September 3, 2011

Weekend Miscellany

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Green Jobs
Even liberal news outlets, such as San Francisco’s NBC station, recognize that the failure of Solyndra this week is a major blow to Obama after his ceaseless talk about green jobs, and his equally ceaseless use of the word ‘investment’ as a euphemism for ‘government spending’ (if putting $535mil in a company like this is his idea of a good investment, I’m glad he’s not my financial advisor).

President Obama faces political catastrophe in the form of Solyndra — a San Francisco Bay area solar company that he touted as a gleaming example of green technology. It has announced it will declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More than 1,100 people will lose their jobs.

And Solyndra is not the only solar firm to go belly-up recently. Via EspressoPundit, here’s an interesting juxtaposition of headlines from a recent Arizona Republic:

It’s worth noting, by the way, that a major investor in Solyndra, George Kaiser, was a big donor to Obama in 2008. But I’m sure that played no role in Solyndra getting half a billion taxpayer dollars. As an aside, I guess one of the 1100 people who will be losing their jobs in the shutdown has already lost his/hers – the webmaster. I say that based on a look at their homepage. Perhaps the White House might loan them some help to get that image removed.

Even before the Solyndra shutdown, Walter Russell Mead had this excellent piece on the green jobs illusion. He offers several examples, of which I’ll cite only one:

On his recent jobs tour Obama stopped at a Johnson Controls plant in southern Michigan, which received $300 million in green grants and plans to create a whopping total of 150 jobs, at a cost of $2 million per position.

When, as Mead notes, even the New York Times has figured it out (“Federal and state efforts to stimulate creation of green jobs have largely failed, government records show”), you know that the game is over.

Related: Here’s a handy summary from Hotline of candidates’ positions on global warming. It’s already outdated, though; the same day it was published, Mitt Romney adjusted his position to being a bit more of a skeptic.

A Bit of Nostalgia
While wandering the streets near where I’m staying in the London burbs, I saw this sign at a gas station:

The prices induced a wave of nostalgia. They are, of course, in pounds per liter, and convert to about $8.35 per gallon – which should make you feel better if you’re driving somewhere this Labor Day weekend.

The Jewish Candidate
According to this article, sent to me by MWS, some Jewish donors are withholding funds from Mitt Romney because they would rather contribute to fellow Jew Michele Bachmann.

Some Jewish donors are telling fund-raisers for Romney, a Mormon, that while they like him, they’d rather open their wallets for the “Jewish candidate,” who they don’t realize is actually a Lutheran, The Post has learned.

“It’s a real problem,” one Romney fund-raiser said. “We’re working very hard in the Jewish community because of Obama’s Israel problem. This was surprising.”

I pass it along for amusement purposes, since I can’t really believe that any serious Jewish donor would not know that Bachmann isn’t Jewish.

Miscellaneous Miscellany

Should Ugly People Be Protected from Discrimination?
This guy thinks so. I’d love to know how they would determine who qualifies. Perhaps some version of ‘Hot or Not?’

Sixty Trips to Get a Permit
So this guy gets a permit to operate a food truck in Detroit. After making about sixty visits to city hall over a six month period. Does anyone have any questions about why Detroit is, er, Detroit?

Failed Candidates Who Changed History
C-SPAN is going to have a series starting this week on candidates (such as Barry Goldwater) who lost, but had a huge impact on the course of history (perhaps larger, in some cases, than the winner). Looks interesting, for history nerds like me. There’s a video and discussion of the show at the link.

The Outcome of Kelo
Kelo v. New London wasn’t merely a low point in the history of the Supreme Court, it appears to be a low point for New London as well. After stealing people’s homes and giving the property to a developer … the development failed and the city ended up with a big empty lot.



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Here's a couple miscellaneous items to set the record straight once and for all..

PerryTruthTeam PerryTruthTeam

NYTimes publishes correction to @NYTimeskrugman column with false # of TX min. wage workers



Good rundown as usual.

-The Green Jobs boondoggle is a perfect storm for a Chicago liberal- it combines liberal environmental piety, a limitless faith in top down economic direction, and the ability to reward major donors with taxpayer money.

Kelo ranks just below the moral abominations of Brown, Dred Scott, and Roe for worst SCOTUS decision of all time. I recall an effort to raise money to turn David Souter's New Hampshire home into a hotel, so as to give the local municipality "best use" justification for seizing his home. I'm not sure how that all wound down.

Failed candidates who changed history would have to include........ Ross Perot, George Wallace, Robert Lafollete, Pat Buchanan, and George McGovern from the last century.


