April 22, 2011

Poll Watch: ARG New Hampshire GOP 2012 Hopefuls

  2:03 pm

American Research Group (ARG) has released a telephone poll of 600 likely Republican primary voters living in New Hampshire (422 Republicans and 178 undeclared voters (independents)). The poll was taken April 16-21, 2011. Its MOE is ± 4 percentage points.

Here are the results, along with the crosstabs:

Likely GOP Primary Voters Reg. GOP Ind. Tea Party Not Tea Party Will Vote Most Likely Vote
Romney 32 37 20 30 33 34 23
Trump 17 13 27 21 14 17 18
Gingrich 8 10 3 11 5 8 7
Giuliani 8 6 13 2 14 8 9
Huckabee 8 10 2 4 11 9 2
Ron Paul 8 5 15 9 7 8 8
Cain 2 1 3 2 1 2 0
Palin 2 1 7 2 2 1 7
Rand Paul 2 3 0 2 2 2 3
Pawlenty 2 2 3 4 1 2 4
Bachmann 1 2 0 0 1 1 3
Daniels 1 2 0 0 3 1 3
Johnson 1 2 0 2 1 1 3
Barbour 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Huntsman 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Karger 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pataki 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Roemer 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Santorum 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
UnDecided 8 6 7 9 5 6 10


ARG has not had the best of reputations in the past, so take these figures with a grain of salt.



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Huck tied for 3rd in liberal land now?

Ok, I can buy that.

But T-Paw at 1% ... No waaaaay



Help a friend out?


Daniels at 1% ..No!

Where's Bob Hovic? 😉


Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, ...

(I hear footsteps, people.)



You're right. Pawlenty is actually at 2%. I've corrected the chart.


So after Trump's inevitable implosion (I am convinced that he is going to run) where does his 17 percent go?

I'm going to guess that the Birth Certificate/Take Libya's Oil/Find a way to Screw Over the ChiComms crowd ain't going to Romney.

So where does that 17 go?


Thanks, Mark.

That's MUCH better :)


You guys gotta see this video of Glenn Beck ripping Mike Huckabee to shreds today.





I think (and so does Rollins by his comments today) that it could get Huck into a nice 2nd place finish in NH right after and right before strong wins in IA & SC.



You always post like your scared of Huck? Why?

If you look at the poll for this thread up top, your guy, Mitt does pretty well.

Enjoy when your boy does well. Ok?


Wow, Mitt's the most popular with the Tea Partiers? Just wow.


"If, sir, you are this thin-skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines,” Glenn said.


"The last thing we need is someone challenging Barack Obama, not as President of the United States but challenging Barack Obama for his title as the most thin-skinned President in American history."

I've been saying all along that Huckabee has been sitting on the sidelines inconspicuously for so long because he doesn't want his ardent Conservative supporters to find out his real Progressive record.



If playing a ten-second clip of Huckabee's audio and then hearing Beck ranting about it for five minutes on his own show counts as impressive to you then you need to get out more.


FACT: The ethics commission fined Huckabee $1,000 for failing to report that he paid himself $14,000 from his 1992 U.S. Senate campaign and $43,000 from his 1994 lieutenant governor’s campaign. (Source: POLITICO, Huckabee rivals unearth ethics complaints Kenneth P. Vogel Nov 21, 2007)

FACT: Huckabee accepted more than 300 gifts worth at least $130,000, ranging from $3,700 cowboy boots to a $600 chainsaw. (Source: POLITICO, Huckabee rivals unearth ethics complaints Kenneth P. Vogel Nov 21, 2007)

FACT: Mike Huckabee raised more taxes in 10 years in office than Bill Clinton did in his 12 years. (Source: The Leader, 08/30/2006)

FACT: Mike Huckabee’s substantial tax hikes far surpassed his modest tax cuts, with the average tax burden increasing by a whopping 47% over his tenure. (Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/09/07)

