July 24, 2011

Race42012 Polling Averages and Line Chart – July 24, 2011

  3:50 pm

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Poll Average CNN/ORC FOX News ABC/WaPo NBC/WSJ PPP Quinnipiac
Date 6/14 – 7/17 7/18 – 7/20 7/15 – 7/19 7/14 – 7/17 7/14 – 7/17 7/15 – 7/17 7/5 – 7/11
Romney 23.83 16 26 26 30 20 25
Bachmann 14.33 12 15 13 16 16 14
Palin 13.25 13 16 12 12
Giuliani 13.00 13
Perry 10.80 14 8 11 11 10
Paul 8.00 8 10 7 9 9 5
Cain 7.17 6 9 7 5 10 6
Gingrich 6.00 4 9 4 8 6 5
Pawlenty 3.00 3 3 2 2 5 3
Santorum 2.40 2 4 2 3 1
Huntsman 1.83 1 2 3 2 2 1
Johnson 0.75 0.5 1
McCotter 0.50 0.5 0.5
Roemer N/A
Karger N/A
Moore N/A



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Tim sure makes it hard to shake his 3-Paw nickname.


Michele gets the lion's share of Sarah's.


Giuliani has no business being included in any serious poll right now.


Likewise, I'm pretty sure Mitt gets the lion's share of Rudy's.



Looks like only one candidate is trending up.


Perry's rise is hurting the others, no doubt about it. After all in 2003 when Wesley Clark got in the race, he vaulted to the top of the pack for a bit. Ditto Fred Thompson in 2007. All these would-be savior candidates poll high when not a whole lot is known about them. They appear to be whatever you want them to be. Once people start learning what Perry actually believes and his actual record, his numbers will stablize.


AND Michele gets the lion's share of Perry's should he falter.


My guess is Newt's, Santorum's, and Cain's go to Michelle, as well.

None of those FOUR have any executive government experience and their supporters could give a hoot about that.


T-Paw's three and Huntsman's two go to the guy who saved the Olympics all by himself.


Well, if Perry is just running on "religion" then many will go to Bachmann. But Bachmann will never make it in the Gen. She's not experienced (we are currently experiencing the "unexperienced") and she's too far right.

Romney is not running for "Preacher in Chief" ........and there should not be anyone else, either. They are definitely off my list if they "use" religion to promote themselves.


Mike Huckabee had some words to say about his own non-candidacy, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry this week on his Thursday, July 21st, 2011 Huckabee Report broadcast:

A couple of months ago, I was under intense pressure to announce whether I planned to run for President. At the time, the pundits were saying that any serious candidate had to get into the race right away or it would be too late. Well they forget they are the only ones who want campaigns to drag on for for two years. I said then that it was possible the eventual GOP nominee might not even be in the race yet. Now, with summer more than halfway over, it’s still true.




Mike Murphy just tweeted 10 minutes ago.

“RT @murphymike: Tpaw buzz out of IA GOP circles getting better; his road tour and ads helping. Press starting to pick up on it.”

Mike Murphy has been no fan of TPAW…....go ahead read his articles.

But Mike Murphy knows…….he knows…..he has been told.

Watch the numbers coming out od Iowa next week. TPAW will be seen as climbing up….not in first…but climbing.

Just another sign of the…

….wait for it………

……wait for it……………………




You used to tout Huck's 10 1/2 years executive experience and record of accomplishment..... quite a lot.

Did you do that because you actually believed it important in a President, or did you just use it as a good selling point?


Michele gets the lion’s share of Sarah’s.


In two polls Bachmann is ahead of Palin and in two Palin is ahead. The difference is that only 23% of Republicans think Palin is running while 100%

know Bachmann is running. Interesting to see what happens if 100% think Palin is running. Bachmann might be going down...down...down.

Also the fact that she voted against cut,cap, and balance shows that she is totally unsuited to be president. Just b ecause she gets 99% of what she wants instead of 100% she votes no. That is not leadership.


Where Bachmann quickly signed on the SBA pledge and marriage pledge and both were "faulty", yet she waits and waits on the cut/cap/balanced and then declines because not "perfect". Not the kind of leadership we need right now. One extreme to the other....

Cincinnati Kid

So why is not everyone talking about the debt talks on this blog? The outcome of this will have as much to do with the outcome of the election as anything.

The Republicans are winning the argument right now despite what is going on in the press. All you have to do is look at the polls (note the latest Rasmussen presidential polls) and Obama's popularity to figure that out. Also, Boehner looked so much better than Geithner on Fox News Sunday, it was crazy.

