October 4, 2011

We “Do Not Consider Perry a Factor… We Know Who it is Who Will be Our Nominee”

  4:56 pm

Those words were spoken today by Georgette Mosbacher, RNC Finance Co-Chair and huge GOP fundraiser, after Chris Christie’s announcement. The “we” is all the big bundlers, fundraisers, and money folks who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the field to be set — and that quote represents the coalescing around Mitt Romney that is expected to happen rather quickly now. Mosbacher went on to say:

“I think tomorrow, we’ll be contacting one another and probably put something together with Romney… And I would say that the race is now Romney and Obama. Quite frankly, the enthusiasm wasn’t there at the outset. He’s less conservative than a lot of us would like. However, our first and foremost goal is to defeat Obama. And we do believe Romney, in terms of independents, will be a strong candidate. We will coalesce behind him now… the time has come to get behind him… Tomorrow I’ll be on the phone all day. Quite frankly, it’ll be easier, because now we know who it is who will be our nominee. So we will pull our Rolodexes out and get to work.”

Fellow bundler and sideline-sitter John Catsimatidis added, “I’m going to go with Mitt Romney. I don’t think Perry has it in him to do it. He’s a lot better than Sarah Palin, but not a lot lot better.”


In related news, Romney also scored another major fundraiser from the Draft Christie movement: Ken Langone. Langone is the founder of Home Depot and is described as a “titan” in the political money scene. He backed Rudy Giuliani in 2008, helping Giuliani out raise the other candidates. There is evidence that a great deal of the money that had sat on the sidelines so far in this race will now fall into Romney’s coffers.

Rick Perry, for his part, got the endorsement of another Draft Christie member: Gary Kirke, a west Iowa investor and casino owner who had also been sitting on the sidelines until this afternoon.


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98 Responses to “We “Do Not Consider Perry a Factor… We Know Who it is Who Will be Our Nominee””

  1. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Killburn is going to like this post.

  2. Max Twain:


  3. CF:

    Yep, just like I predicted a few posts ago. Jeez, I scare myself sometimes on how right I am. 😉

  4. K.G.:

    I like it.

  5. K.G.:

    It’s going to be a big, uphill battle and they probably know it. The rabble occupying Wall St. (and others who kind of agree with them) are going to see Romney as the icon of all they hate.

  6. Viking:

    Somebody said this yesterday. Lots of endorsements are going to come down the pike. It’ll be interesting if Haley, Rubio, Martinez or Christie will endorse Romney and when.

  7. Dave for the General Republican Candidate:

    I read this article this morning. However, I still don’t know that it is inevitable. This far out last time, Huckabee wasn’t getting much of a look and not considered viable. The field is probably set, but one of the lower tiered candidates could still rise, especially when there is still such a vacuum. And if there is one that that the last time showed us, it is that having all the money does not necessarily get you the nomination.

  8. T.C. Robinson:

    Well, I hope that these people know comments like this only fuel the anti-establishment fire in Sarah Palin. I’m glad to know that “they” have decided who the nominee will be – as if we don’t have a say. And from the co-Finance Chair of the RNC no less!

  9. K.G.:

    Cain doing very well; Newt rising. The useful idiots on the left are on the war path. Something new happens every day. Still a soap opera.

  10. CF:

    It’s amazing how different this race is from 2008. Back then, it was really anyone’s game all the way to New Hampshire. This time, it’s really, REALLY difficult to see a scenario where Romney loses.

    Unlike 2008, when Thompson, Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee were untested/unvetted candidates, Romney has been through the ringer and it’s all but certain he’s been thoroughly vetted.

    Another thing I said MONTHS ago was that Romney is the strongest front-runner we’ve had in a very long time. Everyone said I was crazy (and probably still do), but look at his strength – he has successfully beaten off everything the right-wing (and left-wing) has thrown at him for the past 9 months.

    Now it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Romney wins Iowa and sweeps the early states. If that’s not strength, I don’t know what is.

  11. K.G.:

    #8 “They” are in the business of backing a winner.

    If the “anti-establishment”(Sarah?) wanted to get in the game, she should have done it and competed like a stand-up person.

