April 27, 2011

RUMOR: Huck Releases His South Carolina Team

  5:50 pm

Via Hot Air and Process Story, word is former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is giving his former South Carolina supporters the O.K. to sign on with other potential candidates.

We’ve been told that former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee, a rumored candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, is giving his former S.C. supporters the nod to seek work on other presidential campaigns. The word is that he’s told South Carolina staffers that they have his blessing for them to peddle their wares elsewhere.

These rumors come on the heels of reports of Fox News putting pressure on Huckabee to come to a decision:

Bill Shine, the network’s executive vice president for programming, told The Daily Beast that “like we did with Gingrich and Santorum, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will take action if and when we think it is necessary.” Fox has planned a meeting with Huckabee in the near future to discuss the matter, said Shine.

Whether the rumors hold up or not, these certainly are not the kind of process stories that a fledgling campaign would like to see.

UPDATE: Huck’s team contests the report.




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Craig for Romney 2012

Huckabee & Obama are done. Time for the grown ups to take charge. ROMNEY 2012!


Turns out the rumor is false.


Categorically denied by Hogan Gidley, who is well connected with the South Carolina team as well as being from South Carolina.


Turns out the one behind this rumor is the infamous Wesley Donehue, the gut behind the anonymous attack site on Fred Thompson while working for the Romney campaign and the role in the Nikki Haley fiasco (claimed he had the power to advance or kill Forks story, and later denied all involvement).

Craig for Romney 2012

EWErickson Erick Erickson

How I know Huckabee is out: is.gd/uvoSIB

2 hours ago

Top Tweet


Huckabee is NOT running. The word has been out on the street since the end of Jan 2011.

Janet Huckabee has put the kibosh on the idea.

And Huck did it himself 3 months ago be saying he would NOT be making any decision about the presidency until the latter part of summer 2011, if he decided to run at all.

Simply, many folks have refused to believe the rumors; I have not. Nothing that Huck has done in the last few months has given me any reason to change my mind. If anything, everything Huck has done has reaffirmed by belief he is skipping 2012.

This report today was simply another nail on the coffin.


I'm glad you've finally come to your senses, Craig. :)

Craig for Romney 2012

This only reinforces the fact that Romney is the only well organized, funded, experienced, candidate in the field. Time to suck it up Huck/Palin supporters and face the fact that Romney will win the GOP primary and will BEAT OBAMA!!!


HuckPac's ED, Hogan Gidley, is denying the report, but then I think Gidley eminently capable of dishonesty, so I would treat it still as an unconfirmed rumor. After all, Gidley is also part of dirty SC politics.


Sometimes we forget that these candidates are real people. Huckabee is a self-made man who is now making a half million dollars per year doing something that he loves to do, and is about to settle down in a nice house in Florida with his wife. To give all that up to run for a presidential nomination that he might not even win would be a bit much for anyone.


Huh, what the hell happened to my post?


You forget about Donald Trump and Trumpmania and that Romney is polling only 13% in both the Gallup and Newsmax polls. Doesn't seem overwhelming to me.

Quite frankly the release of the birth certificate by Obama today makes it a whole new ballgame. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump rides the wave due his insistence Obama reveal his birth certificate and that Mitt takes a political hit because of it.

Trump is now the KING!

Oh by the way, Sarah Palin has always been the QUEEN!

But as in chess the queen has a lot more power than the king and is less vulnerable to capture.

Craig for Romney 2012

The funny thing about Palin/Huckabee supporters is that their chosen candidate can't even be honest with them and acknowledge they aren't running. Instead they play mind games and string their supporters around like puppets. At least Romney has the balls to actually say he's running for Prez and put the effort in.


It's funny.

The Huck camp says 'no final decision has been made', but they don't address the initial report...has the SC team been 'released?'

Maybe they have...

This could be a non denial denial. Or something.

