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December 10, 2010

Poll Watch: Majority of Americans Support DREAM Act

  1:34 pm

Gallup: Majority of Americans Support DREAM Act


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14 Responses to “Poll Watch: Majority of Americans Support DREAM Act”

  1. Dave

    I like the concept of the Dream Act. I totally support the part about serving in the U.S. Military, as long as it is honorable service. The college half of the equation should require fairly stringent guidelines, however. A part time course at a community college doesn’t cut it.

  2. Illinoisguy

    My question is why are these people even allowed to stay here, let along go to college or serve in our military? Isn’t illegal for them to be here? How can they go to college when they are illegal?

  3. Craig

    Poll Watch: Majority of Americans Support DREAM Act


    Good post, Aron

    There’s a deal here that should be debated on and cut by both parties and signed by the president asap after the 1st.

    This dragged out otherwise hurts Republicans the most.

    I would go 4 years of honorable military service or college degree as the compromise point.

    Senator Marco Rubio needs to be OUT FRONT ON THIS ISSUE for our side.

  4. Craig


    FOR IT – 57% to 38%

    NONWHITE FOR IT – 69% to 26%

    And look at the age groups prefernece numbers up top!!!

    For our future as a party (and country) let’s get it done.

  5. sdpride

    I think some of the opposition to the bill is unfounded, but at the same time I don’t see how this is going to do anything but encourage more illegal immigration.

  6. Craig

    Part of the “compromise” must be SECURE THE BORDER ONCE AND FOR ALL NOW.

  7. Adam

    It makes no difference because it isn’t going to pass. Once the GOP take control of the House in January no form of this legislation will ever even make it to Obama’s desk.

  8. sdpride

    Politicians always promise to “secure the border” but they never do. What makes anyone think this time will be different?

    The notion that there must be “comprehensive” immigration reform is silly. Why do all aspects of it need to be dealt with at the same time? Wouldn’t it make more sense to secure the borders first and then deal with the question of those already here?

    The problem of course is that politicians are only promising to secure the border so they can grant citizenship to people who will become future voters. The promise to secure the border is empty.

  9. Craig



    You’re right.

    Has been so far and it must stop.

  10. Craig

    Americans are for every one of the above issues that Aron posted up top.

    So for balance, here’s one that they’re opposed to that will be a top one, two or three issue for ’12, imo..


  11. Craig

    Michigan’s in.. I’m sure Aron will post the details 😉

    Someone’s going the right direction…

    Mitt Romney 22% (30%)
    Mike Huckabee 22% (14%)

  12. Adam

    Mitt tied with Huckabee in Michigan.


  13. Craig

    I think “secure the border” must mean an actual unpenetrable SOLID wall or fence with 100% American engineering, labor and material.

    NOT a virtual one.

  14. Aron Goldman

    Bennett: GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next year

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