February 3, 2010

Sarah Palin and the Rise of the Politically Correct Republican

  5:08 pm

Racist. Sexist. Ableist. Ageist. These are left-wing smear words that pervaded college campuses and Democrat rags for ages — long after the words lost their proper punch. Overuse of the terms rendered them dull swords, and now, when one wields them, a simple “get a life” is usually a good enough shield against them.

There are few things that bother me more than whining. I am deeply suspicious of those who are constantly offended by every little slight, every little slip of the tongue, every folly man inevitably stumbles into. The perpetual victim is, without fail, highly insecure and has a warped understanding of the human condition. When I hear, for instance, that Rahm Emanuel threw around the term “f**king retarded” as an insult, I instantly think, If someone chronicled my every off-color remark, I wouldn’t come up smelling like roses, either. Not Saint Sarah. She’s angry. She’s offended. She’s politically correct.

In a Facebook post titled “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?,” Palin wrote, “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities — and the people who love them — is unacceptable,” adding, “it’s heartbreaking.”

Palin added, “As my friend in North Andover says, “This isn’t about politics; it’s about decency. I am not speaking as a political figure but as a parent and as an everyday American wanting my child to grow up in a country free from mindless prejudice and discrimination, free from gratuitous insults of people who are ostensibly smart enough to know better… Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Oh, what a whiner! Is Sarah angling to be the next Jesse Jackson or Abraham “Did I hear you use the word Jew, you anti-Semite?” Foxman?

First of all, the word “retarded” is not equivalent to the word “nigger.” The latter has historical connotations that imply the inherent inferiority of black people. To use it conjures images of slavery, segregation, and Southern police brutality. The word “retarded,” while somewhat mean, is roughly the same as the contemporary usage by young boys of the word “gay” to mean “stupid.” “Retarded” falls into that same category. It’s clear how it evolved, and consequently, it’s rude — but it’s not something to erupt over. Nobody actually thinks that Rahm Emanuel harbors any animosity toward people who are, well, retarded.

Second, isn’t Sarah Palin supposed to be the moose-huntin’, pistol-packin’ mama of the North? A tough-as-nails woman in a man’s domain? — And aren’t we supposed to be the “grow a spine” party? Apparently not, because this is not an isolated incident. Remember this?

“The choice of photo for the cover of this week’s Newsweek is unfortunate,” Palin wrote on her Facebook page. “When it comes to Sarah Palin, this ‘news’ magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant. The Runner’s World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness — a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation.”

“The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw attention – even if out of context,” she adds.

Get a grip, girlfriend. (Also, a copy of The Elements of Style: “the irrelevant rather than the relevant” — omit needless words, omit needless words…) I’m tired of whining. I don’t want a Republican Sensitivity Police. I want a fighter. I’m not interested in going after liberals because they’re “ableist, sexist, and elitist.” I’m interested in going after them because they want to enforce their distorted morality at the point of a gun. So with all due respect, madam: this is the national stage — put up with it or shut up. We’re not professional victims — we’re supposed to be the opposite: we’re supposed to be conservatives.

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Alex are you that stupid.

"4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules."

Palin is bitch slaping rambo with is own play book.


1 - No. That's not what that means. That's not the context of that rule. It would make sense if Rahm Emanuel were known for slapping people with grievances. He is not. The rule would apply if, say, Abraham Foxman or Jesse Jackson used the term. But Rahm Emanuel? Palin just comes across as whiny.


Amen Alex. Palin isn't politically correct though, she's an opportunist.


I don't know about you Alex but I am personally enjoying Rahm Emanuel being humiliated. And I don't think I'm the only conservative/Republican enjoying Emanuel getting embarrased over this incident.

Emanuel 'sincerely apologizes,' again




Totally agree with you on your "retarded" thoughts. 😉 As for the Newsweek cover, I can see where Palin would get upset- it was obviously an attempt to make her look like a superficial lightweight.

But Palin does whine too much and has a hair trigger when it comes to getting offended. I don't take a backseat to anyone when it comes to protecting the unborn, and the sacredness of all human life, but I use the phrase "retarded." Nobody I know means that as a slam on retarded people.

From your post, do people still use the word "gay" to mean stupid? I hadn't really heard that for a while, but then, I've been out of college for 12 years.



As big of a jerk as he is, I think most people would side with Emmanual on this. Maybe not for his constant dropping of the f-bomb, but regarding the inocuous use of the word "retarded."


8. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.


6 - it was obviously an attempt to make her look like a superficial lightweight.

She showed them!

I don’t know about you Alex but I am personally enjoying Rahm Emanuel being humiliated.

I'm not. I think it's embarrassing that he feels that he needs to perform these rituals. He doesn't regret using the word, I don't care that he used it, and nobody with a modicum of common sense does, either.

From your post, do people still use the word “gay” to mean stupid? I hadn’t really heard that for a while, but then, I’ve been out of college for 12 years.



Yes, Alex, Sarah's whining bothers me too. However, I will give her credit for improving in that area. Take last October, for example. She whined to the public when McDonnell didn't ask her to campaign in Virginia. However, she didn't repeat that mistake when Scott Brown didn't ask her to campaign in Massachusetts last month. She kept her comments to herself.

