August 18, 2011

The Bushies (Rove’s) War on Perry

  3:13 pm

The fact that there is no love lost between Governor Rick Perry and the Bushes and especially between Perry and Bush uber-operative Karl Rove is now being widely reported in the political press.  Whether or not you are a fan of Rove and or the Bushes (I am not) or of Governor Perry (I am a neutral), it is important, I think, for everyone to know what’s going on and where this personal and political rivalry might be headed.  One who has a lot of insight on Rove and his close associates is former George W. Bush White House speechwriter Matt Latimer who wrote an interesting book (Speech-Less:  Tales of a White House Survivor) about his years as a Capitol Hill staffer and his years in the George W. Bush administration.  Latimer is out with a web column today discussing his perspective on Rove’s and the Bushes rivalry  with Perry which, it should be emphasized, predates any presidential aspiration of Perry’s.  Here are some highlights of Latimer’s column:

Just because Karl Rove is behind a plot doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work.  That we’re still talking about the former Bush aide at all is a testament to his singular tenacity.

How has he done it? The man helped elect the Pelosi Congress—it was Rove who in 2006 was in charge of holding on to GOP majorities in the House and Senate. He helped elect Barack Obama—insisting that John McCain was the only “electable” Republican in 2008 and bad-mouthing most of the others running. His indispensable support of his boss’ overspending and government bailouts even helped create the Tea Party, which has bedeviled Rove and other GOP establishment figures ever since.

And yet billionaire donors to the Republican Party seem oblivious to the record, handing Rove big, fat checks to fund his activities further. Perhaps this is because he is charming and witty, has a statistic for every occasion, never stops calling people until he gets what he wants, says all the right things about battling “them liberals,” and wallpapers himself across The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages and Fox News Channel, where his words are rarely challenged.  To his everlasting credit, Rove has truly lived up to his Bush-conferred nickname, “Turdblossom.” He can make any mess he’s involved in still smell sweet.

His brazen and transparent attacks on a leader of his own party, Texas Gov.  Rick Perry, may be the greatest test yet of Rove’s remarkable resilience. Some, in fact, are starting to question if we have at last reached “the moment.” Years from now, will we look back at the 2012 primary season as the time when Rove put on his Fonzie jacket, flashed a thumbs-up sign, and then—finally—jumped the shark? ………….

The origins of the Rove grudge against Perry really matter only to a handful of people. Suffice it to say it stems from some decade-old feud over power and money. And Rove has lassoed the entire Bush family in on it. The former presidents Bush have made it a great point not to comment on the actions of their successors—Clinton and Obama, respectively. They think there is a nobility to staying out of the fray and not making things more difficult for the next commander in chief. Yet the Bushes have shown no compunction about doing just that to a fellow Republican and fellow Texan (though Perry is the only one of them actually born in the state).

While in the White House, Bush 2 and his aides regularly scoffed at Perry for reasons that were never fully clear, making fun of his syntax and intellectual prowess without any sense of irony. In 2010 the Bush family, along with Rove and Karen Hughes, undertook an unprecedented effort to kick him out of the governor’s chair, handing a crowbar to Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, whom they judged more “electable.” Perry walloped her in the GOP primary, then went on to win a historic third term in the general election by a double-digit margin.  So much for electability.

Whatever the rationale, this is truly a bizarre thing for the Bushies to do.  Openly attacking a legitimate Republican contender used to be considered bad form, especially in the noblesse oblige world of Greenwich and Kennebunkport from which the Bushes actually hail. And it may finally sever the already tenuous link between the Bush era and the conservative base of the GOP.

The Bushes are usually more cautious than this, which means they must feel they have no other choice. A Perry victory would end whatever chokehold the Bushes still have on the GOP establishment. It would cut off many donors to Rove, Inc. Worse yet, Karl Rove and his compatriots simply cannot fathom the idea of having to sit on Fox News for four years defending the policies of the man who dared to cross them.

Perry’s response to all this has been clever and obvious: total silence. He has nothing to gain by stoking an intraparty war. And he need not worry about a bunch of operatives who took the last presidency they managed to a 13 percent approval rating. The former governor may also remember what happened to the Fonz after he jumped that shark. Though the show lingered on for a few more years, it was never quite the same.

Read the entire Latimer column here.

Again, there are various legitimate perspectives on Rove and the net results of the Bush presidency and everyone should come to their own conclusions regarding such; and, the same applies to Governor Perry, his record, and his presidential candidacy.  But, one result of the publicity surrounding this rivalry will be to reduce the possibility of personal attacks on Perry from opaque sources, for if that should occur, many people will think they know the identity of the party behind it.



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The Bushes don't like Romney because he is not easily corrupted. So they are begging for a novice to enter the race. Not happening.

Romney or bust.


If Romney is so fabulous, why are you all bashing Perry so much? Getting scared...desperate...? You are all shallow and quite frankly, wet behind the ears and you can't see the light that Perry HAS GOT WHAT IT TAKES and Romney does not.

Keep on bashing Perry my desperate Romneybots, and I will keep on posting negative comments about YOU all.


The Bush family and friends have very good reason to dislike Perry. Everything in Perry's life stinks of a spineless opportunist:

* A life-long Democrat, helping Al Gore run his campaign against GHWB Bush in 1988.

* When Gore drops out, Perry does a 180 and votes for Bush in the General.

* Sees an opportunity to run for office and flips to the Republican party to do it.

* Runs for Governor, using George W Bush and his father's success at creating jobs to hijack for his own.

* Says that Texas should cut-and-run by seceding from the country (apparently "fixing" America wasn't important back then)

* REPEATEDLY promises not to run for President.

* Sees an opportunity to garner the Evangelical vote and hosts a big prayer rally

* Jumps into the race last minute to run with the SoCon wave of desire for a religious representative.

EVERYTHING in Perry's life STINKS of taking advantage of the success or enthusiasm of others and stealing it for himself. And nobody has been abused more than the success of the Bush family.


Perry's economic success came entirely from Government Jobs.

So it does make sense for Perry to attack Romney for his private business background. Afterall, Perry is just another life-long, big government RINO politician who hates the private sector.


As Bernstein notes this "shows Texas to be following a traditional Keynesian game plan: as the private sector contracts, turn to the public sector to temporarily make up part of the difference."


As a long-time Texas resident and Hawkeye born, raised and educated in Iowa, I worry Iowans may fall for Rick Perry’s “Texas Talking.” While Perry makes big claims of success creating Texas jobs, the numbers don’t add up, especially outside of Texas.

First of all, Iowans should know that as their gas prices go up, Texas employment goes up. Rick Perry likes expensive oil because it means more profits for Texas fat cats and ultimately more jobs for Texas.

Iowans should know Texas is graced with many large federal installations, and numbers of federally-funded jobs in Texas jumped in recent years to $227 Billion in 2009, in part because of stimulus spending Perry asked for and then criticized.

Military spending in Texas skyrocketed since 9/11, including 14,000 additional troops at Ft. Bliss outside of El Paso while Fort Hood, a huge employer in the state, inserts over $3 billion annually into the Texas economy. This spending is recession proof.

Despite Perry’s negative rhetoric, very high rates of immigration to Texas offer employers very low wage workers. More than half a million workers in Texas earn the minimum wage or less – twice as many as any other state.

Worse yet, the huge shadow economy in Texas doesn’t report even lower “off the book” wages of undocumented workers.

Still worse, about half recent Texas job growth was in the public sector, and experts now predict layoffs of 335,000 people as Perry’s draconian cuts in state spending take effect, on top of additional job losses as federal stimulus money expires, stacked on top a million Texans already unemployed.

Texans know Perry’s luck has run out, and we hope he retires before becoming another failed Texas president.