  12. CF:

    I still am nervous about Newt Gingrich though. He’s the John McCain of this race. People assume he’s down for the count from his big Paul Ryan Gaffe a few months ago.

    Camp Romney needs to take Gingrich seriously and make sure he stays down. He’s the kind of guy that could garner the disinterested voting block that votes on name recognition above all else.

  13. JA Pruce:

    I am hearing speculation from some quarters that Perry may drop out due to back pain. Perry has now become the liberal in the race due to his liberal position on immigration and his forced vaccination program. All this while CEO Cain is surging. CEO Cain is now strategically the best candidate both in terms of leadership and demographics.

  14. K.G.:

    #CF Yup, it would be foolish to think that there’s not still a big anti-Mitt faction out there.

  15. Jeff:

    8, I don’t feel like they said that or implied it. What I understand, is that now that Christie is for sure out, the field is set, and based on polls, they are confident that Romney will win the nomination.

  16. MPC:

    I hope Romney is willing to tell these guys to take a hike once he becomes President.

    His ability to maintain any trust in what he does will be nil if he’s seen as the pretty boy of the guys with money and power. He should reinstate the Glass-Steagall financial regulations that were so stupidly suspended in the 90’s.

  17. Sojourner Truth (Give 'em hell, Cain!):

    Yeah – except Romney is only at 22 in the most recent national poll.

    I hope this thing goes to the convention.

    I’m not voting for Romney.

  18. JA Pruce:

    Yes, speaker Gingrich is also rising like a phoenix. Newt and Callista have not only been hammering Obama economically but also morally. Speaker Gingrich has been one of the few candidates who has openly appealed to Values Voters this cycle.

  19. thunder (Any body except Rick Perry):

    # Sojourner Truth (Give ’em hell, Cain!) Says:

    I’m not voting for Romney.
    So you are backing Obama????

    there is no else left for the anti-romney people to rally against.

  20. SixMom:

    It would be nice to have our nominee and all of us focus our attention on ousting Obama…but I can’t believe the wrangling and in-fighting is over. Having said that, Romney is one of my favorites. If I could merge Newt and Cain, that would be another one, Huntsman has possibilities, but I don’t think he has matured enough politically yet. I had hopes that Perry would be a super strong choice, but the man hit his limit at governor. Which is more than I’ll ever do, but “he doesn’t have “it” in him” echoes my exact sentiment.

  21. Massachusetts Conservative:

    Adam X (Sojourner Truth) is the only person on this site whose hatred for Romney is so irrational, he’d rather see us lose to Obama than Romney become president.

    It’s sad.

  22. Sojourner Truth (Give 'em hell, Cain!):

    19 – It’s binary choice?

    I live in NY. If Romney gets the nomination I’m voting constitution party.

  23. Sojourner Truth (Give 'em hell, Cain!):

    Republicans deserve to lose if they nominate Romney.

  24. rightgal:

    Is Smack on sucicide watch yet?

  25. Ben (One of those MittWits):


    And that’s sayin’ somethin’ considering he’s up against the likes of tele, Craig for FOTM, Marque, etc.

  26. Ben (One of those MittWits):


    Eh…..he wasn’t necessarily rootin’ hard for a Christie run. He was just giddy to be somebody with “inside info” to share with the rest of us junkies.

    He’s already stated that he doesn’t see anybody being able to stop Romney and now that the last 1% chance for Christie is gone I have a feeling he’ll be 100% a go in the Romney camp.

  27. Franklin:

    Corrupt bundlers coalesce behind Romney. That shows that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. These people not only want to back winners but they want to back people they can influence. Palin would put them out of business as influence peddlers. This is not going to appeal to tea partiers as it is business as usual.

  28. CF:


    What a sad, miserable waste of life it must have been these past several months for you, fighting Romney so hard only to see him clean the floor with everyone else.

    Life is better spent in the positive, not the negative.

  29. Matt "MWS":

    Clearly, Georgette got wind of my official Doomsay earlier.

  30. MPC:

    Romney’s a good manager, second to none, but I have doubts about his ability to lead a nation in a time of crisis. I’ll support once he’s our nominee but don’t whitewash him. He’s got the toughest assignment as President since FDR, and no one should think it’ll be a cakewalk. As far as beating Obama is concerned, I’d give him an 80% chance to take out Obama and personally I think he’ll do it relatively easily.