When I first heard the name "Bachmann," I kinda wondered too.

BTW: All my East Coast Jewish business associates are big Romney fans. Have been for years. They were shocked to discover some "Christians" would refuse to vote for Romney on the basis of religion. They weren't gittin' that at all.


PerryTruthTeam PerryTruthTeam

Huh? @PolitifactTexas: Dem. says 9.5% TX workers make min. wage and gets half-true. Truth: 5.3%.


The Wall Street Journal's editorial board was gushing over Huntsman's detailed and visionary economic plan. The original article appears to be behind a subscription wall, but here's a recap.


Give me $535 million and I'll personally create more than the 1100 jobs in Orange County, Southern California -- how does at least 10x that sound?


Give me $535 million dollars and I'll personally create more than 1100 building my new house, personal chapel, and amusement park. The jobs will undoubtedly last longer than Solyndra's.

I think an investigation is warranted on that case.

A Chicago politician gives a crap ton of taxpayers' money to an nonviable business that quickly fails.

I'll bet dollars to donuts the owners did pretty well.


I will correct an error in the original post. I referred to Kaiser as the founder -- he is not, but he held (through his family foundation) a 35% equity stake in the company at the time of the IPO.



I saw the intro to the "Contenders" series. It looks pretty good. Some of the ones they had included all the guys that Matt mentioned (except maybe LaFollette), but it also included folks like William Jennings Bryan, Wendell Wilkie and Thomas Dewey.


Bryan definitely deserves to be on the list, but I don't know why Wilkie or Dewey would be.



There was a book that came out a couple of years ago called Five Days in Philadelphia about the 1940 Election and the Wilkie nomination. The central thesis was that Wilkie gave FDR the political cover to pass stuff like Lend-Lease that a candidate like the isolationist Bob Taft wouldn't have.

As for Dewey, I'm not sure. One could make the argument that Bob Taft had a bigger impact than Dewey did, even though Taft never got the nomination.


Jonathan: I saw that they discussed Dewey in the video, but it wasn't in the context of how he changed history -- it was how he might have changed things if he had won. I didn't come away with the impression that he's in the series. I agree with Matt that he didn't change much of anything.

Willkie I could see -- his nomination made the Republican Party internationalist. I saw a discussion of a book recently that argued that British agents were behind the Draft Willkie movement. I don't know how seriously to take that, but certainly Britain benefited from his nomination, because FDR was freed up to help Britain without having to watch out for Republican attacks.


Jonathan: I suspect we're referring to the same book.



I think so.

I do remember them saying how a Dewey Presidency would've kept Joe McCarthy from doing anything. Also, a Dewey Presidency would've probably kept Dwight D. Eisenhower from running and maybe Nixon from running.

Even bigger, a Dewey victory in 1948 would've made Earl Warren Vice President. If Warren was VP, then he wouldn't have been on the Court. Imagine a Supreme Court without Earl Warren.


Regrettably, Bob Taft didn't have as much impact as his reputation would suggest. He was fighting a rear-guard defense of Old World Republicanism. His side was overwhelmed by the internationalists, and didn't really find a major voice in the party (that I recall) until Pat Buchanan.


"Imagine a Supreme Court without Earl Warren."

There's a happy, wistful thought.

It's amazing to me how many craphole justices were nominated by Republicans. And people wonder why SoCons are borderline paranoid when it comes to SCOTUS picks.



Eisenhower later said that appointing Earl Warren was "the biggest damn mistake I ever made". Of course, he later picked William Brennan, the most liberal Justice of the last 100 years after Warren, so Ike didn't really learn his lesson. Out of the 4 Justices that Ike appointed, only John Marshall Harlan would be considereda conservative by any stretch.



CORRECTION: Ike appointed 5 Supreme Court Justices, not 4.


Enormous correction to #3 above......

Brown vs. Board was NOT a moral abomination. I was thinking of the decision it was reversing, Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


"Ike appointed 5 Supreme Court Justices"

Wow -- think of the impact five good appointments could have had.

Matt: Goldwater was a Taft Republican -- so if Goldwater is given credit for fathering the modern conservative movement, then perhaps Taft was the grandfather.



Harlan was a pretty good pick, but yeah the rest were awful. Brown v. Board of Education was about the only good decision the Warren Court made. My dad has told me that when he was growing up, there would be road-side signs in Indiana that said "Impeach Earl Warren".


Another of the "contenders" that they are having that doesn't make sense to me is Adlai E. Steveson. I know academics worship ole' egg-headed Adlai, but I don't really see what his huge impact was other than getting massacred by Ike twice in a row.