I have not been impressed with Matt Latimers writing skills or analysis. I thought the "jumping the shark" metaphor was silly and inappropriate. Rove still has plenty of sway in the party.


Get ready of a General election campaign filled with jokes like this. IF WE NOMINATE RICK PERRY

Think about it folks, this guy is a disaster.


Supporters of Romney should not be bashing Gov Perry. Perry is the best shot at reaching across different elements of the Rep & Independents and has a message that is needed now. Obama hopes Romney gets the nomination because his state healthcare program being the one that Obama based Obamacare on will be the nail in Romney's coffin. New blood is needed, we should learn this from McCain's defeat. Gov Perry needs more support, HE CAN WIN! Look how quickly he has risen in the polls.

This is about who has a record to get the most voters excited, and wanting to go to the polls AND who can beat Obama.


Texas is going to have a really tough time with this drought and extreme heat. We've been surviving on stimulus funds for the past few years, but it looks like the party is over and its time to pay the bill. Will Rick Perry be around to pay it?


Almost all the comments are from "CF" and the facts are not correct. Private companies were interviewed this morning about Gov Perry being directly the reason they opened businesses there AFTER doing a state search to see which state was best. Imagine Perry enticing businesses that have left America (or considering) to come back here AND HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS! What he has done in Texas can be done on a large scale.

Remember, Perry is being attacked because he scares Obama & the Dems because HE SPEAKS IT LIKE IT IS AND CAN WIN! He is not Wall Street, nor baggage with unpopular healthcare programs.


I am all for party unity but I draw the line with Rick Perry. When Sarah Palin was in the news 24/7 with her false bravado and was picking fights with David Letterman and the President, many of us said she was unserious and she would end up losing us the Presidency if she ran. Rick Perry announces and promptly threatens Ben Bernanke and calls him a traitor, among other things, that remind us all of Sarah Palin's act. If Perry is a male version of Sarah Palin, I say NO. This country has been in a bloodless civil war since Clinton's impeachment. Nominating another polarizing candidate is not only bad for our party, it is bad for our country. I could support Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, and even Michelle Bachmann (she handles herself with poise and humility), but not Rick Perry.


Well this thread went downhill fast except for #9. Thanks a lot, CF and RubioZone.

I was looking forward to discussing Rove and Perry: An athiest and a christian.


SH, I would give it up if I were you. This is not a real GOP site at all. It's a Romney or no one site.


Corporate giveaways should NOT be the way to attract businesses. The Constitution promises equal protection under the law. How is that possible when the state gets to negotiate individually with the taxpayer? This encourages corruption and "crony" capitalism. Rick Perry should be questioned on how businesses were enticed to move to Texas and whether this practice is fair.



You used to say all that about Huck on a daily basis. Get off your high wishy washy moderate loving horse.

But thanks for supporting Bachmann. I'm pleasantly surprised. :)


Sorry, but perry's record speaks for itself. It's not bashing to bring it up, just as it's not bashing to bring up Romney's outstanding record. the guy was built up as a messiah for the GOP, when in fact, he isonly a Pharisee.


Pros Gov Perry

Former Captain in the Air Force

Humble beginnings, worked hard to get where he is today (no silver spoon here)

Longest running Governor in history (elected 3 times, even with Bushes/Karl supporting Kay Hutchenson)

President of Governors

Grew up in Dem family, switched to Rep when Dem party went so far left (knows both sides)

Truthful, tells it like it is even with criticsm (most politicians scared of media)

LOVES AMERICA, and actions speak very loudly

He is electable (key point, most voters have been waiting for someone to be excited about)

He has personality to negotiate, not arrogant (needed to deal with international leaders & Congress)

11 Years experience governing the 2nd largest state in the US WITH SUCCESS

Understands both sides of the border issue

Track record working with businesses



Haven't you heard the site is going to be renamed from race42012 to romney4evuh.


A captain after 5 years. Let's see the evals as to why he did not advance.



No grassroots conservative like SH or yourself should give up here.

This site is for you, trust me.


Tom, I'm all for that!!!!


11.SH Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Almost all the comments are from “CF” and the facts are not correct. Private companies were interviewed this morning about Gov Perry being directly the reason they opened businesses there AFTER doing a state search to see which state was best. Imagine Perry enticing businesses that have left America (or considering) to come back here AND HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS! What he has done in Texas can be done on a large scale.

Remember, Perry is being attacked because he scares Obama & the Dems because HE SPEAKS IT LIKE IT IS AND CAN WIN! He is not Wall Street, nor baggage with unpopular healthcare programs.


Thank you, SH. Perry is an excellent candidate to take Obama out with.



"Almost all the comments are from “CF” and the facts are not correct. Private companies were interviewed this morning about Gov Perry being directly the reason they opened businesses there AFTER doing a state search to see which state was best. "

Yeah, I saw that. So your calling my facts, based on real statistical data, incorrect, but a few private companies interviewed in a Perry advertisement tells the real story?


"This country has been in a bloodless civil war since Clinton’s impeachment. Nominating another polarizing candidate is not only bad for our party, it is bad for our country."

You are spot on correct. It's time to get the country back together again. It's time to end the cycle of revenge.



Simple question to flush you out..

If Perry is our nominee, will you be voting for him or hoping Obama beats him?

Fredrick (Romney/West)

SH when I read your posts, I cannot help but to think it's all BS. I don't know why. Maybe it's because your initials or just the substance of your comments.


I said Perry was a male version of Sarah Palin. Here's some evidence of it from the excellent writing of Christian Heinze at GOP12.

Notice how Palin keeps referring to what Perry is doing is EXACTLY what she was doing before (and got criticized for). How it must incense her to see Perry getting the accolades she should be getting, but they told her she was unelectable! Now Perry is doing her schtick on the campaign trail.

This might be enough to get her in the race, at least to teach Rick Perry a lesson.

Bottom line: if you were against Sarah Palin because she was unelectable, why would you support Rick Perry?



Same question to you and Rightgal. (#26)

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

It looks to me like SH is a shield for Perry. He only shows up when Perry decides to run. How much you want to bet that he disappears when Perry drops out (and he will).

# Craig for MB in IOWA Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 4:28 pm


No grassroots conservative like SH or yourself should give up here.

This site is for you, trust me.


I doubt seriously if SH is anything but a shield for Perry. I respect you (often disagree) because you have been here for a very long time. I am dubious of newbies who all of sudden show up as big supporters of a new candidate. Something smells fishy. I would not be surprised to find out that Rick Perry hired individuals to go to blogs and make positive comments about him.



Look at Perry's favoables, now look at this at POLLSTER.COM tracking her numbers from hundreds of different polls:



"Bottom line: if you were against Sarah Palin because she was unelectable, why would you support Rick Perry?"

It's obvious: they're desperate at this point. They know Perry is their last shot to take Romney down so they'll mischaracterize, lie about, inflate, and ignore Rick Perry's record and electibality.

You've gotta understand these people like Craig, Marque, Pablo, and others here. They have no candidate they really stand behind. They may not admit this, but deep down inside they know it's true. They're sole purpose is to stop Mitt Romney.

Rick Perry is a media creation on the right-wing. He's a balloon loaded with hot air, and they're doing their best to stop the air from leaking out even if it's inevitable.

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

asparagus Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 4:39 pm

I said Perry was a male version of Sarah Palin.


More like the republican version of Joe Biden. The more he opens his mouth the worse he will look. Frankly I don't expect Perry to go the distance as his Big Texas Evangelical act will wear out soon on the nation stage. Joe Bidden is trying to be another Huckabee and it is not going to work. As much as I disliked Huckabee in 2008, you have to give the devil his due. Perry is no Huckabee. Perry is not as intelligent or smooth as Huckabee is.


