November 3, 2009

Patently Progressive Public Policy Polling Pundit Predicts Particularly Pleased Pachyderm Party

Left leaning pollster PPP is predicting a very good night for the Republicans. They cite two reasons, superior unity and Independents fleeing the Democrats.

We think tonight will be very good for Republicans.

Two of the main reasons for that are superior party unity and pretty overwhelming support from independents.

As evidence they cite:
->Hoffman is winning 71% GOP vote versus 67% Democrat vote to Owens. Independents split 52/30.
->Christie is getting 82% GOP vote versus 72% Democrat vote to Corzine. Independents split 52/29.
->McDonnell is grabbing 94% GOP vote versus 87% Democrat vote to Deeds. Independents split 63/33.

They mention several other races that show the Republicans are far more likely to be loyal to their party member than the Democrats, and the Independents are going to the Republican 2-1 in many cases.

Think of this the next time you read how the GOP is in disarray or out and out civil war.

Edit: I couldn’t help but improve the alliteration in the title.
Edit: Last tweak on the title, I promise. 😉

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33 Responses to “Patently Progressive Public Policy Polling Pundit Predicts Particularly Pleased Pachyderm Party”

  1. MarkG says:

    Pensive poster ponders pizza party.

    Pardon, please, preliminary prognostications predicting pepperoni.

    Perhaps pecuniary problems preempt partying.


  2. Huckabee/Pawlenty or Pawlenty/Huckabee says:

    I see a great night for the R’s! :)

  3. Sean M says:

    Last check of intrade had Corzine up slightly, don’t know if that means anything at the time.

  4. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Intrade is tied at 50/50 for NJ right now.

  5. MWS says:


  6. MWS says:


    I offered up an alternative alliteration, and the thread ate it. When I tried to repost, it detected a “duplicate comment.”

  7. MarkG says:

    #5. Mine, too. It’s apparently a spam filter/lit critic feature at WordPress.

  8. Tommy Boy says:

    Exit polls:

    McDonnell 54.5
    Deeds 45

    Corzine 47
    Christie 47

  9. MWS says:


    I bet mine was better than yours. 😀 Eight words, all starting with the letter ‘D’.

  10. MWS says:

    Wait. 9 words.

    Disenchanted Democrats Depressed;

    Dissembling Delusional Distortions Downplaying Democracy.

  11. MWS says:

    Crap. I’ve tried so many different ways that if they all show up, I’ll look plenty self-important repeating my alliteration 8 times.

  12. MWS says:

    Actually it was nine words, all with D.

  13. MarkG says:

    MWS, Nevah!

    I had seventeen p-words. All in the Algonquin vernacular. *sniff*

  14. marK says:

    Dumb Dueling Doo-doos Duets Drool Down Delicious Dessert.

  15. marK says:

    My test worked just fine.

    What can I say? Some people have it, and some people don’t. 😉

  16. Kavon W. Nikrad says:


    I restored it. It is comment #9.

  17. Kavon W. Nikrad says:


    I restored your comment. It is #1.

  18. marK says:


    I count only eight words. 😉

  19. MWS says:


    Count again.


    I’ll concede that your alliteration had more words, but mine packed more prescient political punch! 😉

  20. Kavon W. Nikrad says:

    Corzine just jumped to a 55/45 lead on Intrade.

  21. marK says:

    Disenchanted – 1
    Democrats – 2
    Depressed – 3
    Dissembling – 4
    Delusional – 5
    Distortions – 6
    Downplaying – 7
    Democracy – 8

    Where is word #9?

    Well, what do you expect from a History major? 😉

  22. MarkG says:

    Holy harbingers! Ham-handed hack historian harangued!

  23. Tommy Boy says:


    CNN reports that its exit poll shows Obama at 57% approval in NJ and 51% in VA. So if Deeds won 88% of these Obama approved voters, Corzine only needs 80% to get to 46%.

  24. Aron Goldman says:

    Corzine’s chart

    Christie’s chart

  25. marK says:

    Energetic Engineer Expertly Elicits Exciting Election Eve Expressions.

  26. MWS says:


    “Where is word #9?”

    It’s the secret word, discernable only to the highly intelligent and good looking. 😉

  27. marK says:

    Then how on earth can you see it?

  28. WiseGuy says:

    Headline! Hoffman hits historic home-run; however, hindrances hamper Harmer’s Huckpac-endorsed heroic House horse-race.

    Dour democrats downplay Deeds’ defeat; DOJ decries “definite” disenfranchisement; deluge defeats dozen democrats.

    Chris Christie considerately concedes close contest; Corzine cavorts inCessantly, commending aCorn’s kindness.

  29. WiseGuy says:

    I tried joining the alliterative party but my comments are blocked ;(

  30. marK says:


    Fixed it for ya.

  31. WiseGuy says:

    Kind Kudos, marK!

  32. MarkG says:

    Ardent advocates artfully argue arithmetic. Placid plebes playfully ply platitudes.

  33. MWS says:


    That was impressive.

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