October 25, 2011

Conservative Print Media Still Waiting for Godot

  7:15 pm

Over at The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol claims that his dreams of a late entry to the presidential field ain’t licked yet:

CBS reports that “voters are not firm in their support of any of the candidates. About four of five voters said it is too early to say for sure who they support for the nomination, with just 19 percent saying their minds are already made up. That’s about the same as it was at this point in 2007.” …(So) mightn’t at least one of Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, or Jeb Bush be rethinking his decision not to run?

That led Quin Hillyer of The American Spectator to once again call on a Jindal entry, his second plea to the recently re-elected Louisiana governor today, the first of which Matthew Miller noted this morning. Hillyer also seems to think that it’s not too late for a deus ex machina candidate:

…if I were Karl Rove, I’d be looking at all of Mitt Romney’s weaknesses and thinking how vulnerable he would be against Obama, and I’d be picking up the phone and calling the Louisiana governor’s mansion.

You know, people say Bobby Jindal bombed in his only national speech. Well, the last time somebody famously bombed in a nationally televised speech, so badly that he was all but booed off the stage, was a guy in 1988 whose given name at birth was Billy Blythe. We know him as William Jefferson Clinton, and he bedeviled us for two full terms in the Oval Office (but not in the Lincoln Bedroom, because it was for rent). One ill-received speech does not break a career, especially when the candidate is an incredibly able debater and retail politician.

Jindal’s biggest problem with an 11th hour entry may not be money, organization, or endorsements, but his own decision to back Gov. Perry for president, something that will be very difficult to wiggle out of in any respectable manner. If Perry were to close up shop, and tag his friend Bobby into the ring, things could get interesting. And then there are those annoying filing deadlines for pivotal early states, of course, most of which are just days away…



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Bill Kristol is like the man in the desert. Desperate for anything to quench the thirst that's driving him mad, every next hill of sand looks like an oasis. And yet, when the time comes that he gets to this paradise, it turns out to be nothing but another hill of sand.


1. Does that say more about the man? Or the dessert?


Bill Kristol is a pawn of Murdoch, isn't he????


1. I'd say this is a better analogy.

He's like a man in the desert next to an oasis with water.

But, he's certain there must be a bigger oasis with sweeter water just over the next hill, so he keeps wandering and in danger of dying of thirst.

All the while, there was a perfectly serviceable oasis, right in front of him.



In this case the man. He's ignored all other points of rest, determined to find the next one that is even better, is more fantastic than the one he just scorned.


How about this one:

Bill Kristol is like a Man with Herpes. Constantly looking for an ointment to cool the burning. But even his own wife denies him.


The ONLY one who could get in now and dominate is Huck, of course. 8)


Because Huckabee's conservative economic plan is straight to The Fair Tax...full steam ahead. Period.


The media hates the idea that the race may already be decided. It is driving them crazy


Bill kristol needs to travel west and out of his two square New York City block safety zone and talk to people who don't think the world is all about him....

Herman Cain = Affirmative Action Candidate

Draft Pat Buchanan!


There's a huge assumption underlying Kristol's comment, which is that no one would be undecided if one of these white knights stepped in. But does anyone really believe that?


How ironic that the Rombots need Perry who they hate more than Hitler, to rise up and split the CONSERVATIVE vote with Cain to enable Romney to squeak by. 8)

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Polling Data Cain Romney Perry

RCP Average 10/6 - 10/24 -- 25.9 24.9 11.6


Meanwhile, the indefatigable Herman Robo-Cain in Iowa laying the groundwork..

Cain robocalling in Iowa



I'll be so glad when the calendar flips to November 1 and we can end the silliness...


Oh and Craig, Romney doesn't need Perry to split anything. Cain will continue to shoot himself in the foot, and eventually the cumulative effect will drag his poll numbers down to Perry-like levels.

At which point, you'll hop on the Gingrich train, I'm assuming.


8, Craig, I agree with that. Huckabee has the name recognition that would be required if he were to need to collect the necessary signatures in the next couple of days, but even for him, that would be hard.

13, just like Matt said in 16, there is no need for Perry to be in the race. I would gladly have him drop out today. He has brought a negative atmosphere to the campaign and will only hurt the GOP if he continues. And Cain will fall in the polls of his own accord, similar to what happened to Perry.


Kristol is pathetic.

The South Carolina filing deadline is a week away and the Iowa caucuses are less than 2 1/2 months away. Anybody who thinks all the filing deadlines can be met, all the position papers written and disseminated, all the debates prepared for, all staffers and advisers hired and organized, and all the funds necessary for success raised and deployed.....and all the state-wide organizations built.....that all that can be done in 2 1/2 months.....doesn't know enough about politics to run for dog-catcher.

