romney will win in SC and comes close to an outright endorsement:


  807. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Good news: Romney won his lake house town with 52% of the vote. Guess his neighbors like him.

  808. Sojourner Truth says:

    799 – The point is, as I said in my very first post, Romney “won” tonight – but there is not any kind of great GOP enthusiasm. That needs to change in order that the GOP beats Obama.

    And tonight’s data point doesn’t suggest any sort of needed enthusiasm on the part of Republicans.

  809. Jonathan says:


    That would backfire. Every time in past primaries when the Party elites have tried to force a candidate out, they dig in their heels and become even more dangerous foes.

  810. Jaxemer11 says:

    Wasn’t Cain supposed to have endorsed someone by now?

  811. Jared C says:

    796 – There was not a focus group, but he was in studio with Hannity and another guy.

  812. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I think it stays the same, maybe with Paul gaining 1% at the expense of Santorum and Gingrich.

  813. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    So, do you think the other Pubs in the field would excite the party more than Romney (who has won two contests)?

  814. Jonathan says:

    Romney is now at 39% of the vote. Paul is at 23%.

  815. SGS says:

    607 about our discussion on whether we like MWS or not – LOL!

  816. Matt "MWS" says:

    Well, a hearty congratulations to all the Rombots here this evening.

    I’m sorry that my candidate of choice turned out to be a tool. We’ll have to reassess where we go from here. It will either be Karl Habsburg, or a descendent of one who fought for his family.

  817. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Maybe Mitt gains 1%. 2% would be nice, but a stretch.

  818. Sojourner Truth says:

    804 – Go back and reread. No rage here from me tonight. It’s all been directed AT ME for daring to not to parrot the prevailing Rombot for 2012 party lines that 1.) Romney is awesome. 2.) If Romney is not awesome, see party line #1.

  819. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Thanks MWS

  820. Sojourner Truth says:

    813 – I think that if Obama looked as weak two years ago as he did a year ago, then we wouldn’t even be discussing Romney right now.

  821. asparagus says:

    797 Of course we are aware of the damage that has been done. That is why we are pi$$ed at Newt for Occupying the New Hampshire Primary.

  822. Doug NYC GOP says:

    816 – Rapturous!

  823. SGS says:

    There have been a several claims made that this site has been hijacked by Rombots. This is funny, considering that we had favor of the month the past few months – 6 of them (even TRUMP!!! Come on!). This should be enough to tell you how you are wrong! There merely is nobody in this race, other than Paul, who is worthwhile of our consideration. They all fell short of our exceptions!!! Romney and Paul may, too, for some of us, but they still exceed the remaining candidates.

  824. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    818. I can only speak for myself but you have shown rage and over the past week have been spouting the occupy message that Gingrich has been championing. I don’t mind it when you make valid arguments for your guy or against Romney but come on, you have been flaunting your rage around here for the last while.

  825. Matthew Kilburn says:

    Here we are….a LOT closer than Iowa:

    Rank | Name | Total % Off
    1) Riccardo 3.1%
    2) Heath 6.3%
    3) Aaron 7.3%
    4) Michael 8.1%
    5) The “King” has no rings 8.9%
    6) GetReal 9.1%
    7) Josiah Schmidt 9.5%
    8) Shane 9.9%
    9) Simon 10.1%
    10) jaaron 10.1%
    11) Michael 10.3%
    12) WasAlso 10.3%
    13) Alex Knepper 10.7%
    14) chickentrooper 11.1%
    15) Dskinner 11.1%
    16) Noelle 11.3%
    17) Jarvis 11.3%
    18) Johnathan 11.5%
    19) Tim 11.5%
    20) Huckarubio 11.5%
    21) Simon 11.7%
    22) Boomer 11.7%
    23) T.C. Robinson 11.9%
    24) Alaska Jake 12.1%
    25) aj rabin 12.1%
    26) jeremy 12.1%
    27) Still Hurting 12.3%
    28) Ryan60657 12.5%
    29) Andy Mighty 12.7%
    30) Dave 12.7%
    31) jerald 12.7%
    32) smack1968 13.1%
    33) corep 13.3%
    34) swint 13.4%
    35) Matthew Kilburn 13.5%
    36) Massachusetts Conservative 13.5%
    37) Matthew E. Miller 13.5%
    38) mushroom 13.7%
    39) RA 13.7%
    40) Abe 13.7%
    41) Florida Conservative 14.1%
    42) Doug NYC GOP 14.1%
    43) Dave Gaultier 14.1%
    44) Dr J 14.1%
    45) aspire 14.1%
    46) no newt 14.3%
    47) Jeff Y 14.3%
    48) asparagus 14.3%
    49) John 14.3%
    50) Jack Bauer’s Dad 14.5%
    51) JohnnyG 14.7%
    52) Jeff Fuller 14.9%
    53) rnst_p 15.1%
    54) Nick Bradley 15.3%
    55) Andrew Ryan 15.7%
    56) John Galt 15.7%
    57) Omega 15.9%
    58) Anybody & Kitchen sink but Romney 16.3%
    59) Freddy Ardanza 16.3%
    60) GotAStewGoin 16.3%
    61) TC 25 16.3%
    62) econ grad stud 16.7%
    63) Freedom for William Wallace 16.9%
    64) Primus 17.1%
    65) RegularJoe 17.1%
    66) Anybody but NEWT 18.1%
    67) Sean P 18.5%
    68) Sean 19.7%
    69) Thunder 19.7%
    70) davidg 20.1%
    71) Jrcutler 20.1%
    72) G Buttersnaps 20.1%
    73) Matt Y 20.1%
    74) Brett H. 20.5%
    75) Bloodshy 20.7%
    76) Ahowell 21.3%
    77) Chris 21.5%
    78) Paul8148 22.7%
    79) Jman 22.7%
    80) Teledude 23.1%
    81) Adam Graham 23.1%
    82) Hudson Valley Rep 24.7%
    83) Joe C 25.7%
    84) Matt “MWS” 26.7%
    85) OSUPhantom 28.1%
    86) K.J 28.1%
    87) Jaxemer11 28.5%
    88) MarqueG 28.7%
    89) obamaisastatist 30.9%
    90) Lux Veritas 37.3%

  826. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Oh, no question. If Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush ran, Romney would have lost.

    But to say we should ditch Romney for one of the losers is a bit of a stretch. I’m glad that’s not what you were implying.

  827. Metro says:

    Mass Con, I don’t see Romney winning 52% of any town near his lake home.

  828. Joan says:

    Tim Pawlenty sounded very good.

  829. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Romney has like 2700 more votes than Huntsman, Santorum, Newt, and Perry combined.

  830. asparagus says:

    Question to occupy us until we hit 1000. Does Newt’s Occupy talk keep him in single digits in SC? I am of personal opinion that the answer to this is NO, especially with Perry giving him cover by parroting his talking points.

  831. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Nooooooo…Gingrich back on top of Santy by 100.

  832. Matt "MWS" says:


    Did you catch my doomsay?

  833. Metro says:

    Oh, I just the 52%. Wolfeboro.

  834. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    He did.

    Go here, click on SHOW RESULTS BY -> town, and scroll over Wolfeboro (due east part of the state).

  835. Matt "MWS" says:


    If Newt attacked me, I’d turn it into an ad, and run it nonstop in the Fall.

  836. John Mark says:

    829, Santorum still won the pro-life and SoCon crowd, but that doesn’t get you very far in NH.

  837. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Noot will stop talking about Bain and let the Super PAC do all the work.

    As a result, he will do fine in SC.

    There are 2 debates until SC. Mitt is going to have to do well in those.

    Mitt will hit 35% nationally within a few days.

  838. Matt "MWS" says:


  839. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Donna Brazille looks so upset as this guy talks about how “unprecedented” what Romney’s doing is.

  840. Matt "MWS" says:

    Karger’s lead over Bachmann is down to 4 votes.