    Obama (and the economy) are more toast than most people realize right now. The beginning of the default and collapse wave beginning with the weakest links (Greece, Bank of America) will send markets back to 2008 levels. Unemployment will not rise drastically but it will rise. No way he returns with coming 10%-12% unemployment and his ability to inspire gone.

    Romney will keep the house together, but as Matthew Miller said in the other thread on Christie, I don’t see him being the one convincing us to go into chemo. Americans are going to be less patient with a well-managed deleveraging than Romney’s team will. Romney’s got a tough expectation tightrope to walk by going that route. He’s going to look like he’s serving various interests on one hand, and will look deluded and ineffectual on the other trying the “extend and pretend” strategy that Obama’s already worn us out on. He will manage it well, but I can promise you he’ll be a one-term President.

    Better to be a one-term President that draws back the nation’s accumulated debts that are now coming due with shock therapy. Severe money tightening, with programs in place to kick start growth immediately after. America needs its addiction to easy money broken before it can be healthy again.

  31. Sojourner Truth (Give 'em hell, Cain!):

    Life is better spent in the positive, not the negative.

    CF says THIS?!?!?!


    Buddy, you just made my day. And it’s not over til it’s over.

  32. CF:


    Hey, I’ve been supporting Mitt Romney since the day he announced he’d run for President before the 08 race. I’ve tried to do everything possible to help him get there in my own small, personal way.

    It’s one thing to go negative on the people standing in your guy’s way. It’s another thing altogether to do nothing in life but oppose an individual with no real backing of any other person.

  33. Firecracker (Romney/West):

    30 — The way I see it is — Romney has a stellar record as a turnaround artist. That’s his specialty. If Romney cannot turn this mess around, NOBODY CAN!

  34. DD:

    27. Franklin. Someone needs to be able to raise the money to compete with Obama’s projected 1 BILLION!! I hope he’s not overly influenced, and I don’t think he will be. Pailin may put them out of business, but then who would pay for her commercials and organization in the general election against money-bags BO? Small-doner public Tea Party types? Not enough. Republicans need to raise the money & a coalescence of big-time fundraisers is necessary for that in my view.

  35. Sojourner Truth (Give 'em hell, Cain!):

    32 – I’d enthusiastically back any candidate not named Mitt Romney.

  36. Matt "MWS":

    I used to think Obama would raise $1 billion. I don’t think so anymore. Granted, he’ll raise a crapton, but it won’t surpass 2008. Much of his base is disillusioned (and poorer than 2008), and the people who just buy politicians know he’s a bad bet.

  37. CF:


    When you’ve got the worst cockroach infestation you’ve ever seen, you call the best, most experienced exterminator.

    When you’ve got the worst wildfire ever, you call the best, most experienced fire departments.

    When you’ve got the worst jobs and debt crisis since the Great Depression, you call the best, most experienced jobs creator and debt fixer.

    Nobody knows if the job can be done. That doesn’t mean you don’t go out and find the most qualified person to do it.

  38. Matt "MWS":

    “When you’ve got the worst jobs and debt crisis since the Great Depression, you call the best, most experienced jobs creator and debt fixer.”

    Jon Huntsman.

  39. Andrew:

    Wow…amazing. No need for actual voting folks, we already know who the nominee is going to be!

    The only relevant factors, apparently, are vetting by the media and the decisions of party insiders.

    If nothing else, this makes it clear that Romney is, and has always been, the candidate of the establishment.

  40. jdayh:

    What the hell is wrong with these “people” (money bundlers, etc)!!! What is Ron Paul too conservative?? They ignorance of him is telling of their lack of intelligence! (oh thats right, they love the status quo and do not seek ANY REAL CHANGE IN AMERICA!) Seriously I would love to have just one hour with any of these “money bundlers” They are complete and utter fools for not backing Ron Paul!!!

  41. Ben (One of those MittWits):

    When there’s somethin’ weird in your neighborhood…….

    Who u gonna call?

