April 18, 2011

Roy Moore Opens Exploratory Committee, Hires Huck’s 2008 Campaign Co-Chair

  2:57 pm

Roy Moore becomes the fifth candidate to make it official and file paperwork for an exploratory committee with the FEC:

Republican Roy Moore, who believes he was wrongly removed from Alabama’s supreme court, will file federal paperwork today to create a presidential exploratory committee, he said in an interview. And the Iowa co-chairman for Arkansas’s Mike Huckabee 2008 campaign is shepherding him around the state on a volunteer basis…

Moore will make 25 appearances this week on a 6 1/2-day tour of Iowa, home of the nation’s earliest caucuses, according to MoorePAC, a Gallant, Ala.-based political action committee…

Danny Carroll, a former state legislator who is a full-time lobbyist for the Family Leader, a socially conservative advocacy group, is Moore’s lead Iowa contact. “He’s my guy,” said Carroll, who worked for Huckabee’s campaign in the 2008 cycle.



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Another Huck staffer bites the dust...



Guess Danny Carroll didn't get Craig's memo that "Huckabee is running, REALLY, he's running!"


@Craig. LOL!



Why no leaks coming out of PPP for the Iowa poll coming out tomorrow?

I need to know something!!!!!

I need to see TPAW at 6% or else........

....the next time I'm driving down I-94 I'm going to jerk the wheel and make sure I plow right into the bridge embankment!!

Find something out for us...thanks.


Has any top candidate in history lost this many core staffers before a supposedly frontrunning campaign? If Huck is the frontrunner, he is by far the worst frontrunner in American history. Can you imagine Bush or Reagan losing this many staffers and raising so little money?


It looks more and more like Huckabee will be spending the next year on stupid dog tricks rather than running for President.


"shepherding him around the state on a volunteer basis…

So hired with no pay, Matt? 😉


Smack - when the cops show up just jump out of the car swatting at your body and scream BEES!!!!! 😉


Hey Craig, if Huck doesn't run, who will you support?



@Max Twain Says:

April 18th, 2011 at 3:36 pm

"..Huck is the frontrunner"


Yes, he is. Told ya. :)



My BIG FIVE are:

1. Huck 8)

2. T-Paw (Huck lite)

3. Huntsman Jr. (And Huck's pal)

4. The Barbour/Daniels Team (Yes! They are a team)

5. Trump (Was Bachmann at #5 but she moved to #6)



PPP only wants to talk about sports today. Is that cool?

Go Angels!


Angels in Texas the next three days. Lots of fun but my Angels will be lucky to take the series. PPP's also talking a lot about Georgia sports today as well which is fine since Atlanta is coming into LA tonight to play my NL favorite team, the Dodgers (who are VERY bad).


Very interesting. How many ways can you split the IOWA Social Conservative vote ? Let's see








Interesting numbers that play into Romney's diminished expectations in Iowa. keep 'um coming, folks



Is Romney even in the top 10 for you Craig? Or do you dislike him that much?


My top 5:

1. Romney

2. Pawlenty

3. Daniels

4. Barbour

5. Anybody but Huckabee


All becomes clear soon. Everyone relax...everything is going to be all right...

Why a Palin run is imminent



More evidence against a Huck campaign... as if more were needed.

Personally, I hope he gets in - same with Palin... it'd be a lot better for the primaries than Trump!


Matt, don't you think that after your name, you should be indicating that you are a Romney supporter.

Seems like the fpp's on this site should be indicating who they are supporting.

Lots of pieces from Matt C on where the former Huckabee supporters are landing, but when those Florida and New Hampshire supporters of Romney's went to Pawlenty and Barbour, Matt C was silent.



Mitt's in my top 100.


CraigS is obviously not too big on social conservatism.

Neither are Democrats. Oh well, to each his own.


Craig -

If you can put Trump in your top 5 and not Palin or Santorum and claim to be a social conservative then I want to buy what you're smoking.


I wondered about the Trump in the top 5 for Craig as well. Hmmmm.........

Craig - sometime we will have to find a way to chat about your views on Romney and my views on Huckabee and see why we are so opposing on them.


20. LOL> you and your rosy glasses. Exactly what brand do you smoke and drink to remain so delusional?


We'll never get to my 5th choice (OBVIOUSLY!) so I thought I'd have some fun with you ultra-serious politico types. 😉


And where are Palin and Santorum on my list?

#1 & #2 in unelectability!



Let's see your top three?