FACT: Mike Huckabee opposed a congressional measure to ban internet taxes in 2003. (Source: Arkansas News Bureau, 11/21/03)

FACT: Mike Huckabee in 2004, he allowed a 17% sales tax increase to become law. (Source: The Gurdon Times, 03/02/04)

FACT: Mike Huckabee stole over $70,000 worth of furniture from the Arkansas governors mansion. (Source: Arkansas Times Counting the Furniture, 12/14/06 Leslie Newell Peacock)

FACT: Mike Huckabee set up a nonprofit entity so he could give paid “inspirational” speeches without having to disclose the donors. (SOURCE: Bloomberg Dec 12, 2007 Margaret Carlson)

FACT: During the 2001 regular session of the Arkansas Legislature, Mike Huckabee supported giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. (Source Arkansas Journal, Mike Huckabee Supported Bill to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens, Henry Rearden, 11/22/2007)

FACT: Mike Huckabee supported in-state higher education benefits for children of illegal immigrants. (Laura Kellams, “Senators research U.S. law on aliens,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/27/05)

FACT: Mike Huckabee opposed a federal raid of 119 illegal immigrants at an Arkansas Tyson poultry plant, 107 of whom left the country either voluntarily or through deportation. (Melissa Nelson, “Huckabee Risks Political Fortunes To Denounce Immigration Raid,” Associated Press, 8/5/05)

FACT: Mike Huckabee opposed a bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote in his own state. (Source CNS NEWS, Some GOP Concerned about Huckabee’s Immigration Views, Fred Lucas, 12/04/2007)

FACT: Mike Huckabee says he has degree in theology, further investigation discovers he does not. (Source: The Carpetbagger Report, Mike Huckabee has a theology degree — or does he?, 12/14/2007)


Beck was fired from Fox for many reasons but mostly for Glenn's daily hyperbole rants.

But the GREAT NEWS is he'll vote for Huck when the time comes as he said today..

"I compared Mike Huckabee progressivism to John McCain. Now, while I wasn’t a huge fan of Mr. McCain, I wound up voting for the guy."




All that's fair game. But live by talk radio and die by talk radio. Mandate Mitt is going to have has day soon. And it's going to be like a cold sore. It'll keep coming back.



Why with all the constant liberal links and attacks that no one ever reads?

You can't just enjoy this NH poll that Mark put up?



You should be celebrating or pleased with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire (so far).


Instead you're going after the guy who came in 3rd among the Hampshirites with LIBERAL junk from many years ago.

That's strange.


"But live by talk radio and die by talk radio."

Ain't that the truth, Adam. :)


I'll stop posting the facts about Mike Huckabee when you can disprove them, Craig. Ad Hominim attacks against the source of the facts just makes you look silly.

I listen to Beck, Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, and Coulter every day, and I have yet to hear a one of them attack Mitt Romney. I've heard them attack Huckabee and Trump quite often, however. I think they understand what real a Liberal is.

Booger Bears for Huck

Craig is a good Booger Bear.

Booger Bears unite!


Flavor of the month voters go with the flow. Trump may well get in, but he won't stay the flavor of the month. Loudmouths who self-promote without self-preparation end up quieted quickly.


Trump is really stealing Huck's "born in Kenya" thunder.



Great job, keep up the truth telling. Truth to Huckanuts is like sunlight to vampires.


Max loves liberal links, too. Darn it, I forgot that.


I'm happy to see Romney still doing so well, but I would like to see Pawlenty do a little better in N.H. after all the time he has put in up there. I'd also like to see Daniels get higher numbers. I'm wanting my 2nd choice guys to do a little better.

Booger Bears for Huck

Liberals are children of God who need a second chance, just like convicted felons.

Booger Bears =love


"Craig is a good" - BoBears


Well... Thank you, new poster :)

But are any of us really "good"?


How does Trump do so well with the indies? Anyone have a plausible explanation. Name id? I have a hard time seeing the indies hop on the birther/let's steal other country's oil train.


