October 14, 2011

4 Candidates Boycott Nevada as New Hampshire Heads Full Steam Ahead Towards Craziness

  7:53 am

In an effort to kiss up to New Hampshire voters, Jon Huntsman has decided to boycott the Nevada Caucuses on January 14th and was joined by Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum. All  are well back of the pack in Nevada and had no organization in the state, prompting Washoe GOP County Chairman Dave Buell to mockingly say, “On no, are we going to lose Gary Johnson too?”

The top three competitors in New Hampshire: Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul aren’t joining the boycott. Neither is Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-Tx)  who has the endorsement of the Governor. No one taking part in this boycott (other than perhaps Huntsman) has any shot at winning either Nevada or New Hampshire.

To be fair to the Nevada GOP, this situation and New Hampshire power play is quite unfair as told by Nevada GOP National Committeeman Bob List. “They told us to pick your date and as soon as you do, we will pick our date, and we complied with that request.”

At this point, it really looks like New Hampshire Secretary Bill Gardener is showing levels of power-madness not seen since Captain Bligh commanded the Bounty and is set to give us our first December presidential primary needlessly.  New Hampshire’s spot as first in the nation primary is not threatened by a caucus 4 days later, but its relevance is threatened by Gardener’s movie.

Rick Santorum was right when he warned what this will do to New Hampshire’s status. “It will make this primary irrelevant. You move this primary up to where you only have six or seven weeks to campaign, it becomes a big straw poll.”

Gardener does have a face-saving out and that is to hold the New Hampshire Primary on Saturday, January 7th, a full week before Nevada. Being first in the nation may be a requirement of state law, but holding the thing on a Tuesday isn’t.  It’s merely a preference. If New Hampshire voters had their choice, I’m sure they’d rather vote on the first Saturday of 2012, rather than right before the Christmas shopping rush.

Regardless of whether New Hampshire does this crazy thing, Iowa’s better in that as the Caucus is run by the state parties, they have the luxury of being able to use their brains.  Just because New Hampshire to walk off into political oblivion doesn’t mean that Iowa has to follow them over the precipise.



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None of which would have even won in Nevada.


Are we going to lose Gary Johnson too??? LOVE IT!!

Thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

I have an idea, lets boycott Iowa That makes a whole lot more sense, since you got those crazy evangelicals there (Note: I don't consider all Evangelical crazy, just some of those in Iowa).

Okay, back to reality, boycott is simply stupid, how are we suppose to beat Obama by boycotting key swing states.


The link in the first sentence of the post to "boycott" is to the wrong article. It doesn't mention the candidates boycotting the caucus.


Santorum is wrong. No matter when NH votes it'll be noticed. But it would be better to have it in January.

But either way, it'll say on the news: "Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire". That's not political oblivion, that's a statement every other candidate will envy.


Honestly? This is a cheap attempt by these candidates to exploit the situation for their own gain. NONE of these candidates had a snowball's chance in hell of winning Nevada...NONE of them. And for Huntsman, the outcome would be even more embarrassing since he's a local governor. The solution? Take this high-minded boycott approach, try to diminish Romney's inevitable Nevada win, while pandering to another state that not only believes it has a right to go first (which I'm ok with), but that it has a RIGHT to influence other state's outcomes (questionable claim, IMO).

Nothing to lose for these candidates, but its a cheap play.



Of course. That's politics. The Democrats did something similar with Michigan, trying to suck up to I forget whom.


Good post Adam.

I was just thinking, Huntsman, Santorum, Bachmann, and Gingrich all probably figured they wouldn't make it to Nevada anyway, so this is some kind of hail Mary pass with their eye's closed in the hopes they might accidentally find the NH voters in the end zone.

Not gonna happen.

Romney will sack them for a loss, force a fumble, and run it in for six...


And did you read where this entire chaos has been created by Rubio people catering to Mitt people in FL? How is any of this good for anybody? Cain maybe.



I see you watched the Ol' Miss game, too. :-)



That is the status quo in politics. Deny, deny, deny. Deny everything, even the obvious. No wonder people would not let the big (pun intended, sorry!) dream of Gov. Christie swooping into the race go. His denials were seen like most denials by politicians asked this sort of thing are...with distrust. Rubio is also denying his interest in the VP slot. And the whispers continue.


3. No offense from me, I think the lone Iowan on here. They are not so much crazy as naive and unsophisticated. But yeah, they frustrate me too.

Still, I like to get to see the candidates up close, it's kinda fun getting this much attention.



mac is from Iowa too.


One of these days, I'm going to make the 8-10 hour drive to Ames.

Of course, after this year's debacle, they may not bother having it again.....

Thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

teledude Says:

Still, I like to get to see the candidates up close, it’s kinda fun getting this much attention.


I would also if I was there, still being in Florida, I like being an early state.


Check out this Arkansas News article from yesterday.

Thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

Granny T Says:

October 14th, 2011 at 9:24 am

Check out this Arkansas News article from yesterday.


Huckabee isn't running, but if he did, he would push out everyone except for Romney. Still, I see Huckabee as Romney's running mate which would put him in position as a future president.


Huntsman is now boycotting the Nevada debate next week, to which I say THANK YOU. Now if we can get a few other no-chancers to do the same we might not have to invite them to any further debates this cycle.

Try Not To Laugh At My 1.9 GPA perry
Thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

Max Twain Says:

October 14th, 2011 at 9:33 am

Huntsman is now boycotting the Nevada debate next week, to which I say THANK YOU. Now if we can get a few other no-chancers to do the same we might not have to invite them to any further debates this cycle.


Great news.. He thinks this will help him in New Hampshire, but he is wrong. Its time for him to drop out... along with some others.

Not Your Promiscuous Daddy

19, great news! Can we persuade Huntsman to boycott all the debates so we don't have to listen to his whining and watch his smug, condescending eye brow games?


I'm hoping Huntsman takes Bachmann, Santorum, and Gingrich with him. We less than 3 months to go it's time for only real candidates to debate.



Who is organizing the Nevada debate? If there is any connection between the debate and the caucus (which is the ostensible point of the debate, I assume), then wouldn't it stand to reason that the organizers only let people debate who are NOT boycotting their event?

And won't it be awkward to be Bachmann or one of the others, standing in front of Nevadans she just gave the bird to?

I agree, for the format of the debate it'd be great to be down four...although Newt usually adds some interesting flavor to them.

Matthew E. Miller

Huntsman should boycott all the debates, really. What is a thrice ambassador doing up on stage with all those philistines? Go for it Jon.


15. MWS, if you're motivated, you can easily drive from Bloomington to Ames in under six hours. However, I'd recommend that you stop at the Amana colonies for breakfast or lunch....good eatin!


Gardner is bluffing, and if you look at the law on overseas and absentee ballots--as Reid Wilson does in the link below--it becomes pretty obvious that he's bluffing:



The only one of the 4 who have a chance anywhere is Huntsman in New Hampshire, but even that is a snowball's chance in Hell. He will use this gambit to appeal to local chauvinism, and he might gain a few points between now and December.....but it won't be enough.

What these 4 "candidates" are attempting is to diminish Romney's big wins in New Hampshire and Nevada, but to the extent either of these wins is diminished even slightly, it would be New Hampshire.....if Gardener holds it before Christmas, Mitt won't get as much momentum out of it as he would have in a January date.

But Romney won't NEED any momentum out of New Hampshire to win Nevada by a LOT, and if New Hampshire goes before Iowa, it will give Mitt SOME momentum in Iowa that he wouldn't have had. And the compressed calendar is good for Mitt any way you slice it.


Nevada didn't do anything wrong. It was always the plan for them to go third. If you want to boycott someone, you should be boycotting Florida.


But of course we know no one is going to boycott Florida.


Adam, do you have a better link? The one you posted is not relevant.


Just heard on Fox News that Huntsman, Bachmann and Santorum will ALL be boycotting next week's debate.


Now we can watch the real candidates debate! It will be at MOST 6 candidates!



Send Van Noy after them... 😉



No one who is still around will boycott Florida, but none of these 4 "candidates" will still be around by then.



Maybe he was in danger of not getting invited 😀


Headline should read "Four Pandering Losers Desperate For Attention, Claim Faux Moral High Ground By Staying Out of One Fight They Were Destined To Lose"



You should be in the news business. Well-done.


32, haha, I wonder if they realize that by boycotting the debate, (and therefore only having a couple people on stage) people will only expect to see those couple of candidates at future debates... 😛

Some of them better drop out next week... this is getting ridiculous.


Tomorrow (Saturday) is the filing deadline for the quarterly financial report to the FEC. It will be interesting to see how much the candidates have raised.


DOH! I'll bet that really scares Perry he might have to talk for more than 2 minutes at this debate. Get ready for some choice You Tube videos.

Trying To Be Pragmatic

Huntsman is the only one boycotting the CNN debate on Tuesday.

From CNN: "Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania have said they would appear at the debate despite joining Huntsman in the boycott of the Nevada caucuses."

I wish you people would not get me excited with this "they are all boycotting the debate" stuff. I would expect these kind of lies from Perry, but not you.

I want everyone to apologize to me.

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