She's learning.


#7 C'mon man, just read the headlines. They are completely awful for Emanuel.

Emanuel is groveling right now before Tim Shriver and the Speical Needs Olympics representatives. Why is he doing it unless it was effective?


Sorry, but Palin picking a fight with the White House Chief of Staff is a stupid move on her part. If she's trying to become a more well-respected figure, getting into a pissing contest with a hack like Emmanuel ain't going to do it. It makes her look small and seeming like she has nothing better to do than yell at White House staffers.


She’s learning.

Well, her fanatics keep telling us she's a quick learner, after all.

Emanuel is groveling right now before Tim Shriver and the Speical Needs Olympics representatives. Why is he doing it unless it was effective?

Because this is the ritual that people perform when they've said something offensive. Do you have no shame? How can you approve of this? You're as much of a Baghdad Bob for Palin as Brickley was for Adam Andrueaoruzkaeoaeurski (I really thought he was going to win!).



Are you serious??? I didn't know that. Haven't been really following this story.


I know who'll be getting a dead fish in the mail for Hannukah......


Alex I think your the one who's whining. get over it.


Thanks for this post, Alex. You and I are on the exact same page. I raised these objections last night. It's good to see someone is making sense


#12 Emanuel is a small figure? He's akin to Karl Rove, a prime target of Obama, Clinton, and Edwards during the 2008 election.

#13 So I guess you are conceding that it was effective considering that Emanuel cannot seem to kill the story?


Now what if Emmanuel had called someone a "retarded, gay neo-con"?



Shouldn't we as Republicans hold those who want to be leaders of our Party up to a higher standard then the Democrats?


Alex I think your the one who’s whining. get over it.

I'm a freaking political blogger, what am I supposed to do? 😉

#13 So I guess you are conceding that it was effective considering that Emanuel cannot seem to kill the story?

Effective at doing WHAT???? And WHY???

Now what if Emmanuel had called someone a “retarded, gay neo-con”?

THEN he'd be going TOO FAR! 😀


Those of you who keep wishing Sarah Palin will turn into a man will be disappointed. She's a woman and will always be a woman, which means a tendency to be insecure, irrational and erratic. Some women can overcome that in politics but Sarah doesn't seem to be one of them. See Nancy Pelosi for more evidence.


22 - you obviously live alone or have a stepford wife.


If I may be a Romney shill for a minute. That is one thing I have admired in Mitt. He doesn't whine. I especially liked it while during almost the entire year of 2008, a certain other politician took potshot after potshot at him. Mitt never once returned fire. He just shrugged it off and went about his business.

Compare the books written by the top candidates coming out of 2008. The first two are "memoirs" where they settle old scores and rehashed old battles. Romney's upcoming "No Apology" is forward looking. "We are here. We want to be there. Here is how I propose we do it."

He has been an executive long enough to know that organizations give power to executives to use for the benefit of the organization. If an executive uses his power for petty reasons, he will soon find himself without power. Obama is starting to learn this lesson the hard way.


Why should Emanuel apologyze for saying the truth?.


#20 I didn't think it was out of bounds for Obama, Clinton, or Edwards to go after Rove considering the role he played in shaping politics and policy in the Bush White House and the Republican Party. It's fair politics in my opinion given the role that Rove and people like Emanuel hold.

#21 Effective at embarrasing the opposition and generating negative headlines for the opposition. I don't know about you but I was getting a little tired of headlines about how badly Obama destroyed the House GOP last Friday. I would rather be talking about the embarrassment of his chief of staff than "question time."

Donna Brazille wants to run away from this story and I don't blame her because she knows it's bad for the White House. I'll simplify things here...nearly anything that is bad press for the White House is good for conservatives/Republicans.


Somewhere, sometime, some Republican is going to make an equally stupid comment. When we inevitably rally to his defense I would prefer that we don't look hypocritical.

Why doesn't Palin just take her book money and move up to the North Slope and shut up? She is doing nothing but harming our party. We're turning into a bunch of wusses everytime we indulge her excessive playing of the victim card.

So much for being a tough hockey mom. All the woman knows how to do is whine and quit and sound incoherent. She is an embarrasment to the GOP.


...She’s a woman and will always be a woman, which means a tendency to be insecure, irrational and erratic. Some women can overcome that in politics....

I'm grabbing my helmet and heading for the bomb shelter now.......



I agree that Romney is no whiner, and I respect that in him too, but he dished out plenty of potshots himself. It's called politics.


24. Totally true. For all the anti-Mormon bigotry spewed at him by Huckabee's allies (and I suspect authorized by Huckabee himself), he never once complained about it.


What's this going to accomplish anyway? Does the average Republican care when someone says, "That's so gay" or "That's retarded." No one cares. All she does is look whiny - and it takes away our argument against political correctness the one time one of our guys says a bone-headed thing. It's not like Rahm is going anywhere - and Palin isn't going to rally the libs to the GOP side simply because she is offended. She did succeed in getting her name in the news though. It seems that this is the only thing she's actually good at doing.


24 - I have to admit that Romney doesn't whine. He does stupid crap, but he doesn't whine.



The Supreme Court issues a followup to their decision allowing corporations to make unlimited donations under the first amendment.