CF, some of us like to actually discuss PROs and CONs intelligently and care about the wrong direction our country is going. If new blood had countered Obama's inexperience in 2008, the election MIGHT have gone a different direction. Most fiscal conservatives do not like to fight, yell, or scream. We actually prefer to have intelligent discussions with respect for all involved. Just for the record, I am an independent and think we need to oust all those not looking out for America as a whole.

The louder they scream, the more I think Gov Perry is the right candidate to support. If Obama got elected after Rev Wright and the mafia buying the land his house was built on in Chicago, Perry can get past this negativity thrown at him WITH OUR SUPPORT. This election will get very ugly, but we need to remember beating Obama is the biggest common object we all should have. I can promise that all the GOPs running will support whoever gets the nomination.

ps. Thank you, Craig for MB and Newby. Can't afford to give up, too much at stake this election! Please don't either!


"CF, some of us like to actually discuss PROs and CONs intelligently and care about the wrong direction our country is going. "

Oh really? I guess that makes me the only intelligent one then, since I've provided statistics showing Perry's job record is a sham, and you have not.


Why is it that being a Christian is a minus since Obama took office? Even John Adams called for national days of prayer and fasting when he was in the WH. Every President before Obama had a Christian day of prayer. Just saying ...


"If Perry is our nominee, will you be voting for him or hoping Obama beats him?"

If Perry is our nominee, Obama WILL beat him. If anyone is on team Obama here, it's you Craig.



"Why is it that being a Christian is a minus since Obama took office?"

Yeah, why is that? Seeing as we already had one in Romney, I don't know why people go looking elsewhere.

Sojourner Truth

Why is it that being a Christian is a minus since Obama took office? Even John Adams called for national days of prayer and fasting when he was in the WH. Every President before Obama had a Christian day of prayer. Just saying

It's only bad news if Rombots think they can use it to sink Perry and by default, prop up their guy.


Well, since everyone (I mean the Rombots, of course) wants to quote from HuffPost, it's pretty funny and strange they forgot this one....oh wait, I think I know why.

Bachmann, Perry Gaining The Most Ground In Presidential Race

WASHINGTON -- Despite Gov. Rick Perry's splashy entrance into the GOP presidential race, Rep. Michele Bachmann has gained the most ground recently in the eyes of influential Republicans polled by The Huffington Post and Patch in the big three early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Thirty-three percent of those responding to the new HuffPost-Patch Outsiders Poll said the Minnesota congressman, spurred by her surprise victory in the Ames Straw Poll last Saturday, had done the most to benefit her campaign last week. The Texas governor, who announced his candidacy last Saturday in South Carolina and who has been touring Iowa since then, finished second with 30 percent.

Although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is widely perceived as a frontrunner, only 8 percent of the respondents said his performance in the last week boosted his standing. Ron Paul, who finished a close second to Bachmann in the Ames Straw Poll, also failed to impress the influential Republicans, as only 8 percent said he had helped his campaign.

The results are the first from a new survey designed to tap the uniquely extensive and deep reporting resources of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group in the three early GOP voting states. Future surveys will expand to include other key states in the nomination race and general election swing states nationwide as our network grows.


Thunder I love ya but you're way off on that analogy. Biden is the common man who makes gaffes but they are generally harmless. I think Perry is intentionally stealing Sarah Palin's act. He knows it works. Explains why he shot up to the lead in Iowa without breaking a sweat. So if you know Sarah Palin's playbook you know Perry's next moves. I predict an embarassing interview followed by no interviews and lots of complaining about "gotcha journalism". Did Rick Perry get a journalism degree? Maybe he will offer to "help" them get the story right, lol.




Why are you dodging the question? Please answer it.

Will you be voting for Perry if he is OUR nominee or hoping that Obama beats him?

Btw, I wil vote for whever we nominate in the hope they will defeat Obama.



Facts about private business that Perry brought to Texas and his expertise:

1) Experience as Pres of Govs

2) Set up Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), which allots money to help companies relocate or expand in the state in order to generate new jobs.

3) Brought large deals to Texas. Three examples are:

**eBay is investing $5.1 million to expand its Austin office, creating more than 1,000 jobs, after the TEF program allocated $2.8 million for the project. Two other deals are 3M and TD Ameritrade that they were expanding their existing facilities in Angleton and Fort Worth.


With you, Craig. Hope for Perry because I think it is best to beat Obama, but I will vote for WHOEVER gets the nomination because I care about America and the direction she is going.



There's a difference between being a Christian and being a political opportunist.


Craig -

If you can see what I am writing (If you have let me out of Craig "time-out") -

I would vote for Perry, or Bachmann, or Huntsman, or Cain, or Gingrich if they were the nominee - I would just have difficulty in being an avid supporter past my vote (which I would be for Romney)

But it is not bad to try to make a point for who you think the best candidate is and if you are worried about the potential nominee's ability to a) win and b) be a constructive/productive POTUS.

You yourself have done plenty to point out Romney's (and others') flaws re: the nomination. While I agree that CF tends to be an extremist in his support that doesn't mean he/she doesn't have merit in bringing up flaws in Perry's past. Romney's been going through the same process for 4 years now.



Thanks, SH.

I think CF is rooting for Obama over Perry in a way since he won't answer that question. He should try being honest and fair for a change. It would be nice.

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

# Sojourner Truth Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Why is it that being a Christian is a minus since Obama took office? Even John Adams called for national days of prayer and fasting when he was in the WH. Every President before Obama had a Christian day of prayer. Just saying

It’s only bad news if Rombots think they can use it to sink Perry and by default, prop up their guy.


Being a Christian is a good thing, using your Religion to bash others is a bad thing. Those who claim to be Christian should follow the advice of Christ....


King James Version

1Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

2Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 3But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: 4That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.


To #48, Massachusetts Conservative

Gov Perry was courageous to not cancel his Christian event as he was advised to. It makes any politician an instant target. Whether or not you support his faith, he has been active since he was a child according to the Methodist church he grew up in. I think it is admirable that he isn't going to "throw his beliefs under the bus" when it could hurt his political ambitions.


So...what's wrong with Perry besides all the gossip and innuendo? Facts, please. I like the fact he prays. Public prayer is fine and legal in my book. I like a little swagger. I think global warming is a crock too. Ben Bernanke is acting like a traitor of sorts. Perry might be given to exaggeration, but he's got the right idea. If he's a crook, if he's unethical, unfaithful, or otherwise unfit give us something solid. Otherwise, let the man run.

Sojourner Truth

Thunder - having a "Day of Prayer" isn't using religion to bash others.

Something tells me if that happened some of the Rombots around here would be on it like white on rice.


Governor Perry's efforts at bringing jobs to the state are indeed commendable. I would rather have him as governor than a tax and spend liberal. Having said that...

Giving away the farm in order to entice businesses to relocate here has its costs. Rick Perry is ostensibly leaving the state during a fiscal emergency that has been papered over with accounting tricks. Especially troubling is that the state has a structural fiscal deficit of $10 billion related to its business taxes. What that says to me is that they over-promised on tax cuts for businesses and are getting much less than they thought they would take in.

The El Paso Times described the budget as following:

The budget cuts do not reflect the amount needed to maintain the same level of services for a larger Texas population. They also do not account for about 160,000 children who enter Texas public schools every two-year period.

While the budget cuts services, it leaves at least $6.5 billion in the state's Rainy Day Fund. It does not focus on finding other sources of revenue such as closing corporate tax loopholes or legalizing gambling in the state. And it does not look to close a recurring $10 billion structural deficit every two years that stems from lower-than-anticipated business taxes.