The winning argument going forward is clear...Obama walked insisting on $400B more in revenue than the $800B that Republicans proposed. Further, he is too concerned about his own election to offer a short term deal... Simple as that... That will set up almost any Republican candidate nicely for the next election.

thunder (Romney/Huckabee 2012)

# Craig For Huck, Bach, Rick, or Mitt Says:

July 24th, 2011 at 4:22 pm

My guess is Newt’s, Santorum’s, and Cain’s go to Michelle, as well.

None of those FOUR have any executive government experience and their supporters could give a hoot about that.


there is more than executive experience that comes into play. Newt is more likely to go to Romney because they are both thinking Republicans. Santorum's most likely to go to Michelle. Cain's is less easy to qualify so I think it will be split up.


Guys, Michele Bachmann is not long for this race.

She will be gone, possibly before the Iowa Caucus in Feb.

thee is no 'there' there.

She is a place holder for people who want a strong conservative woman.

One is coming.



Only a selling point versus Palin's two and out, Romney's mostly absent four, and that Huck had more than the "perfect" candidates around here; Daniels, Pawlenty, and Barbour.

I don't thing I swayed one non Huck supporter. Go figure 😉 But that's not who I was typing for. I was just putting out the truth. Many don't buy the truth when they're married to a candidate already. Human nature to protect your idols, I guess.

BUT I'll use the exact same 10 1/2 year argument for Perry, YOU BETCHA!

AND Bachmann is a special woman going against all odds. Mother of five trying to be our first woman president. America LOVES the underdog though.

Besides, she has the same views on Huck on almost every issue including (but not limited to) TARP, Fair Tax, Balanced Budgets, Infrastrucure, Family, Work, Church, and Bailouts.

Is she perfect? No. Name one that is?



"One is coming."

Stop with the messianic overtones, will ya'? We got enough of that from the Democrats in '08.



There is an ocean of possibility that lays between "perfect" and "wholly unqualified."

The significance you laid on Huck's executive experience now seems a bit..... disingenuous..... in light of your support of Bachmann.



Keep saying that Michelle, lawyer, congresswoman, and mother of 28 is not a thinker, has headaches, and gets stressed out at least once a month.

I want EVERY woman of all ages in America (but Iowa for now) to hear that.



"wholly unqualified"



(Add that charge to my #23 against her)



Name 1, just 1 legislative accomplishment that Bachmann has had since she was elected to the House? There isn't one. She has done nothing with the position she currently holds except talk and we already have a Talker-in-Chief. There is a reason Speaker Boehner never put her in charge of anything and it isn't because "he fears a strong woman" or any of that crap. It's because she is tempermentally unfit for any sort of leadership role.

There's a big difference between being a bomb-thrower and a leader. Bachmann is the former, certainly not the latter.


I'll be on the ground in Iowa next month while some of you here can keep harping on #23.. adding Matt's "wholly unqualified" charge against Michele.

Ames (debate and poll) will tell you politico folks loud and clear what the nice simple working folks of Iowa think about her.

They couldn't possibly be right about the Llady? 😉

BUT that's fine. You can then pick on those foolish Iowans for being pleased and fooled by Michelle. I'm so use to how the drill goes. [yawn]


21. Nothing 'messianic' about my posts.

Bachmann (wholly unqualified) is supported by people who want to back a strong conservative woman.

Bachmann will be shown to be a pretender to that particular throne when the 'rill dill' enters the race.

I know it drives you to distraction, but that is merely a reflection on you.

People are hungry for a strong constitutional conservative with an unbending, unbowed, undefeated resolve to get in this race, as the current field is very weak.

One is coming.



"mother of 28"

If that's the case she probably shouldn't be President. She has more important things that are going to take up her time 😉

Honestly I don't see how Palin has any more staying power than Bachmann would among the masses.

Either way these are all ultimately establishment candidates who will do ultimately establishment things. Chances of Palin being anywhere to the right of Romney other than not throwing a few million, pennies in the big scheme, at token liberal things like global warming or gay rights are nil.

This country needs to be deleveraged severely and all the pols want to do is to keep the scams going. Gold markets have responded appropriately. Unless you like steady 20% real unemployment, don't bother voting for Romney, all his "experience" won't make him an ounce better than Obama. Same goes for almost all other Republicans, they just want to keep driving a system long since out of gas (ie productive economic activities).



Add your charge to #23 but make it shorter.

Unqualified Congresswoman because Mr. Boehner said so.



