February 23, 2010

Poll Watch: Rasmussen Texas Gubernatorial Survey

  7:47 pm

Rasmussen Texas Gubernatorial Survey

  • Kay Bailey Hutchison 47% [49%] (52%)
  • Bill White 38% [36%] (37%)
  • Rick Perry 47% [48%] (50%)
  • Bill White 41% [39%] (40%)
  • Bill White 47% [38%] (44%)
  • Debra Medina 37% [41%] (38%)

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}

  • Bill White 55% [46%] (49%) / 32% [38%] (35%) {+23%}
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison 57% [57%] (61%) / 41% [39%] (35%) {+16%}
  • Rick Perry 53% [54%] (55%) / 45% [44%] (42%) {+8%}
  • Debra Medina 42% [44%] (39%) / 45% [34%] (32%) {-3%}

How would you rate the job Rick Perry has been doing as Governor?

  • Strongly approve 15% [11%] (16%)
  • Somewhat approve 37% [39%] (37%)
  • Somewhat disapprove 20% [24%] (23%)
  • Strongly disapprove 26% [24%] (23%)

How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President?

  • Strongly approve 25% [27%] (29%)
  • Somewhat approve 16% [14%] (15%)
  • Somewhat disapprove 7% [10%] (8%)
  • Strongly disapprove 50% [48%] (46%)

Survey of 1,200 Likely Voters was conducted February 22, 2010. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted February 1, 2010 are in square brackets. Results from the poll conducted January 17, 2010 are in parentheses.


Kay Bailey Hutchison Ad: “Fueled”

Rick Perry Ad: “The Queen (of Earmarks)”



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Perry-Hutchison-Medina "virtual" debate, courtesy of the Tea Party


Hutchison says she is the true conservative in Texas governor race


Mark Davis: Hutchison may fall short, but keep an eye on 17th


Hutchison: Perry's tactics tough on her campaign


Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison acknowledged Tuesday that Republican Gov. Rick Perry has succeeded at casting her as a Washington insider, hindering her effort to kick him out of the Texas governor's mansion.

Trailing in the polls with less than a week before the March 2 primary, Hutchison assessed the state of her campaign to The Associated Press as she toured through towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Hutchison's remarks about Perry's anti-Washington tactics appeared to be her first acknowledgment that the governor has done some damage to her election bid.

"It definitely has made it more difficult for me. I didn't think that people would buy that because I've been so effective for Texas," Hutchison told the AP on her campaign bus. "I didn't think that anyone could turn my success in producing results for Texas into a negative, but I think that he has attempted to do that and that what I've been having to fight against."

Medina: Gov't Bears Blame for for Plane Crash


Debra Medina was asked about the Joe Stack plane crash over the weekend and suggested that the government bears some blame. She said, “They are criminal acts and we can never excuse them. But nor should we wash our hands and say, ‘Oh well, the government didn’t have anything to do with that.’ People are hurting and they’re tired of abuse at the hands of their government.”


It would appear that Medina's truther comments didn't help her much.


"Debra Medina was asked about the Joe Stack plane crash over the weekend and suggested that the government bears some blame."

Jeez -- she is a total fruitcake.


All 3 of these candidates are conservatives. To ask: Which one is the true conservative is a dumb question. There can be more than one true conservative in a race. The question that makes sense to ask is: Which of these candidates is the best candidate?

Well, obviously Medina isn't---she's the one that's losing to the Democrat. The other 2 are beating him by about the same margin, and both margins are comfortable. Tie goes to the incumbent, and for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is fundraising capability, and the inherent advantages of incumbency.


Magellan Strategies (R) Kentucky


2012 Kentucky GOP Primary

Sarah Palin 28%

Mike Huckabee 24%

Mitt Romney 16%

Newt Gingrich 12%

Ron Paul 4%

Tim Pawlenty 2%

Undecided 14%

Younger voters (18-34) prefer Palin by a significant margin with 43% support, and among senior citizens the ticket tightens up with Romney, Palin and Huckabee in a dead heat.

2010 Kentucky GOP Senate Primary

Paul 44%

Greyson 23%


Richardson's Fall


We're going to have our New Mexico poll results out starting tomorrow- perhaps the most interesting thing we found is that Bill Richardson has become one of the least popular Governors in the country, with 63% of voters in the state disapproving of him to only 28% approving. He's even in negative territory among Democrats at a 42/47 spread. How much is all of that affecting Democratic prospects for keeping the Governor's office? We'll tell you tomorrow.

Richardson's loss of popularity continues a trend of the 2008 Democratic also rans either going into the administration or having their political careers go downhill. Joe Biden is Vice President, Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, and Tom Vilsack is Secretary of Agriculture. They're all doing fine. But Chris Dodd and Evan Bayh both had to retire once their prospects for reelection dimmed, these kinds of numbers suggest Richardson's days as an elected official in New Mexico are over for good (not that there's a clear opening any time in the future anyway with the state having 2 Democratic Senators), and John Edwards, well no explanation needed. Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel have largely returned to the obscurity they came from.

It's possible with the exception of Kucinich that none of the Democrats who ran unsuccessfully for the nomination in 2008 will win an election ever again.

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