Instead, the budget relies on accounting maneuvers such as delaying payments to school districts to save money. It also requires that lawmakers next session deal with $4.8 billion in Medicaid costs that will not be covered in the budget.

Not Your Promiscuous Daddy

CF and Craig are opposite sides of the same coin. Both are prolific spammers and both derail every thread they enter with cut and paste.


Breaking News:

TheDC: Palin rips 'arrogance' of Obama's reaction to Perry

Read more:

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

Sojourner Truth Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 5:16 pm

Thunder – having a “Day of Prayer” isn’t using religion to bash others.


I do think Politicians should not use Religion for political purposes and photo ops.


I would like to ask Gov. Perry how he can say that he left the state a $6.5 billion rainy day fund when there were needs in this year's budget that were clearly unaddressed? Isn't it a rainy day fund AFTER your obligations have been met? Having students learn in un-airconditioned trailers is not my definition of meeting my obligations to the students in Texas. Given his solution to Social Security seems to be to dismantle it, or throw it to the states, I would not be surprised to say he encourages "home schooling" as a remedy for the crisis in education in Texas.


Thunder, I am not a Bible expert, but recall other quotes about strength in praying together and God's penalty for judging others. We can all find support for our individual views. This election is not about religion, but I do believe the strongest leaders rely on a greater power for guidance rather than their own conceited arrogance.

This nomination should be about who is the strongest candidate to defeat Obama and bring fiscal accounting and an overhaul of "business as usual" in Washington.


Hey, Matt.. Your candidate is twittering up friction. Who does he think he is? Palin? T-Paw?Wonder why he's not going after Romney, his fellow moderate? Hmmm...

Huntsman takes to Twitter to ding Perry on evolution - TheDC

Read more:


#56 is a new troll at Race hence her handle.

Sojourner Truth

Huntsman takes to Twitter to ding Perry on evolution – TheDC

So who do you think will win the New Hampshire primary?

Huntsman or Obama?


Huckabee was the first with a warning to the Republicans about Perry...He must know something!

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

SH Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 5:21 pm

Thunder, I am not a Bible expert, but recall other quotes about strength in praying together and God’s penalty for judging others. We can all find support for our individual views. This election is not about religion, but I do believe the strongest leaders rely on a greater power for guidance rather than their own conceited arrogance.


Your right, your not a bible expert.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.


And now ricky doesn't believe in evolution?


Huntsman is on our side, right?



Be careful - if you compare Craig to another fanatical poster on here he turns his nose up on you and put you on high alert that you are on his ignore list.

He is the supreme being when it comes to knowing how to act like a civilized poster (heavy sarcasm icon inserted here)

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

# Freddy Ardanza Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 5:27 pm

And now ricky doesn’t believe in evolution?


First, it was a gotcha question and has nothing to do with running for president.

However, it is one area I agree with him. While there is evidence of Micro-evolution, the evidence of Macro-evolution is not based on sound science but is a theory like any other theory.



I bet you liberal CBS NEWS believes in evolution.

As a matter of fact, don't pretty much a majority of liberals STRONGLY believe in evolution and not much need for God?


So do you trust Huck as much as you used to Craig?? You used to dote on every word that came forth from his mouth.

If he feels like Perry is not a good candidate - what makes you not believe him?

can somebody repost my post so Craig can see it seeing that he has put me in his "Craig's Corner" for time out.


Confirmed athiest Karl Rove believes in evolution.

Perry and Huckabee have to get used to taking those questions from the liberals.


The liberals will always accuse Huck and Perry of being dumb conservative hicks who go to church and pray to something in the sky.

And then give church going and strong bible believing Jimmy Carter a pass because he's one of them.

Sojourner Truth

You know...

One CAN believe in a theory with gaps.

The way read that - I don't see Perry confirming nor denying.

That's actually politically smart, considering he needs to get through the GOP primary before he can face Obama.


You may ask yourself how it is possible that such a strong leader as Governor Perry could allow Texas to be in such a predicament? During the budget discussions, Rick Perry was largely out of state meeting people to discouss his upcoming run for President. Since he was running for President, raising any taxes was out of the question. Also, he had to leave $6.5 billion in the rainy day fund, because any qualified nominee for President has to say he left a rainy day fund. As a result of his inaction, we have massive layoffs in education and accounting tricks to delay the inevitable to the next budget session.

Finally, it has been said that we cannot nominate Governor Romney because Obamacare was modelled after his health care plan. Critics argue that we would give up our strongest point against Obama in Obamacare if Romney is nominated. But I argue that nominating Rick Perry gives Obama not one but two clubs to bash us with: 1) Republicans want to return to George W. Bush and the bad economy he left us and 2) Rick Perry used stimulus money (and therefore spending/debt) to balance his budget.

I suggest to you that the economy and debt/spending are the two greatest issues in this race, and that health care is a distant third. That being the case, Rick Perry is a poor candidate to put up at this time, as his good economy was propped up in large measure with stimulus funds and corporate welfare.

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

Craig for MB in IOWA Says:

August 18th, 2011 at 5:38 pm

The liberals will always accuse Huck and Perry of being dumb conservative hicks who go to church and pray to something in the sky.


In Perry case they may be right, not so much Huck. I have great respect for Huck intelligence while I disliked his 2008 run for the nomination.


Huck had a great answer about evolution at the debate in '06, "I don't know, I wasn't there. So I don't know how God did it, or how long he took or what he set in place. I'll ask Him someday. Can I now get some questions on the economy which is not doing as well as Wall Street is telling us."


Huck was the very FIRST tea partier warning of the bubble in DC and Wall Street. But was laughed at by Club For Greed and others. No one's laughing now..

I could see Perry offering Huck a Cabinet Post.


I admit, I would like it if Romney would rent out a stadium and invite political leaders to pray for the welfare of our country. I would like it if Mitt Romney would denounce global warming as the scam it is. I would like it if Romney swaggered and wore cowboy boots. I would like it if Romney came from the great state of Texas. I would like it if Perry had the brains and economic savvy Romney has. I'm in a predicament.


Huckabee is still irrelevant. I'll bet he's in awe of Perry renting out the prayer stadium. Huck is probably all over that big show of faith. I thought it was needed and somewhat gutsy. How did it turn out, by the way? Was it Glenn Beck in proportion?


I never was crazy about Romney's pastor in chief quip. Why not be pastor in chief? Perry is up for it. Seems like. Being embarrassed about your religious beliefs is so.....80's.


Craig for Crazy Eyes (70). Is there any other valid theory or we still believe in fairy tales?


I think political junkies too often get distracted from the real issues at hand.

We don't need swagger.

We don't need cowboy boots.

We don't need someone who shouts.

We don't need someone who threatens people.

We don't need someone just because they pray in public.

We don't need someone just because they have a certain accent.

We don't need someone just because they look like us.

This country is in trouble, for Christ sake. We need someone we can trust to turn this country around. This isn't a goddamn game. This is our beloved country, the United States, the great hope of the Earth. Our status as the shining city on the hill is looking more and more like the past than the present.

It's time we elect someone who's turned around failing enterprises before. Someone who understands crisis management and someone who understands business and economics beyond talking points.

Everything else is just a bunch of horse shit.

I will not stand idly by as my country goes down in flames. Get focused, people.


Rombots know Darwin's natural selection ideas to be a fact, not theory. I mean, just watch how has Mitt evolved over the years.


More information about how Gov. Perry used stimulus money to patch Texas budget deficit, after musing about seceding from the union because of it. Still think Perry's your white knight? This is the most damning argument against a Rick Perry presidency. Sarah Palin says we are tired of politicians telling us one thing and then doing another. How does she feel about Perry stoking anti-Washington rage, and then using stimulus money to fund up to 7% of thte total 2010 budget??? (yes its from Huff Post but facts are facts).