    It’s going to be a loooong night.

  841. Boomer says:

    From 34 to 22. Boomer SURGE!

  842. asparagus says:

    Perry will keep repeating Bain talking points until Mitt is forced to put him in his place during a debate with actual facts. Perry and facts are like oil and water. I am afraid this Bain talk is not going to stop and we are not going to be talking about issues for the next two weeks thanks to Occupiers Perry and Newt.

  843. Metro says:

    Newt and Santy down to 9.6. What’s with all these small towns that can’t get their votes counted by 11pm?

  844. John Mark says:

    So has any other Republican candidate besides Ron Paul caused the generation gap we see. I think Ron Paul even won the Gen Xers by a little bit, and of course he cleaned up with the Millennials, but lost the boomers on up.

  845. Thomas Alan says:

    Carville’s wrong about intensity. Enthusiasm was as high in the ’08 primary season as any election cycle we’ve ever had. Because both parties were choosing nominees, the whole process was huge.

  846. Jonathan says:


    Wow, I went from 63rd in the Iowa predictions to 18th for New Hampshire. Now that’s some momentum baby.

    I feel I moved up well enough to do my first ever HUCKABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

  847. Matthew Kilburn says:

    I won’t do another post until all the results are in. I’ll try to get it up tomorrow night, but in all reality, it will probably take until thursday morning.

  848. SixMom says:

    Interesting, Paul takes the lead all along the Vermont side. Is this a prediction for how Vermont will vote?

  849. jaxemer11 says:

    Wow! Romney close to 80% on intrade to win South Carolina.

  850. jaxemer11 says:

    It is funny how after nearly every Romney speech we hear people say who great that speech was and how if he could only speak like that all the time no one can stop him. At some point the RomNots are going to have to admit that he does speak like that nearly all the time.

  851. Florida Conservative says:

    Just said on CNN that highly populated areas still have not reported, and that Romney’s numbers could still go up, I’m thinking 40 is a more likely possibility now!

  852. jaaron says:

    Jon Huntsman according to CNN exit polls did best with Democrats and people that approved of Barack Obama. And how was this guy going to stick it to the big BO???

  853. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Romney apparently raised nearly 25 million. Bang.

    Romney’s just passed his ’08 vote total. Bang.

  854. Cincinnati Kid says:

    This focus group guy on CNN is terrible

  855. aspire says:

    Perry 5th to 6th
    Gingrich 4th to 4th
    Santorum 2nd to 5th
    Huntsman 6th to 3rd
    Paul 3rd to 2nd

    Who’s the RomNot?

  856. barktwiggs says:

    More southern counties piling in. Romney at 39%!

  857. Boomer says:

    Here’s some welcome news.

    >>“I was just sitting here listening to the Romney acceptance speech, and he’s hitting a lot of the hot buttons for me about balancing the budget, and frankly I’m a little concerned about the few Republicans who have criticized some of what I consider free market principles here,” DeMint said.

    >>Later in the program, DeMint predicted a Romney win in his state.


  858. jaxemer11 says:

    855 – Ron Paul

  859. Jonathan says:

    Here’s a mild surprise. Hanover, where Dartmouth is, went for Huntsman then Romney with Paul in a very poor 3rd place.

  860. OhioRepub says:

    CNN focus group is a really lame group. No one seems to know what they want.

  861. Sir David says:

    Will Demint endorse mitt?

  862. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Here’s how much of a fail Huntsman’s strategy turned out to be. Had he just campaigned in Iowa, Romney would have lost the state. Guaranteed. In NH, Romney carried just 37% of the moderate/liberal vote. Barely up from his 35% in Iowa. No way does Romney do that well with moderates in Iowa if Huntsman had competed there. And if Romney finishes under 20% in Iowa, then he comes into NH weak. And maybe Huntsman would have had a chance.

  863. Cincinnati Kid says:

    5,200 from McCain’s numbers from last year…

  864. Henry Hubitt says:

    So, the lower looking turnout is worrying, especially when you look at the Republican turn-out and not just the total.

    Possible counterpoints:
    1) Some of those independents–maybe a lot?–may have been registered GOP in 2008 for the primary but switched their registration to Democrat as the Obama express got going after the economy tanked.
    2) the 2004 comparison to the Kerry win in NH shows that maybe enthusiasm isn’t just high when there’s no race on the other side and when the winner is certain. Going against this is the fact that Kerry lost against a highly beatable incumbent. Which wouldn’t be a good omen for 2012.

    I don’t know how Mitt can gin up enthusiasm but he needs too once he has a little breathing space in the primaries. Its probably too late for this, but one of the best ways would be to recruit good, energetic conservative candidates for local races. They supply the enthusiasm while the Mitt Machine supplies the deadly efficient campaign apparatus. But like I said, it’s probably too late.

  865. Florida Conservative says:

    Mass. Conservative,

    Romney now at 39.2% with 15% left to go.

    All he needs is .3 to get to 40%, I think he’s gonna do it!

  866. jaxemer11 says:

    859 – Mostly liberals in Hanover. Makes sense.

  867. Matt C says:

    I kind of have to chuckle at all the naysayers who were predicting Romney to finish short of his 2008 votes. He’s already 10,000 votes over his 2008 totals with 14% of the precincts yet to report in. Heh.

  868. Irish Right says:

    MEM, under your scenario, Mitt doesn’t go all in in Iowa and can keep expectations down. Of course, Santorum’s showing probably becomes a win which changes the narative dramatically. So many permutations.

  869. Sir David says:

    I’m not worried about NH turnout. Everyone knew Mitt would blow it out. Why go out & vote?

  870. Henry Hubitt says:

    Romney apparently raised nearly 25 million. Bang.

    Romney’s just passed his ’08 vote total. Bang.

    The vote total thing is good. The fundraising is good too, I guess. But compared to Barack’s Billion . . .

    “I was just sitting here listening to the Romney acceptance speech, and he’s hitting a lot of the hot buttons for me about balancing the budget”

    Cut, Cap, and Balance was a good line for Romney to use.

  871. Matt C says:

    Less rural populations left to report in means Gingrich probably finishes in fourth slightly ahead of Santorum. Dang.

  872. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Yes, I think so too.

    We are still waiting for Lebanon and Keene. Decently-sized towns that Mitt will get 25-35% in each rather than 40+.

    But 40 looks likely considering the southeast.

  873. OSUPhantom says:

    865; Don’t you mean .8%?

  874. jaxemer11 says:

    I wonder if Romney leaking fundraising numbers is a strategy to try and shake some candidates out of the race. Unfortunately, I think most of these clowns are arrogant to not take the hint. This is over.

  875. Matt "MWS" says:


    ” the 2004 comparison to the Kerry win in NH shows that maybe enthusiasm isn’t just high when there’s no race on the other side and when the winner is certain.”

    Or, it might show that we’re about to nominate someone a lot like Kerry.

  876. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  877. Cincinnati Kid says:

    The discussion about the low turnout of Republicans is crazy….if you look at party ID from the Rasmussen trends, Republicans picked up a bit, but Dems are who REALLY dropped off. Further, Republicans may not be excited about voting for any of these candidates, but we are excited about voting against Obama.

    Prediction: 2012 general election turnout will be dramatically lower than 2008 and Republicans definitely have the edge going in.

  878. Michael says:

    I’m very happy for Romney with the field. I’m sick and tired of the mouthpieces on TV talking down the field, marginalizing the candidates, and poopooing wins and second place finishes. We have good candidates and I’m proud to be a Republican.

  879. Henry Hubitt says:

    Or, it might show that we’re about to nominate someone a lot like Kerry.

    Which is a point I made, oh, in the very next sentence.

  880. K.G. says:

    Newt is possessed of the devil. Seriously. Mental illness does that to you sometimes. Call the exorcist.

    And Perry is too dumb to know that jumping on the train to the Newt nut house is probably a bad idea.