Matthew E. Miller

I don't blame Kristol. He's been tilting at windmills for awhile but I don't blame. This is truly a dreadful field. Even Romney, when you think you've acclimated yourself to him and remembered his great virtues, continually finds ways to annoy- this damn dodging in Ohio for instance. I don't know what the heck is matter with Republicans- the base is insane and the actual politicians are strangely uninterested in becoming President. The least serious Democratic candidate in '08- Mike Gravel- was more serious than every Republican running other than Romney. It's unreal. I sometimes feel like I've stumbled into a parallel dimension, between Perry's idiocy (revive the birther issue on the day you're launching a new tax plan...there...are...no...words) and Cain's having apparently slept through decades of political discussions, despite the fact that he's run for 3 federal offices since '00. What is wrong with these people? I read an excellent time travel novel by Orson Scott Card today, where folks from the future make small changes to the past to shape a better present. Is that what's going on here? Have some future people decided to neatly arrange a disaster Republican field because of some great calamity that we'll face if we have a Republican President? Has the probably unbelieving Obama been touched by the hand of providence? Explain this please.

Matthew E. Miller

Ryan's giving a speech tomorrow lambasting Obama for class warfare. Which is nice and all- except he could have been President and, with clowns like this running, he had a duty to try. I'm not sure I'll ever quite forgive him that, even if he gives a hundred more bold and necessary speeches and drafts, in a back room, a dozen more bold and necessary reform measures.


Talking heads like Kristol get paid to talk (or write). All they want to do is stir up the pot and add seasoning to the already perfect Romney stew we are cooking as an appetizer for the general election.

After the appetizer nomination, it will be a veritable Romney banquet for those hungering to oust Obama.


After listening to Limbaugh (and Levin) Tuesday it's getting very difficult to imagine Sarah Palin endorsing any of the current GOP debate cast for POTUS as opposed to simply endorsing herself (when the time is right). How can a super star endorse a back bencher? (It makes no sense.)

Am I missing something here?

note: it goes without saying that for completely other reasons, Palin could not UNDER ANY CONCEIVABLE CIRCUMSTANCES ever endorse Romney, not because of back-bencher status -- he's a front-bencher RINO -- but because it would completely be in abrogation of all that she stands for her entire public life.


Yes, Jack you are missing everything. Most of all the grey matter that should be inside your skull is missing.


22, Jack, I asked this in another thread, but I didn't see if you responded. For just a moment, make the (unreasonable) assumption that Palin might endorse Romney. What would you do? How would you react? As my good friend Mr. Bieber would say, Never Say Never. 😉


#19....Romney has been relentlessly maligned by FOX, Rush, Levine and the conservative movement 24/7 for more than a week...and I think it's taken Romney off his game..

My theory is that Rush Limbaugh is convinced there is some sort of Goldwater conservatism sweeping the nation, and he sees Romney getting in the way of that dream....nevertheless, it's strange hearing Rush's character assassination against Romney repeated by Axelrod and the liberal democrats on MSNBC.

I'm staying with Romney for the Primary and hopefully I'll get to vote for him in the general against Obama....but until the Republican party gets in touch with reality, and gets rid of the militant conservatives in the party, then with the exception of Romney, it will not attract the kind of candidates it needs to win.


25. What have you seen of Romney this week to suggest he's off his game?


"gets rid of the militant conservatives in the party"

Which is the about 75% of the party to the right of Romney.


As difficult as the logistics are, I'd love it if a true a reform conservative who could win would get into the race. The base wants it. Everyone saw how quickly Perry rocketed up in both the polls and in fundraising until he was found to be inept. The GOP is crying out for a competent, charasmatic, reform-minded conservative. Romney, a moderate who would persevere the status-quo or, at very most, make some slight, almost imperceptible changes around the edges, is not what this party wants right now and, more importantly, what this country needs right now.

Despite the tenor of the discussion here, the vast, vast majority of GOP primary voters do NOT want to vote for Romney. It would be disastrous for the GOP to go into a race against Obama with his $1,000,000,000+, the media and the advantages of incumbency on his side while having a candidate for whom very few are excited.

Even the pro-Romney crowd here and in the halls of the LDS churches the nation over have to admit that it's not wise to go into a presidential election with a base that is anything but enthusiastic about their nominee.


#75 - No, David. Just because 75% of the party is to the right of Romney (not that I accept that number, but that's for another day), doesn't make them militant conservatives. Or, are you saying that Romney is plenty conservative for mainstream conservatives (like me) and just not right enough for the far-right wingnuts?


President Romney will make more changes than anyone has seen in recent history. The status quo will be in the trash, and America will be on the road to recovery.


Jindal failed all freedom-loving Americans when he just signed a bill that recently passed the Louisiana state legislature, which made it illegal in LA to use cash to pay for 2nd-hand goods. Goodbye garage sales, flea markets, private gun sales, private anything. Now in LA, ALL transactions will have a paper trail. No more privacy = no more freedom. This was much more of a violation of individual liberty than the Obamacare mandate ever would be.


28. What did you see in Romney as gov that indicates he just sticks with the status quo?

NOTHING in his governing nor business experience shows he's a status quo guy.


31. Wow. If that's true, that's horrifying.

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