"What’s this going to accomplish anyway?"

I'm really not sure if you are deliberately being obtuse but it's pretty clear that what it accomplishes is an embarrasing story for the Obama White House.

The rule I usually follow is that anything that is embarrasing for the Obama White House is a positive for the Republican Party. Does anyone disagree with this principle?

Is anyone here going to argue that this story was not embarrasing for the Obama White House?


I’m really not sure if you are deliberately being obtuse but it’s pretty clear that what it accomplishes is an embarrasing story for the Obama White House.

Obtuse? No. My question is: At What Cost?

The image of the party of rugged individualism, exceptionalism and hard work leading to accomplishment loses its luster when we condone such whining.

Embarrasing stories for the White House aren't exactly hard to come by these days.



Absolutely Mitt dished out his fair share of potshots. As you said, that is politics. But after the war is fought and won (or lost), you lay down your weapons and let bygones be bygones. A certain other 2008 GOP veteran refused. He continued through the entire year, even after the convention to take potshots at Romney. He just wouldn't let it go. Mitt just ignored him.

(That probably hurt the other guy far more than anything Romney could have said or done.)


#35 How about no cost. We must really talk to different Republicans on a daily basis because this is absolutely hilarious. I hope this story continues for another week:

Seeking to damp down the controversy over Rahm Emanuel’s reported, months-old use of the word, a White House official yesterday told me and other reporters that Emanuel had called Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver to apologize.

Rahm's apology accepted, at last


“The apology was accepted,” the official said yesterday.

The vice president for communications at the Special Olympics, Kirsten Seckler, told me that this account of the conversation is “inaccurate.”

“Tim didn’t accept his apology,” she said. “Tim can’t do that. He can’t accept an apology on behalf of all people with disabilities.”


I would have preferred to see a different tone, e.g. heckling: you people are supposed to be politically correct ones, always claiming to be looking out for the disadvantaged in society, and now this?

still hurting in AZ

What Sarah does is beneficial, like the resistance in France and Denmark. Small arms fire and acts of sabotage. It all throws sand in the gears of the machine. In this casde, it helps to raise questions about whether Team Obama is really authentic about their care and concern for the little guy, or whether they are just using them to get power.

But it isn't the Flying Fortress bombing of heavy industry or frontal assaults by army sized groups.



That would be A LOT better.


I agree...Giuliani/Pawlenty 2012


Let's recap the last year:

Palin 1: Couric 0

Palin 1: Biden 0

Palin 1: Letterman 0

Palin 1: Health Care Reform 0

Palin 1: Rahmbo 0

I wouldn't question her strategy - she seems to be doing something right.


Did top Perry aide drop the "R" bomb?

CNN's Peter Hamby has a timely scoop.

Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign manager says a top aide to Rick Perry repeatedly used "retarded" while the two campaigns were arguing over logistics on a conference call before their January 14th debate.

"That's just retarded," [Perry aide Dave] Carney said when he learned about the holding room location, according to [Hutchison campaign manager Terry] Sullivan. "That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard."

What ups the awkward ante is that Sarah Palin has endorsed Perry and is coming to stump for him on Super Bowl Sunday.

Neither the Palin nor the Perry camp has replied, but no one ends up looking good from this.

When did cleaning up Rahm Emanuel's mouth become more important than cleaning up Washington?




Hmmm. How awkward for Sarah.


43. For those who have gotten caught up in R-gate, this would be awkward except for the fact that Rahm was referring to people as retarded, whereas Perry was referring to things (which is also apparently a possible use of the word).


45 - But isn't the problem the implication that being retarded is something bad?!


Something tells me she won't demand his resignation. I knew this would happen.


Alex, great piece.

Adam I agree with you completely.

Tommy Boy, this is more of an embarrassing story for republicans than for the White House, too bad your spin won't reach all of America who thinks Palin is a giant whiner.


I have hardly been "caught up in R-gate", but I can definitely see where lambasting one person for using a given word as a derogative and then having it come out mere hours later that someone you publicly support or one of his aides uses the same word in a derogatory manner can be somewhat awkward.


You Mittbots whine too much when it comes to her...

From the local reports from liberal state I might add, Palin is coming out fine and Dead fish is obviously not.


To those of you bashing Palin, she was not complaining about a term that would be applied to her, but to one of her children. I would think most parents would respond to words that they perceive as hurtful to their kids. And if you can't tell the difference, you are, dare I say it, a MORON.

This site used to be somewhat interesting, but you've degenerated into name calling and character attacks. Pathetic.


#48 I don't know what spin you are talking about because the media is taking Palin's side on this one. Just read the news stories. They aren't letting Emanuel off the hook. It's being portrayed as Emanuel insulting special needs kids.

I think the White House Chief of Staff apologizing and then having his apology rejected by the special needs community cannot possibly be reasonably interpreted as bad news for Republicans.

I'm hoping someone should come out and admit that the real reason why they are upset by this is that Palin is the one causing the White House grief and that Republicans may reward her for the grief that she is cauing the White House.


42. That was the most hilarious post I have ever read. You really think Palin beat Couric? You really think she defeated Health Care? You think she outdebated Biden?

That's retarded.


