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October 17, 2011

Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) Endorses Rick Perry

  3:46 pm

The Perry campaign announced Perry’s “Colorado Leadership Team” this afternoon, and it includes U.S. Representative Mike Coffman along with two state representatives.

“I am proud to have Mike, Larry and Amy heading up our efforts in this important state,” said Gov. Perry. “I look forward to bringing my vision to get America working again to Colorado with the help of this outstanding team.”

“Gov. Perry’s experience, ideas and proven record of job creation make him the candidate we need to get our nation working again,” said Rep. Coffman. “I am looking forward to being a part of Gov. Perry’s campaign team.”

Congressman Coffman serves the 6th district of Colorado and sits on the U.S. House Small Business, Armed Services and Natural Resources committees. He previously served in the Colorado General Assembly as secretary of state and state treasurer.


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29 Responses to “Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) Endorses Rick Perry”

  1. thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

    The big question will Perry even be around when Colorado votes.. Besides, Colorado is Mitt Country…

  2. gatorboy

    “I look forward to bringing my vision to get America working again to Colorado with the help of this outstanding team.”
    Should read:
    “I look forward to bringing my vision to get America working again to Colorado by 2025 with the help of this outstanding team.”

  3. Rts

    Rick Perry is not going to win.

    The big question for me is what he does with the 15 million bucks in money he has sitting around. Who is he going to attack? If dumps that on negative ads, it xould really hurt a candidate.

  4. Win M.

    Too little, too late. Frankly, I’m surprised that any politicians are willing to jump onto the sinking ship at this point.

  5. Mark in PA

    Rick is going to hit Mitt for all he’s worth. He didn’t like Mitt before he entered the race, and he surely blames Mitt for his own failings as a candidate.

    Cain is a much better rival for the nomination.

  6. GNV

    “For the first time since NV, someone has endorsed Rick Perry.” That should be the headline.

  7. petunia

    I cringe to think of all that money in the hands of a pay-to-play polticians like Rick Perry.

    Perry does not have the best interests of this country at heart. I hope this doesn’t get too ugly.

  8. Pragmatist

    Glenn Beck just said he thinks Romney will win.

  9. Keith Price

    8. Did he sound resigned or happy about it?

  10. Keith Price

    4. Yeah, I’m surprised he’s getting endorsements. Politicians hate to bet on a losing horse, so what are they seeing that we’re not? They must think he’s still got a shot.

  11. Pragmatist

    9. He seemed resigned but not unhappy.

  12. GNV

    Glenn Beck. Ugh. I hate to say it, but I liked him better when he was on CNN.

  13. jaxemer11

    12 – I used to love Glenn Beck before he got on TV. I used to listen to him often when he was based out of Philly. Once he started to get some name recognition he went crazy. I can’t listen to him anymore. He lives in a different universe than I do.

  14. John Galt

    saweeeeeet! Big news for the perry clan.

  15. Liz

    Who? At any rate, looks like Glenn Beck is right once again.

  16. Zephyr

    I live in Colorado. Perry’s got no chance here. Mitt should dominate just like in 08.

  17. corep

    This is a surprise to me. Coffmann is my rep and I thought he was smarter than this. Mitt has alot of the colorado crowd and like zephyr says co will be mitt’s again.

  18. Pragmatist

    How nice that Perry got a Congressman from Colorado to endorse him. Romney also has some Colorado endorsements.

    Attorney General John Suthers

    President George W. Bush appointed Suthers to be United States Attorney for the District of Colorado in 2001, and the United State Senate unanimously confirmed him. Following the election of Ken Salazar to the United States Senate, John Suthers was nominated by Governor Owens and confirmed by the State Senate in 2005. Suthers served the remaining two years of Salazar’s term before running for reelection in 2006.

    During the 2009 legislative session, each of the proposals from the Office of the Attorney General in CO was passed, and Suthers has joined twelve other state Attorneys General to challenge the constitutionality of the individual mandate in ObamaCare.

    Suthers defeated his Democratic opponent in 2010 election by a 14-point margin[19] – the largest margin of victory in a two-way race in Colorado that year.

    Ex-Gov Bill Owens

    Owens served as Governor of Colorado from 1999 to 2007. He was reelected in 2002 by the largest majority in Colorado history, but term limits prevented him from seeking a third term.