I was mulling Adlai (I live in his hometown of Bloomington). I was thinking of how he helped transition the Democratic party to modern day liberalism, and perhaps paved the way for Kennedy, but I think it's more accurate to say that he just happened to be the guy between FDR and Kennedy, who were both much larger figures in the history of modern liberalism.



I think Barry was much more of an interventionist than Taft. I recall in one of Barry's books (I think it was Conscience) that he faulted Kennedy not for starting the Bay of Pigs Invasion, but for not following through with air support (which Barry claimed Kennedy promised him). But I don't know what Taft thought of the Bay of Pigs.



Taft died in 1953, so he probably didn't care too much about Bay of Pigs

Even though he did disagree with Goldwater on foreign policy, it was Taft who kept the flame of conservatism alive inside the Republican Party. In an age of Dewey, Stassen, Wilkie and Warren Republicans, Taft was the voice of the Republican Right.


Matt: Of course you are right about foreign policy being an area of difference between Taft and Goldwater. Goldwater therefore could be seen as a transitional figure melding the isolationist conservatism of Taft with the internationalist views of the Willkie/Dewey/Ike faction -- which was brought to fruition with Reagan.


Regarding "green" jobs, who cares whar color they are? Not the husband and wife with four kids and a mortgage -- out of work for several months or over a year!

Statement From Gov. Perry on August Job Numbers

Posted on September 2nd, 2011

“President Obama’s job-killing polices continue to wreak havoc on the American economy. The poor national jobs picture stands in stark contrast to Texas’ pro-jobs, limited government policies which helped make us the top job-producing state in the nation. Our country cannot afford four more years of economic misery, and I will continue to travel the county talking about ways to get American working again.”


Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

If you get any free time away from the celebration -- relax and check this outfolks..

Could be Obama's nightmare and our next president:

Gov. Rick Perry to Join U.S. Rep. Tim Scott for Labor Day Town Hall Meeting

Following the format of his previous town halls with presidential candidates, Rep. Scott will take questions from the live audience as well as from online Facebook followers, allowing as many voters as possible to ask Gov. Perry a question.

“I am proud to welcome Gov. Perry to Myrtle Beach to meet our voters,” said Rep. Scott. “Since his announcement speech in Charleston just over two weeks ago, the governor has excited our electorate, and I look forward to continuing that conversation.”

“I am thankful to Rep. Scott for inviting me to participate in such an important conversation with the people of South Carolina,” said Gov. Perry.



Craig you know you don't have to spam every single thread right?


PB for everybody except Romney

Do you have any other things to do in your life besides comment on all these multiple blogs ? I am gone most of the day and comment occasionally, when time permits, but YOU have time to burn.



'The politics of phony'


Bill Burton, the former White House spokesman who's now with the pro-President Obama super PAC PrioritiesUSA, is refocusing attention on Mitt Romney, highlighting the GOP candidate's "average Joe" tweets in a memo to reporters about "the politics of phony."

He uses this as his frame:

@MittRomney 31 Aug: Thanks to the great @SouthwestAir crew for an easy flight”; @MittRomney 1 Sept: “Thanks @subwayfreshbuzz for breakfast.”

“Romney to quadruple La Jolla home size” –San Diego Union Tribune, 8/20/11

He then goes on to say:

Jonathan & CraigS,

When Governor Romney decided that he would say or do anything to get elected, you have to imagine he didn't think it would involve flying in non-private aircraft and eating at Subway. In fairness, as someone who made a vast fortune laying off American workers his identity is indeed in need of a makeover. (And quadrupling his beach home in an exclusive San Diego neighborhood isn't exactly helping that effort.)

But in his attempted makeover, Governor Romney is simultaneously highlighting a key weakness: he is willing to do or say anything to become President, even if it means changing his positions, his appearance and his sandwich.

This weekend Romney will fly (commercial, presumably) to New Hampshire and South Carolina for back-to-back Tea Party events he had previously declined. It’s a sudden shift for a campaign that earlier this week telegraphed a strategy of appearing more moderate and electable than Rick Perry. Tea Party members have already trashed Romney’s pandering and the head of one of the largest groups called Romney a, “political opportunist claiming to be a tea partier.”

The memo goes on to accuse Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman of various shades of phonyism, but Romney is the main target, at a moment when he is debating how to handle the Perry boom in the primary.


33 - When was Romney known for flying in private jets?