Craig for Romney 2012

@ROMBOT Don't you know Huck? He's sucking every dollar off the "possible presidential run". Going on a cruise, book tour, oh please.... Serious candidate my _


There it is.


12. Palin has always been honest.

She speaks directly to us. (her supporters)

It's only people who don't believe her or don't want to that think she isn't running.

She hasn't announced yet.

Neither have most of the field.

She is the runningest running runner of all running time.

Take that to the bank (or Intrade)



Great pickup. Huck of course didn't want this info to get out but in the world of the internet and blogosphere it's pretty hard to keep anything noteworthy secret.


Hoorah! Hoorah! Let’s pray that it’s true. It probably is. As many have pointed out recently Huck loves him some mammon ($$$$). He’s not the least bit worried about vilating Christ’s admonishment about serving two masters. Oh no, not Huck. He’s got a looooong history of going for the green. Assuming this is accurate



Darn it. It was a false rumor as most rumors are. I can't believe I was so dumb again.


TPAW SURGE CONTINUES!! Nick Ayers lining up the ANYBODYBUTMITT faction...heeheeheee


I agree with bob. Only a very reluctant Huck would get in at this point and a very reluctant Huck knows he cannot get the job done.


The legacy of the South Carolina politics strike again.

Robot (the original)

What advantage would Romney get out of making up a lie about Huckabee not running? Only a Huck supporter would think that makes sense at this point in the game.


Hogan Gidley, director of Huck PAC and former Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party "categorically denies the rumor."


I never said that Romney was behind the rumor. I said that Wesley Donehue was behind it, and Wesley is not one to be trusted. The person who pushed this after that was Erick Erickson, the guy who strung the blogosphere along that he had dirt on Will Forks and then reneged.

Rombot (the original)

And what would Donehue have to gain? The director of HuckPAC definitely has a strong interest in denying it and pointing the finger at Romney and his people for the rumor. What interest would the Romney people have if it weren't true?


What is in the water in South Carolina? That place seems to really bring out the negativity in politics, more so than elsewhere.


27, first off, HuckPAC didn't blame Romney for it. Look on their statement and read it. Second, Donehue is a slimeball who has been behind several unsavory incidents in South Carolina to begin with.


What happened to Craig? Stunning betrayal of his candidate.

I credit Glenn Beck with this. He shredded Huckabee the other day. I found the shredding rather compelling.


Liz, I believe Craig now posts as "Beat Obama."



Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee allegedly told his South Carolina consultants that he wasn’t going to run for president in 2012 … or at least that’s what a Palmetto Republican blogger reported on Wednesday.

Of course what could have erupted into a national news story may very well turn out to be the first example of South Carolina’s notoriously dirty political process.

The drama began when the website Process Story ran a banner headline Wednesday afternoon boldly declaring that “Huckabee won’t run.”

If true, this would have obviously been a major bombshell in 2012 Republican presidential primary – and a huge national news story. There’s just one problem … the report is false.

Process Story‘s hastily-rechristened article also removed any reference to Huckabee supporters claiming that their boss had told them he was dropping out of the race

According to Hogan Gidley, the executive director of Huckabee’s national political action committee, both reports are totally inaccurate.

Reached by phone on Wednesday afternoon, Gidley told FITS that rumors about Huckabee pulling out of the race were “cateogrically false.” He then added that there was “absolutely zero truth” to reports that Huckabee was releasing his South Carolina team.

“Gov. Huckabee has been pretty clear that he is seriously considering (a 2012 campaign) and that he will make a decision sometime this summer,” Gidley said. “That is consistent with what he has said for months.”

The rumor about Huckabee comes a day after a new Winthrop University poll showed him leading the GOP field in South Carolina – a state he nearly won in 2008.

So … what prompted this particular website to make such a claim?