    😀 sorry that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read CF’s post.

  42. jaxemer11:

    21 – Good catch. I wondered where my good friend Adam X went. It all makes sense now.

  43. jaxemer11:

    30 – You have doubts about his ability to lead in crisis? Really? Do you know anything about his background?

  44. jaxemer11:

    If you have doubts about Mitt’s ability to lead in a crisis, I would be interested in knowing who you wouldn’t have doubts about.

  45. Rob:

    I’m glad that Romney is picking up these money guys. But I’m uncomfortable with the idea that this primary is already a foregone conclusion. Do I think Romney will win? Yes, but it’s completely within the realm of possibility that another of these candidates pulls himself/herself up and shakes things up. There’s no reason to be over-confident yet.

  46. Andrew:

    When has Romney lead during a crisis? Are you really going to characterize the running of the Olympics as a “crisis?”

    During the biggest real political crisis this year – the debt ceiling crisis – he was missing in action.

    At a time when he was one of the leading voices in the Republican party, he went out of his way not to take a position. He obviously wanted to wait and see which way the situation would resolve himself before committing himself to anything.

    That’s the opposite of bold leadership and suggests that he will cave in to special interests much like Obama.

  47. jaxemer11:

    46 – You are obviously pretty ignorant when it comes to Romney. Not surprising given the rest of your posts.

  48. jaxemer11:

    46 – And why don’t you respond to my question? Who would be a better crisis manager than Romney?

  49. jarvis:

    MPC Says:
    October 4th, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Romney’s a good manager, second to none, but I have doubts about his ability to lead a nation in a time of crisis.

    Who do you have confidence in that could lead a nation in crisis?

  50. Andrew:

    jaxemer11, you call me ignorant when it comes to Romney, so why don’t you respond on the substance and tell me where I’m wrong?

    He clearly avoided taking a position on the debt ceiling for political convenience. I don’t see how it can be spun any other way.

  51. aspire:

    Everything seems to be breaking Romney’s way. I expected Romney to clean up at the debates, but I’m suprised at how well everything else is going. Perry’s slipping away, I don’t think Cane has the organization to win, and Bachmann doesn’t seem to be catching on nationally.

    I still wonder who’s going to win Iowa. Will Perry hang on for the win? Will Cane surge in Iowa? Will Bachmann regain her lead in Iowa? Until we see a new poll, we don’t really know where Iowa is right now, and nobody is going anywhere (except Romney) if they can’t win Iowa.

  52. Andrew:

    Who would make a better crisis manager?

    You have the question backwards. The last person I’d choose as crisis manager is the one who changes his positions and beliefs depending on which way the wind’s blowing.

  53. saladdin:

    Hmmm, Perry’s done, but Cain is tied with Willard… I get they don’t consider Perry a factor, but wouldn’t Cain be a factor still?

  54. K.G.:

    #53 Apparently not.

  55. Andrew:

    I think Cain is still viewed as a marginal candidate regardless of numbers because of his lack of political experience.

    Romney would love for Cain to become the “anti-Romney” candidate because he doesn’t pose a serious threat like Perry does.

  56. TonyFlforMitt:

    Going down the list seeing some of you Reminds me of why we are where we are. If you say you wont vote Romney that is the same as saying you support Obama over Mitt Romney. If You do then please just come out and say it! It is your right to support Obama dont be a coward come out and say you support Obama over Romney. HOw about some points on why support Obama over Romney Im curious as to how you justify that. As for me I will vote for the best man and there is no way in hell that will be obama. I will not support the destroyer by not voting or by voting for him. You would have to kill me to stop me from voting against that commy! Grow up You may not get everything you wanted with Romney But Man is this what you teach your children. If you cant get everything you want throw a tantrum and say the hell with it ! My God People !

  57. TarheelRepublican:

    I’m so mad at Smack. I shouldn’t have taken his “insider information” so seriously. Live and learn.

    As for Sojo saying the Republican party deserves to lose if it nominates Romney–people like you deserve another 4 years of Obama. Absolutely ridiculous.

  58. hamaca:


    These people not only want to back winners but they want to back people they can influence.

