May 11, 2011

Will Debt-Busting Republicans Have a Candidate in 2012?

  7:58 pm

Things are not looking good for those of us who are pining for the nomination of a Daniels/Christie/Ryan sort of Republican who will throw down the gauntlet over the issue of the national debt, and who is willing to speak truth to power, the power being aging Baby Boomers who are expecting the federal government to keep its entitlement promises in full. Buried in today’s PPP poll was this ominous statistic regarding Republican sentiments towards Mitch Daniels:

We also tested Mitch Daniels on this poll and he trails 48-34 but what might be most interesting is his favorability numbers with Republicans. Only 23% express a favorable opinion of him to 25% with an unfavorable one.

I am actually buoyed by those general election numbers. Most folks haven’t yet heard of Daniels, and the fact that he keeps the president under 50% means that Americans are at least willing to hear out the Indiana governor, something that can’t be said of Palin or Gingrich according to the same poll. But the fact that Daniels is underwater with the half of Republicans who have formed an opinion on the governor is very bad news. Daniels, despite being the most conservative presidential nominee the GOP would have sported since Ronald Reagan, if not Barry Goldwater, is in danger of becoming a polarizing force within the Republican Party, largely due to a rhetorical style and cues that GOP voters are used to associating with more moderate politicians.

Meanwhile, in the Garden State, Gov. Chris Christie gives his most Shermanesque statement yet on the race for 2012. Quoth Christie: “No, my God, I’m not running for president!” I wouldn’t want to be the reporter charged with asking him that question during his next public appearance.

Exit question: Is Paul Ryan the only hope of Republicans who care about the debt? Or will we end up with a choice between Romney and Pawlenty in order to avoid the “Cain Mutiny” that would result in the nomination of an unelectable businessman from Georgia whose sole claim to fame is that he “takes the fight to Obama,” or whatever phrase the talk radio types are using these days.



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Even as he ponders a 2012 presidential run, Mike Huckabee is out with a new business venture — an "education company" that will make "animated history videos for kids."


Meanwhile Mitt rakes in more than 1 Million in 2 NYC fundraisers. Mitt is serious, Huck is delirious!

BlueGrass State of Mind


Don't you know today is all about Mitt Romney 1994 and no one cares about the debt anymore. The 1994 Chafee bill will decide this primary.



The hard-rights reaction to the Daniels shows that they are far more interested in personality and rhetoric instead of actual accomplishment. Daniels has a fantastic conservative record as Governor of Indiana, yet because he doesn't stick it to Obama at every opportunity and he hasn't called the President a Goddless Communist, he's a moderate to these people.


No Daniels fan has answered my question, how can Mitch fix the debt when he was the Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget during George Bush's term?


5. & responsible for crafting the budget that brought us trillions into debt.



Daniels didn't create that budget, George W. Bush did. This would be like punishing your accountant for your bad budget. Daniels worked with the numbers provided to him by the President and the administration. The President called him "The Blade" for the cuts he proposed, yet those cuts were not approved by Congress.


Well since TPAW is the only candidate in "12" to have ever received an "A" grade from CATO, this question is quite simple to answer.....TPAW!


#4, maybe if Daniels didn't tell a good portion of the GOP to head to the back of the bus, Republicans would be more favorable to him. Humm......


Exit question: Is Paul Ryan the only hope of Republicans who care about the debt? Or will we end up with a choice between Romney and Pawlenty.."


I don't understand. You don't like those choices to reduce the debt?



If so-cons think that signing a massive education overhaul that expands vouchers and later signs legislation stripping Planned Parenthood of funding is being sent to the back of the bus, then they completely made my point.

How about looking at Daniels's actual record on so-con issues? Who knows, you might actually like what you see.


Daniels would make a strong number three on my person list of top of the ticket candidates.

He's always hung around my top five.

Also top ten for Veep.



I can't tell if you're being facetious or not. Let's just say that I don't really trust Rom and Paw to tackle entitlements. Paw's plan to raise the retirement age in 50 years or so seems a bit, er, tepid.


"I don’t really trust Rom and Paw to tackle entitlements." - Dave

I do if we have all three branches. But I trust Huck a lot more.