    Yes, all this stuff about Bain was going to come out. It all got discussed at length back in the 90’s with Teddy K. However, now the Dems has all these clips of Republicans condemning Mitt. Mark Stein and Frank Luntz are saying that 8 months from now, when stuff is going bad for the GOP, we will look back to this week as the seed of it all.

    Thanks, Newt and Rick. Good goin’, guys.

  881. Florida Conservative says:


    No, right now he is at 39.3, if he gets to 39.5, they round it up to 40%, so all Romney needs is .2 and he will get to the magical 40%

  882. Matt "MWS" says:

    Late surge by Bachmann has her 9 votes ahead of Karger.

    This will definitely wind up in a recount.

  883. SGS says:

    Wow! Mitt is now only 7,000 away from McCain’s ’08 total! With 85% reported in, he’s surging ahead of McCain!

  884. SGS says:

    That was fast, now less than 4,000

  885. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Which is a point I made, oh, in the very next sentence.”

    You must be very smart.

  886. jaxemer11 says:

    The effort to reach for negatives by the RomNots has been quite amusing tonight. Even more amusing has been the chance to see all their negative arguments be shot down by the truth.

    They probably should have taken Teledude’s lead and just not showed up.

  887. Jared C says:

    All of the talk about low turnout is the next line of attack that the media is going to use to try and bring down Romney. So far Mitt has successfully parried every attack, and he has exceeded every hurdle that the critics have placed in his way.

  888. Matthew E. Miller says:


    “Or, it might show that we’re about to nominate someone a lot like Kerry.”

    Who lost to an incumbent with approval ratings 5 points higher than this one by like 3% and 19 electoral votes. If Romney turns out to as relatively strong as Kerry was, he beats Obama, barring some major economic good news. Yes, he’ll make a weakish nominee- but everyone else would make an awful nominee. Weakish might sell. Awful, not so much.

  889. jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … Chris Matthews praising Ron Paul for not appealing to the “segregationists” or the “moral majority” in the Republican Party.

  890. Cincinnati Kid says:

    3,300 votes from McCain’s 2008 numbers

  891. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    At what point to the critics give up trying to trip up Romney?

    He’s teflon.

  892. Matt "MWS" says:


    I suspect we’ll be hearing a LOT more about Kerry in the coming weaks. Both rich. Both from Massachusetts. Both stuck with the flip flopper label. Both sound scholarly when they say “Gengis Kahn.”

  893. Jonathan says:

    Here’s the delegate count for the race as of tonight, including RNC Delegates courtesy of CNN:

    Romney- 23
    Paul- 10
    Santorum- 8
    Perry- 4
    Gingrich- 3
    Huntsman- 2

    1,144 delegates gets you the Republican nomination.

  894. Ci2Eye says:

    Go Mitt! This was a very good night for Team Romney. A big win and the ‘Not Romney’ crowd just got bigger with Huntsman getting a respectable finish plus it looks like the dough boy and the cowboy will finish in the back of the pack.

    As a Mitt supporter, finally watching him on stage as the winner was truly sweet.

    Of interest is this – Todd Palin has gone rogue with the Newt endorsement: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/10/sarah-palin-todd-palin-newt-gingrich_n_1198225.html

  895. Michael says:

    Funny enough, at this rate…there may be up to 15000 more voters this year than in 2008.

    I was a Newt guy until mid-December when he started to implode and I realized that he just wasn’t capable to win.

    I’m all in for Mitt. He’s the only one that has a vision, is credible, and is someone I believe in.

    I have to say, I’ve become more and more enamored with Ron Paul and would strongly support him too.

  896. Jared C says:

    Romney just hit 40%!!!!

  897. Michael says:

    Erin Burnett is really cute

  898. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Romney 2,000 votes from McCain 2008!

  899. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    CNN is showing Romney at 40!!!!!!!!!

  900. Matt "MWS" says:


    Mitt is not teflon, or he wouldn’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over. He is winning despite the charges and labels that stick to him. He is winning because he’s smart, works hard, has learned how to run a paint-by-numbers Republican Presidential campaign, and his competitors look like The Adams Family.

  901. John Mark says:

    So I just noticed write-ins got 10% in the Dem primary. Was there are a particular candidate doing a write- in that I missed?

  902. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    897 from the front. When she turns to the side, she looks weird

  903. K.G. says:

    Can it come down if they keep counting? Tell them to stop NOW!!!!

  904. Matt "MWS" says:

    Looks like Huntsman will get twice as many delegates as Guiliani got in all of ’08.

  905. Matt C says:

    Ron Paul to everyone but Romney: drop out and endorse me.


    The guy’s got cajones, you gotta give him that.

  906. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Romney passed McCain

  907. OSUPhantom says:

    And Mitt hits 40!

  908. Matt "MWS" says:


    “When she turns to the side, she looks weird”

    That’s not supposed to be code for “Mormon” is it?

  909. Matthew E. Miller says:

    I mean, look at the NH exit polls. Satisfied with a Gingrich nomination? 35-63. Satisfied with a Paul nomination? 43-55. Satisfied with a Santorum nomination? 37-61. Satisfied with a Romney nomination? 61-37. This comparable to the ’08 question asking about favorables. In that race, every single candidate other than Ron Paul had positive favorables. Mike Huckabee had 55/44 favorables. I mean, these guys are failing so epically it’s hard to comprehend how they managed to win any elections, anywhere, ever.

  910. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Nitpicking. My point was, he’s a tough cookie to break.

  911. Oh Reagan Where Are You says:

    Listen up! You guys….all of you….GOT TO GET A LIFE!!!

  912. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  913. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Define “life.”

  914. K.G. says:

    #900 Have to agree with Matt here, MassCon. Mitt is not teflon; he is velcro. The dangest things stick to him that would wash off anybody else. In spite of that though, the Mitt Machine Marches On.

  915. Jonathan says:


    See #587.

  916. Florida Conservative says:

    Romney at 40!!!!!!!!

    He is gonna do it!!!

  917. aspire says:

    ? + SC + nomination math tells us only Romney can win the nomination.

    3 Tickets out of Iowa & 2 Tickets out of NH tells us only Romney & Paul can win the nomination (thus Romney).

    No one ever winning the nomination w/o winning Iowa or South Carolina tells us only Romney can win the nomination.

    I hope we can all agree it’s time to stop the Romney bashing and time to focus on beating Obama.

  918. Boomer says:

    I can understand Newt blowing himself up with this crap about Bain Capital, he’s always been a jerk just waiting for someone to disrespect him and he goes off. But I don’t get Perry at all. He had a pretty good reputation in Texas but he blew his chance at this election. He was anointed as the front runner even before he entered the race but then went off the rails and now he has zero chance.

    Why is he doubling down with this vulture capital thing? What can he possibly hope to accomplish?

    He should have just gone back to Texas and continued double dipping on his pension.

  919. Michael says:

    908 HAHA

    still, she’s hot

  920. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Given the trends, I think the one thing that could turn the election around (which won’t happen) is for Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum to get together and endorse one of them as the Mitt alternative for Florida…To bad that none of them will have the money to go head to head in that state…

  921. Matt "MWS" says:


  922. SixMom says:

    900. Actually….that last comment works for me…oddly. They do look like the Adams Family.

    Ron Paul = Cousin It.
    Gingrich = Morticia
    Santorum = Gomez or Uncle Fester
    Perry – Lurch

  923. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    I think, since Noot is a smart guy, he’s gonna stop attacking Bain directly. He will let the Super PAC do the work.

    Otherwise, he’s finished. He may even be finished anyway.

    On second thought… isn’t everyone finished besides Romney, barring some sort of momentous event?

  924. OSUPhantom says:

    Two majors Romney area towns still out. Pelham and Litchfield.