    Then why did it take them so long to finally back Romney? He was LAST on their list. They finally gave up on everyone else who they deemed electable. You sure make a leap in logic: donations = corruption. You’ve got zero information to substantiate that, yet you continue to throw it out there. As a Palin supporter, I’m sure you have some other issues you have with Romney that are based on substance. Why the need to fabricate this sort of nonsense?

    Btw, even though I don’t support Sarah, I am certain she has integrity and is not corruptible. She would be in my personal top five candidates and I could happily support her. It’s ok to identify positive aspects in candidates you don’t support.

  59. K.G.:

    We all need to get behind who the Pub candidate turns out to be–lock, stock and barrel. That is if there even is a country left by 2012.

  60. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Killburn is going to like this post.”

    One “l”…but you’re learning!

    Yes, very thrilling indeed….now if I just aced my accounting exam today, things will be very, very good in my life.

  61. Right Wingnut:

    The article contains a photo of Mosbacher…

    Is it Georgette….or George?

    Yikes! Check it out for yourselves.


  62. jaxemer11:

    @Andrew – That’s what I thought. You have no one.

  63. Matthew Kilburn:

    “Then why did it take them so long to finally back Romney? He was LAST on their list. They finally gave up on everyone else who they deemed electable. ”

    The answer is in the line you quoted:

    they want to back people they can influence.

    Romney, for his part, is running a campaign in no small part with his own ideas, his own money, and his own people…thats not a thrilling prospect if you’re a big-name GOP operative who wants a job after November of next year.

  64. TEX:

    These corrupt GOP Quislings are doing no favor to Willard Rockefeller Romney.

    They advertise and confirm that Willard is part of their cabal.
    Sarah Palin will put them out of business and some of them in prison.

    That’s what she did with CBC – Corrupt Bastards Club in Alaska.
    She has proven record of rooting corruption,that’s why GOP establishment cowards
    would rather see 4 more years of Obama than President Palin.

    Willard is nothing but a tool and part of the Big Crony Capitalism,Big Bankers(they
    are giving him millions of dollars).

    “What do they want in return”?-Sarah Palin

    Under the very best conditions he can not brake out of 17%-23%.
    He’s perfect prey for Sarah Palin.

    It’s coming!!!

    His days are numbered!

  65. hamaca:

    63. Exactly my point. Based on some of their comments, they’re now just focused on beating Obama and will do what they can to support the person they feel is best equipped to do so regardless of future influence.

  66. Ohio JOE:

    Well said Tex!!!

  67. Spenza:

    #22. Well it’s a good thing your vote won’t count in the general election then :)

  68. Machtyn:

    Two points to this discussion:

    1. If you don’t think the SLC Olympics was a great example of Mitt’s ability to turn a horribly corrupt, mired in scandal organization; do remember that this is an international organization the likes of the UN. The people on these committees are the same type of people that would have approved of the Russian overturning the referees calls three times in the 1976 Olympics when the US “lost” to the Russians. Not only did Mitt turn the SLC Olympics around, he did so in spectacular fashion.

    2. How, just how, do you think any candidate is going to run a campaign without lots and lots of money. All of the candidates were vying for these big rollers, the big fund-raisers, the guys and gals who know how to bring the money into a campaign. Seriously! Obama has outraised the entire GOP and he’s hardly even started. He is promising to raise $1 Billion for his re-election campaign… and this is in a depressed economy with 50+% disapproval rating (RCP average).

    Romney tried to run on his own money last time and he got blasted for trying to “buy” his way into the WH – he got no love for trying to show that he wasn’t crony. This time he is being a lot more inclusive.

  69. John Mark:

    So I probably lean toward Romney myself, but I got to say this comment rubs me the wrong way. She’s essentialy said “forget about voting, the aristocratic oligarchy has spoken.” Can’t we at least keep up the illusion of a Democracy?

  70. Bloodshy (Romney/Cain):

    Clearly this primary is far from over. But today was a very big day for Romney. He became the beneficiary of a bankroll larger than the rest of his opponents combined (sans Obama). Hopefully he’ll make the most of it and squash the disaster in DC.

  71. Keith Price:

    I certainly think undue influence is a POTENTIAL motivation, I’ve not seen evidence that it IS the motivation.