For those of you unfamiliar with the incestuous world of Palmetto politics, Process Story is run by Wesley Donehue, a paid consultant to the S.C. Republican Party, the S.C. Senate Republican Caucus and several other “GOP” politicians (including U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson). A veteran dirty trickster, Donehue is no stranger to initiating controversy. In 2008, he was busted running a website that bashed former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson while he was working for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

A year ago, Donehue was at the center of the Will Folks-Nikki Haley sex scandal, sending numerous text messages to our founding editor in the days leading up to his shocking revelation intimating that he had the power to kill – or advance – the story in the mainstream media. Donehue later claimed that he had no direct knowledge of an affair between Folks and Haley.

Sources tell FITS that Donehue – who was originally planning to work for former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s aborted bid – is currently working for former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich, although those reports are unconfirmed.

“Governor Huckabee is the front-runner – so we expect a certain level of unfounded rumors lobbed our way, but this one is just odd,” Gidley said. “I’m not sure why Wes put out that story – or what source he is quoting – but it’s simply not true.”


I'd wish he just stuck to one name. It makes it hard to tell who's who. Anyways, Craig for Romney 2012 has posted before. In fact, I think I remember him arguing with Craig before.

I could be wrong.


Working for Gingrich now, huh?


Anyone else baffled by Fitsnews, of all places, accusing others of dirty tricks?

Craig for Romney 2012

Honestly and perspectively, what disadvantage would Huckabee have to announce that he's not running?

-Fundraising & money (for what it's worth, horrible or not)

-Decrease in book sales

-Decrease in viewership of his tv show "Huckabee"

-Decrease in the national spotlight

-Becoming irrelevant

-Having fewer articles written about you

-Having a harder time paying off his mortgage with lack of revenue coming in from speculative supporters


So it is a Gingrich guy, not a Romney guy. Glad the record is straight.


I believe the FOX rummer... There is a huge conflict of enterest with Huckabee on the payroll.


Notice who started the rumor mill:

Donohue-In 2008, he was busted running a website that bashed former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson while he was working for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Also note who is spreading the rumor, that will tell you who is afraid of a Mike Huckabee candidacy.


Donohue has nothing to do with Romney anymore 39. Nice try though.

Craig for Romney 2012

@Texas Conservative True or not, this just reinforces the idea behind Huckabee not being a serious candidate. This isn't the first time that Huckabee has told supporters to look elsewhere for work.


Well Huckabee is really under a lot of pressure to announce one way or another.

LET'S GO, I'm sick of speculating. Decide one way or another Huckie.



He works for Newt Gingrich. Nice try. Read the story.


Well Huck's departure certainly settles all questions, if any remained, that Palin's the GOP POTUS nominee in waiting!

Former Huck supporters, welcome aboard, see you in Iowa!


My money is on the rumer being true

With debates staring huckabee can not legitmately work for fox and plannig to run. It will be a conflict of interest and make fox and huckabee in possible violation of election laws.


No more roomers for me. I am done beleeving.


I happen to think there is some truth to the rumor as well. I'm not sure that Huckabee planned on making it public right now (which explains the push back), but I think it is true that he has made up his mind not to run. That probably happened a while ago actually (we have seen several Huck staffers go to other campaigns already). The rumor may have come from Donohue, but it was also tweeted by Eric Erikson. I doubt he would be spreading that if the only source was Donohue.


Is CraigforRomney the same person as the former CraigforHuck?


Let's see....Mansion/show vs. running for President....If he had plans to run for President, he isn't taking it serious.....He's losing support daily.


It's the money, honey.


"The rumor may have come from Donohue, but it was also tweeted by Eric Erikson."

The same person who shot his credibility during the Will Forks fiasco?


17. With the books due out in the coming weeks, and former son in law to beeee writing his screed, and all other things we see around... she's not running. But please, when she does not run? Don't do anything drastic like jump off a ice berg.


Of which, I would caution people to not put stock into rumors until we have a basis of facts involved. A saying that has significance would be to hear all, trust nothing.


Last week's rumor was that Huck was absolutely in, because Ed Rollins said so. I didn't believe that one either.