  925. K.G. says:

    MassCon: Quite right. Mitt has proven himself to be one tough cookie. LOL at people who want to call him a spineless squish. LOL at people who say the media is (sic) choosing Mitt for us. How on earth are we supposed to stand these people?

  926. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Romney passes McCain’s total.

  927. Jared C says:

    911 – “Listen up! You guys….all of you….GOT TO GET A LIFE!!!”

    Says the guy posting anonymously at post# 911 who couldn’t find a life either.

  928. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt has PASSED McCain’s 2008 numbers.

    Take THAT, RomNots!!!

  929. Anybody but NEWT says:

    920. That will not work because you still have Ron Paul and Huntsman.

  930. Florida Conservative says:


    Yea I just noticed that, perhaps he can get to 41%? Great night for Romney! I will not go to bed until we have 100% reporting

  931. Ozzy says:

    aspire Says:

    “I hope we can all agree it’s time to stop the Romney bashing and time to focus on beating Obama.”

    I agree. Of course, SoJo won’t do it.

  932. Jerald says:

    Using round-off, Romney might get to 40% in NH…

  933. K.G. says:

    #900 Have to agree with you on all counts, Matt. It is what it is; make the best of it.

    I’m of the opinion that Mitt, if elected, would make a much better POTUS than candidate. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  934. aspire says:

    Will anyone drop out in the morning? Perry or Huntsman perhaps?

  935. SGS says:

    Sad about Newt and Perry getting ugly now – they can’t run in 2020, not with their last impression.

  936. Ci2Eye says:

    #923 Mass Con,

    I think you may have seen that tonight. In his Iowa speech, he was full-on in attack mode on Mitt. The commentators said it was a highly unusual tone for a concession speech. Tonight, the tone was totally different. There was no mention of Mitt and he appeared to be trying to get back on message.

    That would be consistent with everything his foes have said about him being haphazard, unfocused, and always on a different tangent.

  937. Ozzy says:

    919 Michael,

    Erin Burnett is OK, but, Ainsley Earhardt who was just on Greta is really an ultra hottie!!

  938. Jerald says:

    928.Massachusetts Conservative Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 10:44 pm
    Mitt has PASSED McCain’s 2008 numbers.

    Take THAT, RomNots!!!


  939. Freedom for William Wallace says:

    Romney back to 39%

  940. Boomer says:

    I’m not cashing in until I see if Vermin Supreme passes his ’08 numbers. The dude got 41 last time.


  941. RA says:

    Who wins SC?

    Gingrich & Co are going to blanket the airwaves with anti-Romney adds. A small boost in Huntsman supporters could draw from Romney’s base.
    Will negative adds destroy Romney? Or, will momentum save the day?

  942. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Romney’s not going to improve his margin. Most of the precincts left are in areas where he did worse.

  943. aspire says:

    935 Their anti-capitalist statements would come back to burn them. Can they ever run for ANY office again?

  944. SixMom says:

    #922 Whoops, forgot Huntsman

    Santorum = Uncle Fester
    Huntsman = Gomez

    Yep, that’s their alternate universe parallels…

  945. K.G. says:

    #936: Spot on. Uncle Newt will be back claiming all the people on the stage are bff and they only have one goal: To beat Barack Obama–like nothing ever happened. Multiple personality disorder?

  946. SGS says:

    Mitt is only 724 votes away from Paul and Huntman’s, combined!

  947. Jerald says:


    Nobody will be dropping out.

    Huntsman just got the thrill of his life by placing 3rd with with about 17% of the vote. SC is open to independent voting.

    Perry is using SC as his Alamo.

    We will have the same candidates in SC…

  948. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    I donno, Goffstown and Litchfield are of decent size. Mitt’s at 39.4%. If he gets 0.1% more, you round him up to 40%.

  949. Cincinnati Kid says:

    Final NH election update…6 main stream candidates still “officially” in the race…
    1) Huntsman – Out (no money, poor polling, no momentum)
    2) Perry – Out (money, but poor polling in SC and negative momentum)
    3) Paul – Out (views will never enable 50% of Republican party)
    4) Gingrich – Alive, but on life support(money, press, but damaged goods)
    5) Santorum – Alive, but distant second (no money, but in best position to consolidate conservatives)
    6) Romney – His election to lose

    It would be nice if that for the SC debates the uninvited Huntsman and Perry and keep it to the top 4 to make it a more focused debate…

  950. Matt "MWS" says:

    Mitt has passed McCain.

    I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Matt “MWS”.

  951. GetReal says:

    I’m late to the party (took the time to read all of the comments up to 852) but I just want to add my support for MWS as a genuinely good guy, in addition to being hilarious.

    Now, that won’t stop me from rubbing it in that Romney won both Iowa and New Hampshire and mopped the floor with his guy, but I don’t understand the disdain for him at all.

  952. K.G. says:

    #947: Maybe none of them will ever go away. Ever. They will hang on like decomposing albatrosses around poor Mitt’s neck. Forever.

  953. Ci2Eye says:

    I think I want Newt in fifth as much as I want Mitt to finish over 40.

    I really, really want him and Perry to bring up the rear.

  954. Matthew E. Miller says:

    CNN is estimating turnout at 246k. So about 7% higher than last time.

  955. Matt C says:

    I said at the beginning of the day Mitt needed at least 37% and a +15 margin to get any sort of momentum out of New Hampshire.

    Looks like he gets 39% and a +16 margin. Nice.

  956. Ozzy says:

    246,000 turnout in NH. CNN claims that surpasses the 08 turnout.

  957. aspire says:

    Intrade: Romney to win first 5 states -> 73.9%

  958. Ozzy says:

    James Carville looks so much like Skeletor. :)

  959. Jonathan says:

    According to his own website, Jon Huntsman has raised only $31,737 as part of their post-NH Primary fundraising pitch.

    If Huntsman makes it South Carolina, I’d be surprised.

  960. Matt "MWS" says:


    Thank you.

    And thanks to all for the kind words. Despite being a crotchety cynic who acts older than his father, I do really appreciate you all.

  961. aspire says:

    947 I think you’re probably right, but I also wouldn’t be too shocked if Huntsman dropped out. Where is he really going to compete? SC – no, Florida – only if his dad pours money into a PAC.

  962. Matt C says:

    959 — Huntsman can self-fund his fruitless endeavor though. He’s already pumped in a few million and tried a last minute fundraising pitch yesterday by telling supporters he would match whatever they donated with his own money as well. Money won’t be the reason Huntsman drops out, until he gets tired of watching all his own go up in smoke.

  963. K.G. says:

    #959 Huntsman is a mystery. There was never any rationale to his campaign. Mitt was already running strong in the center right, sane, competent, boring, rather strange Mormon lane.

  964. barktwiggs says:

    08′ turnout surpassed? I wonder if we’ll hear any retractions from the nay-sayers? NAY!

  965. Jerald says:

    I didn’t realize it was “Hate on MWS Day”

    I like and respect MWS. But I also have fun ribbing him like a good buddy. 😉

    He likes to snark (who doesn’t), but he is honest and, unless the day is particularly bad, doesn’t use the double standard that is the main tool of die-hard RomNots…

  966. aspire says:

    I know some people criticize Huntsman for using the same slogan as McCain, but I’m pretty sure Huntsman’s been using it since back when he lived in China. :)

  967. Cincinnati Kid says:

    after Florida, 2 of the next 3 states are clearly Romney’s (Nevada and Michigan which we wong both in 2008)

  968. Matt "MWS" says:


    I hereby retract my moronic and puerile speculation that turnout would not surpass ’08, as it was based on absurdly fatuous assumptions regarding the uniformity of New Hampshire precincts.

    In the future, I will travel to the state in question, before recklessly extrapolating data whose context I cannot appreciate.

    I humbly beg the forgiveness of you, all Rombots, and everyone who made it past Alegebra II in college.