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable that wealthy business people would want to do everything they can to get a candidate elected who will make America business friendly, again.

    I think many people place too much responsibility on a President. There’s only so much the constitution allows him or her to do.

    But, Mitt’s history suggests he’s VERY good at reaching out and working with individuals to get things done.

    I don’t believe Mitt will follow Obama’s (or Bush’s for that matter) “my way or the highway” approach to governing. I think he understands that you need to meet the needs of the opposition to get things done.

    Pres Regan often repeated the quote, “You can accomplish anything, so long as you don’t care who gets the credit”.

    That’s become a real problem in our politics. No one is willing to let the other side succeed, so they refuse to work with them. (Sort of like the crabs who could all get out of the trap if they just stopped tearing at anyone who tried to climb out.)

    I don’t know if Romney can actually get past that (in others), but I think he’s got the best chance of it. And, I firmly believe he’ll…

    * Take advantage of every legal executive order available to him;
    * Renegotiate fairer trade agreements with countries like China — or tell them to take a hike;
    * Reach out to friend and foe, alike, on capital hill and try to understand them and get things done — rather than just try to blame everything on them;
    * Attract HIGHLY qualified people for important cabinet positions;
    * Create a culture of change and frugality in the White House (when he took over the deficit ridden Olympics, he replaced the catered business meetings with pizza. And, if you wanted any, you paid a dollar a slice! — That sent a message throughout the entire leadership.);
    * Study the details and really, really look for fixable inefficiencies.

    This man is a WORKER. And, I believe he’ll be tireless in his pursuits.

  72. Keith Price:

    69, I didn’t read her comments that way. She’s not saying the votes don’t matter. She’s saying the big money folks can finally focus all their efforts on a single candidate. They were holding back because of the uncertainty. Now they’re certain.

    I didn’t get that she thought they would be circumventing the vote or that victory was certain, but that they finally had a candidate they could support.

    And, isn’t that how each of us feel once we’ve chosen a candidate?

  73. SixMom:

    #20 After reading the comments following #20, “but I can’t believe the wrangling and in-fighting is over.

    I think it would be safe to say “case in point”.

  74. petunia:

    This election is not over.

    Over at NRO, they’ve quit pretending to support someone else, now they are just going straight at bashing Romney.

    They endorsed him last time, he’s the same guy, the field is every bit as weak… now they bash Romney.

    Maybe they just hate the guy who wins in the end and endorsing Romney was a stab against McCain.

    I don’t know why I read anything they say anymore.

  75. Ci2Eye:

    Perry reportedly has held no public events thus far this week and his schedule is clear for the rest of the week.

    Thus, he is either:

    A) Back in Texas being Governor
    B) Back in Texas relaxing and attempting to recover from his back surgery which accounts for his pained expressions at the debates
    C) Back in Texas engaged in a crash course is debate techniques

    I suspect the answer is a bit of all three but no matter what he’s doing, I wouldn’t count Rick Perry out just yet. The big money may start to move to Romney because Perry has so badly managed his rollout and the first debates but I’d expect him to come back fighting. After all, the SoCons still need a hero and he’s still the best hope they’ve got.

    His comeback could prove to be too little too late; sorta like he’s made his impression on the public and the monied interests and now it will be hard to change that perception. None the less, I still expect a Romney v. Perry slugfest. The only difference from two weeks ago is that Romney’s clearly regained the upper hand but a knock-out punch he certianly hasn’t delivered.

  76. Romney for the Win | Race 4 2012:

    […] We “Do Not Consider Perry a Factor… We Know Who it is Who Will be Our Nominee” […]

  77. Arkansas Yankee:

    Before this article I was going to note that picking a nominee out of the list of candidates was beyond my pay scale. I was going to say that for the first time since 1959 I would not have a candidate. But the old money have changed my mind. This party really does not belong to them. There arrogance is beyond believing.

    The next President is going to have give some strong medicine. It may not take affect immediately. We may even loose the House in 2014. I just do not think Romney has the gumtion hold his ground.

    Maybe he can still prove himself to me. But I do not want this nomination process to end quite yet.