Why are you people talking about smurfin' evolution??? Our nation is going bankrupt and our savior Rick Perry, is a fraud when it comes to taxin' and spendin'. Wake up!!!



(1) This country is in trouble


Everything else.


Why am I always the last commenter on every thread just before it dies?


While there is evidence of Micro-evolution, the evidence of Macro-evolution is not based on sound science but is a theory like any other theory.

By definition, anything based on the scientific method is science.

And macro-evolution is simply micro-evolution taking place to such an extent that speciation occurs (i.e., another species develops). If one admits that microevolution takes place, it seems a bit silly to deny macroevolution, given that macro is simply the equivalent of a sufficient number of micro changes to result in two distinct species. All very basic biology.


Gov Perry cons

* $27 billion dollar deficit

* Nearly tripling the state's debt

* Supported accounting gimmicks and still have not balanced the budget

* Crony capitalism

* Supports illegal immigration

Also Palin said she does not see anyone in the field that is talking about the issues she sees as important. Also she said that time was growing short.

That would throw cold water on the idea that she is backing Perry. The Texas two stepper might have to deal with a mama grizzly.


Mass...because you killed the thread with your profane language. Your passion was impressive. Keep it clean. I thought Texas schools were good. The Dallas area has some of the best public schools in the nation. They rank in the top 10. Why are people dissin' on Perry for being bad for education?

As to the guy saying Romney evolves, Perry being a dem and supporting Al Gore, and now wanting to be pres himself AS A CONSERVATIVE kind of takes the cake, don't it?


I'm the last poster here today, and I summarize this thread by saying, Perry is the flavor of the month, but he's an interesting flavor that may have more longevity than your garlic vanilla. Let's see what he's made of. So far, the worst label that actually sticks to Perry is Gardasil Perry. The rest is somewhat tame.


The fact is that Perry has a much more impressive record in Texas than Romney in MA.

That's why he was governor for 10 years, while Romney couldn't even get elected to another term.

I will grant you that Romney has a solid record in the private sector. The question is how running a private equity firm translates into running the United States.

Firecracker (Romney/West)

Yeah, its exactly the same for Perry to get reelected in very red Texas, but it shows a serious flaw for Romney not to be reelected in deep Blue Massachusetts. RomNOTs like yourself are so intellectually dishonest that its mindnumbing.


Actually, Republicans in MA held the Governorship for 16 straight years and 3 successive administrations.

It was only after Romney's stint as Governor that they lost to a Democrat (in a campaign run by David Axelrod).


Andrew, Mitt did not run for re-election. He wanted to run for president.


A couple of places online say that Rick Perry was convinced to switch parties by Carl Rove.

Sojourner Truth

98 - To be fair, Mitt didn't want to run for reelection (even though it was 2 years before '08) because he knew he didn't have a chance to win.


I find it hilarious that Perry’s camp would say America isn’t looking for a “buyout specialist” when it was Gov. Perry who created the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, another in a long string of “public-private partnerships” created during his time in office. Doling out corporate welfare hasn’t been enough for the governor; he also wanted a piece of the action. That doesn’t sound conservative to me.

Michelle Malkins piece is a must-read and deserves a front page post.


93 that is why I used "smurfin'" in my comments. It shows passion but its not officially a cuss word.

What the Smurf?


100 - Exactly. Here is a typical piece of commentary from back then:

"After making it clear in December, he'd be running for a second term as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney now says he isn't sure. He's indicating that a firm decision will be made in the fall.

Republican Romney's had a tough time of it in Massachusetts, with an inability to push through reforms and a hostile Democratic legislature. Polls haven't been going his way in recent months, after he embarked on what appeared to be a presidential test run, delivering speeches across the country that poked fun at the Bay State's liberal politics.

He's in a rough spot, because a second term doesn't look likely, at least not now, yet without it, he'd have a difficult time running for president in 2008."


#101 asparagus.....

I just read the article frin Michelle Malkins site...Wow,I just though Perry lured companies to Texas through tax breaks and cheap labor,but this is worse.

Perry was paying companies to come to Texas through something called the Texas Enterprise fund of millions of dollars that only Perry, the Lt. Governor and the speaker of the House controlled..

I don't know how he can hide this kind of corruption.


Romney vs. Perry. Hummm. Let me think. I'll go with Romney.


MassCon and SoJo,

If memory serves Mitt had an approval rating when he left office somewhere around where Barack's is now. Maybe a little lower.


Huntsman had an approval rating about 90% at it's peak. That's not too shabby. He also got reelected with about 78%. Sure, it was in a red state, but that makes Utah's selection as best governed state under Jon by the Pew Foundation all the more impressive.


104 It may not be corrupt in and of itself, but it gives the appearance of corruption, plus it makes taxpayers unequal in the eyes of the law once the government becomes an investor. How can Perry criticize government spending when Texas has said that investing in these companies is NECESSARY to keeping its competitive edge?

As for providing tax breaks for companies to move here, whose to say other states won't be doing the same to entice the companies that DIDN'T get tax breaks because they were already here to move to their states? Soon, you've changed nothing for employment in your states and both states have lower tax bases. Who ends up paying those taxes? Homeowners through increasing property taxes.

Firecracker (Romney/West)

Here's a good read about Bain & Company. Too bad the masses cannot learn and understand what a great asset Romney would be to this nation as President.


107 Does Utah have public private partnerships similar to Utah?


I meant similar to Texas



What do you mean by "public private partnerships"?


Well I learned from Michelle Malkin's piece that Perry developed two funds, one for enticements for companies to move or expand in Texas, and another, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, as a vehicle to give grants to technology companies.


Thanks to these funds, it appears the Governor of Texas is a "buyout specialist". Too bad for him, since the American people are not looking for a buyout specialist. :(



Ah, yes. I found your link to Malkin's piece above. Very disturbing- Perry getting a big slush fund to dole out taxpayer money to campaign donors. It sounds very familiar here in Illinois though.

No, in Utah, Huntsman did it the honest way- cut regulations and taxes. Become the most "fiscally fit" state according to Forbes magazine. That's how Utah came to be the #1 job producer in the country under Huntsman.


Perry's Gardisil debacle was another example of crony capitalism. His former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Gardisil when Perry decided to unilaterally force all the parents of grade school girls to become Merck customers.

Crony capitalists generally run up huge debts too.... in case anyone cares about that.


BYW, did anyone else notice that Pawlenty's picture up top has been replaced by Ryan's?



Ignorant comment. You are trying to say Mitt had low 40's approval because he screwed up the state. That's a bunch of crap.

He had low approval because the local networks bashed him every day for campaigning for president out of state. The "signature accomplishment" of his tenure receives astronomically high aproval ratings in most polls.

He also left the state in solid financial footing and kept the schools at #1 in the nation.

The "Big Dig" was a contributing factor to his low approval, because most people didn't know the "Big Dig" was a federal project. When someone was killed by a falling piece of concrete, the media went nuts. And of course, Mitt got some of the blame (even though he had nothing to do with the project until AFTER the death, when he turned it around).

By all accounts, Mitt did at least a FAIRLY GOOD job in Massachusetts, and most objective people agree he turned the state around from a fiscal train wreck to solvency, and helped design a free-market based universal health care overhaul that remains quite popular.

In other words, the premise behind your comment is false.



I didn't say anything about Mitt screwing up the state. It was already well on its way.

My point was that Mitt didn't run for reelection because he had very low approvals. You suggested he didn't run because he wanted to be President. I have no doubt he wanted to be president, as he started preparing by the Summer of '04- less than a year and a half into his term- but I do think he would also have liked the validation that comes with reelection.