How about unqualified because every elected body she has ever served in says so?


28. You really need to learn the truth about Governor Palin.

she is exactly what you are looking for.

She is NOT an establishment candidate.

Never has been.

She is exactly what this country needs.



Well played, sir.

I added the 23 foster female teenagers to tease Matt 😉


Sadly for most Republicans the Reagan model is unsustainable and needs to be shown the door now, but everyone is just too invested in it to back out. Such is the dilemma, to make this party return to its roots and cast off the neoliberal economic model which has been driving it the past thirty years.

Any model for prosperity based almost entirely on the expansion of credit is a lie.

Jefferson is sounding prophetic nowadays:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."



I am so sick of candidate worship. In 2008, Obama was The One, now Palin is supposed to be the One.

I already have a Messiah, I just want a President.



Add that, too.

I'll be sure to let as many Iowans as I can know what the establishment (and their staunch supporters) thinks about her :)


It would be really helpful to see a second chart for 5/11/11 on. The chart is too compressed for those last three dates.



"I know it drives you to distraction"

I think you overestimate the significance of your comments.


37. Not as long as you keep responding with your inanities.

There is no other explanation.



If 20 people tell you the stove is hot, odds are pretty good that it's hot. If the Minnesota Legislature, the House Republicans, and her literal plethora of former staffers are saying she's unqualified, then they might be on to someting. I highly doubt Eric Cantor and John Boehner sat in a room with some legislators in Minnesota and former Bachmann staff and they conspired as to how to bring down this epitome of virtue and emminent qualification.



You also used to emphasize electability. Huck polled extremely well against Obama, and on the whole, better than anyone. Bachmann polls similarly to Sarah "The One" Palin, and barely holds a deep red district. She significantly underperforms other Republicans in her district, whether Bush, McCain, or Pawlenty.

Was electability just another selling point that you really never thought was important?


And with Telly's foul language as usual, this thread end for me for now.

I'll leave with a question?

Where did Palin find Telly and TEX?


Lot of enthusiasm for Paw/T mouth...interesting.

I'm with #11 - if they encourage candidate selection or forwarding themselves by means of discrimination - then "wink-wink" they're gone.


No one has referred to Palin as 'the One'.

You guys are delusional.

The messiah on this site is Mitten$ Romney.



Palin in her own words:

"Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? … Instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

PALIN: Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy"

When the rubber hits the road, she's on the system's side if they tell her to be. She took the "moderate" position on this, and the one 95% of Washington wanted. Both the extreme left and right (correctly) argued that the bailout is just a continuation of the parasitical relationship by the powerful (banks and their politicians) on the people.



If you can find me an instance where you said Palin didn't do something that was brilliant or made a mistake, I'd love to be reminded of it.



You seem unaware that "One is coming...." were the words (translated into English) of John the Baptist as he prophesied of the coming messiah, Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God?



Wait, I just thought of one more..

Gun to the head, no other choice but had to choose ONE because it's a tie in your primary otherwise, so you had to choose one woman as our nominee to debate, campaign about the future of America, and run against Obama?

Palin OR Bachmann?



In that case, there is only one answer:



#42 True that, but foul language just makes their comments come across as less than credible and hurts their power of persuasion. I have no choice but to discount the trolls and skip their garbage. I'm looking for 3-4 candidates I can be happy with. And one I can campaign hard for in 2012. Love the info from the main post writers at this site.



#48 Hard to say. It'd be tough, but probably Palin, but she did actually accomplish some good, and has been in a position of leadership.

Both are toast in the general though.


Take electabilty into account BECAUSE I DO :)

IA: MB over SP

NH: MB over SP

SC: MB over SP

Matt, do you want me to go through all 50 states later tonight or do you get my point :)



Fox News is her employer. Their job is to make her look good to increase their own ratings. Fox has a financial interest in making Palin look as good as possible.


45. sadly, the VP candidate must support the top of the ticket.

Even George Bush supported 'Voodoo economics' until he was president...


#53 I agree. Nothing against Sarah Palin personally, but leaving the governorship made both my husband and I raise our eyebrows...it came across as flaky/unstable/wishy-washy...not seeing something through. Not to say that Bachmann is superior or more qualified, but Palin is no longer electable - despite her many avid fans. She has done some great things - but isn't POTUS material.



Two years and quit, Matt.

I choose Bachmann going on six years in congress over..







Rudy, a tossup if he picked Huck as veep (Huck would only accept after "The Talk")

Mitt, see Rudy

T-Paw, see Mitt

I probably left some one out.