  969. aspire says:

    965 Then you didn’t get the Race42012.com 2012 calendar.

  970. asparagus says:

    South Carolina is a closed primary. Huntsman will have a hard time breaking out of the low single digits.

  971. Matt C says:

    Romney’s at 91,000+ votes with 92% counted. How close to 100,000 votes will he get?

  972. aspire says:

    968 LOL

  973. K.G. says:

    #967 Cincinnati: Mitt “wonged” Nevada and Michigan in 2008? We might be needing Huntsman to translate that one for us.

  974. Jonathan says:


    Be nice Matt, not all of us passed Alegebra II in college. Hell, I slept through it in high school.

  975. Shane says:

    Nice win for Romney. NH was Huntsman’s last stand; I think I would have fared better if I had bet on Custer instead. I am now placing my right foot on the Romney Express, while the left foot flails about, kicks the dust, and reluctantly joins his compadre.

    On another note, why am I still awake at midnight on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and reading 965+ comments on a political blog? If I had good friends, they would have thrown an intervention for me by now.

  976. asparagus says:

    Only 30 left. We can make it!

  977. Matthew E. Miller says:

    Well, I’m going to bed. Romney’s supposed to be on Squawkbox at 7:45 and I’m interested in hearing what he has to say. He’ll probably use a forum like that to telegraph his Bain defense. It was fun everyone.

  978. Thomas Alan says:

    Gingrich seems to be under some weird misconception that the only important thing in a presidential election is the debates.

  979. aspire says:

    Ron Paul supporters are calling this a 2 man race. Thus they are the Anarconservative alternative to Romney.

  980. Pragmatic Conservative in IL says:

    This woman is a complete idiot, for your viewing pleasure:


  981. Matt "MWS" says:

    At any rate, I may have been wrong about turnout, but MassCon totally blew it when he claimed we’d never get to 1000 comments.

    I think any fair observer would consider his error the more egregious.

  982. teledude says:

    Congratulations to the Romney supporters. It looks like it’s going to end up being a record turn out with Mitt getting closes to 40% of the vote.

    A very strong showing.

  983. Henry Hubitt says:

    You must be very smart.

    Astute of you to realize it so quick-like. You must be pretty smart yourself.

  984. aspire says:

    978 I think the problem is that the only important thing to Gingrich is hearing himself speak.

  985. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    Mitt isn’t going to get 100,000 votes. Keene is in. Lebanon had 3000 or so voters in 2008. Atkinson had 3000 or so in 2008 too. Litchfield had a couple thousand. Goffstown had about 4000.

    Others are negligible.

    Romney cannot pick up 9,000 out of that pool because that would mean he gets 75% of those (or so).

    Oh well. Mitt beat McCain in absolute terms and as a percentage, and won convincingly, and gave a great speech.

  986. K.G. says:

    #980: Please, please, please do NOT make us listen to Little Debbie. Insufferable.

  987. Cincinnati Kid says:

    973 – I think Huntsman’s strategy is clear. Get all Americans with a Chinese heritage to vote for him. That way he may actually double his polling and get all the way up to 2%…

  988. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    Thanks Tele. I like to hammer you, but you do have class most of the time.

  989. Ozzy says:


    Looks like we will make 1000 comments, just about 10-15 more comments to break into the 1000’s.

  990. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Hell, I slept through it in high school.”

    Dreaming of the 2nd Russo-Turkish war no doubt.

  991. barktwiggs says:


    The night is young. Or maybe we’ll pull a Herman Cain with a 999 comment thread?

  992. asparagus says:

    By my calcs Mitt has 39.9%. Now that doesn’t count votes by other candidates not listed on tv. He is very close to 40%.

  993. Jerald says:

    teledude Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 11:08 pm
    Congratulations to the Romney supporters. It looks like it’s going to end up being a record turn out with Mitt getting closes to 40% of the vote.

    Thanks Telly

    Here’s to hoping all the Super PACs keep to the facts…

  994. K.G. says:

    #991: Now THAT was good!

  995. Ozzy says:


    At least Teledude can be classy unlike the other anti-Romneys like Craig for Newt, Casuist, and SoJo.

  996. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Astute of you to realize it so quick-like. You must be pretty smart yourself.”

    There have been those who have made that accusation.

    But then, I have been accused of many things, and only half of them are true.

  997. aspire says:


    And based on the results, Wasserman Schultz said Romney’s primary win was technically a loss because of his inability to generate enthusiasm.

    It’s all about mojo. :)


  998. Jonathan says:


    I’m more in favor of a Sino-Russo War actually. We can sell them all their weapons to kill each other. Less Communists plus less Russians plus America selling them weapons equals a more prosperous America.

  999. Ozzy says:

    We’re almost at 1000.

  1000. asparagus says:

    Google has it at 39.3%. Must be alot of votes for nobodys.

  1001. asparagus says:


  1002. Thomas Alan says:


    I had some trouble staying awake in high school myself today. Of course I was the teacher.

    Stupid vacation ending.

  1003. Massachusetts Conservative says:


  1004. Watchinitall says:

    968 MWS. Now I finally understand Catholic Confession. Perhaps there was a Hapsburg twist? Vaudeville?

  1005. barktwiggs says:

    You win Asparagus!

  1006. Jonathan says:

    And we’ve put the comment thread over the top. Congrats fellow Race junkies.

  1007. K.G. says:

    Are the still counting? Can we go to bed yet?

  1008. Rob SC says:

    970, South Carolina is an open primary. There is no party registration in this state.

  1009. barktwiggs says:

    I’m calling 4th for Gingrich. I don’t think Santorum will make up 200 at this rate. Night!

  1010. Matt "MWS" says:



  1011. Abe says:


  1012. Cincinnati Kid says:

    1000 – Bear Betzler and Stewart Greenleaf (actual candidates) simply got a lot of votes

  1013. Jonathan says:

    Alright folks, I’m throwing in the towel. We’ll do this again in South Carolina.

  1014. Henry Hubitt says:


    “Astute of you to realize it so quick-like. You must be pretty smart yourself.”

    There have been those who have made that accusation.

    But then, I have been accused of many things, and only half of them are true.

    Either you’re a half-wit or you’re right-brained.

  1015. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Are the still counting? Can we go to bed yet?”

    We need to pad the numbers a bit, in case I get caught up in some Stalinesque purge, and am completely erased from history.

  1016. SGS says:

    #980 – wow! Mitt is beating McCain’s 2008 percentage and total # of votes, and Debbie said Mitt lost? What a tool!

  1017. Shane says:

    Why does this campaign year remind me of the old (de)movitational saying, “The beatings will continue until morale improves”?

    Actually, that’s every campaign year.

  1018. Matt "MWS" says:

    Night, Jonathan.

    Happy dreams of US diplomacy.

  1019. K.G. says:

    1015: Matt: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…………..!!!! Or the anti-Mormons got you.

  1020. aspire says:

    1008 So it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell state?

  1021. Jerald says:

    This voting counting is taking a long time.

    Do we have people taking home vote boxes? Somebody lost the called in numbers?
    Do we get to wake up old ladies in the middle of the night again?

  1022. Matt "MWS" says:

    Political spokesmen like Deb should realize that they will never have an ounce of credibility if they try to turn EVERY last little thing into a defeat for their opponents.

  1023. K.G. says:

    Deja vu all over again. It’s the same stooges from IA.

  1024. GNV says:

    Woo-hoo! Rick Perry’s NH endorsements sure got him a lot of mileage, didn’t they?! HAHAHAHA


  1025. barktwiggs says:

    Pickup Truck Dude is busy making the rounds again…

  1026. Matt "MWS" says:

    Bachmann holding an 8 vote lead over Karger.

    This will come down to the final precincts.

  1027. Riccardo says:

    Perry telling Piers MOrgan that his 1% was “a bit on the low side”. Good spin J R Perry. Good Spin

  1028. GNV says:

    After South Carolina, Perry will drop out. Maybe Huntsy/Santy too, depending on their ego/money. Gingrich will have to drop out after Florida. Then Ron Paul’s followers can get that “two-man” race they think is happening, and Romney will give him the Big Squash of Reality.