Low approval ratings in Massachusetts should be a sign of strength in a Republican contest. Mitt changed his views to pro-life during his term. The libs in MA were probably teed off about this. Too bad. Doesn't change my opinion of his governing ability.


Well I learned from Michelle Malkin’s piece that Perry developed two funds, one for enticements for companies to move or expand in Texas, and another, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, as a vehicle to give grants to technology companies.


Here is more on it from Washington Examiner piece.

"In his next State of the State address, Perry pushed the Legislature to create the Texas Enterprise Fund, giving the governor, lieutenant governor and House speaker the power to hand out multimillion-dollar grants to businesses seeking to relocate to or expand within the state. Two years later, Perry and the Legislature created another subsidy bank, called the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, using taxpayer money to invest in high-tech companies. Perry made government a venture capital fund.

Muckrakers at the Los Angeles Times and the Austin American Statesman have shown a strong correlation between Perry's biggest campaign contributors and the money handled by these funds and Perry's other public-private partnership. Almost half of Perry's "mega-donors," according to the Times, have received profitable favors from the Texas government. Poultry magnate Joe Sanderson, for instance, gave Perry's campaign $165,000 and received $500,000 from the Texas Enterprise Fund to open a facility in Waco, the Times reports.

The Austin paper documents the unsavory case of $80,000 Perry donor David Nance winning a $4.5 million grant from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. A regional board had denied the grant to Nance's Convergen LifeSciences, but Perry intervened and ushered the grant through.

And just as President Obama uses renewable energy as an excuse for steering taxpayer money to big business, Perry also loves green corporate welfare. Perry was a featured speaker at the national wind lobby's 2008 conference, where he touted his 2005 law requiring Texans to purchase wind and solar energy -- all in the name of "job creation" and business growth. If you force people to buy a product, of course the businesses selling that product will grow."


Jon Huntsman:

"Call me crazy but I believe in evolution and global warming".

OK Jonny,you are toast and a Lib.



It's just mighty fine!

Your daddy is still a billionaire.

If it wasn't for him you would be playing guitar on the sidewalk of

Market or Powell St in San Francisco.


OK Jonny,

You are not crazy,you are just stupid.

You're out a here!!!


Here's Christian's notes over at GOP 12/The Hill concerning Thursday's surprising (at least to me)post-Ames Iowa poll. Like him, I'm also looking for more Iowa polling to confirm or refute this pollster who Real Clear Politics is not acknowledging in their Iowa averages which show my candidate, Michele still leading in Iowa.

IOWA: Perry takes lead

A new We Ask America poll of Iowa Republicans shows Rick Perry jumping ahead in the state, with Sarah Palin slipping to 5th.

1. Rick Perry 29%

2. Michele Bachmann 17%

3. Mitt Romney 15%

4. Ron Paul 8%

5. Sarah Palin 7%

6. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich 5%

8. Rick Santorum 4%

9. Jon Huntsman 1%


a. Perry cruises by Bachmann. She's still the nominal front-runner in the state, but this poll (taken on August 16th, three days after Ames) indicates he could be the true leader. Still, more polling is needed to put him atop the Hawkeye perch.

b. Palin slips. She does worse here than across the country, and Iowa is supposed to be well-suited to her.

Theory? Her Hamlet-act is wearing thin with state Republicans, who appreciate the genuine electoral effort from the other candidates.

Whom voters DON'T want:

1. Sarah Palin 25%

2. Newt Gingrich 16%

3. Jon Huntsman 14%

4. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann 12%

6. Herman Cain 8%

7. Mitt Romney 7%

8. Rick Perry 3%


a. Palin at wrong end. Even though she's fifth in preference; she does even worse here. Again, her perpetual flirt might be causing the more finely-tuned voters to grow weary.

b. Romney, Perry in good shape. You'd think Romney would have a storehouse of Iowa voters who, above all else, don't want him. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Romney's support is often called soft, but here, opposition to him is also soft.

As for Perry, his two numbers (in both polls) are ethanol (aka gold).

c. Huntsman's struggles. Only 1% support him. Name ID issue? Not totally. More Iowans don't want him than Paul, Bachmann, Cain, Romney, and Perry.


Mitt had a low approval rating in Massachusetts because Massachusetts is a blue state, and Mitt governed like a Republican. The state had prior Republican governors, but Mitt was the first to actually govern like a conservative. Don't let the truth stand in the way of a good smear job full of spin though.


Obviously Perry is a huge threat to overtake my candidate in Iowa.. Like Michele (business owner, mother 5 w/23 foster kids raised, first woman congress from her state, Tea Party caucus founder), Rick also has a great story ("if you need a job, move to Texas" where 40% of all jobs in America were created in Texas while he was governor setting the climate over the decade) to tell and inspire America with.

Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus Polling Data

Poll Date Bachmann Romney Perry Pawlenty Paul Cain Gingrich Santorum Huntsman Spread

RCP Average 6/19 - 8/4 26.0 22.0 12 8.2 7.4 6.4 4.6 3.8 1.3 Bachmann +4.0 :)


To be fair, I don't know where Latimer gets his numbers, but Bush's approval rating was never at 13%. The only approval rating I could find that reached 13% was Dick Cheney's. As far as I know, Bush never dropped below the 20's.


Folks, does this guy LOOK like a president or what?

Be honest:

And to think, the liberal press smears him 24/7 ever since he jumped in the race less than a week ago. Yet, he attacks right back. But MSNBC and every liberal media oulet and pudit has gotta protect their idol, Obama.. I guess from that big grassroots conservative/Tea Party meany evil gov.

Thank goodness, conservatives here at Race42012 and the other honest conservative sites never ever smear this 10 1/2 year Republican governor from the most populated red state in America. Although, there are some devout hardcore moderates who can't stand Perry for obvious reasons. /one is that he overshadows the moderates in our party. Oh well, c'est la vie! (As TEX would say, "such is life!")


Stop the presses: Mitt and Michele (along with her Tea Party friends) are now comic book heroes!

Gotta hit all demographics, people. Reagan's big tent theory in play and clearly on the table.


Perry tones it down

Rick Perry is using his inside voice in New Hampshire.

"Gone were the insinuations of treason, stream of wisecracks and Lone Star State cufflinks.

A calmer, quieter Rick Perry toured New Hampshire yesterday, promoting a focused message of job creation and economic growth before audiences packed with local business leaders.

.... Yet after days of dominating the headlines, Perry’s major goal in New Hampshire seemed not to make any. He hewed closely to his economic message in an address before a business association in Bedford, reading his remarks from a prepared text."

-GOP 12 with H/T and quote from


Palin appeared on Fox News (hey, she still works there because, well, she's not running. Good for the 'Cuda!)

Mama Grizzly, Sarah talked about and defended her good friend who she campaigned for in Texas just last year. Here's what she said concerning this week's Rick Perry vs. Ben Bernanke controversy..

"More power to Rick Perry for calling it like he saw it, and then the President -- in his typical, reactionary way -- did elevate Rick Perry for what it is that he had to say."

She does have a rather unique way with words but you get her drift.

"More power to Rick Perry for calling it like he saw it, and then the President -- in his typical, reactionary way -- did elevate Rick Perry for what it is that he had to say.


Good Morning Headlines..

Rick Perry stokes GOP fire in Iowa, charms crowds

San Francisco Chronicle - ?2 hours ago?

"Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks with eaters at Popovers on the Square August 18, 2011 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire."


Obamas arrive on Martha's Vineyard

Boston Globe - ?4 hours ago?