Texas Conservative

I am one Huckabee supporter who still deems executive experience to be the key issue to go up against Obama in 2012. While I like Bachmann for courage to stand up for important issues, she lacks executive experience. And she has received NO congressional leadership positions.

Huckabee had 10 1/2 years of executive experience managing a microcosm of the federal government. In order to beat Obama, we have to show independents that we have a candidate who has already been road tested and knows how to drive. No more learning on the job.

I don't agree with Craig's enthusiasm for Bachmann. And as Craig said the other day, that Huck's Army would be behind her candidacy, that is not true. People from Huck's camp are divided on who they support. And half of them are still sitting on the sidelines because No One interests them.

Good for Craig for being excited about a candidate. But Matt is right, emphasizing Huckabee's key strengths-experience, electability, optimism, etc, is diminished by stating that Bachmann can win like Huck could.

I hope that I have someone I can get behind in 2012. But Bachmann lacks executive experience, Romney lacks conviction and courage, and Perry is only about moving himself up the next level of the political ladder. So like Matt, I dread those three as my only choices in the 2012 primary.


Speaking of polls someone should do a nice write up about the republican gains over the last 3 years.

Good stuff:



55. You obviously didn't follow the link, because your reply is nonsense and is irrelevant to the link I posted.

- ARC Entertainment, the distributor of “The Undefeated,” the film about Gov. Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, announced today that beginning on September 1st the film will be available to 75 million homes via Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View access through national and regional cable and satellite operators.

The DVD will launch on October 4th and will be available at traditional and online retailers nationwide. ARC is estimating its initial unit shipment to be approximately 250,000 units.

A “Special Edition” DVD will contain additional new content and will only be sold in Walmart stores.

ARC will continue to expand the limited engagement theatrical release nationwide throughout August and September as demand across the country remains high.

Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, said, “Since the film opened in select markets across the country on July 15th we have been inundated with requests from people wanting the film to be made available in their market.

After methodically analyzing the most effective ways to bring this galvanizing film to the widest audience as soon as possible we have determined that continued limited theatrical distribution, Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View and DVD sales will be the best modalities by which to deliver this film as widely as possible.

We have created partnerships with national cable, satellite and mass retailers to achieve our distribution goals.”


Oh, I left out that devil, Perry. Huck's sworn enemy FOREVER!

How dare he cross Mike!! 😉

Should be fireworks since he's scheduled on Huckabee's show next month. He better bring a bodyguard and not fellow Texan, Chuck Norris, if you know what I mean.


"The talk" with T-Paw is about TARP bailouts. A total no-no in Hucksville, USA.



Very funny :)

But seriously, you would just not vote and take the bullet with Obama getting reelected?

Obama would thank you MUCH later (if you survived the shot).


64. I thought you were leaving this conversation.

color me disappointed in your lack of honesty yet again.


Thanks, MPC for pointing this out about Matt's gunpoint pick over Bachmann. Although I think he was kidding.

45.MPC Says:

July 24th, 2011 at 7:27 pm

Palin in her own words:

“Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? … Instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

PALIN: Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy”

When the rubber hits the road, she’s on the system’s side if they tell her to be. She took the “moderate” position on this, and the one 95% of Washington wanted. Both the extreme left and right (correctly) argued that the bailout is just a continuation of the parasitical relationship by the powerful (banks and their politicians) on the people.



I changed my mind about quitting, unlike your pin up girl that you and TEX drool over here 24/7.



Remember when you used to post that long list of accomplishments from Huckabee? It used to drive the Rombots nuts.

Can you make a similar list for Bachmann?


59. Per usual, I agree with MWS and Texas Conservative.


Can you make a similar list for Bachmann?





Go back and read what I said.

I specifically mentioned "in Tampa if she were our nominee".

At that point, imho, she would be supported.

True, there would be some Army folks who stay home and pout at that point. That's human nature.



Funny that you mentioned that. Rollins is working on it for us to pass out next month.

Believe or not, I think his list would trump anything that I came up with.



"Believe or not, I think his list would trump anything that I came up with."

Michele better hope Rollins discovered the secret to alchemy.


The truth will out.


We live in a day where most politicians are not trusted. Many people cannot tell the fundamental differences between the two major political parties.

The consensus by most of the electorate is that the political process has been hijacked by corruption and corrupt politicians. The Undefeated explains why Governor Palin is the un-politician.

She is not led by political ideology; but rather by morality and ethics with a spirit of love for America. Governor Palin has gone after unscrupulous Republicans and Democrats, as well as the major oil companies.