"If you want to help me LAY CRUCIAL GROUNDWORK,

please send your best gift possible to SarahPAC today.

Thank you for joining me in the fight to keep America the country we know and love!

With an Alaskan Heart,"

Sarah Palin




He probably told his people that if they get job offer then they are free to take it. It shows that he is at best 50-50 and could not guarantee he was going to run. Wonder if Fox could be interested in moving Huckabee to Beck's slot. He doesn't get Beck's numbers but he may be as close as they get unless Rush wants to do a show which I doubt.


Politico reports today:

“Beasley said, is “it primarily, overwhelmingly benefits Huckabee.” Huckabee was widely seen as likely to split the southern vote with Barbour, the governor of Mississippi. Without Barbour in the race, Huckabee could be poised – if he runs – to secure a hefty portion of voter support and endorsements. Beasley suggested that Huckabee now has a clearer path to running, if he chooses to"


Who is Beesley? Some Huckey friend?


52. rightgal, only if you promise, that when she does run, you will.

Craig for Romney 2012

@Franklin After the tirade Beck went on calling Huckabee a progressive and such, it would be a HUGE slap in beck's face. He would never let that happen. Plus Huckabee is BORING!


Rightgal aka Ellie etc,etc...

You did jump off the cliff long time ago and landed in septic tank.


A trashy former son in law is not going to impress anyone. On her new website, she has a link for groups that want Palin to come to speak with them. These are not the professional speaking engagements. This indicates that she is planning more non-professional engagements. You don't do that if you're not running.


Beck doesn't care who replaces him. He said he had disagreements with Huckabee but he did agree on some issues. He didn't back off what he said about Huckabee but he had bigger fish to fry.


Beasley was a former SC governor who lost his re-election bid. Hardly a good judge of SC politics.



"Beasley was a former SC governor who lost his re-election bid. Hardly a good judge of SC politics."

LOL! You think he got elected being a bad judge of politics in his state? How do you think he got elected in the first place, by lottery?



Speaking of needing re-election to validate one's ability to judge politics in one's state, how did Sarah do in her reelection campaign?


Craig, you are making me so sad....where is the fire and hope for Huck? Until I hear it from Huck's mouth, I won't believe it.

What is worst is that you go from Huck to Romney?!?! What the crap? At least pick a conservative! If Huck is out there is no way my vote goes for Romney (in the primaries...the general is a different story of course).

Huck/Rubio 2012!!


thunder Says:

Who is Beesley? Some Huckey friend?


Who is out there trying to steal my name. I didn't say this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig for Romney 2012

Huckarubio, So you're saying you would vote Obama over Romney, some conservative you are.


LOL @ Huckarubio - A Huckabee supporter that accuses Romney of not being a conservative. That is funny.


MWS, there was no re-election campaign. It is hard to have a re-election campaign when you quit halfway through the first term...




If I'm correct in taking your indignation at face value, let me explain: 'Craig for Romney' is actually a rombot mocking our beloved LA of Anaheim Angels fan, 'Craig for Huck' who has recently taken to calling himself 'Beat Obama.'


69, coming from one such as you, Huckarubio should wear it as a badge of pride.


71, yeah, I remember now. The two of them were arguing earlier in the month I believe. In which case, the sock-puppet has brass balls mimicing a person's account.


72 - Is that supposed to hurt me?



What do you mean Sarah quit???

She's a grizzlyfoxbearwalrus!!!!! She rips the lungs out of crazed hyenas with her bare hands just for fun! She would never quit! Surely you jest!

I'm sure she won that reelection campaign, and I'm sure her approval numbers are just as high in Alaska now as they were in 2008.


So Twain is turning our beloved Race42012 into the National Enquirer today?

Huck must be directly over the target - so poor Max is getting nervous and posting garbage again.

Huck/Rubio '12! Huck's pace, Huck's race! :)


Angels played a late afternoon game today so I missed all the fun while at the game.