  1029. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    There is a hot spa in Hell for Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

  1030. K.G. says:

    #1024: Yeah, we have Rum, Rom, Ron and now Jon. Freaky, huh?

  1031. Matt "MWS" says:


    “Pickup Truck Dude is busy making the rounds again…”

    Except he didn’t leave until this morning. He’s just now crossed the Ohio border, so this will probably take some time.

  1032. Massachusetts Conservative says:


    NH has areas more like hickville even than Iowa. Plus, rougher terrain, by a LOT.

  1033. Matt "MWS" says:

    Big Squash of Reality.

  1034. Riccardo says:

    Perry suggests SC is winner take all? Am I missing something or did they get a waiver to return to WTA?

  1035. Firecracker (Romney/Christie) says:

    Rick Perry just said on CNN that South Carolina is a winner-take-all state. Is the man stupid???

  1036. Matthew Kilburn says:

    From what I can see, this is being spun by pretty much everyone as a huge Romney win. He exceeded his own vote total, exceeded prior margins of victory, and is likely to exceed McCain’s vote totals…in a more crowded, if divided, field.

    Romney got a major boost in polls coming off of Iowa, where he won by just 8 votes and where the media didn’t play him up that much. Here, he is as close to doubling his nearest competitor as anything, and has received – tonight alone – the equivilent of millions of dollars of free press. He was declared the winner at 8 PM, and made a victory speech in prime time TV….right as many people flipped over to see what was happening. South Carolinans loved his speech, and he already had a significant lead there. And, of all the candidates who might be a threat in SC, the two men who rounded out the top three in New Hampshire are at the bottom of the list.

    Romney did everything he had to do, as set for him by the critics, while his biggest rivals faltered. Huntsman did well, but he’s been living in New Hampshire, are we really surprised? He won’t have that kind of luck in SC.

  1037. K.G. says:

    #1035: He’s part of the 1% for a reason.

  1038. GNV says:


    Hahahahaha. I salute you for that one.

  1039. barktwiggs says:


    That looks like Rachel Maddow holding the squash!

  1040. K.G. says:

    #1033: Matt: Is that Rachel Maddow?

  1041. Matthew Kilburn says:

    “Big Squash of Reality.”

    1) Thats a zuchinni

    2) I pulled one twice as big out of our garden last year, and that was hardly the biggest one we’ve ever had.

  1042. barktwiggs says:


    Great minds, huh?

  1043. Matt "MWS" says:


    Are you going to admit that were fundamentally, transformationally wrong in your (emphasized) assertion that we wouldn’t make it to 1000 comments?

  1044. barktwiggs says:


    Fundamentally! Drink!

  1045. Massachusetts Conservative says:



  1046. ogrepete says:

    Great night for Romney and his supporters. :)

  1047. Matt "MWS" says:


    The zucchini (also courgette) is a summer squash which often grows to nearly a meter in length, but which is usually harvested at half that size or less.


    I don’t make the rules.

  1048. Matt C says:

    1034/1035: Frankly, we ought to be impressed that he managed to even make it on the ballot there.

  1049. Matt "MWS" says:


    Yes. Rachel and I garden together during the Summers.

    It’s part of my outreach program.

  1050. Watchinitall says:

    When Mitt used the word “historic” in the first sentence of his victory speech, I thought I could sense Newt squirming. And then he stole the word ‘fundamental’. That sealed it. Whatever his PAC does, he’s going after Newt homeopathically.

  1051. Matt C says:

    Romney back up to 40% (and 93,000 votes) with 94% in.

  1052. Florida Conservative says:

    Mitt back to 40% with 94% reporting! Come on Mitt!

  1053. K.G. says:

    I thought maybe it was part of your local middle school’s How to Put Condoms on a Zucchini program.

  1054. Matt "MWS" says:


    Are you going to disavow your fallacious contention about zucchini, now that you have been presented with incontrovertible evidence?

  1055. Jerald says:

    #1047…Glad to see you are having a good time tonight Matt…

  1056. Matt "MWS" says:


    Not going there…………

  1057. Matt "MWS" says:


    Thank you.

    The key is to set your expectations low enough, so you get more upside surprises.

  1058. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    If Mitt gets 35% or so in Lebanon – he will make up for it elsewhere.

    40% is a real possibility.

  1059. Matt "MWS" says:

    All right, for the sake of our Norman friends, and their historic contribution to history, I’ll stay up to comment #1066.

  1060. Jerald says:


    So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong…

  1061. Matt "MWS" says:

    Sill waiting for a retraction from Kilburn………….

  1062. asparagus says:


  1063. Matt "MWS" says:



    Aim low.

  1064. Jaxemer11 says:

    RomNot dilemma: How do RomNots argue that people shouldn’t vote for Romney because he is electable on the one hand, and then argue that people need to rally around Santorum, even though he is not their first choice, because he has the best chance to beat Romney?

    Can you say hypocrisy?

  1065. SGS says:

    1047 – Yeah, Wiki is right. You should pull zucchini out when they are between 6-8 inches long. A single plant would produce a dozen of them per week if you do, and you do not have to worry about wooden taste nor the seeds in the middle. We eat them entire summer – 8 of us, two or three times a week, from only 4 plants.

  1066. asparagus says:

    but its a “weak” 40.

  1067. Jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … ABC’s Nightline lying and saying Romney only got 38% in New Hampshire.

  1068. Matt "MWS" says:



    I disagree. And frankly, I find that offensive.

  1069. bumskyred says:

    2012 is much better than 2008 – I hated the whole McCain-Huckabee strategy to take out Mitt. At least those guys are classy to be rooting for him this year. McCain doing his part to let people know “its not over yet” on Fox tonite, so no one gets voting malaise

  1070. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    1066 LOL!

  1071. Jerald says:

    1059.Matt “MWS” Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 11:36 pm
    All right, for the sake of our Norman friends, and their historic contribution to history, I’ll stay up to comment #1066.

    That’s when the first part of my French blood invaded England to mix with my Welsh, Anglo-Saxon and whatever else was there to make up my English blood, so that sounds good to me 😀

  1072. John Mark says:

    “#1024: Yeah, we have Rum, Rom, Ron and now Jon. Freaky, huh?”

    Indeed. And there’s really a very simple explanation for this. Names ending with three letter of Rs, Os, Js, Ms, or Ns, are anceint satanic symbols. This election has been orchestrated by the Mormon intelligentsia who in turn are the puppets of the free masons, who are the puppets of the illumanati who are the puppets of the Jesuits who take orders from the Pope… and well I think we know where it ends.

  1073. Matt "MWS" says:


    40 PERCENT.

    I thought Asparagus was trying to disparage the number 40.

    Okay. I’ll stalled long enough. It’s off to bed.

    Good night.

    God bless.

    Heaven help us.

  1074. Rob SC says:

    Jim Demint predicts a Romney win in South Carolina, at least in part because of the attacks from the left by some of the candidates.


  1075. Massachusetts Conservative says:

    I’m going to bed. It’s getting late and let’s face it… the truck guy ain’t showing up.

  1076. Ci2Eye says:

    Perry on Piers Morgan Tonight says South Carolina is a winner-take-all state and the winner there can wipe out Mitt’s wins to date. Isn’t he wrong on that? I thought all states holding primaries before April 1st have to be proportional.

  1077. Jaxemer11 says:

    Romney at 86% to win nomination, and 80% to win South Carolina on intrade. He leads in the latest CNN South Carolina poll by almost 20 points. And yet, we have people on Fox News (Mark Steyn from NRO … who I used to respect), calling him a “weak frontrunner”.

    Gallup polls show Romney is the favorite of both conservatives and moderates. He has the highest favorables and lowest negatives. And still … the conservative “intelligentsia” declare him a “weak frontrunner”.