"We can't spend what we can't pay for. Period" - Huck


Vouchers are a conservative issue, not really just social con. The legislature forced his hand on abortion, just like they told Mitch no to his high earner income tax increase. Mitch is just a moderate. He's no Chris Christie. Christie would not tell social cons that their issues are not really important; he even had the cojones to give a pro-life speech at the state house steps.


You guys may not like this.

But the former Governor with the best record on budget cutting and debt reduction, whose state currently has a $12 Billion dollar surplus is...

Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska.

Even with a projected budget surplus,(which theoretically, she could have "spent' gaining many political favors, as most politicians do) her final budget for 2010 was billions below Murkowski's final budget of 2007.

Perhaps you've forgeten how frugal she is with taxpayers money.

Remember, she sold the jet and fired the chef, put the state checkbook on line (that's transparency) and Alaska is in the best fiscal shape of any state in the union because of her actions.

So fear not. If it's green eye shade accounting that drives your political passion, there is an inspirational candidate who's already been there and done that.

Boom. There it is.


Sign me up for the options of Romney and Pawlenty. Two GOP governors who held spending growth below the rate of inflation during their terms in office.

No GOP President has done that since Coolidge. If either Romney or Pawlenty can contract spending compared to inflation the debt will get under control. I am ready for either one.


Sorry Teledude, Palin's Fiscal record is nothing like you describe. She increased the state budget of Alaska by 50% in her first year in office, coupled with an amazing $2.5 billion dollar massive tax hike on the oil companies.

She gave the Dems the idea for the "windfall profits tax." Not exactly a candidate I would sign up for.




WSJ just buried your A$$!

"Mr. Romney's refusal to appreciate this, then and now, reveals a troubling failure of political understanding and principle. The raucous national debate over health care isn't about this or that technocratic detail, but about basic differences over the role of government. In the current debate over Medicare, Paul Ryan wants to reduce costs by encouraging private competition while Mr. Obama wants the cost-cutting done by a body of unelected experts like the one emerging in Massachusetts.

Mr. Romney's fundamental error was assuming that such differences could be parsed by his own group of experts, as if government can be run by management consultants. He still seems to believe he somehow squared the views of Jonathan Gruber, the MIT evangelist for ObamaCare, with those of the Heritage Foundation.

In reality, his ostensible liberal allies like the late Ted Kennedy saw an opening to advance their own priorities, and in Mr. Romney they took advantage of a politician who still doesn't seem to understand how government works. It's no accident that RomneyCare's most vociferous defenders now are in the White House and left-wing media and think tanks. They know what happened, even if he doesn't.


For a potential President whose core argument is that he knows how to revive free market economic growth, this amounts to a fatal flaw. Presidents lead by offering a vision for the country rooted in certain principles, not by promising a technocracy that runs on "data." Mr. Romney's highest principle seems to be faith in his own expertise.

More immediately for his Republican candidacy, the debate over ObamaCare and the larger entitlement state may be the central question of the 2012 election. On that question, Mr. Romney is compromised and not credible. If he does not change his message, he might as well"....

And now the Money Shot!!

....well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.




Maybe Dave is right about Romney and entitlements after all..

More immediately for his Republican candidacy, the debate over ObamaCare and the larger entitlement state may be the central question of the 2012 election. On that question, Mr. Romney is compromised and not credible. If he does not change his message, he might as well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.


18. Not true Steve T.

Your math is fuzzy. A $2.5 Billion dollar "tax hike' will not give the state a $12 Billion dollar surplus. It wasn't a "tax" on oil companies anyway.

Alaska owns the oil, per their constitution. She renegotiated the royalties structure which was a win/win for the state and the oil companies to extract the state owned resources. The oil companies do not own the oil.

Her program brought in a lot more revenue but also gave incentives for more drilling and production. The old companies have had record profits since she signed the law. It was not a tax, most especially it was not a "windfall profit's tax.'

BTW, I don't know how old you are, but the democrats have been talking about "windfall profit taxes' for over 50 years, they did not get the idea from Governor Palin's ACES program.

”Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share”, unlike a tax, ensures the state does well in boom times -- as it is doing now -- when oil prices are high. But it also hedges against low prices in the future by ensuring that oil companies exposed to commodity price swings don't face a crushing tax burden when commodity prices fall.

