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December 8, 2011

10 Additional NH State Reps; 13 TN State Reps, Ex-Gov of TN All Endorse Romney

  10:38 am

Ten more state representatives from New Hampshire have endorsed Mitt Romney this morning:

“Governor Romney has the executive experience and skills that are needed to defeat President Obama and turn around our economy. He is clearly the strongest Republican candidate and the most qualified person to lead our party in 2012,” said Deputy Majority Leader Shawn Jasper. “Mitt is running the type of traditional New Hampshire campaign that Granite Staters expect from presidential candidates. He is taking nothing for granted and working hard to earn every vote. I am proud to support Governor Romney and his campaign to cut spending, lower taxes and create jobs.”

New Hampshire State Representatives Endorsing Governor Romney :

Deputy House Majority Leader Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson)
State Representative Betsy McKinney (R-Londonderry)
State Representative Frank Tilton (R-Laconia)
State Representative Jim Devine (R-Sandown)
State Representative Donald Flanders (R-Laconia)
State Representative Dennis Reed (Franklin)
State Representative Jane Johnson (R-Swanzey)
State Representative Chris Christensen (R-Merrimack)
State Representative Larry Emerton (R-Goffstown)
State Representative John Byrnes (R-Swanzey)

As the Romney campaign notes, “Governor Romney now has the support of 58 New Hampshire State Representatives, 9 State Senators, 4 out of 5 Executive Councilors and 7 out of 10 Sheriffs.”

(Newt Gingrich, by comparison, has the support of 8 state representatives.)

Shifting to Tennessee, Romney continues to build on his momentum in this Super Tuesday state, adding 13 additional state representatives and a former Governor to the list of his Volunteer State endorsers:

“Today, our nation desperately needs a strong and principled leader like Mitt Romney,” said Governor Dunn, who serves as the Romney campaign’s Honorary Chairman in Tennessee. “President Obama’s policies have turned our economy upside down, and Americans are suffering because of his failed leadership. But Mitt Romney knows what to do. He is the right man at the right time. I am proud to support him.”

Announcing his support, House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick from Chattanooga said, “Mitt Romney has shown his ability to tackle and solve big problems, as a successful businessman, as the rescuer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and as the Governor of Massachusetts. Now we need his strong leadership in Washington to help fix the mess we find ourselves in, and to get our economy moving again.”

“I am proud to support Mitt Romney for President,” said State Representative Mark White from Memphis. “If the Republican Party fails to nominate a candidate who can win, we will not get a second chance. So while I supported Governor Rick Perry early in this campaign, I now support and endorse Mitt Romney for President. I believe he is the one candidate who can beat Barack Obama, with the experience we need to create jobs, pump life into the economy and put America back on strong footing.”

Earlier this week, Romney announced endorsements from Tennessee Congressmen Jimmy Duncan, Diane Black and Phil Roe.

Tennessee Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney Today:

State Representative Mark White – Vice Chair, House Consumer and Employee Affairs Committee, and Assistant House Republican Floor Leader – Memphis
Former Governor Winfield Dunn – Nashville
State Representative Curtis Halford – Secretary, House Agriculture Committee – Dyer
State Representative Mike Harrison – Vice Chair, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee – Rogersville
State Representative Ryan Haynes – Vice Chair, House State and Local Government Committee, and Assistant House Republican Caucus Chairman – Knoxville
State Representative Julia Hurley – Lenoir City
State Representative Curtis Johnson – Chair, House Ethics Committee – Clarksville
State Representative Pat Marsh – Secretary, House Commerce Committee – Shelbyville
State Representative Gerald McCormick — House Majority Leader – Chattanooga
State Representative Steve McDaniel — Deputy House Speaker – Parkers Crossroads
State Representative Steve McManus – Chair, House Commerce Committee – Cordova
State Representative Richard Montgomery – Chair, House Education Committee – Sevierville
State Representative Barrett Rich — House Republican Whip, and Vice Chair, House Government Operations Committee – Somerville
State Representative Charles Sargent – Chair, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee — Franklin


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23 Responses to “10 Additional NH State Reps; 13 TN State Reps, Ex-Gov of TN All Endorse Romney”

  1. GNV

    Heck yes. Make it happen, people. Romney 2012.

  2. CF

    If the south still believes at all in family values, they will side with Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich this primary.

  3. Matthew Kilburn

    Sounds to me like Romney is setting up to release a ton of endorsements between now and the primaries. I wonder if he’s got big ones he’s keeping for the week of the primary. DeMint comes to mind – not sure who might still be available in Iowa.

  4. Boomer


    >>Mitt Romney’s SuperPAC is going up on TV for the first time, launching a massive $3.1 million TV and radio ad buy in Iowa aimed to shore up Romney’s flagging poll numbers there.


    That is one enormous number of ads in Iowa over the next few weeks. Looks like the big push is on.

  5. sampo

    For someone who prides himself on NOT being a career politician, Romney sure loves to tout an egregious number of endorsements from career politicians.

  6. Jman

    Love the endorsements Romney! They know a true leader when they see one. Everyone knows who the best choice is for President. It is clearly Romney. Gingrich has so much baggage. Romney is the man.

  7. PabloZed

    Wall Street bankers to the rescue.