    Am I the only one that finds this kind of nonsensical bull crap really disheartening? These people claim to be the brain trust of conservatism, and yet the completely distort the truth because Romney doesn’t come and kiss their ring. I take comfort in the fact that the “intelligentsia” didn’t love Reagan either.

  1078. Jaxemer11 says:

    1076 – Yes. He is very wrong. What a maroon!

  1079. jaaron says:

    MWS – best line of the night.

    “I will diminish, go into the west and remain Matt “MWS”.”

    Very clever. loved Lord of the Rings by the way.

  1080. aspire says:

    From Wikipedia:

    Based on a temporary committee’s proposal, the Republican National Committee (RNC) adopted new rules for the timing of elections on August 6, 2010, with 103 votes in favor out of 144.[65] Under this plan, elections for delegates to the national convention were to be divided into three periods:[66]

    January 3 – February 4, 2012: Contests of traditional early states Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina,
    February 7 – March 24, 2012: Contests that proportionally allocate delegates,
    April 3, 2012, and onward: All other contests including winner-take-all elections.

    By the fall of 2011, several states scheduled contests contravening this plan, pushing the primary calendar into January. These contests are in violation of RNC rules, with New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and Michigan set to be penalized with a loss of half of their delegates: New Hampshire will be penalized from 23 delegates to 12, South Carolina from 50 to 25, Florida from 99 to 50, Arizona from 58 to 29 and Michigan from 59 to 30. As they are holding non-binding caucuses, Iowa, Colorado, Maine and Minnesota will not be automatically penalized; their contests to bind national delegates will be held later.[67][68]



  1081. Jaxemer11 says:

    I still think Huntsman drops out before South Carolina. There is no reason for him to stay in the race. He shouldn’t be wasting his (and his father’s) money. He is too proud to do it tomorrow, but I think someone will sit him down and say it is over within the next week.

    Perhaps he is stubborn and arrogant enough to endure through South Carolina, but there is no way he can justify spending the money it takes to compete in Florida. And if he doesn’t spend the money he will get embarrassed.

    I think Perry and Newt have to drop out after South Carolina too, unless they win (or get a strong second). Florida just takes too much money. If you know you can’t win, it is not worth spending the money. Newt might possibly stay in, hoping his name alone might get him some traction.

    Without at least a strong second in South Carolina, Santorum will be out before Florida too. Florida will be Romney, Paul, and one RomNot (who is weak and low on funds). Newt could possibly stick around, but will be fully discredited by Florida if he does.

  1082. Ci2Eye says:

    #1078 Jax,

    Thanks. I was pretty much sure of that but Rick Perry is running for President so I thought surely he would know the rules better than me. Then again, he apparently didn’t understand the rules well enough to get on the ballot in Virginia so I guess I should have known better. He apparently is under the impression that if he can win in South Carolina, he can overtake Romney in the delegate count because he thinks South Carolina is a winner-take-all state.

  1083. K.G. says:

    1077: Jax: “Am I the only one that finds this kind of nonsensical bull crap really disheartening?”

    No, you are not. And it’s totally mystifying to boot.

    Hannity, who generally tries to play it nice was saying today, “If Romney wins, there will be forces who will try to make him move to the center. (I thought the problem was he’s already in the center). He will probably disavow himself of all conservatives.”


    I thought conservatives had already disavowed themselves of Mitt–even tho we had Tea Party darling Jason Chaffetz today stumping for Mitt on Fox. And Paul Ryan calling Mitt “brilliant.” And Tea Party girls Ayotte and Haley loving on him.

    What am I missing here?

  1084. Jaxemer11 says:

    Romney will finish within 10,000 votes of Obama’s total in 2008, in a primary that everyone assumed he would win handily. If that is your version of a “sucky” turnout, then I don’t really what else to say. You live in a different universe than I do.

  1085. Jaxemer11 says:

    1082 – Maybe that is why he decided to stay in the race after all. Shhhh … nobody tell him. We don’t need him dropping out prematurely.

  1086. Ci2Eye says:

    #1080 aspire,

    Thanks to you too. I guess I could have looked it up myself but then I wouldn’t have been able to point out how dumb Perry is.

  1087. barktwiggs says:

    I think Huntsman is stubborn enough to stay until Super Tuesday. Rick Perry will be out after Florida or sooner depending on performance in SC.

  1088. Jaxemer11 says:

    1083 – For the record, I don’t consider Hannity part of the “conservative intelligentsia”. In fact, I don’t consider him part of any kind of “intelligentsia”. That guy has never come up with an original idea in his life.

  1089. Jaxemer11 says:

    LOL … I just realized Huntsman had confetti at his third place “victory” speech. What a clown!

  1090. asparagus says:

    bedtime for asparagus

  1091. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    I’m going to bed. It’s getting late and let’s face it… the truck guy ain’t showing up.

    Winner: Comment of the night.

  1092. Heath says:

    Sorry MWS.

    I thought you were one of the good guys but your comments today were off so I had pause to reconsider.

  1093. barktwiggs says:

    Night Kavon! Thanks for hosting this site! Till next primary…

  1094. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Thanks Bark!

  1095. K.G. says:

    #1088: Jax, well, no kidding. Most of them haven’t. They just parrot each other. But they all seem to allude to a big conspiracy, that Mitt will run as a conservative and then go turncoat. I don’t see it. Mitt’s put out all his plans for all to see. Some they they are “timid.” He prefers the word “realistic.” But why and how do they thing Mitt’s going to turn on what he said?

    Having been labeled at the flip/flopper, he now has to be more above suspicion than Caesar’s wife. Is Romney really tied to some behind the scenes evil non-conservative Establishment that are going to drag him left?

    This conspiracy is alluded to over and over? Why do they believe it? Is there any truth to it? Who are these unnamed puppets to whom Mitt is beholden?

  1096. aspire says:

    1077 Remember when Casey Anthony was found innocent? I think sometimes when the truth is just too obvious, people, in order to be “open minded”, will set up a new, possibly impossible threshold.

    So reasonable doubt for Casey Anthony became she might have accidentally killed her daughter, destroyed all the evidence that would have exonerated her, “buried” her daughter in a bag in order to cover her embarrassment, then lied about everything, and only came up with a somewhat defensible story after her case went to trial and she had seen all the evidence against her.

    For Romney reasonable doubt has become getting less than 50% of the vote in a 6 man field, with the idea that everyone who doesn’t count Romney as their first choice might switch their first choice to a single candidate besides Romney.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

  1097. Jaxemer11 says:

    Why have the South Carolina polls varied so much? In the most recent three polls taken post Iowa, Mitt has polled anywhere from 37% to 27%. Santorum has polled from 19% to 24% (a much tighter spread).

    South Carolina polls seem to be very sensitive to surges. It will be interesting to see polls taken completely after South Carolina. My guess will be that Mitt gets a boost from NH (it usually happens). RomNots will be semi-successful in their efforts to rally around Santorum. I think it will end up being pretty close in the end, but not as close as Iowa. I think Romney will pull it off, but Santorum could pull it off. I don’t see any way that Perry or Newt can pull it off.

  1098. Jaxemer11 says:

    Santorum’s performance in New Hampshire will hurt him in New Hampshire. The Santorum surge has stalled … he needs to hope for a second win.

  1099. Jaxemer11 says:

    Santorum’s performance in New Hampshire will hurt him in South Carolina. The Santorum surge has stalled … he needs to hope for a second wind.

  1100. Jaxemer11 says:

    1095 – It is a religion thing. There is no other explanation.

  1101. Jaxemer11 says:

    A prime example of the idiocy of some of these pundits:


    Hey Quinn! Perry just lost two elections, in a very humiliating fashion. What a pathetic excuse for rationale thought!