  78. Arkansas Yankee:

    Upon review #30 speaks for me completely.

  79. MPC:

    Rombots, you guys are overestimating Romney and underestimating the crisis. Romney is not Superman, and we are not the Salt Lake Olympics.

    I’ll vouch for Romney’s management ability. I trust he learned the lessons of business school well. But he absolutely cannot just waive a wand and things will get better, and you’d better not expect otherwise. Nations are very hard things to steer, especially ours. Romney can’t change the fact that we spent the last thirty years accumulating trillions upon trillions of public and private debt, and the only way politicians, including him, had planned to pay for it was more debt. We the people amply rewarded leaders who would deliver us things we did not have to pay for ourselves. This dishonest way of life only could and can continue at the expense of the future of our nation. Growth in debt has far outpaced real economic growth for some time. The economy is overleveraged and is buckling under the weight. That debt is coming due, and we don’t have any more room to blow it up.

    The moral and economic imperative of this situation is why I support drawing down our debts as quickly as possible. Americans can handle moments of great hardship to secure the future of our nation. A short season of pain will hurt, but it will pass, and we will have put our debts behind us. What I worry is what may happen if this country has to pass through years, even a decade, of prolonged stagnation and decline. That, if anything, will be the death of America.

    Romney came of age politically in the era of debt-based prosperity, and he has never seemed to grasp the need to deleverage. Does he think he can change the result of the cumulative decisions of years upon years of living beyond our means easily? I hope he doesn’t. This country is about to find out that it cannot have more stuff that it does not pay for. Romney would be good at keeping the ship well run, but it will be a decaying, increasingly leaky ship. And that will be our fault. But Romney is simply not going to change the game politically, he will not take a hatchet to the whole web of interests in Washington that benefits from a leaky ship. This country will stagnate simply because that’s what we’ve chosen and Romney is not going to try to change our minds. And America has been used to the best of the best since at least the postwar era. They will not have patience with him, nor with their conditions. They will want something better (even though they are afraid to work for it). I want something better. I’m not ready to give up on America quite yet.

    Ron Paul would try. Christie would try. Neither are perfect men or perfect leaders but I like them because they know how to lead. People deep down I think know what is right but are afraid to do it. They want a leader. They need a leader. Romney knows how to manage, and probably better than anyone. I don’t know if he knows how to lead the mess this country is.

    Romney supporters, I respect your man. But I fear for him, too. I hope if he does win, he will be a leader. Our country needs one now.

  80. Keith Price:

    79, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Are you saying we’re doomed, no matter what?

    Yes, we’re in a mess. That’s why so many of us are for Romney. But, you’re right. He’s one man. And, he’s got 2 chambers of congress that he must win over to accomplish much. And, the dems will likely take a page from our playbook and cry out, “Our only goal for the next 4 years is to make Romney a one term president”. So, he’ll certainly have his hands full.

    And, hey, we all all know running the Olympics is not the same as heading the USA. Obviously no one who hasn’t already been president will have that kind of direct experience. So, we look for people who have shown competency in skills that are required to do will as president.

    I guess others have stated this many times, but the term Rombots is insulting. It suggests we are not thinking for ourselves. There are very few posts, above, that support Romney that feel like automatic answers. They mostly sound well thought out and intelligent.

  81. Spud:

    If Mitt Romney gets the nomination, I will vote for Obama and donate to his campaign.

    Romney is Obama-lite, and I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils again. We’ve done that for decades and it just makes things worse. As bad as the financial situation is, it’s time to fix it or let the government go bankrupt. Things would still get worse under Romney, just not as fast as with Obama, and dragging things out won’t make life better, just crappy longer.

  82. jdayh:

    I Have read all the comments above… and I have one thing to say WHAT THAT HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? ARE YOU BRAIN DEAD? STUPID? BRAINWASHED? Have you not examined with any intelligent thought Ron Paul??? If you have gotten your information about him from the media, then you probably dont know much about him. Try reading any of his books. Google him. Do some in depth research. If you do… You will find that if you are indeed conservative. HE IS THE ONLY CHOICE!

    and if not I CHALLENGE YOU TO POST WHY NOT! RIGHT HERE, SO INTELLIGENT HONEST TRUTH CAN OVERCOME (perhaps) your ignorance, or lack of understanding of his positions.