It is an example of the exact kind of problem solving that is needed in Washington at this time.


#11 - I couldn't agree more. I have been hammering away recently that Daniels has what no one else in the this does...a fantastic conservative record on both fiscal and social issues. Have we become the party of words are more meaningful than actions?

As I pointed out in another thread, he is the only major candidate that has NEVER supported cap and trade. He has a 100% pro-life rating and his fiscal record as Governor is second to none. What more can the man do? Does he have to scream and yell and attack in order to be a "true conservative"?

Something my father has always said to is something I hope fellow conservatives will really think about:

"It's not what you say, it's what you do that defines you"


19. Ouch.

That IS brutal.

If Daniels gets in soon, I might put Mittens back to 50/50.

He may not even run. Which I'd really kinda hate at this point.


Daniels was Budget Director and with his boss G W Bush he spent $350 billions Clinton's surplus from 2001 to 2003.But that wasn't enough,

in 2 years he spent another $400 billions and put this country's future

generations in red ink-"red menace".

Asked in 2003 by James Carney,Obama's Press Secretary,about exploding

national debt (red ink-red menace)here's what he said:

"a balanced budget is a high priority for this administration; it is not the top or the only priority.”

Little dull,faceless apparatchik,Bushie lap dog hypocrite is going

nowhere.Sarahcuda will make sure of that.


#24 - Just wow. It's amazing how some of you don't understand that the Budget Director has no say as to the final budget. I'm sure you are the same people who (rightfully so) are blaming Obama for the laughable budget he submitted. I wonder, without looking it up, do any of you know who Obama's budget director is? Do you blame him for the binge spending of the Obama administration and the Congressional Dems? Are you aware that no spending can happen without passing the House and Senate?

I have no problem with legitimate critiques of any candidate, but this is by far the weakest I've seen. It says a lot that it's all his detractors can come up with...something he had no vote on or final say on.



Don't let the Rombots and Palinites get you down.

Daniels is an excellent candidate giving us a strong field of 10..









and a

Couple Libertarians


#26 - Thanks and I am definitely not. Some of the rationale around here just boggles the mind. I still enjoy the debate though!


So how is Daniels polling lately? I know, it's early.

ROMNEY/CHRISTIE 2012 - Fiscal sanity or bust.


#28 - He's polling ok for someone with no name recognition at this point. Once he gets in I think he will move up quickly.


Nothing matters until Sarah Palin declares.

Here's the candidates line up:


Mitt Romney



Ron Paul





After S Carolina:


Mitt Romney


Ron Paul



Palin's not running except for the cover of another Running Magazine.


Notice how TEX left out Daniels, Bachmann and Huckabee?

That's who he fears the MOST. And needs out to give Palin any chance whatsoever.


Besides making $750 billions of red ink-red menace in two short years

2001-2003,here's another "accomplishment" of little shorty Daniels:

He sold Indiana Toll Road System not to American bidders,no Sir,he sold

it to Spanish and some other overseas interests.

When Sarah Palin is sworn in as 45th President of these US of America,

I'm sure she will order an investigation to see what back smoke field room deals led to this canard(had super lobbyist and Mitch's best friend Barbour had anything to do with this?)

What do you think?!


#32 - Palin has not shot much as some republicans like her, they know she isn't electable. Please no one dare say "they said Reagan was unelectable".

Don't ever compare Sarah Palin to Ronald Wilson Reagan.


Sarah Palin IS de facto THE conservative leader of America.

Reaganesque,with spine of steel,ferocious,relentless happy warrior!!!


#35 - Lol, please just stop. Reagan is a top 5 President in US History...Palin is a partial term Governor of Alaska/reality show celebrity.

It's silly stuff like this that turns off so many people when it comes to Palin.


Sorry, but I just can't trust Mitch Daniels until he calls Obama a socialist and makes fun of Joe Biden's hair plugs. It would also help if he opened a Twitter account and posted witty, urbane remarks in 140 characters or less, chock full of "LOL"s, "OMG"s, and smiley-face emoticons. Then, and only then, will I know he is serious about running for President of the United States of America.


Little shorty Daniels is a card carrying RINO.