I know rightgal's are:

1. Willard

2. Mitt

3. Romney


Bob's are (I think):

1. Mitch

2. Daniels

3. Barbour


Telly's are:


1. Sarahcuda

2. Sarahcuda

3. Sarahcuda



1. Rudy!

2. Rudy!

3. Karger


In terms of social conservatives, Huckabee and Palin are first tier candidates. Moore, Santorum, Barbour, Bachman, and Cain are second tier candidates. They only move up if both Palin and Huckabee don't run or blow themselves out of the water. If Palin runs, she knocks out Bachmann. Bachmann is about to make a ass of herself by bring her birth certificate to the first debate. Bachmann is supposed to be a smarter version of Palin?

As to Huckabee, obviously there is a split. Some would seem to think Huckabee is not running while some do.

Palin also said that the more competition the better on Jeanine Pirro's show and has dropped her line that she does not need a title to have influence. I would love to see what the Republican leadership's reaction to Palin's comment that Republicans need to talk to the Wisconsin women's hockey championship team to learn how to fight like girls.


35 - Close. If Daniels doesn't run, I would probably choose between Pawlenty and Barbour. After those two, I'd probably choose between Romney and Huckabee, but I hope things don't get that desperate.


Max Twain's:

1 though 6,852,472,823: Any human being not named Michael Dale Huckabee


Top 3? Uh.......

1. Romney

2. Pawlenty

3. Daniels

Huckabee would probably be in my top 10 but probably around 9 or 10


Moore's law says this BS will double within 2 years.


41. ...same as Freddie and CF.


Although anyone who follows politics should only need three picks tops.


1. Romney

2. Daniels

3. Pawlenty

For anyone keeping score at home.


It appears I may have revealed too much of my personal feelings on this site.

Then again, I'm not trying to hide anything.

Game On!


My top 3 are 1. Huckabee, 2. Huckabee, 3. Huckabee, and it won't change unless he announces he isn't running. (which I'd put at less than 5% so why should I bother even thinking about it)


So Craig......

How do we find a forum to be able to chat about our candidates without the "noise" of all the others?


My top 3 are:

1. Rudy

2. Christie

3. Ryan



Pizza Ranches in Iowa counties from December through January this time.

I'll be there once again although I'm not too sure if your candidate will make it this cycle.

But if he does, dress warm on your journey. That's the best advice while retailing it in IA :)


I knew, Metro. I was just teasin'.


47.Granny T Says:

April 18th, 2011 at 6:56 pm

My top 3 are 1. Huckabee, 2. Huckabee, 3. Huckabee, and it won’t change unless he announces he isn’t running. (which I’d put at less than 5% so why should I bother even thinking about it)


I love it, Granny T!


Matt (MWS):

1A T-Paw

2B Huck

3C Buchanan


Smack told us his yesterday. It's Go Huck for him! (If T-Paw loses IA badly.)

Jonathan gave his, too. (Let's just say, no love for Huck there.)

TEX's top three are easy:

1. 10 1/2 year Governor Huckabee

2. Any moderate Republican that is not a RINO

3. Arctic Fox


Matt Coulter's top 100 choices:

1. Anyone but Huckabee

2. Anyone but Huckabee

3. Anyone but Huckabee



100. Anyone but Huckabee



Jeff Fuller and his echo chamber, Rombots:

1. Willard Romney = The extremely proud architect of Romneycare's Mandates, Subsidies, and Exchanges

2. (See one)

3. (See two)

Who's your 4th choice, Jeff? 😉



In case you missed it in the Ryan cover thread:

“Now, I ask you, how does Huckabee get the nomination when the Club for Growth wages a war against him? And FreedomWorks? And the WSJ?”

By running to the right of Ryan on the budget:



1. Huck

2. Ridge

3. Jeb


#57: Doesn't matter. He proved where his heart is already. Now he's trying to cover for it. He's just as malleable as Romney.


Huck's heart and conservative governing with this..

The following was accomplished as a 10 1/2 year Governor while facing a legislature with 89 Democrats out of 100 legislators in the House and only four Republicans in the 35-seat Senate:

The Governor’s strong CONSERVATIVE record:

* Cut the state capital gains tax rate by 25%.

* Abolished capital gains taxes on home sales.

* Abolished the state marriage penalty tax.

* Pushed a $90 million tax cut package through the Arkansas legislature in 1997.

* From 1995 to 2005, cut taxes 90 times, returning nearly $400 million to taxpayers.