Huck within two of Obama in Nevada? Nice.

Rombot heads explode.


Franklin dissing four year Governor Beasley?

Would you appreciate him more if he woulda quit after 27 months to do "Wild Carolina" on TLC? Hey, he could shoot a deer or two. Maybe fish.

And then tweet about it.


Huckarubio Says:

April 27th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

"Craig, you are making me so sad…"

Don't be sad. Rombots are FUNNY!! :)


Craig for Huck/Beat Obama! . . .

I know we don't have much in common as far as GOP primary politics goes . . . but I DO like your taste in baseball teams!

Go Angels!! Bring back the Rally Monkey!! (I grew up on the Angels back with Rod Carew, Reggie Jackson, Wally Joyner, etc . . .)



If my buddy Stephen Hall wants me to keep 'Craig for Huck' until Huckabee is inaugurated, it's fine with me :)

'Beat Obama' wouldn't really work that well after we win on Nov '12. It would be kinda like rubbing it in, especially with all three branches under Republican control once again.



Hey, pretty cool!!!

Btw, my family first acquired our season tickets the very year we signed Reggie :)


Nice to see you roaring back with a vengeance Craig.


75, I had to laugh at that one.


Matt (75): You are absolutely right. Clearly, Stephen has been taken in by the lame-stream media that has tried to mislead Americans into believing that the SuperStupendous Amazing Fantabulous Saracuda quit. Ha!!

A likely story -- but then these are the same liars who are telling folks that she has lost 80% of her support. And certainly nobody believes that bunch of polar bear poop!

The truth, as anybody who listens to Rush knows, is that she's still governor of Alaska, as well as Oregon, South Dakota, and the Pitcairn Islands.


Bob, you forgot Timbuktu.


.....and you can't see anything but water from your back porch on Pitcairn Island.



Bobby and Stephie(and maybe Mattsy),

what a pair?! Or is it a troika?!

Mitch,the valiant Bushie lap dog,than the bleeding heart 1033 liberal preacher from Arkansas who claims he is Georges Clemenceau and not Maurice Clemmons,and T-Paw who still can not be picked out of a police line in Iowa.

Guys,you're such a treasure!

What a political force,such a great future for the bankrupt USA.


LOL! You think he got elected being a bad judge of politics in his state? How do you think he got elected in the first place, by lottery?


It takes talent for a Republican to lose in SC. In 2010, despite a 10%+ unemployment rate and the candidate Democrats wanted, Republicans still swept statewide offices including the goernorship. Beasley managed to lose and the Democrat lost in the next election.


How did Georges Clemenceau get into this? He's never been to Pitcairn Island.



You liked Huck as your second choice for over a year here after the Clemmons tragedy. And you defended Mike mightedly as only you can do with flowery rhetoric. You crushed dozens and dozens and dozens of Rombots to pieces like a TEXacuda.

I miss that TEX.

Remember, the facts are still the facts as you knew then and know now..

Huckabee who only gave clemencies to approximately 246 convicts in 10 1/2 years. That's around 2 per month.. after reading, studying, and discussing their individual and unique cases, like a 16 year old black male being given a 108 year sentence for one burglary and the stealing of a purse (without a gun) that Huck rightfully cut in half.

The rest of the 787 number were given pardons AFTER they had served their sentences and were released.

They requested a pardon so they could get a job.

But TEX, you know all that.


Speaking of needing re-election to validate one’s ability to judge politics in one’s state, how did Sarah do in her reelection campaign?


Do you really love showing your ignorance? Her political judgement is very good. By resigning, she stopped all the phony ethics complaints that had put her $550,000 in debt and prevented Democrats from working with corrupt Republican legislators to roll back her reforms. If you had bothered to notice, she had already ruled out running for re-election. Karl Rove said she was politically dead yet she is still within striking distance.


It takes talent for a Republican to lose in SC.

But it takes no talent to quit on your constituents in Alaska.