  83. SixMom:

    #82 Your post invites no serious response, your shouting with “Everyone is stupid who doesn’t agree with me” caps suggests no thoughtful dialog with you is available.

  84. suzy000:

    I want a President who will shrink government and grow the private sector. Until I exhaust all my research to see who that is…I remain skeptical. Did Romney shrink government and grow Mass.’s private sector? Did Perry? Is it in Cain’s DNA to do it? The other candidates do not have a prayer in the primary so there is no need asking what does not matter. I hope all conservative Americans vote according to what is best for our country. We all agree that Obama must go…but we still want what is best for us and that is JOBS! Let’s make sure we pick the right man…America is on the precipice of disaster…we have to get this right.

  85. Why Cain is Winning–And Why He CAN Win | Herman Cain PAC:

    […] few weeks ago, it was all wrapped up…to hear the GOP establishment and “mainstream” media tell the story. It was either going to be their guy (Romney) or slick […]

  86. wordcutter28:

    There is only one real choice if the American people have a say in it, Ron Paul. He has over 30 years of leadership in government. He has always spoken the truth no matter how painful. He has only one agenda,lead America home! He has but one goal, make America strong again. He is the only veteran in the group. He is a real Doctor who took an oath to do no harm to his patients. He took an oath over 50 years ago when he married his wife and has never strayed. He took an oath when sworn into the Air Force and like the oath as a congressman. He has never broken a single oath or a single campaign promise. His predictions are well documented and every one, every one has come true. From the housing bubble, to the decline of the dollar, he has been correct. We want, we need, we demand Ron Paul 2012…

  87. Keith Price:

    84, Romney did, in fact, shrink Mass’s government, significantly. He also went through and cleaned up and cleared out a lot of odd loopholes in their tax code. And, he turned around a budget that was way in the red and brought it into the black in his single term. And, he did it without raising taxes.

    Detractors will say that’s not true, that he’s lying, that he really did raise taxes. The fact is, he added and increased various USAGE fees, and he closed loopholes that businesses were using to pay less taxes. The end result is that some businesses did end up paying more taxes, but the loopholes were pretty silly and needed closing. But, he did not raise tax rates or add new taxes.

  88. Keith Price:

    To the Ron Paul supporters on this thread… Ron’s actually got some pretty good ideas. Unfortunately the few (several?) bad ideas will keep him from ever being taken seriously by the moderate republicans and independents, thus he would never be elected. So, we’re looking for a qualified candidate who will actually win.

  89. Great, before a single vote has been cast, RNC is convinced the primary is over | galengalengalen:

    […] to Race42012, GatewayPundit and AofSHQ Share this:FacebookTwitterDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  90. Danae:


    People, Herman Cain is 1000 times the candidate Romney is! Why do you want to put another RINO up? RINO’s are PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

    RAISE CAIN!!!!!!!!

  91. Joe Hyde:

    Mitt Romney is Dr/ Stangelove’s Doomsday Device for the Republican Party and our country. Details: http://rickperryreport.com/article/2011-10-04/jack-d-ripper-conservatism

  92. Keith Price:

    91, as Lincoln once said, “son you’ve got your facts straight but you’ve come to the entirely wrong conclusion”.

    (10 points to the first person who can tell the rest of that story. Hint, it caused an entire jury to roar with laughter and was responsible for him winning that case.)

  93. jdayh:

    @Keith Price
    OK, like what? List any of the positions you don’t agree with.

  94. Keith Price:

    93, only the conclusion that Mitt is the Doomsday device.

  95. jdayh:

    Yahoo News: Why Ron Paul’s Presidency Could Save America

    …and for Kieth Price, I meant list any positions you don’t agree with Ron Paul on. (per post #88)

  96. Spec Bowers:

    Georgette Mosbacher is NOT a Finance co-chair, is not even a member of the Finance committee.

  97. LibertySilver:

    I don’t care how much money Obama raises or not, Romney will NOT be able to beat him.

    Ron Paul is the only Candidate that can beat Obama.

  98. 24payturn:

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