March 24, 2011

2012 Primary Calendar: Another Iowa Debate Edition

  9:20 pm

The Iowa Republican Party announced today that they would be sponsoring a third debate in the run-up to the February 6 Iowa caucuses. This debate, the last to be sponsored by the Iowa GOP, will take place either December 10 or 11 in an Iowan city to be determined, and will be in conjunction with ABC News.

The other two debates sponsored by the Iowa GOP are both in partnership with FOX News – one right before the Ames straw poll and the other one week prior to the caucuses.

That gives us the following primary season calendar:

May 2, 2011 Reagan Library / NBC News / Politico Debate Simi Valley, CA
May 5, 2011 FOX News / South Carolina GOP Debate Greenville, SC
June 7, 2011 CNN / NH Union Leader / WMUR-TV Debate Manchester, NH
August 11, 2011 FOX News / Iowa GOP Straw Poll Debate Ames, IA
August 13, 2001 Ames Straw Poll Ames, IA
Week of September 5 (TBD), 2011 CNN / Tea Party Express Debate Tampa, FL
October, 2011 (Date TBD) FOX News / Florida GOP Debate TBD
Oct/Nov (TBD) Nevada GOP Straw Poll Las Vegas, NV
November 5, 2011 Illinois GOP Straw Poll Statewide
December 10-11 (TBD), 2012 ABC News / Iowa GOP Debate TBD
January 30, 2012 FOX News / Iowa GOP Debate Sioux City, IA
February 6, 2012 Iowa Caucus
Between February 7-13 (TBD) ABC News / WMUR-TV Debate Manchester, NH
February 14, 2012 New Hampshire Primary
February 18, 2012 Nevada Caucus
Between February 19-27 (TBD) FOX News / South Carolina GOP Debate TBD
February 28, 2012 South Carolina Primary
March 5, 2012 Reagan Library Debate Simi Valley, CA
March 6, 2012 Super Tuesday
April 1, 2012 First eligible date for winner-take-all contests

Did I miss an event? Let me know in the comments.



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So everything after Super Tuesday is winner take all and everything before and including Super Tuesday is proportional, correct?


Not exactly. Anything before April 1 is proportional. After April 1, you could have winner-take-all or proportional.


For example, if a state had a primary on March 20, it would still have to be proportional, even though it was after Super Tuesday. If a primary was held on April 10, it could be whichever the state or party wanted.


This is all presuming that states like Florida and Utah get back on the reservation, right??


Dave, absolutely. And I think both eventually will - especially Utah. Florida may try and go sometime prior to South Carolina, but I have a hard time even seeing that when it comes down to it.

Matthew Kilburn

Fingers crossed someone can talk some sense into the candidates to actually show up in Simi Valley.

Craig for Huck in 2012

I sse you were using Intrade today.

2012 Presidential Election Winner (Party)

Bid Ask Last Vol Chge


Democratic Party candidate to win 2012 Presidential Election M Trade 62.1 62.7 62.1 18265 0


Republican Party candidate to win 2012 Presidential Election M Trade 35.6 35.8 36.4 15097 0

Better hope they are wrong.


Thank you Matt!


I can't believe the GOP would agree to a debate with NBC News. Who's going to moderate? Chris Matthews? Rachel Maddow? Ed Schultz?


For states that go in April, some of the delegates have to be awarded proportionally. States could still do winner take all at the CD level but any delegates awarded statewide would have to be proportional. Also states that go before March 1, face at least a 50% loss of delegates. At this point in time, that would involve Florida, NY, Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona.

Interestingly enough, Hugh Hewitt has suggested all Republicans do what Sarah Palin did. Go find something else to do instead of the Politico/NBC debate. I do think that debates in May and June are too early. August seems to make more sense.


6. If that debate is still held, my bet is it will only be attended by the lower tier candidates. Cain, Roemer, Santorum, Pawlenty, etc.

None of the front runners will be there and I really expect them to cancel it, but we'll see if Romney wants to take the stage with those losers.

the winners of that debate are the candidates that don't show up.


Thanks for posting this schedule.

#9 Colorado Guy: The NBC/Politico debate will be hosted by John Harris, the editor of Politico, and Brian Williams of NBC according to this article.



"This is all presuming that states like Florida and Utah get back on the reservation, right??"

Utah's thinking about jumping the line? Why? The only reason anyone would pay an ounce of attention is if it becomes a playoff between Romney and Huntsman, and a lot would have to happen for that to be remotely competitive.



I suspect Palin will find something else to do during all the debates. If she's scared of an interview, she has to be positively terrified of taking questions on a stage from these same reporters.



Just keep not showing up, yeah that's the ticket.

I hope Palin & Huck keep listening to you..those precious 1st tier candidates. They can't be bothered to debate us low lifes.

Pawlenty/Blackburn 2012!


15. The problem Pawlenty has is he looks weak in comparison to Buddy Roemer and Rick Santorum. Forget about holding his own with Romney or Barbour ...or Palin. heh heh

Hey what is T-Paw's statement on Libya? I must have missed it.


Matt, @.14 there is a name for the condition you have. Seek help. You're revealing too much information about yourself with your childish posts.



TPAW made his statement on the same day Santorium did, which was weeks ago. There is no sunlight of disagreement to what TPAW and Saracudda has said on this subject.

Barbor - Would not intervene.

Gingrich - Got caught talking like a legislator and not as a leader when it comes to Lybia. Newt's message is on this subject is mush.


Try and keep up next time..ok buddy.




Since when did a little trash talking give you the vapors?


The fact is that these debates are too early. Maybe 10 people that have no life will watch. I don't expect Palin to do anything until June. By the way, she has taken questions from regular people and not journalists. She doesn't need to win over journalists.


RON PAUL R[3vol]UTION!!!!!

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