46. I guess it depends on whether it's a human that is being called retarded or whether it's a thing. If it's a thing, such as an idea, I don't know that there's that much difference between calling it a retarded idea or a stupid idea--some people may have a different opinion.

In this example, I don't know whether we'd see a revolt on behalf of stupid people everywhere who are offended. I think it takes a certain amount of responsibility to be offended by something--firstly, you have to be rather certain that the offense was in fact directed at you (or someone on whose behalf you'd be offended).


In order to not be completely hypocritical, does she not need to also call out Perry's aid for doing exactly the same thing?



51 - Who cares?! She's still a whiner! It's not like her child knows the difference, anyhow!


52. I can't help but wonder whether what Rahm is thinking about the whole situation coincides with what his comments now are.


Hey, Alex,

I am so glad to hear that you're a Mittbot now. (#50) Let me be the first to welcome you into the club. It's been a long time coming, but we're glad to have you. I always knew you would succumb sooner or later.

We'll send you the entrance form PDF by email shortly. Be sure and fill it out fully and FAX it to the number listed. Don't neglect to send in your entrance fee. That is very important. Oh, and also expect the secret code book and the manual of secret handshakes by registered mail. Whatever you do, DON'T LET THOSE FALL INTO THE WRONG HANDS!! It would be devastating.


Most Conservatives I know, especially those who are Christian, would not approve of calling people "f#!*#ing retards."

Indeed, Conservatives are about the only segment of this MTV, Howard Stern saturated culture, that still believe in courtesy, manners and dignity.

Not only that, but I expect there are a lot of parents of Special Needs children and adults who are applauding Palin for being the only voice that defends them...whether it's from denigrating language from Rahm Emanuel or medical rationing in Obamacare.

By the time Obama is done, we will all be "victims" whining about lost jobs, lost homes, lost freedoms, and Palin will be defending us with just as much vigor and passion as she has the Special Need Community.

Play tough all you want...I want a leader who is going to fight for me.


Hey guys,

Whose side you are on?!

SARAH PALIN or White House Chicago thugs???!!!

As #1,AKReport noted,but didn't elaborate,here's the #4 and #5 rules in Saul Alinsky(communist hero of

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama)

4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."

5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

SARAH PALIN is brilliant tactician,she's using every opportunity(remember "Death Panels"),to hit White House

Chicago thugs.

She has no political office,but she created more problems for Alinsky thugs than any Republican office

holder,maybe more than all of them put together.

Slimy libs are constantly trying to ridicule SARAH PALIN,Alinsky rule #5.

All of you Republicans who hate SARAH PALIN,are helping our enemies,and than you get offended when you

are called RINOs.


I'm not really being serious at all but check out Intrade...it's a lesson as to why you cannot derive anything but shits and giggles from Intrade.


60. So you are a follower of Saul Alinksy now? Whose side are you on, Chicago thugs or Conservatives?


It does illustrate the contempt Rahm "dead fish" Emmanuel has for practically everyone, now Mr. Wallison, pointed this out, and apparently they tried to apologize, which Tim Shriver doesn't seem

to be accepting, because it shows a pattern, just like the Special Olympics comment on the Tonight

Show, like the death panels, which mandate 'quality of life' determinations on health care


60. By the way, the Democrats are not Chicago thugs and they are not our enemies. They are people with whom we generally disagree. We should be more concerned with being truthful than with picking a side. Palin's Death Panels may have been effective, but they were a complete fantasy on her part.


65. I can't wait for the South Park episode on this one.


I guess things were slow on FACEBOOK that day...didn't Saint Sarah protest AFTER Rahm's apology, like SHUT UP already.

By some accounts Palin calls her son Trig, her "little retarded angel".... Palin has nothing to say, I am sick to death of her.



I am with SARAH PALIN,relentless and ferocious SARAHCUDA,the next President of USA.

How about you,what side you are on?


By the way, NBC Nihgtly News just ran a short story about Emanuel and Palin, hahaha.

Brian Williams referred to Palin as the mother of a Downs Sydrome Child. You tell me who's winning?




Whose side you are on?!

SARAH PALIN or White House Chicago thugs???!!!

Actually, I'm on the sidelines enjoying the show.

I would love to support Sarah Palin but one of the problems I have with her is she keeps making amateurish mistakes. Making a big stink about her political opponents' choice of words puts her into an uncomfortable position when her political ally uses the same same word choice. That IS an amateurish mistake whether you like it or not. If she hadn't jumped in with both feet at the first sight of an opening, she wouldn't have placed herself in this situation, but she did, and now she is.

I am a little curious, though. How is that hating Palin? Do you hate Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, and/or Thune if you see any of them make a mistake, and you recognize it as such?


67. I am usually not on Palin's side. Depends on the issue. In this case (a non-issue), I side with Emmanuel, because Palin is once again being whiney.


Tommy Boy,


By the way,SARAHCUDA is winning with every move she makes!


Palin 1: Couric 0 (How do you figure THAT?)

Couric won two MAJOR awards this year for exposing the village idiot, Sarah Palin.

People NOW think Couricis a brilliant journalist, because she asked Sarah what she read and Sarah's eyes glazed over.


Palin 1: Biden 0 (Huh? By what bizarro crazy measuring stick?)