The Undefeated and Governor Palin can be described in a summary of three E’s – Energy, Ethics, and Excellence!!!



So people are seeing a movie about Palin. Cookie for them. There is a difference between liking someone and even wishing them well, and voting for them for President of the United States. That is something you Palinistas just don't seem to understand. There are a lot of Republicans and conservatives who like Palin, who love it when she infuriates the Left, when she sticks it to the media, when she goes after Obama. They'll buy her books and listen to her speeches. They'll even see a movie about her. No one disputes that. But, that doesn't mean they want her to be the Republican nominee for President.


76. She's polling in second or third without announcing yet...that will change dramatically once she is in the race, so I'm not sure where you're getting that.

Perhaps you meant Gingrich or Pawlenty.


I wonder how many of Rollins' bullet points, listing Michele's accomplishments will read something like, "Successfully organized fundraiser for prom, 2 years in a row."


....all other bullet points will have to do with "standing up" and "fighting".


But I will post it here at Race42012 during our several victory celebrations throughout Ames on the hot August Straw Poll Night.

And from that night on through Florida.

I have a feeling T-Paw's won't be even neccessary. 3rd or 4th place for a guy who sleeps in Iowa versus the first place, Michelle who has a full time job a 1000 miles away just won't make the cut.

But Ron Paul will as he buys a second. But they can make their own list of all the votes he's made in congress. Whoa horsie, that's going to be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long.

Michele's will be just RIGHT (i.e. 100%conservative) as we add one more grassroots victory to hers :)


Bachmann team doubled down on a falsehood.

The Bachmann team restates their attack on TPAW.

"And of course, President Obama would surely applaud Governor Pawlenty's 2006 statement that the 'era of small government is over,' and that the government will have to be 'more proactive and more aggressive.'


Either Ed Rollins did not approve this attack by the Bachmann team, or Rollins is the biggest doofus in the game.

TPAW did not say "era of small government is over,"......that was a title of a David Brooks article that TPAW was talking about.

What is wrong with the Bachmann team?

What is wrong with Rollins?

Don't they know that this charge is false?......not accurate?. The newspaper wrote a retraction on this a day after they falsly accused TPAW of saying this.



52.Matt "MWS" Says:

July 24th, 2011 at 7:32 pm


#48 Hard to say. It’d be tough, but probably Palin, but she did actually accomplish some good, and has been in a position of leadership.


Baby steps. :)


Ed Rollins is 30 years past his prime and a total establishment hack.


I agree that Bachmann effed up by going sfter TPaw. When you're a "frontrunner," you don't engage someone who according to at least one poll, is trailing Buddy Roemer.

This is a big win for TPaw.



Your candidate is a joke. The Bachmann camp is using make-believe quotes of TPAW to attack.

Bachmann is going to get crushed tomorrow as the TPAW camp will unload and give proof of the fantasy that Bachmann is living in with these attacks. The Press will be unforgiving to Bachmann for stating more untruths.


Bachmann's dumb mistake will be Palin's gain.

Perry's position on gay marriage won't endear him to Iowans either.


Bachmann can win like Huck could

Nope, never said it either.

Much easier roadmap for Huck. But there is a map for Bachmann if she wins IA, SC, FL. It's the same map as Huck's but she's no Huck.

So of course it's tougher...but wait.


Bachmann/Huck? ..Huck's Army would hate that?



Who is there to stop her.

She will run over 7 dwarfs like a steam roller.

And all RINOS know that.

That's why there has been massive orkestrated push to suppress her

numbers,to discourage her from running.

Why there is no push for the big,loud mouth with no record and zero

accomplishments Bachmann not to run?

Because RINOS and everybody else know that she will flake out soon.

So nobody cares if she runs or not,except T-Paw maybe.



Within 2 months, you'll have to change your name again. Bachmann's slide has already begun. You just don't know it yet.


Right Wingnut,

The truth of the matter is TPAW is gaining fast on Bachmann in Iowa...........Bachmann is in panic mode. They should have just attacked TPAW on Cap-n-trade and leave it at that for now. Attacking a candidate on something he did not say...which is now known by everybody in the game that TPAW did not say it, shows that the Bachmann camp is very sloppy.

And then the Bachmann team doubles down on the falsehood.



How stupid is Rollins?

There is no way he approved this false attack, right?


74.Matt "MWS" Says:

July 24th, 2011 at 8:19 pm


“Believe or not, I think his list would trump anything that I came up with.”