  1102. aspire says:

    New Hampshire has a 10% threshold to gain delegates. That means it looks like Gingrich and Santorum will get NOTHING. :)

  1103. Ci2Eye says:

    #1085 Jax,

    Okay…I backed up the TV to make sure I heard it right. Here’s exactly what Perry said:

    “South Carolina ia winner-take-all state and so winning here, I can promise you, wipes out the caucus victory and New Hampshire.”

    Poor guy. He thinks he can win South Carolina and everything else just goes away.

  1104. Jaxemer11 says:

    Good and bad news for Santorum: He got a larger percentage of the 2008 Huckabee vote in New Hampshire than in Iowa. In Iowa, he got about 73% of Huck’s 2008 vote. In New Hampshire, as of right now, Santorum has about 83% of Huck’s 2008 vote.

    This could be a sign that he is slowly consolidating the social conservative vote. The bad news is that Huckabee obviously didn’t win. If he can’t even do as well as Huckabee did in 2008, how is he going to be the nominee.

    So far, turnout is at a record high for Republicans, though not by a significant amount. We can assume South Carolina turnout will be similar to 2008. To beat Romney in South Carolina, Santorum or another candidate will need to get the vast majority of the 2008 support of Huck plus a large enough portion of the Fred + McCain vote to beat Romney.

  1105. E-Dawg says:

    ROMNEY gets the amount of votes of Hunstman, Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry COMBINED!

    Thinking people are emerging victorious. Good day for America.

  1106. Jerald says:

    Did the rest of the NH vote counters go to bed with the intent of finishing the count tomorrow?

    Where there not enough volunteers to count the votes in some places?

    Or did the people reporting/posting the vote totals just sign off for the night?

  1107. Ci2Eye says:

    CNN shows Obama with 82 percent of the vote and he was running unopposed. They list 10 percent write-ins which would appear to be bad news for B.O.

  1108. Jaxemer11 says:

    It is also interesting to note that Huckabee’s Iowa surge started about a month before Santorum’s did, and was mirrored almost identically in South Carolina. Soon after Huckabee surged in Iowa, he took the lead in the South Carolina polls right up to the point where McCain surged after New Hampshire. Santorum has never lead in a South Carolina poll.

    It is really difficult to see how Santorum, or anyone else, beat Romney in New Hampshire. Especially since the New Hampshire winner always seems to get a big surge of support in South Carolina. South Carolina never plays the spoiler.

    This is a weird cycle though. The race has defied historical trends, from the significance of the Ames Straw Poll to the fact that Romney is the first non-incumbent to win in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Romney is not a particularly good candidate for South Carolina either. He is a rich northern Mormon who made his fortune as a corporate executive.

    Anything could happen, but history, math, time, and money are all on the side of Romney. I would be surprised if he didn’t win South Carolina. Maybe that explains the 80% on intrade.

  1109. Jaxemer11 says:

    1105 – Without Paul in the race, Romney would have won with close to 50% of the vote.

  1110. aspire says:

    1103 So he’s polling in 5th in SC, but thinks he can win it, and that will wipe away his 5th place finish in Iowa, and his 6th place finish in NH?

  1111. Petunia says:

    This was a very good day for America.

    We have a ways to go, but we are on our way!

    We may actually get our country back on track!!!! Isn’t it wonderful?

  1112. Jman says:

    Great night and victory for team Romney! Mitt is the man! Big win for Romney. On to SC and FL!

  1113. Shelby says:

    Congrats to Romney for his HUGE win in NH!

    When Ann Romney gave her speech before Romney came out, I noticed that she’s not only a great speaker, poised and classy, but also a VERY likable person. I could totally see her as the First Lady!

    Go Mitt & Ann to the White House where you belong!

  1114. MPC says:

    As JibJab’s 2008 election video ‘It’s Time for Some Campaigning” said,

    “Citizens gather from both far and near, For a ritual we practice every four years, When we promise you anything you wanna hear, To win the crown we’re chasin’!”

    “About one-third of Republican voters interviewed as they left their polling places said the most important factor in choosing a candidate was finding someone who could defeat Obama in the fall. Romney won their support overwhelmingly.”

    “Paul ran first among voters who cited moral character or true conservatism.” -AP

  1115. SixMom says:

    Will Huntsman and Santorum swap 3rd and 5th place in South Carolina?

  1116. Teemu says:

    “Rick Perry just said on CNN that South Carolina is a winner-take-all state. Is the man stupid???”

    It isn’t a winner-take-all for whole state, but since it 2 delegates for each congressional district won by the candidate, in total 14, and 11 delegates to the state popular vote winner, getting all delegates isn’t impossible. With same delegate math Romney would have gotten all New Hampshire delegates.

  1117. Teemu says:

    In 2008, 12 SC delegates were to district winners and 12 delegates went to the state popular vote winner. This year the split is 14 to district winners and 11 to popular vote winner, but that doesn’t make it that much more proportional. In 2008, 3.3% victory margin over Huckabee brought him 75% of the SC delegates, 18 to Huckabee’s 6.

    Hmm. So since the system is basically the same, few percentage units can make dramatic difference. This offers some nice opportunities to be a party pooper. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Huntsman decided stay in the race…

  1118. Jaxemer11 says:

    1116 – The rules changed. That isn’t true anymore.

  1119. Liz says:

    Ron Paul is shamelessly vying for VP. Great, Paul. Let’s see what you can do.

  1120. Jaxemer11 says:

    Still only 96% reported? What is the problem?

  1121. Teemu says:

    Are you sure? This site, which seems to be well updated, they already had New Hampshire delegate count for Romney, Paul and Huntsman in their NH section, it has these rules for South Carolina. Also for example Virginia is similar, which also is before April when “pure winner-take-all” is allowed, congressional districts winner-take-all, but the state popular vote delegates are winner-take-all only if the winner gets over 50.001%. So there seems to be some flexibility as long as it is a winner-take-all by whole state popular vote alone.


    14 district delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the state’s 7 congressional districts: each congressional district is assigned 2 National Convention delegates and the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in that district will receive all 2 of that district’s National Convention delegates. [Rule 11(b)(4)]

    11 at-large delegates are to be allocated to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide. [Rule 11(b)(6)]

  1122. Jaxemer11 says:

    1121 – I could be wrong (I often am). If that is true, then it is very good news for Mitt.

  1123. TexasTyrant says:

    @aspire, in response to your question in 185, i remember very well when Ann said very clearly what her “pet” project would be. She said she would work to try to ensure that every child was born into a family with a married mother and father. The clip got very little attention at the time and I haven’t heard her mention anything about it this cycle. I remember being very impressed at her conviction on the issue and wishing she would speak more at length on the subject. I would very much like to see a FPP on the subject if anybody is able to dig up the old clip or anything more recent.

  1124. Teemu says:

    The towns yet not reporting totaled only 3.4k of the vote in 2008 Republican primary, in most of them Romney did worse than he did in the state overall in 2008, but it really doesn’t matter that much. Only way they could have real effect if they broke by 50% to either Santorum or Gingrich and helped them over 10% to get a delegate, but that is not going to happen. Or if they broke by 60% or so to Romney that could get him to 40.0% which really doesn’t give him anything but symbolism of breaking 40.0%. Romney, Huntsman and Paul aren’t close any delegate count rounding point in NH delegate count so that 3.4k or more votes coming there wont matter that much.

  1125. Alvin says:


    Somebody is in a good mood today! That is not an admission I would expect from you!

    South Carolina is the line in the sand now. The spin machines are in full drive today, but it will be hard to spin that one away. A Romney win there would all but end it. It’s really already over anyway, but if everyone else is willing to play along like this is still a race then I guess I will too :)

  1126. Teemu says:

    “So there seems to be some flexibility as long as it is NOT a winner-take-all by the state popular vote alone.”

  1127. Jarod Killibrew says:

    Hi. I think there is something wrong with your RSS feed. I hope you are able to fix it!

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