Biden won the post of Vice president, the post Sarah Palin ran for and LOST


Palin 1: Letterman 0 (IN YOUR DREAMS....)

Letterman enjoys 4 1/2 to 5 million viewers EACH night that come to listen to his hilarious jokes about Sarah Palin, the jokes that just sort of write themselves.

Came out smelling like a rose when he was being blackmailed and he was honest about it.


Palin 1: Health Care Reform 0

It WILL pass, it's a republican plan in the place. Palin can reside in fantasy land and LIE about it all she wants...it shows what a LOON she is.


Palin 1: Rahmbo 0

I would love to be a fly on wall for his choice words about Palin.


REALLY the ONLY ZERO is Sarah Palin, opportunist, grifter, and beauty queen contestant (She lost THAT contest too).


DEO, you put that a lot better than I did back at 53.


In case you haven't recognized, you can have it both ways in politics.

I suspect the media will not give 1/20 of the coverage to something Perry's campaign manager said becuase nobody knows who he is, unlike Rahm Emanuel. You can claim hypocrisy all you want but nobody is really covering it.



I like Romney,Huckabee and all potential Republican contenders,although SARAH PALIN is THE ONE.

They all make and will make mistakes.If I can, I will try to help them,I will never,ever try to hurt them.

That's what libs try to do ALL THE TIME,I sure don't want to help them.

This is the difference between me, and some people on this forum.Some people,not me of course,call them RINOS!


Tommy, did you really say what I think you just said in #74? If I understand you correctly, you are fine by Sarah Palin's hypocrisy because nobody is covering it?

Okay, let's substitute a few words, shall we?

"I suspect the media will not give 1/20 of the coverage to Edwards knocking up his campaign aide because nobody knows who she is... . You can claim adultery all you want but nobody is really covering it."

So you're fine by Edwards' cheating on his wife because nobody covered it?

If that is not what you meant to say, I would appreciate a clarification.


"If I understand you correctly, you are fine by Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy because nobody is covering it?"

What you call hypocrisy I'll call politics.

"So you’re fine by Edwards’ cheating on his wife because nobody covered it?"



DEO, Can you enlighten the masses here about this republican plan that is in place to pass in congress?

Do you even know what you are talking about?



Have you ever seen the "winner"?Google and take a look.

Then tell me if that wasn't "affirmative action" result.


#78 Zach

No,DEO doesn't have a clue.He's out at lunch,or,horror,he's at the edge of a cliff.


Sarah Palin Embraces ‘Retarded’ Political Correctness


Several years ago, when my last surviving aunt died, I became responsible, with my sister, for our mentally disabled cousin. I say this not for sympathy, but for context. I don't have a baby with Down's syndrome at home, like Sarah Palin does, but like most Americans I have someone dear to me who suffers from mental illness or addiction or developmental shortfalls.

Palin claims to be outraged by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's reported statement, made in a private meeting last summer, that Democrats who attack other Democrats are "f…ing retarded." This is an insult to the disabled, says Palin, and he should be forced to resign.

I'm disappointed to see Palin embracing this kind of political correctness. I thought that was the province of very silly liberals.

When he used the adjective "retarded," Emanuel was not insulting or commenting about people with special needs. If he had been, then some sort of wrist slap or apology might be in order, as the noun "retard" has, at the request of advocates for the mentally disabled, been deemed too crude for general use, and retired to the closet of public discourse.

Emanuel, however, was not talking about people like my cousin. He was talking about Democrats, and castigating the kind of self-indulgent cannibalism that, too often, characterizes allegedly sound-minded liberals. Reaching for a word to convey the idiocy of such self-destructive political behavior, Emanuel summoned "retarded." He might well have chosen "moronic" or "foolish" or "imbecilic."

It was merely an apt metaphor. To say that someone is "intellectually crippled," for example, is not to insult folks with canes and wheelchairs. To judge that the healthcare reform bill has a "fat chance" to pass Congress due to the missteps of Team Audacity is not to sneer at people, like me, to whom evil nature has given a slow metabolism and a taste for the new dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups.

Emanuel's use of colorful profanity is well-known in Chicago and Washington--to the point of being a cliché. I am sure that somewhere out there in the great rolling fields of the Republic there is a blue-haired old lady at a Methodist quilting bee who has never muttered the evocative English slang word for sexual intercourse, but I will leave it to you to find her.

I have not been to Alaska, but I carry the impression that the residents of the state are a feisty, hardy lot. I could be wrong. Perhaps Alaskans, when their snowmobiles carry them into a sturdy fir, or a moose applies its antlers to their buttocks, or their fishhooks snag a finger, shout, "Gee! That was painful!" Maybe the whole state is filled with sappy, politically correct morons like Ned Flanders. I surely hope not.

Emanuel 'retarded' comment idiotic; Palin response cynical


Rahm Emanuel facing unwarranted criticism from Sarah Palin and others over retarded comment


Palin and Emanuel: A slur? Really?


Grifters’ Tale


Palin, Emanuel. Pot, Kettle


PC vs. Expletive Deleted Warfare



Scott Brown: Sarah? Sarah Who?


Hmm, it’s understandable that new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown might want to put a bit of distance between himself and Sarah Palin, given her toxicity in the state he now represents, but this is just weird.