# Craig for Huck Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 2:17 pm


You always post like your scared of Huck? Why?


Me thinks you protest too much, but never, every address the real issue.

Is Huckabee a progressive or not?

As for the Poll :)

The question is why is Huckabee picking a fight with Beck, even he started it. Huckabee needs to learn to let sleeping dogs lie.


"But are any of us really 'good'?"

Care to expand what you mean by that, Craig?


Huckabee tying for 3rd in NH and maybe not even in the top 3 in Nevada. That spells trouble for him down the road. Trump is not helping, and its Huckabee he hurts. Romney is still in 2nd in Iowa and leading in NH. Is there a chance he is leading in NV? West Virginia could be interesting next week too. Stay tuned to slow PPP.


Could Trump be leading in WVa? Where is Trump's leads in states, could it be the NY, NJ, and NV of the country.


What a week. Starts off with Trump attacks Romney and ends with Beck attacks Huckabee.


Could someone please explain to me how New Hampshire is liberal. Some idiot on here keeps saying the Granite State is liberal land and I'd like to see evidence that that is true.



Huck's roadmap to the White House does not include NH or NV.



What's Beck's stance on RomneyCare/ObamaCare mandates, subsidies, and exchanges that affects 1/6 of OUR economy?

Seems pretty PROGRESSIVE and LIBERAL to me.

What say Beck? 😉


New Hampshire aka Liberal land..


Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 219,262 67.46%

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 98,974 30.45%



There absolutely is none. New Hampshire is as conservative as the Northeast gets. It ain't Mississippi, but it certainly is more conservative on a regular basis, than any of its neighbors. They aren't so-cons, but are very economically conservative.

I wish Mitch would poll higher in New Hampshire, since it's voters are his type. But, the reason he isn't doing better is probably due to his being out of the news right now.


While you may or may NOT like Glenn Beck, you must concede that Glenn's closing 4 or so minutes are entirely accurate as well as total fair game and very concerning.

Mike Huckabee showed his true colors as a big government progressive (whose only real Conservative credentials are on social issues) in 2008.

The last thing we need is someone like Huckabee in charge of cutting the deficit. He would be too sympathetic for the government employees. And he would be as thin-skinned as Obama.

No to Huckabee 2012! (not that he has a chance anyway, being a totally regional candidate)



Glenn Beck is a lunatic; he's a one-man John Birch Society. I wouldn't take anything he says seriously, regardless of who it's about.

Also, Huckabee nearly won the Oklahoma Primary, the Washington State Caucus's, the Kansas Primary, and the Iowa Caucuses. Those aren't exactly in the heart of Dixie.

Underestimating Mike Huckabee is a fatal mistake, one that many Romney supporters continue to keep making.


CF -these are the kind of posts that validate you, keep it factual like this and you will influence more people. Good Job.

CFH- Beck and Rush have questioned Romney before, but never with the brutality and rapid fire hits like this on Huckabee.

Talk radio is interesting but I am still cautious that they dont turn into witch hunters.


Jonathan #40 -

I know that, but thanks considering that's where I was raised but I just wanted someone else to confirm it for everyone else around here. Granite Staters are exactly the kind of voters we need to win nationwide (educated, suburban, fiscal conservatives) to win the WH in 2012. One camp considers these folks liberals.


Beck and Trump are lunatics. Why is Trump and Huckabee buddying up? Doesn't that make Huckabee look like a nut.


Craig, when are you going to start addressing Huckabee's skeletons? Romney supporters talk about his problems (you beat them over the head with them). Yet when Huckabee's laundry list of serious problems is raised, you resort to name calling. Is Huckabee a conservative? If so, how do you explain his non-conservative record?


Nothing Beck said in his rant against Huckabee was inaccurate. I am waiting to see anyone point out where he was wrong.


@45 - Because Huckabee is a lunatic too.