    Ex-Sen Wayne Allard

    Served as a U.S. Senator from 1997 to 2009 and kept his vow to serve only two terms. In March 2008, the National Journal ranked him the second most conservative U.S. Senator based on his 2007 votes.

    Ex-Sen Hank Brown

    Preceded Wayne Allard as Senator and served in Congress from 1980 to 1991. Was elected to the Senate in 1990 and did not run for reelection in 1996.

    Ex-Rep Bob Beauprez

    Was a Congressman from 2003 to 2007. Lost his race for Governor in 2006.

  19. Dave


    You left out Jim Nicholson, former RNC Chairman. And, didn’t Bill Armstrong endorse Mitt??

  20. Nancy

    No vote has been cast so its not over. What is Romney going to do with Cain , he is ahead of Romney.
    Perry is not out as some of you would like. Why is the media and other Republicans still going after Perry if he has NO chance, I think that he does have a chance.
    I will vote for Perry , we need his experience in the WH.

  21. Keith Price

    20. Perry’s money is still a threat, so that’s why folks are still going after him. Easier to keep a man down than it is to knock him down again after he gets up.

  22. Jerald

    Well, sadly, it appears the religion brouhaha is not going to die.

    I was hoping (but doubting) that the play of the religion card was actually not done by Perry, but that is looking increasingly doubtful. The anti-Mormon fellow who lept into Iowa in 2008 to rally Evangelicals away from Romney and toward Huckabee is at it again this time for Perry.

    I provide the following link for your information. We all knew the Liberals were going to attack us on religion, whether it was Evangelical or Mormon, but I’m really saddened that we have to go through this again in the GOP.

    I hope the voters in question are just a small minority, but who knows…

    Perry Camp’s Anti-Mormon Message


  23. corep

    @20. Nancy I think Perry needs to worry more about Cain than Romney does. Cain and Romney are essentially tied nationally with Cain having a small advantage in IA by the pols, but no organization there which is a big minus and Romney leads in NH big and also in FL over Cain.

    Perry lags behind by double digits to these two, and Perry’s loss went mostly to Cain. So it seems Perry needs to go after Cain not Romney, or Perry will become an afterthought. Face it Perry HAS to win Iowa or he is toast. And to win IA Perry has to take down Cain.

  24. Nancy

    I know politics is a tough game and yes Perry needs to win in Iowa. Perry has not attack Romney’s religion, this kind of stuff needs to stop it helps no one in the end. I would not vote for a person based on their religion even though I might not agree with it, I vote on who I think will be the best one for our troubled country and someone who can get this country back to work and I believe that Perry is that person. I hope others will see that too. No vote has been cast so I am not giving up.

  25. Nancy

    Sorry to post so quick but went to the post that #22 linked us all to. It is from the liberal Daily Beast. I would not believe what they write as being truthful. Perry is not responsible for all of this. Some of you may believe it but I will not. As a senior citizen and I have been a lifelong Republican I have learned not to believe stories from liberal media on our candidates.
    This is how I feel and it too saddens me that this kind of stuff goes on.
    I will continue to support Perry!

  26. corep

    Nancy you are fighting an uphill battle on the Perry Religion thing because of 6 or 7 words right from Perry’s lips that i think he probably regrets saying. those words right after Jeffress introduced him at VVS where something like “didnt he (jeffress) knock it out of the park” (more or less said this)

    Now that would imply that Perry listened to the introduction and approved of the message or Perry didnt listen to the introduction and just got up there and said what he said about knocking it out of the park.

    can you see that neither one puts Perry in a good light?

    the first does imply complicit understanding of the message Jeffress was sending. The second implies an attitude of dropping in only every now and again and not paying attention to details all the time and speaking off the cuff

    The first sends the message of intolerance to others ideas ( “you are heartless if you dont agree with me”)

    The second reinforces the debate meme, especially the last one, where Perry drops out of sight (figuratively) for long periods of time.

  27. Machtyn

    Is Nancy the new Perry/whomever poster?

  28. Pragmatist

    26. Nancy is just anti-Romney, and she likes Perry because he is anti-Romney.

  29. Jerald

    #28…I’m not sure we can say that with definity.

    Let’s give her a chance…

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