Here’s Brown in his interview with ABC News, after being asked if Palin is presidential material:

“Well, sure, I mean she’s been a mayor and a governor and has a lot of a national following. But the more people in a presidential race, the better. The caveat to that is I’ve never met her, she’s never contacted us and vice versa.”

Okay…except perhaps on election night, two weeks ago:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin placed a phone call to Sen.-elect Scott Brown on Tuesday night to congratulate the Republican on his upset victory in Massachusetts’s special Senate election.

“Gov. Palin spoke with a very happy Sen.-elect Brown this evening and congratulated him on his most historic victory for not only Massachusetts but the nation,” Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton told POLITICO.

Somebody’s fibbin’.


Update: It turns out Brown forgot the phone call with Palin! Or so his spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, is now clarifying:

“Scott had forgotten about the congratulatory call from Sarah Palin on election night. It was nice of her to make the call, and it had completely slipped his mind.”

Is a phone call from Palin really that forgettable?


#82 Aron Goldman,

Excellent post.

No,phone call from SARAH PALIN is NOT forgetttable.No way!!!

The guy is just stupid and reckless,besides being a total creep.

What did he think he will gain by insulting SARAH PALIN?

Now,this guy is a retard,no offense to great SARAHCUDA.


"Palin’s Death Panels may have been effective, but they were a complete fantasy on her part." Funniest quote of the night.


Farrell, who used to work for the Boston Globe, and was an arch liberal there, is really asking us to suspend credulity, If Steve Schmidt were to be heard using such language, you think it would be a one day story. Now Sullivan is a deranged individual, with no regards to truth or simple human decency, don't be linking him. I'm trying to think who would be a comparable character who would

invent lies about your preferred candidate. But it's about as objective as Jerome Corsi or Andy Martin on Obama


#84 Ohio Joe,

"Palin's Death Panels may have been effective,but they were a complete fantasy on her part."

Yes,it is funny,but it's much more than that.

Our "amigo" Pablo has vitriol hate for great SARAHCUDA,he can't help his hateful heart.

It's perfectly OK,let him suffer watching SARAH PALIN blasting her way to White House.


Tex, you should be greatful he changed his story. He either didn't remember, or the call didn't happen. Choose one of those two, but don't try to make up your own version when there is no facts to support them, and when there was no reason for Scott to lie about this.


86. First, thanks for the stereotypical "amigo." Since the first part of your name is Tex, you must be a "cowboy."

Second, read any objective analysis of the "death panels" or read the Senate or House versions and you will find that Palin's death panels were a complete fantasy. I know that is not easy for Palin fans to do -- be objective.

Third, I have no vitriol hate for Palin. In fact, I feel kind of sorry for her. It is her fans that have no ability to admit Palin's mistakes.

Fourth, continue to capitalize Sarah Palin's name. It add emphasis and enhances your argument.


LOL @ "Amigo" -- OH wow...WOW...HAHAHAHA.



Scott Brown,and his office,officially acknowledged that he talked to SARAH PALIN,when she generously

and cheerfully congratulated him for his win.

He claims that he forgot.

NO WAY,you don't forget conversation with SARAH PALIN,unless you are total moronic airhead.

He's a lying,conniving low life.

Let's see what happens next election.


So you're say America's new Republican hero is a liar because he forgot she called him? Don't you realize he received many calls that night?


He claims that he forgot.

NO WAY,you don’t forget conversation with SARAH PALIN,unless you are total moronic airhead.

He’s a lying,conniving low life.

Um. Scott Brown is doing a hell of a lot more to STOP Obamacare than Palin could from the sidelines. It may be a shocker to anyone who isn't a die-hard Sarah Palin fan (including the most die hard Palin fan of them all, Sarah Palin) that the world doesn't revolve around Palin. Having never met the woman and having probably talked to dozens of other GOP politicians it's at least possible that he forgot. And if he didn't - then why, pray tell, does he think it's necessary to distance himself from her?

Could it be that she is a whiny albatross?


NO WAY,you don’t forget conversation with SARAH PALIN,unless you are total moronic airhead.

Praise Saint Sarah! Getting to hear her sweet Alaskan voice is a life-changing experience that no one can forget, even on the most exciting night of one's life, when literally thousands of people are congratulating you and literally dozens are calling you!


90, 75. "I like Romney,Huckabee and all potential Republican contenders,although SARAH PALIN is THE ONE.

They all make and will make mistakes.If I can, I will try to help them,I will never,ever try to hurt them.

That’s what libs try to do ALL THE TIME,I sure don’t want to help them.

This is the difference between me, and some people on this forum.Some people,not me of course,call them RINOS!"

I guess that doesn't apply to Brown who is a "lying, conniving low life."


93. Maybe Brown thought that Tina Fey had called him to congratulate him.






It's also rich for any Palin supporter to tar ANYONE ELSE as a "total moronic airhead"

Sarah & Mike: Fox Superstars

Children, especially you IllGuy! Such minor nit pickers nit picking as usual. Hey! Where's martha? Oh yeah, riding the northwest Banville Train to Pettyville. 😉


#89 Alex,

What's funny about calling our friend Pablo amigo?!