Jason Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 5:06 pm

"Craig, when are you going to start addressing Huckabee’s skeletons?"



After I get an answer my question that satisfies me 100%! Then, and only then.

What’s Beck’s stance on RomneyCare/ObamaCare mandates, subsidies, and exchanges that affects 1/6 of OUR economy?

Seems pretty PROGRESSIVE and LIBERAL to me.

What say Beck?


#39 - I don't know where you got those numbers from for 2008 New Hampshire - But from Real Clear Politics:

New Hampshire: McCain vs. Obama

2008: Senate, NH-1 | 2006: Governor, NH-2 | 2004: President, Senate

Poll Date Sample MoE Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread

Final Results -- -- -- 54.3 44.8 Obama +9.5

Obama only won by 9.5% or about 2 pts better than the National Average. The state was much closer than Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada or Minnesota. The margin was about the same as Craig' beloved Iowa in 2008.


46.Jason Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Craig, Is Huckabee a conservative? If so, how do you explain.." -Jason, President of the Glenn Beck Marching & Chowder Society


THAT Huckabee is the CONSERVATIVE. Obama is the Liberal.

The following was accomplished as a 10 1/2 year Governor while facing a legislature with 89 Democrats out of 100 legislators in the House and only four Republicans in the 35-seat Senate:

The Governor’s strong CONSERVATIVE record:

* Cut the state capital gains tax rate by 25%.

* Abolished capital gains taxes on home sales.

* Abolished the state marriage penalty tax.

* Pushed a $90 million tax cut package through the Arkansas legislature in 1997.

* From 1995 to 2005, cut taxes 90 times, returning nearly $400 million to taxpayers.

* Indexed income tax brackets to inflation, thus protecting taxpayers from being pushed into higher tax brackets by inflation.

* Doubled the child-care tax credit.

* Increased the tax deduction for single individuals to $2,000.

* Increased the tax deduction for married couples to $4,000.

* Proposed cutting the executive branch from 50 departments to 10.

* Banned illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses.

* Reduced state welfare enrollment by nearly half.

* Helped pass an unborn child amendment to the state constitution.

* Helped pass a traditional marriage amendment to the state constitution.

* Pushed through a property owners’ bill of rights that limited property tax hikes and protected homeowners from unfair tax assessments.

* Pushed through homeschooling-friendly legislation.

* Limited the increase in the overall rate of state spending to 4.9% (AFI)–not bad, considering that he was dealing with a Democratic legislature.

* Protected gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

* Removed restrictions on concealed handgun permit holders.

* Pushed through legislation that allowed the state to fire school boards and school superintendents in school districts that were chronically performing badly.

* When faced with a $227 million deficit for fiscal year 2002, refused to call for a tax increase and instead called for a massive cut in state spending.

So far, so good, my Beckaroos? You want more?

Good! Then please let me add this to Governor Huckabee’s accomplishments among HUNDREDS of others

* Eliminated the state income tax for families below poverty level.

* Cut welfare rolls by 50%. (Yeah, I mentioned that TWICE)

* Led efforts to establish the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights for uniform notice and due process.

* Made the interstate road system in Arkansas one of the best in the nation, where it had been among the worst, bringing in more trucking and trade. And the small tax the voters raised was repealed once the roads were complete.

* Carried out 16 executions in his time as governor of Arkansas which refutes his opponents’ claims that he’s soft on crime.

* Signed a ban on partial birth abortion.

* Worked to grant school administrators more flexibility in hiring and firing poor teachers.

* Moved Arkansas from grade “F” to a “C” in Charitable Choice compliance so Arkansas was only one of twelve states to pass.

* Balanced the state budget of Arkansas every year for over a decade as governor in Arkansas

* AND left his state with almost $1 billion surplus, a state record

* Also Mike Huckabee is the strongest promoter on the national scene that we have TODAY who is advocating 24/7 a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT

* AND getting rid of the IRS with the the FAIR TAX! :)


"Underestimating Mike Huckabee is a fatal mistake, one that many Romney supporters continue to keep making."