Michele better hope Rollins discovered the secret to alchemy.



LOL! I'll tell him you said that. He'll love it.

So Matt, Romney or Bachmann? Life issue.


81 - You think people are going to understand your attempts to explain that quote away? It has been reported several times, including in the Wall Street Journal.


Rollins doesn't care about the truth. He never has. Were you not paying attention in 2008?


Smack, there is not an ounce of verifiable evidence that TPaw is making any progress in Iowa. Maybe we'll see some change in the next Iowa poll to come out (whenever that will be). So far, you have been pretty wrong in your predictions of a TPaw surge. I hope, one of these times you are right. We need TPaw to stick around a while longer.


Sun Tzu -

If your enemy is angry, irritate him.

Call him a Lame Duck President or something


95. Jax

Poll numbers have little relevance in the Ames Straw Poll.

this is a test of organization. T-Paw has the best in Iowa.


31. Sorry, but I HAVE studied your queen, and I totally disagree. I don't like someone who quits. she wanted to chase the cash, and let down the good folks that trusted in her to serve her time. THAT disqualifies her from seeking elected office, ever.


Tex, Taking 'happy pills' again I see. You really need to get yourself into rehab, so you can function in society again.



"The consensus by most of the electorate is that the political process has been hijacked by corruption and corrupt politicians. The Undefeated explains why Governor Palin is the un-politician.

She is not led by political ideology; but rather by morality and ethics with a spirit of love for America"

This is very true, except I don't think she's seen as the "un-politician".

She's too rigid and scripted whenever she opens her mouth, it's hard to take her seriously. That scripted feel is very typical of politicians.

She very much is someone who minces words. And that really hurts her ability to talk from the heart, at least for me, but probably for others as well. She seems like she doesn't quite grasp the big picture outside of Alaska well enough to really open up on it.

I know that you really like her, and I would like to like her more, but as a leader I just don't feel it. I supported McCain last time, something I did because I really didn't get what was going on. I never imagined it because I didn't like him last time but the only one I'd vote for now is Ron Paul. He's the only "un-politician" there is. He's not 100% where I am but he's the closest thing to a Jacksonian candidate we can get now which is what we need. America needs to ditch it's credit-based growth engine which is going to turn into a credit-based inflation engine someday, and Ron Paul's the only person willing to see the extend and pretend, live-now-pay-later for the fraud it is. The longer we go, the harder we fall.

The rest of the candidates are all too willing to cave to the sort of thinking that engendered financial sector thievery here and is about to sink Europe in debt.


97 - Who was the last person to win Ames while being at 5% in the polls? The idea that polls don't matter is nonsense. Someone has to get on the busses.



"You think people are going to understand your attempts to explain that quote away? It has been reported several times, including in the Wall Street Journal."

Yes, the quote is demonstrably false, and this will be a great opportunity to set the record straight. The Journal Star (original source of the quote) retracted and corrected the next day.



Huck got second at Ames with no organization, and polling around 2% there.


103 - Yes, but it was a distant second and it wasn't first. TPaw is not going to win Ames by getting what Huckabee got.


Poor T-Paw. He's being beat by three people that aren't even running yet and in the case of Palin and Guilani probably never will be running. Tim's working really hard and all he can achieve is an average of three percent. That's just a pathetic performance and one that is surprising to me. I really thought he'd be the anti-Mitt. Of course, the road to Tampa is long and we are just getting started so there is still hope.


102 - You and I both know that those kinds of things stick around, regardless of whether they are accurate or not. He'll be fighting it for a while. Not fair, but it is reality.


#99 Rightgal Says:

Tex, Taking ‘happy pills’ again I see. You really need to get yourself into rehab, so you can function in society again.


Every time you look in the mirror and you scream in horror,

what do you do?

Run in the pitch dark basement or mount your broom....

Really curious to know!



Just how loaded do you get every night to disrespect and treat women the way do?


#100 "She seems like she doesn’t quite grasp the big picture outside of Alaska well enough to really open up on it."

I can second that perception of Palin. I do like her, but after closely following her interviews/debates/off-the-cuff statements, don't feel confidence in her as a POTUS.


#68 That was a touche...sorry, it was just plain funny.


Straight to DVD/PPV, Telly. Now you and 3 others can have her on your TeeVee 24/7!

In the movie industry, we call this a FLOP.


Oh, these polls mean nothing. Dr. Ron Paul will be my choice for 2012, by a long shot. He's the only candidate who speaks a bit of sense.

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