When I lived in Lyon France, I used to travel every weekend to Barcelona Spain,to be with my gorgeous,

knock out,voluptuous Maria.I have great love for Spanish people.

Pablo is Spanish name,so I call him amigo.What is wrong with that?!


I'm gay. Would you call me "honey" or "sweetie"? Matthew E. Miller is black. Do you call him "Homie"? Sheesh!


98. Then I had you all wrong. No hard feelings.


Sarah.... If anyone deserves to be on the Banville train, it's you, Flip Dixon, and sometimes AKReport. I've been here three years, and I haven't seen any of you on here with your current ID's more than a year, a couple of you a whole lot less. I'll keep calling you out for your shallow, contentious, and devisive remarks.


You can call me Vanilla Ice.

Word to your mother.........


#99 Alex Knepper,

I have several close gay friends.I don't call them "honey" or "sweetie".They are my friends,just like

"straight" friends.

"Honey" and "sweetie" are terms for girls in my life,NOT MY GAY FRIENDS.

I also had and still have many friends,who happen to be black,I call them by their name,NOT "Homie".

Alex,you seem to be smart guy,what's up with all these accusatory insinuations?


Amigo, is a fairly neutral term there Alex, he might have meant it ironically. Now the Senate provision counterpart to HR 3200 was changed in response to her various posts and columns, The

Senate bill moved the responsibility away from the OMB and HHS more to the OPM, for reasons passing

understanding. It's a little disquieting that Brown would chose to try to disown Tea Party support

so soon, but then again I chalk it up to Barbara Walter's creepy attitude in that interview


I am afraid that I sparked the amigo comments. I apologize. Let's get back to something that has substance.


#100 Pablo

As always,we are amigos.

Sometime conversation gets heated,but that should never prevent us to be friends,or better yet,AMIGOS.



I haven't had time to read the comments, but I have to agree with you about Sarah Palin. As much as I like her, she comes across as whiny and divisive. I think the American people will see that with her and it will hurt her chances of winning the Republican nomination more than anything else (except for her quitting being Gov. of Alaska). The American people do not like somebody who is always complaining about something.

Of course,that's what I like about Mike Huckabee. He certainly disagrees with Pres. Obama and says so every week on his show, but he also gives him compliments when he does something good. Mike Huckabee more than anybody I know can say things in a way that is not offensive, but he gets the point across in a likeable way which is one big reason why so many people like him.



You lucky, lucky man, getting to go to visit Spain so easily. And in the company of an española, no less :)


98. Ah Barcelona--a wonderful city.

Despite many calls that evening, not sure how anyone could forget one was Sarah Palin.


NBC Nightly News on Palin-Emanuel


Rahm Emanuel "Retarded" Comment Puts Offensiveness in Spotlight


Rahm to meet with Spec. Olympics head


Rahm Emanuel deserves a liberal scolding


Rahm Emanuel on defensive over "retarded" comment; met with Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman


Emanuel says he will join effort to stop use of 'retarded'


Emanuel apologizes for using the 'R-word'


Rahm Emanuel Seeks to Make Amends for Saying "Retarded"


Obama chief of staff’s 'retarded' insult brings fallout, Palin criticism


Rahm's apology accepted, at last



As soon as Aron takes my post out of moderation, I'll give you the evidence (not one source is a conservative).

If you perceive the media as representative of the "center"...well the "center" has clearly spoken in this battle between Palin and Emanuel.



You lucky, lucky man, getting to go to visit Spain so easily. And in the company of an española, no less :)


#109 hamaca,

Oh yes,Barcelona.Intense party all night, until morning.Every night,if you are up to it!

I know many, people called Scott Brown that night.But,whether you like or hate SARAH PALIN,

she's the biggest and arguably the only "Star" in Republican Party.

You don't forget talking to SARAHCUDA,and if you do,you are an air head.

I don't belive he forgot,he's not that stupid,he's just a creep.

Sarah & Mike: Fox Superstars

Huck said on his show "Sarah is our SUPERSTAR"


112. I was up to it more than I care to admit, Tex! I traveled there quite a bit, both for school and for work--actually lived and worked 2-3 hours drive north of you for many years in fact.

Manchester United

Kay Bailey Hutchison is REALLY desperate, down by 15, so she is throwing out a private conversation of a Perry staffer that may or may not have happened. Pathetic. Terry Sullivan, KBH's campaign manager, will never work in Texas again after this stunt. He has shown a great propensity for dirty tricks and dishonor. Texans don't like that South Carolina style of dirty politics. He even has an anonymous attack blog called Come and Take it on wordpress.


As always, the Palin detractors are making something out of nothing. Now I am sure I will be ridiculed and told that it was Palin who made something out of nothing but some of you people are just outright hypocritical! If anyone called Alex a f#% or made comments of that nature...even out of context, then Alex would be angry. If someone said...stop acting like a mormon, when talking about a guy who cannot commit to a 1 girl, then the Rombots on this site would be in an uproar. But when Palin, who has a special needs son gets upset and the people on this site, essentially takes the scumbag Rahm's side...there is something wrong and it is obvious it's because Palin said it. You people are so transparent.