"CHILMARK - President Obama escaped days of oppressive heat in the nation's capital and landed to the cool breezes and 70-degree temperatures of Martha's Vineyard yesterday evening to begin a nine-day vacation with his family."


CPI's growth could stay Bernanke's hand

Minneapolis Star Tribune - ?6 hours ago?

"July's index was up more than economists forecast. But jobless claims rose last week and a home index fell. WASHINGTON - The cost of living climbed more than forecast in July, which could make it harder for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to ... "


Michele Bachmann: I'll be your hombre-ette in Washington'

Daily Mail - ?1 hour ago?

"Michele Bachmann said Thursday that she is the 'hombre-ette' to represent voters in Washington. Mrs Bachmann cast herself as 'one little fighter' when she appeared before supporters in Columbia, South Carolina. 'We need one strong hombre or hombre-ette ... " :)



Looks like your candidate (who was never in) is out of here, too..

Will Sarah Palin announce a run for President?

Contract Bid Ask Last Vol Chge

Sarah Palin to formally announce a run for President before midnight ET on 31 Dec 2011 M Trade 25.3 30.0 25.3 36063 -4.2 :(


Another great day for Perry campaining and at Intrade. He shoots on top in Iowa while passing my candidate like she's standing still. Perry also leads in South Carolina with a 60% chance to win there which is more than double Michele and Mitt's combined chances. But hey, Romney did rise almost a full point today in IA, fwiw..

Iowa Caucus (Republican)

Perry to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus 41.8% chance

Michele to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus 38.0% chance

Paul to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus 11.0% chance

Romney to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus 5.9% chance


I had a feeling about Perry appealing to a broad range of people! He IS our candidate! The mud slinging by MSNBC is constant against Perry now, and Chris Matthews is making up statistics that are untrue. The Dems must really be scared of him!


#136 - And yet, if media reports are to be believed, the White House prefers to run against Perry (or Bachmann) than Romney. But who knows - politics is a lot of mind games.


Stop talking to yourself Craig. No-one likes you.

Thunder (Romney/Huckabee)

Heath Says:

August 19th, 2011 at 6:31 am

Stop talking to yourself Craig. No-one likes you.


I don't know, I like Craig. Disagree with him a lot, but I still like him. He has at least been consistent.


Here's how the blue-brained leftwits will handle Rick Perry:

Bush—and it leaves me speechless that he’s starting to look reasonable by comparison with the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls—was hardly apologetic about his political views. But he and Karl Rove did have the sense to know when they were throwing gasoline on the domestic fire, and they did it in smallish doses. You might be able to Google up the odd careless quote from Bush about something like global warming, but in general, and especially on the occasions when he knew his words were being very closely watched, he steered well clear of extremism.

Remember “Clear Skies,” the Bush environmental initiative from 2002? It ended up being laughable, but hey, at least it was an environmental speech. To read it today is astonishing. He acknowledged the importance of protecting the environment. He recognized the existence of global warming. He came out in favor of—ready?—a cap-and-trade plan for reducing emissions. Yes, he spoke those very words, even elaborating: “This approach enjoys widespread support, with both Democrats and Republicans, because we know it works. You see, since 1995 we have used a cap-and-trade program for sulphur dioxide pollution.” The dog-whistle part came in the sentences that proclaimed the science “uncertain,” and in his refusal to acknowledge straight up a human role in global warming.

Now fast-forward to Perry. During his maiden week on the hustings, when he knew every word would be carefully tracked, Perry declared that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists greedy for grant money. This earned him a rare Four Pinocchios from The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” column, which in PerryWorld is, of course, merely proof about how right he is.

Nearly every day has brought forth a new gem. On Thursday, he told a New Hampshire school-age child that he’s “not sure anybody actually knows completely and absolutely” how old the Earth is. He preceded these with a remark about Barack Obama not being respected by the military. And, of course, there was the infamous statement that Ben Bernanke would be committing “treason” by priming the economy. Not bad—nail the black guy and the Jew in your very first week on the trail!

That's right, Rick Perry -- or Romney or Bachmann or whoever is the GOP nominee -- becomes the embodiment of anti-Semitic, anti-black racism.

Folks around these parts who think there's any chance of running to the center to pick up libs and progressives should disabuse themselves of the notion. They're so thoroughly brain-atrophied as to be absolutely unreachable. They're out of ideas, devoid of a clue, and running on their own prejudiced views that knows only straw-man caricatures of their opponents.


Craig For Crazy Eyes, are you supporting The Queen of Rage or The Pink Cowboy?.


Unrelated, but another great article from Walter Mead:

I know Chris, Anthony, Bob, Dave G, and a few others are particularly interested in this sort of "out of the box" thinking.


Rick Perry taps former Bush donors for money, despite ongoing feud

Aug 19, 2011 – 9:05 AM ET

Insiders say the bad blood between Bush and Perry means little to donors.

As Rick Perry’s campaign begins, the supposed feud between the current Texas Governor and former president George W. Bush has become a commonly accepted piece of knowledge. But a closer look suggests that any such conflict is confined to the aides and advisers of the two men — not their larger political organizations. When it comes to donors in particular, the Bush and Perry networks have extensive overlap.



Freddy, do you enjoy being a troll here at Race42012?

Try Not To Laugh At My 1.9 GPA perry

#142, Matt MWS---

Thanks. That is a good article.



Thanks, Thunder. I wouldn't have saw Heeth's comment otherwise since he's on my "ignore the trolls" list of which Freddy just joined bringing the number I now ignore to nine. Yes, CF got the ignore button treatment yesterday, as well. Woo-hoo!

Sure makes it more refreshing reading the shorter but much more substantial in quality comment threads now without having to deal with annoying fools. :)


The Deep Aggie Roots Of Would-Be President Rick Perry

By Hilary Hylton Friday, August 19, 2011

Photos from Cushing Memorial Library and Archives / Texas A&M University / Texas Tribune

Rick Perry as a student and a cadet at Texas A&M University.From his first “Howdy!” to the frequent thumbs-up gestures that punctuate his speeches, Rick Perry may seem over-the-top folksy to many who are watching him for the first time. But for those who share his cultural past, if not his political persuasions, Perry is sending a clear message, easily understood by a select but global group of insiders. That “Howdy” is akin to a password. The thumbs up a shared signal of determination. Translation: “I am a proud Texas Aggie.” That’s what graduates of Texas A&M are called. Perry is Class of 1972.

“Howdy” is not some corn-pone affectation, but the official greeting every Aggie freshman learns to say to friend and stranger alike, and it is just one of many Aggie traditions that the Governor who would be President cherishes. “People see it as folksy,” says Noel Freeman (Class of ’03), “but to not say ‘howdy’ would be unnatural for me.” The tradition helps teach courtesy, respect and helps young freshmen students, many from small town Texas, to reach out beyond their narrow origins. These days, howdy is as likely to be uttered by a South American president or a Saudi prince, given the worldwide span of Aggie alumni.

Read more:


"Folks around these parts who think there’s any chance of running to the center to pick up libs and progressives should disabuse themselves of the notion. They’re so thoroughly brain-atrophied as to be absolutely unreachable. They’re out of ideas, devoid of a clue, and running on their own prejudiced views that knows only straw-man caricatures of their opponents.



This is Karl Rove slyly putting in everyone's mind that Perry is not George W. Bush. I think Mr. Rove prefers that Perry wins the nomination. What of his comments really hurt Perry amongst the conservative activists. Nothing That tricky guy. LOL.


Sarah Palin changes tune on Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover

Politico - ?3 hours ago?

Asked at the Iowa state fair last week about the Newsweek cover photo of Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin leaped to the defense of her fellow Republican: "I've had my own experience with Newsweek 'cause they put me on the cover [in gym clothes].