Speaking of green, red, or purple jobs --Obama has huge problem by not creating the environment that they have in Gov Perry's Texas where more new jobs are being begun -- than in the other 49 combined.

That's why the Texas population has risen 50% during Perry's governorship.

And more on their way as it looks like college graduates don't really have any choice but to keep headin' to Texas upon graduation.



Dennis K. Berman How bad is US #jobs picture? There were about 1.75m college grads in 2011. Private employers are adding just 60,000 jobs/month. Do the math.

1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


The Romneys have been flying coach/commercial forever. Remember the story of Anne bringing her Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole on a commercial flight? And Mitt getting in a fight with a rocker or someone over the reclining seat?

No way to win with some folks.


Out of 37 posts on this thread 12 are by spamming troll Craig For Losers.

And he does it with every thread.

Guys,why don't you do what I do,don't read his spamming trolling crap,

don't even scan it!

Ignore it!!!


Perry's going to perform very well in the New Hampshire primary with a first or second place finish just about guaranteed.


Rick Perry Amazing crowds and great energy today in New Hampshire. Look forward to being back soon!

7 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone



I was not going to comment(I'm losing interest to comment on this site),but

will say just this since it's a Weekend Miscellany:

I was in the front raw today in Indianola Iowa,watching the electric,eclectic

and thrilling candidate like speech and performance by Sarah Palin.

Had two encounters with the Governor:

First,I asked her two questions while she signed her name on front of my

shirt,dedicated for that purpose only,and she answered both to my complete happiness.

One of those two questions was:

"Governor,when are you going to tell us that you are running"?

But the second encounter is the reason I'm writing this comment.

I said:

"Governor,I know you will hit and clobber that crony,phony cowboy Ricky Perry".

For less than a second she was startled and then she burst into loud laugh.

I mean big,very loud long laugh.

With her both hands she grabbed my hand saying and laughing at the same time

"Thank you for coming,really,thank you for coming".

I made great Sarah Palin laugh today and she made my day and much,much more

than that!!!

This was recorded by many reporters around.



Thanks for sharing your experience here--it must have been quite the experience! Very, very cool. Was that the first time you've met Sarah face to face and spoken with her?

I don't suppose you're going to let us know her response to your first question?


Mike Huckabee On Sarah Palin’s 2012 Chances: ‘A Seasoning Agent, But Not The Main Course’

video by Frances Martel | September 3rd, 2011


With her speaking engagement this weekend Sarah Palin has once again managed to bring the 2012 presidential spotlight on herself without jumping into the race, though polls are now showing her chances are rather compromised. Even if she does not run or win, however, at least Mike Huckabee thinks there’s a significant place for her at the table. On Fox & Friends this morning, the 2008 GOP candidate argued that, given her poll numbers, it may be Palin’s fate to “season the food,” but not be the “main ingredient.”

“You have to be very stubborn [to run],” Huckabee noted when presented with a Fox News poll showing upwards of 70% of Republicans hoping Palin doesn’t run for President. That said, Huckabee allotted her a “a very significant role that she plays as an advocate, someone who energizes the base of the party.” In switching gears, “the moment that she becomes a candidate, she becomes a target within her own party.”

In the chance that she does decide to run, however, Huckabee handicapped the results for the other candidates: she will “probably help” Mitt Romney, as Rick Perry and Rep. Michele Bachmann are currently vying for the same space Palin is after, so the three will be splitting the vote. With that in mind, however, Huckabee did not give her particularly high chances to win the nomination, later adding by way of compliment that “it’s not a bad thing to be able to season the food if you’re not the main ingredient,” suggesting Palin didn’t really have what it takes to be the “main course.”


You deleted about 20 posts I made. You are a front for Perry.


Texas uility rates went up 64% from 1999 to 2007. Dallas and Houston pay the nation's highest prices.


Perry is taking a toll on Texas – NAFTA superhighway would destroy 500,000 acres of farmland


25% of Texans do not have health care


Texans pay the highest home owners insurance in the nation


Palin looks like a dork and talks like a hick. She quit her job as governor and any man in that case would no longer have a political career. McCain picked her, too.


Everyone knows McCain is a RINO


Rick Perry is all hat, and no cattle. With unprecedented stakes in America, nobody wants to roll the dice and hope that Rick Perry is going to be someone else now. We refuse that risk. Rick Perry is just the empty and sickly illusion of conservative values; really he is a big mouthed, insincere, dominating statist.


The Conservatives moving into Texas get credit for the increase in jobs. We have the highest energy/utility prices here in Texas than any where in the United States.

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