10 - marK, why don't you just keep your back-handed compliments? Or at least tell the whole version of the story...I'm sure you're familiar with it. The truth is that McDonnell stated, first, that Palin would not campaign with him...when in actuality, she was never asked. Obviously she would have received the heat for that situation so she corrected McDonnell by saying she was never asked. Why in God's name would she give the press and her detractor's another reason to ridicule her? Why don't you ever mention that McDonnell was actually the dipshit in that scenario? Why did he feel the need to lie about Palin? Why should she let him get away with a bold-faced lie? Obviously, he didn't want her to campaign with him...so what? Why didn't he just say that...why was it more politically expedient to make her look like the bad guy? Because he's a weasel...


To ZACH #78

Analysts say "Romney care" is basically "Obama care" minus the public option. Video Watch more on Romney's program »

It is Mitt's plan...not commie care.

Until you are open minded and actually do your own research we Americans are not going forward. Suit yourself, I guess.

Live in Palin miopic land, thankfully only 25 percent of you feel comfortable in the VICTIM ZONE with your Grifter Guru.

Palin is the blind leading the blind, deaf and dumb.



I tell the story as I saw it unfolding. Now if you have references to original sources that back what you are saying, I would very much like to see them. If they pan out, I will be more than happy to "tell the whole story".


"Analysts say “Romney care” is basically “Obama care” minus the public option."

Well, the bill that Romney signed was about 70 pages long. The latest version of ObamaCare is about 2100 pages long, not counting supplemental supporting bills separated from the main trunk to hide them such as the "Doctor's fix".

That means that ObamaCare is at least 30 times more complex than MassCare. With that in mind, I have to ask, "What ax are those 'analysts' grinding when they say that one bill is "basically" the same as the other?" I suspect there are least a few differences between them.


"Screw political correctness.." - June,2009 Sarah Palin


120 - marK. from all accounts that I have heard...my version of the story is true. I am working right now so I do not have the time to check for "references to original sources" but trust me...I will get on that tomorrow. Do you have "references to original sources" for the side of the story you are peddling? It is a two-way street...is it not?


#114 Sarah & Mike

Mike Huckabee is very classy guy,by saying "Sarah Palin is our Superstar".

He won respect of every Sarah Palin's supporter,and he will benefit from it.

I like his radio reports a lot, Huck is as good as Paul Harvey!



Here is one source that tells the story pretty much as I understand it.

Before we get started, a caveat. Consider the source -- the Washington Post. They were very much in the tank for Deeds, the Democrat. They most definitely have an agenda. So we have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

Here is the timeline as I understand it:

*Early on, McDonnell asked Palin to help out. Palin agrees.

*Palin never gets around to helping. (Neither good nor bad. It's just the facts as I understand them.)

*By late Auguest, McDonnell's team decides for whatever reason that it wouldn't be in their best interests to have Palin campaign for them.

*July Palin asks what she can do to help and is told that they think it best if she doesn't.

*October(?) McDonnell is asked if Palin is going to campaign for him. He replies, "She's busy". He never says he asked, only that she is "busy".

*Palin then goes public. "I was not too busy. He told me I wasn't wanted." The feces hits the fan.

As I see it, McDonnell told a white lie to explain her absence (possible mistake). Palin overreacted (definite mistake).

Was McDonnell's white lie a slam at Palin? Well the WaPo tries to portray it as such, but then again they want to stir up trouble between Republicans. I think he was just offering a plausible excuse to cover both their behinds. His so Palin's supporters won't desert him. Hers so that it implies that she is a valuable commodity but unavailable.

When Palin was asked, she could have stated, "Oh, I would really like to, but the scheduling never worked out." No blame on either party. It is just a fact of campaign life. That way, everybody would have been happy.

Instead she overreacts, plays the victim card, and tells everybody about her getting snubbed. At the very least, she can be faulted for endangering a possible GOP pickup because of her wounded pride.

The upside to all this is she didn't repeat THAT mistake last month in Massachusetts. For which I say, "Good for her!"


First, I would like to apologize because I actually had one of my facts wrong. Apparently McDonnell did ask for Palin's help but then LIED about why she wasn't campaigning for her.


"Make no mistake, the Governor will move mountains if the campaign wishes," Stapleton said.

It's funny how I found the same link as you but I also found a very different version of the story.

I understand, that "white lies" arent very important to you but to people like me...they are.

I am TIRED of politics as usual and I applaud Governor Palin for telling the truth. You claim it could have hurt McDonnell's chances, yet in reality she was honest enough to put her own reputation on the line by looking like the fool who wasn't wanted.

If telling the truth is over-reacting...then what chance do we have as a society and a free people?

"Palin adviser, Meg Stapleton


Another thing, from the article:

Earlier this week, McDonnell reacted with a bit of sarcasm when asked whether Palin would be campaigning with him. "There was a time earlier on when she was governor when I thought she would come here,'' he said. "But I think she seems to be busy with books and other things like that. We've still got about 20 different events scheduled down the road and she's not one of them."

So, not only does he lie about Palin's availabilty and her willingness to help, then he slams her? What does Palin do, she still offers to help...in any way she can.

If you think Palin is the bad guy in this scenario, then you are in the right business.



The other difference with Romney's book is that nobody will buy it because nobody gives a crap what that plastic RINO has to say.

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