I'd prefer it if they do, an enemy that is operating on false bravado is an enemy that will soon be defeated.


New Hampshire aka Liberal land..


Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 219,262 67.46%

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 98,974 30.45%

oops, that was Vermont..one state over! Sorry.



Craig -- New Hampshire is libertarian land, not liberal land.

The numbers you quoted from the 2008 election:

Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 219,262 67.46%

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 98,974 30.45%

is from the STATE OF VERMONT!

The following are the actual numbers from NEW HAMPSHIRE are:

Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 384,826 54.13%

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 316,534 44.52%

That's quite a BIG difference! New Hampshire has always been a swing state. Bush won NH in 2000.

Romney will win it in 2012!

Huckabee will LOSE big time!


The closest thing to what Craig posted is the State of Vermont in 2008 - But the results there were even closer than what he lists.


2008 Presidential General Election Results - New Hampshire

Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote

Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 384,826 54.13% 4

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 316,534 44.52%


2008 Presidential General Election Results - Vermont

Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote

Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 219,262 67.46% 3

John S. McCain, III Sarah Palin Republican 98,974 30.45%


Actually Huckabee's attack on Beck was scurrilous and deceitful. It is right out of the progressive playbook. Beck pointed out that ideas like racial purity and the master race came from US progressives. He documented these facts. Michelle Obama pushed a $4 billion dollar bill that gives the federal government the power to regulate school bake sales. I assume that

Huckabee supports that and that is not conservative. That is progressive.

There is no doubt that Huckabee threw the nomination to McCain. Huckabee was finished after SC yet he stayed in. It probably cost Romney Georgia, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Had he won those states, the fight might have slogged on.

Romney and Huckabee are essentially where they finished in the 2008 primaries. The battle has not been engaged so it is interesting but meaningless. What was interesting was both Huckabee and Palin skipped NH on their book tours.


Huckabee had a net $345 million tax increase over his term in office. A grade of D froom Cato. When Huckabee went to the legislature to ask for tax increases, I didn't see one democrat twisting his arm. When there was a shortfall, his first instinct was to raise taxes. Sarah Palin had to get her agenda passed with mostly Democrat support.


53.Stephen Hall Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 5:30 pm

“Underestimating Mike Huckabee is a fatal mistake, one that many Romney supporters continue to keep making.”

I’d prefer it if they do, an enemy that is operating on false bravado is an enemy that will soon be defeated.


Then you're at the right site. See:

55.Fredrick Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Romney will win it in 2012!

Huckabee will LOSE big time!


Mitt Romney's record of higher fees and taxes as governor

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney raised state government fees and taxes by three quarters of a billion dollars a year. During his four year tenure, Romney nickeled and dimed Massachusetts families and individuals with over a hundred fee increases, on everything from getting married (he upped the price for a marriage license), to buying a new home (he increased charges for Registry of Deeds paperwork), to owning a gun legally (he tripled the fee for a Firearms ID Card). He also proposed and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues from business, with tax changes he dubbed loophole closings but critics said were really just tax increases. The fee hikes and tax revenue increases described here were all proposed by Romney himself, as elements of various budgets, revenue raiser packages, or other measures or policy proposals originating in Romney's office.

Increased state fees and taxes by three quarters of a billion dollars

$432 million in fee hikes:

As governor, Romney increased state fees on residents on businesses by $432 million annually. These fee hikes were all proposed by Romney; they were not items originated by the Legislature. (Note that Romney originally sought an even higher amount, but the Legislature reduced or rejected some of his demands for higher fees.)

$309 million in higher taxes:

As governor, Romney increased various taxes on businesses by $309 million annually, via three "corporate loophole" closing packages, one each in 2003, 2004 and 2005. (Note that Romney originally proposed an even higher amount of increased taxes on business but reduced or dropped some proposals due to opposition from business and/or lack of Legislative support.)