What else you want to know?!


Like Mitt Romney? Look at his entire career and record in Mass and tell me he is not a fiscal conservative. I don't understand what is wrong with you people sometimes.


Seriously, though. What is wrong with Romney? He balanced evey budget while governor, without raising taxes (and no, fees are not taxes because they are not mandatory). He saved the Olympics from financial ruin. He made his career as a turn around artist at Bain Capital. By every measure, his fiscal record is his best quality. What is he missing? The inability to yell at teachers?



"Only 23% express a favorable opinion of him to 25% with an unfavorable one."

Nothing to fear, Dave. That's more or less the numbers all unknown candidates get. Go back and look at Huck, Romney, Hunter, Tancredo, etc.... early in last cycle, and you will see that all of them were negative.

Many poll respondents- if they are unfamiliar with the name- will simply say "negative" rather than admit they don't know who the person is.



"Seriously, though. What is wrong with Romney?"

He's a say-anything charlatan who lacks core beliefs.

Did you really have to ask?


Personality and likeability are more and more important in a candidate today. So much of the campaign is waged over the media.

The candidate that can connect with the public and present a credible conservative alternative to Obama will rise to the top. Several are capable of it. Just look how Herman Cain flipped Frank Luntz's focus group after the South Carolina debate.

What got Reagan elected was a combination of personal charm,a backbone, and principled conservatism.The candidate that can come closest to that combo will have the best chance to win over the GOP voters in the primaries and go on to beat Obama.

I'll be waiting to see who comes closest before making my final choice.


36. All Newby knows is he can parrot the false narrative that has been spoon fed to groupthink sheep.

He does not know anything real about Governor Palin, but he does represent that segment of the populace that she will have to address when she runs.

Thankfully, she is the most charismatic politician since JFK with a stellar record of conservative frugal governance and who's policy positions align with the vast majority of the American populace, and will easily be able to sway these people once they realize she is not the caricature she has been portrayed to be. (and believe me, it will be very evident, even non thinking morons will see it once the campaign starts)

I expect to hear many people saying, whoa...who is THIS woman? She's nothing like I thought she was...

It's all good. 😉


43. TennJoe, I may have found someone that meets your criteria...

I think Newby needs to read your post and do the math



BREAKING NEWS.... Rubiozone, a highly animated amateur political analyst has predicted who the 2012 republican presidential ticket will be:


Even though Romney is not his guy, he seems like the only one with the fire in his belly right now to fight for it.


TELLY & TEX the Palin twins,

You support a candidate (who bailed out and quit her governorship after only 2 1/2 years) who would lose 47 states minimum to Obama. Wow! A brilliant mind you most certainly both have. Not.

As for my candidate, it’s very hard to find any credible Republican that disagrees with THIS possibly if not likely happening for the 10 1/2 year Governor Huckabee as our nominee..


President Obama would like to thank Monsieur Tellyman and Monsieur TEX of France for promoting Palin so vociferously on the internet.

Are you two working for him or something???


This is one of the main reasons I was a Romney supporter last time around. He demonstrated as governor that balance budgets are important. I was comfortable that he wouldn't be like bush in terms of deficits.


#44 - False narrative? Daniels has a real, tangible record of conservative governance. Why exactly do you dislike him so much? Sarah Palin's short record pales in comparison.

Also, most charismatic politician since JFK? LOL!


49. I don't dislike Daniels, he just doesn't have the personality of a leader. He would be great in a cabinet position.

Daniels has ZERO charisma, look at post #43. It may be a sad commentary, but as TennJoe has figured out, it's true.

Daniels wife is not going to get on board with this thing, although she has a perfect explanation of why she left him and married some other dude in California, and then came back.

She should just say, she found out she was wrong and it's really true, size doesn't matter.

Craig, the democrat plant, doesn't want you to know this:

Within the DNC, Huckabee is known as the "glass jaw" -- and they're just waiting to break it."


Sorry Teledude, Palin’s Fiscal record is nothing like you describe. She increased the state budget of Alaska by 50% in her first year in office, coupled with an amazing $2.5 billion dollar massive tax hike on the oil companies.