Thanks to Sarah Palin for defending Michele.



I think that, too. Because when or if Rove says anything slightly neg about Perry on Fox News, he then immediately follows it up with sincere praise of his 10 1/2 Texan gov.



It seems obvious when Mead says it, but I wonder how many unions have thought, "if we're going to survive in this new economy, and enter new industries, we have to find ways to add value to the employer."

What a concept!

The old mentality of grabbing as much as possible of a static pie from management and shareholders doesn't work. And the more recent concept of grabbing as much as possible from a shrinking pie died with the old GM and Chrysler. Time to truly make unions (or guilds, or whatever type of employee association follows) partners in a dynamic economy that can no longer offer womb-to-tomb certainty.



So is somebody going to rail on SH for more or less giving Perry the green light to measure the drapes in the WH - much like all the RomNots did when Romney was in the lead?

Just wondering if we were all playing on an even field or if it was going to be an ongoing hypocricy from the RomNots.


Michelle doesn't need defending. She's a big girl. Romney got abused by Newsweek, too. You don't hear him whining about it.


Comparing Bush with Perry is just unfair. George W Bush is a honest and decent man.


Wow, just like every morning this week, skimming the liberal's favorite media sources, they are on a 24/7 mud-slinging crusade against Perry and Bachmann.

Kinda leaving Romney alone. So who are they really scared of having their hero, Obama face in 2012?


Perry is being vetted. That's what happens when you wait till the last minute to declare. You get about one week to get vetted so everything gets thrown up to see what sticks. If Perry wants to play the game he needs to man up. His Sarah Palin act might play well in Iowa, but nobody is going to want to see him cry. Might work for a woman but not for a man.



The media's been punching and mocking Palin for years now, and I've never seen you offer that as proof that they fear her most.


SARAH PALIN: I Don't Think Newsweek's Cover Of Michele Bachmann Was Sexist

-Business Insider


Well, I get Palin changed her mind on Newsweek again.



I think the lib's and their media stooges fear ALL CONSERVATIVE WOMAN like Palin, Bachmann, and Thatcher. And they're not too fond of ALL SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVE MEN like Perry, Bush, and Huck either.



"Let's all say Happy Birthday to the Soviet Union!"


Just tune in to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS any time of the day or night to see the bias first hand, Matt.

And bias is mostly a component of fear.


Salon wins the award for weakest dirt on Perry, talking about how Perry owned stock $5000 to $10000 in now defunct Movie Gallery, the complaint was that the company rented XXX movies. Now thats a weak allegation. The crony capitalism stuff is far more interesting.


Oh, I now have a 10th thanks to that liberal news parroting, Telly who also annoys the owner of this site.


Salon is always in the tank for Obama. "Gotta get Barack reelected" should be their byline.


Could so-called "bias" be a reflection of the amount of material that can be brought up about the given candidate? Maybe. Interesting that we forget who the Obama administration said they were getting ready to "kill". Right now Bachmann and Perry are just getting vetted. Nothing new here.

Think skinned Craig is going to be reading his own posts over and over within a few more days. Poor Craig - the big boys won't play by his rules.


142. MWS, interesting read, again, the Farm Bureau comes to mind as a possible template for how workers in other industries might organize themselves.


160 - i believe that's been her take the entire time...



There's an interesting idea. Worker associations that are more like co-ops of independent workers/contracters.


My problem with Palin is two-fold. She has become extemely unelectable as president over the past 12 months and she is extremely polarizing. She's our Nancy Pelosi but even worse if you can even imagine.

However, she does have a GREAT future in politics in beinig either a congresswoman of a very red district, a U.S. Senator of a very red state, or a political pundit like on her own Huckabee-type show. I still think she could be our own Oprah, too.

And for the zillionth time, my problems with Romney are also two-proged: Abortion and RomneyCare.

I have no serious problems with Bachmann, Perry, Jeb Bush, McDonnell, and Kasich.


172 - Craig...whatever you might think...Palin has a better chance of becoming President than Bachmann does...there is no way Bachmann will ever be President. It won't happen. Even if Palin only has a 5% chance (which I think she has a better chance than that) Bachmann has less than a 1% chance...that would be zero.


An outside the country look-in..

Prejudice alive and well against political women

The Australian - Peter Beattie - ?37 minutes ago?

But the issue of respect is not the main issue for Michele Bachmann; it is whether a male politician would have been asked the same question and whether male and female political leaders in the US and Australia are treated equally.


I find it interesting and whole-heartedly disturbing that Perry is getting a free pass on Fox, and getting hammered on every other news source.

Anyone notice that Fox never attacks anyone except Romney? All their pundits (Bolling, Beckel, Tantaros, T. Carlson, etc.) are all dedicated to destroying Mitt Romney.

Where are the pro-Romney pundits?

Even the ones who don't attack Romney... they never defend him. Ever.

This was always my only fear about Perry, and it's coming true. Fox was never going to look at his record.



Read 176. We may not see an American woman president in our lifetime. Shoot, Minnesota only six years ago got their first congressWOMAN, Republican Michele Bachmann!

It's baby steps in America and a lot of other places, too.


Hannity has defended Romney and so has Bill O. But I agree it does seem Fox is more negative toward Romney and no one has explained why.


As for odds, I suppose if Michele wins Iowa, she'll go from 4-5% chance to 15-20% chance.

Same for Palin except Sarah can't win Iowa. Go back as far as you want in 2012 Iowa caucus polls, she always brings up the rear, if I recall correctly. She was always double digits behind Huck, for instance.


The tea party should not like Perry now.



Maybe it's my two concerns for Fox News, as well: RomneyCare and flip-flopping on abortion. But who knows?


And Fox New's two highest rated shows, Hannity and O'Reilly LOVE Mitt Romney.

Both hated Huck though. Go figure.


#181 - Very interesting. Rudy with a pretty strong lead.

#182 - Not Perry's fault but gosh that was sleazy.



And neither of them defends Romney when their guests attack him.


Matt: Interesting article. I suspect, though, that the labor movement will have to die in order to be reborn. Too many people have too much invested in unions as they exist -- and they have the power to stop (or at least greatly delay) any sort of reform.


My problem with Palin is two-fold. She has become extemely unelectable as president over the past 12 months and she is extremely polarizing. She’s our Nancy Pelosi but even worse if you can even imagine.


The fact is that the Rasmussen poll shows that she is only 9 points behind. She has now taken the lead among independents and the number of undecided Republicans are much higher among Republicans than Democrats. If you assume that 90% of Republicans will stick with the party and 2/3 undecideds go against the incumbent, it comes out to Obama 53 Palin 47. That is very much within striking distance.


178 - are you trying to imply that sexism in American politics is new and Bachmann has received the brunt of it? I think Palin and Clinton might disagree...


180 - if Palin gets in this race, Bachmann is done...there is more than enough proof to make that claim. I don't even know if Bachmann can win Iowa if Palin isn't in the race. But, I guess you can enjoy your post Ames bump...


One of the funniest Bachmann interviews I saw was Hannity asking her about the Newsweek cover. She seemed a little perturbed that everyone was saying it was a bad picture. It is a little ironic that the Republicans in the media (and Craig here on the site) are trying to defend her by claiming she looks scary in the picture.


There's no one on Fox that currently loves Romney. Romney is the best choice for garnering the moderate votes. Perry has already made his play to the religious right and used religion to promote himself politically. If that isn't obvious.......then you think that is OK. I do not, especially when one candidate's religion is such an issue for some and the media. If Perry had a strong character, he would NOT use religion for to pander/garner evangelical votes.

Record in TX or not.......Bush/Rove animosity or not. Perry chose that route all himself.

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