= $740.5 million dollars a year in higher fees and taxes



And in honor of CF who loves to link only from liberal sources..



@ 53 - What is false about Huckabee's problems with conservatives?


@62 - so you are against closing corporate tax loopholes? That is interesting.


Craig, you link to liberal sites all the time, so quite acting innocent.


But at least Governor Huckabee and Governor Romney served their states for 14 1/2 years combined.

How long did did Palin last?

29 whole months and then suddenly threw her hands up in the air, gave up on her constituents, and ran off to do Reality TV.

Yeah, that's presidential material!!! NOT.



Now that CF and others are doing it.

Why not? :)


Huckabee will NOT lose!

Get it straight.

You can't lose if you don't run.


..And wow, that opens up a lot of new Romney material.




Just get home from practice? 😉


@68 - you were doing it long before they ever did. It is hard to take you serious these days.


This is why TPAW will win. This pissing match between the Hucksters and the ROMBOTS on who has the most Conservative record is like watching Oprah and Roseanne Barr discussing who has the best figure.

It almost makes me wish Huck was running just to watch you all go after each others necks for the next 10 months.

Alas it won't happen. There is no way Huck is running, so I guess will just have to wait until the ROMBOTS see TPAW in double digits before the true battle starts.

So until then,

carry on.


And TPAW's conservative credentials are pristine, right Smack?



Your not going to go down that road are you jason?

You don't want to do that...please don't. STOP!


But do yourself a favor and talk about Romney's success in the private sector and things of that nature.


Only Craig would find a fall from 17% on intrade in January to 8.4% on intrade today as a positive.


The UN Nuclear Regulatory Agency has just implemented a 100-mile radius mandatory exclusion zone around C4P, which is currently overheating out of control and is in imminent danger of a complete meltdown.


500 mile radius mandatory exclusion zone once she announces she is not running.


Smack, that's crazy talk.



I'm a crazy dude.


I have never seen a poll, where Mitt Romney is performing extremely well, up 24 points on the next serious contender, be turned in to another chance to bash ol' Huckabee. He's not running anyway, right :)

Smack: If Huck doesn't run, Tell TPAW to go all in on Iowa. Looks like he is going to have to!



I bought Huck at Intrade when he was at 5 earlier THIS MONTH on the advice of Rombots.

I'm up big!

Cash, baby!



LOL :) Tele thinks you'd better sell before June!



They (Rombots) don't really care so much for their candidate compared to their ingrained hatred of social conservatives that can actually win like Huck.

They know Mitt can beat T-Paw

They know Mitt can be Daniels

Ther know Mitt can beat Santorum, Bachmann or Barbour.


I do.




I'm selling at around 99.5! :)


And Palin's not running. Her hairdresser told me.



Come on Craig. Tele told us the other day her strategy was to let her poll numbers hit zero, and then she would be ready for her surprise attack!

Just kidding Tele, support your candidate :)


77.Jerald Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 6:22 pm

The UN Nuclear Regulatory Agency has just implemented a 100-mile radius mandatory exclusion zone around C4P, which is currently overheating out of control and is in imminent danger of a complete meltdown.

78.Smack1968 Says:

April 22nd, 2011 at 6:26 pm

500 mile radius mandatory exclusion zone once she announces she is not running.


That's Gerald and Smack attempting to get on my good side.

It's working. :)


Hairdressers don't lie.

I need to go post that on C4Palin. They love me over there. Don't know why?


Ok, I need to get outa here and run to the Angel/RSox game again.

My bad mood much earlier today was only because we lost last night. :0

Let me look at today's poll one more time to cheer me up and for good luck..

Ok, Go Angels!

(No one better diss Huck while I'm gone. Lookin' at you, Rombots ;))


When Craig's away the Rombots will play...



Can I ask where this term "Rombots" comes from?