Frank Murkowski spent $10.7 billion in his final year. Sarah Palin spent $9.8 billion in her first year. She did that while money was pouring into the state treasury.

Palin reformed the royalty system. The oil companies had a sweetheart deal worked out with corrupt Republicans that lowered the amount of money the oil companies were paying in royalties as the price of oil went up. Murkowski had worked out a pipeline deal that would have required the state to put up $2 billion. Palin negotiated a deal that lowered the state contribution to $500 million.


Newby needs to find a more honest source for his info.

He is being misled.


#50 - I'm quite certain people have buyers remorse for voting for "charisma" in 2008. Charisma isn't everything...otherwise neither Bush would've been President.

However, I don't think Daniels lacks charisma at all. He is clearly a very fine leader otherwise he could not have accomplished all that he has for Indiana.


Plus, he's the only one that can look the Lollipop Guild right in the eye!


#52 - Franklin isn't quoting anything I wrote.


Daniels is a insider and a bureaucrat. When you combine that with his unwillingness to rule out taxes, I see another phony budget deal along the lines of we'll give you $4 in budget cuts for every dollar in tax increases.

Also the taxes that he is saying is interesting. He has talked about combining a flat tax with a VAT tax. The VAT is insidious because it is a hidden tax. Unlike a sales tax, it doesn't show up on a receipt. A tax on imported oil would raise the price of energy. The only reason that Daniels has not raised taxes is because Republicans in the state legislature refused to back his call for raising taxes on those who make more than $100,000 a year.

Michael Reagan compared Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan. There isn't going to be another Reagan but she may be as close as you are going to get. Norman Podhoretz pointed out that no one knew in 1979 that Reagan would be a great President. Podhoretz also mentioned what some conservatives thought of Reagan in 1979. "when I first announced that I was supporting Reagan in his bid for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination, I was routinely asked by friends on the right how I could possibly associate myself with this "airhead," this B movie star, who was not only stupid but incompetent. They readily acknowledged that his political views were on the whole close to ours, but the embarrassing primitivism with which he expressed them only served, they said, to undermine their credibility. In any case, his base was so narrow that he had no chance of rescuing us from the disastrous administration of Jimmy Carter."

Matthew E. Miller


"Nothing to fear, Dave. That’s more or less the numbers all unknown candidates get. Go back and look at Huck, Romney, Hunter, Tancredo, etc…. early in last cycle, and you will see that all of them were negative."

This is not really true. People are very likely to answer negatively to a question that asks someone whether they'll "definitely vote for" or "definitely vote against" and they're somewhat likely, in the very, very early stages to answer negatively to favorability questions. But this is always less true of partisans and usually disappears as the candidate approaches 50% name recognition (or at least, 50% of people claim to recognize the candidate) because their seems to be a pretty much constant group of partisans that answers these questions negatively (in the 10-20% range) regardless of who is mentioned. Anything beyond 15-20% unfavorables is usually attributable to actual, legitimate on the ground partisans, knowing a candidate and disliking them. Case in point. In the March survey Pawlenty was at 15-33 unfavorable overall (comparable to Daniels at 14-33) but 23-16 among Republicans. Herman Cain was at 12-17 in the same survey. A month later, Christie was at 47-14 with Republicans and Rand Paul was at 39-24. 23-25 is, even at this stage in the campaign, a worrying split which shouldn't just be brushed aside. Like I said, Daniels is very loudly RINOifying himself for no good reason.


Want to bust the debt? Gary Johnson is your man. 😉


Wow, this is prety cool no big competition for obamaa just a bunch of losers literally alot of these people kmow they are gonna lose so why run, nice obama 2012:)


The 2012 republican candidate are Yucky


I would like to see Martin at MWR, I love Mikey but it's time for him to step out of the NAPA car. Martin could help the overall program, and I agree with others; MWR appears to be moving up and can we really say the same for DEI. Other possible option might be RCR if Casey is on his way out, but since RCR in general is having issues, he may have another year. Tony doesn't quite have all of Ryan's sponsorship needs covered (does anyone think Haas Automation would be on the car unless absolutely necessary) the last thing he needs is to stretch it for a 3rd team.


I love the craftsman and the farmhouse... so hard to narrow it down though! Fun little survey, thanks!

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