* Indexed income tax brackets to inflation, thus protecting taxpayers from being pushed into higher tax brackets by inflation.

* Doubled the child-care tax credit.

* Increased the tax deduction for single individuals to $2,000.

* Increased the tax deduction for married couples to $4,000.

* Proposed cutting the executive branch from 50 departments to 10.

* Banned illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses.

* Reduced state welfare enrollment by nearly half.

* Helped pass an unborn child amendment to the state constitution.

* Helped pass a traditional marriage amendment to the state constitution.

* Pushed through a property owners’ bill of rights that limited property tax hikes and protected homeowners from unfair tax assessments.

* Pushed through homeschooling-friendly legislation.

* Limited the increase in the overall rate of state spending to 4.9% (AFI)–not bad, considering that he was dealing with a Democratic legislature.

* Protected gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

* Removed restrictions on concealed handgun permit holders.

* Pushed through legislation that allowed the state to fire school boards and school superintendents in school districts that were chronically performing badly.

* When faced with a $227 million deficit for fiscal year 2002, refused to call for a tax increase and instead called for a massive cut in state spending.

* Eliminated the state income tax for families below poverty level.

* Cut welfare rolls by 50%.

* Led efforts to establish the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights for uniform notice and due process.

* Made the interstate road system in Arkansas one of the best in the nation, where it had been among the worst, bringing in more trucking and trade. And the small tax the voters raised was repealed once the roads were complete.

* Carried out 16 executions in his time as governor of Arkansas which refutes his opponents’ claims that he’s soft on crime.

* Signed a ban on partial birth abortion.

* Worked to grant school administrators more flexibility in hiring and firing poor teachers.

* Moved Arkansas from grade “F” to a “C” in Charitable Choice compliance so Arkansas was only one of twelve states to pass.

* Balanced the state budget of Arkansas every year for over a decade as governor in Arkansas

* AND left his state with almost $1 billion surplus, a state record

* Strongest promoter of a national BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT

* AND getting rid of the IRS with the the FAIR TAX



I should have guessed Mac's.

I would have got the first two right but would have said Ryan as your #3. :)



If you get to say Jeb then I'm putting Perry in my TOP FIVE at four and bumping the Identical Twins to five.

Sorry, Donald 😉


PPP says Trump is not leading in Iowa. Maybe the polling has dropped since last week. All those Trump surge polls were taken before Romney's announcement. I guess this will be Iowa's order:

1. Huckabee 20, 2. Romney 15, 3. Trump 12, 4. Gingrich 11, 5. Palin 10, 6. Pawlenty/Bachmann 7, 8. Daniels 4, 9. Barbour/Santorum 2


Huck is running. So bizarrely is Palin from most reports.


59. Metro,

Ok, if you say so, but you asked how he wins the nomination...that's how.


62. Craig,

As a Huck guy, I'm surprised you rank Perry so high, the same 'good friend' of Mike who endorsed Rudy until he tanked...then endorsed McCain. Regarding Ryan, his stock as a candidate for POTUS has soared in my book but I don't think he's nearly as ready for the job as my other favorites; he's a 'blue-chip' prospect though.


I am a Huck guy! And he is running, I hope! But, in the spirit of this thread, this is my list:

1. Huck

2. Pawlenty

3. Romney

4. Daniels (not running)

5. Palin

As far as voting for Obama over say, Palin, I think that is ridiculous. But the notion of voting for Obama over Trump is understandable. That would be a decision I would not want to have to make.


1. Pawlenty.

2. Daniels.

3. Romney.

4. Christie.

5. Rick Santorum (hey, I worked on his 06 campaign and he's a really nice guy who's a hawk-so-con hybrid; I owe him that much).

Christie would be my number 2 if he weren't so adamently against running. Ryan and Rubio are great, but it's too soon; I don't like eating our young, and I'd like Ryan, at least, to have more foreign policy experience. Heck, I'd like all of them to have more foreign policy experience, but "if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak", as they say in the superb TV show Firefly.


Craig -

I was trying to extend an olive branch to reach out and talk adult to adult about our candidates and why we are so polar with each of them. I would genuinely like to understand more of your views in supporting Huckabee. It would appear that my offer was brushed aside as unwanted/undesired. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I just think that having a "good" conversation on a site like this is impossible because you will always have those on here that will constantly insert the trash and gum it up. If you ever feel like it would be worth it let me know.

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