#93 - You can ask anything you want but if you ask Craig, don't expect an answer.


#93.....Way back around early 2007 that's what people started calling Romney supporters. Thompson supporters were called Fred Heads..


Glen Beck is wrong.

Liberal preacher from Arkansas is not progressive.


"Huckabee is liberal...."- Rush Limbaugh

"Huckabee is Christian liberal- Ann Coulter

"Liberal preacher from Arkansas is liberal"- TEX




Well that clears it up! Especially quoting yourself, all the proof that I needed :)



I can't remember, and I'm not sure if it is a play off "robot" or what. I don't use it, because quite frankly I'm not really sure what it means, if anything at all :)

I don't take "Huckanut" too personally though! Now Shmuckanut on the other hand, kind of mean!


Liberal preacher from Arkansas went in total meltdown because Glen Beck

said what many,many people are saying,that he's a liberal.

This is the very first time Huckabee had negative press,but truthful,

and he goes nuts,berzerk!

And it was political,not personal,as Sarah Palin endured for 3 years.

The rumble didn't even start,and he's falling apart.

If he experienced 1/10 of onslaught of vicious personal attacks that great Sarahcuda endured for the last 3 years to this day,the liberal

preacher would be under suicide watch long time ago.

Great spectacle,the liberal preacher's nerves are fried already,

showing that he has no spine,it's made of squishy jelly.

The liberal preacher will be exposed for lousy liberal he is and laughed

out of town on the rail,tarred and feathered.


Huck supporters bashing Palin should tread lightly. An anti-Huck endorsement by Palin in South Carolina could turn Huck in Andre Bauer really fast.



Huck doesn't have the thick-skin needed to be President. His personal animosity towards Romney, his bizarre Kenya theories, his lashing out at any and every conservative that dares question him continues to paint the picture of a very unstable man bordering on a serious breakdown once the reality of him never being president finally sinks in.



1. It's really, really, silly and self-important to presume that Palin's endorsement is going to be influenced by what anyone's supporters say here.

2. You've bashed Palin repeatedly for being stupid, or ignorant, or some kind of mental defect. Do you not remember any of your comments from thread to thread?



"Can I ask where this term “Rombots” comes from?"

In addition to what Jerald said, it's also a nod to the compulsive manner in which Mitt- and by extension, his followers- insisted on staying on message, even if the context, subject, or facts changed. Rombots were very disciplined in sticking to the company line. For instance, pretty much all of them- and only them among conservatives- love mandates.


Mad Max,

"... personal animosity..... bizarre.... theories, ....lashing out at any and every conservative that dares question....... continues to paint the picture of a very unstable man bordering on a serious breakdown......."

I suggest you discuss this with your doctor or therapist. We really aren't qualified to help you here.



Rob, NH voters think logically, meaning they realize they should have voted Romney last time, which is why they're sticking with Mitt this time. Iowa on the other hand votes with their emotions.


Sam in MA,

#105 is a supreme example of a "Rombot" post. I hope that helps clarify.

While it doesn't display the company line, necessarily, it does follow two other essential rules of Rombots, Inc.

1. There is only ever good news for Mitt.

2. I know what everyone else is thinking.



Everyone says things like that



I don't.



Romney is perfect for New Hampshire. Iowa is perfect for Huckabee. Nevada is perfect for Trump. South Carolina is perfect for Huckabee, too.

Florida will then be a toss up between the three at that point. Nevertheless, the winner of Florida can beat Obama which is all that matters.



LOL, NV is perfect for Romney, not Trump.


Trump will win Nevada!!!

(Then sell it for a couple trillion)



Underestimate Trump all you want, Fox News' Charles Krauthammer said he is not going to anymore per their two hour meeting last Thursday.

Trump is in and Nevada/New Hampshire are on his menu!

And he can buy either state with his billions which is 15X Romney's net worth.

Let the CEO battle begin: Two men enter, one man leaves :)

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