  8. CF


    Wall Street all the way. My younger brother works at Goldman Sachs and has worked his butt off to get there. Only Socialists, Marxists and Libs hate hard workers because they’re sore losers.


    Don’t be jealous, Gingrich has lots of endorsements too – from the left.

  9. Dave

    Romney has built this kind of infrastructure all over the country. It’s a major reason why he’ll prevail in the end.

    Romney’s SuperPAC can do $3.1 million TV and radio ad buys in all of the early states. They, too, will make a difference.

    This fight has just begun.

  10. sampo

    Stay on topic, CF. We’re talking about Romney here. Some libs that endorsed Romney that come to mind are Jimmy Carter and Rocky Anderson. Good call.


  11. Greg

    Fox news had a segment last night where they saw Romney losing Iowa, SC and Florida but still winning the nomination because he would then take Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan and Arizona (with McCain’s help). Because the latter 4 are winner take all, he would have a nice lead heading into Super Tuesday where he would sweep the NE and come out after with a commanding lead.

  12. Greg

    The Democratic National Committee endorsed Gingrich yesterday

  13. Ray B

    According to Kingsport Times-News:

    Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN) to back Romney. Seems to fit with these 14 endorsements from the state of TN.

  14. PabloZed

    #11 – Idiotic. The momentum from winning IA, SC and FL would be overwhelming. That is why Romney’s Wall Street puppeteers are trying to save him. They will fail.

  15. aspire

    14 This calendar’s different. Newt’s already starting to come down. Romney’s going to put Iowa and South Carolina in play anyway, and he’ll win Florida. After either Iowa or New Hampshire Romney’s going to unload some big endorsements and place some big ad buys.

  16. Rob

    10, Rocky Anderson liked Mitt when Mitt wasn’t in a political position. Rocky has since disowned Mitt.

    I can’t see Newt winning IA, SC and FL and not winning the nomination. But I can easily see him deflating by the time SC and FL come around.

    With Mitt, Paul, and Perry all making a hard go of it in Iowa, and Newt not really putting the organization needed on the ground, I’ll be surprised if Newt has the type of win that will provide him the momentum he will need. Perry has loads (600) of volunteers headed up to Iowa to live there for then next few weeks to organize precincts for Rick. Romney and Paul are organizing their precincts. Newt isn’t doing the hard work necessary to win. Newt will deflate in short order. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Perry pull off a win in Iowa. I also won’t be surprised if Paul or Romney wins it. Gingrich’s balloon of a head is about to be pricked by a pin, and all the air will spill out.

  17. Colorado Guy

    I don’t understand why every time a group state reps and/or state senators endorse Romney it’s worthy of a front page post. The vast majority of these names endorsing Romney are complete unknowns to anyone living outside their home districts (and probably even many in their home district).

    All these endorsements also help further solidify Romney as the establishment choice. That might sound good to those already supporting Romney, and hence the establishment and Republican status-quo, but the majority of GOP voters this year are very much anti-establishment.

    When a Chris Christie or Tim Pawlenty endorse Romney it’s legitimate news, when Julia Hurley, Curtis Johnson and Pat Marsh endorse Romney, it’s not.

  18. Craig for Gingrich/Rubio

    “10 Additional NH State Reps; 13 TN State Reps, Ex-Gov of TN All Endorse Romney”

    LOL! After this election’s dismal results for Willard, no one will ever want bulk hack endorsements again.

    Too mean?

  19. Craig for Gingrich/Rubio


    Bingo! 🙂

  20. Craig for Gingrich/Rubio

    Rob Says:

    “I can’t see Newt winning IA, SC and FL and not winning the nomination.”

    Me (and the grassroot conservatives) neither.

    Let’s all drink to that!

  21. Craig for Gingrich/Rubio

    14.PabloZed Says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 11:36 am
    #11 – Idiotic. The momentum from winning IA, SC and FL would be overwhelming. That is why Romney’s Wall Street puppeteers are trying to save him. They will fail.



  22. Craig for Gingrich/Rubio

    CF Says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 10:46 am
    If the south still believes at all in family values, they will side with Mitt..


    Ummm…. NO!

    The guy who brought us $50 abortions under his watch in Liberal Massachusetts is toast when it comes to anything involving families. Period.

    Watch and learn, kid.

  23. Ci2Eye

    Interesting the difference in strategies here.

    Mitt and Newt were both sort of retired but running for President unofficially for years leading up to this.

    Mitt was out raising money then giving it away to other Republicans, and campaigning for them. He also worked his tail off for McCain after conceding to him.

    Newt has been a Fox News analyst and has shown up in people’s living rooms regularly. He rants against Obama and shares with them the horrors of the Obama presidency.

    Now the dividends come.

    Mitt is getting a ton of endorsements and help from every other politician he has helped out in the past. Their rolodex is now his rolodex and their organization can be activated on his behalf.

    Newt has built up good will among voters who feel they “know” him from seeing him on TV and his former employer is now aiding him by showcasing his strengths and playing up the weaknesses of his opponents.

    Which strategy will prove to be the best? That is yet to be determined but it will likely have long-term ramifications. It Newt wins, serving as a Fox News analyst will likely become a prerequisite for the Republican nomination. If Mitt wins, the prerequisite continues to be that one must pay their dues and earn favor with fellow Republicans to get the nod.

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