Unless you want to lose all credibility if you choose to run for another office later on.

Which she has. Hence, record low trust:



Franklin dissing four year Governor Beasley?

Would you appreciate him more if he woulda quit after 27 months to do “Wild Carolina” on TLC? Hey, he could shoot a deer or two. Maybe fish.


Four year governor David Beasley didn't have $550,000 in legal bills due to

phony ethics complaints. Neither did Huckabee thanks to Arkansas state law.

Palin did more in two and 1/2 years than Beasley did in 4. She did it with Democrats.

Any governor would give their right arm to showcase their state that way.

A 8 hour infomercial for the state of Alaska.



You were doing great,almost made me feel guilty,and then you dived in

the sewer,you just had to be little petty man,attacking great Sarahcuda.

You have to live with it!


But it takes no talent to quit on your constituents in Alaska.

Unless you want to lose all credibility if you choose to run for another office later on.

Which she has. Hence, record low trust:


Actually her constituents quit on her. A elected public official has a reasonable expectation that the ethics process will be abused to march them straight to bankruptcy court. The AG cited the Palin cases demonstrating the need to prevent abuse of the system. In addition another legislator said, "You want to make political points against Sarah Palin? Hire a hall," said Rep. Mike Doogan, an Anchorage Democrat and former journalist. "Don't make the state of Alaska your soapbox. ... This is really about what's right here, for anybody who finds themselves in that situation." They have since changed the law so that the state pays the legal bills of the governor if they are exonerated in ethics charges.

The reason for her bad poll numbers are a combination of things. First of all the press has been pushing the mantra that she is a airhead just as Reagan was. The best way to tell how a Palin event went is the media. If it goes well, they ignore it or lie about it. She has done question and answer sessions in Florida and Longisland and been described as knowledgeable and nothing like the idiot they make her out to be on tv.

Secondly, there are a lot of bad polls. A CBS/NY Times poll, had Palin with a 61% negative. It also had Republicans in Congress with a 55% negative, 57%

said Republicans were to blame for the incivility in Washington, and conserative talk show hosts got 60% negatives. I suspect if Jesus Christ was

identified as a Republican, he'd have gotten a 60% negative rating. This poll is clearly biased yet it gets averaged in when it should be thrown out.

We had a plethora of polls from Rasmussen, Marist, PPP, and ABC/Washington Post polls in head to head matchups. There was a interesting thread. These polls generally agreed on Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, and Trump in head to heads with Obama. Yet the ariations on Palin ranged from 10-22 points which is well outside the margin of error. That suggests that the Palin numbers are being pushed deliberately lower. PPP would have us believe that Palin trails by 18 nationally yet only trails by 11 in a blue state like Pennslyania? If I got numbers like that, I would throw them both out and start all over.


Bob #4,

How do know Janet put the kibosh on him running. My friends who know the Huckabee's say she is gung ho about another run, and they actually know her and don't just hear things from people who heard things


IF we are getting into re-elections as a qualifier how does Romney stack up? Wait the polls didn't look good for him so he chose not to seek re-election. Huck won 4 state wide races, Pawlenty a couple, Gingrich was a district guy, Trump nada, I am just saying I don't think that matters.


Ian, Mitt decided that he could either run for President, or re election. He did not want to run for President as a sitting gov. That's not fair to those that elected him. AND he's not a quitter either. Facts be pesky things nowadays, eh?


Oh man, Jeff Fuller. Memories of going to the 'big A'!


52. LOL. You know, I know, we all know she's not running. But, hey, open your checkbooks and give Sarapac some cash! After all, a gal needs needs to get some new shoes now and then!


"Actually her constituents quit on her."

Thats a new one.



I have actually seen the Palindrones make the case before that it's the Peoples' fault she quit.

So we shouldn't elect her, unless we're prepared to shoulder the blame for her quitting the Presidency (someone might sue her!).


My hat is off to your astute conmmad over this topic?bravo!

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